My sister and I were out camping over the weekend. This had become a tradition of sorts for us; every year since we were young we would go camping. I am 20 my sister Heather is 22. I will freely admit Heather is gorgeous, I may be her brother but I do know a hot woman when I see one. Anyway, after we had our dinner we went out for a little stroll in the woods, just talking away when we were suddenly surrounded by several men. One guy grabbed my sister; the other two guys grabbed me, holding our arms behind our backs. One of them spoke up, "Well what do we have here? Two love birds out for a walk in the woods?" "What the fuck! Let us go." I yelled at the guys. Another one spoke up, "Isn't that sweet, he is being protective of his little sweetie." I made the mistake of blurting out, "Heather is not my sweetie, and she’s my sister. Now let her go!" "Oh, your sister! That's even better." I watched the guy run his fingers through her blonde hair; he then grabbed a hand full and forcefully kissed her. My sister struggled around but to no avail. They all laughed at my sister and then they pulled us along back to their camp.

Since it was getting dark out, I lost track of where we were, where they were taking us and how long it took to get my sister and I back to their camp site. As we walked into their campsite, I saw a whole group of guys sitting around the campfire drinking beer, there was 7 more guys including the three who had us, that made 10 guys! They guy holding my sister yelled out, "Hey guys! I found us some entertainment." They all stood up and circled around my sister, as they were doing that, the two other guys who had me, tied my hands behind my back as they made me sit in a chair. "Who's that?" one of them asked, "Oh that is Heather's brother. Guy's this is Heather." Now all 10 guys were circled around my sister, I knew what was going to happen to her and there was nothing I could do but watch.

They all took turns grabbing Heather's ass, her large tits and forcing kisses on her. The more she protested, the more they liked it. I could see some of the guys developing bulges in their pants. They played around with my sister for who knows how long, groping and fondling her, laughing as they did. Then one of them spoke, "Ok, enough of this. Let's have some real fun with Heather." I watched as several pairs of hands stripped the shirt off of my sister. All of the guys, including myself, went wide eyed when we saw Heather's tits! Damn, I could not believe how big and beautiful her tits were! She was for sure a 36 to 38D, all natural. They were perky, large, nice good nice areola. All of their hands went to my sister's tits instantly. They really worked over Heather's tits with their hands before two guys got sick of just fondling her tits, pushed everyone's hands away and went right to sucking on her tits. The guys cheered and I know I heard my sister let a moan as she told them half heartedly to stop. They took turns licking her nipples, sucking on her tits and fondling them. Some guys started to strip off their clothes, standing back slowly stroking their cocks. I knew my sister was going to get fucked by all of these guys, in front of me. Two guys worked her shorts off, revealing a fantastic ass and a hell of a pussy. My sister had shaved her pussy with just a thin strip of blonde pubic hair. At this point I started to get hard, even though it was my sister; she was so fucking hot I couldn't help myself.

I watched as now guys took turns fondling her ass, licking my sister's asshole as well as fingering her pussy at first which lead to eating out her pussy. My sister could do nothing as I could do nothing as well. The guys swarmed over my sister's hot body like angry bees. By now all of them were naked, hard cocks were slapping against my sister. It was a varying array of different sized cocks, from average sized cocks to a couple of 10 inch cocks! Now two of these lust crazed men grabbed a couple of blankets and spread them out on the ground in-between me and the roaring fire they had going. They grabbed my sister and laid her down on the blanket, only two feet away from me. My sister looked at me and looked at her trying hard not to look at her naked body but I could not help myself, she was so hot my eyes kept going up and down my sisters naked body; enjoying every inch. Two guys held her arms, two guys held her legs, spread eagle of course. I watched as then two guys got down on either side of my sister and began to work over her tits with their hands and mouths. Another lay down between her legs and dug his tongue deep into Heather's pussy. The other guys stood, waiting there turn. I watched intently as my sister writhed around, telling them to stop, telling them not to do this with me watching, mixed in with that was her moaning with pleasure. Now the guys who took turns eating her out, would look up and say things like, 'your sister's pussy tastes so fucking good! She is so wet, her cunt is tight! ‘Then they would tell me how great her tits were as well.

My cock was incredibly hard now, watching this scene, watching the fire light dance off of her body, the sweat glistening, shimmering in the light. Now one of the guys waiting for his turn at my sister knelt down on the blanket by her head. He was stroking his cock. I started to think 'Do it, please do it to my sister.' He grabbed his cock and placed on her lips, "Suck my cock Heather!" My sister turned her head away, "NO!" He grabbed her hair with one hand, forcing her face to his cock. "I said suck my cock or else we will take it out on your brother." She looked at me for a moment, and then she opened her mouth and allowed him to insert her prick into her mouth. The guys cheered as she sucked on his cock. I have to admit, my sister worked his hard prick like a real pro! The guy lasted only a couple of minutes before he blew the first of many loads of cum into my sisters’ mouth. As this moment was building up, he kept telling everyone how good of cock sucker Heather was. When he was ready to cum, he looked at me, "Watch this! Watch as I cum in your sister's pretty mouth!" He did! He groaned as he positioned himself to fuck her mouth, pumping his salty wad into her mouth and to all of our delight, my sister swallowed it all! When he was done, he pulled his prick out of her mouth, "Oh fuck that was great! Did you see your sister swallow my cum without me telling her to do it! She is a cum slut!" Now another guy took his place, shoving his cock into her mouth.

Somewhere in the dark part of my mind, I was enjoying watching these guys making my sister suck their cocks and watching her take load after load of cum. Then one of the guys with the ten inch cock, a black guy, mounted my sister, placing his cock between her huge tits. The guys started to chant, 'Fuck her tits, Fuck her tits!" He grabbed her tits and fucked Heather’s tits like a wild man! He looked down at my sister as she still had a cock in her mouth. “Yeah bitch, suck his cock! I bet you love having your big fucking tits fucked all the time!” He glanced over at me, “I’ll bet even your brother would like to fuck your huge tits!” This guy loved every second of watching his huge prick slid between Heather’s tits; so were the other guys. The one guy who had his prick in my sisters’ mouth blew his load within a couple of minutes. Then nobody else took his place, we were all intently watching this guy fucking the shit out of my sister’s tits. One guy did kneel down at my sisters’ head; he slid his hands under her head and raised it up. She opened her mouth and was able to take the black guys’ cock head into her mouth with each thrust. “Yeah that’s it you slut, suck my cock head while fuck your tits!” I was so hard now, watching this scene unfold in front of me. Then this guy groaned out, ‘oh shit, I’m gonna fuck’n’ cum!’

With a couple more strokes of his 10 inch black cock between my sisters’ tits he unleashed a torrential downpour of cum right into Heather’s face and mouth. I watched through the fire light as spurt after spurt of cum shot out of this huge prick, jetting into my sisters’ open mouth and splattering across her face and as each spurt hit its target, my own lust built up inside of me. All of the other guys cheered as the guy blew his huge load all over her face. When he was done, he stood up looking down at Heather, smiling as he surveyed what he done. He looked at me, “That’s what you do to big tits and hot sisters! You fuck their tits and then cum in their face!” The other black guy with his huge cock took his place and began to fuck my sisters’ tits again. I could feel my own cock straining to tear out of my pants; my incestuous thoughts were now in full control of my hormones. I started to chant under my breath, “Yeah, that’s it, fuck my sisters tits. Cum in her face, do it, cum in her face!”

After the second black blew his wad across my sisters' face the party with my sister really got started. The guys who had been patiently holding my sister down on the ground, waiting their turn with my sister finally spoke up. "Hey, I think it's time we fuck her!" My sister looked scared at first, thinking about getting fucked by ten guys. Of course the entire group agreed immediately. Now there was a discussion as to who would get to fuck her first. They decided that the two guys holding her down would flip a coin and the winner would get to be the first to fuck Heather. I caught myself thinking, wishing they would hurry up and fuck my sister. I wanted to watch her getting banged over and over again. The winner was very happy as he was replaced by one of he black guys, he quickly moved down between Heathers' legs. He wasted no time in sliding his erect cock into her. My sister let out a moan as did the guy. He then began to hammer my sister, hard and fast for a couple of minutes. We all watched in great delight as my sisters huge tits bounced all around with each thrust. It was lustfully hypnotizing watching them jiggle and listening to her moan like a real slut!

Then the guy slowed down his pace for a moment and looked up at his buddies. "This is the best pussy ever! Shit you guys are going to love fucking this tight cunt." He turned and looked at me, "Damn your sister is a great fuck! I'll bet you don't mind watching us pleasure her." Then he pulled his cock out of her pussy, several of the guys asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to wait a moment, he had an idea. He told them to move my sister even closer to me, her head almost between my feet! The guys did this with out saying anything. He re-inserted his cock into my sister's pussy; she looked up at me, and then closed her eyes, embarrassed that I had front row view to watching her getting fucked. I couldn't take my eyes off of my sister, her tits and the guy between her legs. "I figure would like to watch us fuck your sister. So this should give you a great view." It was a great view, watching this guy fuck the shit out of my sister. My cock was aching so badly, know I had incestuous thoughts for Heather. I wanted to take a turn at her cunt too. It only took the guy a couple of more minutes before he blew his load. He chose to pull his cock out of her pussy and jack off all across my sisters’ stomach and tits. When he was done, he said he didn't want to make her pussy to sloppy; they had all night to do that. Then he added, Heather had such a hot body, she needed cum dripping off of all of it.

At some point, one of the guys standing close to me noticed not only how intently I was watching my sister getting ravaged by this group of guys but I had a raging erection. "Hey guys look! Heather's brother is enjoying watching us have fun with his sister." Of course all of the guys looked at me, even my sister rolled her head to the side to look at me. One of the black guys stepped closer to me and saw the bulge in my pants. "Well fuck, can you blame him. His sister is hot and sucks like a slut!" Then I saw a gleam come into all of their eyes. Two of them grabbed me and stood me up; before I knew it they pulled my shorts off, my 8" cock sprung right out. A couple of other guys flipped my sister over onto all fours. They shoved me back down onto the chair. They forced heather between my legs; one of the black guys' grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face right into my cock. "Go on and suck your brother off! Look at his big cock! Look at how hard you made your brother! Be a good sister, show him how much you love him and suck his big prick!" My sister kept turning her head, her mouth away from my throbbing prick, if my hands weren't tied, I honestly would have grabbed her head and shoved my cock into her mouth. I wanted to see my prick in her mouth the worse way. Another guy got close to her and whispered into her ear, Heather stopped and reached out and grabbed my prick. She looked at me and said, "I have to do this….sorry." I thought to myself I'm not sorry, suck my cock sis! I watched and let out the loudest moan ever as she took my entire cock into her mouth and sucked hard. She was great at this!

I groaned a loud as my sister swallowed my entire cock. I couldn't take my eyes off of my sister sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. I heard one of the guys say, "Look at him! He loves having his sister suck his cock." Another guy responded, "Shit, if she was my sister I would want her to suck my cock. Fuck, if she was my daughter I would have her suck my cock every day!" All ten guys gathered around watching for several minutes as Heather kept working my cock with her lips and tongue. I wished my hands weren't tied behind my back, I wanted to grab hold of my sisters head and ram my cock hard into her mouth and down her throat as hard as I could. Finally the guys became restless with just watching us; one of them knelt down behind my sister. "I think I will try out her ass." My sister closed her eyes, groaning with pleasure as he inserted his cock into her ass. I couldn't believe it, my sister loved anal! She started to moan louder and louder as he jack hammered her asshole.

I loved it! I loved watching my sister getting fucked up her ass while she was sucking on my cock. I couldn't back any longer; I was ready to blow my wad into Heather's mouth. "Heather…you are going to make me cum!" Several guys gathered around me and her, telling me to do it, to blow my fucking wad into my sisters' mouth. I didn't give my sister any warning, I waited until she took my cock all the way into her mouth and then I let my first spurt of cum erupt out of my prick, right down her throat! I felt her swallow my first spurt of cum, now my cock emptied out into her mouth. It was one of the best ejaculations I had ever had! I came so much and all in my sisters' mouth, she was such a great slut. She swallowed as much as she could, as fast as she could but still some cum ran out the sides of her mouth and down her chin; a great fucking site to me.

The guy fucking her ass pulled his cock out of her asshole and jacked off across her ass cheeks and back. I watched as several spurts of cum erupted from his prick and splattered across my sister. I heard one guy ask him why he did that, he responded by saying he didn't want to fill her asshole right now. He wanted everyone to enjoy her clean ass before they fill up her holes with cum. Then some of the guys laughed and said they bet she will look even better with loads of cum all over her body. Now two guys took their turn in front of me with my sister, one guy laid down, sitting my sister on his prick, then another guy bent her over and inserted his prick into her asshole. I got to watch my hot sister getting double penetrated and she was moaning and groaning away like a real slut. They took their time fucking Heather, not wanting to get off too quickly. Then guy on the bottom was fondling my sisters’ tits as well as sucking on them. When they were both ready to blow their loads, the guy pulled out of her ass and stepped back, stroking his cock. The other guy roughly pushed Heather off of him, causing her to fall back on to her elbows. One of them yelled at her to sit up on her knees. As she did, they jacked themselves off blowing their loads all over my sister. I watched cum shoot out of their cocks, landing in her hair, her face, her shoulders, back and tits!

My sister got no rest, one after another, the guys lined up taking turns fucking my sister. Some chose to fuck her cunt the others fucked her up her ass. All of them pulled out just before they got off to blow their jizm all over her. It took them around 2 hours for all of them to have one turn at her. As guys blew their loads, they would sit back, drink beer, watching their buddies fucking Heather. I had such a raging erection, pre cum running down my cock. One guy came over to me, 'Bet you want to fuck your sister.' I didn't say a word, he bent down close to my ear, and his beer covered breath spoke to me. "It's ok if you want to. Your sister is a great fuck! It's not like we tell anyone." I responded back to him, "I can't, she is my sister but I do want to fuck her." He just said no problem. As the next guy finished jacking off on my sister, this guy spoke up. "This has been the best camping trip ever! I don't know how we will top this camping trip in two weeks when we come back here." They all nodded, "I think we should have this guy fuck his hot sister. What do you guys think?" They all saw my raging hard-on and then they quickly agreed. They untied my hands and pushed me off of my chair, I fell in-between my sister's spread legs. One of the black guys spoke up, "Go on man. Fuck your sister! She is such a slut she won't care." I hesitated at first, and then another guy spoke up, "You better fuck her." I let my taboo yearnings take over again as I stared at Heathers' wet cunt lips.

I drove my hard cock into her pussy, I was amazed at how tight and wet my sister was; it was better than I expected and hoped for. I looked into my sisters eyes; it looked to me like she was going to enjoy getting fucked by her own brother in front of a whole group of guys. I honestly went wild as I slid my cock in and out of Heather. I had sometimes thought about her when I jacked off, I never thought I would actually get the chance to do it. Now I had my chance and I was going to make the most of it. I slammed my cock hard and fast in her wet cunt, my sister groaned louder and louder. The harder I rammed my cock into her, the more her huge tits bounced around which only stimulated my passion even more. Soon he was no longer my sister; she was just the best fuck ever! I began to talk really dirty to her, talking dirty to my sister who would ever have thought I would have been doing that!

"You like that Heather? You like getting fucked by me with my big cock?" She moaned back yes and then said in a low mew, 'don't stop, please.' I fucked her harder now, "I love making your big fucking tits bounce around sis. How big are your tits?" At first she did answer me, so I fucked her even harder. Which each thrust of my cock into her tight pussy I would say, "Come on Heather tell me. Tell your brother how big your tits are!" She finally groaned out loud, "38D!" My sister didn't know but I love big tits, especially natural ones like hers. I started to think if I could find some way to fuck her all the time. We kept up our passionate, animalistic sex in front of our adoring crowd. They were all standing around us, drinking beer and hissing dirty encouragement to me. Calling my sister a slut, telling me to fuck the shit out of her, she wanted it, fuck her harder, etc. I could feel my wad building up in my loins. I knew one thing, I didn't want to take my cock out of her pussy, and I wanted to unload my seed into my sister's fantastic pussy. I grunted out loud, "You’re going to make me cum. Heather, your cunt is gonna make me blow my wad!" All of the guys then began to urge me on to cum inside of my sister! They were telling me to fill her cunt with my cum, that is why they didn’t; they wanted me to be the first to cum inside of her great pussy.

Heather didn't say a word; she was too busy writhing around on the blanket, lost in her own lust filled thoughts. So I did exactly what everyone was telling me to do, I blew my wad inside my sisters' pussy. I cock swelled up and then I hit that moment of intense pleasure as I felt the release of my cum load. I loved the feeling as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her hot, tight pussy. My sister wiggled around just moaning, "Oh yes! Oh yes!" When I finished I left my cock inside of her for a moment, however this scene and really worked up the guys. A couple of them pulled me off of my sister; they tied my hands up again and pushed me into one of their tents. As they did that one of them said to me, "We want to have some private time with your sister. You just sit in here and listen to us taking turns with her." They gave me a watch so I can see how long they spent fucking heather. For the next two hours all I heard was them and my sister, groaning and moaning. I could only picture in my mind what they were doing to her, I wished I could be watching my sister getting ganged banged.

After about two and half hours of sitting in a tent listening to my sister getting fucked over and over again one of the guys came into the tent. "Well, were done with your sister, so we guess you two can go now. She is a great fuck! Our next camping trip will really suck in two weeks; how could we ever have a trip as good as this one." He untied me and let me out of the tent. The other guys were retiring to their tents to get a long needed rest. My sister was lying on the blanket covered in cum! Those guys sure had their fun with Heather. I looked down at her and my cock did become erect. She had cum all over her face, her tits, her stomach, her legs, cum dripping out of her cunt and cum in her hair! I helped her up, she wiped the cum off as best as she could with the blanket, we grabbed our clothes and left. It was a long quiet walk back to our campsite. We didn't talk but the whole way I had a raging hard-on. We got back and heather finally spoke up, "You won't tell anyone what happened…you know between you and me?" "Of course not Heather." We started to pack up and she asked me another question, "Honestly…did you enjoy what you saw?" "Um..yes I did." She was quiet for another moment, "Did you enjoy what we did?" "Look Heather, I know we had no choice." She put her hand on my shoulder, "It's ok to be honest. I enjoyed sucking you off. You looked so happy. I know you enjoyed fucking me too." "I did Heather. I never thought getting a blowjob from my sister would be so good. The whole incest thing really was hot." "Are you going to come back here in two weeks with Kaylyn (our younger sister) or mom?" I couldn't believe what my sister was suggesting! The thought had been rolling around in my head the two and half hours I was in the tent listening to my sister getting fucked. "Maybe dad would like to come along too if you brought Kaylyn." "Damn Heather, he would have enjoyed coming along tonight!"

I excused myself; I told Heather I had to take a piss. Actually I was going into the bushes to jack off. All of this talk and the picture of my sister naked made me incredibly horny. After I few minutes Heather came up behind me quietly. "I knew you were jacking off." She took me by the hand and led me out of the bushes back over to our car, not saying a word. She undid her shorts, allowing them to fall around her ankles, and then she turned around and placed her hands on the hood of the car, presenting me her great ass. She looked over her shoulder at me, "I wouldn't want you to waste your cum like that." I just smiled at my sister as I positioned myself behind her. I rammed my hard cock into her tight asshole. We didn't say anything as I fucked her good up her ass. I held my sister by her hips as I thrust my cock over and over into her asshole. I didn't last long, a few minutes before I blew my wad inside of her. It was the best ass fuck I ever experienced and I knew it was all because it was my sister. I pulled my cock out; Heather spun around, dropped to her knees and sucked my cock dry. After that she pulled her shorts back on, I zipped up and we left to go home. On the way home I thought about whom I should bring camping in two weeks, my mom; who was very hot too, my sister Kaylyn and possibly my father. I knew Heather and I would be enjoying our new found lust on a regular basis now.

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