Connecting with Mother Ch 3

Connecting with Mother Ch 3

Connecting with Mother

Chapter 3

The effect of my staying home with Gillian that weekend was quite profound. I had found a way of being and relating to her that was significantly different sexually from the past. Our relationship had been highly sexual, indeed that was the initial attraction and immediate. However, once we settled together our sex life became routine and vanilla like. In turn our lives became surface in nature rarely stepping into sorting out our increasing distance with each other. I started avoiding discussing my sexual thoughts and feelings and Gillian went into an unwitting collusion with this as the children preoccupied hers and my time. We had become a good family but I had gone private with my sexuality. Least of all could I have shared my recent preoccupations about Mother with her, ditto that with Aunt Ellen. However over that weekend I had come to see that what Gillian ached for was to be submissive to my demands. My anal penetration broke through a barrier we had not breached before and were not to retreat to again. I was not perturbed about her brother’s familiarity with her either. In fact it was a bit of a turn on.
What I also recognised was that Mother and Gillian were rather formal and distant with each other. They were never alone together, always with me or the children. I had long realised the origin of this in my Mother’s jealously of any girls I became involved with. She always found fault with whomever I brought home. Once I understood I often went underground with girls, simply not bringing them home. Initially I avoided introducing Gillian. Mother softened when she saw that we were serious but I tended to see her on my own. The need to work in London was a godsend for her as she had me to herself again.
I’d said I would be back in the afternoon on Sunday but was back much later because of my mutual masturbation with Gillian and the excitement over the story about her brother. I let myself in quietly about midnight. No lights were on and Mum was in a deep sleep. I glanced in her bedroom. Being a warm night, she was naked with the sheet round her thighs and otherwise totally exposed. One of my incest stories had fallen to the floor by her bed. I went to my bedroom and undressed thinking what would be good to do. I felt really horny and dirty. I would save myself from fucking her for the future. We had plenty of time.
With a little lubricant on my prick I started to wank standing silently over her. She lay there in total peace. I luxuriated in the sheer flagrant joy of playing with myself over her, yet not quite sure how she might react if and when she knew what I was doing to her. I didn’t rush but enjoyed her body before me. Her tits full with their delightful slight droop and her nipples unstiff before me. Her thighs were slightly open affording a view of her recently rubbed clit which I could discern from the partial light from my bedroom. I was in a fever pitch of excitement and could feel my prick getting close. I came in a rush of spunk and aimed over her tits and face covering her in a spate of cum even though I had recently self spunked with Gillian. Groaning slightly I realised she was deep in sleep. Short of fucking her nothing was going to rouse her. My spunk began to fall from her lips, nose, neck and tits. Quiescent I returned to my bed and soon slept.
I became aware of a slight scratching on my nose. I tried to turn away but was unable as I felt my face being squashed. I slowly realised what was going on and ceased struggling. Mum was astride me with her cunt full on my face pressing her clit to my lips and opening them with her fingers at the same time. Very moist I could feel and see that she had desperation to cum. I opened my mouth to accommodate her and lifted my tongue to explore and embrace her clit.
So at last you’re awake you bastard. I will get my own back on you later for being so late. Meanwhile here’s your punishment for spunking over me you dirty shit. I love you for being so nasty and dirty with me. Now just make me cum on your mouth. I’ve always wanted this. Oh fuck its good, get that tongue round me just like that.”
I couldn’t speak easily without withdrawing from her cunt, so I got into giving her the mouth fuck she wanted. I had long masturbated at the idea of doing this to her. The reality was even better. I reached up to envelop her tits and squeezed her nipples hard pulling out her teats their full length to hardness, but she was already there.
“Oh yes love that's good, so good, oh Ian at last I can have you. I’ve waited years for this and your fucking so good at it, so good.”
I could sense her getting close. I moved my left hand down her back to her arse and caressed her cheeks. Pushing between them I found her arsehole and pressed gently but firmly into her rectum. That did it; Mum went over the top and orgasmed, screaming her passionate cum into my mouth and rubbing back and forth on my face to extract every moment of cum from me into her body.
Moving to meet my mouth with hers, Mum kissed her own cum with our saliva, or rather mine as she was quite dry in her mouth from her frenetic breathing and screaming. Her cum and my wet mouth combined to make it a loving, warm tongue embracing kiss as she came down from her high state.
She lay alongside me and we cuddled to sleep.
I woke late in the morning having gone into a deep sleep from all my cuming yesterday. I had been very happy to go to sleep, recalling our warm closeness following her cum on my face. I could still smell her and decided not to shave so that I could carry it through the day.
Unusually I was able to leave work early. I had been sustained by the images of last night and my cuming over Mum and her cuming over my face. Feeling horny again I decided to go to the club that I sometimes frequented to watch porno films and in the hope there might be some activity. That for me meant a woman coming there and the beautiful tension of whether she would or would not engage with the partner she came with or not. I was not to be in luck. However I found the films sufficiently distracting to get out my lubricant, which I usually had just in case, and got into a gentle wank. A punter standing near me had his prick out with the ambiguous opportunity to tempt me as he was about an arm’s length from me. I could easily have put my hand out to stroke him which he obviously would have liked. He then sat in the seat next to me, soon pressing his knee gently against mine. I let him. He touched my thigh. Because I didn’t do anything he slipped his hand up to my exposed lubricated prick which I had left alone and curled round my hard shaft. He soon increased his pace. I did not similarly respond and he appeared not to mind that. I knew I was getting close with the lubricant doing its job and quietly lifted his hand away, murmuring to him that I didn’t want to come just yet but thanking him for his attention. He nodded warmly not at all put out.
I did up my zipper and got up to leave.
On the way out I thought how though I was mainly het, I rather liked the anonymity of the club enabling that kind of contact without any pressure and the pleasure of that kind of contact. I could have taken it further if I had wanted but left knowing I could anytime indulge in my incipient bisexuality.
I left and decided I would walk to the pub. Maybe Mum would be there and sure she was, chatting amiably to some of the regulars. She greeted me warmly and suggested we take the comfortable chairs rather than standing.
“No shave today Ian?”
I couldn’t have expected her vaginal aroma to still be around, but I responded, “It smelt so good this morning that I couldn’t bear to wash it off by shaving.”
She just beamed at me.”It was wonderful Ian we must repeat that often, you really got me going. Did you have a good time whilst I slept? It woke me later as it was cold and wet. I hadn’t realised at first but then I put the light on and felt it dripping down me, looked in the mirror and realised what had happened. Thank you Ian I am glad I excited you.”
“When I saw you I didn’t want to wake you yet I felt very horny looking at you uncovered and so inviting. I didn’t give much thought to how you would feel about my wanking over you.”
“Just do it again when I’m awake, I just love being treated like that.”
I clocked that in my sexual memory bank.
“By the way Ian where were you coming out of on my bus route here? Were you seeing someone on the way?” I blushed slightly realising she had seem me emerging from the club which has a door entrance that is that does not blare out its purpose to the street, with only a small A4 sign saying it is a private cinema club. I wondered how I should respond. Denial or obfuscation or take it straight. I went for straight.
“It’s a private cinema club Mum.”
“You mean porn club?”
“And work?”
“I had little work to do, so I just thought I would pop in for an hour or so.”
“Well another side of you I didn’t know Ian. Tell me more. Is it all men?”
I then spent the next ten minutes relaying to her the nature of the club, how it operated. She asked me again about it being all men.
“Usually yes, but now and again a woman will go in accompanied by a male partner.”
“Very interesting. I ought to be shocked really, but I don’t think I am which surprises me.”
We then interrupted by an acquaintance of hers whom I had not met before who clearly fancied her judging by his eyes casting over her in her usual outfit which displayed her lovely legs in stockings and her slight cleavage. She deftly despatched him by asking me if I wanted any more to drink and knowing how I would deal with that by saying I must be on my way which she also affirmed, deciding to leave with me.

Hailing a taxi outside I ensured we were not followed by Mr ‘Keen’ who had walked out with us. But I sensed impatience by each of us to get back home. As soon as we got through the door we were in each other’s arms and kissing with an urgency I had not had before. I realised that we had had a number of hiccups that prevented our passion for one another. Now we weren’t hampered by other people or competing demands. Mum finally felt assured that we both wanted each other and were going to let nothing impede us.
I pulled her into the living room and pushed her back on the sofa still mouthing her and exchanging tongues. Pushing her skirt up her thighs, I ripped her pants from her hips, tearing them in the process but succeeding in having her cunt revealed to me. I was beside myself and she was just as needy, opening her thighs, still stockinged and gartered, urging me to her cunt. I wrapped my hands round her flesh above her stockings and opened up her lips to a wetness I couldn’t resist. Placing my mouth near her cunt I blew warm air over her teasing her.
“Ian please yes do it please, I’ve waited so long for this.”
Gently tonguing her lips I slowly licked all round her vulva and pressed into her cunt penetrating in that place I wanted to be in too. I tongued her from her cunt up to her clit and back again, just teasing her clit but noting her reaction as I touched her there and as well as the tension when I moved away.
“That's so good, so good Ian.”
I went back to her clit concentrating now on building her up to cum. She went quiet as she focused on her desperate need. I could feel her tensing and flicked harder on her core. Getting more rigid in her hips I sensed an emerging release.
“Fuck Ian I’m there oh God it’s so good, yes don’t stop damn you keep going oh love yes, yes, yess…..”
It took ages for her to come down. I lay may face in her soft tummy as I needed to calm too having given her my complete concentration.
Mum stroked my hair as she re-emerged from her blissful state.
“Ian let me look after you now, anything you wish I want to give you. I’m conscious that you have yet to come inside me. What’s urgent now Ian?”
“Just play with my prick Mum, I ache for your touch.”
“I’ll do that for you Ian. Let me strip you and deal with you, I hardly know you there do I?
Mum proceeded to pull off my trousers and pants, socks and shoes whilst I pulled off my shirt. Naked, Mum pushed me so I was lying back on the sofa with my bum near the edge. She sat on her knees between my thighs having removed her skirt with her garter belt and stockings still in place. Removing her blouse she then undid her bra to reveal her lovely breasts for me to enjoy. Leaning forward she lowered her floppy beauties to rest around my erection starting a silky tilt around my hardness. Grasping my shaft at the base with one hand and just fleeting across my slit I leaned back into the sofa to take whatever she was inclined to do. I wanted to be passively indulged.
I was feeling high from our passionate connection and the result of indulging myself on her cunt and clit. Mum was in a very loving mood as she tenderly grasped my prick for the first time to bring me to an orgasm. I found I could caress her soft tits and watched her nipples stiffen as I squeezed them gently between my fingers.
“It’s been so long since I first thought of this Ian.”
“When was that for you Mum?”
“In your teens when you would go to bed early, I knew to masturbate. I wondered what you wanked to and hoped I was your subject.”
“You usually were Mum.”
“I couldn’t have done it then though what with your Father around and my fears about getting pregnant and it being wrong in most people’s eyes.”
“My wanking about you helped me through my teens though, I can tell you.”
Mum got up and left the living room suddenly and returned with my lubricant friend and proceeded to pour it over the head of my prick. The lubricant enabled her to stroke it much more subtly and control the timing of my cum more closely.
“Oh fuck that's fucking beautiful Mum I can last all night like that.”
“We haven’t fucked yet Ian have we and I haven’t taken you in my mouth either.”
“Are we in a hurry Mum?”
“Oh that's a lovely thought, I don’t want to rush it either. So tell me what’s with the cinema club?”
She kept me on the edge bringing me close then pausing whilst I started talking about the club.
“I’ve been going there for at least ten years and the release into being able to indulge myself wanking was liberating and I felt free to do it in semi public. Slowly I saw that some men went there in the hope of getting off with other men. One screen had a passage at the back that led to the exit. In that passage they could watch the screen whilst being sucked or jerked off. Occasionally, a guy would be fucked with guys playing with his cock at the same time. It wasn’t my scene though I quite liked the odd manual job whilst sitting watching.”
“I’m shocked that can happen so near to where we live. Don’t get me wrong Ian I’m not condemning it at all. You just don’t expect it do you? Do women go there too?”
“I didn’t think so until one evening after going there for months a couple came in and stood at the side aisle together holding hands. They were there for about an hour and I decided that nothing was going to happen and went out for a beer nearby. I went back after half and hour to see them sitting in one of the rows in the middle. She had taken off her coat and was wearing a black woollen dress down to her knees. The seats were fully occupied beside them as well as in front and behind. Still nothing was happening. I was getting a bit frustrated from the hope that something would happen. Then I saw the man next to her move his hand to the lower part of her thigh near her knees. She didn’t move. He slowly started to caress the hem of her skirt. No response on her part. He moved so that he was both caressing her leg as well as moving her skirt up her thigh. This happened very slowly. The tension in the air was palpable as all eyes that could see were intent on the action. I was stiff as a flag pole. Numerous men had their pricks out stiff with the excitement and potential. His hand moved so that her stocking tops were revealed and her pale thigh came into view. It was delicious. Do you want me to go on Mum?”
“Yes, yes Ian. You must have loved it?” Mum had to go very cautiously now with my prick as I was so close.
“Her acquiescence provided a signal to others around her. Again, slowly a man behind her moved his hand across her shoulder near her neck and wound down to her breast, obviously with no bra. He gently stroked her breast. The man with the hand on her thigh looked to her partner to get an ok from him and he nodded. He moved up to her crotch and she parted her thighs to enable him to reach her. Simultaneously she leaned back in the chair revealing her pleasure at being indulged. The man beside her is now stroking her cunt and opening her up. Another behind her has his hand on her other breast as the men in front are now turned round and stroking her thighs and wishing to share her cunt.” I paused to stop Mum from taking me over the top.
“Oh Ian is that it?”
“No. It was getting very congested around her and men are now leaning over to try to get a good view and my view is now being slightly impeded. Suddenly she signals that she wants to stop. All the men lean back and away giving her breathing space. To my surprise she pushes her dress down and stands up and walks towards the aisle and me, leaving her partner still sitting as well as her coat. She smiles at me as she walks to the front of the rows in front of the screen followed closely by me and a few others. She lifts her dress and slowly takes it off above her head tossing it to an empty chair revealing her in stockings, garter and heels with us all round her stroking her as she strips. I am beside myself and had been wanking openly in the aisle. One man is down on his knees trying to get his tongue inside her whilst others including me are stroking her breasts. I am kissing her shoulder. The whole scene is lit by the film which is shadowed on the screen by the bodies in front of it. She smiles again at me as she grasps my prick and says:
“That's nice and hard darling.”
“That's lovely, if you carry on I shall cum” I responded.
“So why not darling?”
“I gave in and she carried on wanking me against her naked thigh whilst I stroked her all over. I came in her hand as she just let it pour out over her.”
Just then Mum speeded up and wanked me with her hand just below her open mouth and I lost control and went over to her delight as she let it fly into her mouth. I was speechless with the sheer dirty intimacy between us.
Continuing. . . . .

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