Cousin fuck_(1)

Cousin fuck_(1)

It happened about two years ago. She was seventeen then and I had just turned twenty five. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, in fact the mere thought of this secret getting out is very frightening because I come from a very conservative family. Having sex outside marriage is strictly frowned upon leave alone having sex with your own sister.

Sara is a very beautiful girl. She is independent and intelligent and mature for her age. She is fair skinned and has dark brown hair, nice firm pointy breasts and nice long legs. She also has very beautiful hands and feet, which is something I’ve always found most sensual in any girl. But I never even thought of lusting after or looking at her ‘that way’. All that changed the night my elder sister got married.

I am generally a very reserved person, mostly quiet, and described as intelligent. On the day of my elder sister’s wedding I knew that there was going to be a lot of dancing. Past experiences have proven that I would have a much better time in this situation if I was drunk. So at the pre party, I had god knows how many shots of vodka, and by the time we went to the wedding, I was completely wasted. I danced like there was no tomorrow, sang till my voice was hoarse. It was great. The problem began when we all reached home at around 3 in the morning. Every one was tired and went to sleep quite immediately. I was alone in my room feeling very nauseous, I think I over did it with the drinking.

So I sat alone in the room feeling miserable and for some odd reason very horny. I guess alcohol really does bring out all that is instinctual in a man, which is why when drunk, we say what we feel and do what we want to do. There is no holding back….not in any situation. I reached down my trousers and began touching myself. My 6 ½ inch cock was as hard as steel and pulsated rhythmically, craving to be jacked off. I was still not completely in my senses, I was still a little drunk. I just wanted to jack off and go to sleep. I suddenly heard the door open and saw Sara walk into the room. She switched the light on.. “Turn it off.” I said. The light seemed to give me a headache. Only the dim light of the lamp placed on my bedside table illuminated the whole room and that as quite enough. Sara was very concerned about me. We were very close. I was always protective with her and reacted very violently if anyone upset her for any reason.

“Are you alright she asked?”

“I feel terrible.” I said miserably with my head in my hands. I wanted her to leave. I was dying to jack off, so much so that I felt feverish. I even shivered a few times thinking of how nice it would be to plunge my cock inside a sweet tight pussy and cumming inside it. Sara came and sat beside me. She wore a beautiful red blouse with intricately woven work on it and a long heavy silk skirt with decorative beads. The skirt draped down to her toes. She smelled magnificent. Like roses, mainly because she had some attached to her wrists. She had removed her jewelry and had untied her hair. She looked very much like a bride herself, waiting to be taken by a husband on her wedding night. She spoke to me about ways to help me feel better. She said things like, “You should drink lots of water, and maybe you shouldn’t go to work tomorrow…..” but my mind was else where.

The first time I actually thought of having sex with her crossed my mind when she reached for a glass of water resting on the bedside table on the opposite side. Too lazy to walk around the bed, she lay on her stomach across the bed and reached for the glass. My eyes automatically observed her beautiful ass. I remember I started breathing very heavily, and broke into sweat. I had this really uncontainable urge to unleash my cock from my trousers, lift her skirt, set her underwear aside and enter her in that same position. I wanted to fuck the crap out of her. She was at that moment the most beautiful thing in the world to me. I don’t know if it was the fact that I hadn’t masturbated in a while or because I was drunk, but I was never hornier. I could feel my precum dripping out of my cock and my balls felt incredibly tense.

I truly had temporarily lost it. I had all these thoughts whirl inside my head in the span of five seconds. Sara finally sat back up again and handed me the glass of water. My hand shook slightly as I gulped it down. As much as I wanted her to stay, I wanted her to leave. I gave her the empty glass and said, “Now leave, I need to sleep.” She detected the unevenness of my voice and thought I was ill. She placed the glass on the floor and quite unexpectedly took my head and placed it on her shoulders. This was the worst time to show sisterly affection! I could smell her neck, part of my arm touched her left breast, and my right hand found its way around her waist and touched the bare skin between her blouse and her skirt.

I now lost all logic and inhibitions. I didn’t care who came in the room and who saw; I put my arms around her and tightened my grip. I buried my head in her neck and began kissing it. I started to breathe very heavily. Sara is not a stupid girl. She was a bit alarmed by what I was doing and tried to break away. I could feel both her hands on my chest pushing, but I was way too strong for her. In an instant my face moved up to her face. I violently kissed every inch of it, except the lips for some reason. Her nose, her cheeks, her forehead. I could hear her startled cries, I don’t remember exactly what her words were but they were something like, “No, Please don’t! someone might come!, please stop!” She begged forcefully but in a whisper. “You’re drunk! You don’t know what you’re doing! Someone might come! No!” She was way more concerned about being caught in this position than being screwed. If we were caught she knew my father would kill her and me for that matter. He was a very strict and religious man. I on the other hand wasn’t thinking at all. “Ssshhhh Its okay, its okay sweetie,” I assured her softly, “Its okay, I need you so badly, I need you! Just stay with me please. I need you.” I kept saying lustily, meaning it more than she’d ever know. I was so taken in by my lust that I thought I’d die if I wasn’t inside her soon!

I got on my knees on the floor between her legs, holding her waist tightly to me. I looked at the door suddenly to make sure no one was there, mainly because I’d made up my mind as to what I’d do next. The door was slightly ajar. My room is at the end of the hallway so the footsteps of any one approaching can be heard quite clearly. I looked into her eyes, conveying quite clearly what was about to happen. I loosened my grip on her upper arms gently. My eyes dropped down to her breasts. They were heaving very erotically. Only inches away now and mine. I knew she wasn’t a virgin.

I grabbed her breasts with my hands and squeezed them, knowing she wouldn’t protest, at least audibly. She’d never risk waking anyone up. I abruptly seized her blouse and fiercely ripped the hooks apart. You could hear the ripping of the blouse and a fairly audible gasp. I brushed aside the blouse on either side ,Now she was in her bra,She was ver nervous and also blushing at that time like a bride.I whispered in her ear"you are gorgeous"she blushed.I instantly unclasp her bra from behind,so her breasts were now completely visible to my lustful eyes.They were so white, so unblemished, and so firm. In a split second I was feasting on them. My dry mouth quenched its thirst. My left hand messaged her left tit. I tried taking as much of the right tit in my mouth and let my tongue twirl about all over her nipples. She too was breathing quite heavily now. I could tell she kept looking at the door, trying her best to be alert. She wasn’t struggling any more and just sat in front of me breathing deeply.

I reached down and unbuckled my belt and button and released my cock. It was like a rock. As I planted kisses on her chest, my right hand crept up underneath her long skirt, touching her legs, her thighs and finally her pussy. She suddenly became very tense. And began struggling again, but as silently as she could. She began to get up off the bed when she felt my fingers place her underwear aside and felt them touch her pussy. I wrapped my left arm around her waist and sat her back down. My mouth migrated to her left tit and sucked on it like a mad man. I had never in my life known such lust before.

My fingers entered her pussy, one finger then two, exploring her depth, moving, wiggling. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was wet. I don’t know why but I was quite astonished by this. I stopped sucking her and looked up at her. There were tears in her eyes. I kissed her on her chin, “Its okay, Its okay!” I said gently, no one will ever know, I promise, It’ll be our secret. No one will ever find out. Everyone is asleep.” I then removed my hand from her pussy and examined my fingers, “You’re wet.” She didn’t say anything. “I need you Sarah, I really need you tonight, please stay with me tonight, I love you very much. Please?” I whispered gently. No man has begged so hard.

She looked at me with those beautiful wet eyes, the only sound in the room was of us breathing. We looked at each other for what seemed to be an eternity. She then wiped a tear from her cheek and said the words that to this day make me horny each time I think about them, “Lock the door!”

I wasted no time. I grabbed my pants up and walked to the door. I instinctually stuck my head out, sensing for movement. I could hear my father snore, but that was it. I slowly closed the door and locked both the locks. I didn’t want anyone coming in for the next few hours. I turned back and looked at the bed. Sarah was facing away from me sitting very still, as if waiting for me to take her. I took off my clothes. I took everything off till I was completely naked. It was quite a shameless thing to do. But I was too feverish and aroused to care, besides, at that time making love to her felt strangely natural.

As I approached the bed Sarah turned and looked at me. She knew what was going to happen and didn’t say anything, didn’t protest anymore. She then looked at my erect cock. It had precum oozing out of it. I made no effort to conceal it. She then turned and looked away. I got on the bed and sat behind her, so my legs were on either side of her, half hanging out of the parameters of the bed. I urgently seized her tits form behind and began squeezing. With my right hand I removed her hair on the front side of the right shoulder, so the back of her neck was completely exposed. I must have kissed it a million times. Her back was smooth and white. I held very tightly to me, so her back pressed against my chest. We were lovers now.

I knew very well that this night would never repeat itself. We have a very large family, rarely can two people find themselves alone in our small house. I wanted to make the most of this opportunity. “Stand up.” I said gently. She complied slowly. I sat at the edge of the bed, “No! don’t turn around, I want to see your ass.” I said huskily, “Take off your skirt sweetie.” She unhooked her skirt and because it was so heavy it just fell to the floor. She wore pink underwear that covered most of her ass. I eagerly grabbed the waist band with my finger and pulled them down. I was now staring at the most beautiful ass I had seen. My little sister’s ass. It was round, white and smooth. I assaulted it with kisses and eventually dropped to the floor, burying my face in it. I spread her ass cheeks to get in deeper (I’m an ass man). She gasped a second time when my tongue made contact with her asshole. It was small and pink. After a few moments I looked up and saw her still looking at the door. I stood up in front of her. “Sarah look at me, it’s alright, I checked… everybody is asleep.”

“I know.” She gasped softly. “I just…no one can know.”

“No one will ever know…okay.” I said reassuringly, “look at me!” She did, “I want tomake love to you! Sarah I need to fuck you so badly. I want to be inside you. Don’t you want me? I love you.” I then for the first time kissed her on the lips. I slid my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues met for the first time. I opened my eyes to see if her eyes were closed, they were. I then held her face gently in my hands and pressed her head to mine. I buried my tongue inside her mouth. I knew she wanted me when I felt her mouth sucking on my tongue. I parted my lips from hers, and looked into her eyes. “I want to fuck…” I said hoarsely, “I want to fuck your pussy! I want to cum all over you sweetie. I need you Sarah.” She stood still for a moment, then responded by backing towards the bed, and laying down, keeping eye contact through out. I still jerk off to when I think about the next thing she did. She looked at me with eyes half closed, with her lips parted a little, she lifted her legs till her feet were at the edge of the bed then parted her legs.

I almost shot my wad there and then. I had had enough, I craved for pussy, it meant the world to me then. I wanted to fuck it like it was the last fuck of my life. I leapt on her like a mad man, all feverish and out of breath. I kissed her hard on the lips and guided my cock in her pussy. She yelped as I entered her. I began fucking her instantly. Her pussy was very so wet and slippery, I had no trouble breaking in. I planted several kisses on her face, her mouth, her neck. I began licking her skin till the shine of my spit was visible on her. It really turned me on.

I was right, she was a virgin, my suspicion had been confirmed.I began fucking her harder now. The problem was that the bed springs began squeaking. “Stop! Stop!..” She whispered urgently into my ear. “No! We’re making too much noise, we’ll wake someone! Maybe we should stop!”

“Let’s fuck on the floor then.” I suggested “I’m not letting you go till I’ve fucked you. Here, put this on the floor lay down and spread your legs!” I ordered her while giving her the thin but soft quilt. She complied with my request…well almost. Sitting there watching her naked in front of me was too much for me to bear. I watched her bend forward as she lay the quilt on the floor. Her ass facing me again. I spit on my cock, never looking away from her ass, I came up behind her urgently, I grabbed her to me with my left arm and guided my cock in the pussy with the other. I’ll never forget that soft but forceful ‘uhhhhh’ sound she made when she realized what had happened. I was a little taller than her so when I shoved my cock forward it lifted her off the ground a little so she was on her toes when I penetrated all the way in. She made that ‘uhhhhh’ sound each time I fucked her. It was the sweetest thing I ever heard. I bit her neck and put my finger inside her mouth. Not surprisingly she began sucking it.

After a few moments I lay her on the floor as was originally planned. I grabbed her ankles and spread them wide. “Guide my cock inside you!” she hesitated slightly. I assured her. She held my cock gently in her hands and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. I thrust forward till I was all the way in. It was then that I took a closer look at her feet. They were beautiful, soft, white with pink soles. I saw her looking at me wondering what I would do next. While looking into her eyes I began sucking her big toe. It tasted sweet to me. I’ve always had a foot fetish and here I was quenching my thirst for it.

“What are doing?” she asked. I was a little embarrassed then. All I said was, “I like your feet.” Before kissing them again.

I needed to come, my iron cock needed the release, besides I had held my cum longer than I had thought. I pressed her knees to her chest, lay on top of her, and began kissing her mouth. Then I fucked her as hard as my strength would allow. There was a visible smacking sound that we made each time I pumped inside her with lightening speed. This made her break free form the kiss. “Slowly! Slowly, Please!” she said in my ear. But I was in ecstasy. Her feet faced the ceiling as I fucked the shit out of her, my darling sister. I quickly pulled out and began cumming like a hose. My thick white cum sprayed all over her sweaty body, including her face, tits, abdomen and pussy. We stayed still, panting heavily.

Two minutes later she sat up. I quickly planted a kiss on her cheek. “She began to get up. “Where are you going?”

“Back to my room.” She whispered.


“I have to.” She said, “It’s very late.”

“Exactly. We have at least two hours before mum awakes.” I reasoned. “Come on Sara we’ll never get an opportunity to make love like this again, you know it. And you did enjoy it. I know you did.”

“Yes but I shouldn’t have. You’re my brother.”

“It didn’t seem like it a moment a go.” I whispered then brushed her ankles with the back of my fingers. “I love touching you!”

“Oh god what just happened?.”

“You know exactly what happened.”

“I need to clean up.” She said. I couldn’t blame her, she was covered with my cum. “You can’t.” I said, “the sound of the water in the washroom will disturb every one. Stay here till dawn then sneak into your room.” She looked at me defeated. Knowing that she’d be in my room for the next couple of hours made my cock twitch again.

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