Boys and girls together (3)

Boys and girls together (3)

I woke up the next morning really rested and pleased with the way yesterday went. My only misgiving was that Jennie was not the girl I thought she was. She was acting more like a horny young girl, then my friend, the tomboy. I guess I wanted her to behave more like my mom, faithful, until I proved to be unfaithful. I guess I am confused. Before this week Jennie and I never had sex or even thought about having sex. This really was confusing. Before this week, I was a virgin, sort of any way. I had masturbated before this week. I guess this is all part of growing up.

I went to school and met the guys and went to class. Miss Schmidt was full of smiles and very pleasant to everyone. She dressed a little differently today. She usually wore gray or dark blue. Today she had no jacket on and white blouse. You could see the outline of a white bra beneath her blouse. Her skirt was a little shorter then usual and her makeup were noticeable. You could see a slight pinkish color lipstick on her lips.

The intercom asked her to report to the office. "Ok children. Take your seats. I have to go to the office, I believe that the student teacher is going to be starting today. Please behave and read chapter seven in the reader book. I should not be gone long. Beth, please monitor the class." Said Miss Schmidt.

Beth got up and went to the teacher's desk and sat down. Beth wore her uniform about four inches above her knees. She liked for everyone to stare up her skirt. She pulled the crossed ankle and spread knee seating. But she would sit forward on the chair angling her legs down. So if you wanted to look you had to drop a pencil to look up her skirt. A lot of pencils dropped when she was up front. I was not that interested in peeking up her shirt. She was just a tease.
I started to read the assignment, cause I was bored.
After around five minutes, the door opened an in walked this beautiful, black-haired, blue eyed girl/woman. Her face could stop traffic. I was in love or at least lust. She looked to be around eighteen. She had 36b chest. I guessed 36-24-36. She wore a cotton print dress. She reminded me of an Italian peasant girl. She had full lips, high cheekbones and a small well-shaped nose. She was short I guess around 5' 4". Legs to die for. I guess everything about her was in sync with the rest of her. All of her parts belonged together.

"Class, this is Miss Petra Agostini. She will be spending the next three to six months with us as a TA. She is a undergraduate from the University of Alabama."

"Greeting class. I hope that I can be of assistance to all of you and please feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks you." Said Petra with a sexy southern drawl. You could hear a pin drop in the class. You could almost hear all of the males getting an erection at the sound of her voice.

"I was the first to recover. "Greeting Miss Agostini."

The rest of the class joined in my greetings, halfway through the greeting.

"Thank you. " Said Petra.

She smiled and had the whitest teeth that I have ever seen. Her complexion was either naturally dark or she had a great tan.
Miss Schmidt whispered to Miss Agostini and Petra took her seat in the corner, legs facing me. I thought to myself, this is going to be a tough day to get through with her legs facing me. I know I'm going to be checking her legs out for the slightest spread.
As I predicted, I spent most of the day trying to see up her dress. She must have noticed my gaze, because she adopted, a legs to the side, knees down seating arrangement.

I went to lunch at home with my six friends and my sister came in a little after us and joined us at the table. She sat between Mike and Frank. She had on her school uniform and had apparently removed her bra. I could see the pink outline of her nipples under her blouse. Every once in a while her hands would drop to one of the guys thighs as if their legs were part of the furniture. I laughed to myself as the guys broke out in a sweat. Of course her legs were crossed at the ankle and knees pressed out. Her thighs were pushed against the guy's thighs. Benny dropped his fork at lease three times. It was so funny to watch, knowing she was teasing them. Maybe she was just setting them up for a session with her. I saw Frank reach over and touch her bare thigh. His hand rested there and started to move slowly up her thigh. She stopped it as it went under her skirt and removed it.

Smiling at him and giving him the naughty sign with her index finger. Like any normal boy, he kept trying and got the same admonishment.
The guys were talking about the new TA and were being careful as to what words they use, with Megan there.

Then Megan broke the ice. "Look guys, if you can't talk with me here, then I wouldn't eat lunch with you guys anymore. I know the words and use them myself. Don't be shy. If you like her tits say so. It's not her chest."

Benny groaned.

Frank got brave then. "Well she had the perfect legs, feet on one end pussy on the other end."

"Did you get to see her pussy?" Asked Megan.

"No, but not because I wasn't trying." I answered.

That did it everyone broke out into laughter.
Things loosened up after that. Everyone started to ignore the fact that Megan was a girl, at least in the way they talked. They were still trying to cop a feel or see her panties. She loved it. But all good thing must come to and end, and until tomorrow it did.

Megan got up and said. "Sorry guys, I have to leave see you tomorrow."

After she left, Frank said. "Your sister is the greatest."

"As long as you behave yourselves. If she lets you cope a feel, great. But don't ever force the issue. I saw you hand trying to get some pussy. As long as you stop when she wants you to, it's ok with me if it's ok with her. She likes you guys and if you play it right, she may give some to you. But don't be stupid."

"You think she will let us touch her cunt?" Asked Benny.

"As I said, if you respect her right to give it to you. I think she will. But it's up to her not me. I will fuck any of you over that try to force it though. It her pussy, not mine. If you guys were a little bit sneaky, you wouldn't have to drop something to look up her skirt. She obviously knows what you're doing and doesn't mind your looking."

"What do you mean?" Asked Tony.

"You all have sisters don't you?"

"Yeah." Said Tony.

"When you want to see up their shorts or whatever they are wearing. How do you do it?"

"That depends on where they are. Coming down the stairs is easy. When they lay on the floor on their belly in front of the TV it's easy too." Said Peter.

"I mean when they are sitting across from you." I said.

They all looked at each other for an answer.

After a brief hesitation I said. "Do any of you guys know what a foot stool is, or maybe a recliner?"

Slowly the lights went on in their heads.

"OH. Raise her legs so that they are higher then her hip." Said Frank.

"Frank wins the cuppy doll." I said. "But if you do that at lunch, you can't be obvious by all of you trying to sit opposite her. Each day a different one gets to sit opposite her. With the translucent table, you can see right through it. We'd better get moving or we will be late for class."

We all left after cleaning up the table.

When we got to class, Miss Agostini had changed into a short skirt and blouse, similar to the clothes that Miss Schmidt was wearing. Evidently there was a dress code for teachers as well. The rest of the school day was uneventful. As class let out all of my friends got together with me outside of the school grounds.

"John, What do you think of us rotating lunch at each others house. That way we can get to see each others sisters, maybe." Said Tony.
"Don't get me wrong. I'd love to see your sister naked and all. I just figure we have a better chance if we can do it with everyone sisters?"

"I like the idea." I said. "But you have to remember, I had to talk Megan into coming to lunch with us. I didn't suggest anything about how she should act. But I know my sister. She loves male attention. And so do all of your sisters."

"Well guys think about it. I know I would like to have my sisters loosen up a bit." Said Tony.

"I bet John could get my sisters to want to come to lunch with us. They already have the hots for him." Said Benny.

Each of the horny buggers was willing to sacrifice their sisters for a shot at some other guy's sisters.

With that thought in their heads they all headed for home.

John got home and Jennie was there. "Is everything on for tonight?"
"Megan has agreed and is anxious to talk over your problems with you and I. after supper of course." I said.

Jennie hugged me. "Thanks John. I hope you have fun with us."

I just smiled. "Oh, by the way. Have you thought about my father?"

"Did you check with your mother?"

"Yes. She thinks he needs something to make him horny. She thinks if you can rekindle his fire, she will get the benefits from it as well, when you're not around or not in the mood. I think mom might be willing to join both of you sometime. But I don't think she's ready yet. When she is it will be up to you." I said.

"Wow! This is something. I never thought I would like to do all of these things, but now I want to try everything. Ok, John see you after diner." Said Jennie.

I went into my house and Megan met me at the door. "Is everything still on for tonight?"

"Yes. Jennie was checking with me to make sure all was well." I smiled.

"How did your horny friends like their lunch?"

"Well, I kind of gave them a hint as to how they can look up your skirt, if you go along with it."

"Cool. What was your suggestion, to string me up by my heels?"
"I never thought of that. That way they could dip their chips."

Megan punched me lightly.

"Fish dip." I continued smiling.

She blushed.

"Just kidding. I told them that they had to find a way to get your knees higher then your hip."

"Cool, I can see you've done this before."

I smiled. "I also told them if you let them touch you its ok, but if they try to force it I would kick their asses. I told them that you control your body not me. If you want to give them a treat it's up to you."

"Thanks John. That Frank is aggressive. He may be the first to touch my pussy. Other then you of course."

"I hope to do more then touch it tonight."

"Never can tell." She smiled.

"I hope to find out whether it’s a fish dip or some other kind."

"Brat." She hugged me. I went to my room to bathe and change clothes. When I got there mom was in my room emptying the hamper.

"Where did these come from?" Asked mom holding up Megan's panties.

"Megan used my bathroom the other day. Maybe they're hers?"

She sniffed them. "Yes, they're hers."

"Mom? Have you been at Megan?"

"No! But I do her laundry every week."

"Oh! Sorry mom."

Mom giggled.

"I spoke with Jennie about dad and she is thinking it over. I would say that she is agreeable. She just doesn't want to be to anxious, I think."

"Oh, great John. I hope she is willing."

"Me too!" I said licking my lips.

"Oh, Johnny." Mom admonished.

She always called me Johnny when she was embarrassed.

I fixed my cock so it tented my pants and turned to mom.

"Stop that. You brat." She smiled never taking her eyes off of my pants.

I reached down and fixed myself.

She left the room with the laundry.

I bathed and changed clothes and signed on to the computer. Tony was online so I began chatting with him.

"Talk to sisters yet?"

"Nope, just got home."

"They near your computer now?"


"When I write about them joining us for lunch laugh and say oh John!"

"K let me clear screen first"


He entered some description of a football play to clear the screen the

I then entered. "So how did the guys like having lunch with Megan?

"Oh they thought it was fun."

"You should see if your sisters want to join us for lunch.

"Yes, I guess I should. It's fun with girls at the table."

"So why don't you?"

I waited a few minutes then asked. "You there?"

"Yes. Brianna saw that we ate with Megan and was wondering what we talked about?

"Did you tell her?"

"Tell her what?"

"Miss Agostini's body and stuff?"

"Well why would she want to hear stuff like that she asked."

"It just a chance to hang with some guys and hear what they think about and stuff. She don't have to give us lap dances."

"John, Brianna is reading this."

"Sorry Brianna. But guys are different then girls and we like the differences."

"Well you got her to giggle with that one."

"See that's the kind of stuff we do with Megan. She takes it in good stride and doesn't feel threatened, unless she wants to HE HE HE LOL"

"She said she'd give it a try, just to see what pigs we are."

"She won't be disappointed, that we are pigs."

"She wants to know if she can bring some friends or not."

"I suggest that until she feels comfortable that we won't offend her friends, that she come alone and none of your other sisters, we should have each of them make their own decisions. K?"

"Ok. This is Brianna. Can I count on you to control the animals?"

"I have one rule. If you let them do something to you or don't tell them in no uncertain terms, they are guys they will keep trying. If you are quite certain in you request not to be harassed, then I will kick their butts if they do something unwanted. If you object to language, when you hear an offensive word, tell them not to use it. Megan doesn't mind using 'Common' words, so stop them when they do it ok. Just be clear. They enjoy girl's company as well as I hope you enjoy boy's company. It will make you feel special, and you are."

"I trust you John. Can I speak to Megan about it before I join you guys?"

"Absolutely. Don't you think Tony would defend you if someone tried to force an advance on you?"

"Of course he would try. But you could do it."

"Thanks for the confidence. I promise I won't grope you without permission. LOL"

"Oh John. LOL"

"Tony here. She's calling Megan. "

"Let me go. A minute'


"I headed toward Megan's room and she was already on the phone."
She winked ad gave me a thumbs up.
I went back to my room.

"I'm back Tony."

"All of my sisters are on the phone with Brianna. Seems they want in too."

"I don't think any of the sister will object. Especially if they speak to Megan first."

"OH, the possibilities."

Then Tony started to explain a football play again to clear the screen.

"You need your own computer in your room."

"Not really. I can allow them to read over my shoulder when I want to.'

"If it was in your own room, you could invite them in and have them look too."


"I think the girls will get turned on by being the only girl with the guys. Helps their ego. We all have to try to boost all of their egos, even the ugly ones. They have potential as well."

"Yeah, I gotta go, supper is ready see you tomorrow."


I looked for the other guys out there, but couldn't find any. So I went to Megan's room. She was still on the phone.

"Yeah, I let them. It's harmless and it excites them like you wouldn't believe. I am in complete control, and they all respect John. They would never try to do more then I allow them to do. You should let them use words like cunt pussy cock. That's how they talk. They don't mean to offend us. And when you use one of those words you can see the blood drain from the one head to the other." She giggled.

I looked up and rolled my eyes. I gave her a thumbs up and left.

I headed for the recreation room and watched TV.

Mom called us to supper and we all ate.

"Remember that Jennie and Megan are going to be having a discussion in her room tonight. Do not disturb them. John may be with them for a short time." Said Mom.

Dad's eyes lit up upon hearing Jennie's name. "Couldn't you get me an invitation, Anne?" Dad asked Mom.

I thought, you dirty old man. Then giggled to myself.

I finished eating and asked to be excused. I went to my room and brushed my teeth and washed my face and hands. I went to my computer and signed on. All of the guys were on and Tony was explaining the results that he had with his sister and Megan's help.
They all planned to talk to Megan tomorrow and see if she could help them with their sisters.

This was working out well. I signed off without joining them and waited for Jennie to come. The doorbell rung and Mom must have answered it.

"Megan! Jennie is here to see you."

I headed for the stairs and wanted to see my father's stare.
Jennie walked over to him and greeted him. "Good evening, Mr. Blaugh. You are looking well today."

He took her hand in both of his and said. "You are looking as beautiful as ever."

Jennie stepped closer and bumped her pussy against his hand and then turned and left. She smiled at Mom as she went passed and winked.

Mom tired to suppress a smile but couldn't. She mouthed thank you as Jennie passed her.

Jennie headed up the stairs and Megan met her. They walked toward Megan's room and waved me on. The three of us entered Megan's room.

"What was with Mom?" Asked Megan.

"Looks like your dad is going to get lucky." Said Jennie without explanation.

I hugged Jennie. She hugged and kissed me back.

"Hey! I want some of that!"

Jennie walked over to Megan and hugged and kissed Megan on the lips open mouthed. They both seemed to enjoy it so I stayed back and watched. Both girls spread their legs and moved over each other's thighs. They both started to rub against the other's thighs. Hands were moving up and down each other's backs. I sat at Megan's desk and watched. Within minutes both were naked from the waist up. Jennie's shorts were open. Megan's skirt was bunched at her waist. Both were showing white panties. Jennie, the stronger of the two, was pushing Megan back against the bed. The back of Megan's knees came in contact with the bed and she sat back. Jennie's hands went to Megan's panties and drew then off of her. Once free of her panties, Megan spread her legs. Jennie looked down and ran a finger through Megan's slit up to her clit and started to manipulate it. Megan arched up into the finger.

"Move back onto the bed." Jennie said.

Megan scooted back on the bed and removed her bra. Jennie removed her tee shirt and panties, then slid up onto Megan, cunt to cunt mouth to mouth.
I got up and knelt at the foot of the bed. Two cunts rubbing on each other. I thought I was in heaven. This was a perfect view.
The girls were kissing and fondling each other. I saw Jennie's finger working inside of Megan's pussy. First one finger, then a second joined the first, finally a third joined the other two.

I heard Megan grunt in pain. I saw Jennie's fingers come out with blood on them.

"Megan? You’re a virgin?"

"I was. Thanks Jennie, I needed that."

"I'm so sorry. I thought you weren't. John come over here and do this the right way."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Fuck her!"

I dropped my pants and stepped out of them went to the bed and looked in Megan's eyes.

"Please Johnny, fuck me!"

Jennie moved toward Megan's face and straddled her mouth.
I got between Megan's legs and rubbed the head of my cock against the pussy lips to wet the head then eased it into her body. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me al the way into her. Jennie dismounted and headed for my back. I felt her tongue touch Megan and I where we joined. The touch was electric. Megan thrust up against me. I slowly withdrew and felt Jennie again. As she hit Megan, Megan slammed up at me again. Megan moved out and I started to kiss and suck on Megan's tits. Then she kissed Megan. Jennie went between Megan's tits and mouth sucking and kissing. I started a slow and steady pumping into Megan's pussy. She was soaking wet. I could feel her juices sputtering out of her cunt as my cock entered her pussy. It was like a fountain spurting forth its water. With Jennie, her cunt felt like it was sucking my cock, with Megan it felt like her cunt was squeezing my cock with her pussy walls from the tip all the way down my shaft. Megan came in spurts, she body shook, then relaxed then shook and relaxed. This happened at least twenty times. On the fifteenth spasm, I came with her. On fifteen through nineteen I spurt along with her filling her pussy to overflowing. I rolled off and Jennie jumped in there and cleaned her dry, keeping Megan high on her climaxes. After cleaning Megan, Jennie started to clean me off. I guided Jennie back onto Megan in a sixty-nine position and watched the service each other. After they separated, I got between Jennie's legs and started to fuck her. Megan returned the favor that Jennie had provided for her and I. When I finished in Jennie, Megan cleaned Jennie out and then cleaned me. It was getting late, so we called it a night.

Before Jennie left, I asked Megan. How many virgin holes she had left. She looked confused. Jennie moved next to her and touched her mouth then her asshole.

"Oh! Two I guess."

"I'll help you with them tomorrow if you like?" I offered.

"Deal, little brother."

As Jennie was dressing I asked her about Lacey. She said a slight change in plans. She wants to be raped. She wants to be tied to her bed and blindfolded. I'll do that before we come over here. Then when you make an excuse to leave me with your dad, you go to her room. She will be ready for you.

"Do you think she would mind, if six guys raped her?" I asked.

A light went on in Jennie's head. "I think she'd love it."

Jennie finished dressing and left. I went to my room and showered.
I was wondering if too much sex would hurt me. Then I thought who cares. I'll ask mom tomorrow.

I went to bed and slept like a lamb.

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