Well, what to do now? Marge walked in and caught him red handed. No, “red dicked” would be closer to the facts. Merry’s lipstick was smeared all over the head of his cock. Her lips were attached to the end of the damned thing and she had a suction going.

Dell looked up as his wife Marge stepped out on the back porch and looked at the scene before her. His mind searched and discarded a hundred logical reasons to explain how his cock ended up in his next door neighbor’s mouth. Had he really started to tell her, “This is not what it looks like?”

Marge got a look of outrage on her face. “Dell!” she exclaimed.

Merry was more practical, “Y’all ain’t goin’ to tell Sam, are you?” Sam was her husband.

Then Dell got pissed. After all, she had left him six months ago. He was the one who got left behind. He looked down at Merry. “Keep sucking,” he told her. She did because she did not know what else to do right then.

“What do you want, Marge?” he asked. “How did you open the front door?”

She was bent forward just a little. Tears filled her eyes. “Dell, I though you and me, well I thought…” Her voice trailed off.

“Oh boy!” he exclaimed as he cum. Her presence made it all the more intense.

“I better be going,” Merry said. “Sam will be back from the game in a little bit and, well, you know.” She went up on the porch, edged her way around Marge and went through the house to go home.

Once more, Marge tried to take the high ground. “Your peter is still hanging out. You want to put it away?”

“What do you want?” he demanded. He left it hang out.

“Well I thought we might put our little differences aside and try to reconcile our differences. Now, after watching you cheat with our next door neighbor, I don’t think I want to.”

“What soap operas have you been watching?” Marge was the only person I ever met who could build castles in the clouds, move in and then invite the neighbors to a party.

“You just don’t get it, do you?” she asked. Yes I did get it. She was a fucking nut and she was out of my life.

I grabbed Marge and shoved her back into the house. I dragged her through the house and out the front door. Merry came up the walk toward me as Marge finally took my not so subtle hint and left. I stepped back to let her enter. She had a black eye.

“Sam saw us in the back yard,” she said. “He called me names and told me to get out. Then he hit me. He said as soon as he finished his beer he was coming over here to beat the shit out of you.”

“I’m more concerned about Lacey than I am about Sam. Where is she?” Lacey was
Merry’s fourteen year old daughter.

“I give her twenty dollars to go to the mall and get some panties. She keeps losin’ them somewhere.”

“How bad is your eye?” I asked.

Before she could answer Sam shoved the front door open and said, “I’m goin’ to beat the shit out of you.”

I assumed he was talking to me so I walked up to him and kicked him in the nuts. “That sounded like a threat to me Sam,” I told him.

I didn’t realize my cock was still hanging out until Merry told me, “Dell, your dick is still hangin’ out.”

“Suck it,” I told her.

She had been told what to do all her life, so she dropped to her knees and asked, “Why?”

“To piss your husband off,” I answered.

“Oh,” she said and opened wide. Sam laid there in a world of hurt and watched his wife give me a pretty damned good blow job.

He finally struggled to his feet and said, “I’m leavin’ you, you two timing bitch.” She sort of shrugged and kept sucking as he left. I’ll tell you, there is nothing more erotic than to have a man’s wife suck you off while he is forced to back down. I blew my nuts and stayed hard.

Too many of the good old country boys have to pump up their courage with a few brews and yell a bunch of threats at each other. Then they take three or four swings, decide their honor has been avenged and go get drunk together. That’s not my way, as Sam just found out.

I heard Sam’s old Ford pickup start up and go rattling off just as I cum for the third time.

“God damn it gal,” I told her, “if they ever make sucking dick an Olympic event, you’ll be a gold medal winner for sure.”

“Dell?” she asked.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Do y’all think next time you can fill my pussy? I got needs and desires of my own.” She looked so wistful there was no way I could say no to her.

“Merry, the next time will be all about you. I kissed her lips and helped her to her feet.
Just then Lacey came in my front door. She asked me, “Dell, have you seen my… Mama, what are you doing with Dell’s big cock in your hand?”

“I’m just puttin’ it away real careful like. You don’t want to treat somethin’ this nice too rough.” Damn, the way Merry was so generous with her compliments I was about to get a swelled head.

Lacey got a big grin on her face (Come to think of it, where else would you get a big grin? Surely not on your ass.) “Here Mama, let me help you.

She grabbed it by the head and gave it a friendly little squeeze. “Oh shit!” I yelled as I got a hard on again.

“You promised!” Merry yelled and shucked out of her jeans.

“Who promised what, Mama?” Lacey asked as she got naked at the same time.

“He promised to take care of my womanly needs with his next hard on. That son of a bitch is hard and so I’m getting’ on. Lay down on the floor, Dell.”

I plopped down on my back and Merry got on board. She squatted down, reached back behind her and guided my peter right up inside her. She sat down hard and my dick went all the way in and smashed against bottom. “Woops!” she yelled and started in on me.

“Sit on my chest, Lacey,” I told her. She didn’t mess around about it at all. She sat on my chest and scooted forward until her little fur box came up against my lips.

Merry reached forward around her daughter’s chest and grabbed hold of her tits. She started to tweak them and stroke them and play with the girl’s sweet nipples.
Now I thought that was somehow wrong for a mother to play with her daughter’s tits. But for the life of me I couldn’t think of a thing about it I could object to. Then Lacey shoved hard against my mouth and I forgot all about everything except the two females hell bent on wearing my poor old body out.

It was almost an hour later I shot my nuts off. Merry whooped and yelled like a barmaid goosed with a pool cue. Lacey moaned like a ghost in an echo chamber and I farted. That fart was an accident.

“Whooee!” Merry laughed, “If y’all wanted us to get off, all you had to do is say so. I sure hope no chunks come out with that gas.”

“Jesus! Let’s continue this conversation out in the kitchen. That was Lacey’s bad breath.”

We beat feet out in the kitchen and left that damned fart in the front room. “Here ladies,” I told them and reached in and pulled out three beers.

“Dell, why don’t you take your jeans off so as to be naked like us?” Merry asked.

“Sounds like a winner to me,” Lacey added.

I shucked my jeans and motioned for them to sit at the table. “Why don’t you two move in with me?” I asked them. “We both got rid of our dip shit halves and it makes more sense for us to love under one roof than keep up two houses at the same time. I look on Lacey here as a sort of pot sweetener.”

“Dell Honey?” Merry asked.

“Yes Sweet Buns?” I replied.

“There is times me and Lacey sort of fool around a little bit together. Is that goin’ to be a deal breaker for us?”

“You mean like when you were playing with your daughter’s tits, that sort of fooling around?” Hell, this was sounding more interesting all the time.

“Uh huh,” she answered and blushed in a real enticing sort of way. However, there is times when we get a little more personal.”

I could feel a shit-eating grin on my face as I asked, “How much is a little more personal?”

“Well, we sort of like to…” Merry’s voice trailed off.

“Sometimes we like to go sixty-nine and eat each other out. That sort of a little more personal,” Lacey interrupted.

“Not that we are lezzies or nothing,” Merry hastened to ask.

“It’s just that we like to eat pussy every now and then,” Lacey told me all prim and proper like.

“Well, is that all?” I asked them.

“Well, there is another little thing,” Lacey added sort of hesitant like.

“Ah what sort of little thing?” I asked. If my name had been Dorothy and I had a little dog named Toto, I would have swore sure as hell we were not in Kansas any more.

“Sometimes I invite my classmates over for a weekend sleepover.” Lacey told me. “But they don’t eat much,” she hurried to assure me.

“Well, I don’t see where that would be much of a deal breaker. Do I get to share in the party when you have one?” I asked.

“Dell Honey, we both do.” Merry had that big old grin back on her face and there was no way in hell I was going to tell them no.

“There is one little thing, Dell.” Merry looked down at the table.

“What is that, sweet thing?” I asked.

“Sometimes their mamas want to come along to chaperone,” she answered.

“Do they like to fuck too?” I asked.

“Mostly, but a couple can be a little stubborn and uptight about their daughters fucking outside of family.” Lacey told me.

“Well, hell. We’ll spike their lemonade or whatever they drink with corn whiskey and leave them sleep it off while we party around them,” I answered.

“You are so practical,” Merry told me.

Let’s get back on the rug in the living room and seal the deal, as the man says,” I told them.

“Don’t you ever have sex on the bed?” Lacey asked me.

“Nope, but that don’t mean we can’t,” I answered and led them into the bedroom.

A couple of hours later we come up for air. “Dell, can I have a friend over for a sleepover this Friday?” Lacey asked me.

“I was supposed to haul a load of hogs over to Porterville this Friday. But what the hell, pigs can keep.

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