A Peasant Girl – Chapter 4

A Peasant Girl – Chapter 4

Things did not change that much between Anna and her brother. He still made her work, still made her allow him to grope her whenever he wanted, still maintained his outward distaste for her. But he was kinder to her, and he grew more so as the days went by.

For a week after he had first taken her that night after the fair, Vladimir barely bothered Anna. He made her take him in her mouth once a day, but he simply asked her if she would rather than demanding it, and he did not make her strip. Slowly, Anna's vaginal walls recovered from their pounding and while she still felt a little tender, there was no pain, not even when she touched herself. She found that she was doing this frequently, remembering the touch of others' hands and feeling the glossy wetness grow on her lips. She even explored her passage opening with a finger, although she couldn't bring herself to push her finger deeper to feel the inside. These actions brought her enjoyment and soothed her, so much so that she almost wanted to try her brother's cock again, to see if maybe the pain would be less.

She got her silent wish far too soon. On the next Sunday, while she was doing the few tasks that the sabbath allowed and her father demanded, she felt her brother's hands around her waist. "Well sister," he whispered in her ear, "I think you've had enough time to recuperate." She nodded, unable to protest. Wordlessly he guided her into the barn, to a pile of hay covered with a wool blanket.

"You can't imagine how hard it's been for me to wait," said Vladimir, gesturing to the bedding. "I think you'll like these conditions better than the last ones. And it won't hurt as much this time, I promise. I asked The Cossack about it and he said a virgin cunt wears in quickly." The Cossack was an old horseman with one leg who roamed about the village and surrounding area, and was the sole source of knowledge on the subject of sex for all the boys in town. He delighted in telling dirty stories and would let you watch his horse mount a mare for a groat or two.

Anna dejectedly pulled her frock over her head. She was wearing her shift beneath, which she belatedly realized might anger her brother. He didn't seem to care; he was busy disrobing himself. So off came the shift as well, and then she lay back submissively on the blanket, the wool scratching at her back and buttocks.

Vladimir joined her after a moment, and while she lay there passively, he began to suckle at her nubile young tits, while with a finger he spread her wide and then began to penetrate her with it. He was rough, but much more controlled than the first time, and his finger inside her only caused the occasional twinge, while at the same time raising her level of arousal in a way she could only hope would mean less pain later on. Certainly her pussy seemed to be wider and moister as he left off his ministrations and moved to kneel by her head, his cock, still mostly limp, dangling down in her face.

"Get me ready," he said, and she obediently opened her mouth and accepted him into it. He grew and hardened as he reached down and massaged her nipples, their tenderness making her stiffen occasionally and once even gasp around his now-hard cock. "Oh Anna, you drive me crazy," Vladimir whispered huskily, and Anna noticed he was gazing down at her face, looking into her eyes, and in his eyes she could see passion, not just for the act, but for her. She almost melted on the spot.

"Let me kiss you Anna," Vlad said suddenly, pulling his hard, wet cock from her mouth and bending over her. Their lips met hesitantly at first, then his tongue insistently drove into her mouth. Anna enjoyed herself for the first time, kissing back, forgetting that he was her brother and sixteen. His hand moved down and began softly petting her pubis again, and without breaking the kiss, he moved around until he was between her legs.

When she sensed his preparations she stiffened again, terror filling her mind, remembering the pain of his entrance. He broke the kiss, and she thought she could see concern in his eyes, but it was gone in an instant as he bent, concentrating on entering her. She felt his cock press at her opening, spreading it, making her shudder with shrill anticipation. Then he was inside her.

The pain in her groin was present, but not so fierce as the first time, and this time he had no hymen to break. He even seemed to be gaining confidence in his abilities, for his thrusts were less jerky, more sure. "Wrap your legs around me," he gasped down at her. "Don't just lie there like a dead fish. If I wanted that, I could just jack myself off, or fuck the dirt."

Anna found that her legs felt the need of their own accord, and as she wrapped them around her brother hesitantly, they felt right there. She arched her back a little, and he leaned over her, supporting himself on his arms and driving her down into the hay with every thrust. Their eyes locked, and the passion she could see in him was echoed in her. She had forgotten the fear and pain and was beginning to delight in his rough penetrations, feeling the pressure against her womb with each time he lowered onto her pelvis. They were both sweating, though the air was chill.

Soon, without warning, Vladimir stiffened above her and she concentrated hard on her innermost space as she felt the first pulses of his climax. With a spurt, he filled her with his semen, more this time than before. He collapsed to her breasts even as he continued to spray white goo into her feminine void. She felt a tingle of joy with every spasm. The revulsion was put aside; her brother was spewing his seed into her belly, and she loved it.

The weeks flew by. Anna grew to love her brother, and she hoped he felt the same. Certainly, he fucked her often enough. Every day, at lunch time, the two would hurry to the barn, where Vladimir was growing in skill. He could last more than a few minutes now, and he began to take her in other positions. Her favorite was still face to face, but Vladimir seemed to prefer taking his little sister from behind, sometimes on hands and knees, sometimes lying atop her, pressing down into the front of her pussy. The pressure on her buttocks when he took her that way ground her pelvis into the rough fabric of the blanket, and this stimulated her most sensitive areas.

Anna also grew to enjoy pleasing herself. Often, after her brother had finished with her, she would stroke her vaginal lips, pressing her fingers on her opening, until she hit the spot and shuddered for a moment in ecstasy. She was unskilled, so her orgasms never lasted long, and she wished she could get off from her brother fucking her, but she still enjoyed herself.

Occasionally her brother would wait until the day was almost over, when they were both out in the fields far from the cottage, and then he would come up behind her, raising her skirts and slipping into her pussy from behind as she bent over to pick something up. He seemed to enjoy this, but she was usually not ready for his penetration, so the first minute or so was unpleasant. She didn't want to upset Vladimir, so she took him whenever he wanted and tried to make the best of it.

Vladimir turned seventeen in the winter, when there was less to do on the farm. Anna's father spent that day in town drinking, but he said he would also be looking for a young thing for Vladimir to marry. He and Vladimir laughed at that, though Vladimir seemed a little nervous about the prospect. He was becoming a man.

That evening, as the sun was setting over the snow-covered fields, he sat on Anna's bed with her and they both thought in silence for a while. "Happy birthday brother," Anna said finally.

"Yes," he said absently. "You know, the boys wanted me to meet them to have a little fun this evening. Vysarion said he'd bring a bottle of vodka, and we'd sing songs and pretend we were kids again." He lapsed into silence. Anna let him brood for a while.

"Would they like me to come along?" she asked finally, submissively, knowing that if the answer was yes she was in for a night of rough handling. But it was her brother's birthday, and he seemed depressed.

"I bet they'd like that, especially Boris," grinned Vladimir. "He's been after me to let him sample you ever since that day at the fair." He seemed to make up his mind. "Come on then Anna, put on your pretty dress and fetch down those bloomers you wore to Mischa's wedding. I'll get you some soot from the fireplace to shadow your eyes, and you can come along as my guest of honor."

When they arrived at the barn where the other boys were waiting, the sun had gone down and the night was chill. Someone had built a fire in the center of the floor, and Vlad's four pals were in a circle around it, passing around a bottle of clear liquid and laughing. As the door opened they all turned, saw Vladimir, and cheered. "Hail the old man!" "Move over for grandfather Vlad!" "Come, drink with us, for tomorrow you die." Boris was the first to see the small figure of Anna behind Vladimir in the doorway.

"He's brought some fun with him," said Boris with a leer. "Come in, pretty one, get warm by our fire." As Anna moved into the light, all eyes were on her.

"She looks like a regular princess." "An angel!" "Or a whore." "Whatever, as long as she's here."

"She's here," said Vlad with a grin. "No doubt Boris has already told you all about his little adventure with me and my sister." There were knowing grins all around. "Now today is my birthday, so in true noble tradition, I'm going to give a gift to you all. I'm going to let you have my sister for the evening."

Anna winced, knowing what this meant. She could almost feel their cold clumsy hands pawing at her pussy, squeezing her rear. She could feel the violation of her body covered with their hot spunk. But she didn't expect what came next. "You can draw lots for first. Winner gets to fuck my little sister. Everyone else waits their turn."

As Anna stood in shock, the winner was quickly decided. He was a short boy named Mikhail, and he wrung his hands nervously as he approached her. "Don't bother to strip her, just bend her over and hike up her skirt," shouted one of the group by the fire watching. "Make her undress you," crowed another.

Mikhail seemed unable to move, so Vladimir called from the fire, "Anna, take off your clothes and give Miki a show to give him a little encouragement." Anna slowly, reluctantly pulled her skirt over her head.

"Bloomers, how sexy," muttered Boris, who was next in line. Mikhail, meanwhile had pulled his pants down, his young cock, already stiff, looking small and eagerly as he did. Anna dropped the bloomers to the floor.

"Now bend over, let the lucky man ride the pony," commanded Vladimir. Anna, shuddering in anticipation, got to her hands and knees. "Now just stick it in, she's tight as a Jew's purse," shouted Vlad to Mikhail, who got behind her hips and gingerly began probing her privates with his cock head. When he finally found the hole he wanted, he jammed in, causing Anna to moan softly with the pain of his un-lubricated penetration.

"St. Barnabas, she's nice!" said Mikhail breathlessly as the others crowded round to watch him begin to slowly pound Anna's tender cleft. The crowd egged him on, and quite quickly he sped up and groaned, "Oh yeah, shooting into her will be way better than my hand."

"No no, you don't get to spunk in my sister," said Vladimir sternly, and Mikhail slowed. "That's my right, and mine alone. If you're going to go off, pull out and make her messy for the next guy."

Anna was squatting there passively, trying hard not to scream. One cock was bad enough, but to take four? And then probably her brother as well. It was too much to think about, and she barely noticed when Mikhail quickly withdrew and splashed her backside with jism. "Next," said Vladimir, but Boris was already pulling his breeches down, exposing his own hard member, larger than the first.

"I want her from the front," he said, and Vlad nodded at Anna, who dutifully lay on her back and spread her legs, hardly having time to settle before Boris was between them and hurriedly driving his cock at her opening. After a few misses, with the accompanying jeers from the crowd, he popped into her. She was numbed to the pain and her own juices had begun to flow, so this second intrusion was much more pleasant.

Anna lay back to ride out Boris' surely-quick orgasm. She found herself warming, her repulsion at the idea of being gang-raped like this turning into pleasure at the presence of a cock between her legs, filling her space, stretching her soft walls. Boris was no more skillful than the last boy, so he hardly drove her wild with desire, but still she felt a pleasant warmth growing in her, starting in her womb and moving outward, her stomach rising and falling with the rhythm of the thrusts, her rear settling into a depression, absorbing every pressure. She even moved her hands to her breasts and softly massaged her nipples, bringing them to a peak just as Boris moaned and splashed his balls' contents onto her breasts and stomach.

Without a cue, the next boy took his place, and Anna was shocked to feel his penetration. It was rougher than the others, and also deeper. Vysarion had a huge cock, bigger than her brother's, and he seemed to know how to use it. With a start he rolled them both over until she was seated atop him, straddling his hips, his upthrust cock driving into spaces she had never felt before. "Come on bitch, I want to fuck, not sleep," he said, and grabbing her by the hips he began to move her up and down his shaft. His penetrations stimulated spots that were new to her, but they drove her wild, and she did as commanded and began rocking on him of her own free will, pressing him against her vaginal walls to hit just the right places.

Vysarion lasted much longer than the others, longer than her brother usually lasted on the first fuck of the day, and when he finally grew close, he pulled her off of him and dropped her head roughly onto his cock. She could taste her own juices, a thought which made her gag before he even began thrusting. Then, ignoring her faint protests and struggle, he shoved himself down her throat and blasted his spunk into her stomach.

"I've had two women, both for pay, both older than my mother," Vysarion said with a satisfied sigh as he let Anna off his deflating cock. "This bitch makes me feel like a virgin again, I tell you."

As Anna was gasping for breath, without warning the fourth boy pressed her into the floor and mounted her brutally. She didn't even know his name, and even though he was rough, fast, and uncaring, she felt his thrusting pressing her into the dirt, which rubbed at her pussy and nipples. He quickly pulled out and spurted his jism all over her buttocks, and at the first splash of it on her skin, Anna finally got her wish, and a tiny orgasm rushed through her. She moaned once, low and soft, and spasmed once or twice. No one seemed to notice; all the boys were asking Vlad if he was going to join them.

Vlad rolled her over, much more gently than the others. "Anna," he whispered, "have you had enough? I can settle for your mouth, if you're too sore."

The look she gave him must have spoken volumes, for he turned to the audience and said, almost magnanimously, "I think she wants her brother inside her to finish off the night." Anna could see the other four crowding round as she lay on her back, weak and willing. Four fists gripped four cocks and stroked them as Vladimir took his place between his little sister's legs.

In spite of the skill and size of Vysarion, in spite of the last boy bringing her to orgasm, in spite of all the cocks she'd had inside her that night, when her brother entered her, gently but firmly, his was the one that felt best. She wrapped her legs around him and tried to use her weak feminine muscles to stimulate him as he confidently began to thrust in and out, in and out, his cock almost leaving her passage and then driving deep within it again. His pubic hair tickled her lips, particularly at the top of her opening, which had become quite stimulated. With each tickle she rose higher, as if her previous orgasm was just a preparation.

Finally Vladimir grunted and pressed deep, grinding against her sensitive spots as his cock began to spasm. Once again, with the first splash of semen, this time into her belly, she came. It was stronger this time, with a cock inside her, and her eyes rolled back and she spasmed and moaned. Vladimir looked worried, but he was too busy pumping his seed into her to do anything. They both reeled in a climactic dance, then as the spasms slowed he dropped to her chest and kissed her lips. "Happy birthday Vladimir," she whispered in his ear.

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