Cold & Hot

Cold & Hot

I was an average 17 year old boy (in other words always horny) and I was tasked with babysitting my 14 year old sister Jade. Our father was long gone and our mother was staying out of town for the week looking after grandma who wasn’t doing well at the time.

We lived in a small, poorly maintained two-story house in what I always referred to as the ‘frozen northland’ – other folks called it Minnesota. The master bedroom was downstairs and our two bedrooms were upstairs.

My sister’s bedroom faced the north, while my bedroom faced the south-east corner. Because the windows in her room sucked – literally – her room was always cold in the winter.

To prevent her from freezing in the winter, the heat was always turned way up. While it made her bedroom almost livable, it turned my bedroom into a furnace. Therefore, it was not unusual for her to be sleeping under several blankets while I slept without even bothering with a sheet.

On this particular night, a teeth-chattering Jade entered my room and requested to sleep with me. I told her that we were too old to sleep together and that she should go down stairs and sleep in Mom’s otherwise empty bed. She replied that she was afraid to sleep downstairs by herself.

Against my better judgment, I allowed her to sleep with me.

In all fairness, Jade was a very pretty girl. She was slim and trim, had long dark hair, small pointed titties, a nice round ass and great legs. I just never thought of her as anything but an annoyance. Certainly I never thought of her as a sexual being.

My sister was wearing flannel pajamas when we went to sleep while I lay there in my boxers. I woke around midnight because I was overly warm. I was surprised to find Jade pressed back hard against me in the spoon position. I was even more surprised to find that she had removed her pajamas. My cock got instantly hard and began to press against her butt crack.

I raised myself up a little so that I could remove my cock from her butt and at the same time take a peek at her little titties. They were very white and looked extremely delicate, and quite frankly, tasty. My cock started to twitch and I felt Jade move her hips back to once again engage me with her ass.

At this moment I was breathing hard and I wanted my little sister more than I’d ever wanted anything in my life. I reached down between our bodies and freed my cock from the confines of my boxers and slid my cock tighter between my sister’s legs and prayed that she wouldn’t wake up.

My hips began to undulate of their own volition and I slowly started to dry hump her. Even though I was not inside her, the feeling was heavenly. I was speeding up somewhat and driving my cock even deeper between her thighs. I could feel my arousal deepening as pre-come started to drip from my cock.

At this point, I knew there was no turning back and I began to worry about the cum. As hot as I was, I was going to be depositing a load between her legs and there would be no way to hide or disguise it. However, I never once lost a beat as I continued to thrust. My need to cum on my little sister outweighed my fear of being found out.

I could feel the strain building in my balls when my sister said, “How close are you?” I stopped pumping immediately and said, “I’m sorry sis, but please don’t stop me now.”

She answered by pulling away from me, spinning around and taking my cock into her mouth. She pumped my shaft a couple of times with her tiny fist while sucking tentatively on the head and I immediately blew my load into her mouth. She swallowed most of it and wiped the remainder of the cum off of her chin with her hand and then licked that also.

She looked up at me with a smile on her face and I enveloped her in my arms and gave her a huge hug while kissing the top of head. I said, “How long have you been awake?” She answered that she had been awake from the start and that she had enjoyed every minute of it. She turned away from me and said over her shoulder, “Let me know when you’re ready to do it again.”

I looked down at my cock which was standing at attention. I didn’t know if it had never gone soft or if it was simply ready for round two. Regardless, I answered her by sliding my cock between her thighs again. This time she spread her legs apart and guided my cock an inch or so inside her wet pussy. She said, “Take it easy at first, you are about to take my cherry.”

Against my better judgment I said, “Gee Jade, maybe that isn’t such a good idea.” Her response was to thrust back hard onto my cock, forcing my entire six inches into her cunt. She made a small gasping sound and then said, “Please, I need you just as much as you needed me. Fuck me. Fuck your little sister.”

I needed no further encouragement and began to glide into her hot, tight, wet pussy. She was slow to pick up the rhythm but made up for it in enthusiasm. We were both sweating and breathing hard. I reached around and tweaked one of her nipples and that was all it took to set her off. She groaned “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” and began smashing her tiny ass against me with sharp quick thrusts. Her passion set off my own and I exploded inside her a moment later.

We lay there for several minutes in each others arms while I left tender kisses on her neck. Finally my cock shriveled somewhat and slipped out of her.

My little sister’s last words before she fell asleep in my arms were, “I’ll never complain about having a cold bedroom again.”

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