An unbelievable man

An unbelievable man

A unbelievable story from unbelievable man the story theme is from my regular reader from Sweden.

Jem sat in his rocking chair on his shady porch and watched his daughter Mandy hoe the garden. At eighteen, she was the youngest of his three saucy daughters. Sandy and Jondy lived with their husbands a yodel away down the dirt road that ran the length of the hollow.

The merciless summer sun took its toll on every living thing. All of the wild critters sought safety in holes and under rocks. Mandy"s sweat saturated the top of her flimsy cotton dress, making it transparent. As Jem admired his daughter"s perfect nipples, his tireless cock began to rise. He unzipped his fly and pulled it out for a spanking.

As Jem stroked his gnarled cock, he thought about Mandy"s eighteenth birthday party and how much fun he and his father, brothers and sons had had as they made a woman of the lass. As her father, he laid claim to her precious cherry. He plucked it with such skill that it hurt no worse than a bee sting, then he fucked her until her shrieks of ecstasy made the hens in the hen house cackle from fear. Mandy wore out the men of the family that night. Her cum-sucking pussy drained them all dry. She made Jem proud.

If only there had been some way to harness sexual energy, Jem"s wife and three daughters could have provided electricity for the entire county. As Jem stroked his huge cock, he thanked God for providing him with more pussy than any man has a right to. Yes, even though Jem fucked just about anything in a dress, including his own mother, aunts, daughters and sisters, he was a God-fearing man really a lucky man.

"MANDY, COME ON UP HERE AND GIT OUT OF THE SUN FER A SPELL!" he shouted. The nubile lass shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand and peered at the house. When she saw her father with his sausage in his hand, she knew what he wanted. "I"LL BE RIGHT THERE, PA!" she answered. She ran to the swimming hole a few yards away and threw herself into the crystal-clear water.

Mandy didn"t wait for her father to tell her to take her dress off; she stripped as soon as she emerged from the water. Blood surged into Jem"s cock when he saw his daughter"s beautiful body. "Of my three daughters, she is the tastiest," he thought. But he thought the same thing whenever he saw any of them naked.

"Whew, it sure is hot, ain"t it, Pa," she said. "You"ve got to stop saying ain"t, gal," Jem said. "City folks say isn"t, not ain"t. If you say ain"t down at that fancy college, they"ll know you"re a moonshiner"s daughter. Now get down on your knees and suck on my baby-maker."

Mandy loved sucking cock almost as much as she loved fucking. Having a nice cock in her mouth gave her a feeling of power over the man. She sometimes bit down a little to remind them of that. Her father"s cock was so big that she had had difficulty the first few times she sucked it. With practice it became easier. If she was on top of him sucking from above, she could even work it all the way down her throat.

"That feels real good, Mandybunch," Jem said, as his daughter"s soft lips coasted up and down his prick. "You"re almost as good at peter-suckin" as your Ma." As though on cue, Jem"s wife Petunia stepped out on the porch. She had been baking bread and her arms were covered with flour up to the elbows. She didn"t bat an eye when she saw her daughter on her knees sucking her husband off. "Just made a fresh batch of ice tea, Jem. Want some?" Jem grinned from ear to ear. "I"ve got a hankerin" for some of your tasty ice tea, Pet. Sure, I"ll have me some."

Petunia"s Mandy-laced ice tea really hit the spot on a scorching summer day. Jem sipped it as he watched his daughter"s pretty head bobbing in his lap. "I reckon you"ll be suckin" off college boys in a few months," Jem said. "I sure am going to miss that warm sucker of yours." Jem"s two sons Homer and Jethro emerged from the forest and walked up the path to the porch. They grinned when they saw their younger sister on her knees servicing their father. "Looks like we got here just in time, Homer," Jethro said. "I have a hankering for a Mandy-hummer."

"Howdy, boys," Jem said. "I"ll be finished in a minute." The men"s cocks hardened as they watched their beautiful sister slobbering over their father"s cock. Homer knelt down behind her and yanked down his overalls. She whimpered as his thick cock snaked up inside of her tight quim. "This little gal is going to suck out a nice mouthful of gonad gravy," Jem said. He cursed and sucked in his breath as his cum-cannon fired in her mouth. Mandy was still swallowing her daddy"s cum when Jethro tried to pry her mouth open with his tool. "You made her mouth nice and slick, Pa," he said.

Petunia walked out on the porch and frowned when she saw what her two sons were up to. "Now don"t wear yourselves out on that little slut, boys," she said. "I"ll want you to give me the same a little later. You boys want some ice tea?" She returned a few minutes later with a tray bearing four glasses of tea, one for her, two for her sons, and one for Mandy. "She"ll be needing this to wash your batter down," she said. Jethro groaned and his sister retched as a thick stream of warm spunk shot into her throat. A moment later, Homer pulled his cock out of her pussy and wrote his initials on her ass with cum.

Mandy chugged half the glass of tea to wash the two loads down. The hillbilly family sat in the shade, sipped ice tea, and talked about what hillbillies talk about, namely sex.

"Homer, have you put a bun in Pruney"s oven yet?" Jem asked.

"Not yet, Pa. Hell, I been fuckin" her twice a day. There must be something wrong with her."

"Son, you"ve got to wait until she lays her eggs, then give it to her good," Petunia advised. "That"s how Pa and I made you."

"Or maybe I could come by and plant some of my seed," Jem mused.

"The next time I fuck her, why don"t you let me do it without a rubber?" Jethro suggested. "Hell, I put four buns in Winnie"s oven. I can knock a gal up just by thinkin" about it."

Mandy excused herself to go skinny-dipping in the swimming hole, Jem left to check on his still, and Homer and Jethro took their mother inside to tune her engine. As they removed their clothes, they argued over who would be her ass-man. "You fucked her in the ass last time," Jethro said. "Now it"s my turn." Petunia was flattered that her sons thought so highly of her ass. "It is a peach of an ass," she thought as she admired her plump bum in a mirror.

The brothers settled the argument by flipping a coin. Homer went to his back on the bed and watched as his mother impaled her furry pussy on his formidable cock. He reached around to pull her ample hams apart and said, "Stick it in, Jethro." Jethro smeared lard on his log and squatted behind his mother. He put the tip of his cock against her wrinkled anus and pushed. "Ma"s ass feels so good it almost brings tears to this old boy"s eyes," he said to no one in particular. The muscular brothers were soon bouncing their petite mother back and forth between them. As one prong was going in, the other was pulling out. Petunia began yodeling as an orgasm racked her body. "I bet I can last longer than you," Homer challenged. "Hell, I can out-fuck you any day," Jethro replied. Petunia"s howls were heard all the way down at the general store. "Those boys are screwin" their Ma again," the storekeeper observed. Homer and Jethro waited until their mother passed out before shooting their wads. As they put their clothes on, they congratulated each other on a job well done. "We"re so good at fucking that maybe we should go down to the big city and find some rich city gals to fuck," Jethro said. "Maybe we could even star in some of them pornographic picture shows," Homer added.

Meanwhile, Jem was tending to his still. He chuckled when he heard his wife"s shrieks. "I"ve got me two fine sons there," he said. He was in the habit of speaking to himself. He decided that he would pay a visit to their wives later that evening. "It"s been awhile since I used their sausage-warmers." He took a sip of the fiery moonshine and smacked his lips. "That is some mighty fine shine. Maybe I"ll make a run down to the city and sell a few gallons. Then I"ll pay a visit to one of them whorehouses and buy me one of them fancy painted whores."

Jem pulled his cock out and began to stroke. He loved to masturbate almost as much as he loved to fuck. "Why howdy, Jem. Loping your mule as usual, I see." The saucy lass who spoke those words was none other than his sister Moonbeam who was married to his best friend Hank. Jem ogled his sister"s bodacious tits as they struggled to free themselves from her flimsy cotton dress. The memories of having her beautiful suckers in his mouth caused him to salivate.

"I came to git Hank some shine," she said. "He"s been doin" poorly since his mule kicked him in the balls."

"Sorry to hear that, Sis. Must have been an accident. Why that mule is as gentle as a lamb. Maybe he should go down to Atlanter and get a doctor to look at his balls."

"No, he"ll be back on his feet in a day or two. I may have to borrow some ice from you, though. A couple of swallers of your shine will help. How about fetchin" me a pint?"

Jem licked his lips as he ogled his sister"s long, sleek legs. "Tell you what, Sis. You bend over that table and let me give you a poke and I"ll give you a free pint."

"Make it a quart," she said. He agreed with a nod of his head. She flipped her skirt up onto her back and planted her elbows on the table. Like most of the women in the hollow, she didn"t wear panties, so Jem was immediately treated to a view of her furry sausage-warmer. "Ain"t been gittin" much since Hank got kicked in the nuts. I reckon I can use a good poke." Jem"s big cock slid as smoothly into his sister"s quim as a torpedo sliding into a torpedo tube. Holding her tightly by the hips, he began thrusting into her. "SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP." The sound of belly against buttocks frightened the creatures of the forest and sent them into hiding.

"Oh, yes, Jem! My God, I"ve been fucked by near every man in the holler, but nobody uses their fuck-stick the way you do."

"Well, Moonie, even though you"ve been slut-fucked by most everybody, you"re cunt is still as tight as the day I plucked your cherry by moonlight."


Jem"s vigorous thrusts lifted his sister"s bare feet off of the ground. Her ecstatic howls were heard all the way down at the general store. "We"ve got to get our hounds and guns and go out and hunt that wolf down," the storekeeper said. "That"s no wolf, Abner," a customer replied. "That"s Moonbeam getting pronged." Abner cupped a hand around his ear. "Oh, yeah, I recognize it now. Hell, that slut made me deaf in one ear when she screamed into it while I was fuckin" her."

The spastic contractions of his sister"s slick cunt around his cock set Jem off and he pumped his batter deep inside her. Dropping to his knees, he lapped up the cream as it oozed out of her, then he took a swig of whiskey to wash it down.

"Damn, Moonie, that was a good one. I hope I didn"t put a bun in your oven."

She frowned and took a sip of whiskey. "Well, I sure hope not. I"ve got enough brats crawling around. Hell, I"ve still got two of them suckin" on my teats."

"Reckon you ought to wean that oldest one. He"s about five, ain"t he?"

"His suckin" makes me nice and horny, Jem. I think he might be one of yourn."

"Why, Hell, Moonie, you"d be just as horny without it. Some folks even think you"re one of them nymphermaniacs. I kind of think it myself."

"I ain"t no maniac. I just love to fuck."

As Moonbeam walked down the path toward her shanty, her brother"s cum ran down her thighs. Meanwhile, Mandy was at the swimming hole giving blow jobs to anyone who wanted one. As word spread, the men of the hollow put aside their moonshine jugs and hurried to get in line. Among those lined up to use Mandy"s mouth were her cousins and uncles. Mandy swallowed one load after another. Twenty, thirty, forty and then fifty loads slid down her gullet, yet the slut"s thirst for spunk was unquenched.

Jem strolled down to the general store to pick up some chewing tobacco. "Hear yer daughter is sucking off anybody who wants it," Abner said. "I reckon I"ll go up there myself as soon as we finish our business." Jem cut off a plug of tobacco and stuffed it in his cheek. "She"ll be going off to college in a few weeks and she won"t have any mountain folk to suck on," he said. "I reckon she"s tryin" to get her fill of country cream."

On his way home, Jem stopped at his son Homer"s house and found him and Jethro in bed fucking each other"s wives. "I let Jethro shoot a load into Pruney, Pa," Homer said. "If you shoot one in there, too, it"s sure to knock her up. I just have to have me a daughter like Mandy to suck me off when I get old." After tossing his clothes aside, Jem mounted pretty Prunella and shoved his sturdy cock into her dilated cunt with such force that Jethro"s jism squirted out against his balls. Pruney began to huff and puff as her father-in-law pried at her pussy with his sturdy fucker. She shrieked as a particularly well-delivered thrust ignited an orgasm. Jem groaned as his sperm shot into her. The two clung together until their convulsions stopped. "Maybe you better pop one into her, too, Homer," he suggested. "That way, if she does get knocked up, you could be the daddy."

Homer mounted his wife and began to fuck her as Jem smothered Winnie"s cunt with his mouth. "Might as well fuck both of these bitches as long as I"m here," he said. While Jem sucked Winnie"s juicy cunt, her husband nursed on her big tits. "I reckon she"s hot enough, son," Jem said as he mounted her. Winnie"s warm flesh swallowed up most of Jem"s big fucker. She clamped her hands on his ass and pulled him into her. "Let"s see who can make his bitch cum first," Jem suggested. "Hell, Pa, I can"t compete with you," Homer said. Nevertheless, he tried his best and his ass became a blur as he delivered three strokes per second. Father and son fucked side-by-side with such vigor that the ancient bed collapsed beneath them. They didn"t miss a beat.

Winnie began baying along with a nearby pack of hounds that had treed a possum. "Looks like I won, Son," he said with a chuckle. Homer shot his load into his wife and rolled to the side. "Might just as well plant some more seed in there," Jethro said as he went forward for another go at his brother"s wife. Before long, Jem, Winnie, Jethro and Homer were all cumming together. They made such a racket that the roof sprang a leak.

Jem decided to check the still before going home. Mandy was sitting at the picnic table sipping moonshine. She smiled when she saw her father. "Howdy, Pa. Guess what! I sucked off one-hundred and twenty-six men down by the swimmin" hole." Most fathers would have been outraged by such an admission but Jem was not most fathers. "Why that"s dern near every man in the holler. I guess that makes you an even bigger slut than your Ma. I reckon I"ll have to punish you. Now bend over that table."

Jem flipped his daughter"s skirt up onto her back and landed a hard smack on her perfect ass. The other cheek took the next blow. Back and forth he went until her ass glowed a rosy red. Mandy delighted in each stinging blow. Her pussy lubricated each time her ass tightened. Jem spit on his cock and placed the tip against his daughter"s puckered ass-hole. A curious raccoon watched from the edge of the clearing and an owl on a branch above them peered down through wide eyes. Mandy groaned as her father"s thick cock stretched the ring of muscles to the limit. As soon as Jem was securely mated, he bent forward and used one hand on her titties and the other on her clit.

"Oh, Pa, how I will miss your sweet fucking," she cooed. "It"s so good! Yes, that"s it. Don"t stop! DON"T STOP NOW! I"M CUMMING! OWWWWWWWWW!" Frightened by the girl"s orgasmic howls, the raccoon and owl fled into the forest. Jem shot his load deep into his daughter"s bowel. "Well, I sure had me some fun today," he said as he rested on her heaving body.

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