All in the family Chapter 4 (Finale)

All in the family Chapter 4 (Finale)

All in the family

Chapter Four

The next morning found everyone rested and in a happy mood. It was Sunday the last day of their trip and they would be heading back home. Janet had gotten up early to shower and dress. She stepped out of the shower and found her son laying in the bed with the covers pulled down. He had a nice stiff hardon and was idly jacking his dick. She removed the towel from her hair and began to blow dry it. As she stood in front of the mirror she saw her son get up from the bed and walk over to her. Wrapping his arms around his mother he felt of her breasts and slid his rock hard cock into the crack of his mother's ass. She giggled as she felt his manhood and she turned around and said loud enough to be heard over the sound of the blowdryer, "What are you up to young man? Didn't you get enough last night? As I recall, you wimped out on me, not the other way around."

Greg her son answered her saying, "That was last night. I'm raring to go again Mom. Seeing your excellent body is making me rock hard. Would you like a little treat before breakfast? Eh? How 'bout it?" He continued his massaging of his mother's ample boobs, twisting her hardening nipples in his fingers, and rolling the mounds of flesh together. He felt his mother push her ass against his hard cock and he knew that she would let him fuck her soon.

"Ummmm. That sounds nice. I would like a little treat, but your dick is no little treat my son. Maybe the little treat you have in mind is letting me suck your cock and taste your cum before I have my breakfast. Is that what you're talking about?" And then bending over at the waist to let her hair hang over her head she continued drying her hair. When she bent over she spread her legs to give him an idea if he would pick up on it.

Greg replied, "Yes mother, that's what I meant by a little treat." Taking advantage of the spread ass before him he slid his dick from the crack of her ass down to her cunt. He rubbed the head of his dick along the shaven lips spreading them and finding her slick pussy ready to receive his hard member. Placing his hands on her hips he entered his mother and began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy as she dried her hair. His mother was very horny, (as usual) and having a young stud of a son with a very erect prick popping her pud so early in the morning caused her to cum almost immediately. As she moaned Greg began to bang her cunt. Greg began to sing a little tune to her, "Nothing could be finer than to be in your vagina, in the morning…." His mother catching on turned and sang in response, "Nothing could be sweeter than my two lips 'round your peter in the morning…" and she climaxed. Greg continued fucking her until he felt the surge of cum rising in his balls. He told his mother, "I'm ready to cum Mother, would you like to swallow it?"

"Oh yes my lover! Let me now have my treat" His mother answered as she had finished blow drying her hair she turned around and got to her knees just in time to take his cock and stuff it into her mouth. Greg was squeezing his dick to hold back the jism that was ready to spurt from his loins. As his mother stuffed his dick into her mouth he released his grip and shot his load into her mouth. His mother being an experienced cocksucker swallowed his load whole. And she continued sucking his member drawing all of his seed into her mouth. "Ummmm" she said as she swallowed glob upon glob of his cum down her throat. As his member started to soften she knew that he was through, so she released her lock on his dick and letting it slip from her lips she continued licking the remaining mixture of saliva and sperm from his tool. "Now that's what I call a treat" she said getting up to put some clothes on. "You get ready now while I prepare some real breakfast my love." Leaving him she went to the kitchen to get things ready. Greg showered and put on some clothes and then joined her.

Meanwhile Lisa and her father David were sleeping in the other room. Lisa awakened sexually aroused and found her father eating her pussy. He had nestled his head between her legs, spread them and was enjoying his own early morning treat. "Ooooo Daddy, what a nice surprise to wake up and find that I wasn't just dreaming but that you are eating my pussy! Don't stop 'cause it feeeeels soooo good Ooooh Daddy IIIIIIiii'mmmmm ccccccuuuuummminnngg!" Arching her back she back to climax. Her father kept lapping at her cunt slurping up the juices that gushed from her little twat. As her orgasm subsided she wrapped her legs around his head, locking him so he could not go anywhere. Her father had no intention of leaving her cunt as he loved eating her sweet young pussy. She asked him, "Ummmm that was so nice! Would you like to fuck me now Daddy before we get up?"

He looked up from his cunt lapping and said, "No, I do want to fuck you, not now but a little later, maybe after breakfast. For now I would like to continue eating your nice delicious pussy if you can stand it. I wanted to thank-you for last night and the great time we shared."

"Oh that was MY pleasure Daddy. But if you want to lick my pussy for now that's fine by me. Only promise me that you will fuck me with that big cock of yours first thing after breakfast. And as far as eating my pussy goes, don't forget my asshole." Opening her legs back up to give her father access to her nether region she laid back to enjoy the oral attention he was eager to enjoy and give.

David loved to suck the juices of his daughter's cunt into his mouth, and hearing her words reminded him that he was neglecting her bung. Putting his hands under her ass he lifted her hips so that he could rim her asshole per her request. Some of the juice of her cunt had trickled down around her ass and he stuck his tongue out to capture what had collected around her asshole. Licking her asshole clean he next tried stuffing his tongue into her rectum as he knew she would enjoy this. He heard her moaning and looking up she was rolling her own boobs around twisting the nipples in her fingers. He continued sucking her asshole and licking her pussy as she secreted her tasty delicacies. He would push his tongue into her asshole and then he would move back up to her pussy to catch the juices flowing freely from her open slit. Moving on up he would flick his tongue over her clit to stimulate her orgasm. When he did this Lisa would arch her hips up to mash her pubic area against his mouth. David loved to give his daughter pleasure in this way, and he also loved the early morning taste of her fresh pussy. He had her cumming again in no time, and since he now had brought her off twice using his tongue he quit eating her cunt and giving her a wet kiss to allow her to taste her own juices on his lips they broke their embrace and got up to face the day. They both jumped in the shower together, yet they did not let their lust for one another get the best of them and prevent them from just showering. Refreshed they dressed and headed to the kitchen to greet the other two family members.

Janet had put on a pair of short, tight hot pants, short enough to more than expose her well rounded firm ass. She had also put on a loose fitting light material shirt and tied the shirt tails together around her waist. Braless, her tits stuck out against the material. Her nipples made nice sharp points accentuating her breasts under the shirt. She had dried her hair earlier when Greg had fucked her and her hair had a wild tossed sexy look that made her overall appearance look hot! David her husband strolled into the kitchen and saw the sexily dressed woman who was the mother of his two children. She was busy at the stove and he saw the tight fitting hot pants and her ass cheeks hanging out. His eyes nearly bulged out from his head as he had not expected to see her look so fine this early in the morning.

"Ummmm! My do you look hot this morning love! What's the occasion? How did it go last night with Greg?" asked David.

Turning around from the stove where she was cooking she faced her husband letting him view the nice front side of her attire where her boobs could be seen through the thin material of the shirt she wore. Grinning from ear to ear she turned back to cooking and answered him, "Good morning to you too! Ah, thank-you for the complement honey. It's no special occasion. I just wanted to dress sexily for the two men in my life. As far as last night, your son Greg and I had a delightful time together. That boy is never satisfied! He must have fucked me a half a dozen times last night! Of course I'm not complaining mind you. I got up early and showered and on coming out of the shower there he was laying in bed with a stiff dick waiting for some relief. I ignored him and began to blow dry my hair. He wasn't about to take 'no' for an answer, so he walked up behind me and started feeling me up. I could feel his hot prick in the crack of my ass and he made me horny as hell. I didn't stop drying my hair though. I just bent over and he shoved his cock into my pussy and fucked me till I came. Just when he was about to shoot his load into me, he stopped to let me suck his cum down my throat. Ummmm, just delicious. So enjoying an early morning treat I just wanted to get prepared for our day's activities."

Hearing her recounting the details of their activities began arousing David. He felt his cock stiffen as his wife related her amorous affair with their son. He moved in behind her and cupping the cheeks of her ass he whispered into her ear, "You love telling me how your son fucked you don't you slut? I can hear it in your voice how you want me to know how much you liked him ramming his hard meat into your cunt and ass. I'll be it was you who wasn't satisfied. That poor boy probably wanted to go to sleep after fucking you a time or two, but you wouldn't let him. Knowing how much you crave cocks you probably kept him awake by sucking his cock back to life so you keep him busy satisfying your insatiable lust." Moving his hands from her ass he wrapped them around to her pubic area to feel her swollen pussy which was quite noticeable protruding thru the thin material of the hot pants. Her swollen lips pinched the fabric together letting anyone noticing her that she wasn't wearing any underwear. David continued his rubbing of her clit through the fabric as he dug his cock into her ass.

Janet was having a difficult time concentrating on cooking so she squirmed against his efforts and said, "Oh you know me well darling. I did keep our son up all night by sucking his hard cock back to life and then letting him fuck me. But he wanted me to keep him hard. He loved fucking my every hole, and I loved letting him fuck me." Then she bucked against him and said, "Honey, you are going to make me burn the breakfast. Please stop playing with my pussy. You know I can't do two things at one time!" She bucked at him playfully, however, she was serious. He was arousing her too much and she had work to do. He discontinued his teasing of her and then she asked, "But now tell me, were you able to keep Lisa satisfied, or did you poop out, totally fucked out?"

Pouring himself a cup of coffee he came back over to her and said, "Shit. If anyone pooped out it was her fucking cunt. She rode my dick like a trampoline. She bounced her little ass all over the place last night. I got her into the shower and the first thing she wanted me to do was to fuck her tight little asshole. Fucking her ass is the greatest!"

"Ha! I know Lisa probably had you worn out before midnight!" replied Janet. "However, let me guess. I'll bet you woke her up with your face buried in her snatch didn't you? I know how you love to eat pussy, and when you woke up and saw that nice shaven little twat you had to sample it this morning. Tell me, did you eat her cunt this morning?"

David grinned at his wife's discernment and answered her, "Oh yeah. You know what I like. Who could resist dining on such a delectable treat like her fine young pussy and asshole. She was pleasantly surprised when she woke up and found me licking her slit. She said she had been dreaming and was glad to wake up and find it was not a dream but reality to find me sucking her cunt. Then she reminded me to rim her asshole which I did."

Just about that time Lisa and Greg walked into the kitchen to join their parents. Greg, like his father was wearing a pair of shorts and one of his muscle shirts. Lisa was wearing a short mini skirt and halter top. She was also wearing a pair of lace panties. Janet and David ended their conversation to greet their children.

"Well, well. How did you sleep last night Greg?" asked his father.

"Oh I slept just fine. I know Mother slept very well too!" Looking at his mother he walked over to her and said, "Oh wow Mom! You look hot. Man oh man!" He walked over to her to greet her. "I hadn't noticed what you put on after I got into the shower, but you look great! Can you turn around to let me see you better." She stopped what she was doing long enough to answer him and say, "Why thank-you Son." Turning around to let him see her front side he opened his eyes wide when he saw her large boobs straining against the material of the shirt she wore. Her hardened nipples stood out drawing attention to themselves. Glancing down he saw her crotch and he couldn't help but notice her swollen pussy lips pinching the material of her hot pants. With the fabric pinched between her lips her cunt looked like two fingers side by side between her legs. Taking advantage of the opportunity he drew close to her and putting his arm around her he kissed her on the mouth while reaching down he rubbed her pussy and then said, "Oh your pussy looks so fucking good Mother."

"Don't it though?" David watched his son greet his mother and rub her cunt. "She's got one fine looking beaver doesn't she? Your mother tells me that you two had a pretty good time last night. What's your story?" He sat down at the table to sip his coffee.

Janet playfully slapped her son's hand away from her cunt so that she could return to preparing their breakfast. She enjoyed his affections and she responded to his kiss by slipping her tongue into his mouth when he kissed her. "Go ahead and tell him Son. He thinks you pooped out after fucking me last night."

Greg laughed at his father and said, "Oh no way Dad. I must have fucked Mother a half a dozen times last night. I thought I could wear her out, but she kept me going all night long. Every time I thought we were through and were going to go to sleep she would suck my dick back to life and 'here we go again'. But it was great. So tell me how did you and Lisa make out?"

Lisa had entered the kitchen with her brother. She was dressed quite sexily like her mother. After Greg greeted Mom she walked over and eyed her mother's outfit. "Ooooh Mother. I love your outfit. You do look so sexy! You must tell me all about last night. I'm dying to know."

Janet stopped and turned to her daughter. Leaning forward she kissed her and whispered, "Oh yes! Thank-you dear. I can't wait to tell you. And I'm dying to hear how you and your father made out." Returning back to the stove she was nearly done cooking breakfast. Lisa meanwhile headed over to the table where she sat upon her father's lap. She said, "Tell them Daddy. Tell Mother and Greg how we 'made out' last night.

Knowing his daughter was horny and wanted him to fuck her he reached down to check and see what she had on under her short skirt. Greg had seated himself at the table and was facing Lisa and his father so that he could see what they were doing. His sister had sat on his father's lap and as David began to answer the question he saw him lift her skirt to expose her pink lace panties. He next reached his hand into her panties to stroke her twat. Greg looked at his sister and grinned. She grinned back at him while their father played with her pussy. All this was taking place behind Janet's back. David said, "Lisa and I had a 'ball' last night. I lost count as to how many times we fucked, but we didn't get to sleep until very late. Greg your sister is quite a girl. She takes after her beautiful mother doesn't she?" He had slipped a finger into Lisa's cunt and was masturbating her. Lisa had sprawled out on her father's lap letting him finger her. She pulled her halter top up over her boobs to give her brother a show as she maintained eye contact with him. She spread her legs so that her brother could view their father finger her cunt. Though her cunt was hidden from his view due to the panties she was wearing, she knew Greg could see through the material by imagining what was taken place. With her boobs free of the halter top she twisted her nipples with her fingers letting them stiffen and swell.

Greg began to answer his father, "Yeah Dad. Lisa takes after Mother all right. They are both insatiable. They are never satisfied. You fuck them and fuck them, and still that want to be fucked again!"

"Oh I wouldn't say that." answered Janet. And as she turned around she spotted Lisa on her husband's lap being finger fucked while Greg looked on. David had two fingers working Lisa's pussy, while Lisa had pulled her halter top up to massage her tits. "What the hell?" she mocked in exclamation, seeing the erotic scene taking place here in the kitchen. "Oh God Damn! I can't stand it no more." She took the breakfast she had just prepared and stuffed it into the oven to keep it warm. She now said, "Fuck it. I can't do anything with all this fucking going on. It's your fault David!" She looked at him as he fingered Lisa's twat.

"My fault!", he said. "How can it be my fault? Here I am minding my own business, when Lisa sits in my lap and want's me to play with her pussy. Besides, YOU are the one wearing the 'Please fuck me, I want you inside me' outfit. If it's anyone's fault it's yours for getting everyone so fucking horny!"

Janet just grinned sheepishly at everyone and said, "I guess you're right, I am to blame. So what are we going to do about it. I'm so fucking horny after your rubbing my cunt from earlier and now watching you finger Lisa has made me so hot that I gotta fuck someone NOW!" She began removing her clothes. Greg sprang up from the table and removed his clothes in a flash. His young stiff prick sprang to attention and he said, "I'm game! If you want to fuck I'm your man."

David stopped fingering Lisa's twat and said, "Let's clear the table, I have an idea. Here Lisa. You get up and remove your clothes."

"With pleasure Daddy. I thought you'd never ask." Lisa pulled her clothes off and soon everyone stood naked in the kitchen. Janet and Greg cleared the table.

"OK here's what I had in mind." David said. "Let's have a gang bang right here on the kitchen table. If you two girls would like to straddle one another and eat pussy, then Greg and I will move around to fuck your backdoor. How does that sound?"

"Ooooo, count me in! answered Janet. She got up on the table. It was a big oak table that would easily support her and Lisa both. She laid on her back and invited Lisa to climb aboard. Lisa said, "Ummmm what a great idea you have Daddy. Now I can enjoy eating Mother's delicious pussy while she likewise licks mine, and we can both have our asses fucked by you two gorgeous hunks!" With that she climbed atop of her mother easing her pussy down to her face. She was now face to face with her mother's glistening cunt. Seeing her mother dressed so provocatively in those hot pants had turned her on. And when she saw how the lips of her cunt were so noticeable with the fabric of her shorts caught between the lips it made her mouth water. Now she could enjoy tasting her female counterpart's sex once again. Her mother spread her legs to give Lisa access to her shaven pussy. Lisa felt her mother spread her ass cheeks apart as she began to tongue her pussy. They both licked each other's cunts for a few moments, while the boys stood watching them. Each had their dicks in hand jacking them slowly.

"Well my boy. Who do you want to fuck? Have you had enough of your mother, or would you like to fuck Lisa in the ass?" David asked his son.

"Decisions, decisions. Tell you what. Since I haven't fucked Lisa in a few hours let's change partners. Lisa's ass looks so inviting, I'll fuck her." Greg walked around to his sisters ass where his mother was busy eating her cunt just below. Janet stopped the licking of Lisa's cunt to say, "Here son, let me wet her hole for you." Reaching up she began rimming Lisa's asshole, tonguing her way inside to lubricate her to receive Greg's rigid tool. Lisa did likewise to Janet's bung as her father had taken his place near Lisa's head. David watched his daughter tongue her mother's asshole and when she had wetted it sufficiently, he told her, "Ok Lisa dear. You can go back to eating your mother's pussy and let me fuck her in the ass." Lisa returned her attentions to sucking the juices that flowed from her mother's open twat. The juices pooled themselves on her mother's level cunt so Lisa was able to slurp them up as she flicked her tongue over the wide open pussy. She could see her father take his big monster cock and place the head of it at the opening to her mother's asshole. Janet raised her legs up to make it easier for him to slide his cock into her rectum. This was a new experience for Lisa as she could enjoy eating pussy and watch a close up of a good ass fucking that her mother was sure to receive. In addition, she now felt her brother as he began his quest of entering her rectum and she looked forward to the ass fucking he would give her. She missed her young stud brother since they had only fucked a couple of times, and her father had now fucked her nearly a dozen times over the past day or so. She was envious of her mother because she had been fucked by Greg more than she had been. But she also knew that they would catch up once they were alone once more. She thought about when they would go back home how her and Greg would probably move in together and share a bedroom hopefully. She would fuck him daily, and if she could talk any of her girlfriends into it she would invite them home and they could take turns fucking her brother. Lisa had many ideas, but for now, she settled back to enjoy the tasty pussy of her Mom, and the oral stimulation her mom was giving to her as well as the hard dick now slowly entering into her bung. "Ummmm." was all she could moan as the gang bang proceeded.

Janet on the bottom was eating Lisa's cunt now that her son Greg was filling up Lisa's ass with his young dick. As he eased his way into her tight orifice his balls came to rest on Janet's face and eyes. She didn't mind however, as she had been in this position many times before. She just concentrated on swallowing Lisa's sweet juices as her husband David rammed his big cock up her ass.

Greg commented to his father, "Boy this table is just the right height Dad! Lisa's ass is at the right level for me to fuck it."

"That's no coincidence Son. I had it custom made just for occasions like this. Isn't that right hon?," asked David to his wife.

Janet could not answer her husband directly, because Lisa's cunt was mashed against her mouth, and Greg's testicles lay across her face as he fucked Lisa's ass. She pulled her hand out to give the "OK" sign with her thumb and forefinger touching each other in an "O" signal. She had been on this table top many a time before being fucked by her husband and others when no other place would do. Despite its being a hard table top it accommodated everyone quite well and made their pussies and assholes easily accessible to the cocks that wanted to fuck them. The big stout oak table hardly moved as Greg and his father banged at their respective holes opposite each other.

Despite his shooting his wad into his mother's mouth previously this morning Greg was once again ready to cum from fucking his sister's tight bunghole. The way her ass jutted out spread open for his pleasure was more than he could stand so he said, "Ooooo Lisa, fucking your tight ass is making me want to cum. Would you rather I shoot my wad into your ass or let Mother suck my dick and swallow my cum?"

Lisa lifted her face from Janet's cunt to answer her brother, "Ooooo go ahead and let me feel your hot jism fill my ass, I'm sure Mother won't mind. In fact, she will want to suck your cum from my asshole once you are done, so please keep fucking my ass and cum on!"

Janet was pleased with that idea. She would have her son's sperm in her mouth one way or the other and as long as she could taste it that's all that mattered. She kept licking her little girl's cunt feeling her own orgasm near to eruption with the talented tongue of her daughter licking her own pussy and her dear husbands big dick ramming her ass. Janet loved spending the night with her son letting him fuck her with his young stiff prick, but she also missed the monsterous cock that her husband wielded. Lisa feeling the tongue of her mother sucking her clit and also having her brother bang away in her ass was also ready to cum. Last of all, David the father was watching his pretty young daughter eat the cunt of her mother, her face close to his big hard cock as he fucked his wife's asshole. He too was near to cumming and he decided that when he shot his load he would pull his dick from Janet's rectum to spurt his jism into Lisa's face so that she could enjoy his cream while she finished licking her mom's pussy. Just then Greg began to cum in his sister's ass pumping his seed into her rectum. Lisa feeling it also began cumming. Janet began climaxing bucking her hips upward into Lisa's face, and as David felt his own climax erupting he pulled his monster cock from her ass to shoot his wad into Lisa's face. Lisa closed her eyes to keep the jism out, but as the long globs of cum ran down her face onto her mother's pussy, she licked and sucked all that she could into her mouth. Greg finally pumped the last of his seed into Lisa's tight bung and pulling his dick out he looked down at his mother and told her, "OK Mom. She's all yours. Enjoy!" And his mother grinning her approval, lifted her head to begin licking the jism that oozed from Lisa's freshly fucked asshole.

David and his son stood by with their dicks in hand to watch the girls finish cleaning each other's cunt and asses up from the leftover sperm. They both relished the tasty seed of their closest relatives. As the family completed their first gang bang they all knew that this scene would be repeated all the more so in the days ahead when they returned home.

End of Book One

Please stay tuned for the continuing adventures of "All in the family" when David, Janet, Greg, and Lisa return home from their trip. More exciting fantasies await the family.

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