All in the family Chapter 2

All in the family Chapter 2

All in the family

Chapter Two

Saturday morning arrived finding Greg and Lisa still snuggled together in each others arms. As the bright morning sun flashed in their bedroom window Greg awoke smelling the aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen, and bacon frying. He nudged his sister who awake looking into his eyes smiling. "Good moring my darling brother. How are you today? Did you sleep well?", asked his sister. He leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Lisa responded to his kiss and opened her mouth. Their tongues met in a light exchange. Greg broke away and answered, "I slept like a baby. We didn't move all night from the position we were in. I feel great and am looking forward to what today may bring. How about you my sweet sister? Did you sleep well? His sister said, "Oh yes. I feel wonderful today. Let's get up and see how Mom and Dad are!

They jumped out of bed and headed for the kitchen. They found Janet their mom wearing a see through negligee with matching bra and panties fixing breakfast. Their father David was seated at the table wearing some bikini briefs. Their parents noted their arrival. "Well good morning you two. Did you two sleep together in the buff? Honey, take a look at these two.", said their father. Janet turned from her cooking and said, "Hey kids, the lessons were over when we went to bed. What have you two been up to, some extra credit homework?" Greg and Lisa looked and one another and felt a little embarrassed standing naked in front of their scantily clad parents. "I'm just teasing. Don't get embarrassed. But I don't want you sitting at the table with nothing but your birthday suit. That goes for you too honey!" as she looked over at her husband. He nodded his head and got up to retrieve a shirt and pair of shorts from their bedroom.

Greg and Lisa turned around giggling and went back to their room to dress. Greg watched his sister put on a pair of panties and bra and then said, "I like your underwear Lisa. You look so sexy." Indeed Lisa was fine looking with a pair of matching panty and bra. They were a peach color with lace and the panties were a bikini type. The bra was a wonder type that accentuated her already luscious tits. "You like my bra and panties? Greg, why is it that men like seeing women partially dressed in clothes, covering their private parts, rather than nude sometimes?", she asked. Her brother answered, "I think it's because what we can't see, drives us crazy. So a women who is totally naked is not near as sexy as one who is trying to cover up with a little piece of fabric her beautiful ass and boobs. Do you understand?" "Yeah I think I do my love.", answered Lisa. "How would you like me to dress?", she asked. Greg replied, "Lisa you look sexy no matter what you put on. You have a terrific body that is built like a brick shithouse!" She smiled at him and put one of her workout leotards. She then pulled a long T-shirt over the top. After Greg put on a pair of shorts and T-shirt they headed for the kitchen to re-join their folks.

Janet their mom was just putting everything on the table for breakfast. They sat down together to eat when their dad said, "How did you two get along with one another last night? Since you've never spent the night in the same bed together did you fight and pick at each other?"

"Oh no Dad. We were good children weren't we Greg?", answered Lisa.

"Oh yes. We slept very well. Lisa did not bother me and I did not bother her.", said Greg.

Both parents almost spit out their food as they laughed at the response of their two twin children. Janet said, "We looked in on you a couple of times last night just to check on you. Things looked pretty hot in the shower before you went to bed last night. Greg your cock was rock hard and stuffed in the crack between the soaped up ass of your sister as you washed her big tits."

"Yeah I saw your hands lifting Lisa's big tits from behind as you washed her down. I just have one question from you my son." David their father looked at Greg and next asked, "Did you fuck Lisa your sister? Tell me whether you fucked her after I told you to not go beyond the lessons we had yesterday."

Greg looked at his sister and winked at her from the corner of his eye. He reached over and took her hand in his and looked at his parents and said, "Mom, Dad, Lisa and I have a confession to make. You are right. Last night in the shower feeling Lisa so close to me with soap all over our bodies drove us wild. Lisa told me she wanted me to fuck her. She said she needed my hard cock real bad inside her cunt. I wanted to fuck her something awful." Lisa his sister broke in and nodded, "Greg's right. I did want his cock fucking my cunt last night and so we ended up in bed. One thing led to another and Greg fucked me."

"I knew it, I knew it." David looked at his wife shaking his head.

"Wait a minute Dad. I'm not finished.", spoke Greg. And he continued, "When Lisa said I fucked her she did not tell you how. It's true that we both wanted to screw each other last night. But we also respect you and Mom. So we improvised a little… We fucked, but we didn't think you would mind the way we fucked."

"Fucked, but didn't fuck! What the fuck are you talking about?", asked David their father. He was not really mad but was putting on a pretense.

Lisa answered, "Greg fucked my titties last night. I just loved it too! His hot cock fucked my tits and then he shot his load of cum in my mouth and on my face!"

"Ooooh you two!", cried Janet their mother. "So you titty fucked last night. Not a bad exercise. You certainly can't hold that against your children David. Titty fucking is sorta like mutual masturbation. You know how I like your big dick fucking my boobs."

David looked at his children with a big grin on his face and said, "What a idea you came up with Greg! You certainly deserve extra credit for that idea. I'll bet you two did have fun!"

Greg finished by saying, "Lisa let me dine at her wonderful pussy, and then she let me fuck her beautiful boobs."

Lisa then asked, "Father what's on the agenda for today's lesson? What are we going to start with? I have a very important request to make."

David looked at Lisa and asked her, "Well let's hear your request first. Since you two earned extra credit with that titty fuck last night we will let you decide what will be the first lesson."

Lisa and Greg both jumped up from their chairs and told their parents, "We want to fuck! We are just dying to fuck each other!" Lisa said, "We have eaten each other, and brought each other to climax, can we at least now enjoy fucking each other? Please, we just have to fuck!"

Their parent looked at one another and smiled and then looked at their children and said, "Yes." Janet now said, "We had planned to let this be the first lesson for today. We see how close you've become. It's obvious you are in love, and you should be able to express that love and fuck each other. We want to share in witnessing your consummation."

Greg and Lisa jumped for joy and embraced each other. Greg kissed his sister full upon the mouth and Lisa wrapped her arms around her brother and squeezed him tight.

"Let's clear these dishes and then we'll start the lessons.", said Janet. "But we will need to make some preparations first before starting the lesson. Lisa you come with me, and Greg you go with you father."

Janet and her daughter cleared the table and straightened up the kitchen while David and his son went to talk on the couch by the fireplace. When the girls left the kitchen to head for the bedroom David asked his son, "Son, your mother and I are very proud of you and Lisa. You respected our wishes under a very tempting situation and that's commendable. Your sister is a virgin, as you are yourself. We are going to help you get started and, please, go easy on her. Your cock is above average and you're still a growing boy. Lisa's pussy is small and no doubt very tight. Let her adjust to your size. She will respect you for going easy on her, then she will ask you to fuck her brains out."

Greg thanked his father for the support and advice. They removed their clothes in preparation for the day's exercises. Lisa and her mother Janet had been gone for a while now and were returning from the bedroom. They both were dressed wearing fishnet stockings attached to garter belts. They were also wearing red high heels. Each was dressed wearing matching bright red push-up bra and g-string. Both girls were made up and had put on some fragrant perfume. David looked at his son and said, "Looks like we're in for a strip show boy."

"We have a surprise for you Greg.", said his mother. "But first we'd like to put on a little show for you boys, so just sit back and relax. We want to dance a little dance for you to help put you in the mood."

Lisa put a CD in the CD player. It was some type of dance music with a good beat. Lisa and Janet now began to dance seductively before their menfolk. Janet danced for David her husband, while Lisa danced for Greg her brother. Both girls choreographed their movements together. They bumped and ground their bodies against each other, wiggling their asses in front of the boys. They got right up in the face of the boys undulating their hips and turning to let their asses tease them also. They were wearing an exotic perfume that permeated their skin and underwear. As they danced they both slipped fingers into their panties rubbing their pussies before the boy's eyes and then raising the wet fingers to their red lips opened in the shape of an "O" they would stick out their tongue and lick it off. David and Greg leaned back upon the couch to enjoy the show. It was obvious that they were liking it, because, their dicks were stiffening up and they made no effort to hide it from the ladies. As the girls saw their hardons they made eye contact with the men looking down at their dicks and licking their lips. Both Greg and his father could hardly stand it so they took their members in their hands and squeezed them and slowly jacked their dicks as they watched the girls. Janet and Lisa now began seductively removing their bras, and as they did they leaned forward and placed the bras on the boys faces, dragging them over their face and eyes as they moved back and forth before them swinging their tits. Both Lisa and her mom had big beautiful mounds that they jutted out, and as they danced they shook them causing the boys to lick their lips. They dropped the bras on the boys faces and then took their tits in hand pulled them to their own mouth and licked the nipples in front of the guys eyes. Then the girls turned to face each other. Janet and her daughter danced up to each other and cupping their tits they rubbed their nipples tit to tit. Janet rubbed her tits on Lisa's boobs, and Lisa did likewise to her mom. They moved ever closer and ground their pelvis together. As they moved up and down rubbing their cunts' against each other Janet slipped her hand and finger into Lisa's panties and Lisa reached into her mother's. They then felt each other momentarily fingering the wet pussy and when they withdrew their hands they returned them to their mouth to taste each other's cunt. Greg and David were furiously jacking their raging hardons as they were so turned on by this erotic behavior. The girls once again turned to face the boys and moved up close to their faces rolling their boobs at them and holding them a fraction away from their lips. They put their pussies right up in their faces close enough for the boys to smell their hot cunts. They each reached into their panties with their fingers and slowly fingered their cunts before the boys eyes. The boys could not see their pussies however, only what the girls were doing. Then the girls turned around and once again put their asses in the guys faces. The bent over and looked at the reaction of their audience and licked their lips. They each reached up and began pulling their panties down slowly over their nice ass until the panties were on the floor around their ankles. Stepping out each girl reached down and picked up the panties and again laid them on the face of their audience. The crotch of each pair of panties were soaked. As Greg's removed the sweet smelling pair of panties on his face his sister turned around to face him with all her clothes removed. He now saw that her beaver was completely shaved of all the short red hair she once had. Lisa again stepped up close to her brother and in time with the music she swayed her hips. Reaching down to her cunt she spread the lips open with two fingers letting her brother see more clearly her wet pussy. Greg poked his Dad to get his attention. David looked over and saw the nice clean pussy of his daughter. When Lisa saw her father she turned to face him so that he could see her freshly shaven pussy more clearly. She put one leg up on the arm of the couch and put her cunt fractions from his face. Looking at him in the eye she slowly spread the small lips of her cunt open and then ran her finger up and down her slit. As she got her finger wet she held it up to her father's nose for him to smell. He at once took her hand and licked her finger off while he jacked his massively stiff prick. Lisa pulled her hand away from her father teasingly, and then turned around to let him examine her ass. She bent over at the waist and spread her legs to give her father a view of her shaved pussy and asshole. She again looked around to see her audiences' reaction, and taking her fingers reached between her legs from underneath spreading the lips of her cunt for their visual pleasure.

The music now stopped and just in time as the boys were about to waste a wad on themselves. David and Greg both applauded out loud and made cat calls for the fine performance of the girls. Greg spoke first, "So that's the surprise you had in mind," pointing at his sisters shaved pussy, "not the dance you just performed." "That's right. How do you like my pussy?", asked Lisa.

"It looks good enough to eat." answered her father. "This is what we will do to start your next lesson. I know that you have a pretty good idea how to fuck. Lisa, honey, I gave your brother Greg some instructions while you and your mother were out of the room. And I'm sure that your mother told you some things too. We will get more into the various positions you can fuck in later on with the advanced lessons. To help you get started however, we are going to share in your experience."

"What do you have in mind Dad?", asked Greg

"Son I know that your mother whom you'll recall loves to suck dicks, has been dying to suck your cock. And I on the other hand want to taste the pretty little pussy of your sister. So while your mother sucks your cock to make it nice and hard for you sister, I'll prep Lisa by eating her delicious looking cunt. When she's nice and wet, you can fuck her. How does that sound?"

Lisa squealed with delight saying, "Ooooo Daddy, please eat your little girls' pussy. Mom even shaved my asshole so you can lick me there. I know how you boys love to suck our assholes. Will you eat my pussy and lick my ass?"

"You know I will. You haven't even been fucked yet and already you are a slut my dear. You are a slut because you want your Daddy to lick your pussy and lick your asshole. You will beg for your brother to fuck you tight cunt too! Your hot twat will milk his big dick and he will shoot his sperm inside you." Her father was saying these things to his little girl.

"Mom I know how you like to suck dicks and I want you to make my dick hard. After you suck my dick I will then fuck my lovely sister who wants my cock in her hot cunt." Greg and his mother laid down on the floor, followed by Lisa and her father.

Janet laid on her back and had Greg sit at her face. David laid on his back and had Lisa sit on his face. Greg and Lisa were facing each other and could see the oral attention each other was receiving. Greg held his cock in his hand before his mother. His mother had a pillow behind her head so she accept his cock into her mouth. He talked to her, "Here is my dick which you want to suck. Let me feed you this cock because I know how you love to suck dicks you cocksucker. He teased her with the head of his dick, swatting her in the face on both sides of her jaw, while she had her mouth open trying to catch the head in her mouth. He eventually stopped these antics to let her suck him because he was anxious to fuck his sister. His mother was in a perfect position to have him fuck her mouth, and while she sucked her son's cock she was also fingering her clit.

Lisa and her father were likewise going at it. Lisa got into the swing of things and completely rested the weight of her ass and body on her father's face. "Go ahead and lick my pussy Daddy. My brother Greg knows how to eat pussy. Let's see if you do!" Her father loved hearing his daughter talk this way to him and he dived into sucking her cunt furiously. Lisa bucked and bucked her cunt on her father's mouth making it hard for him to enjoy eating her virgin pussy. Her juices flowed freely onto his face and chin and he stuck his tongue into her slit trying to capture as much of the sweet cream as he could. He placed his hands under her ass and lifting her he did manage to hold her still so he could eat her properly. Lisa loved this and said, "Ooooh Daddy, you're so strong. I feel like I'm in a saddle riding your tongue. My little pussy is impaled on your ticklish tongue. Eat me Daddy. Make my twat cum. Do you like how my pussy tastes Daddy?"

Her father could only grunt in response as he continued sucking her hole. He found her clit and sucked it into his mouth. When he did this Lisa began climaxing, screaming, "OOOOOOOOOOhhhhh Daddy. You're making me cuuuummmmm!!!! Her father licked and sucked his daughter's pussy, drinking the juices that gushed from her cunt. While her orgasm continued, he lifted her a little higher where he could get to her asshole and he stuck his tongue in to suck her bung. Lisa squealed and felt another wave of orgasm. "Ooooh Daddy. You're sucking my asshole and it feeeeeels sooooooo gooooood!!!!"

As this orgasm subsided David stopped eating the cunt and asshole of his daughter. He set her down flipped over and looked at his son and said, "Greg, I think she's ready for you. Go ahead and take her. Your mother will just have to finish sucking your cock another time."

Janet reluctantly let her son withdraw his cock from her mouth. But she knew that his wad which had been building up in his balls would soon be spurted into her daughter's virgin cunt. She also knew that the next lesson following their children's first fuck would be an introduction to bisexuality, as she would want to eat her daughter's pussy and suck her son's jism from her freshly fucked cunt. She could hardly wait.

Greg and Lisa could at last fuck one another. Lisa laid down and her brother came over to over next to her. David and Janet also came near to their children to share in their joy. Greg remembering the instructions his father gave him earlier spoke very tenderly to his sister, "Lisa darling, our moment has arrived and I want to ask you first. I want you to be sure and not feel pressured. Do you still want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel my cock in your pussy?"

Lisa looked into her brother's eyes and said, "Yes my love. Please put your beautiful cock into my pussy. And to encourage him she raised her head up and kissed his lips. He cupped her head in his hand and as he returned the kiss he lowered her head down to the floor. They kissed each other for a few moments and he also felt of her breasts. She took hold of his cock and gently pulled on it letting him know that she wanted him. "Please", she whispered in his ear, "I need you now."

Greg now maneuvered into position between her legs. Lisa spread her legs before her brother and raised her legs up keeping her feet on the floor. As he got ready she looked up at him and said, "I love you brother dear. You are so sweet and gentle. You never rush me. You are being so nice to me and I love you. You're also so handsome and strong. I feel so secure in your arms. Please take me love. I'll always be yours Greg."

Greg was holding himself up with one arm while he leaned forward and using his other hand he moved his stiff cock up to the entrance to his sister's twat. Lisa helped her brother by taking his member and held it to the lips to her pussy. Greg then proceeded to gently nudge the head of his dick into her moistness, trying to lubricate his cock with her wetness. Mom and Dad continued to watch their children, not wanting to say anything that would spoil the moment. With the head of his dick now planted in the right spot, Greg placed both hands squarely on the floor on either side of his sister's arms and gently move his hips forward to enter her. He slowly at first pushed forward and at meeting resistance he pulled back. Lisa still had her hand on her brother's cock guiding it back to her love hole. Again Greg pressed forward with his dick and each time that he did he managed to go a little deeper. Lisa's cunt was very wet with her juices from her father's feast, and as her brother dick got wet from those juices he could slip into her more deeper. At last the head of his cock had penetrated her tight opening. Lisa could feel the head of his member now inside the opening of her twat and she said, "I can feel you Greg. Your dick is beginning to enter my pussy. I love you Greg. Please continue to fill me with your cock. I want to feel you all the way inside me love!" Greg answered his sister, "I love you Lisa. Your twat is so tight! But it feels soooo good. You are so beautiful. You're the most beautiful girl in the world."

"You two are doing just great. Lisa, your brother really loves you so. He's so gentle. You are going to enjoy his fucking you I can tell." Janet looked at her daughter and stroked her hair. Lisa looked at her mother and said. "Isn't he wonderful Mother? I just love him so."

Greg continued slowly but steadily moving ever forward trying to gain new ground in his sister's virgin pussy. He felt like a pioneer, going where no one had gone before. But he simply did not just want to rape and pillage his sister's virtue. He loved her, and he wanted to make their moment last forever. His dick felt so good inside her warm cunt. He just wanted to lay there and enjoy how it felt. However, he still had about six more inches to bury, so onward he slowly pumped. As his sister relaxed he found that his cock would slip a little further inside her cunt, so in relation to her comfort he gently fucked her. Little by little he was finding that he would have to pull back further on each stroke because his cock was now nearly all the way into her cunt. Lisa felt it too, and her breathing was becoming more stronger. "Ooooh lover, your cock is filling my cunt. It's so big. It feels soooo good. It's so warm and hard. How much more do you have to feed me?" asked Lisa.

"I'm almost all the way there my love," answered her brother. And on his next stroke he found that he was all the way inside. They were bumping one another pelvis'. He lay there for a moment feeling her warm tight cunt wrapped around his manhood. Lisa enjoyed feeling the fullness of his dick fully inside her as well and she looked at her brother and said. "Why did you stop for my love? Please begin to fuck me with that hard dick. It feels so good, I don't want you to stop now. I want to feel you fuck my pussy."

Her brother began to slowly pump his sister's cunt making short thrusts now that he was fully inside her tight box. He was feeling no restriction now whatsoever, his sister certainly looked comfortable. She closed her eyes and began to softly moan. She put her lips together to form an "O" and said, "Ooooh lover, fuck me harder with that big dick of yours. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my hot twat. I want to feel your cock ram my cunt. Your big fucking cock feels good in my pussy. Go go ahead and screw me good." Lisa now took her legs and wrapped them around her brother's ass, placing her heels on his buns to help drive him into her. Greg began to fuck her in more earnest now, and he pulled his dick nearly out all the way out and shoved it back into her cunt as deeply as he could. "Yeah babe. You like this big dick don't you. You have a fucking hot twat. I love fucking it. It's so tight, Your a fucking tight bitch. I'll fuck your hot cunt and screw your brains out! You like feeling my big dick pump your juicy pussy. You don't just like it you love my dick don't you! You want me to fuck you good and cum in your hot box!"

"Yes! Yes!" his sister cried out. "I am a fucking bitch. I need your fucking cock to fuck my hot fucking cunt. Your dick feels soooo good in my hole. Please fuck me harder! Fuck me harder love with your meat. Don't stop fucking it PLEAAASSSSSSSSSE! Show my mother and daddy how good you can fuck their little girl!"

Greg looked over at his parents and said, "My sister is a fucking whore, because she loves her brother's fucking dick in her pussy! She wants my big dick to pump her hot twat, and she wants my hot sperm inside her cunt. Well I am going to fuck her good and hard. I will fuck her until her eyes bulge out. Then I will shoot my sperm deep inside her fucking hot box. You like seeing me fuck her don't you!" He spat the words at them and furiously pumped away at his sister's cunt. Lisa had her legs up in the air and her hands were playing with her boobs, feeling her nipples and twisting them with her fingers.

Greg's father came over close to his kids, and looking first at his daughter he said, "Baby darling, do you like your brother fucking you? Does his dick feel good in your cunt? I know you like fucking, 'cause you're a slut. You're a fucking slut like your mother is. She likes dicks in her cunt and mouth, and you're the same way. You like feeling a fat cock pump your hot twat don't you, you fucking bitch? Your brothers' dick is ramming your tight pussy and you love it!"

Lisa looked at her father and with lust in her eyes she said, "Ooooh Daddy! You know I do!!! I love my brother's big dick in my pussy, just like my mother does. I want to feel big dicks in my mouth and cunt filling them with hot cum. Will you fuck your little girl? 'Cause I need your big dick too! It's so big, and know it will feel so good in my tight hole. I love my brother's dick, but I want your big dick too! Please say you will. Say you will fuck my pussy too! I just love having my cunt filled with a fat cock. Please say you will fuck your daughter."

Her mother who was on the other side of her daughter across from David, got down to Lisa's face and said to her, "You know your father will fuck you baby. He will fill your cunt with his monster dick and fuck you hard. While your father fuck's his baby girl, your lover Greg will fuck his mother. I can't wait to have my boy fucking my cunt, while we watch your father fucking your cunt. You do want your brother to fuck his mother don't you? I need his cock like you need your father's cock. I want him to fuck me with his nice young stiff dick.

"Oh yes Mother! Greg will fuck you, want you Greg? Want you fuck our fucking Mother, while Daddy fucks me? Say you will. I know you want to fuck Mother cause she has a beautiful pussy, and she loves big dicks just like I do. We are both sluts and we need to have cocks filling our holes all the time. Mother needs your big dick. I know she does. I'm just like her, and I need to be fucked real hard. So please fuck me and then let Daddy fuck me. I want to see you fuck my Mother just like you're fucking my hot pussy. Mother, Greg's big cock is filling my pussy. He knows how to use his tool and I know he will love filling your beautiful pussy with it. Daddy's big dick is going to fill my cunt up with his cum. Greg, lover, please fuck me harder! I need to feel your cock deeeeper in my hot hole!!!"

Greg feeling the same lustful passion rise in him looked at his father and said, "Daddy, your little girl has a fucking good cunt. I love fucking my virgin sister's twat. She is a good fuck. My first. But I know that Mother will be a good fuck too! She has a good looking cunt and I want to fuck it. I'm going to fuck her when I get finished fucking Lisa. Then you can fuck Lisa. Both Lisa and Mom are two fucking sluts are they Dad? They have good looking pussies to fuck. How tight is Mama's cunt. I'll bet her hole is not as tight as Lisa's tight cunt. Her cunt is tight! But just the same I'll fuck my mother 'cause I know she loves big dicks and she's a fucking cunt. I love being her son of a bitch, cause that's what she is a fucking slut cocksucking bitch!"

"Yes they are son," said David, "Your mother is a fucking whore, and your sister is a fucking whore. What can you do but fuck them hard? We'll take turns fucking the shit out of their holes, and when we're done they can suck our cocks. They love to suck dicks don't forget. And they'll both be sucking our cocks to make them nice and big so we can stuff their cunts again. I'll gladly let you fuck your mother while I fuck Lisa. You have a nice dick son, but Lisa want's her daddy's big dick too! She'll squeal with pleasure when I fuck her with my big meat! Your mother will love fucking you too! I already know how she's been eyeing your cock, frigging her hot twat waiting for you to shove your meat into her."

Greg was really banging away on his sister's pussy now. His young teenage body had stamina and he was sweating as he pumped Lisa's pud. Lisa was now nearing a super climax feeling her brothers hot rod ram her steamy twat. "Ooooh Greg, I starting to cum with your dick inside me! Fuck me harder! Faster! Faster! OOOOOoooaaaaaahhhhh!!!! With that Lisa arched her back thrusting her hips up, and she came. Greg likewise feeling the buildup in his balls held back his orgasm as strongly as he could until his cock literally exploded inside his sister's twat. He pumped furiously until his sperm began coming out of his sisters' pussy. Her cunt was very sloppy now with the mixture of her cream and his jism. At last he pulled out of her and wiped his dick on her thigh. "Oh Lisa my love. You were beautiful. I love you so." He leaned down and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She pulled him down on top of her mashing his mouth with her own responding to his passionate kiss. As the broke their liplock she said, "I love you too Greg. You are a wonderful lover. Thank-you for being so gentle with me at the start and making our first time so memorable.

Their parents applauded them and David their father said, "What an experience. I don't think I've ever seen anyone fuck one another the way you two did. I wish I had loaded the camera with film and got pictures of you two. Better yet, we should have filmed your first time with the camcorder. Now that would have been a keepsake!" David was truly disappointed.

"We may not have their first time but we could film other occasions.", said Janet. Besides, we will all remember this the rest of our lives. But don't you think that you and I fuck each other the way they screwed one another?"

"Of course, dear. Beside us, I never saw anyone fuck they way Greg and Lisa did. That's what I meant. You know how I feel about you love."

Janet smiled at her kids and said, "He's right. Your father still fucks me like he did the very first time. It never gets old to either of us. How do you too feel now? Do you need a break?"

Lisa answered first and said, "No, I feel so elated. I never knew how good sex could be. Greg is such a good lover for someone who's never had sex himself." Her brother smiled at her and said, "Lisa, you made it so good. I just love you so much and you're so beautiful. I'm not tired. What's next on the lesson books?

Janet smiled at her children and said, "I'm glad you too enjoyed your first intimate experience. It's good that you could enjoy it together, and that we could share it with you as well. Here's something else for you to think about. You think it was good now. Wait until you get more experience under your belt. Well, you're not wearing any belts are you?" Everyone laughed and she continued, "As you two learn more how to give pleasure, your own pleasure will increase. So let's drink to more pleasure!

"That's a good idea honey!" said Dad. "Son, give me a hand in the kitchen fixing us some highballs." David and Greg left for the kitchen and Janet turned to her daughter and put her arm around her shoulder giving her a hug. "Honey, Greg was so sweet to you. I know you enjoyed him fucking you didn't you?" asked Janet.

"Oh yes Mother. I just love him to death. He's so kind and gentle. He knew just what to do and how to do it. He is really a wonderful lover. I look forward to sharing him with you."

"Sharing him? You talk like he's yours Lisa. What do you mean honey?", Janet asked her daughter.

"I know it sounds silly. I mean who am I to think that I can keep Greg for myself? I know you love him too Mother, only Greg and I have a very special relationship being twins. We were born from your womb only moments apart, and that makes us close. But having shared this intimacy together has drawn us even closer. I can't help but feel a little jealous of him fucking other women, although I also want him to. It's confusing. Do you know what I mean."

Her mother turned her around and embraced her. She then pulled Lisa's face to her own and tenderly kissed her daughter's lips. Lisa did not object to her mother's action, instead she wrapped her own arms around her mother pulling her close, and returned the kiss. They opened their mouths and exchanged their tongues, gently exploring each other's lips and gums. When they broke their kiss Janet answered her daughter by saying, "Honey, I know exactly what you mean. It is possible to love someone, want to keep them for yourself, and at the same time, allow them, actually want them to fuck someone else. Even though your brother may enjoy fucking other girls, his heart is here with you. You know Greg feels the same way about you. As much as he loves you, he wants you to have pleasure by being with other men. How could he let your father fuck you if he didn't?"

"I hadn't thought about it that way Mom. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Thank you for being so understanding." As they were still hugging each other, Lisa reached up and this time she kissed her mom upon the lips giving her tongue which Janet gently sucked into her mouth. "By the way Mom," she asked, "What are we going to do next? How about letting me know before Greg gets back so I'll have the inside scoop."

Her mother looked at her and said, "Well the boys went into the kitchen so that I could ask you how you might feel about this before we do it. I did not want you to feel embarrassed with them here so I had your father take your brother out of the room."

"Why Mom? What do you have in mind? Everything you have shown us so far has been fabulous. This is one weekend I'll not soon forget." Lisa had a look of curiosity on her face.

"Lisa honey. By now you must realize that your father and I are a somewhat 'open' couple. That is, we live and let live. Our sexual preferences are quite broad. You've already seen how we've explored many areas of human sexuality. Sex between a man and woman can include many pleasures. You and your brother both enjoy oral sex. You even enjoy eating boy's cum. Not many girls like that, and therefore they miss out on so much. Your brother likewise is not abashed to eat your pussy. He loves not only the taste you your sweet sex, but he was completely unabashed about licking and sucking your asshole. That too, is a delicacy many men miss, because they are finicky about sampling such treats. You saw how your father and brother are alike in their fetish of looking at shaved pussies and assholes."

"That's what they call a 'fetish'"? What exactly does that mean?" asked Lisa.

"Well a fetish is just something that turns you on." answered her mother. "For example, when you starting talking nastily to your brother, to me, and to your father, saying things like, 'I love my brother's big dick inside my cunt, and I want my Daddy to fuck me with his big monster cock!', that turned you on. That's a fetish. The good thing is that all four of us enjoy that particular fetish. Your father talks dirty to me. I talk dirty to him. We were all talking dirty to one another and that in itself is a form of pleasure, intensifying your experience. We will certainly explore many more as we go along. Remember how you danced a little while ago in front of your father and brother. You were getting turned on by that. That fetish was exhibitionism. Many women love to show off their bodies in such a way as to attract others.

"You mean to attract men don't you Mom?" Lisa asked.

"No Lisa, not just men. Women get turned on seeing other women, and visa versa." her mother said.

"What kind of fetishes do you have Mom?", asked Lisa.

"Well for example, consider what we were just talking about. You were turning me on this morning while you danced for your brother and father. When we rubbed our titties, and cunts against each other during the dance your body was sending electric shocks into mine. You made me hot dear." Janet was slowly caressing her daughters' face and hair.

"I turned YOU on? I had no idea I could turn you on. But now that you mention it, I must confess that I was turned on by you as well. You have such a beautiful body Mother. I'm glad that you told me that you were turned on. I felt it too, but I was afraid to admit it. Seeing your body makes me horny." Lisa now looked at her mother appraisingly.

Janet next said, "Honey, your father and I told you both at the start to explore your feelings. Don't hold back investigating your sexuality. How will you know whether you like this or that unless you are open about it and explore? What I wanted to ask you is this; I'm turned by you honey, and if you feel the same way then let's share our own intimacy. Would you like to, for lack of a better word, like to fuck me?"

Lisa eagerly answered, "Oh mother! That's sounds like fun! I was hoping we might do that. Ooooo my pussy is getting hot just thinking about it." Lisa then leaned forward to kiss her mother again, and they embraced one another in a tight union. Janet and Lisa kissed each other passionately feeling one another's breasts and asses.

Just then the boys returned from the kitchen with the drinks and David looked at Greg and said, "Looks like they got started without us son. Your mother and sister have the hots for one another."

"Wow Dad! They look great! What a turn-on to see two women going at it hot and heavy!" Greg said as he sat down upon the couch and began sipping his whiskey and soda.

David looked at the girls and said, "You two come over her to the center of the room where we can watch you." Janet and Lisa broke their embrace and holding hands they walked over to where the boys were. They picked up their drinks and began sipping them. David looked at his son and said, "Greg, the next lesson you are going to see is how two women get it on. This is more of a spectator sport for us men, so sit back and enjoy. When the time is right we'll join 'em" They sat their upon the couch with nice limber cocks. But very soon those cocks would be stiffening as the two hot women began to have sex with one another.

Janet told Lisa to lay on the floor in front of her father and brother. Before she joined her, she went to the drawer in which they had placed all the toys from last night and pulled out a double dildo. It was about eighteen inches in total length, and about three inches in circumference. It looked like two identical dicks placed back to back with a plastic set of balls in the center. Janet now lay beside her daughter. She softly began caressing her baby girl's body, starting with her face and neck. And as she moved her hand down to her boobs she said to her, "Lisa honey, I'm in love with you like your brother is. Your body is so beautiful honey. I love your precious titties, and your lovely young pussy. It looks so divine now that we shaved that hair away. I want to taste your sweet little cunt, especially since your brother left his sperm in you. Can I please kiss your pussy? I promise, I'll make you cum with my mouth and tongue. You let your father eat you. Please be kind to your mother and let me eat your sweet little twat."

Lisa looked lustfully into her mother's eyes feeling the same lust for her own sex and said, "Ooooo yes Mother! Please eat my pussy. But promise me you'll let me taste your sweet cunt too! I love seeing your cunt too! And I wish my pussy was as big as yours. Will you let me lick your asshole. I think it's so beautiful. Say I can. Please say I can lick your asshole."

Janet now leaned forward and kissed her daughter again. They spent the next few minutes in a very passionate kiss, tonguing each others' mouths. Lisa sucked her mother's tongue, and Janet did likewise to her daughter. As they tried swallowing one another's tongues they moved their hands across to each other's pussies feeling them. The each raised a leg spreading them to allow their hands access to the other's cunt. Both girls with shaved pussies spread open were causing the boy's pricks to harden. After a few minutes of foreplay Janet disengaged from Lisa and said to her. "Dear you climb up and sit on my face and if you would like to lick my pussy then feel free to do so."

Lisa swung her legs over her mother's face and answered her, "Ooooh Mother. How I have waited to eat your pussy. I know it will taste so good." Lisa sat down on her mother's mouth and reached down with her fingers to pull her lips apart. Her mother looked into her daughter's eyes as she opened her mouth and licked at Lisa's open cunt. She ran her tongue in and around her cunt tasting the delectable fresh juices freshly flowing. As she probed further into her hole she began to find some of the recent jism deposited by her son Greg. This is what she especially wanted and so using her tongue as a scoop she began to fuck her daughter's fuck hole with her tongue sucking all the cum she could find. Lisa just enjoyed letting her mom suck her cunt, and she soon realized that as good as her brother and father were good at cuntlapping, her mother was far superior. She thought to herself, 'No wonder she's good. She knows what a woman likes. Boys just lap like dogs do, imagining they are hitting the right areas. But Mother is making my pussy feel soooo good!' So she looked at her mom dining on her sex and complemented her saying, "Mother, I thought Greg and Daddy were expert at eating my pussy, but you're a real pro! You know exactly where I want your tongue. You're making my pussy feel soooo good! I'll bet you are licking the cum leftover when Greg fucked me too! I know how you like eating cum. Why, you didn't let Greg waste a drop when I first sucked his big dick. Remember how his sperm leaked out of my mouth and nearly hit the floor. You love my brother's cum don't you and you wanted to eat my pussy so that you could taste it again. Well you just enjoy it cause later when Daddy fucks my pussy he will fill it with his sperm and you can suck it out as well." Her mother just moaned into Lisa's twat as her mouth and tongue were too busy to stop and respond.

"You hear that son?" asked David, "I have tried to become an accomplished cuntlapper, but alas, a woman will always beat you hands down in a contest."

Greg was just enthralled at the sight of two women having sex together. The idea that his mother could do a better job of eating his beautiful sisters' twat better than he could did not bother him. Just as long as his sister would let him dine at her cunt was all that mattered.

Lisa leaned forward to go down on her mother. Having watched how her mother ate her pussy, she was intent on giving her mother equal pleasure. Being a woman, Lisa knew herself where her mom would like to feel a tongue. Lisa was now closer than she had ever been to another cunt and she took a moment to enjoy what her brother and father had seen when they had been in this position. Her mother's pussy was indeed a wonder to behold. Unlike her own small thin lipped twat, her mom had a long dark looking pussy, with big swollen labia that looked like two long slender fingers against her crotch. Her mother had her legs spread so that Lisa could easily look into her pubic area. Lisa placed her mouth upon her mother's sex and began to kiss it softly. Her mother, moved her pelvis upward in response to her daughters touch. Lisa could smell her mother's scent, and it intoxicated her just as it had her father and brother. Her brother Greg had not yet enjoyed this oral treat of his mother as yet. He had only received a preview when his face had been up close and he could smell this sweet fragrance. Lisa continued her culinary exploration. She placed her hands under her mother's ass to pull her face down into the steamy depths of her mom's sex. She slowly and deliberately licked her cunt starting down deep where her fuck hole began and moving along her slit she worked her way back up to the hood covering her clit. She paused here and using her tongue to uncover the clit she gently licked at it and then sucked it into her mouth. Her mother swooned and she realized that her mother was enjoying this attention. Lisa wanted to taste some more of her mother's juices so she left off momentarily to stick her tongue back into her mother's twat to suck out some of her juices.

Janet continued giving her daughter oral pleasure sucking her clit and she then pulled her face up to her little girls' ass to tongue her bottom. Janet enjoyed sucking the asshole of her baby daughter just as her son and his father had done. She only rimmed her briefly however, as she had other things in mind. Returning her tongue again to Lisa's cunt, Janet reached over and picked up the double dildo. Now that Lisa's anus was wet, Janet slowly put one end of the plastic dick to her daughter's ass and eased the head forward. Lisa's now began experiencing a new pleasure as instead of a small tongue darting into her bung, she felt something much larger poke its way in. She was quite relaxed however, and was confident that her mother knew what she was doing so she did not object. Janet continued licking her girls' pussy and as she sucked on her clit she again eased the plastic dick a little further into Lisa's ass. Eventually when she had put about four inches of the dong into her bung she withdrew it back near the edge and gently eased it forward. Lisa tried laying her cunt down upon her mother's face by arching her back down and at the same time she was sticking her ass up as she liked feeling this thing in her ass. Her mother now knew that her daughter was enjoying this new pleasure and she slowly began to pump the dildo into her ass, while she eat her pussy.

The boys looked at one another and Greg said to his father, "Man that's hot. Look at Lisa with that plastic dick in her ass. She sure looks like she's liking that action. Man O Man! Boy! I wish that were my dick and not that toy right now!" as he began pulling on his stiff meat watching his sister get her cunt eaten by him mother and her ass fucked by this toy.

His dad answered him saying, "Yeah. Looks like Lisa, like her mother will want us to fuck her ass now. That will probably be the next lesson boy, so we'll have more to look forward to."

"Does Mom like getting fucked in the ass too Dad?" asked Greg.

"Your mom likes having every hole plugged Son. She's not happy unless every hole is being fucked and she's airtight."

Greg could not believe what he was hearing, but he said, "I'll bet Lisa will be the same way. You heard her earlier. She want's me and you to fuck her at the same time. That should be a good fucking time."

Lisa was having the time of her life with her ass being fucked by this plastic toy. Her mother was expertly eating her pussy about to make her cum. Her mother kept bringing her to the edge of having an orgasm only to change her technique so that she would not cum. But feeling this thing in her ass, Lisa knew that her mother was turning her on to another pleasure that she would not hold back from exploring. She knew her brother and father were watching her, and she knew they would most certainly assist her in filling this fetish. Just as she enjoyed sucking cock and being fucked in her cunt, she would now have another hole to have filled. Only problem was, that right now, there were only two cocks that could satisfy filling her holes at the same time. She sighed to herself and said, 'So little time, so many holes.'

Meanwhile Janet was enjoying the fine cunt lapping her daughter was giving to her. She thought to herself, "Ooooo my little girl loves eating pussy like me. We should enjoy hours together having sex with one another. She certainly knows what to do. She's about to make me cum with her tongue in my snatch. And I can tell by how she's behaving, she likes this plastic dick in her ass. I'll bet my husband and son's cocks are rock hard seeing this virgin ass waiting to be fucked by a real piece of meat. I can't wait for my ass to be fucked again either. My daughter and I sure have a lot of things in common, and we're about to share those big dicks in those 'common' areas too!" As she thought about those things she found herself cumming and she arched her hips up to her daughter's face and came.

Lisa could no longer contain her orgasm because this plastic dick in her ass felt so good reaming her. Her mother was thrusting it in as far as she could reach filling her bung with nearly nine inches of the toy. Her juices nearly drowned her mother's mouth as she bucked and came onto of her mom. As their climaxes subsided they rolled over letting the boys see their soaking wet face and chin.

"That was quite a lesson dear", said David as he looked down upon his wife and daughter. Now that you have your fun, Greg and I are ready for so more hot action."

"What would you like to do?" Janet looked at her husband and shrugged her shoulders. She was game for anything but now the lessons were becoming a little vague. David whispered something in his son's ear and then said, "Let's let Greg decide. Lisa's been getting all the special attention, let's let Greg make the call." All eyes turned to Greg who holding a very stiff cock told them, "I want to fuck my sister's cunt again, only this time I want to lay on my back and have her sit on my lap. Since she's such a fucking cunt, and loves have her holes stuffed with big dicks let her do all the work. Mom you sit on my face while Lisa sits on my dick. And Lisa I know you'll love having Daddy fuck your ass with his huge dick!"

Lisa squealed loudly at the prospect of her virgin ass being taken by her father. "Ooooo I like that idea immensely! My asshole is ready for you to fuck Daddy since Mother primed it with her toys. Are you ready to let your son eat your cunt Mother?"

"You know I am baby darling! You're brother has been dying to eat his mother's pussy!" replied Janet.

Greg laid down on the floor on his back. His cock was still rock hard from watching his mother and sister go down on each other. His sister squatting over his hips and taking his dick into her hand she put it to the lips of her tight pussy and sat down upon his member. Her pussy was good and wet from her mother's recent tongue lashing so she sat down easily taking his seven inch cock all the way inside her box. She immediately began humping her brother saying, "Ooooo Greg, I have your beautiful cock inside my pussy again. I love feeling it. And I love sitting on your dick where I can control the fucking. You just lay back and relax. Let me do all the work. Daddy dear, you can put your big dick that you fuck Mama with in my ass now. I want to feel your cock ream my virgin asshole." While she rode upon her brother's cock she took her hands and spread her ass cheeks for her father.

Her father first told his daughter, "Lisa, your asshole will be tight. I know you want my big dick in your rectum but we've got to make my cock wet so it will more easily slide into your little asshole. So first of all you make Daddy's dick wet. Maybe your mother can help you. Janet will you now sit on your son's face and help Lisa get my big dick ready to ream out her ass?" He now walked around to face his daughter and held out his huge member for her to suck. Janet squatted over her son's face and told him, "Greg, please eat my pussy and suck my asshole like you did your sister. And try that trick on me like you did your sister. Let me know how you love my cunt and asshole." She sat down to his waiting mouth and tongue.

Greg's mouth was watering as he looked at the beautiful pussy of his mother come down upon his face. With her legs spread open to straddle his face he could clearly see her large labia and fuck hole. It was a very nice shade of pink exposing her glorious sex. He took his hands and spread the cheeks of her ass so that he literally smothered himself with her crotch. Janet sat upon her son's face, facing her daughter who was riding her brother's dick. Her daughter had both hands now wrapped around her father's big nine inch dick and she was hungrily licking the huge head of his member. Janet leaned forward to assist her daughter by adding her mouth and tongue to licking her husbands cock. Greg wished he could see the hot action of his mother and sister licking his father's big dick, but his view was obstructed by his mother's cunt and ass on his face. He licked his mother's tasty pussy and marveled at the delightful difference between Lisa's young cunt and his mother's snatch. He stuck his tongue into her fuck hole and sucked the juices of her cunt into his mouth. He was in heaven dining at this beautiful cunt that he had fallen in love with at first sight only last evening. He recalled to mind how his mother's shaven pussy enthralled him with the large lips of her labia in contrast to his sister's much smaller thin lipped pussy. He loved both of their cunts and was grateful for the variety of pussies he could enjoy partaking of. He strained his face upward to push his tongue as deeply into his mother's cunt as he could bury it. Janet his mother noted her son's eagerness at eating her pussy, and she paused from licking the balls of her husband's dick to make the comment, "Ooooo Lisa, your brother loves eating my pussy. He certainly has a dedicated tongue for sucking my cunt. Like father, like son. They both enjoy giving oral pleasure to their womenfolk. Don't we appreciate having such outstanding cuntlappers in the family dear?"

Lisa who had the slender glandular head of her father's prick in her mouth, pulled it out to answer her mother, "I knew you would like how Greg sucks your pussy. Isn't he adorable. He thinks your pussy is so beautiful. He loves eating your cunt like he loves mine. Wait until he licks your asshole. That's the best!" There was now a fair amount of saliva coating her father's dick so he said to his daughter, "OK baby girl. Get ready to receive your reward. I know you want to feel a big dick in your ass, so I'm going to fill your rectum with this big ol' cock. Take a good look at it you slut, and tell me how much you want me to fuck you with it. You and your mother like these big dicks filling your holes don't you? You're a fucking bitch like your mother, and the only way to satisfy whores like you is to fuck you till you pass out. Isn't that true little girl?"

Lisa took a second look at the monster cock of her father. It now glistened with her spit. The slender head was swollen and the big veins of his member stood out. The strong upward curve of his cock extended from the base of his balls to the tip of his penis. Nine inches in length and nearly three inches in girth. Lisa gazed at this beautiful cock realizing her father fully intended to bury it in her virgin ass. He would ream his beautiful daughter's ass with it. She looked at her father with lust in her eyes and said, "I can't wait for you to fuck my ass! I've been eagerly waiting for you to ram your big huge cock in my asshole and ream me good! I need your big dick in my ass. I need it badly. Don't wait another moment! Fuck my ass now! Fuck it and fill it with your jism. I know that Mom will want to suck my ass when you're done 'cause she likes eating your cum. I hope she will share some of it with me, 'cause I love swallowing cum too!" She was looking into her father's eyes pleadingly, begging for him to satisfy her lust.
David stepped back around to his eager little girl's ass which was still in control riding her brother's fat dick. Lisa's ass was poked out anxiously awaiting for her father to shove his meat into for her pleasure. Lisa had once again spread the cheeks of her ass, letting her father know of her carnal desire. Janet took Lisa's hands and pulled her forward. Lisa and her mother began to french kiss one another, tongues exploring each other's mouths. Their hands began groping each other's large tits further stimulating their sensual pleasures. With his mother leaning forward Greg shifted his tongue to her asshole where he could enjoy this fine shaven anal delight. With his mother's ass spread open before his eyes, he could stick his tongue into her puckered asshole. He licked all around her asshole enjoying the pleasure of tasting this most intimate area of his mother. He pushed his tongue into her opening rimming her asshole, and sucking the moisture inside. Now that he was enjoying this anal delicacy he decided to use the technique he had had to improvise upon his sister when she was sitting on his face bouncing around keeping him from eating her asshole. Although him mother did not jump up and down as his sister had, he thought she might enjoy this additional pleasure. As he sucked her bung, he took one hand and reaching for her cunt he pushed his thumb into her fuck hole, and using his fingers he frigged her cunt. This had an immediate reaction on his mother for she broke her kiss with Lisa to squeal, and say to her, "Ooooh Lisa. Your brother is bringing me such pleasure. Uuuuummm. He is rimming my asshole with his tongue buried inside my bung sucking it. And now he has his thumb stuck in my cunt acting as a hook keeping my crotch close to his face. He's using his fingers to frig my clit. This must be the trick he tried on you that you spoke of. My son is a wonderful lover. He keeps that up, and I'm going to cum on his face!"

"That's what he wants you to do Mother! Isn't he wonderful. He really loves eating your cunt and asshole. And Daddy's cock is going to feel soooo good in my ass. He will ream me good Mother. I'll bet you love feeling this big cock fucking your ass don't you? Thank you for letting Daddy fuck my ass. He wants to fuck it so hard. I can't wait for his big fucking dick to start fucking my fucking hot asshole!!!" The two girls were indeed feeling both a vaginal and anal onslaught of a different nature. Lisa's cunt and ass were soon to be filled with the two big dicks of her most closest relatives, her father and brother, while her mother Janet had her ass and cunt being orally satisfied by her one son's tongue and fingers. It was a family orgy, and it was good to see everyone participating together in a united bond of sensual erotica.

David got behind his daughter and looked down upon her sumptuous ass waiting for his thick piece of meat. He saw how she loved humping up and down on her brother's pole. He reached down and put his middle finger inside rectum to feel her out. Lisa eagerly accepted his digit indicating she was quite hot for his large cock to enter her bung instead. After pumping his finger in and out a few times he knew his daughter was quite ready to be banged in her ass. She gripped her father's finger sliding in and out of her asshole imagining how soon he would fill her hot hole with his massive cock. She could hardly wait! Her father now removed his finger and placed the head of his rigid member to her puckered opening. It seemed so small in comparison to the large cock about to enter it. Yet as he pushed forward with his tool, his daughter knowing he was entering her pushed her ass back against her father impaling herself on his member. Gripping his daughter's hips he slid his big cock into her tight orifice. He did not feed her a little bit of dick and then ease back. He slowly pushed his cock as deeply into her ass as he could. Lisa who was tonguing her mother's mouth stopped momentarily and turned around to look at her father.

"Ohhhh YES DADDY!!! YES!!! YOUR FUCKING BIG ASS DICK IS IN MY ASS!!! OOOOO MOTHER! LOOK AT DADDY FUCK MY ASS! His big cock is splitting me in two! Keep fucking it Daddy! Fuck my ass and ream me! I need to feel you fuck my ass harder Daddy!" She returned to sucking her mother's mouth and massaging her titties, as her mother did likewise.

Lisa's father after pushing his cock up to the hilt of his daughter's tight ass pulled back and then rammed his big dick forward. He grunted feeling the hot flesh of his little girl's rectum squeeze around his hard meat. He and his daughter coordinated their strokes. Lisa let her father now direct the fucking by allowing his massive cock to lift her off her brother's cock when he would ram his dick into her ass. As her father pulled his dick back she slid down on her brother's tool. David could feel his son's cock through the thin membrane that separated Lisa's cunt from her rectum and he knew his son felt him. 'Lisa is one hot fuck.' he told himself. Then he said to her, "So you like my big ass cock fucking your fucking hole baby darling? You have a hot asshole Lisa! You gotta let your brother fuck this tight ass. He will love reaming you like I do! You and your mother love feeling big cocks in your assholes. My fucking daughter is a fucking slut like her mother! Your brother and I will fill both you holes with our cum, then your mother can suck it from both your holes 'cause she's a cuntlapping, cocksucking, asslicking, cumloving, fucking slut bitch and so are you little girl." Her father balls began swelling as he was nearing filling her bung with his sperm. His son Greg felt himself began to reach an orgasm as he tongued his mother's asshole. Janet could no longer contain her pleasure since her son was making her cum with his tongue sucking her ass and his fingers feeling her twat. Lisa too was erupting in a orgasm due to her erogenous zones being overloaded with stimulation. Everyone climaxed in unison letting their bodies assume control of the sensual pleasure. Greg and David both pumped load upon load into Lisa's soaking cunt and hot ass. Lisa feeling the hot jism fill her cavities erupted into an orgasm upon orgasm. Sperm oozed from her holes and as her father removed his stiff cock from her ass it made an audible 'pop' sound. Lisa could no longer hold herself up so she fell over on the floor in a near faint. Her brother removed his dick from her pussy and his mother now moved over to her daughter to begin licking the yummy cum she could see around Lisa's cunt and asshole.

Lisa opened her eyes to behold her mother's lips at hers. She kissed her mother and then her mother said to her, "Honey, I'm going to suck this fresh cum from your cunt and asshole. You just lie back and enjoy my tongue and mouth."

"Ooooo Mother, please save some for me. Bring some to my mouth and let me taste it. I love eating cum as much as you do." Lisa told her mother.

As Lisa laid back, her mother went down on her cunt. Janet put her hands under Lisa's ass picking her up, and pulling her crotch to her mouth. Lisa lifted her legs and placed them on her mother's back. Janet now had good access to licking and sucking the globs of cum from her daughter's cunt and ass area. Janet slowly and methodically sucked up all the cum around the external genitalia of her daughter before starting on sucking it from inside her cunt.

The boys were watching the scene, resting and waiting for their own bodies to rejuvenate where they could fuck these two whores again. Greg was eyeing his mother's shaven cunt and ass from her backside and idly daydreaming about how he hadn't fucked his mother yet. Her good looking cunt and ass were still foreign to his dick and he slowly began getting a hard-on anticipating filling her fine holes. They were no stranger to his tongue however, and he relished her delicious taste. He hoped he could continue to dine at both her ass and pussy for a long time to come. He stopped playing with himself and decided to let his sister suck his cock so that she could do the work of making him hard and then he would fuck his mother as she ate his sister. When he shot his load into his mother, then he would invite his sister to eat her mother and suck his cum from her cunt. He looked at his dad and said, "Dad, do you see what I see?"

"What's that son?", asked David

Greg replied, "Look at Mama's fine looking swollen cunt and ass inviting me to fuck it! She hasn't been fucked all morning yet has she? But not just her, look at Lisa. She's licking her lips looking at our cocks. Let's go over and let her make my dick hard so I can fuck my mother, then you can stuff your cock in Lisa's mouth and let her suck you off."

"That's a capital idea son! Your mother does need fucking. She's never satisfied. I know she's been dying for you to fuck her anyway you want. She's all yours son. Enjoy yourself. When your sister gets done making your dick hard to fuck your mother then Lisa will love sucking my cock, and I'll shoot a load of cum in her mouth to enjoy.

They went over to Lisa who had been eyeing the two boys and their cocks. She looked at them and said, "Well boys, I want to thank you for the fine job of fucking my cunt and ass. I really got off on my brother and fathers dicks buried in my cunt and ass. Mother is really enjoying the cum you left inside me. What can I do for you?"

Lisa had propped herself up on her elbows. She lay there enjoying her mother's tongue licking and slurping her just fucked holes. Her father and brother dropped down to their knees where their cocks were at eye-level with Lisa's face. Both guys held their semi-hard cocks out to Lisa's mouth, placing the head of each cock on her lips. Her brother Greg answered her, "You know what to do cocksucker. Since you like sucking big dicks in your mouth then make this one hard so that I can fuck our mother and shoot some cum into her slutty cunt for you to enjoy." Lisa had taken both cocks, one in each hand, and she began slowly jacking them, placing one in her mouth for a moment to swirl the head of it around in her mouth, licking it and then taking the other cock and repeating the same action to it. She looked up at the boys and said to them, "Ooooh I just love these two wonderful cocks. Promise me you will service me with them anytime I need it. And I need them now! I am a cocksucker, and I want to make your dicks real hard so that you can fuck me and fuck my mother. Ooooo Daddy, will you feed your big dick to my mouth when Greg goes to fuck Mother?"

Her father answered her question saying, "Yes little girl. I'll feed this big dick to your mouth and then I'll fuck your face. You haven't suck this big dick down your throat. But you will. Your fucking ass was tight, and I loved fucking it. Just as I rammed this piece of meat into you asshole and shot my sperm into it, I'll do the same thing to you mouth. Your beautiful face is going to be stuffed with my cock, and I will ram it and shove it deep into your throat. Then I will fill your belly with cum. You'll think you swallowed Niagara Falls when you feel my fat cock pump my semen into your belly. But you'll like it 'cause you're cocksucking, dick loving, cuntlapping slut. Your mother has taught you well how to be a good cocksucker. But she didn't teach you to be a fucking slut. She didn't teach you to be a whore. You're that way because you want to be. You're a slut, 'cause you love dicks and want them to fuck you all day and night." Her father was really into the nasty talk stuff.

Lisa removed her brother's now wet and very stiff member from her mouth so that he could fuck Janet his mother. She told her father, "Daddy I love it when you talk to me that way. But you are soooo right! I am a slut 'cause I love to be one. I want to be your fucking bitch like Mama. I want to be your slut. I love cocks. And I hope that I can get lots of them, day and night. Do you have any friends whom you could invite over to fuck me with their dicks. I hope so, 'cause I need to be fucked very hard, and often. I want to have have them in my ass, and pussy, and mouth filling me up with cum. Can you make that happen please Daddy?" And she opened her mouth to let her father feed his little girl his rapidly swelling prick. Her father put his hand upon the top of her head spreading his fingers so he could grasp her head like it was a basketball. He started moving her head back and forth over his massive cock. He knew his daughter was hot to suck his dick, so he controlled her mouth, pumping his big stiff meat into her throat. His daughter reached up to cup the huge sack of balls that hung down from her father's member which he fed her eager mouth. Lisa made cooing sounds as she deep throated her father. She was so proud of herself for being able to take his entire nine inches into her mouth and throat and she looked forward to her father pumping his hot semen into her belly. She would save some of his cum in her mouth so that when her mother finished eating her cunt and ass full of cum they could share a kiss and exchange the tasty jism. As soon as her father had put the head of his dick to her lips, she looked into his eyes letting him know that he could fuck her face immediately. She wanted to make her father proud of her cocksucking abilities that her mother had trained her so well on. Her mouth salivated profusely like her cunt did, and she knew that her mouth was much like a pussy to a man, and that they derived much pleasure fucking this oral cavity. She derived much pleasure from it as well, and enjoyed the fringe benefit of the tasty treat at the end of the sucking.

"My God!" David thought to himself watching his daughter greedily gobble his engorged cock. God damn, she's hot! Ooooo but she sure knows how to suck dick!" To add to his daughter's lust he took his hand from the top of her head and move it to behind her head. He then pulled his daughter's face forward pushing his nine inches into her throat where he could fuck her mouth. Keeping his hand behind the back of her head she would not be able to go anywhere when the time came for him to shoot his wad of jism into her mouth. He continued fucking her face hardly letting her keep pace with his member pumping in and out of her mouth. He knew his baby girl was enjoying this face fucking.

His son Greg have moved around behind his mother's ass which was stuck in the air as she was bent down on her knees licking Lisa's cunt and ass. Greg eyed her shaven pussy and asshole all spread open wide for his inspection. Seeing his mother's beautiful cunt and asshole made his dick throb in anticipation of fucking it. He felt his mother's slick pussy from behind slipping a finger into her crevice. It felt hot to the touch and he knew she wanted to be fucked but good. He slid his finger around her hole spreading the cunt juice around her lips wetting them. After feeling her cunt a few moments, he spread some of the juice around her puckered anus. He loved playing with her asshole, and like his dad did with Lisa his sister, he pushed a finger into his mother's asshole. She wiggled her ass at him letting him know she enjoyed this anal attention. He gently pumped his finger in and out of her ass feeling the tightness of her opening. He grew anxious now to fuck her ass, so moving closer behind her he first put the head of his wet cock to her cunt. He pushed the head of his dick into his mother's hot opening. He was amazed at the tightness of her cunt. 'She must surely keep this pussy in shape, exercising her muscles for it to stay this tight. Dad's big cock would surely have stretched this thing out a long time ago', he thought to himself as he filled her cunt up with his dick. It felt so good, just like his sister's cunt had to him earlier. He wanted to fuck his mother's pussy real bad, but not just now. What he really wanted to do was to fuck her tight looking asshole. He was only getting his dick wet with her juices so he could fuck her in the ass. After slowly feeling her cunt with his cock, pumping her pussy a couple of minutes he pulled out and placed the head of his dick against the opening to her rectum. It looked so small in comparison to his big mushroom shaped dickhead. Yet, as he pushed it forward, her asshole opened to accept his member. He worked the head of his dick into her ass, and then fed the rest of his rigid seven inch cock into her bung. His pelvis was next to her ass now that his dick was buried in her rectum, and he pulled his cock back to begin fucking her. She moaned as she continued eating Lisa's cunt and ass using her fingers to rub her daughter's clit. Her son pumped his mother's ass a few times getting used to the tightness of her hole and enjoying her hot bung. As his dick entered her more easily he began fucking her in more earnest. The beautiful asshole his mother had let him view earlier he was now at last screwing. He began to fuck her harder saying to his father, "Ooooh Daddy, Mama has a good fucking ass! Her asshole is so tight! I love fucking her hole! I know she likes feeling my dick in her bung too! I'm going to fuck her good! She likes being fucked in the ass. I started fucking her hot cunt, but I really wanted to fuck her ass first. Her ass has excited me since I first laid eyes on it. Her pussy looks so good, I will fuck it when I get done fucking her fine ass."

"Go ahead and fuck her boy!", his dad told him. "She has a fucking tight ass hole doesn't she. She likes feeling my big cock up her rump and another fat cock in her cunt. Your sister likes it that way too! Up the ass and in her cunt. Both girls are fucking sluts, who can't get enough dicks fucking their holes. I'm pumping your sister's face though. See how she's sucking my thick cock into her throat. I'm going to fill her belly with a big load of cum. You fill your mother's bung with your sperm and Lisa will love sucking it out, the little cocksucker! Be sure to shove your dick as deep as you can into Janet's ass, 'cause that's how she likes to be fucked. Fuck her good and hard, or not at all she says."

Just then both boys began feeling the wad of cum building in their balls. No longer able to hold back because of the pleasurable stimulation each was receiving from their fucking they started shooting their loads into their receptive host's cavities. Greg pumped his semen deep into his mother's rectum, and likewise his father pulled his sister's head all the way down onto his tool as he shot his load into her throat. Lisa could not move her head anywhere as her father kept it right where he wanted it, sucking his sperm down. She kept massaging his balls to encourage as much production of his sperm to fill her hungry belly. Lisa climaxed enjoying the hot delicious cum filling her mouth and throat and feeling the talented tongue of her mother slurp her holes, sucking the jism of Greg, and her father's recent fucking. Janet climaxed enjoying the long awaited well deserved fucking of her son's dick in her ass. Whereas she had previously enjoyed the orgasm of her daughter eating her pussy, she hadn't been fucked yet this morning, and she needed to be fucked more than anything.

Everyone was feeling quite satisfied with the morning's activities. So far, Greg and Lisa had fucked each other, as David and Janet their parents had looked on. Following this, Janet introduced her daughter to same sex fun as she ate her daughter's cunt. Lisa had been fucked again in her cunt by her brother, and her father had sampled fucking her ass filling it to the brim with his jism. While Janet again sucked her daughter's holes of the cum deposited there from the boys fucking, Lisa enjoyed sucking her father's huge cock down her throat, and Greg fucked his mother in the ass. The boys were spent at this point and so would need some time to recoup. Janet and Lisa though were sluts who could continue on fulfilling their craving for sensual pleasure. Lisa wanted to share with her mother the fruitage of her father's dick still found in her mouth. Likewise she wanted to taste her brother and father's cum Janet was eating from her cunt and asshole. So she pulled her mother to her and they kissed, entering each other's mouth with their tongues, searching over teeth and gums for the precious cum they had been coveting.

After frenching for a few minutes, Lisa looked at her mother and said. "Mother, please sit on my face so that I can suck your asshole of Greg's cum."

Her mother responded, "OK honey, I'll put my ass on your mouth, and while you lick my ass, I'll once again eat your precious pussy."

So the girls got in position to enjoy their hot lesbian action. The boys looked at one another. David said, "Son, don't you wish you could keep going like they do? Doesn't seem fair that they can have orgasm after orgasm, after orgasm and just keeping on fucking one another, and us for that matter, does it?"

Greg shook his head in agreement with his father, "Yeah. I guess if I had a cunt, and could go on like that, that's what I would do."

"Let's go and fire up the Jacuzzi, and fix some lunch. We'll make some for the girls also. I need a refill on my drink, how 'bout you?", his father asked him.

So the boys got up to see to lunch, while the girls continued their feeding on each other's cunt and ass, feasting on the cum they pulled from each other.

End of Chapter Two

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