Baby Sitting Hell

Baby Sitting Hell

Baby Sitting Hell

I’m seventeen years old, five feet five inches tall, and I weigh one hundred and ten pounds. My measurements are 34B-24-34 and I have been told that I have the ideal body. My light brown hair hangs straight down my back to my waist. Whenever I walk men turn to look at my ass. More than one have walked into something as they look over their shoulders at me. My face is free of blemishes and my skin is smooth. I go to a tanning salon and have a great tan. I bought the perfect tanning suit. It is two adhesive triangles that I position carefully on my breasts. That way there are no strap marks and they are ever so small. My breasts are really something to see in the mirror. The bottom of that tanning suit is very special, there is a tiny triangle that gets positioned just over my butt crack and a front triangle that covers most of my pubic mound and a little down the sides of my pussy lips disappearing into my slit. Those two triangles are connected with a half moon piece of spring wire. There are no side strings to interfere with my tan. I call it the no line look. Thanks to my parents checkbook I have a fantastic wardrobe too made up of almost all sexy clothes. I like the way the boys look at me in my micro mini skirts and skimpy tops. My belly button is pierced and Dad bought me a real diamond to put in it. That diamond can really sparkle in the sunlight drawing even more attention to my flat firm tummy. I have turned down several offers to become a cheerleader with those mindless blonde floozies. I have maintained a 3.80 grade point average throughout three years of high school. Now I’m out for the summer and officially a senior. Life was absolutely perfect.

Then Mom set me up to baby-sit for her boss!

I screamed, hollered, and even cried to no avail. I was stuck in baby-sitting hell. Mom threatened to cut off my allowance, ground me for the entire summer, and force me to get a job. Out of desperation I said yes but insisted that it never happen again. Mom agreed.

So that Saturday Mom and Dad dropped me off, introduced me, and then took off in her boss’s car with him and his wife. They were double dating!

I had less than five minutes of conversation with the wife before they left. They had three boys, Tim who was fifteen years old, Tom who was fourteen years old, and Ted who was thirteen years old. They were perfect angles until their parents car got of sight then all hell cut loose. Those three bastards started fighting, throwing unbreakable things fortunately, and rolling around on the floor.

Suddenly they stopped dead in their tracks and Tim shouted, “Pink! I win! Pay up!”

They had staged that whole scene to look up my skirt and see what color panties I was wearing. This was not a good omen!

I saw twenty-dollar bills changing hands. These kids had more money than I do.

Tim said, “I’ll give you their forty dollars if you show me your panties for one minute. Just pull your skirt to your waist and let me look.”

I said, “No way!”

Tim said, “How about a hundred dollars?”

I looked him right in the eyes. He was serious. It made me think. I could use the money, it was just my panties, and I certainly had let other boys look at them. Why not!

So I said, “Just you, one hundred dollars, and for just one minute!” Then I stuck out my hand.

Tim reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of money, and placed five twenty-dollar bills in my hand. I put the money in my pocketbook.

He started to lead me to his bedroom. I thought about him recording me on his computer or something so I headed toward the bathroom. I could see that he was disappointed but he followed me. Once in the bathroom I locked the door, told him to sit on the toilet, and looked at my wristwatch. When I was sure he was ready I lifted my skirt to my waist and looked at my watch. Tim asked me to turn around so he could see my ass and then back around so he could gawk my pussy again. I could feel myself getting aroused. My nipples were starting to show as I looked right past them at my watch. My pussy was just starting to secrete from my excitement when the time was up and I pulled my skirt back down in place. Tim thanked me and I left. I figured that with that lump in his pants he would need time to relieve himself.

Tom and Ted were waiting for me as I entered the living room and sat down. They just stared at me.

It took Tim about five minutes to come back out. His brothers bombarded him with all kinds of questions while I sat right there listening. I was pleased that Tim did not make up any lies he simply said that he sat on the toilet and looked at my panties. He tried to describe the way they form fit my pussy and then the way the thin strip ran down my ass crack. Then he surprised me when he told them that he was too hard to stand up and that he jerked off after I left.

Then out of nowhere Tom asked, “How much to see you naked for five minutes?”

I snapped at him, “You don’t have enough money to see me naked!”

Tom said, “I have a hundred and thirty left!”

Ted said, “I still have a hundred and twenty, I think!”

Tim said, “And I’ve got well over almost three hundred dollars. I think we can offer you close to six hundred dollars!”

I didn’t even know I said it out loud, “Holly shit!”

Tim smiled and asked, “Is it a deal then?”

I was not even aware that I was speaking. But apparently I was negotiating with them about where to do it. Apparently I had decided that in their parents bedroom would be acceptable. The boys left me and I was all alone.

Before I could regain my senses the three boys were back. Tim was putting five hundred and thirty dollars in my hand. I was just staring at the money.

Tim said, “So is it enough?”

I must have looked puzzled because he said, “Is it enough money? Will you strip naked so we can look at your body for five minutes?”

I must have said, “Yes!” But I didn’t hear it. It was almost like having an out of body experience. It was as if I were watching myself on television or something. I put the money in my pocketbook along with the other hundred dollars. I could not believe how well this baby-sitting was going! I had earned six hundred and thirty dollars and I hadn’t even been here for an hour yet.

I was led up to the master bedroom and watched the three boys sit on their parent’s bed. I knew I had gone too far but for some reason I couldn’t back out now. I didn’t want them to get any more than their five minutes worth so I went into the master bathroom to undress. It was the most elegant bathroom that I had ever been in. The wife had several bottles of the best perfumes out on the counter, a variety of fragrance soaps, and an elaborate display of makeup.

When I was fully naked I couldn’t resist touching up my makeup. Her lighting was fantastic. It had four settings; one was for bright sunlight, fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting, and even candlelight. Oh my God it was so wonderful that I had to try it out. The boys could just wait a little longer. After I touched up my makeup I sprayed perfume on my neck, wrists, and on my pussy. I used one of her brushes to fluff my pubic hair. I had it trimmed into a cute little heart on my mound with the lower half bare.

I was startled when I heard the boys shout, “Are you ever coming out of there?”

I shouted back, “Keep your pants on! You’ll get your money’s worth! I just want to look my best for you!”

I was finally ready but nervous as hell. I unlocked the bathroom door, took a deep breath, and stepped out.

I was blinded by all of the camera flashes. I head the bathroom door close behind me. I desperately tried to see. Then I turned around and tried to get back inside the bathroom and to my clothes but the door was locked. I was screwed! I turned back around with one hand on my right breast and the other hand on my pussy. I was crouching and trying very hard to conceal my naked body. As I focused I could see eight teenage boys with cameras taking pictures just as fast as they could. I spotted at least two video cameras on tripods. I started to cry. I tried to get out of the bedroom through the door but two big boys blocked it. I tried to get to the covers on the bed but there weren’t any. Those bastards had stripped the bed while I was in the bathroom. Reality sunk in as I realized that there was absolutely nothing that I could possibly do. Out of desperation I got on my tummy and crawled under the bed.

I was in baby-sitting hell!

Tim got down on the floor in front of me and said, “You might as well come out. You didn’t give us the full five minutes yet and you were paid!”

Crying I said, “You can have your money back!”

Tim smiled at me and said, “We don’t want our money back! We want to see you for the full five minutes!”

I said, “I didn’t agree to anyone else being here!”

Tim said, “It was never brought up or discussed either! My mother’s a lawyer!” A moment later Tim said, “For our first contract you said ‘Just you, one hundred dollars, and for just one minute!’ and I agreed to your conditions”

In my mind I was trying to go over exactly what we had discussed for this time:

I was not even aware that I was speaking.
Apparently I was negotiating with them about where to do it.
Apparently I had decided that in their parents bedroom would be acceptable.
Tim was putting five hundred and thirty dollars in my hand.
“So is it enough? Will you strip naked so we can look at your body for five minutes?”
I must have said, “Yes!” But I didn’t hear it.
I was almost having an out of body experience.
It was as if I were watching myself on television or something.
I put the money in my pocketbook along with the other hundred dollars.
I could not believe how well this baby-sitting was going!
I had earned six hundred and thirty dollars and I hadn’t even been here for an hour yet.
I was led up to the master bedroom and watched the three boys sit on their parent’s bed.
I knew I had gone too far but for some reason I couldn’t back out now.
I didn’t want them to get more than their five minutes worth so I went into the bathroom to undress.
It was the most elegant bathroom that I had ever been in.

No! I had never negotiated for just the three of them and I never mentioned anything about no cameras either. Damn they were teenage lawyers and I was lying under the bed naked.

I was in baby-sitting hell!

Tim asked, “We would consider renegotiating our contract! If you’re interested that is!”

I said, “What?”

Tim turned toward the other boys and asked, “How much money can you guys come up with? The three of us gave her five hundred and thirty dollars!”

I heard, “I have one fifty at home!” “A hundred at home!” Two hundred and forty at home!” “I have about one eighty but it’s at home!” “I’ve got almost five hundred dollars but I want more than five minutes for it!”

Tim said, “I calculate just under twelve hundred dollars but it will take them time to get it.”

I said, “Hand me a robe!”

One was quickly tossed on the floor in front of me. I started to crawl out and said, “No cameras right now please!”

Tim said, “Okay! Turn them all off including the video!”

In a short while Tim said, “Okay!”

I slipped out from under the bed and tried to put the robe on as gracefully as I could. Tim became the gentleman and actually helped me get it on and pulled it down to cover my ass. I stood up and sat on the bed clutching the robe tightly to my body.

Then I asked, “Exactly what does this involve? I want it written down and I want it signed this time with no deviations!”

I listened as Tim discussed their demands.

Then I presented what I would agree to do:

I was willing to wait for them to go home, get their money, and come back.
I was willing to give them ten full minutes and the one boy twenty minutes, but alone.
I wanted all of the camera discs and those in the video cameras.
I would let Tim take just a very few pictures of my choosing and he could share them with the other boys but no one else could ever see them ever.
I wanted the bed made up the way it was.
I would let each boy kiss me and suck both of my nipples.
And I would open my pussy lips so they could look inside.

Oh and I wanted to get back in the bathroom and check my makeup and hair.

Tim agreed but he had to go into the bathroom with me so that I couldn’t lock the door and stay in there until his parents come home.

It appeared that we had reached an agreement. One at a time I watched each boy open his camera and hand me his disc, then the two video cameras. I asked Tim if there were any hidden cameras. He walked over and took another video camera out from between his mother’s porcelain dolls. He removed the DVD disc and handed it to me.

Tim said, “That’s everything! I swear!”

I said, “Okay boys go get your money!”

The other five boys cleared out of the room. I helped the boys make up the bed. Then Tim unlocked the bathroom door for me. I left it open and walked in. All three boys followed me in. I put all of the camera discs in my pocketbook. I had to fix my face from the crying I had done and I brushed my hair again. I turned my back and asked Ted to brush my hair for me. He was thrilled that I had asked him. Then to their surprise I sat on the toilet and peed. Their eyes got really big. I pulled some toilet paper off the roll and spread my legs as I wiped my pussy dry. I got up, straightened the robe, and flushed.

I said, “Tim do you have another camera disc?”

Tim said, “Yes I’ll have to go get it!”

I smiled at him and said, “Well go get it!” I walked out into the bedroom and sat gracefully on the bed. A few of the boys started returning. When Tim returned he put the disc in his camera. Shortly the other boys returned.

Tim collected the money and counted it. Eleven hundred and sixty dollars was placed in my hand. I read the contract that Tim had printed out. Everything was perfect. I watched as all eight boys signed it then I signed it. I’m not sure why I signed it because I just folded it neatly, went into the bathroom leaving the door open, and placed the money and the contract in my pocketbook.

I came back out and asked the boys to stand over against the wall. I sat on the bed still wearing the robe and told Tim to take a very nice picture of me. I told him not to rush, to look at the background, and pretend that I was a Playboy model and that he was my photographer. I straightened my back, sucked in my tummy, and pulled my shoulders back. Tim took my picture.

I looked at the clock. As soon as the second hand hit the twelve, I stood up, dropped my robe, and told Tim to take a picture. My posture was perfect. The boys were in awe. I turned to the side, put my arms up over my head, and told Tim to take another picture. Then I gave them a very nice rear picture. I spread my legs and bent over at the waist exposing my asshole to them all for another picture. I told them that they could get closer if the wished. They wished!

I looked at the clock and squatted straight down opening my knees wide. I knew my pussy lips would spread and Tim would get a nice picture. I got on the bed for a picture of me lying down. Then I lifted my knees keeping my feet flat on the bed. I had arranged it so that my pussy was facing the boys. I opened my pussy lips to show them how pink and wet I was in there. I told Tim to a full shot and then a close-up picture of my open pussy. Eight minutes had gone by so I told them that it was time to kiss me and suck my nipples. I told Tim to stand to my left so that he could take a picture of each boy sucking my right nipple into his mouth. One at a time I kissed them and allowed them to suck my nipples. I looked at the clock and knew that it was taking longer than I had anticipated. However I was going to let them finish. I realized that I was getting very wet.

When they finished I looked at the clock again and said, “Well it’s been thirteen minutes. I think you boys should go except the one kid that paid for extra time. Oh! Tim will you give him your camera please?"

Tim did and took all of the boys out of the bedroom. Jimmy stayed.

I said, “Hi Jimmy!”

Jimmy said, “Hello!”

I said, “That photo session made me so horny!”

Jimmy said, “Me too!”

I said, “Do you mind if I masturbate? You can too! I don’t mind! Really!”

So I lay back and started to sip a finger into my mouth getting it all wet. I slipped it in between my pussy lips and touched my clit. That was all it took and I was cumming. I told Jimmy to take a picture from the side then another one from my feet. The bottom of my feet were touching, my knees were flat on the bed, and my pussy was thrusting up to meet my finger.

I looked over and Jimmy had his cock out and was stroking it. I told him to come closer. Then I told him to wait a few seconds and that he could take another picture. Then I sucked his cock into my mouth. I saw the flash and felt his cum squirt into my mouth. He was excited and some of his cum dripped out of the corners of my mouth but I swallowed most of it.

I looked at the clock and Jimmy had used nine of his extra minutes so I let him suck my nipples again. Jimmy asked if he could lick my pussy instead. I smiled and took the camera. As I lay back he got in position and buried his tongue in my pussy. I took his picture and enjoyed the tongue lashing that he was giving my clit. I was enjoying it and had an orgasm.

When I looked at the clock I asked, “Is fourteen extra minutes enough?”

Like a gentleman Jimmy said, “Yes! More than enough! Thank you!”

I said, “Thank you and please call Tim in.”

Jimmy opened the door and called for Tim. As Tim came in Jimmy started to leave but I called him back too.

I said, “Okay Tim! I counted ten pictures for each boy plus just the one of him sucking my nipple. That makes eleven pictures for each boy. However the last four pictures are for Jimmy alone. Is that crystal clear?”

Tim said, “Yes. Spoken like my mother!”

I let them go out while I went into the bathroom and got dressed again. I took the robe and placed it on the bed. Then I found all of the boys in Tim’s room looking at the monitor. Tim was putting the eleven pictures on discs for the boys and writing their names on them. I watched their eyes bug out when they saw Jimmy’s last four pictures.

I heard, “Oh my God!” “Holly shit!” “I wish I had more money!” “Can we do this again sometime?” I would just die if she did that to my cock!” “I’m in love!” “She’s perfect!”

I thanked the boys for all of their compliments and suggested that they should go home now and reminded them that they could not show those pictures to anyone, make copies, or sending them out over the Internet. Just to press the point I said, “Not if you ever wanted to see me naked again!”

I told Tim to put his mother’s robe back were it belonged, to check his parent’s bedroom and their bathroom to be sure everything was where it belonged. Then we went downstairs.

When our parents returned we were very quietly watching a movie that their parents would have approved of.

My mother’s boss handed me some money and thanked me for baby-sitting.

His wife asked, “Did they put you through Hell?”

I smiled and said. “It took a while be we finally reached an agreement!”

She smiled but I watched her three sons smile even bigger behind her. As I turned around to leave I looked at the hundred dollar bill and put it in my pocketbook.

Their mother asked, “Can we call you again sometime?”

I turned, looked at the faces of her sons, and said, “Yes! Anytime!”

When I got in the car mom handed me another hundred dollars and said, “Thank you honey. I got my promotion!”

I slipped my hand along the seat and found a ten dollar bill.

As dad drove off I put the money in my pocketbook. I had two thousand dollars in there. I leaned back, slipped my hand up under my tiny skirt, and started masturbating again. Mom and dad had drunk quite a bit and didn’t notice the smell of my pussy or my heavy breathing either.

When we got home mom kissed me goodnight and said, “Wow! You smell really nice!”

As I drifted off to sleep “Baby-sitting Hell” flashed through my head over and over.


About two months later mom said, “My boss would like you to baby-sit again! Do you have anything planned?”

Actually I did but I knew that I could cancel it. So I said, “Nothing planned! Yeah I’d love to baby-sit for him again!”

That Friday Mom and Dad dropped me off and came in. I had dressed to excite the boys. I had on a micro mini skirt that just barely covered my panties. At least I was wearing panties. I had thought about not wearing them. However I was braless in a tight thin white tube top and my nipples were very hard giving away my excitement. Soon my parents left with Mom’s boss and his wife.

Just as soon as the car was out of sight Tim asked, “What color are your panties?”

I lifted my skirt an inch to show them that they were white. Tim held out his hand and his brothers each put a twenty-dollar bill in it.

Ted ran to the back door and let the other boys in. They loved my outfit and I thanked them.

Then the negations began once again. It seems that all eight of my little boyfriends were virgins and that they wanted to change that status. They offered me two thousand four hundred and seventy-five dollars that the eight of them had saved. That was over three hundred dollars apiece. It was from their allowances, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and stealing money from their mother’s purses. These little guys get more money than I do! I think! I really don’t keep track of what I charge to Daddy.

I suggested, “You want me to take money for sex! That’s prostitution! Why don’t you go get a hundred dollar whore?”

Tim and Jimmy said, “We don’t want a whore!” “We want you!” “We like you!” “You are our dream girl!” “We all jerk off at night thinking about you!” “We didn’t show your pictures to anybody!” “We all want you to be our first!” “The money is our way of thanking you and bribing you into letting us all have our dream girl be the first girl we ever made love too!” “That's all!” “We would never think of you as a prostitute!”

Then I asked, “So what exactly do you want?”

Jimmy said, “We want ten minutes in bed with you naked. We what to screw you and loose our virginities!”

Tim said, “Yeah that’s all just ten minutes!”

All the rest of the boys were bobbing their heads to say yes.

I said, “Well your parents said that they would not be home until around one o’clock in the morning. It is eight o’clock now! So that leaves us five hours. I figure that with an hour to spare you can each have thirty minutes in bed with me. Knowing young boys I’m sure that ten minutes would not be enough time.”

They were amazed that I had negation for them to have three times as much time in bed with me.

I said, “Okay! No cameras! Thirty minutes in bed with me naked! You get to loose your virginity and cum in my pussy! And if you’re really nice I might give you a blowjob too!”

Again they were amazed.

I asked, So who’s first?”

They hadn’t thought about that so I took Ted’s hand and led the thirteen-year-old up to his bedroom. I undressed quickly and got under the covers. He undressed and got in too. I looked at the clock. When I reached down his little cock was fully hard. I thought about giving him a blowjob first so that the real fuck would last longer but I figured that he really wouldn’t know the difference. I pulled Ted on top of me and helped him get his sweet little cock in me. He just started in humping like a little pet bunny. It was kind of nice knowing that these boys worshiped me so much. I actually enjoyed the look on Ted’s face as he entered me and as he came in his very first girl. I kissed him, thanked him for doing such a good job, and snuggled him into my breasts. I gave him a few minutes to recover then bent over him sideways and started to suck his sweet little cock. I placed one of his hands on my breast to let him know that he could play with them. Soon he was cumming again. I held his cock in my mouth and let him fill me up. Then I backed off, swallowed, and sucked him clean. Then I snuggled into him again.

I said, “Ted you are the youngest boy to make love to me and I enjoyed it very much.”

In a few minutes I told him to get dressed and send the next boy in. He only had twenty-eight minutes but he didn’t know it or care, I had just given him manhood. He strutted out of the bedroom a very proud young man.

Each of the next four boys was even more nervous than Ted had been. I was gentle with each of them and allowed them to fill my pussy and my mouth besides fell my breasts and cuddle. That was my concept of lovemaking not just a quick fuck to loose their virginities.

Tim was next. He was just as nervous as the rest of them were but his cock was bigger due to his age. I enjoyed the feel of it slipping into my pussy. I told him not to hurry and that I liked the feel. As he pumped me like a little gentleman I thought about the four boys that I had let fuck me over the past two years and of the eight boys that were going to fuck me tonight. I was going to triple my record in just a few hours. Tim pumped his sperm into me with some urgency as I expected but I had still enjoyed it. Soon I was sucking him hard again and shortly after that he was pumping his second load into my mouth. At his age he must think that he is the jerk off king. I wanted him in my pussy for his third load so I sucked him hard and pulled him back up on top of me. This time I got to cum before he did. Tim was very proud of cumming in my pussy twice.

Tom was next. He was like the younger boys and in a big hurry to just get it over with.

Jimmy waited until the end. He had the biggest cock of all of the boys probably because he is bigger and soon would be sixteen. It was almost six inches long and felt so good sliding up into me. I knew I was going to cum again. I kept him slowed down just enough. Then I gave him his reward, a blowjob, with me swallowing his cum. I wanted one more orgasm so I sucked him hard again. Jimmy was going to make some lucky girl a great boyfriend. He lasted just long enough to give me that needed orgasm. I kissed him, thanked him, and cuddled him for a full thirty-three minutes. Then I called out to Tim to come in.

He said that the other boys had all gone home. I had Tim wash up the cum stains on Ted’s sheet and make the bed. Ted said that he would gladly sleep in the wet spot and remember being my first. I took a bath to get my pussy clean and then got dressed. I told the boys to go to bed because it was midnight and their parents would be home in an hour. Jimmy was spending the night in Tim’s room.

When my mother’s boss came in he was holding his wife up. He was drunk as a skunk. He asked me to help him get his wife up to bed then told me to drive my parents home because they were passed out in his back seat. He gave me his car keys and a hundred dollar bill. But first I had to help him get her up the stairs. He plopped on the couch and passed out.

I went upstairs and got Tim and Jimmy to help me take her up to her bedroom. I picked up her feet thinking that the two teenage boys were stronger and could hold up her torso better than I could. I watched as Tim and Jimmy both kept feeling of her tits as they carried her. They looked at me and just smiled so they knew that I was okay with it. I looked at the crotch of her panties the whole way up the stairs. We eventually got her up onto her own bed.

I said, “Well I guess I should undress her and put her in bed!”

Tim asked, “Can we help?”

Jimmy said, “She won’t know!”

Tim said, “Please. She’s out for the night! Besides we can just come back in here after you go!”

So I agreed. They watched as I unbuttoned her silk blouse. I saw some dried cum on her chin. When I opened her blouse there was dried cum all over her exposed breasts. The boys helped hold her up so I could get her blouse off and unhook the back of her bra. Her bra was on inside out. As I removed her bra the boys stared at her bare breasts. Her nipples looked raw like they had been abused. There was dried cum all over her breasts. I found the button and zipper to her dress on the side. I was pretty sure that it belonged in the back. As I slipped her skirt down the boys lifted her hips. Just for the boys sake I removed her panties too. The crotch of her panties contained a thick coating of cum that hadn’t dried yet. Her pussy lips were all red and swollen. I wondered how many fucks it took to do that much damage. I know that I had ten fucks tonight and I was sort of tender.

Tim asked, “Can we fuck her? She won’t even know!”

Jimmy said, “She’s asleep!”

I nodded and slid her feet around on the bed. Tim wanted to go first so I watched him take off his underwear and slip his almost manly cock into his mother. He pumped her faster than he had me but then again I had to tell him to slow down. When he finished Jimmy took his turn. I watched the pleasure on these two boy’s faces as they used her.

I whispered to Tim, “Get your camera!”

Tim came back just in time to take two pictures of Jimmy fucking his mother. He desperately wanted pictures of himself fucking her too. So I sucked him hard tasting what I expected was cum form several male donors. When Tim was ready he simply pulled out of my mouth and shoved it in his mother’s pussy. While he fucked her Jimmy took just two pictures then looked at me. I smiled and nodded my head. Jimmy started moving around the bed taking pictures. I told him not to take my picture just incase someone sees them someday. When Tim finished Jimmy wanted to go again. Tim took several pictures of Jimmy. After he finished Tim took a lot of pictures of his naked mother from every angle including close-ups. Then it was time to cover her up, put the boys to bed, and take my parents home.

I drove the boss’s car to my house with my parents in the back seat. I managed to get dad to help me get mom into the house. Dad like mom’s boss passed out on the couch. I was just barely able to get mom onto her bed. I was curious and started undressing her. I noticed dried cum on her chin, on her entire breasts, and like a paste in her panties. Her bra was on inside out, her panties were on inside out, and her skirt was on backwards. Her nipples looked raw and abused too. Her pussy looked well fucked. I saw lipstick marks on her breasts and her boss had signed his name on her inner thigh real close to her pussy. Just for the hell of it I got my digital camera and took a lot of pictures like Tim had.

I remembered sucking Tim’s cock and wondering how many men had cum in his mother. I thought long and hard about it but finally I got on the bed between mom’s legs and started licking her very swollen pussy lips. She had enough cum in her to feed a roomful of dykes. Finally I went to bed.


In the morning I woke up refreshed. I took a shower, dressed and counted my money. I had $4,675 from just baby sitting twice. I was saving for a car because Mom and Dad paid for everything else that I needed.

I called Tim and told him that I wanted to talk to him and Jimmy. I also told him that I would like a copy of the pictures of his mother naked.

We met at the mall and went to the worst movie that they were playing. We sat I one corner of the almost deserted theater. Tim gave me a CD and said that all of the pictures were there. I told him that didn’t need the pictures of him and Jimmy. That’s when Tim said that they had taken a lot more after I left and had even woke up Tom and Ted to fuck their mother too. When they turned her over my father’s name was on her ass right in her crack and there were lipstick kisses on her ass cheeks too.

We compared notes and I told them that I suspected that our parents had gone to an orgy somewhere.

Jimmy said, “Like you did last night?”

I smiled and said, “Well yes but only worse!”

Tim said, “Like how many times?”

I said, “I don’t know maybe fifty times or more.”

Jimmy laughed and said, “Well add another dozen times to that after we got done with her.”

Tim said, “Yeah! We each fucked her pussy four times and Tom and Ted fucked her twice.”

Jimmy said, “Yeah and then we both fucked her asshole once too!”

I said, “What!”

Tim said, “She already had cum in there too so we decided to try it!”

I couldn’t believe what I was about to say, “I was kind of hoping that your first time for anal sex would be with me!”

Jimmy said, “We didn’t know! Honest!”

I said, “Well I was kind of proud that you eight boys had wanted my pussy to be your first and my mouth too so I was just hoping that my ass would be your first too.”

Tim said, “The other six can still be the first in your ass. Is that all right?”

I told them that it would be fine. Then I suggested to them that we make out in the theater. I lifted my top so they could each have a tit to play with. I got to both of their cocks and started jerking them off. I told them that I wanted to swallow their cum so they were to tell me. Tim was first so I leaned over taking his cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. Then it was Jimmy’s turn. Then both of the boys sucked a nipple and attacked my pussy and clit together. I didn’t stand a chance. I had a magnificent orgasm. I think it was the chance of getting caught that did it.

That evening after dinner dad got a call and had to go out. That’s when I confronted mom.

I said, “Mom were you at an orgy last night with Mrs. Jones?”

Mom huffed and asked, “Why would you ask such a thing?”

I said, “You could have just said no but you didn’t. Well I undressed Mrs. Jones and you and put you both to bed. Your boss wrote his name next to your pussy with a black Sharpie marker. Dad wrote his name in the crack of Mrs. Jones ass with the same black Sharpie marker. You both had lipstick prints from other women on your bodies. You were both so full of cum that your panties were thick with the stuff. You both had dried cum all over your breasts and dripping down your chins. Your nipples were raw and sore looking as were your pussies too. I estimated at least fifty fucks to do that much damage! Besides someone dressed you both with your bras inside out, panties inside out, and your skirts on backwards. Was I close?”

Mom blushed and said, “Yes, you got it perfectly! It’s a sex club that we belong too. We go every other month. We all have great unabated sex and no one gets hurt!” She placed a palm gently over her nipple and said, “Well not really hurt!”

I asked, “So you let lots of men fuck you and it’s okay?”

Mom said, “Well that’s sort of simple but yes!”

I asked, “So it’s okay if I let eight boys make love to me?”

Mom smiled and said, “Tell me more please!”

So I told mom all about my eight little sex partners.

Mom said, “Isn’t baby-sitting hell?”

The End

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