… and they want me to baby-sit!

… and they want me to baby-sit!

… and they want me to baby-sit!

It was just as I arrived home, got out of my car on the drive, and locked it, that Andy approached me. It was barely a couple of days since I had ‘royally screwed’ BOTH of his daughters …. I thought ‘Here we go … I’m in the shit now!’

“Hello mate – you got a minute”? …. Well – THAT didn’t sound like I was in as much trouble as I thought! “Yeah sure – what’s up”?

“… got a problem … we’re due to go out to her ‘works do’ this evening, and my Mum was going to baby-sit …. but she’s not feeling well, and can’t make it … any chance YOU could look after the girls for a few hours while we’re out”?

Oh My God … this is a minefield! … HE trusts me – BUT I’ve just fucked BOTH of his daughters, the older one wanting me as her SEX-SLAVE! … and now he wants me to ‘baby-sit’ them!? … but then again, HOW can I say NO – without him being suspicious?

My mind was in turmoil – I CAN’T say ‘NO’ to him – and yet … What the Fuck is going to happen with ME and THOSE TWO in the house on our own!!??

“Yeah sure mate – I’ve got no plans for this evening”

“You’re a life-saver”

So it was all set … I went round as arranged at 7.30, to be briefed (by a totally un-suspicious wife) as to what Gemma and Ellie should be given before bed, that Gem should be despatched by 9, and Ellie an hour later, and that they wouldn’t be back until the early hours, and that if I wanted – it would be ok for me to go back (next-door) when the kids were asleep … I kind-of-thought things wouldn’t go exactly like that!

But off they went a few minutes later, secure in the knowledge that their two darling daughters were in the safe hands of ‘that nice guy who moved in next door’!

No sooner had they closed the car doors (let alone reversed off the drive) than Ellie, standing close in behind me, hissed “GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES BEFORE ME – YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT”, and dug me in the backs of both knees with the sharpness of what had to be a stiletto – she must have changed her shoes whilst her parents were getting into the car!

More by virtue of her nearly snapping my ham-strings, rather than compliance, I fell to my knees at the open door – they must have thought it odd that I suddenly disappeared below the hedge-line as they drove off – maybe they just didn’t notice?

“GET IN HERE … NOW!!” she commanded. “NO – I DIDN’T SAY YOU COULD GET UP! … CRAWL!!” Oh Bollocks … this was not going as I had envisaged! – trouble was she could get me sent down for a VERY long time if she uttered just one word!

“LAY DOWN FLAT ON THE FLOOR … FACE UP” – I did as she wished for now – hoping that an opportunity might arise for me to ‘turn-the-tables’. As I laid myself out – she stepped straight up on my chest, almost knocking the wind out of me, and putting me COMPLETELY at her mercy as her stillettos dug into my chest, however I didn’t mind much, since I was now able to see straight up beneath her pleated black and white tartan skirt, to the gusset of her white cotton thong! … If this was ‘abuse’ … bring it on!

“Gemma – go to my room and bring me my black things off the bed, and the cord from both of our dressing-gowns”

The younger sister trotted off as commanded, obviously confused as to WHO was in charge here! (As was I!)

A few moments later I heard, then saw her return with the requested items, all the while Ellie was standing on my chest, moving the weight of her feet about and turning around to try and make me as uncomfortable as possible, but all the while I was looking straight up her skirt to her near-naked bottom or crotch! I had paid good money before – for things not half as erotic as this!

As her sister arrived and went to hand her the items, I seized my opportunity as she was distracted … I heaved myself up, with her weight still on my chest, causing her to lose her balance and fall to one side.

I grabbed the cords from Gemmas hand as I dived on top of my falling tormentor, quickly turned Ellie over, roughly grabbed and tied her wrists together behind her back. “HA – NOW who’s in control”? As she continued to thrash wildly between my legs.

I heaved her up onto the settee, spinning her over again as I did so, I had half expected compliance from her since her hands were now under control, but I hadn’t reckoned with the strength of her! She lashed out with her feet and legs, desperately trying to injure mewith her stillettos. Gemma, in her state of confused loyalties, just stood and watched.

I used the remainder of the cord to effectively tie first one of her ankles, passing it round her thigh, round the back of her neck, the other thigh, then tying it off at the other ankle.

Within a few seconds Ellie was reduced to a ‘hog-tied’ victim, obscenely sprawled with her arse perched on the edge of the settee, with her legs spread before me! I wasted no time in plunging forward my advantage, grabbing her firmly by her (already immobilised) ankles, ripped the crotch of her thong in two, and shoved my face into her teenage minge and revelled in the sight, and the taste, of her bare pussy under my tongue!

She wriggled and squirmed constantly, but nothing she could do was sufficient to release her from my bindings (my years in the ‘Scouts’ having at last paid off!).

“Gemma – give me her underwear NOW!”

The youngster merely handed me the things she had brought down – I discovered a ‘designer-label’ bra, thong, suspender belt and matching stockings! ‘Boy – am I going to have a WILD evening!’

Clipping the suspender belt back on its-self around her waist was easy enough, after I rucked her plaid skirt up around her waist, and substituting this black lacy number for the boring white cotton bra she was already wearing wasn’t too difficult either, once I’d slapped her across the face a couple of times to quieten her

I ditched any ideas about substituting the thong … but getting the stockings onto her trussed-up form … HOW to do that!?

“Gemma – come over here ,,, as I hold each of her legs out – you roll a stocking onto it – OK!?”

So I untied each leg in turn, and, applying hugely excessive pressure with both thumbs to the nerve point near her groin, she had no option but to straighten her released leg, in an attempt to relieve the agony I was inflicting, but for sufficient time for Gemma to quickly thread a stocking over her foot and up.

Re-tying each leg as I went, she ended up obscenely stretched wide-legged before me, wearing a cute little black lacy underwear set, complete with stockings and suspenders to match … I just stood and admired my handiwork for a moment or two!

With Gemma sat beside us both watching, I reached inside my shorts, got my steadily hardening dick out, and slowly stroked myself off over her recumbent form ‘til a drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the end of my dick and dripped onto Ellies upper thigh.

For a moment – I actually felt regret – for what ‘might have been’ … but then I saw Ellies predicament in front of me and realised there was STILL much fun to be had!
“Gemma – get HERE … kneel …. hold her knees as wide as you can … now LICK that pussy”!!

I stood back for a while – taking the opportunity to ‘freeze-frame’ some mental images of these two teen-sisters, each incredibly sexy in their own way, tonguing the FUCK out of eachother (well – ok – it WAS all one-way!) But can YOU imagine watching a cute little thing you fucked only days before, with her tongue buried to the hilt in the pussy of her own sister – who’s wearing sexy lingerie and stockings!!??

Blew my mind!

I pulled Gemma off for a moment, while I stuffed my engorged cock into her sisters slimy hole, revelling in the tightness of her pussy even then.

“I’ve got an idea …. Since I’m your ‘little fuck-whore’ – shouldn’t you fuck me right in front of her!”

What a wonderful idea! I positioned Gemma to her sisters side, with her legs spread almost either side of her head … the result being that when I got into MY position – my dick was directly in front of her, just ready to ease inside her sisters cunt, barely six inches in front of her face…. And there was NOTHING she could do to stop it!

After a few minutes of this torture I told her I was going to take her little sister upstairs and fuck the living-daylights out of her, and that in the mean time she might find it necessary to ‘accommodate’ some of my mates!

A hastily applied gag of her previous (boring) bra, the opening of her front door, and a couple of phone-calls later; I was upstairs fucking my own little ‘whore’, whilst we listened to muffled grunts and protestations from below!

Gemma really excelled herself – initiating numerous different positions, and even begging me to fuck her virgin little arse-hole … hardly behaviour you would expect from a twelve year-old! But I did my best to oblige HER every wish, and add a few of my own!

It was HER idea to go back downstairs and see how her sister was coping … there was a fleeting fleeing figure disappearing out of the front door as we came down – but in the lounge there was nobody except for the still-bound Ellie – but now she had angry red weals all over, and was dripping cum from her mouth, pussy and arsehole!

She was sobbing and held her eyes clamped shut as she heard us enter “Please let me free – I PROMISE I’ll be nice to you”! “Sweetheart – you have no option BUT to be nice to me … AND my little ‘fuck-whore’ “(Gemma squeaked with delight).

With that, her younger sister dropped to her knees between her legs and furiously started sucking at her own sisters abused cunt! Lapping, licking and suckling in order to recover the cum that was obvious all over her taught six-pack of a belly, AND that which had been deposited inside her whilst we had been away!

My little fuck-whore went at it with a passion, sucking up the countless mens’ ejaculations ending up with cum dribbling from her mouth, and smeared all around her face …. finally she said “Does this mean I AM in charge here now”?

“OH YES … Your sister now has no shame – she’s been fucked by half of the male population of this town – and she doesn’t even know WHICH HALF!”

“She will never dare put a foot wrong – because ANYBODY might know her secret”
“YOU are now ‘my-little-fuck-whore’ and as such SHE must do as YOU say – or she’ll have ME to deal with!”

All that was heard from the settee …. was a whimper of submission.

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