Careful Where You Jog

Careful Where You Jog

Careful Where You Jog

It was the first day of spring break. I go to school away from home and live in a boarding house. My parents were having problems and I was sick of the fighting so I decided not to go home during spring break, instead I had planned the first day of my holidays to go for a jog/walk at a Conservation Park that I frequent every chance I get.
I figured it would be pretty empty this time of morning, and it was a Thursday after all and the younger kids wouldn’t be finished school for another week.
I checked the weather and as I thought we were in store for a pretty warm day which is part of the reason I wanted to have my run early in the morning before it got too hot and then I could walk the trails later when it heated up.

I packed myself a lunch, filled my thermos with cold lemonade and threw them in my packsack. I also grabbed a small blanket I could sit out on while I ate my lunch along with a good book I was in the middle of reading. Then I grabbed my hat and some sun lotion, put on my sneakers and loading everything in the car. It was a nice drive, not many vehicles were on the back roads to the park. I turned up the radio, humming and singing along to some good tunes playing while I drove.
I was feeling good and my mood was getting better by the minute.
I finally arrived and just as I figured there were only two cars in the parking lot which were probably park staff management.

There was a lady in a booth as I approached but I didn’t have to pay for parking during the week so she just said good morning jenny, with a surprised thank you when I handed her a cup of coffee and a muffin I picked up for her on the way.
“I thought you might enjoy a little treat” I said to her.
“You’re too kind dear, thank you so much, I hope you enjoy your morning run” she replied
“I’m sure I will thanks”

I picked a spot to park in the shade and once I unloaded my stuff I placed them on a grassy area close to a railing which I used to do some stretches before I started my run.
I sure loved the rustic smell out here, I thought to myself. The birds were chirping loudly in the trees but other than that it was quiet and peaceful.

I threw my packsack on my back and started heading up one of the trails. I loved this place; it was huge with miles of different trails. A couple of times I saw dear grazing or watching me as I sat quietly eating some lunch. There were a number of rivers or ponds to come across depending on what trails you took. I had one favorite trail that took you to a waterfall and the water below was so clear you could jump off some of the rocks surrounding it into the water for a swim. That was where I sometimes stopped to have a bite to eat or just and read for a while.
I had been jogging at a slow pace for about a half hour when I finally needed something to quench my thirst and have a little rest. After about twenty minutes I was back at it this time walking some and jogging some.

Before I knew it my stomach started growling, I looked at my watch and was surprised to realize it was already noon. I knew I was pretty close to a nice little area where I could sit and have some lunch so I continued on, it was a little further than I remembered it being but I finally reached it. I laid out my blanket and pulled out my food and book. When I finished I made sure to put all my garbage back in my packsack till I found a garbage bin on my way out.

The sun was getting really hot so I pulled off my tank shirt I was wearing and sat in my bikini top. I pulled the lotion out of my bag and applied it to my skin, and then I made myself comfortable while I read my book. Once again I lost all track of time as I got so engrossed in the story I was reading and before I knew it the sun was well into the west. I finally looked at my watch and realized it was 3:30 pm. I couldn’t believe I had been there that long. I decided I’d better pack up my stuff and start heading back as I had quite a walk ahead of me to get back to my car.

I was walking about an hour or so and as I looked ahead of me I realized I had taken the wrong path and ended up taking the one that had a steep hill up ahead but I knew once I reached the top I could rest for a bit.
I had sweat rolling down my face and between my breasts so I took my tank shirt and wiped it away then tucked it back in the strap of my packsack.

When I reached the top of the hill I was startled a moment to see two guys sitting up there. One looked to be about seventeen, and the other had to be in his fifties or early sixties. They looked a little rough around the edges.
I tried not to show my surprise although I’m sure they noticed it. I also tried not to show any intimidation. I just nodded a hello and kept walking till the older one stepped in my way.
“Well, well, what have we here?” he said
“Looks to me like a nice little treat” he replied “Nice, you’re definitely what I call ‘prime’ nice”
The kid just snickered and agreed with him.
“Excuse me, please” I said to him
“And She has manners too” he said
“Now where are you going in such a hurry?”
“Please, I just want to be on my way”
“Aw, I’m sure you can spare a little time for us, we just want some of your company.”
“I’m sorry but I really need to be going”
He was stepping closer to me and my fear was starting to rise, as he kept coming at me I backed up but there was a big tree behind me and I had no where to go.
He was now close enough he could touch me, and he did, he raised his hand and caressed my face. My breathing became harder from fear.
Now why don’t you show a little neighborly hospitality to an old man?” He said
I tried to hold back the tears that were trying to well up in my eyes. I wasn’t willing to let him see my fear; I looked him straight in the eyes and said “Please step out of my way.”
He quickly grabbed me by the hair; it was so fast I didn’t have time to blink.
Son grabbed our stuff, yes pa. He gathered their belongings as I was being pulled off to a different path leading down the hill. I struggled as much as I could which wasn’t much from the way he held my hair, then he got angrier and grabbed one of my arms holding it behind my back at an angle that hurt like hell each time I struggled to get free. I couldn’t figure out where we were going, I had never been on that trail before and after about forty five minutes we weren’t even on park property anymore.
I noticed there was a little cabin, or shack, for lack of another name, and that’s exactly where we were headed.
The kid walked up ahead and opened the door as I was pushed through it. Still holding my hair he let go of my arm. As soon as he did I tried to struggle again.
“She’s a feisty little one ain’t she pa?”
“That she is, I think she needs to be taught some discipline though.”
The kids eyes lit up and he started to chuckle
“Whatcha going to do pa?” he asked
“Well, I think she needs a good spanking for starters. I bet her daddy never gave her one of those before considering how she’s misbehaving.”
He pulled me towards a chair and sat down, and then he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him. He let go of my hair but grabbed me by my wrists and held them with one hand. I’m very petite and have very small wrists so this was not difficult for him.
Then he pulled me across his lap and held my arms above my head.
“Jeb, go to the drawer and get that tape and bind her hands to the legs of the chair.”
“Yes pa”

I tried to wiggle free but then I felt a burning pain as he gave me one good wack on my ass. I couldn’t move for a moment as the pain seared through me.
Jeb came with the tape and started binding my hands to the legs of the chair.

“Now you’ve been very bad, disobeying me like that and you need to be taught a good lesson.”
He grabbed my shorts and underwear and pulled them down to my ankles. I felt so humiliated and the tears stung my eyes once again.
I felt another couple of whacks back to back, my ass burning with each one.
“Now you should not be so impolite when someone just wants to get to know you better” He said as he slapped me again.
“Ya pa, teach her a lesson like you do to me when I disobey you, or you feel the need to.”
The kid sounded like he was really enjoying this, which just made me feel more humiliated.
“You’re enjoying this son?”
“Oh yes Pa, it’s much more exciting to see it than to be getting it.”
“Well maybe I’ll let you give her a couple of whacks when I finish with her.”
“You see” he said to me “Jeb here knows what happens when you misbehave because I’ve had to teach him a few lessons and sometimes I still do. I always wanted a little girl though who I could turn over on my knee when I needed her to but Jeb’s mother never gave me one, then she left us both. It’s not easy raising a boy on your own. I lost my job over it and was forced to come out here with him. We don’t see any girls out here unless we come across one in the woods. Like we did you. Lucky for us. Some of them are nice enough to come with us to visit and some are like you and need to be taught a lesson.”

So I wasn’t the only one who they’ve done this to. I wonder what happened to the others when they were done with them. They weren’t here so I started to get scared imagining what might have happened to them.

Whack, Whack, Whack. I started to sob and didn’t know how much more I could stand. I waited for another slap to strike but instead his hand started to caress my ass. Then he spread my ass cheeks and slapped me again but not quite as hard, only this time my clean shaven pussy got some of the slap too. I could feel his cock growing as it hardened and poked against my stomach.
After a few more slaps on my pussy my body betrayed me and I could feel some wetness seeping out.
“Please, I sobbed, I’m sorry. Please stop”
“But I’m not done punishing you yet and when you speak to me you call me Daddy, do you understand?”
I would agree to call him anything at that moment if it would get him to stop. I didn’t want him to feel how wet I was getting. “Yes” I mumbled
“Yes, what?” he bellowed
“Yes daddy I understand”
Then I got two more slaps for not answering properly the first time.
His fingers felt my wetness that last time and he stopped and pulled my panties and shorts the rest of the way off me so he could spread my legs, then his hands pulled my ass and pussy lips apart and he could see my juices seeping out. With his whole hand he rubbed between my pussy lips.
“Well son, looks like she’s enjoying this, her cunt here is soaking wet.”
I felt like I could have died on the spot.

“Ya, pa?, came the excited voice of his son. “Can I have a feel too pa? You know I haven’t felt no pussy in a while” “I’m just dying for some pa”
“Well come on over here” he said
As the old man held me spread open Jr. rubbed his fingers along my slit before he shoved a couple of fingers in me.
I wasn’t prepared for it and let out a yell.
He moved his fingers in and out a few times getting me even wetter, and then he pulled them out and put them in his mouth, moaning as he licked them clean. “Oh pa, she tastes real good, can I lick her for a while?”
“Go ahead son.” He replied
The old man was still holding me open when I felt Jr’s tongue start licking me up and down, he started moaning as his tongue slid up and down my slit.
His tongue flicked in and out of my whole and would tease my clit every now and then.
He was really enjoying this as he started licking me harder.

“Son I want you to stop for a moment and undo my pants while I hold her up. I want you to pull my cock out and stroke it while you’re enjoying the taste of her cunt.”
“Yes pa, and he reached under me and undid his father’s pants, his father raised himself a little so jr. could pull his pants off. His cock sprang straight out and had cream oozing out of the tip which jr. scooped up with his finger and then put it in his mouth. Then jr. got back in between my legs and started licking once again but I could feel his hand reach under me to grab hold of ‘Daddy’s’ hard cock and start to pump it slowly.
“Ahhhhhhhh yes” moaned ‘Daddy’

While jr’s hand was pumping ‘Daddy’s’ cock it also was rubbing against my beasts that were only protected with my bikini top.
“Pa, mind if I take off that there bra she’s got on so I can feel her big titties while I stroke you?”
“I guess that would be fine, we’ll be taking it off at some point anyway right?”
“Sure will pa”
The straps were undone and my tits hung down between ‘Daddy legs’
“Pa, she’s got a nice point going on with those nipples of hers”
“Is that right son, I’m going to have to have a good feel of those later on”
As Jr. continued his licking and stroking my tits were caress back and forth with the top of his hand, every now and then they would lean on top of ‘Daddy’s cock’
I couldn’t stop the moaning coming from my voice, making Jr. pick up his pace. Before I knew it I was screaming and cumming.

Before I could finish ‘Daddy’ said “okay son that’s enough, time this little girl pay some restitution for her behavior. Untie her hands.”
Jr grabbed a knife from somewhere and slit the tape, freeing my hands. Blood rushed back into them.
‘Daddy lifted me as he stood up, his cock stood straight out in front of him. When I looked at it I got scared, I’d never seen a cock so big before, even in magazines that some of my girlfriends and I looked through. Then I got a look at Jr’s and realized he took after his father, although not quite as big it wasn’t that much smaller.

‘Daddy looked at me and said “You’re now going to tell me how much you want to suck your ‘Daddy’s hard cock, cause it’s all your fault, you’re the one who got ‘Daddy in this state and now you have to pay the price.”

I thought there’s no way I can get that monster in my mouth and the thought of sucking off this old man made me want to vomit.
“You’re ‘Daddy is speaking to you” He said in a warning tone.

“Yes ‘Daddy’ I muttered.
“Yes Daddy what?” he said
I knew I had no choice here so I said in a low voice “Please Daddy let me suck on your hard cock.”
I didn’t hear you” he bellowed
“Please Daddy let me suck on your hard cock” I said a little louder
That’s more like it, do you like sucking cock?
I partially lied since I’ve only done it once before, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to.
“Yes Daddy”
“You better do a good job then and make daddy feel good” “Now go ahead and start sucking him.
“Thank you Daddy. I said as I slowly lowered myself to a kneeling position.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time but Jr. pulled out a Camcorder and was taping us.

I had some difficulty getting daddy’s cock in my mouth at first and I could taste the pre-cum that was dripping from the head. I finally relaxed my jaws as much as I could and was able to get my mouth around it. I no sooner got him into my mouth when he pushed it in to the back of my throat. I almost gagged.
“Ummmm, little girl that’s good, ‘Daddy’s cock feels good in there” he started moving his hips back and forth, fucking my face.
My pussy started getting excited again as I imagined this big thing inside of me. A moan escaped me.
“You like daddy’s cock in there don’t you?”
Umm huh” I moaned.
I bet you’d like Daddy to ram it up that tight little hole of yours”
The thought excited and scared me at the same time. I didn’t think this big thing could possibly fit in me and if it did it would probably hurt like hell.
He didn’t wait for my answer he said “Well you keep making Daddy feel good like that and I’ll have to shove my big pole in that juicy little cunt hole of yours.
I knew with a little bit of discipline you’d start behaving and treat Daddy and Jr. better.” “See this is what good little girls are suppose to do, they take care of the men in their families when they are required to. If I’d had a little girl that’s what she’d be doing. See how a good spanking can make you see what is required to be a good little girl?”
He started fucking my mouth faster now as he was telling me all this and soon after he was done talking I felt him harden like a steel rod as he started pumping loads of cum down my throat.
I never had a guy cum in my mouth before but I never imagined it would be that much cum. I swallowed as fast as I could but there was just too much and some of it leaked out of my mouth. I thought ‘Daddy would be mad at me but he said it’s okay this time, as it was a big load.
It had been a few days since Jr. sucked him off and it was building up since.”
It almost all came back up when he said that Jr. sucks him off.

Lay down on that floor he said and spread those legs wide I wanna have a taste of that sweet wet cunt of yours
I did as I was told but before he got between my legs he told Jr. to get a nice close-up of my cunt with my juices seeping out.
That is when I learned everything was being recorded. I gasped when I saw the camera and quickly closed my legs but what really surprised me was the tingling inside my pussy that told me how excited this made me.
“Oh don’t worry about this here camera ‘Daddy said’ this is for our pleasure but should you tell anyone about this it will be on the Internet and in video stores for all the world to see, And crying rape just won’t hold up since Jr. here just started taping the parts where you were enjoying it and begging me to let you suck your Daddy’s hard cock. Of coarse the part where I’m telling you to say it will be edited out so it will look like you wanted all this to happen.” “Do we understand each other little girl?”
For an old guy that lived out here like a hillbilly he was awfully clever and that’s when I realized my fate.

“Answer your Daddy”

“Yes Daddy I understand, I won’t tell anyone at all.”
Good I knew we’d reach an agreement”
“Now it’s Daddy’s turn to have some pussy. But first spread those legs wide so Jr. can get a nice close shot of that wet cunt.

I did as I was told and while he was capturing me on film my nipples got really hard once again.
When Jr. was satisfied he got what he wanted Daddy got between my legs and started lapping up my cunt juice. He was even better at eating pussy than his son, which I never thought would be possible. He certainly knew what he was doing and he had me squealing, moaning and pushing my pelvis forward to meet his tongue.

Jr. put the camera down long enough to take off his clothes, he then balanced the camera with his shoulder and one hand while his other one stroked his dick.
“Oh pa, I gotta fuck that pussy soon, ol’ woody here is throbbing.”
“Well come over here and stick him in her mouth while you’re running that there camera and when I’ve had enough of her for the time being than you can do whatever you want to her. But you’re going to have to stop ol’ Woody from blowin’ his load till then.”
“I’ll try pa”
Jr. came over and shoved his dick in my face and said “Suck it ya little cock teaser.”
I opened my mouth and he shoved it in.
Daddy was bringing me real close to another mind-blowing orgasm. As my excitement built I sucked on Jr. with urgency. Daddy had me moaning like crazy when he knew I was close to the edge he started rubbing my clit while he licked, this was all I needed to send me over the edge, Jr’s cock came out of my mouth as I screamed in ecstasy. Before I finished my orgasm Daddy said that was enough, he flipped me over onto my stomach and lifted my hips and ass in the air and shoved his huge, hard cock deep inside of me, making me scream from pain and pleasure at the same time.
You are such a whorey little cunt, you wanted this the moment you saw us in the bush you just wanted to play hard to get. You probably wanted to be punished, you probably like being thrown over an old mans knee to get a good spanking.
Did you enjoy getting spanked by Daddy?
He had me at a point where I would have agreed with anything he said so I screamed out a yes as my rapid breathing continued
You like Daddy fucking you with his big piece of meat? Don’t you?
Ohhhhh yes
How much
A lot, Oh god, ohhh
Do you want Daddy to stop?
Nooooooo, Noooooooooo Oh I’m gonna cum
Ya? So is Daddy, you’re tight cunt is making Daddy want to cum inside of you. Do you want to feel daddy shoot a load of his hot sticky cum inside that cunt of yours?
Yes, please daddy cum inside of your slutty little girl’s cunt. I want to feel you shooting off inside of me.
Just as I said that I felt daddy’s hot cum shooting inside of me and it felt like another good size load which surprised me since I figured he wouldn’t have much left after the load he shot in my mouth.
Just after I felt the first string of shots in me I started cumming too. So much that I started feeling dizzy like I was going to pass out.
When Daddy finished he nearly collapsed on me. He leaned over me and put his hand under the back of my neck and pulled me up towards him and started kissing me, his tongue exploring my mouth. Then he let me go and said. “You slutty little daughter. Making your daddy cum like that. And then he smiled at me.

Okay Pa, can I have her now?

Oh my god, I don’t think I can handle anymore. I thought to myself.

She’s all yours son
Jr. handed daddy the camera. He started by squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, then his mouth went to my nipples and he started sucking them, he was a little rough at it. One of his hands went down between my legs to play with my cunt. I was so wet from his father’s cum that I barely felt his fingers go in.
Oh pa, you got her loosened up some she’s not as tight as she was when I had my fingers in her before. But that’s okay she’ll be ready for my hard cock when I’m ready to pound her.
I know you like to fuck em first said daddy cause you like em nice and tight but sometimes daddy likes em nice and tight too.
I understand daddy. I don’t mind fucking her a little loosened up just so long as I get to fuck her cunt. My dicks been wanted some pussy for a while now, well since the last one we brought home, what’s that, three months ago?
Ya, I guess it has been about that long daddy answered.
She was pretty cute eh pa?
She certainly was but this one is the best so far.
We are starting to get a nice little collection of pussy to watch eh pa?
Yes we are and how I enjoy watching them and having you suck my dick when it gets all hard from the action on the screen
Ya, till you can’t take it no more and you have to fuck my ass
Ya, but you love me fucking your ass don’t ya son?
Yes pa, I do. I sure love fucking pussy pa but when we don’t have one around and have to wait for out next capture. It sure feels good when you fuck my ass. And I love how you make me suck your cock before you do.

He suddenly remembered me laying there as his cock started throbbing he grabbed my legs and hoisted me up so he could lick my pussy hoping to get a taste of daddy’s cum mixed with my juices.

When he had enough he lowered me just enough to shoved his cock inside of me and start pounding me hard. My cunt was starting to get sore from having two huge cocks fuck me so savagely but that didn’t stop me from still getting aroused wanting to cum once again.
So, said Daddy “do you like having your brother fuck you as much as your daddy?
Brother? I thought. Oh ya, I guess if he was suppose to be my daddy than that would make Jr. my brother.
“Yes Daddy, he feels really good in me.
Well you enjoy your brother for now; Daddy’s cock will be fucking you again later.

I now started thinking they were going to use me till they actually killed me.
Jr. was holding and pulling my hips forward with each thrush as he pounded me hard. I started yelling from pain and pleasure. My orgasm building to new heights till finally I started cumming again, and then another, I was now having multiple orgasms. I must have counted five before everything went black.

Pa, somethin’s wrong with her. She looks dead. What happened pa?
Don’t worry son she just passed out she’ll be okay go ahead and finish fucking her
Pa’s cock was showing signs of life again after he watched me cumming, so he grabbed a tube of lubricant from a drawer and rubbed it all over his cock, then he got behind Jr. and spread his ass cheeks.
Jr. continued pumping away in my pussy only pausing long enough for Daddy to slide his hard meat in his ass. He moaned with pleasure and soon fell into a good rhythm of fucking me and getting fucked. It didn’t take very long till his cock finally released a good load of cum, just like his daddy did in my mouth. Of course I wasn’t aware of it since I was still passed out.

I regained consciousness some time later. I was still laying there naked with cum dripping out of me. I was confused and in desperate need of some water. I must have asked for some because when I looked up Daddy was standing over me with a glass. When I handed the glass back to him he said Jr., carry her over and put her on the bed. Let her have some rest because tomorrow I want to fuck that nice ass of hers.

That was the last thing I remembered before I passed out again.

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