Bouncin Becky 2

Bouncin Becky 2

Rick groaned in appreciation as my slick pussy slipped further down his shaft. The slightly painful felling of his big dick stretching me was really turning me on, making my juices flow, and that was making it slip into me a little easier. I whimpered with lust as Rick began to twist and tug on my nipples. He laughed, clearly enjoying himself. Our lips met, and as i slipped my tongue into his mouth i wiggled my hips slowly, and moaned into our kiss as i felt the last few inches of his dick go into me.

We kissed for a few minutes, Rick stroking his fingers gently along my breasts and nips, and me just loving the way his cock felt inside me. His body temperature was alot hotter than my recently-missing boyfriend Alan's had been, and his shaft throbbed inside my pussy, making me squirm with desire. My pussy was on fire, and i began to slide myself up and down his length, groaning each time. I tore my mouth off his and brought my hands up onto his shoulders, staring into his blue eyes as i began to fuck myself up and down on his thick cock with more force. He just grinned and lifted his hips to meet me as i panted and closed my eyes. With my nipples dragging across his hairy chest as i rose and fell on his lovely cock, i was in heaven. As he grabbed my ass cheeks we began to fuck in earnest, and i began rolling my hips to maximize the terrific sensations his dick was creating as he sank deep into me over and over.

We were fucking like animals, me whining and crying softly with how wonderful this felt, him grunting shoving harder and deeper. I felt Rick's cock swell inside me and he moaned as his hot cum blasted into me, me screaming into his shoulder as i came too, waves of heat washing through my body as my pussy clenched and relaxed around his shaft, milking him. How long we came together i don't know, but it seemed to go on a long time and i didn't want it to end.

I heard him laugh and i giggled, leaning back to grin at him. The look on his face was suprising, and i realized he was looking past me, over my left shoulder. "How long have you guys been here?", he asked. I turned to look, shocked.

There were three guys standing over by the hallway, and i gasped as i realized they all had thier cocks in hand, stroking themselves. I blushed all over as i saw that, and started to get off of Rick. He surprised me by pulling me back down, his still-stiff cock squishing noisily up into my pussy, and i heard the guys laugh as i looked back at Rick. I could feel our combined juices draining slowly out of me, and he grinned as he bounced me on his cock, making me blush hotly as i heard the lewd sucking sounds my sloppy cunt made.

"We've been here awhile", the guy about Rick's age said as he walked closer. "Shoulda seen the look on the boys faces when they saw this little number dancing on your cock", he said as he gestured to me with his free hand. I was staring at his other hand, wrapped as it was around a very impressive cock, and even though i was in the wierdest situation of my life i felt my pussy tingle as i imagined how that cock might feel inside me.

I tore my eyes away from his hard dick and looked at the 'boys' he was referring to. They looked vaguely familiar. Both of them came over and stood beside me. I felt really strange sitting on Rick's cock with three strangers standing in the room, stroking themselves brazenly.

"She a hooker?", the older guy asked suddenly, his eyes traveling over my body. I flushed with anger, but as i started to open my mouth Rick said, "Yeah, she stops by a couple times a month."

I gasped and spun to look at his face and caught the slightest wink as he grinned back. "Kinda expensive but worth every penny…you should feel how tight her little cunt is Bob. She's a real wildcat when you get her wound tight enough, too", he continued, twisting hard on my left nipple. I whimpered…it hurt a little but i kinda liked it. The guys all laughed.

"How much?", Bob asked as he reached out and tugged on my other nipple, making me gasp. I was becoming really confused, not sure whether to feel hurt or aroused by all this. "Two hundred", Rick replied, making me look at him in disbelief. My mouth dropped open too but he just smothered my protest with a kiss. "Go with this, babe, you'll love it…and it'll explain you being on top of me…", he whispered into my ear.

OK, maybe having two older men twisting roughly on my nipples, sending tingling hot flashes through my tummy made me unwilling to refuse. But the feel of his other hand on my ass and his hard dick in my pussy was keeping me hot and wet and horny. I decided to go along…for now. Or my body decided, i dunno. Maybe it was one of my favorite fantasies come to life…i'd often dreamed of being a whore…usually when i was really horny. Like right now.

"You willing to share with my buddies, Becky? Three hundred ok, guys? She's worth it, believe me." I couldn't believe it when they dug out thier wallets and put an assortment of bills on the endtable. "Um, ok", i stammered, still a little unsure. The older guy, Bob, had already taken off his shirt, he had a gut but as he took off his pants the size and length of his cock made my mouth water. The younger guys were following his lead, and i blushed as i saw they were really built, if not as well hung as Bob or Rick.

Bob plopped down next to us on the couch, and wiggled his cock for me as he said, "Come over here baby, i bet you suck a mean dick." I seemed to be blushing alot today, but i grinned and licked my lips as i rose off of Rick's cock, slipping down onto the carpet, pushing the coffee table back with my butt. Rick motioned to the boys and they moved it away as i eased between Bob's thighs. I reached forward and wrapped my small right hand around Bob's cock, at once amazed that he was still not fully erect. As i bent forward to gently kiss his cockhead, finding it to have a sweet taste as precum leaked out onto my tongue, i wondered again how it would feel inside me.

He groaned as i sucked slightly at the head, swirling my tongue across the underside where i knew a guy was most sensitive. I loved making a guy groan with my mouth, and giggled before dragging my lips down the side of his shaft, licking and kissing all the way. When my mouth found it's way back to the head, i pursed my lips, forcing them apart with the tip of this nice dick, sucking hard on the head then letting his entire length slide over my tongue and down into my throat. This was the first cock i had ever sucked i couldn't take in one gulp, but he decided to help me, and grabbing my hair he forced it deeper into my throat, gagging me but obviously not caring. With my nose pressed into his crotch hair i was choking, but he let me up soon enough. He laughed as i coughed, looking at Rick who just laughed along with him. "He's kinda rough, Becky…but you'll love it, trust me", Rick said, reaching over to slap my ass, hard. I squealed as the 'boys' followed his lead, each of them slapping my ass cheeks hard. I glared at them, but the way they were grinning made me grin too, and with my ass stinging i went back to sucking on Bob's lovely big dick.

"She's got a really great ass", i heard one of them say as i enjoyed myself. Bob was groaning occasionally as i sucked and hummed and fucked my throat on his penis, getting better at letting his length slide into my throat. I felt one of them put his hand between my thighs, and i arched my back and ground myself back at that hand as i felt two fingers forced into my pussy. I heard them laugh again and felt more of Rick's warm cum flow out of me, filling the palm that was cupped to receive it. A hand grabbed my hair, i was pulled roughly up off Bob's cock and my head tugged back. I opened my eyes in time to see a big glob of cum drool from the hand above my face, and giggled as the dark-haired boy let it drip onto my lips. I opened my mouth to recieve the warm offering, finding it yummy and flavored by my own body. The guys laughed together as i happily lapped and licked at the creamy cum, then they laughed harder as i took first one then another finger into my mouth and sucked the cum from them too.

The blond boy identified himself by saying, "Look at her…she's a little cumslut. If you want my cock in that ass, you'll have to get Steve wet with that talented mouth of yours." He moved forward and offered his thin but long cock to me. I saw Rick frown with consternation and quickly replied with a sultry look up at Steve, "Umm baby, i'd love to have you in my ass." I licked my lips and grinned as he smiled, then i kissed the head of his cock. He sank to his knees on the floor as i sucked him into my mouth, and the other boy moved behind me and used his knee to nudge my legs wider. As i deep-throated Steve i felt the other boy rub his cock between the wet lips of my pussy, and i whimpered as he forced the head of it inside me. Steve grabbed my head and began fucking my throat, even as his friend began screwing my pussy. I whimpered and moaned happily, louder when the dark-haired boy forced a cum-covered finger into my ass.

As they fucked me, i began having trouble concentrating on Steve's cock. The finger in my ass slipped out and was rubbed along my clit before being forced into my pussy along with his cock, stretching me and making me squeal around Steve's cock in my mouth. Then, lubricated by more of mine and Rick's juices it was forced back into my ass, along with a second finger. As i let Steve's cock slip out of my mouth, he said, "Keep sucking, whore", and slapped me across the face before rubbing his cock on my lips. I complied, trying to ignore for a moment the fantastic sensation provided by having two fingers in my tight ass and a fairly thick if short cock stretching my pussy. I heard Rick say, "Go easy on this one, ok?", to which Bob replied, "Fuck that. Give the little whore what she needs…since when are you easy on the cunts you fuck?"

He moved down beside me and, taking a fistful of my hair, pulled me away from Steve. He held my gasping face up for Rick to see. I was close to cumming and i'm sure my sweaty face looked sexy as hell as i ground my holes back at the dark-haired boy who was using them. "She loves this shit, look at her", Bob said, then he was forcing his big cock between my lips. As i tried to suck the way they were using me, better than my wildest fantasies, made me climax. It was wonderful, made even more so as someone began spanking me hard. My face was buried in Bob's crotch, his huge cock halfway down my throat, choking me, someone was still spanking my ass and both my nipples were being twisted roughly, the boy in my ass began cumming as he managed to force a third finger into my burning asshole…and i loved every second of it. The pain they were causing me only made me cum harder. My body was shaking and i was screaming as Bob, excited i guess by the way i was reacting, pulled back to fill my mouth with hot sperm, then his cock slipped free and he shot another slimy load on my face. I whimpered as his third load coated my throat and breasts, even as Steve put the head of his cock in my gasping mouth and came too. I sucked greedily at the delicious jism, my orgasm fading and yet still with me as i slurped hungrily at Steve's spurting cock.

Sorry i took so long to write more, but good things cum to those who wait.

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