Analkiller – Little Sister

Analkiller – Little Sister

With someone knocking at the door my relatively quiet evening was interrupted. I turned down the stove and oven as I left the kitchen from which I was preparing dinner for my girlfriend and myself. I had the apartment all to myself and a nice big apartment at that, I finally had a good life being at the threshold of a successful entrepreneurship. I live with my girlfriend, Jade, we've been together now for 3 years. It's real with her, I know she isn't there just for my money since she was there to pull me out of the rut in my life when I had nothing, which was how we met. For the past week I've been on a much needed break, to relax, though there's been some what of a reversal with Jade and myself, usually I'd come home, stressed from a long day and she'd be there at the door waiting for me, she'd sit me down in a chair or take me to the bedroom and would give me a blowjob to ease me, though now, she comes home, tired and stressed and for the past week I've met her at the door and for hours I'd eat her pussy, I've grown to anticipate her coming home and wrapping her legs around my head.

As I walked to the door I knew it couldn't have been her since it was only six at night and on Fridays she doesn't get home till late. I undid the lock and chain and opened the door to find Amanda standing there, Jade's younger sister.

Amanda looked hot, wearing a faded and torn denim skirt, a pink bikini top and a small faded jean jacket to match. Amanda is hot though, like her sister, Amanda is just about 5 foot, long dark brunette hair with short bangs and dirty blonde highlights. Her body was desirable, petite and curvy. Thick, round breasts and an ass to compliment. As for Jade, she was a little taller then Amanda and three years older, Jade is 22 and has long blonde hair which always seems to shine as does her soft silky white skin. Jade is so beautiful that her friends are jealous of her, almost as if they wish they could be her.

Amanda smiled as I opened the door, but looked as if something was bothering her.

"Can I come in?" She asked

"Of course" I said as I opened the door.

Amanda walked in and I closed the door behind her as she walked into the living room and sat down. I walked in to find her sitting on the couch, leaned back with her legs crossed. Hoping that it was in fact Jade at the door and fantasizing about her, to see all of Amanda's tanned legs I turned for the kitchen to check on what I was cooking as I tried to act like I wasn’t growing harder in my pants.

"Something bothering you Sis'?" I asked as I stepped back into the kitchen

"My fucking car" She answered

"What's wrong with it?" I asked

"I don’t have enough to fix it, the asshole who fixed it won't give it back until I have the cash I owe him. I had to walk here, you know how many assholes came up to me thinking I was a whore? I'm supposed to be Gina's right now, she's having a pool party tonight" she explained

"Well, you'd be more than welcome to my car but Jade's got it at work with her" I said

"Damn it" She said, "That's what I came here for"

"How much do the repairs cost?" I asked

"It came to $360.00, I'm $180.00 short" She said

"Maybe if you didn't hit the bars so much, you'd have a little extra cash laying around" I teased jokingly

"See that's exactly why I can't ask my parents for the money, you know I just moved out, they said I'm not ready to be on my own and this would prove them right if I went to them for money, my friends can't help me, we go to the bars together, we're all broke, I was hoping Jade would be here" She continued

I walked over to her, I sat down on the table in front of her and put my hands on her legs as I smiled, "I could help you" I said

"Really!?" she said as she broke into a smile

I glided my hands to her knees and took my hands off of her and interlocked my fingers resting my forearms on my knees

"I'll give you the money" As I leaned toward her, "If… you let me eat your pussy and your asshole"

Her smile kind of broke, but still with a slight smile, as her eyes widened in disbelief, "What?…" she said

"Let me eat your pussy and your asshole and I'll give you the money you need" as I stood up, "Think about it" as I walked back to the kitchen

Amanda sat there still sort of astounded, for lack of a better word, of what I had just offered her.

It wasn't that obscene of an offer, since Amanda has flirted with me ever since I started dating Jade. The most that ever came of it happened a couple years ago, at a party Amanda threw while her parents were away. Jade had passed out early, Amanda and I stayed up drinking whatever was left and talking the night away, when pissed out of her mind she said she was going to do something and for me to watch, that’s when she took off her shirt, wearing no bra, pulling her shirt off over her head, she looked down at her tits and pushed them together asking me if I liked them, when she let go, she looked at me and said that she wanted to see me now she said "I wanna see what your putting to my sister… I wanna suck your dick!".

I didn’t say anything though it had turned me on, Amanda started rubbing her hand over my dick and started to unzip my pants, “Can I please suck your dick?” she asked as she had now taken a hold off my dick and began to masturbate me. I didn’t say anything, instead, I put my hand in her hair as she got on the floor on her knees while I stayed on the couch, with two handfuls of her hair she smiled as she started sucking on the head of my dick.

For a drunk girl who can't handle alcohol, she shouldn't try sucking dick, she kept trying to take my dick to the root, gagging, she almost passed out, which was when I helped her to the bathroom as she got sick and then upset with me when I put my dick away, she told me to take it back out, that she wasn't finished. She then got sick again and upset as she cried "I got throw up on my tits!" when I asked what was wrong. I put her shirt back on for her and she passed out there, over the toilet. Apparently a couple days afterwards she told Jade about it, but she already knew, I’m honest with Jade and we are loyal to each other, that was my only 'screw up'. Jade is everything I desire and if there was one thing besides her, it was this fantasy, eating her sister's pussy.

Amanda still looking at me, trying to find words to say…

"Do you at least want some dinner?" I asked, "Jade always makes sure I make an extra plate in case you come over"

"If I let you eat my pussy, you'd really give me the money?" she asked as she stood up

"And your asshole" I said as she started walking towards the kitchen

"And my asshole…" she said almost in a whisper as she sat on a stool at the island just opposite me as I stood at the oven

"Something to drink?" I asked as I fixed her a plate of chicken teriyaki stir fry

"Cola, please"

As I gave Amanda her supper and Cola she started to speak as she sat there still at the island, "But… But I've never…" she said

"What?" I asked as I stood still on the other side in front of her placing a fork down by her plate

"Nothing ever before… like that" she said almost embarrassed but curious

"Your losing me, what?" I said

She cleared her throat, "I mean, you'd really put your tongue in my ass?"

"With a passion, like I do with your sister" I said

"Jade likes that kind of thing?" she said, still curiously.

"At first she was turned off by it, only did it because she wanted to please me, but now.. there hasn’t been one day gone by where I haven’t had my tongue in her ass or pussy, she cant live without it" I said

"Does she like to have sex there?" she asked

I walked over to her and put my hand on her back and glided my hand down and onto her ass, "You see how you sort of straddled this stool, how your ass rests off the seat of the stool?" I asked

"Yeah" she replied

"I fuck your sister like this all the time" I told her

"In her ass?" she asked again as I walked back around the island to where I was before, opposite her.

"What can I say, I created a monster" I replied

"I mean, …well I, …I've never had a dick in my ass before, let alone a tongue… The guys I've been with, I mean it's routine, they want a blow job, sometimes I get my pussy fingered… and then they fuck me, in my pussy… I've never been with a guy into anything anal" she said

"Well, let me eat your pussy and your asshole and I'll give you the money" I said

"But.. but… what if… what if Jade comes home?" she questioned

"She works late Friday nights, she has to organize files for Monday and close the office, takes her hours" I said

"But what if I don't like it?" She asked

"Its your choice" I said as I grabbed my drink,

"Your asshole and your pussy till you squirt" as I grabbed my dinner staring at her

"Or you can always ask Mom and Dad, it's up to you" I said as I walked over and sat on the couch.

"Well just wait a minute" she said as she stood up and took off her jacket placing it on the counter, she grabbed her dinner and walked over to the couch again where I was and put her dinner on the table,

"Oh my God, I’m shaking" she said as she stood there, "Do you want me to clean anything?" she asked, "I mean I had a shower before I left but if you want I'll clean anything you want again" she continued.

"It's ok.. do whatever you want, when your ready, let me know" I told her

"Ok.. ok.." she said, "I'll be right back" as she turned, "I can't believe I'm gonna do this" she whispered as she headed for the hallway and to the washroom.

A few moments later I heard the bathroom door open, Amanda came to just the end of the hall, looking at me, with her hand motioning for me to 'come hither'. I got up and walked to her, she grabbed my hand, she was still shaking, we walked back down the hallway,

"My room or yours" she asked, her room being the spare room Jade and I set up for her, before Amanda moved out, she spent a lot of nights at our place and still does, whenever she cant stay alone and needs us.

"Yours" I replied

We walked into her room, "How do you wanna do this?" she asked as I laid down on the bed, "Do you want me to pull my skirt up or .."

"I want you to strip for me" I interrupted, "But leave your thong on, I'll take that off"

"Are you gonna take your clothes off?" she asked, "This is just oral right?"

"Why? It's not like you haven't seen it before" I reminded her

"I know.. I…"

"Whatever I take off, I take off" I interrupted again, "I told you, I want to eat your pussy and your asshole"

"Ok" she said,

She took a deep breathe as I started to unbutton my shirt, "Ok" as she took another deep breath and started to dance.

As I took off my shirt, she turned around and started to untie her bikini top, slowly turning around, she put her arms up and behind her head, her tits still hidden by the cups of her top, as she untied the strings behind her neck, she brought her hands slowly gliding over top of her tits and dropping her top to the floor. Her tits pop out as she glides her hands down her stomach and into her skirt, her arms pushing her tits together as she bends over, still with her hands in her skirt, like she was masturbating,

"I can't wait to feel your tongue" she whispers erotically

She stands back up taking her hands out of her skirt and turns around, she starts to slide her skirt down, as she slides it down, she reveals her pink bikini thong, as she drops the skirt to the floor she bends over as I sit on the edge of the bed, she squats down, and begins to shake her ass, gyrating, as she starts to stand again pinching her nipples, she turns and faces me, her lush tits, no tan lines at all, she brushes up against me, her knees resting on the edge of the bed, I put my arms around her, sucking on her tits, she puts her hands on my shoulders dropping her head forward, I can feel her hair all over as I continue sucking on her nipples, she rolls her head back lightly moaning.

"Now when you get up, turn around and bend over as I take your thong off" I said to her, "Lets see how your ass tastes"

"Ok" she whispered

She got off the bed and turned around, I slid my fingers underneath the sides of her thong, she arched her back as I began to slide it down over her hips, she bent over little by little as I slid her thong down further. Her ass now bare as she is bent over as I drop the thong to her ankles and place my hands back on her ass as I lick her ass cheek, I spread her ass and lick over her asshole. I repeatedly spread and let go of her ass, letting her cheeks pinch my tongue.

I stood up and tossed her onto the bed, she giggled innocently,

"Masturbate" I said

She looked up at me with almost fire in her eyes as she glided her hand over her pussy and began to masturbate as I watched. I watched her close her eyes, I watched as her head tilt back with a smile on her face, as she would lightly pant in pleasure, she almost sounded like a kitten.

Amanda's pussy grew wetter and wetter, as I put my hand over hers, taking her hand from her pussy and putting her fingers in her mouth, she licked them, as I positioned myself down on her, I started to kiss her inner thigh as I dragged my tongue over her pussy, sucking on her pussy lips to the sounds of her pleasure. I started to finger her pussy, her moans and breathing grew in intensity as I finger fucked her vigorously. I took my fingers out and put them in her mouth, as I brought my hand back down, I began to lick her clit, at times, I'd suck back on her clit & pinching her clit between my lips I flick her clit with my tongue and then lick again. As I licked her clit I began to fit two fingers back into her pussy, she started to lift her hips in the air, with her fingers combed through my hair..

"Don’t ever fucking stop!" she said, "Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, oooh!"

As she lowered her hips back to the mattress, I glided my free hand up to her tit and caressed it, I could feel just how fast her heart was still beating, as I starting to circle her nipple with my finger.

"Oh-fucking-God!" She said,

Her warm pussy growing even more moist, she began to stretch her legs, as she grew tense and more vulgar in how she thrusted her hips, I stopped.

"What, ..what ..what.. no.. don‘t stop" she said, breathing heavily, “my pussy… oh baby, my pussy.. pleeeeease”

"Roll over" I told her, "Don’t worry, I'll get back to your pussy, your going to flood this room by the time I'm finished with you"

As she rolled over, I grabbed her hips and placed her on her knees, with her head on the mattress, it was the perfect feline stretch to eat her ass.

"Spread your ass for me" I told her, so I could undo my pants, I was so hard it hurt to keep it in my jeans. As I brought my dick out I licked her asshole once quickly as she flinched.

As she let go, I pressed my face up against her ass, letting it engulf my face. I spread her ass again, now pushing my tongue into her asshole.

"Oooooh" as she breaths heavily as my tongue now penetrating her asshole, I pushed it in as far as it would go, up and down and around in circles I moved it inside her ass. I started to tongue fuck her asshole.

I placed my hands on her legs just above her knees, sliding her legs towards me, I took my tongue out of her ass,

"Just get on your stomach" I told her, "Your ass tastes so fucking good"

"Its making me so horny" she replied

My dick was so hard it was about to explode, as I put my hand on her ass and spread only one cheek and masturbated. I let go of my dick and started to finger her asshole. Her body was sweating lightly, as was mine, as I pushed one finger into her asshole, then two, penetrating her as far as I could reach. I pulled my fingers out and mounted her, leaned over her,

"Oh.. your nice and hard" she said as my dick rests along the crack of her ass

"Here, taste your ass" I said as I put my finger up to her mouth, she hesitated for a moment and then literally swallowed my fingers, sucking them clean.

"Mmmm, I wanna taste it off your cock" she said as she reached behind her back for my dick, "Your so big and hard, I'm so soft and small" masturbating me slowly

As I leaned over far enough to kiss her, she let go of my dick, I could feel the head just pressing between the cheeks of her ass, as we kissed. I crawled back down on her and began to push my tongue into her asshole once again.

"Oooooh, oooooh," She'd grow louder and louder

"Ooooh, ohhh.. oh my fucking god there's someone at the door!" she blurted all of a sudden. I pulled my tongue out of her ass, and there was, someone knocking once again. I stood up and put my dick away and zipped up my pants, still bulging out, I told Amanda if she wanted that money she has to keep masturbating while I'm gone, as I began to walk out the door she asked "Aren't you going to cover that up?"

"Just keep masturbating" I told her,

"At least put a book in front of it" she giggled innocently once again as I left the room.

As I opened the door, "I’m having a bad fucking day now I've lost my ke—" Jade said as she was shuffling through her purse and interrupted herself when she looked up at me, a light sweat on my body, "Are you fucking somebody!?" she said angrily as she then stormed through the door, "I can't fucking believe this, where is the fucking bitch?" she demanded

Jade entered Amanda's room stomping as she walked, as I came to the doorway Jade walked out looking shocked, "Our room now!" she ordered me.

I followed her, we both went into our room as I closed the door behind me, "My fucking sister!" she said as she turned to me

"My fucking sister" she said once again as she came up to me, pretty much pinning me against the wall as I try to explain,

"My fucking sister" she said once more turning her head away from me but in her voice, she grew more playful, almost relieved,

"She turn you on?" as she looked back up at me and grabbed a hold of my bulging dick in my pants,

To say I wasn't shocked and confused would be a lie, but if this was all an act, my nuts were going to explode. I didn't answer, instead I kissed Jade, she kissed back as she undid my pants as I took off her shirt.

"You've been eating her pussy" Jade said as she licked her upper lip.

I tossed her shirt onto the floor as she pulled my pants down, she stood back up taking off her bra and dropping it to the floor, she pressed her breasts against me as she leaned up to kiss me, I put my arms around her sliding my hands into her black pants and grabbed a hold off her thick silk ass.

There was a faint knock on our bedroom door. Jade pulled her tongue from my mouth, and reached for the handle of the door and opened it, "Everything alright?" Amanda asked, as she stood there, still nude with sweat glistening off her body.

Jade opened the door all the way as a smile grew on her face as Amanda stood there, She returned the smile as Jade walked up to her putting her arms around her as Amanda did like-wise.

Jade turned and took Amanda by her hand and lead her to the bed, they both got up on their knees facing each other, pushing their tits together giggling seductively, Jade reached down and began to rub Amanda's pussy, "Did he make you this wet?" she asked as Amanda smiled and kissed her,

"You naughty little girl, are you fucking my boyfriend?" she said,

"Let's fuck him" Amanda replied as they looked over at me as I stand there masturbating

"After I fuck you" Jade replied as she looked at Amanda.

Jade began to turn around, on all fours and looked at me as Amanda began to pull her sister's pants down.

"You wanna see me fuck her, baby?" Jade asked me

"Yes" I said

As Amanda brought Jade's pants down to her knees, she began to slide her black thong off as well, Jade turned over onto her back and lifted her legs in a 'V' in the air as Amanda pulled her sister's pants and thong off, tossing them onto the floor.

Amanda then licked two of her fingers as Jades feet touched the mattress, Amanda pushed her fingers slowly in Jade's pussy, she brought her fingers back out and sucked Jade's pussy juices off of them,

"Mmm" as she licked her fingers.

Amanda then got over top of Jade, they kissed, sucking back and forth on each others tongues,

"My pussy, Baby, give me your tongue" Jade said as Amanda sucked on her tits.

Amanda slowly made her way down Jades stomach, dragging her tongue, as Jade put her legs over her sister's shoulders. Amanda's head now between her sister's legs, she begins to lick jade's clit as Jade closes her eyes and tilts her head back into the pillow as she plays with her own nipples.

I walked over to the bed, placing my hand on Jade's stomach and glided it along her stomach as I walk by her and bent to one knee as I got behind Amanda and begin to push my tongue into her asshole again. As Amanda begins to eat her sister's pussy more intensely, Jade begins to grab the blankets, breathing harder and harder, I take my tongue out of Amanda's ass and begin to finger her pussy,

"I wanna eat your pussy" Jade says breathing hard as she cums, "Baby, baby, I wanna eat your pussy"

"I love watching you cum" Amanda says to Jade as the girls trade positions,

"Let me suck your fingers, you got her pussy on them?" Jade asks me as I put them in her mouth,

"I love you" Jade says to Amanda as she mounts her missionary style and kisses her, "Now I wanna feel you cum" as she crawls down on Amanda

As she gets comfortable between her sister's legs, she begins eating Amanda's pussy in a doggystyle pose as Amanda lays on her back, I kiss Amanda, she sucks on my tongue, as I lick the roof of her mouth I pull my tongue out of her mouth and begin to suck on her tits. As Jade begins to finger fuck Amanda I stand up and bend on one knee behind Jade as I was with Amanda, I caress Jade's ass. I began to kiss her ass, and lick over her asshole. Jade's skin is always so soft and silky, her ass is no different. I stood up and began rubbing my dick over her ass as I watch Amanda arching her back and pinching her nipples as the pillow folds around her head, she continues to moan in ecstasy.

I take my dick away from Jade's ass as I bend to my knee again and begin to push my tongue slowly into her asshole, I pull my tongue out of her ass and begin to push two fingers into her ass as Jade begins to finger fuck her sister again. The faster and harder I started to finger fuck Jade's asshole she matched in intensity finger fucking Amanda's pussy.

"That's it Baby, cum for me" Jade said to her sister as I pulled my fingers out of Jade's ass and walked over to Amanda and put my fingers into her mouth.

Amanda sucked back, harder as she began to cum, sucking the taste of her sisters asshole off my fingers, "Oh my God!" she exclaimed as I pulled my fingers out of her mouth, "Oh my fucking God!" as she took a deep breath.

Jade smiled and crawled back up on top of her sister. They kissed again, "Wanna watch me suck his cock?" Jade asked

"Yes" Amanda panted, "But save some for me"

Jade got off her sister and off the bed walking towards me grabbing my dick and leaning up on the tips of her toes for me to kiss her. She began to masturbate me slowly as we kissed, I placed my arms around her again.

Jade, still a hold of my dick, walked me over to her dresser, I stood leaning against it, as jade squatted and began to suck the head of my dick, she then held my dick up against my waist and stomach, as she licked up along the shaft of my penis and held my dick there as she stood and turned around, placing the shaft of my dick firmly between her ass cheeks and began to slide up and down slowly, masturbating me with her ass cheeks. She began to do it faster, sliding her ass along the shaft of my dick between her ass cheeks as Amanda laid on the bed masturbating again, "That looks so fucking hot!" she said

"Fuck, Jade your going to make me cum!" I said, "It feels so fucking good" And she's so fucking hot and gets so horny and passionate she doesn't always let me catch a second breath.

She slowly continues as she arches her back, enough so that she can kiss me, still slowly sliding along the shaft of my dick with her ass. As her lips left mine, she stopped. She turned around to face me, up on the tips of her toes to kiss me once again. I lifted her into my arms, she wrapped her legs around my waist as she pushed her tits into my face, I began sucking on her nipples as I walked over to the bed with her in my arms. As I set her down back on her feet, Amanda got off her back and onto her knees still on the bed. Jade got in front of me and nudged me to fall back onto the bed. She crawled on the bed opposite side to her sister as Amanda began to masturbate me as I lay on my back.

My feet still on the floor as I lay on the bed, Jade got over top of me in '69'. As she began to suck on my dick, Amanda got on her knees on the floor and began to suck on my balls as I ate Jade's pussy and fingered her asshole. Jade's pussy was still tingling from her sister eating it from before.

"Tell me when your going to cum, Baby, I wanna do something hot tonight" Jade said to me in deep breathes.

Jade started to swallow my dick again, further and further I could feel it slide down her throat. She quickly raised her head again, gasping for air as she began to masturbate me, staring at Amanda still sucking on my balls. Jade got off of me and on the floor with her sister, as I sucked the fingers I had in Jade's ass, Jade, still masturbating me, kisses Amanda.

"Suck his dick" Jade said, "I wanna suck his balls"

Amanda smiled as she crawled back up onto the bed as Jade let go of my dick and began to suck on my balls. Amanda crawled over me in a '69' as well as she began to suck my dick. Amanda's pussy, still tingling as well, I started to lick her clit as I started to finger her asshole. Amanda started gagging on my dick, she then started to suck on the head of my dick and masturbate me as she did since she couldn’t take it as deep in her throat as her sister. Jade stopped sucking my balls as she looked at Amanda, "Yeah, Baby, make him cum in your mouth" Jade said to Amanda

"Mm-hmm….Mm-hmm" as Amanda continued to suck and masturbate me.

Jade put her hands on my knees, "That’s so fucking hot, my little sister sucking cock like that"

Amanda then started to massage my balls as she continued to masturbate me and suck on the head of my dick. I tried to eat her pussy with the same intensity, but the natural high she was giving me was rolling my eyes back into my head.

"I’m going to fucking cum!" I said

"He's going to cum baby… let me see that cock!" Jade said as Amanda stopped sucking. I've never had such an intense blowjob, I think I had about two inches added to my dick in length and girth just because of it. Amanda laid slanted to me as she turned around and kissed me as Jade started to suck me off again.

"I want you to shoot all over for me, Baby" Jade said as she started to masturbate me vigorously.

"Ahhh, Fuck!" As I came. It was so intense, just for Jade to be masturbating me sent orgasms through my body I've never felt before. I shot cum all over my stomach and chest.

Amanda got on her knees again as Jade crawled back up on the bed. "Look at the mess you made" Jade said

"Let's clean him off" Jade said to Amanda, "And you" She said to me bringing her mouth next to my ear to whisper erotically "Don't you lose that hard-on, were not finished with you yet"

The girls began to lick the cum off of my stomach as I laid there on my back still on a high. As the girls started licking the cum off my chest I placed a hand on the back of their heads as they cleaned me off. Once it was all licked up, both on their knees on the bed, they opened their mouths, showing how much cum they had in their mouths as they leaned in to each other and kissed over top of me, swapping cum back and forth as they kissed. They leaned out of their embrace and opened their mouths again to show me how much cum was left. Jade then swallowed, looking over at her sister, like an unsaid cue, Amanda swallowed.

Jade began to masturbate me again, "I want you to fuck her" she said to me

Amanda began to crawl over me, as she rubbed the head my dick along her pussy

"Do you want condom, Baby?" Jade asked

"He's your boyfriend, do you want him to use a condom?" Amanda asked

"Your so naughty" Jade replied

As Amanda started to sit down on my dick, I could feel how wet and warm her pussy was. As she grew comfortable with my cock inside her she started riding me, grinding her hips as Jade kissed me. Jade then got up and sat over my face, facing her sister, as I fucked Amanda I ate Jade's pussy. Jade kept sucking on her sisters lips and tits. I could feel Amanda, how she grabbed her ass, spreading it, as she slid up and down on my dick as Jade sucked on her tits, she'd moan louder and louder.

Jade got off of me as Amanda started to kiss me, we kissed maniacally as I started to fuck her harder, I wrapped my arm around her back, grabbing her shoulder and my other arm around her lower back, I started to fuck her as hard as I could. She'd stop kissing me and would start to moan and yell. Jade got turned on by how hard I was fucking her sister, relentlessly.

"Yeah, fuck her!" Jade said as she began to spank her sister.

Amanda's tits began to bounce in my face as she moaned. I couldn't take it being on the bottom any more, as I started to slow down, I rolled over onto Amanda. As my dick fell out of her pussy Jade began to suck me off once again.

"Fuck her again, Baby" Jade said as she crawled back over to her sister.

Jade began to kiss Amanda as she laid there on her back anticipating for me to fuck her. I put my dick up to Amanda's pussy once again. Jade returned to her knees. I could see Amanda's eyes, nearly glazed over, her bangs now sweaty.

"Sit on her face" I told Jade

"You want her to eat my pussy while you fuck hers?" She said seductively, "Fuck her, Baby" as she sat over her sister's face, facing me.

I pushed my dick into Amanda's pussy, so wet, I began to fuck her growing in intensity as I thrust harder and harder. Jade grabbed her ass and spread it in Amanda’s face as Amanda licked her pussy, I'd kiss Jade as I fucked Amanda.

"Fuck her!" Jade ordered, "Harder!" she demanded, "Come on fuck her!"

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Amanda bursted out all of a sudden,

Jade got off her sister, "I'm fucking cumming!" Amanda said intensely staring into Jade's eyes.

I started fucking Amanda as hard as I could, we started to kiss maniacally again as I pinned her hands down to the mattress, drilling her pussy.

"Fuck her, Baby, fuck her!" Jade said as she started to masturbate watching me fuck her sister

"Fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! pull out! pull out! pull out!" Amanda screamed,

I did, I pulled out of her pussy just as she lifted her hips into the air, my dick just hovering over her pussy, I could still feel the heat of her pussy as Amanda starts masturbating.

"OOOOOOH, FUCK YEAH!" Amanda yelled as she squirted all over my dick.

"Holy fuck" Jade said as she began to kiss her sister again, "You ok, Baby" she asked.

"I've never been fucked like this before!" she whispered on a high that will never be matched.

As Amanda lowered her hips back to the mattress, she still twitched, her heart beating immensely as her hips still quiver in orgasmic convulsions. I started to lick Amanda's clit, she wrapped her legs around my head almost instantly.

"I wanna suck your dick, Baby" Jade said, "I wanna suck off everything she squirted!"

Jade crawled to the edge of the bed as I stood up, "She made a mess didn't she?" Jade said as she began to suck my dick.

Jade got off the bed and on her knees, as she sucked my dick she began to finger her sister's pussy. Amanda grew tense with every thrust of her sisters fingers. "Tastes so good" Jade said as she started to masturbate me as she brought her lips to her sister's pussy. As Jade brought her head away from Amanda's pussy, I could see strands of Amanda's pussy juices stick to Jade's lip, breaking off as Jade licked her upper lip, Jade fingered her sister again as she started to suck on my cock once more.

Taking my dick out of her mouth Jade looked up at me, "You make me so hot" she said, as she continued to finger fuck Amanda.

"I want you to fuck me" She said, "She was just a treat"

Jade took her fingers out of her sister's pussy as she stood up and put those fingers in my mouth. Jade and I began to kiss passionately, three-fold compared to how maniacally I kissed Amanda. Amanda laid there on the bed, masturbating as she watches me kiss her sister, groping each other, I grabbed Jade's ass and picked her up into my arms. Jade pushed her tits in my face again as I began sucking on her nipples as I held her in my arms. I spun Jade upside down, taking her in a standing '69'. Jade began to suck my dick once again. With one arm around Jade's waist holding her against me, I ate and fingered her pussy as her sister watched, still masturbating, as I eat her sister’s pussy standing there in my arms.

I walked over to the bed once again, and let Jade back down on her feet as she turns around and bends over the bed with one knee on the mattress. I bend onto my knee again and begin to tongue fuck Jades asshole. I stand back up as Jade puts her other knee on the bed as I put my dick up to her pussy.

"No!" Amanda interrupted,

She stopped masturbating, got up on her knees and put her hands on Jades ass, "I wanna see you fuck her ass" as she spreads Jade's ass.

Jade reached around and began to massage her asshole, "Ok, Baby" as she puts her hand over top of Amanda's hand still a hold of her ass.

I put my dick up to Jade's asshole, Amanda had a look of excitement on her face as I pushed my dick into her sister's asshole.

I started to kiss Amanda as I thrust harder and harder into Jade's ass.

"Spank her" I told Amanda

"Yeah Baby, spank me" Jade followed in between her panting

Amanda got up and started to rub the cheek she was going to spank as I continued to assfuck Jade. She started to spank her sister, soft at first and was almost scorned by Jade for doing so, "Fucking spank me!" she yelled, "Baby, show her how to do it!"

I began to spank Jade, as hard as I fucked her.

"Oooooh, ..ooooh" Jade panted, "Fuck it!"

Amanda then started spanking her sister, as hard as she could, as I pulled out of Jade's ass and then penetrated her ass balls deep in one thrust a few times. As I begin to fuck Jade's ass once again, hard and rough, I grabbed Jade's arms and held her by her wrists as I fucked her.

"Oooooh, uh, uh, ok Baby… ow.. ow… Baby ok, ow, oooooh" Jade began to pant, but I've fucked her rougher than this, I've brought her to tears before but Jade loves the pain that comes with the pleasure.

I started to slow down as it was becoming a little too much for Jade right now and I didn't want to cum right away. "Suck my dick" I said to Amanda as I pulled my dick out of Jades ass now starting to gap, 'You said you wanted to taste it off my cock"

Amanda got down on her knees on the floor as Jade turned around and sat on the edge of the bed trying to hide a slight discomfort, there’s been times I've fucked her where she couldn't sit at all. Amanda started to masturbate me as she brought her lips closer to my dick. I combed my fingers through Jades hair as Amanda sucked my dick,

"I love you" Jade said as she looked up at me,

I put my other hand on the back of Amanda's head as I pushed my dick further down her throat, she now was able to handle it a little better, but still was nowhere as good as Jade.

"You wanna fuck her ass, Baby?" Jade asked me,

"It tastes so fucking good" Amanda said at the same time, sucking the taste of Jade's ass off my dick

"Baby, I wanna watch you get fucked in your ass" Jade says as she smiles at her sister now just masturbating me

"…Ok" She says as she stops masturbating me and stands up as I put my arms around her waist, "But take it slow" Amanda says as she stares up at me looking into my eyes.

Jade grabs her sister's hand as I let go of Amanda, Jade stands up as Amanda crawls on all fours onto the bed, "How should I do this?" she asks

"Just lay on your stomach, Baby, for now" Jade answered,

Amanda laid down on her stomach as she started to get nervous, "Remember, …slow" Amanda said,

"Fuck her hard, Baby" Jade devilishly whispered in my ear as she then got up onto the bed with Amanda,

I masturbated slowly as I was about to get up on Amanda, "Baby, spread your ass for him" Jade said to Amanda

Amanda spread her ass as I positioned the head of my dick up to her asshole, "He gonna pop your cherry?" Jade said erotically while masturbating, "You're going to love it, Baby, this is going to be so hot"

Amanda's eyes widened as I pushed my dick into her asshole, "Deep breaths, Baby" Jade encouraged

"Oooooh, eeeee, eeee" She panted as I began to thrust slowly, only penetrating her ass halfway

"Now fuck her, Baby!" Jade yelled, "Fuck her ass!"

I pushed my dick all the way into Amanda's ass, fully penetrating her, "Holy shit!" Amanda exhaled, as I began to thrust harder and harder into her ass "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she continued until I was fucking her as hard as I could in a 'push up' motion, slamming into her.

"Suck my dick, Babe" I said to Jade as I pulled out of Amanda's ass.

Amanda laid there on the bed massaging her asshole still trembling in what was quickly becoming pleasure.

"Her ass tastes so good on your dick" Jade said as Amanda got up on her knees.

Jade got on the bed on her knees with her sister and kissed her, "I love you" amanda said.

With her back still facing me, I pulled on Amanda's hair tilting her head back and I began to kiss her as Jade began to suck on her sister's tits. Amanda reached behind her once again and with two fingers started massaging her asshole.

"I've never been fucked so hard.." Amanda whispered passionately to me, "…and so good"

"You want him to fuck you again?" Jade asked as I began to kiss along Amanda's shoulder,

"Doggystyle" Amanda answered, "and I want it up my ass, good and hard"

"Oooh, Baby" Jade said as she bit her bottom lip seductively

Amanda bent back over, laying her head on the mattress with her ass in the air, up on her knees, Jade put her hands on Amanda's ass as I masturbate slowly. Jade began to lick her sister's asshole.

"Put something up my ass!" Amanda demanded,

Jade pulled her tongue away from Amanda's ass and began to finger her sister's asshole, "Look how naughty we're making her" she said as she looked up at me, "You ready to fuck her, Baby?" Jade asked, "Fuck her tight ass?"

Jade pulled her fingers from her sister's ass and grabbed my dick, Jade pushing the head of my dick into her sister's asshole, she slid her other hand underneath Amanda and between her legs, as I began to push my dick further into Amanda's asshole, Jade begins to masturbate her sister, rubbing her pussy as I fuck her.

"Harder, Baby!" Amanda moaned,

"That looks so fucking good" Jade said, as I began to fuck Amanda as if she were Jade, fucking her ass hard, spanking her.

"I wanna get assfucked with my sister" Jade said as she stopped masturbating Amanda and got in the same position right beside her sister.

Jade was now in the same doggystyle pose as her sister, their asses side by side. I began to finger fuck Jade's ass as I fuck Amanda in her ass. Jade and her sister begin to kiss as I pull out of Amanda's ass and get behind Jade. I penetrate Jade as I slide my fingers into Amanda's asshole. I begin to fuck Jade harder and harder.

Amanda then reached for my dick, I slowed down as Amanda pulled my dick out of Jade's ass, "I want some more cock" she said.

I stepped aside again, getting behind Amanda as she holds my dick as I push into her asshole again.

"Fuck her, Baby" Jade said as I begin to fuck Amanda harder and harder.

I start to finger fuck Jade's asshole once again as she begins to kiss her sister. With the force growing in intensity as I fuck Amanda even harder, I pull my fingers out of Jade's ass and grab a hold of Amanda's hips,

"Aaah, aaah" as I breathed heavier and heavier,

"Oh my God… ow…. ow… ooooh, ooooh, harder!" Amanda panted

"Your cumming, Baby?" Jade asked,

"Hard" I replied,

"I want you to cum in her asshole, I wanna lick it all out" Jade said

"Aaaaah, aaaah… No…. aaaah!" Amanda panted, "I… I wanna eat it… out of your ass" she said to Jade..

"You wanna eat it out of my ass?" Jade playfully responded

"Ahh, …ahhh, yes… oooooh" Amanda panted once again

"Baby stop, I want you to cum in my ass" Jade said as I penetrated Amanda's ass balls deep, I stayed inside her ass, trying to control myself and not cum in her ass as I was about to erupt. I pulled out of Amanda's ass and got behind Jade.

"Fuck me hard" Jade said as I pushed my dick forcefully into her ass.

I grabbed ahold of her hips and began fucking her as hard as I ever did.

"Cum in me …Baby, …right …in ass" Jade panted,

"Fuck her, oooh, you gonna cum in my sister?" Amanda said as she was now masturbating again, "It's so hot watching you fuck her"

"Oh God, Baby!… oooooh, uh! uh! uh! baby thats too har–, ow, oooh, oh my fucking God, ah!" Jade moaned, "Cum in ME!… Oh fuck yeah!"

"F-ahhh-ck!" as I thrust forceful single thrusts as I came in her ass, with every thrust into her ass Jade would grip the blankets

"Oh baby, it feels so good" Jade said in a weak voice, "So warm" she whispered.

"Fuck" I said breathing heavily

As I pulled out of Jade's ass, Jade stayed on her knees in the doggystyle position.

"Ok, Baby" Jade said still breathing heavily, "I wanna feel you lick it out of my ass"

Amanda smiled and got behind her sister as I stepped back, I started masturbating slowly as I watched Amanda bring her lips up to her sister's ass, kissing her cheeks, she spreads Jade's ass and begins to tongue fuck her sister's asshole. Amanda began to then spoon her tongue as she licked cum out of Jade's asshole, she'd swallow and then penetrate her sister's ass with her tongue again. I continued to masturbate slowly as I watched Amanda, every time she brought her tongue out of Jade's ass there was cum on her tongue as Jade panted in pleasure from her sister's massaging tongue.

"Taste's so fucking good" Amanda said as she swallowed once more and then stuffed her face back into her sister's ass.

I fell onto the bed on my back beside Jade, nearly drained of all energy.

Jade began to rub my chest, "Is it all gone, Baby?" Jade asked as Amanda began to finger Jade's asshole.

"Licked clean" Amanda said as she pulled her fingers from Jade's ass and sucked on them

Amanda crawled onto the bed beside me and began to masturbate me as Jade moved onto her side and began to finger her asshole, "Good girl, you left me some" Jade said as she pulled her fingers from her ass and put them in her mouth, sucking her fingers clean.

"Baby, are you going to be able to cum again?" Jade asked me as she began to finger her asshole again,

As Jade licked her fingers once more she began to kiss my chest as Amanda began to suck on my dick, my body convulsed every time the head of my dick hit the back of her throat.

"I can taste ass all over your dick" Amanda said as she took my dick out of her mouth and began to masturbate me,

Jade continued what she was saying before as she kissed my chest, "Because if you can, we'll do anything, you can cum however you want" as we then kissed,

"Anything?" I asked,

"Anything, Baby, make it nasty" Jade whispered seductively

As Jade began kissing and biting along my neck, "Lets go to the living room" I said.

Jade brought her head to her sister's as they kiss, "You wanna go to the living room, Baby?" she asked

Amanda didn't answer, she got up off the bed and grabbed Jade by the hand, as I got off the bed standing behind them Amanda grabbed my dick and lead both Jade and I to the living room.

"Get on your knees" I said as we entered the room, "Both of you"

The girls got on their knees and began to kiss each other, I began to push my dick in between their lips, they continued trying to french kiss each other with the head of my dick inbetween their lips. I pulled back on Amanda's hair, tilting her head back, "Go stand against the wall" I ordered her.

As Jade began to swallow my dick, Amanda got up and walked up to the wall. She stopped a couple steps away from the wall and bent forward, her tits and head against the wall she stuck her ass out, "Like this, Baby?" She said as she began to finger her asshole.

"Yeah, that looks real good" I said, "Stay like that"

"What do you want me to do?" Jade asked as she begins to masturbate me

"Lay down" I told her, "And masturbate"

Jade let go of my dick and laid down on the floor on her back and began to play with her pussy, moving her fingers slowly as she spreads her pussy and begins to rub her clit. I walked over to Amanda and put my arms around her stomach, kissing along her shoulders, "Your pussy or your ass?" I asked,

"My ass" she replied

As she stood their still leaning against the wall, "Then get on the tips of your toes" I told her

Amanda, pushing up on the tips of her toes, her tits, hands and face up against the wall still sticking her ass out, I put my dick up to her asshole and pushed it in. I grabbed a hold of her hips as I began to fuck her hard. Slamming into her asshole as hard as I could, "Stay on your fucking toes!" I yelled as I fucked her

"Uh! uh! oh my–, uh, ow, oh God! Uhhhh!" Amanda panted as I fucked her harder.

Amanda's moans seemed to crawl along the walls as Jade turned and began to crawl on all fours to us, she crawled between our legs and sat with her back against the wall and began to finger Amanda's pussy as I fucked her.

Amanda soon began to stand flat on her feet, "Get back on the tips of your toes!" I said as I continued to fuck her

"Uh, …I …I cant" She panted as she put her hand behind her and against my waist as if she was trying to tell me to slow down, "Baby, stop!… give… ow, ooooh, give me a minute" she said

I began to slow down and penetrated her ass balls deep and kept my dick inside of her. I put my arms around her cupping her pussy with my hands. Amanda wrapped her leg around mine as I held my dick in her ass.

"See that foot rest?" I asked,

"Ye… yes" she whispered in a deep breath

"Get on it, on your back" I said

"Ooooh" Amanda said as I pulled my dick out of her ass

Amanda turned and faced me, grabbing my dick, masturbating me slowly as she kissed my chest. She let go of my dick and glided her hand across my stomach as she walked by. As Amanda walked over by the couch and to the sofa chair she sat down on the foot rest, sliding on to her back, she began to masturbate.

"What are you going to do with me?" Jade asked, as she still sat there on the floor against the wall.

"I'm gonna fuck you" I said, she smiled as I grabbed her by the hair, and walked her over, on all fours, to her sister.

"Eat her pussy" I said to Jade

Jade, still on all fours, began to lick her sister's pussy. I got on my knees behind Jade and pushed the head of my dick into Jade's ass. I grabbed her hips as I began to fuck Jade harder and harder. As I fucked Jade, I watched Amanda, as her head fell back as her sister ate her pussy. Amanda had her feet resting on Jade's back and began to slide her fingers through her sister's hair.

"Right there! oooooh baby" Amanda said as she began to thrust her hips.

Jade grabbed both her sisters tits while trying to take my cock in her ass as best as she could while trying to eat Amanda's pussy. As I fucked Jade I grabbed Amanda's ankle and lifted her leg in the air and began to suck on her toes.

As I started to fuck Jade more vigorously, Amanda slid her foot onto my chest, I grabbed Jade by her hips once again fucking her ass. I watched as Jade began to moan and scream over her sister's pussy, she couldn't even masturbate her sister.

"Oh God, Baby!… F–Uhhhh-ck me!" Jade panted, "Uhhhh,..Oh fuck… ow..ow..oooh..ow …Baby"

I pulled out of Jade's ass, she began to rub her asshole almost immediately, "Oh, Baby" she said

"Lay on your stomach!" I said while masturbating

As Jade laid down on the floor on her stomach, Amanda sat up on the foot rest. I got over top of Jade and pushed my dick into her asshole.

"Fuck her hard!" Amanda said as she begins to masturbate

As I penetrate Jade, "Not too har—" Jade tried to say as I began fucking her, "Oooh, uh, uh, aaaah!"

Forcing myself to cum, I fucked Jade's ass as hard as I could, "Oh fuck it! Fuck me! you g-ahhhh–t it Baby!… harder… harder… harder!" Jade panted

"Turn over! On your back! On your back!" I yelled as I pulled out of Jade's ass.

Jade turned over quickly as I pushed my dick into her pussy. I started fucking Jade's pussy as hard as I could as I grabbed her tit. Jade placed her hands on top of mine clutched to her tit.

"Ooooh, Fuck my pussy!" Jade panted, "You gonna cum in me? ….cum in me ….cum in me" she continued to pant

Whenever Jade wanted to fuck more times then I could handle, staring into her eyes after a long fuck always made me cum. I loved fucking her missionary, staring into her eyes, looking down at the sweat on her tits watching them bounce, her blonde hair darkened because of the sweat, the expressions of ecstasy and desire on her face.

"Oooh, Fuck me" She whispered past her thick pouty lips, "I love you" as she wrapped her legs around the back of mine

"Ahhh, Ahhh" As I breathed,

I pulled out of Jade's pussy and got to my feet as Jade got up on her knees. I turned to Amanda still sitting on the foot rest and put my dick in her mouth and continued to masturbate. She put both her hands on my ass as I masturbated with my dick in her mouth. She started to gag as I thrust down her throat. I pulled out and turned to Jade, still on her knees,

"Suck on my balls" I told her

Jade tilted her head back and began to suck on my balls as I masturbated. Amanda reached over for my dick and started to masturbate for me as Jade continued to suck on my balls.

I took a hold of my dick once again and got down on my knees in front of the table, as I grabbed Jade's hand and put my dick in her hand. Jade began to masturbate me relentlessly as I kissed Amanda still sitting on the foot rest.

"You gonna cum, Baby?" Jade asked

"Yes" I answered with my mouth over Amanda's lips,

"You wanna shoot on the table?" Jade asked,

"No.. In her pussy" I answered referring to Amanda, "AHHHH" As I started to cum, I leaned over the table, my elbows on the table.

Jade still masturbating me vigorously, Amanda grabbed my balls and started massaging them.

"Ah fuck" as my hips began to convulse as Jade masturbates me

"Cummin' Baby?" Jade asks as she continues to masturbate me

"Yeah,.." I said breathing heavily, "Bend the fuck over!" I said to Amanda as I turned to her

Amanda quickly got on all fours as I got behind her, I put my dick up to her pussy and began to penetrate her. Grabbing a hold of her hips, I begin to fuck her as hard as I can, just slamming my dick into her cunt, rough and hard.

"Oh fuck!" Amanda screamed "Ooooh, ooooh, ah, ah, ah, uhh!" she panted

"Ooh yeah, fuck her, Baby! Fuck her!" Jade said still on her knees as she moved beside me, putting her hand on my ass, "Fill her fucking pussy full of cum!" as she kisses me

"You gonna lick it all out?" I ask as we kiss again

"Every fucking drop!" Jade answers as she licks across my lips

"Uh, uh, uh, uh" Amanda continued to pant

"Fuck, f—ah-ck.." As I began to cum

"Ooooh… oh God" Amanda said as I came in her pussy, "It's so warm"

"Just stay like that Baby" Jade said as I pulled my dick out of Amanda's pussy.

Jade got on her back and put her head between Amanda's legs as she remained in a doggystyle position. I got between Jade's legs and put my dick in her pussy as I watched her tongue reach for her sister's pussy. Cum running down Amanda's pussy and onto Jade's chin as it would then run down Jade's neck.

"Sit on my face, baby" Jade said to Amanda

As Amanda sat up, I watched as her pussy would smother Jade's face. Amanda would lightly pant as Jade's tongue reached as far into her pussy as it would go, licking back cum. I pulled my dick out of Jade's pussy as Amanda got on top off her sister. Jade sticks out her tongue still with cum on it as Amanda sucks on Jade's tongue. Cleaning the cum off Jade's tongue they begin to kiss. I felt Amanda's ass and pushed two fingers into her asshole, I pulled them out and put my fingers in between their lips as they kissed. I took my fingers away from their mouths as I feel Amanda's pussy, still dripping wet.

"Oooh, I've never had anyone cum in me before" Amanda says as she smiles and kisses Jade again.

As they break their embrace "You like fucking my boyfriend?" Jade asked

As Amanda smiles in reply, "Let's go to bed".

As the girls stand, I do as well, they each take one of my hands and we walk back into Jade and mine's bedroom. As Jade and I get into bed, Amanda walks around to the other side and crawls into bed and gets beside me. As I put my arms under their heads, Jade and Amanda on each side of me, Amanda puts her hand on my chest as both of them wrap one of their legs around each of mine.

"Goodnight" Amanda says as she kisses my cheek, "Goodnight sis'" as she rubs my chest.

"Sweet dreams, Baby" Jade replies

Jade licks my other cheek, "I love you" as she slides her hand down my stomach and grabs my balls

"I love you too" As I look at her and kiss her forehead goodnight.

The next morning I woke up, Jade waking up with me.

"Goodmorning Baby" Jade said as she kissed me, "Where's Mandy" Jade asked as she looked over me,

"I can hear the shower running" I said

Jade and I both got up, I pulled a pair of boxers on as Jade put on her mesh see-through robe leaving it open. We both walked into the kitchen, I began to cook breakfast.

As some off the bacon was ready, I placed it onto a plate and set it on the counter by the stove and put some more on. I stood leaning against the counter as Jade came up to me,

"I hate it when you put clothes on" Jade said as she pulls down my black silk boxers.

She stands back up and leans against me as I put my arms around her. We begin to kiss, pulling my tongue from her mouth, "Mmmm" she says as she looks up at me.

"Can I ask you something?" I ask her,

"Anything, Baby" she answers,

"What was that?" I ask, "With your sister I mean"

"I love my sister" she smiles, "Before I started dating you" she continued "Amanda and I… experimented on each other, we love each other, not as much as I love you, but I love her, we use to eat each other all the time… we use to lay in the same bed and rub our pussies together. But when I started dating you, I stopped with her and lately, when your not here, we started fooling around again"

"Is that why you didn’t get mad last night?" I asked,

"I know you wont cheat on me and as for my sister, we started talking about having a threesome, I don't know why she was here last night, but it just seemed like the perfect time to bring this up to you" she said

"She needed money for her car, to get it fixed, I told her I'd give her the money if she let me eat her pussy so she wouldn’t have to go to mom and dad" I said

"So naughty" she said as she kissed me, "She likes you, how you treat me"

We began to kiss once again, as Amanda came out and into the Kitchen

"What were you two talking about?" she asks while drying her hair with a towel.

"I told him about when I use to fuck you!" Jade says bluntly

Amanda blushes, "You mind if I borrow this" referring to the shirt she was wearing which was one of Jade's halter tops.

"Of course, Baby" Jade says as she rests her head on my chest

"Thanks" Amanda says as she picks up some bacon, "I've never been so hungry in my life!"

Jade steps away from me and turns to the stove putting the bacon on to a plate. Amanda looks at me standing their with my boxers still at my ankles, "Where do I get a man like him?" she says

"Until you find one, I'm willing to share" Jade says as she smiles, "So when are you going to be around again?"

Amanda opening my wallet and taking money out of it, "Well, I'm gonna get my car from that asshole" she says as she puts my wallet back on the counter, "And then" she says as she pulls up her skirt showing Jade and I she's not wearing underwear, "I'll be back tonight!"

"We'll be waiting for you" Jade says as she walked her sister to the door,

"You'll be here?" Amanda asks as she opens the door

"Of course, Baby" Jade answers as she hugs her sister

Amanda kisses her sisters cheek as they break their embrace, Amanda then walks up to me and gives me a hug, sliding her hand down and grabbing my dick, "Thank you" she says

"Anytime" I answer as I kiss her once more.

She lets go of me, "See you guys in a bit then" she says as she walks out the door

As Jade closes the door and turns to me. Walking up to me and putting her arms around me, resting her head on my chest, "I love you" she says

"I love you too" as I put my arms around her

As she smiles and looks up at me, "Lets go have a shower" she says.

The End

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