Aunt & The Genie

Aunt & The Genie

It was a warm sunny day; it felt like it was a million degrees out it was so hot. Justin was getting his bags packed for a trip up north to visit some family members. Justin was an eighteen year old boy, about 5’11 with brown hair and an athletic body. Justin just graduated high school. Justin was sad to say goodbye to his friends but happy it was summer so he could chill with his friends and spend some quality time jerking it to his dream girl his Aunty Krista. Justin has loved his Aunt for the longest time; he loved to babysit her kids for one reason. He would play hide and go seek with his little cousins, they would hide downstairs and he would have to count upstairs. He never did count, he would run up to his Aunt’s bedroom and sniff her panties, place them in his pants, and look and feel her bra. Justin would put them to bed then jerk all over her panties wishing that she could be home to wear them. He always cleaned them so his Aunt would never know.

Justin’s family went up earlier in the day to visit family and he was getting a ride with his Aunt Krista later in the afternoon. Justin was rather excited because it would be just him and her. Justin has always had sexual fantasies of her; he always was fucking the shit out of her and layering her face in his warm hot cum in his dreams but they have never come true. However he wishes they did he always wanted to be with a older women.

Justin was watching some porn before his Aunt came; he was looking at a couple new videos that his buddies sent to him. The videos were a wide variety of movies from a girl peeing in desperation in her TNA pants, a girl getting her mouth filled with cum and a girl humping a blow-up dolphin. Justin sat there getting aroused but didn’t want to blow his load due to the contest that him and his buddies were having. Their contest was that to enter you all had to put $100 into a pot and whoever was last to blow their load would win the pot. It was down to him and his best friend hence why he got that email. As Justin was watching the humping video the door bell rang.

“Ding Dong” the door bell ranged.

Fuck” Justin yelled, his Aunt Krista was at the door waiting to pick him up and his cock was almost at full extension.

Justin walked out of his room and answered the door hoping that his Aunt would not notice the big bulge in his pants. Justin opened the door and saw his Aunt was standing there in these tight pink TNA pants that exposed her camel toe and a white t-shirt that made her 34C tits look enormous that were covered by a pink TNA sweater. Justin’s cock was at full extension and was ready to explode his load in his pants.

“Hey Justin, I have rather disappointing news” Krista said with a depressing voice. “I accidently dropped your X-box 360 on the driveway breaking it but I promise I will make it up to you”.

Justin had lent it to his little cousin over the weekend and was wanting to bring it up to north so he could play with his family but now that idea was thrown out the door.

“Are you ready though” Aunty Krista asked?

Justin was cool with her deal and said they could go get a new one when they are back from the trip. Justin grabbed the X-box 360 and placed it by the front door. He grabbed his bag and walked out of the house. Justin went to the back of the Pathfinder and threw his bag back there. Justin hopped into the front of his Aunt’s car and was excited to get on the road. His cock was finally starting to go back down to its normal size of 6” inches. Aunty Krista pulled out of the driveway and headed for Highway 23. Before they got on Highway 23 Aunty Krista asked

“Would you like anything from Seven?”

“Nah I am good, is it okay if we stop off in White Tail to get a drink and snack please.” Justin asked.

“Of course we can do that, if you want to have a nap I will wake you up when we get there Just”. Krista told him.

Justin plugged his i-pod headphones in and was slowly closing his eyes as the Pathfinder was starting to pick up speed on Highway 23. Soon enough Justin was out resting his head on the window and was out cold. It was not that long until Justin woke up dying from the heat. Justin woke up and asked if he could put the AC on. Aunty Krista turned the Air Condition on and Justin went right back to sleep listening to some No Money and went into dream land.

Justin dreamed that he was back at home seating in front of his computer with his legs spread open and his Aunt Krista was under the table sucking his cock. During the dream his Aunt stopped sucking his cock and asked Justin if he wanted to eat her pussy out. Before Justin could respond he was woken up out of his dream. Aunty Krista was letting Justin now that they were just coming into White Tail.

Justin slowly open his eyes due to the brightness of the light. Finally he was starting to get use to the light and adjusted his eyes. When they were finally adjusted Justin reached the seat warmer button and raised his level to level 3, Justin was a tad bit cold. Justin on the way back to his seat he looked at his Aunt and his cock was starting to get big again. His aunt’s nipples were pointing straight out at the road; they looked sharp enough that they could cut throw diamonds. All Justin could think of now is sucking and biting on those listening to the moans of his Aunt. Justin’s Aunt pulled into the Retro gas station where his Aunt filled up the car and Justin went into get some snacks. Justin grabbed two Pepsi and a couple bags of chips for the final journey, but he also noticed something that gave him an idea that made me give an evil smirk. He grabbed the box and went to go pay for everything. Justin hopped back into the car and gave his Aunt her Pepsi and her bag of chips. Aunty Krista had a sip of her Pepsi and gulped it down. Justin looked down and still saw that her tits were ready to cut diamonds at any time. Justin just wanted to see those tits so bad that he didn’t care if he was going to lose his jerking bet.

“Hey Auntie would you like a mint”. Justin asked with an evil grin.

“Sure Just, I will take two if you don’t mind”. Krista replied.

Krista took the two mints and washed them down with her Pepsi. Krista didn’t know but she just took two date rape pills and started to feel the side effects right away. Her mind was going blank and started to swerve a little in between lanes.

“Hey Aunty you don’t look to good why don’t we pull over and I drive the rest of the way” Justin said worried they were going to crash. Justin just got his license a little while ago and just wanted to keep on driving whenever he had the chance.

“Okay Just I don’t know what came over me I don’t feel so good”. Krista said in a low voice.
Krista pulled the Pathfinder over on the side of the road and put her hazard lights on. Justin knew this was his chance and there was no way he was going to fuck this up. Krista was going to get out on her side but Justin told her that she should crawl into the back of the car so he could climb into the front seat. Krista unbuckled her seatbelt and started to climb into the back, and that is when Justin took advantage. Justin ripped his seatbelt off, hopped into the back and whipped out his cock.

Justin grabbed his aunt’s hips and started to dry hump his Aunty Krista’s pink tna pants. Justin started to rub his cock back and forth against the TNA pants. Justin loved it and was trying to hold his load back and save it for later but it was no use, he splattered a huge load all over Krista’s back and ass. Justin pulled his Aunt’s tna pants down to her knees and then came the pink g-string. Justin started to stick his cock into her ass but it was super tight. It took Justin a while since it was his first time, and he has never experienced something this tight before. Once he got in Justin grabbed her hips so he could start going in and out. After a while he was grabbing harder as he pushed his cock deeper into her asshole. The deeper he went the more tighter it felt, but he was listening to Aunt’s moans.

“Uhhhh Mhmmmmmmmmmmm” Krista was moaning, “Please stop Justin it hurts”.

Justin didn’t give a shit what his Aunt was saying his cock was getting bigger by the second and destroying her ass. In and out of her tight asshole and watching his cock getting covered in more shit as it came out every time he was enjoying it. Justin couldn’t wait any longer and was ready to explode again; Justin waited for his cock to come out one last time of her asshole and blew his load all over the inside of his Aunt’s tna pants and panties.

“Put your fucking tna pants back on you bitch and let me see those tits in my face you fucking whore” Justin told his Aunt in a voice of sick pleasure.

Krista started to pull her TNA pants up and felt the warm load of cum from her nephew on her pussy. Now Auntie suck my cock, I want that sweet little mouth of yours to deep throat my cock. Also I want all of your shit in your mouth. Krista got up and turned so she was facing him, she grabbed Justin’s cock and started to put the shit covered cock in her mouth. Justin grabbed her hair and pulled hard once he felt his Aunt’s tongue touch the tip of his cock.

“FUCKEN DEEPTHROAT YOU FUCKEN WHORE TAKE MY COCK YOU FELTHY BITCH” yelled in a sick sense of joy. Justin grabbed the back of his aunt’s head and pushed it down till her whole mouth was covering the whole cock.

Once Justin let her Aunt catch her breath,

“Please stop Justin; please I will do whatever you want”. Cried Krista, wishing her nephew would listen to him.

Justin didn’t care what his Aunt had to say at this point, he was finally leaving his dream and started to cock slap her. Shit was going all over her face and Justin was ready to give another big load thanks to the best oral he has ever received. Justin pulled his cock out of her mouth and was slowly pulling it back and forth. Once Justin felt cum start to rush to the tip of his cock he grabbed Krista by the throat to rasie her face up to his cock. He placed his cock right near her eye and was pulling his cock faster till Krista’s left side of her face was covered in his hot cum.

“Uhhhhhhh, Oh my God YES, YES, YES” Justin yelled as he blasted his cumshot right into his Aunt’s eye.

“My eye” Krista said.

Justin grabbed her by the throat again witched opened her mouth wide open. As it opened Justin shoved his cock inside her mouth as if he was playing darts, but wanted to do it harder this time. He grabbed her face and in a fast pace motion went back and forth so he would cum again. Justin blasted her mouth with cum and watched as her one eye opened wide. Justin waited till the load of cum was all swallowed before he took his cock out. Once it was out his Aunt begged

“Please Justin stop, I swear I will not tell anybody and I will do whatever you want.”

Justin was thinking if he was done with her yet, he was recalling what he has done. Her TNA pants had this huge wet spot on her ass from his cum, the back of her sweater had cum stains all over it, her face was covered and just swallowed a shit load. Justin laughed and told her no haha. Justin didn’t have a clue what to do except that he still wanted to see those 34 C tits.

“Okay Aunty there is one last big thing I want you to do for me, put this condom on for me and then take that white t-shirt off so I can see your tits.”

Krista grabbed the box of Trojan condoms that Justin purchased at the store and opened the box. She grabbed a wrapper and ripped it open. She pulled the condom out and opened it up so that it would fit over her nephew’s entire cock that was standing straight up in front of her. She made sure that the condom was on tight and then started to remove her t-shirt. Justin loved the feel of the condom on his cock, he wish he did this more often.

As Krista was pulling the shirt over her head Justin saw her black bra that was holding her tits up, he grabbed her tits and started to play with them. Krista then took her bra off and Justin couldn’t wait to see these tits from his dream girl. Justin finally got to see Krista naked and started cumming into the condom.

“Take it off now Krista” Justin said, I don’t need to feel my cum on my cock.

Krista slowly pulled the condom off making sure that cum didn’t full on her nephew or her.

“What do you want me to do with it Justin” Krista asked

“Swallow it and place a new one on me, hurry”

Krista placed the condom in her mouth and tried to swallow the condom but couldn’t. She tried again but it went down the wrong tube, instantly making her puke all over her bra. Krista took a while getting the next one because she was trying to gain her breath. She just wanted this to stop and be home right now. She knew this wasn’t going to happen and decided to get it over with. Grabbed the condom and slowly placed the second one back onto her nephews cock.

Justin was happy that this was actually coming true and was ready to finish it off.

“Now aunty I want you to get on my lap so I can suck your tits” Justin said in a laughing voice.

“But first take those TNA pants and panties off again, whores don’t wear clothes”.

Krista started to slowly bring her cum stained TNA pants down and put them on the seat beside her, and then pulled the panties off. Her legs and ass were all sticky and climbed onto Justin where she placed her tits right in front of him. Justin didn’t waste no time and started to suck on the right tit. He bite then sucked then bit and sucked, he continued this process for a while until he started to taste his Aunt’s milk. Once he was done with the right Justin moved onto the left and did the same process. He rubbed his face into her chest and motor boated her tits.

As he was sucking on Krista’s breasts he put his cock into Krista’s pussy. Justin was hoping that it was tighter then her asshole making his cock super hard again. Unfortunately his Aunt was as loose as a goose. This disappointed Justin which angered him for some reason. Justin started to use force and was fucking the shit out of her pussy. He grabbed her hips and raised her up and down. Justin was pounding her hard, harder than he did in his dream. Justin wanted to make sure that his Aunt would not forget this day for a long time. As Justin was fucking her, Krista’s tits kept bouncing up and down into Justin’s face.
Justin enjoyed it and wanted them to keep hitting him.

“Stop your hurting me” Krista yelled in pain.

“STOPPP PLZ” Krista yelled crying now

Justin just didn’t care, he started to bounce her up and down faster on her cock and she was moaning more now than she did when he was fucking her in the ass.

“Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mhmmmmmmmmmmmmm” were the moans that were coming out of Krista.

Justin could feel another batch coming but felt the need to warn his Aunt.

“I hope you’re ready for this Aunty; I have been saving this for you for the longest time”. Justin told her, and then gave out an evil chuckle “hahaha”.

Blood was rushing to Justin’s cock as it was cumshot, after cumshot, after cumshot. It was such a powerful cumshot that it ripped a hole into the condom. Thousands of little sperm men were rushing around his Aunt’s pussy and there were still more coming.

“Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Justin cried out as the he was blasting his Aunt’s pussy with warm cum.

“Oh my godddddddddd, that felt good” Justin told his Aunt.

After he was done cumming he picked his aunt up off his cock and his cum from her pussy started to drain onto him. Justin threw her on the seat beside her and was dead tired now, it was his first time having sex, and he has never cummed that much before in that amount of time. Justin had no idea what to do next, his Aunt was still crying due to the experience that she just had.

Justin hopped into the front seat and put his seatbelt on but had no idea what to do, he turned off the hazards and waited for a spot in traffic he could merge into. Justin saw his spot and went for it, and they were off headed for the North. Justin still could believe that he just fucked his Aunt. Her TNA pants had cum all over them, her bra was covered in puke, and she had a sJustinach full of cum. Could this day get any
better Justin thought to himself.

Justin saw that there was a motel up a head and he wanted to clean off before he saw his family. Justin took a right and got checked in. Justin pulled the pathfinder up to the room number. Justin grabbed his aunt and walked her to the room. You have to shower Krista, you’re all sweaty and smelly Justin told her. Justin walked her into the bathroom and threw her into the tub. Justin started the shower and gave the water a warm feeling to it. Justin hopped in the tub with her and was playing with her tits again.

“Krista take the conditioner and use it on my cock” Justin demanded.

Krista squirted a fair bit of conditioner from the bottle into her hands and started to rub it all over his cock. Justin was getting excited again and kept hitting Krista in the face with his cock. Justin grabbed Krista and told her he was going to clean her. Justin started off by using soap to clean her tits, then her ass. He saved her pussy for last and started to finger blast her. Krista couldn’t help it but she started to moan again.


“Don’t stop” Krista was moaning

Justin didn’t want to keep finger blasting her so we picked her up and put his cock into her pussy, he had his hands on her ass and was using that as leverage as he pushed her ass-cheeks up and down as her pussy juice was covering his cock. Justin was finally done and slowly took his Aunt off and laid her down in the tub.

Justin waited in the room until his Aunt was out of the shower. Krista walked out shortly after and was dead tired but was pissed at him. Justin handed Krista her necklace.

Krista took the necklace and placed it around her neck, it sat perfectly on her tits all nice, Justin was still amazed that he was able to suck and grab on those bad boys. Once the necklace was on, Krista went for her phone and started to dial 9-1-1.

Before she clicked send, she let her nephew know something.

“I am calling the cops on you Justin for sexual assaulting me, even when I asked you to keep touching my pussy”. “Do you any last words before you kiss your life good bye Just”.

Before his Aunt pressed the send button, Justin acted without thinking and tackled his Aunt. He ripped the phone out of her hands and then hit her in the head. Krista was knocked out instantly. Justin grabbed the luggage and placed it in the back of the Pathfinder, and then went and grabbed his Aunt and placed her in the front seat. Justin checked out and headed off, he was mad because his Aunt remembered what happened.

Justin was driving and started to pick up speed right before he got on the highway. Justin lost control for a second and hit a street post. Sparks were flying everywhere; smog covered the car and the light post. After the smoke was gone there was a man that appeared in a top hat and a cape. Justin got out of the car and ran up to the guy to see if he was okay.

The nice man told Justin that he was fine but if it was okay with Justin to give him a ride into the town. Justin agreed because it was on the way to where they were going. When the man got in the car Justin’s Aunt started to wake up and was losing it on Justin in front of the man. The man told the two that if there was a problem that he could walk.

“No, no” I almost hit you so I want to give you a ride into town.

“Now, now if you are giving me a ride into town then I owe you guys something”. The man replied.

“What do you owe us?” Krista asked

“What would you guys say if I told you I was a genie and you each had three wishes?”

Justin and Krista laughed a little, genie’s aren’t real Justin though he knew they were just make believe. Krista also knew that they weren’t real but if we get three wishes maybe I can go back in time and wish this sex experience never happened she thought.

“Three Wishes” Krista said still confused.

“Yes that’s right you each get three wishes, options are endless. You want to be rich you will be rich, you want to be celebrity you can be a celebrity.” The genie explained to Krista and Justin.

“Okay I am in” Krista told the genie, “You better be in to Justin, I am going to wish that we never had fucken sex and you want remember anything” she told him demanding that he agrees to this.

“Well okay” Justin said nervously knowing that he would be losing his experience of having sex with his dream girl.

The genie explained the rules to the two, they went as followed

You guys will wish one wish at a time and alternate one after the other. You each get three wishes and the options are endless. In order to choose who goes first we flip a coin, if it’s heads Justin will get first wish, if its tails Krista you get first wish. Once you guys have finished your wishes your minds will be resetted and you will not remember anything except to pursue the wish.

Once the rules had been explained the genie flipped the coin, it was rotating heads, tails, heads, tails as it went up, and same thing happened as it came down. The genie caught the coin before it hit the floor and turned the coin over onto his other hand. All of a sudden it went dead quite in the car, Krista hoping that she would be first to get the visions of sex out of her and Justin wanted to get first so he could have his wish.

“Okay the winner is” the genie asks in excitement.

Justin and Krista were on the edge of their seating hoping that they were the winner.

“And the winner is . . . Justin” the genie announced.

“yeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” Justin yelled, all he had to do was wish for the right thing first which came to his head immediately.

“Okay Justin, since you won the coin toss you get to make the first wish. What is your wish Justin?” genie asked

“Well for my first wish I want all my Aunt’s wishes” Justin announced with a laugh

“You can’t do that” Krista said

However Justin pulled a smart move and the genie had to give him what he wished for. Justin now had 5 wishes now and knew exactly how to use them. He told the Genie that we was already to go and wanted to make the 5 wishes. The genie asked what are your wishes?

“Okay” said Justin my wishes are

Wish # 1- I want Krista to have bigger tits, her tits right now are pretty nice but I want her tits to go from a 34 C to 36 DD.

Wish #2- For my second wish I want to stick with my Aunt’s body. This time though I want her pussy to be the tightest pussy out there. I want to hear her moan when I fuck her again and I want a little challenge as well first time she was way too lose, I want to be the one that loosens her up. With her tight pussy though whenever she has TNA pants on she will have a camel toe.

Wish #3- Third wish is for me, I want to have an 8’ long cock by 3’inch wide

Wish #4- My fourth wish is that whenever I ask Krista to do something she will, if I want her to suck my cock she will, I want her give herself an orgasm she will.

Wish #5- My final wish is that I want to have your genie powers so I can reset her mind place you back into your lamp and fuck the shit out of my aunt.

“Your wishes are my command, KaBlamABlammalBAmalBaK” the genie started to chant louder and louder



After the loud chant there was a loud POUFF, Justin could feel his cock getting bigger; it was growing in his pants. He couldn’t believe it, the genie wasn’t lying and his wish came true. He couldn’t help it but look at his Aunt. Krista’s tits were growing to their new size a falumpcious 36 DD. Krista started to moan after her tits grew to size, now she could feel her pussy get tighter.

“Well, now’s it time. You wish you knew you wish you knew but now it’s too late” Justin said

Krista passed out on the seat and waked up after a while. Once she had woken up Justin had already disposed on the genie and they were off to go see the family. Once they got into the city Krista just told him to go the Hotel so they could check in, and then we will go see everyone. They pulled up to the hotel and there was a person from valet waiting for them. The valet took the car and Krista and Justin went to check-in. They received their key and headed for the elevator.

Once they got in the elevator Justin pressed number 15 and the elevator was off. Justin remembered that his Aunt will have sex with him or do whatever he wanted. Justin asked his Aunt to start fingering herself until they reached their level. Krista did so instantly and was moaning at the tightness of her pussy.

“Uggh” Krista moaned “My pussy has never been that tight before” Krista told Justin once they were at their level.

“Well Aunty how about you suck my cock and I can sniff your panties, we get changed and when we get back tonight I loosen the pussy of yours up” Justin said knowing she was going to say yes.

“Of course Justin let’s do that” she replied.

“Only if you were TNA pants tonight, you have any other pair other than your pink ones?”

“Yes I brought my grey ones”

Justin opened the door to the room and walked over to the bed where he sat down over the end of the bed. Krista placed her bag beside him and was heading to the washroom.

“Hey Aunty I never told you to go to the washroom, I wanted you to suck my cock. If you pee your pants who cares”.

Krista rushed to her nephew where she immediately got on her knees waiting for her nephew’s new cock. Justin pulled his new cock out for the first time and was ready for his aunt to suck it. Krista started to lick the tip of it with her tongue as Justin opened her bag and started to sniff her panties. Krista started to suck Justin’s cock really fast now using her hands to hold the cock in place. As Krista was sucking his cock she started to pee her pants.

“Justin my jeans there wet from my pee, can I go to the washroom plz?”

“Fine mine as well go get change” Justin told her

Justin handed her clothes and Krista did the pee walk to the washroom. Justin still had a pair of her panties and decided that we would relieve himself in those. He jizzed all over the pussy side of her panties and told her Krista to wear them. Justin gave her the pair of panties and when they were all the way up Justin pressed the panties against her pussy smearing the cum all over her pussy.

“Hurry Aunty put your TNA pants and lets go”

Krista put her TNA pants on and then went to put her bra on but she couldn’t snap it on. She kept trying but it wasn’t working. Justin came back in and was wondering what was taking so long. My bra is to small Justin, somehow my tits are bigger. I don’t care put on your t-shirt and let’s get out of her.

Once they got into the elevator Justin saw that his Aunt had a hard camel toe coming in. He wished Krista had her nipples increase to diamonds again. Just like that Krista’s nipples were growing as hard as diamonds. Justin couldn’t wait to get back to the room later so he could destroy that pussy.

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