By Plump Mom (Brenda)
Edited by Empress Lainie

Hello, my name is Brenda, and I’m a little older, a little overweight, and a little bit dumb. This all started when I was about 29 yrs old and I didn't catch on till I was 45. I am a mother of two, and I like to think I’m pretty fair when it comes to raising my kids.

Now, like most woman my age, I like to be comfortable when I’m around the house, and I’ve never had a problem with my kids seeing me in a night shirt or nightgown, or even nude if they happened to walk in on me. I would never try to hide from them, or tell them to leave the room if it happened. I’ve been naked around my son and my daughter plenty of times, and never made one attempt to hide my body. My daughter has the same things I have , only in much better shape, and not as big, and my son, well, I would never think that he would ever look at his mommy in a sexual way, so, like I said, I didn't really have a problem with it.

However, I did notice that when my son was younger, he did tend to look at my boobs a lot, but I just kinda figured that he was just curious and wanted to know what they were. I’ve had large boobs since I was a little girl, and a lot of boys in my family liked to look at them. So I guess I kinda got used to it. One day when i was almost 30, I got up and my boob was completely out of my nightgown, and my little boy was in bed with me. I got out of bed to get something to drink, came back to my bedroom, smoked a cigarette, watched a little t.v, and then finally drifted back off.

I felt my boob being played with by what seemed to be some very nervous fingers. I didn’t get up, just opened my eyes, and saw my little boy trying to get my boob out of my nightgown. I didn’t do anything, and just kinda watched him do his best to get what was still hidden into view. He had the top part of my nipple in view, and was trying very carefully to get the rest of it out with out waking his mommy. Now, at this time he was little, and I thought, curious, so, I kinda moved in a way that he could get the whole thing out, and look. I mean shit, it’s not like he would know what to do with it, and like I said, he was little and curious, what harm could this really cause, right?

He finally got the entire nipple out, and then he literally, moved his face as close as he could to it, and just starred at it. The cool air was making my nipple very hard and I could tell that he liked it a lot. He did have an erection, but had no idea what to do with it. I couldn’t help but laugh inside thinking of how funny he looked laying there with my boob in his face, and him not having a clue what to do.

I actually laid there and almost drifted off again, until I felt a little lick on the skin just below my nipple. Now it was getting weird, but I didn’t want to embarrass him so I just lay there thinking that he’s just curious. I eventually did drift off and I guess he did to. I got up a couple of hours later and found him snuggled up to my naked boob and then I got him up and asked him what he was doing. I’m not doing anything mom, he said as he got up, what are you doing, he asked. Did you pull mommy's boob out hunny, I asked. He didn’t say anything and just sat ther looking at it. I brushed it off, and put my tit back in my nightgown. I got up out of bed and lit a cigarette.

Let’s go watch your movies sugar, I said and we went in the living room. Everything went on as normal and we just left it at that.Later that night I was in bed and I felt a little body crawl into bed with me. This time I turned over and let him lay there and we both were soon passed out, or so I thought. I got up feeling the same thing as the night before, and decided to put a stop to it. Hunny, what are you doin’ to mommy. A very shy nothing was his only reply. I turned on the light, and told him to look at me.

Listen, baby, mommy don’t care if you wanna lay in here with me, but your gettin' to old to be playin' with mommy’s boobs, o.k? I wasn’t, he said. Yeah ya was, and I know what you did when you was in here with mommy last night, and I’m just tellin' ya, your getting to big to be doin' that to your mommy. If you wanna lay with mommy, that’s o.k., but keep your little fingers to your self. He got very quiet, and then he started to leave the room. Hunny, mommy’s not mad at you and I don’t care if you wanna lay in here with me. Do ya wanna lay up here on mommy's chest and watch t.v. with me? Yes was all he said and jumped back on my bed and lay there with me.

This continued for a couple of years until he was well into his teenage years.then one night I got up and most of my boob was out. I was only wearing a night shirt that buttoned up all the way down the front. I got up in the middle of the night and noticed that more than a few buttons had been unbuttoned. and he was laying his head very close to my exposed cleavage I didn’t want to accuse him of anything because he had been very close to me and since the last time when he was little, he hadn’t even tried to pull my tits out again or at least not to my knowledge.

Now he was around 15 yrs old and I could feel that he had an erection. However, he was a teenager, and I know that young boys have boners all the time and some times they don't even know it. He was passed out, and my shirt was very odd, and out of shape, so I really didn’t know if he had done it or not. Like I said, it had been years since he had tried it the last time. I just lay there and tried to feel if he was doin' anything and found that he was either faking very well or he was really out of it.

Either way, just to be on the safe side I told him that he needed to start going to his own bed at bed time and he really was to big to be in there with his mommy. He asked me why, and I told that he didn’t want to be in there with his mommy if one of his buds, came over and caught him in bed with his mommy, and besides, mommy's boobs tend to fall out of my nightgowns and he didn’t need to be seein' his momma like that. I also told him that his sister was asking me why he was still layin' in bed with his mommy, and I think that made him uncomfortable.

Alright was all he said, and he started going to his own bed. I actually had a hard time getting used to laying in there by myself, but after a few weeks, I got into my own routine, and I think he did the years went by, nothing much really changed until my oldest moved out, and left me and my son to live there by ourselves.

By now, I’m over 40, and my son is now pushing 19. I still really didn't have a problem with my body although, it wasn't the body that I once had. I still was getting caught every now and then with out a shirt on in between baths and changing. I also never really quit wearing my nightgowns and a lot of them are same ones I wore 15 yrs ago.They are worn out and very thin and I’ve put on a couple of extra pounds over the years.

When my daughter left my son kinda got more comfortable around the house as well. He started to wear boxers around the house more and more, and he really never wore a shirt. Now, my son is a 19 year old knock out. He has a very nice body, He’s tall dark and very handsome. He hugs me a lot, it seems like a lot more since it’s just us, and he’s very careful to make his mommy happy. He always does things for me and pampers me. Then, more hugs. Now when he hugs me he holds on very tight and pulls me to his body. I only reach his chest, so if he doesn’t have a shirt on, my face is right in his nipple and my tits while being somewhat saggy, but full, smash into his groin area.

He is a very special kid and it really don’t bother me that he gives me this kind of affection. I know he is sexually active, and I like his girlfriend. She is very pretty, smart and has a nice personality. She has big tits, which i know he likes, and she too is a little overweight, she has a kid so she also has an excuse. I’m not too fond of the sex that goes on in the house and I don’t care too much for how much it happens right under my nose.

I can’t be more literal, I recently walked in on them, and she was giving him a blow job. She didn’t notice that I was there, but he did. He looked right at me, and kept her head down there, and told her that he was cummin'. I was shocked, to shocked to even move or say anything for that matter. She raised her head and slapped him and said, I told you to tell me when you’re gonna cum, you jerk.

He looked back down at her and laughed, and as I was walkin' out I couldn’t take my view away from his dick. It was huge, and had cum all over it. I went back down stairs, and lit a cigarette, and tried unsuccesfully to block the picture of my son’s big ass dick from my was easily the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, and the amount of cum was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I sat there in an old tan coloured nightgown that was very worn out. I heard Stacy run down the stairs and on her way out, she said, fuck you and slammed the living room door.

I wasn’t payin' much attention to her, cause I was consumed with the mental picture of my son looking straight at me and cumming a huge load in this poor girls mouth. Quinton came down shortly thereafter, and asked me if she was gone. He was pulling up his pants and tried to catch her. She was gone and he knew it. He tried calling for about a half an hour before she finally answered. She was yelling so loud that I could actually feel the vibrations on the other end of the couch.

He sat there looking at me as I paid very close attention to the phone conversation. I noticed him staring at my cleavage the entire time he was on the phone. He seemed to be preoccupied with the conversation so I thought nothing of it, and with his pants on, I could get my brain off of the thought of his dick. He tried effortlessly to keep her but she broke up with him right then and there. He got off the phone and seemed very heartbroken. Are you o.k. Hunny, I asked. Yeah, I’m alright he said. Are ya sure babe? Yeah, I was only with her cause she reminded me of someone.

Who, I asked. Just somebody, mom, you wouldn’t understand. He left the room and went back upstairs to his room.he seemed very upset and I wanted to make sure that he was o.k. I went into his room and asked if he was o.k., and he just said yeah. Well, mommy's gonna take a bath, if you need me just let me know, alright darlin"?. I kissed him on the lips and left the room. As I leaned over I noticed again, he couldn’t take his eyes off my tits.

I thought nothing of it and went to the bathroom. Quinton, hunny, will you bring mommy my cigarettes, I yelled. He came in a few minutes later, and tried to hand them to me. I was already wet and soapy, so I asked him to put one in my mouth and so he lit one took a draw and put it in my mouth. Are ya sure ya don’t wanna talk about it ? Hun, you know you can talk to mommy about anything, sugar. Well, he answered, can I get a cigarette? Sure baby, just move mommy’s gown, and sit there and talk to me.I’m sitting there with a cigarette in my mouth, soaping up my body, and I can literally follow his eyes as they watch my boobs move around as I’m giving them their bath.

Mom, it's just hard cause, I really liked her a lot, and I’ve always wanted someone with that kind of body. What do you mean, sugar, shes kinda big don’t ya think. Well, she’s about your size mom. Yeah, I know, you can get any girl you want hun, I mean, why would ya go for a girl who’s, ya know, on the hefty side. Hunny, mommy’s seen you with girls who could be models, why would you want a girl who’s… Mom… you really wouldn’t understand.

Well darlin', mommy don't understand, don’t get mommy wrong, sugar, Stacy is a very pretty girl, but shes a lot like mommy. What do ya mean mom? Well, shes a litle overweight, she’s a mother, she has a body like mine, I mean hunny, if you would have seen me when I was her age, you may have thought that me and her were sisters. She looks a lot like mommy.

If you want to know what shes gonna look like when shes older then just look at mommy, hun. Do ya really want old saggy titties and a pudgy belly and a big ass to snuggle up to? Well, mom, I don’t really have a problem with that and I’d rather have a woman with meat than a broom stick, I mean mom, I like big tits, and big asses, and I do like bigger older women. If she looks half as sexy as you do mom, when shes your age, I’ll be happy!…

QUINTON, your mommy is not sexy, and I shouldn’t be to you any ways. Mom, just listen to me, look at your tits, you have huge tits, and your ass is big but you have an ass, your face is pretty without makeup, and your attitude is great. Mom, I’d much rather be with a woman like you than a little bitty girl who thinks she’s all that, and mom you are very sexy.

Quinton you’re sittin' there sayin' this to mommy while I’m naked, how do you think that makes mommy feel? Give mommy a cigarette, hunny… so ya like bigger women huh, well that’s probably cause of mommy. What do ya mean, mom, he said trying to take his view off my boobs. Well most boys like girls who remind them of their mommys. Give me something to dry off with, sugar, mommy needs to get out of this bath tub. We sat in the bathroom for awhile talking as I put an old nightshirt on. It was white with a cigarette logo up on the top corner of my chest. As it was very old and faded, it was practically see through, and my nipples were very hard and pushing the tight wet shirt against them. I noticed that he was looking at this point but with the conversation we were having I guess I really didn't care. By now he already lost his pants again, and this didn’t help the attempt on my behalf to not think of his massive dick, which by the way was starting to get hard again.

We went down stairs to sit on the couch, and just as I got down there,I remembered that I wasn't wearing panties. My shirt barely came down past my ass, and I got the feeling that he was looking. I was fidgeting a lot and and trying to keep my pussy hid and he just kept tellin' me how pretty his mommy is and how sexy his mommy is and I finally said, hunny, if mommy didn’t know any better I would think you were trying to get me in bed.

We both chuckled and lit another ciggarette. Mom … it got very quiet… what sugar, was ya gonna tell mommy something. I think your hands down the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen and I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any body in my life!


Mom I’m so… he took off. And I don’t mean he went to his room, I mean he left the house. I just sat there in shock. I didn't know what to do. I knew he had his places that he went to when he wanted to be alone and I knew he was o.k. but I was very shocked and confused. I’ve noticed him looking plenty of times but tried to pass it off as just the hormones, and shit, the way I dress around the house, it’s probably my fault. Besides, if he didn’t look from time to time, I probably would have thought he was gay or something.

I decided that I was gonna start to dress a little more appropriately around him, and I would put on a robe at night and actually get dressed while we were up. He came back to the house once and got some clothes. Mom I apologize, for my behavior and you don’t have to deal with it anymore o.k? Where are ya goin', hunny? Mom I can’t do this to ya, and I have to leave, because I can’t be around you right now. Hunny, you don’t have to go, can’t we talk about it. I can’t mom, I gotta go. Why, cause mommy won’t fuck ya, you’re gonna leave? Mom it’s not like that, I’m just havin' a hard time dealing with this and now that you know, I can’t face you. I can’t do anything to make you stay?

He just looked at me. I lit a cigarette, mommy can’t have sex with ya hunny… I gotta go mom! He left again and I don't know if I was ready to be alone. I sat around for days and never even got a phone call. Well, you little shit, if your not gonna call mommy, than I’ll call you. I called and got a voicemail… beep… sugar, mommy misses you, will you call me back. Nothin'…. I dont know where he is or what hes doing.

What would it hurt to give him a little sex, if that’s what he wants, shit, Brenda, he's a very handsome boy with a huge dick, and all you do is parade around here in nightgowns right in front of him. You bitch, I thought, you’re just a little teasin' bitch. That boy has done nothin' but pamper you for years, and all you wanna do is tease that boy. Bitch, I thought. a couple more days went by and nothin'.

I was beatin' myself up pretty bad when the phone rang. Mom… Quinton, mommy needs you to come back to the house, we have to talk. Will ya come back to the house? Well mom, I kinda have to, I don’t have no where else to go. Well, you get your butt back here to mommy, and we can talk about this, o.k., hunny. Yeah mom, I’ll be there in a minute, I’m right around the corner. I got off the phone and ran up to my room and looked for the most transparent nightgown I could find. I lowered the straps as far as they would go and went downstairs to meet my son. I lit a cigarette, and he walked in.

Hunny, mommy has missed you so much I told him as soon as I saw him. I went towards him and wrapped my body around his. Mom, I’ve missed you too, he leaned down and tried to kiss me on the cheek. I turned my face to meet his lips with mine.


I kept my tits pressed hard against his groin and felt it start to get hard. Oooooooh, you did miss mommy, huh? Mom… no, no, you just hush. Mommy's not mad at ya, and you have nothing to apologize to me about. Now, you know mommy feels weird about this, and you know that I'm not completely on board with ya, hunny, but i think we can get through a lot of this, and who knows, maybe,just maybe, all of it. Now tell mommy what you want.

Mom, I just want you to know, I cant help the way I feel. I’ve felt this way every since I can remember, and I’ve tried not to, but it’s very hard. Well, I know I could have shown you kids less of my body all these years, so if its anyone’s fault, its mommy's. Don’t you feel bad sugar.

Now, do you really want to, ya know, have sex with mommy? A very low yes was all he could say. Get ya a cigarette, hunny and calm down. Now hunny, mommy don’t really know what ya want, so… do ya wanna tell momma, or… Or what mom? Well, … or do ya wanna show mommy? I was now very nervous, and cigarettes were filling up the ash tray fast.

He slowly started to play with my tit… mom, he said nervously… its o.k. sugar, go ahead. He then pulled my tit out of my nightgown and got very close to it. Our breathing was very heavy and he was hesitant. Its alright hunny, go ahead, suck on mommys titty, its alright. Mom… I know baby, mommy knows. He finally took my nipple in his mouth and sucked like it was going to fall apart. He was so gentle.

Ya know what this reminds me of hunny, when you were little and crawled in bed with your mommy and tried to sneak my tits out. Mom… I'm gonna cum. He got up very fast, dropped his pants and put his huge dick against my nipple. He pushed in as cum smashed my boob, and I picked it up and held it for him to rub his dick all over it. His dick never got limp, and he just collapsed right on top of me. He licked his own cum off my tit, and then french kissed me, giving mommy some hot thick cum to swallow.

Hunny, if we are gonna go through with this, you need to tell me or show me what you want to do. I haven’t done this in a very long time. Well mommy, I don’t wanna make you do any thing you don’t want to do. Well, sugar, tell mommy what you want, ya want mommy to suck your dick? I won't get mad if ya cum down my throat. His dick twitched against my thigh, when I said it. Let’s go lay down in mommy's bed like we used to and you can show mommy what you wanna do or what you want mommy to do. I put his hands under my tits and walked to my room.

He didn’t miss a beat, and as soon as we got in there I sat on the bed and started to suck his dick. He kept my tits in his hands and started fucking my mouth. My pussy was dripping and I actually had an orgasm as i sucked his cum down my throat. i lit a cigarette, and lay down in front of him.

.Still very hard he slipped right in my pussy. He gave me long stokes and kept asking me if it was o.k. Hunny, its o.k., and besides it’s too late now anyway, now fuck mommy, mmmmmmmm, oooooooooohhh, mommy’s gonna cum,mmmmmmm, thats it sugar, do it, uunnnnh. You’re makin' your mommy cum,oooooooooohh, uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhnnnnnn, do it baby, make mommy cum all over your big dick!!!!… Mom… sssshhhhhhhh, baby, cum inside mommy.

That’s a big boy. Are you mommy's big boy. Yes mommy, I’ll be your big boy whenever you want me mommy. As our cum mixed in my pussy, I didn't let him take it out. I turned over and smashed my 38dd in his mouth and cooed him for while. I think we both passed out in our incestuous sex and when we got up still inside me, we did it again. Eventually, I wanted to taste more of his dick and sucked him dry, and licked his balls and ass hole until he was ready to go again. He’s licked and fucked every part of his mommy’s body and shows no part of my body to much attention. He is my big boy and I’m his mommy, just the way he likes it…

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