Daddy and daughter Brittany

Daddy and daughter Brittany

I had Brittany pushed back against the wall in the hallway between the bedrooms and the bathroom. My left hand holding her right breast, my other hand inside her panties, the middle finger dipping quickly in and out of her wet pussy. She wouldn't look at me but she pushed her hips towards me, I reciprocated by pressing her harder into the wall. She spread her legs a little more, trying to get me to touch deeper inside her. I gave her what she wanted, I pushed fully into her and massaged her cervix with my fingertip while I pressed my thumb against her clit. After a moment she began letting out a soft moan, I whispered in her ear, "You're my cum slut aren't you?"

"Yessssss,,," She hissed it out through her clenched teeth

"And your pussy is always wet for me isn't it?"

She moaned her agreement, with that I pulled my finger out of her and wiped it across her tee shirt over her tits and walked away.

I had fingered her often enough to know when she was getting ready to cum, this time I wasn't allowing her to do it though. I turned back and saw her still standing there, nipples erect through her tee shirt, panting as she massaged her own crotch over her panties. "No," I reminded her, "you don't cum this time." She groaned, almost whimpered a little but pulled her hand away, as she turned towards her room I caught a glimpse of her ass, even for fifteen she had a great figure.

Brittany was my second daughter, I thought about how she was so different from the other two girls. I never had any inclination to do anything with them like I did with her. I don't think it was just personality although she always seemed passive aggressive in a sexual way even when she was quite young. At three she was always running around with the hand cupping her crotch, we'd have to tell her to stop or go into her own room – and she often did go back to her privacy. We were sure it was just a phase like all kids when they discover self stimulation.

But it went beyond a phase. We were always a close and physically affectionate family but never anything in an inappropriate manner. Brittany was always taking it to the next level and you really had to watch out because she'd have a way of involving you too. I played with the kids, got down on the floor with them and we'd tumble around laughing and playing; walking around with kids riding on your feet while clamped on to your legs. It took a couple of times to realize that when Brittany got off my foot she was leaving a wet spot on my sock.

If I was toweling her off after a bath she'd push her crotch against my hand if the towel got near the top of her thighs. This had gone on long enough that she understood what was meant when she heard her name said in a stern voice and she'd back off.

But it never stopped her completely, it'd be later and she'd find some way to continue her pursuit of self pleasure. At least when she began to mature physically she became more private with her sexual behaviors. You could still catch her time to time, sitting on the couch or chair with one leg bent so she was pressing against her heel and rocking slightly to vary the pressure on her clit. She was also becoming more vocal when in her bedroom, she didn't always close the door tight and you could hear a short series of labored moans and some bed creaking while she was being busy with herself

She did cross the line once, pretty far as I was concerned at the time. I was napping on the couch and one of the girls snuggled up to me. Nothing new, sometimes they'd curl up for a nap or it was just a comfortable position to watch television some. Wasn't really sure which of them it was, they all had blonde hair. I dozed back off. A while later I woke up realizing something was different, it took me a second to figure it out. Brittany was the one snuggled up to me and as we lay there spooning she had maneuvered my hand into her panties and was using my finger to masturbate. I could feel her pressing my fingertip past her pussy lips and just into her. She was wet and I was slipping into her easily, I became aware that she was caressing her breast with her other hand. I tensed up in response but in doing so my finger slid deeper into her, she immediately responded by clamping my hand tighter to her and arching her back; she pressed on my knuckle and forced me deeper into her.

All that within a short second. I got my senses about me. jerked my hand out of her panties and forced her up off the couch, before she got fully to her feet I had swatted her hard enough t make sure her ass cheek was going to sting. "Go to your room now, " I commanded, "Dammit Brittany you're fourteen, you know better than that." My voice chased her around the corner and into the hall. I sat on the couch, feeling duped and stunned. My fingertip glistened from her wetness, I dried it on my pants but when I stood up I got my real surprise. My cock was hard and pressing against the fabric of my jeans. It pissed me off.

I didn't even knock on her door, I went straight into her room and found her laying on the bed wearing only a tee shirt, her legs were drawn up and her knees apart, she had a finger deep into herself. In two fast steps I was at her bed yanking her hand away from her crotch and flipping her onto her stomach. It wasn't hard to do, I was angry and she couldn't have weighed more than 108 pounds. I spanked her until both her bare ass cheeks were red. I didn't say anything and neither did she. I saw that she had worked a hand back down and was fingering her clit as I spanked her, the motions of her finger were causing her pussy lips to spread slightly apart; she was soaking wet and looking down and seeing her pussy wasn't helping my cock go down at all. My hand was getting warm and I let off spanking her. I left the room with a warning to 'never do that again'.

Things were very quiet after that, no catching her sitting on her heel or hearing moans from her room, she didn't appear depressed or anything. After a few months of appearing like a normal teenager I forgot the incident and began to relax around her.

It was a Saturday morning and I was sleeping in a little. The wife had gone out for some early shopping and the kids were being quiet. I was used to being up an hour earlier and was naturally waking then deciding to turn over and snooze a little more. It was during one of these "will I or won't I get up" episodes when I opened my eyes and saw Brittany in my room. She was completely naked. Her legs were apart and had her knees slightly bent, with one hand she'd spread herself open and she was fingering herself furiously with the other; I could hear the wet smacking of her pussy as she played with herself. Her nipples were hard. I got caught up in the heat of her sex, seeing her pussy like that, her elemental sexuality… my cock got hard in a hurry. She was out of control and she was contagious, she sent me out of control.

I sprung out of bed, not caring I was naked and my cock was standing out. I grabbed her by the throat with my left hand and slammed her back into the wall, with my right hand I reached down and forced my middle finger deep into her, not that there was any resistance, her pussy was dripping wet. I kept my hand at her throat, not choking her but applying enough pressure to make her uncomfortable. I hammered my finger into her, making sure I was pressing on her clit when I was at full depth. She pressed her back hard against the wall, both her hands were palm to the wall as well, she used her position for leverage so she could push her hips towards me.

"Is this what you want you little slut?" My voice was hard and demanding. She could only let out a deep low moan in response. "Do it," I commanded her, "make your pussy cum." She let loose right away, I thought she was going to shriek from the intensity of her orgasm, the sound of her voice was coarse and labored; me pressing against her throat wasn't helping I'm sure. I felt her tight and wet pussy clamping down on my finger as she came.

She was just beginning to relax from her orgasm when I pulled my finger out of her and slapped her across the face then without a second thought I flung her face down onto the bed, her arms flew up over her head and her legs were slightly apart. I went after her again.

I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pressed her into the mattress as I slid my finger back into her pussy and began finger fucking her again. She was hot for it, she spread her legs some and arched her back up to take me better as I banged my finger into her as deep as I could get it. Her pussy was soaked and my finger was drenched clear to my palm, again I could look down and see her pussy as my finger sank into her over and over. For the briefest of moments I seriously considered fucking her, for as wet as she was and for as hard as my cock was I could have easily buried myself deep into her. But the thought passed. I don't know how to explain it but somehow this wasn't about sex. I think I was punishing her for her overt sexual behaviors, I know it sounds contradictory but I felt justified in making her take it and forcing her to orgasm.

I watched her body writhe as she came again. I was at a loss for anything to do next so I just kept my finger deep into her without banging her pussy like I had when I made her cum. She was panting from my exertions, I could tell she'd had a deep and powerful orgasm. After a moment I flipped her onto her back, she was totally compliant, I knew I could do whatever I wanted with her and she'd allow it. "Make your pussy cum, now."

She didn't even hesitate, she parted her legs and drew her knees up – I was reminded of the couch incident a year before when I had gone into her room and spanked her. She had two fingers massaging her clit and then she started pushing them into herself. I stood there staring at her crotch as she masturbated, I watched as her ass began to rise from the bed as she was getting close to another orgasm. I was vaguely aware that my cock was warm, I glanced down and realized I was stroking myself and that the underside of my cock was slick from her pussy juices that had been on my hand. I released myself as I saw her ass come completely off the bed as she came again. When she fell back to the bed I told her to get up.

She got off the bed I grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her head back. I looked straight down into her eyes as I forced my finger up into her pussy again. Her pupils dilated slightly and she pushed her hips into me. The girl was fucking relentless. I pulled my finger out of her and gave her a rough shove towards the door, "Get out."

She left without a word and I sat on the bed contemplating just what the fuck I was going to do with her. My cock was hard enough to begin hurting from the pressure. I didn't even know what to do about that either, I certainly wasn't going to jack off to some sexual fantasy about my daughter. Over all I was pissed off about the whole thing, I got angrier and frustrated as I thought about it and my erection began to subside.

Nothing was ever said about it. I didn't have anything to say to Brittany and she never made any comments or even obvious sexual gestures towards me, or at least not in any way I noticed. Even after a few weeks I was still absorbed in my thoughts about how to deal with her sexual behaviors.

We had taken her for evaluation when she was 12. We took her in thinking she be diagnosed as a 'nymphomaniac' but that wasn't really the case. The doctor said she was a compulsive masturbator and that the behavior related to chemicals in the brain or more specifically the good feelings they generate when released during orgasm. The doctor said basically she was "OCD", obsessive/compulsive disorder and he prescribed a light dose of Zoloft saying it would help build the serotonin in her brain. It was all over my head but I figured it would be something that could help.

It didn't. After a couple of rounds of evaluations, prescriptions and no real changes we decided to just let it be and possibly try to deal with it better when she go older. Of course the underlying fear was still that she'd substitute actual sex for her masturbation and as a result create a new bunch of issues. We watched as she got more involved with kids (including boys) from school but sex didn't seem to be part of her equation. There was no rush of eager young men at the door trying to meet the 'easy' girl, in fact we had to wonder from time to time if she even liked boys at all – she so rarely went or spoke of them compared to her sisters.

The whole thing was frustrating. As parents you always want the best for your kids and here Brittany was showing a lifetime predilection towards obsessive sexuality. Fucking sex anyhow. It's one of the most natural things a person could participate in and yet there's so much stigma attached to it and like general society my wife and I were affected by the notions of sex and how it related to our middle daughter. Sometimes, with her, it really was just nothing but other times it was like she became someone else – she'd get this look in her eye and I knew right then there'd be another round of her spending more time with her crotch than with the rest of the world. There were times when I tried to outright avoid the whole thing but in the long run ignoring the problem wasn't making it go away. Now I had gotten directly involved and wasn't sure how to even categorize that. She was my daughter and yet I made her orgasm several times. Did I molest her? Was it incest? Somehow the labels didn't seem to fit, it wasn't like I lusted after her, I certainly wasn't having sexual fantasies about her – quite the reverse. She'd go through her several week episodes of pleasuring herself and I'd end up feeling turned off by it. And then in contrast my cock had gotten extremely hard because of her.

I didn't know how it all worked but she had triggered something in me I didn't fully understand. There were times I felt I needed to dominate and control her, own her and make her submit to my demands. One of them came late one night when I got up to take a leak. The bathroom only showed the faint glow of the nightlight and the door was ajar but when I went in I jumped in surprise to find Brittany in there leaning back against the shower door and fingering herself. Tee shirt, no panties. She had the hem of the shirt pulled up and two fingers buried inside herself, it didn't even phase her when I came in. I grabbed the collar of her shirt and jerked her towards me, I turned so I could lean back against the sink and positioned her so my thigh was between her legs. I pulled her head close and whispered a command in her ear, "Do it on my leg."

She slid herself up and down along my thigh like she was getting the best fuck of her life, my thigh was quickly slick from her wetness and I could feel the heat of her over stimulated pussy on my skin. She had her arms partly around me so she could press against me hard, in turn I had one arm around her, pulling her to me for the same reason. She started in on a series of "unhhh" sounds as she got close to orgasm. I clamped my free hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. I knew when she came but she didn't back off, she continued to rub herself against me but without all the energy she had a few moments ago. I dropped my hand from her face and slid it up under her shirt and found her breast, once I clamped her nipple between my thumb and finger she started bearing down on me again with her pussy.

I didn't let her get far, instead I turned her around so she was the one leaning back against the sink as I dropped down onto a knee. She let me push her legs apart, even in the soft glow of the night light I could clearly see her glistening pussy lips, I spread them open with a thumb and finger and looked into her wet pussy. I held her open like that and then used the middle finger of my right hand to penetrate her. I intentionally slid into her very very slowly, it was driving her nuts. She tried to drop down to get me into her but I pulled back and would only let her have it the way I was going to give it to her.

Slowly I'd push into her then slowly I'd back out, I kept it up. This seemed like something new to her, she always seemed to have a more energetic level when she masturbated and even when I finger banged her before it was pretty aggressive. She let herself succumb to this new sensation, she seemed to savor it more and more as the feeling built up in her. I still held her pussy spread open with my other hand but I switched to my thumb and middle finger to do it so I could brush against her clit with the tip of my index finger, gently, just gently. Sometimes the lightest touch can bring the strongest sensations.

My face was close to her, out of habit of having sex with my wife I almost slid my tongue against her clit and into her slit; instead I just swallowed hard and continued with the slow penetration and withdrawal. I teased her a little by pushing deep into her then pulling my finger out quickly several times then went back to the slow motion finger fuck. I could sense her orgasm building, after a few minutes I knew she was cumming again, having her spread open I saw her contractions as her pussy tightened on my finger.

I got up and got close to her, I felt both her breasts through her tee shirt, C cup for sure… firm, supple… briefly I pressed myself against her leg, the pressure felt good on my cock that was trying to bust out of my boxers. I realized what I was doing and pulled away. "Go to bed honey." She slipped quietly out of the bathroom and went down the hall. I had came in here to take a leak but now my cock was rock hard – there was no way I was going to piss through this boner. I went back to bed and fucked my wife in her sleep.

I did find myself imagining scenarios with Brittany, it wasn't like a pure sexual fantasy in the sense of wanting to fuck her or make her suck my cock, it was more situations of me controlling her and making her orgasm on my command. I knew I could make her display herself or do things I'd never done with any other woman. Normally that would have been a huge turn on but in this case I was more imagining the scene and not the act, if that makes sense. I knew in the long run things rarely work out as planned and when things did happen with her it was typically a spur of the moment.

There were times when I felt I had the need to do the scene. And every time Brittany submitted to it without a word – she simply took it and let herself cum from it. I couldn't even tell if it was something that she would have fantasized about or even expected it, but I certainly found that I was taking satisfaction from it.

One afternoon after she got home from school I simply went into her room, bent her over her bed, raised her skirt and yanked her panties down. Somehow it was no surprise to me that her pussy was already wet. I fingered her in a way I knew she'd respond to and then once she came I just walked out. Never a word spoken. I was getting used to the fact that my cock always responded in these situations but I never went off to make myself finish, I'd just let it subside on it's own.

I began to think of ways to step it up a notch. I already had some things set up in the garage when I found her in the kitchen. I grabbed her by the arm and told her to "Come with me." I kept a firm hold on her arm and when we got out there I tied her arms behind her back in a way that made her tits stand out then threw the loose end of the rope over the rafter and secured it. I puller her panties off her and then moved a milk crate over and positioned a section of mirror at an angle where she could see her crotch. I used one hand to hold the front of her skirt up and then fingered her from behind. With her legs apart she could see my finger disappearing into her. "Look at your pussy," I told her sternly, "watch your pussy cum." Her eyes were fixed on the image in the mirror and I began to finger fuck her faster. When she was getting ready to cum I was pushing into her as hard and deep as I could. I put my left arm around her waist so I could pick her up off the floor when she orgasmed but in doing so I had my cock pressed against her ass and it felt good in a way I liked. Apparently it affected her strongly as well, she came with great racking spasms and she locked her legs together, pretty much holding my hand in place with my finger deep in her pussy. She was panting and out of breath when I took the rope off her. I turned her to face me and looked her straight in the eyes as I played with her pussy a little, I was doing it just to hear it make little wet noises. "You like being wet for me don't you?" I asked her.

"Yes," she answered in a quiet voice, "for you I do."

I responded in a physical way at her answer, not in anyway she'd notice but my cock throbbed in anticipation like it was ready for a hot wet fucking. "Good," I told her, "Now put your panties on you little slut." I know she would have taken more if I wanted to give it to her, but she knew it was time for her to get out and she did.

I took the time to visit a bondage store in the city on one of my trips out. I had liked restraining her and I had the impression she appreciated it as well. I went through the store looking at the gear – handcuffs, leg spreaders, nipple clamps, spanking paddles and crops. Somehow it didn't seem to be the thing I was looking for. I stopped and the dildo/vibrator display case and considered the items there longer than I did the other things. To date I had only finger fucked her, I began to wonder if she even had anything like this for her own use. I imagined what it would be like to watch as I put a dildo into her. Well that was an image I could have done without – my cock started to stiffen right there in the store. "Whoa." I turned away from the case and tried to make sure the girl working there wasn't going to get a view of me being excited. I was just thinking of bailing out of there when I spotted the silk ropes. Those I liked. I found they came in a couple of different lengths, I imagined how I'd use them and got several sections that I thought could be useful. That done I now had a plan, I also went back to the vibrators and got a blue one I'd seen that was fairly simple – no ridges or detail that made it look like a cock, just a long slim bullet shape that had a knob on the end to make it vibrate. I had to stash my new toys in the garage behind some boxes on a shelf so my wife wouldn't find them and be curious about what I was going to do with them.

I eventually found my opportunity. Everyone was out of the house and Brittany was sleeping. I got my stuff and quietly went into her room. It was warm and she was only covered with a top sheet, I drew it back and saw she was laying on her back and only wearing a tee and panties. I moved her shirt up a little and got a hold of her waistband and began pulling her panties down, they were about mid thigh when I looked at her. Her smooth skin, slim hips… I could see her clit just protruding above her pussy lips. I think my cock got instantly hard, I had to adjust it so it was laying up against me. That done I continued working her panties off her. I gently moved her legs so they were spread to opposite sides of the bed then I tied her ankles and anchored the ropes on the lower legs of the bed. Then I moved her arms up over her head and bound her wrists together then tied the rope off to the frame under the headboard. She was still sleeping, good.

I spread her pussy open, just because I could. I liked seeing it, she kept herself shaved clean and she had short pussy lips that naturally wanted to lay open. I massaged her clit a little and she began to respond to my touch, after a few moments I knew she was awake. I could tell when she tested the ropes, I didn't leave much slack in them and she was forced into this helpless position. It only took moments before her pussy gushed and was soaked. I didn't let her see me get the vibrator out and up to her pussy. I barely put the tip into her, just enough to get it wet then I slid it over her clit. I could tell she liked the way it felt when I saw her thigh muscles tighten up. "Do you want your pussy to cum?"

Her body went stiff, she raised her hips trying to get more. "I might let your pussy cum." I told her. That seemed to really set her off and make her want it more. As I thought about it… she was relatively spoiled, I had given her a number of deep and strong orgasms and now I was threatening her with not having one. I put the tip of the vibrator into her, maybe all of an inch and then twirled it a little, "Does your pussy like that? Does it make your pussy want to feel good?"

"Yes, yes do it." Her voice was strained from the tension.

"We'll see."

She groaned a little, I knew she wanted it even more now. I played with her, still just penetrating her then sliding the tip up her slit to tease her clit. She tried to get a rhythm going with her hips but I kept interrupting my activities and it was throwing her off. "Maybe your pussy doesn't like this."

"No, no – please do it, my pussy likes it, my pussy likes it." She was pleading with me.

I fingered her clit just a little then turned the vibrator on and let the tip of it lay next to her clit.


I saw her nipples standing up against her tee shirt. I let the vibrator lay where it was and pulled her shirt up to her shoulders so I could see her tits. "Do you really think your pussy likes this? I'm not really sure."

"Pleeeeeeeease, please make my pussy cum."

I picked up the vibrator and turned it off. "I don't think you want it bad enough. Maybe later." Then I walked out of the room and looked back in. She was straining against the ropes, her arms were held over her head and she couldn't even press her thighs together. I heard her grunting in frustration as she tried to do anything to get some stimulation. I went back into the room and looked at her, she had a wild look in her eyes. I played with her pussy lips a little, "Is this the pussy that wants to cum?"

"Yes, please. Please make it cum." She was close to begging.

I sat on the bed and positioned myself to look at her sopping wet pussy. I liked seeing her like this, nearly naked, spread out and pussy wet, and she did have nice tits. I turned the vibrator back on and pressed it down on her clit, she was ready for it, right away she was moving her hips into it and getting ready to cum.

I pulled the vibrator off her and demanded, "Don't you let that pussy cum yet. You don't cum until I tell you to. If you can't control it I'll just leave you here like this." I could see her trying to regain some composure, she believed the threat. I spread her pussy lips apart. "Now, is this the pussy that wants it?"


"Are you going to cum when I tell you to?"

"Yes, only when you tell me. Please."

I pushed the tip of the vibrator into her about an inch, "Do you want it in your pussy? Does your pussy want it inside?"

"Yes, put it in me. Put it in my pussy, please."

I teased her with it. I pulled it back out then slid it in only slightly further. Then back out. I was working it into her by degrees. The vibrator was shiny from her wetness, for a moment I thought how my cock would feel going into her like that and I nearly came in my pants. I wiped the image from my mind and went back to getting the vibrator in to her. I was holding back from pushing it all the way in.

"Is this what your pussy likes? Will it make your pussy want to cum?" I didn't need an answer from her, I was just asking her to build the tension.

"I know your pussy wants to cum but don't let it cum yet." I kept fucking her with the vibrator, talking to her to make her hotter.

I took the vibrator to full depth and held it in her then started working it with more energy, she was getting into it, her orgasm was building. "Not yet, don't let your pussy cum yet." She groaned at that but dealt with it.

"I know you're getting ready, I know you want to cum." She was bearing down against me moving into her.

"Almost… almost ready to cum." I was surprised she could manage it.

"Do it. Do it now," I commanded her, "let your pussy cum. Let it cum like a slut." She was so used to holding back that it took a couple more strokes for her to let loose, her whole body tensed from it. I deliberately spread her pussy as well as I could and watched her orgasm. It was long and strong, she seemed to collapse when it finished. I turned the vibrator off but left it inside her then played with her clit a little and saw her quiver in the aftershocks of her orgasm.

"Good girl. Good pussy." I took the vibrator out and put my finger in her just to feel her, her pussy was practically hot from the excitement. While she lay there I took the ropes off and jammed them under the mattress with the vibrator. "You don't touch those, only I use them on you, understand?" I moved her arms down to her side but left her shirt up, I straddled her then caressed her tits, after a minute I reached back and fingered her. "Do you like the way I make your pussy cum?"

"Unh huhhhhhh….."

"Your pussy is always going to be wet for me isn't it?"


"Good girl. I want your pussy to be wet for me all the time."

I was leaving the room when she called me, "Dad?"

"What is it?"

"Could you cover me up? I… I can't move."

She was totally limp. I pulled the sheet over her and left her to recover.

A couple of days later during an opportunity of the briefest moments… we were in the living room and I slid my hand down under her pants and panties and got my fingertip into her, "Do it, let your pussy get wet." It was just a couple of strokes and I felt her get slick. I pulled my hand out and went on as if nothing happened.

There were any number of times when I had the opportunity to take her and make her cum, she never once resisted me, even if I was being rough on her. Once I went in on her in the shower and made her lean against the wall while I fingered her from behind, another time I did her in the car when I was giving her a ride to the mall. There were times I would feel the urge to watch her cum, knowing it would be in response to me and what I was doing to her. I guess you could say it was a turn on to see a woman react that way to my touch, even if it was my daughter.

It just didn't seem that way – that she was my daughter in this circumstance. It did throw me the time she had called me dad and asked me to cover her up, in afterthought I realized she really didn't have anything else to call me – it certainly wouldn't be Bill. It still didn't feel like incest or whatever. Had it been either of the other two girls I would have been ashamed and felt guilty for it, with Brittany it was different and deeper than some inappropriate lust.

But then there was that one day… It was a few weeks after she had turned 18. The wife was at work and the girls were at the neighbors pool when she came home wearing her bikini. The second I saw her I knew it was going to be trouble. The outline of her, her skin, her tits and her slim hips…

I grabbed her by the center of her bra and dragged her down the hall to my room. My dresser was tall enough that it came up to her shoulders, I shoved her against it then grabbed her throat and slammed her head back. "Your pussy better be wet." I warned her. I ripped her bottoms off her and flung them aside, she automatically spread her legs for me. Her pussy was primed, and so was I.

I pressed my chest against her so she couldn't move away, I felt her tits compressing beneath me through my tee shirt. When I moved my hand down to finger her I slid my shorts down on the way there. I spread her pussy open and got a finger into her, her pussy was soaked. I was taller than she and had to drop down a little, when I felt I was in the right position I pulled my finger out then guided my cock into her and slammed it home. She sucked in a deep breath of air and let out a low deep moan, she liked the way it felt in her. So did I. Her pussy was tight on me, she was wet and swollen and her pussy was hotter than anything I had ever been in, moreso even than the girl I had ass fucked in college.

Being taller than Brittany was an advantage, when I stood up I lifted her feet off the floor, she was completely supported on my cock. I could feel the pressure of her cervix pushing down on me. I released her neck, leaned back a little and then I slapped her across the face, "That's for making me want to fuck you."

I let my knees bend a little then stood again to jostle her weight down on to me several times, each time she let out a "Unhhh" in response. I whispered into her ear, "I'm fucking you."

This wasn't going to end quickly. I had spent years making her cum while I had a rock hard cock and never did I let myself orgasm, maintaining an erection now wasn't going to be work. For Brittany it was different, she could show restraint and hold back her orgasms but she could have multiple orgasms on command as well. I gave her a command, "Cum on my cock you little slut, make your pussy cum now." She let loose and I felt the waves of her contractions along the length of my cock; I also realized by balls were wet from her juices flowing down me, that just made me want to fuck her more.

I kept my cock deep in her when I turned around and laid her back onto the bed then I got my hands under her thighs and lifted her legs to move them around me and up to my shoulders. In that position I was pushing straight down into her pussy. "Watch me fuck your pussy, slut." She looked down and saw my cock as it pulled back then slammed into her again. I wouldn't have thought it was possible but it felt like her pussy got even wetter as I drove into her again and again. I could sense her tensing up and I told her to cum again. Awkward as it was she lifted her hips into me as she came, I couldn't have been any deeper into her yet she was pushing to get more. I watched her squirm, twisting her hips, arching her back as she came again.

I looked down at my cock buried deep into her, seeing how hard I was from her and feeling her wet, tight pussy almost brought me to the point where I would want to cum. But I wasn't done with her yet, I held back.

"Turn over."

I moved one of her legs past the front of me so I could turn her to be face down. I made sure I stayed in her, I didn't want my cock out of her, even for a second. I got her to where her feet were on the floor and she was bent over the bed and began fucking her from behind. In this position it was easy to penetrate her deeply. I slammed into her and knew her pussy would be sore tomorrow. I didn't care, I was fucking my daughter and I didn't care about anything other than slamming into her. I was so lost in her that for all I knew my wife, daughters and all the neighbors could have been standing there watching and I wouldn't have cared.

Brittany began lifting her back into me, I knew she was going to cum again, she was pushing away from the bed trying to get me deeper. I grabbed her by the hips and lifted her feet from the floor again, doing that actually made it easier to fuck her like this given our height differences. Being lifted from the floor was something she liked as well. "Do it, cum again. Cum on me again."

When she relaxed again I told her, "One more time, turn over." I helped her move around so she was on her back again then I lifted her up to me. Quite naturally she wrapped her legs around me then put her arms around my shoulders. I realized at some point my shorts had come completely off, I wasn't even aware when it had happened. Both of us were in a sweat, our skin stuck to each other as I held her close. I don't know where the idea came from but I left the room and walked down the hall to her bedroom. The motion was a little clumsy but I got her onto her bed and I lay on top of her.

Slowly this time I began fucking her. Each time I pushed into her she'd lift a little so her clit would feel the pressure of my pubic bone against her. I kept the pace slow on purpose, I knew that when I had fingered her like this or used the vibrator in her that she would cum the hardest. I paused for a moment and leaned back, I supported myself on one elbow so I could take her bikini top off. When she saw what I was doing she helped get the straps off her shoulders then took it off. "Me too," I told her. She knew what I meant and she worked my tee shirt up and together we got it off me.

Then I lay fully on her. For the first time we were in complete contact with each other, I loved the feel of her tits against my chest. I resumed fucking her and we looked at each other, we exchanged something silently there and I wanted to penetrate her in every way I could. I brought my face down to hers and pushed my tongue past her lips and into her mouth. She took it the way it was intended, I was taking her and she was giving herself to me. I slid one hand down under her and pushed my fingertip into her ass. I heard her muffled moan as it went in.

A thousand images went through my mind, all the times I had seen her pussy, fingered her, made her cum, how hard my cock had always gotten… I was fucking my daughter and she was fucking me. I felt the pressure building in my balls. This time I was going to let myself cum, inside her. I was still penetrating her slowly but started stabbing into her when I was at depth. She sensed the difference and knew what it meant, she moved under me, trying to make sure her pussy was everything I needed it to be. I broke off kissing her and told her, "Cum with me honey, not yet, but I want you to cum with me."

It didn't take much longer. She felt when I began to squirt into her and she clamped her pussy down on me as she orgasmed with me. Wave after wave of contractions, my cock had shot itself dry and I was still cumming.

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