Daddy and daughter Veronica

Daddy and daughter Veronica

"It's 1:00 in the morning, who in the hell is sending me a text message?" I checked the cell phone, my daughter Veronica sent me a picture message. Ok, this is a rarity, I half expected it to be a "FUCK YOU" message replete with a skull and black roses. Actually I don't think she ever has sent me a message before; so why would she now, especially since I knew she was in the next room? Given it was a Saturday night it wasn't too late for a 16 year old to be up but I still couldn't figure what she'd send me.

I flipped the cell phone open and downloaded the pic. It didn't make sense at first, mostly a white blob but the screen resolution caught up and the picture started getting clear from the top down. I saw her face like she was looking down, then I saw… her tits? Wtf? The rest of the picture came in and I could clearly see she had a glass dildo in her pussy. She had taken a masturbation shot of herself naked and sent it to… me? It had to have been an accident since her boyfriend "Dave"s name would be right next to "Dad" in her phone list.

That little fucking slut, playing with her pussy and showing it off. I decided she needed to learn a lesson. I got up and went to stand outside the door of her room and listened. I could hear the wet sounds of her playing with her pussy toy. I opened the door and walked straight into her room. She was naked and on her back, pushing the dildo into her pussy, just like in the pic.

She recoiled in shock when she saw me, "Dad! What are you doing?!?"

"No, what are you doing you fucking slut? I just got a picture of your pussy on my cell phone."

Veronica grabbed the edge of her blanket and yanked it over herself in a panic.

"Bullshit you little bitch, I think it's time for that pussy to learn a lesson." She fought me when I grabbed the covers to pull them off her but the surprise of getting slapped made her lose her grip and I was able to pull the blanket down and toss it to the floor. The dildo had come out of her when she let go of it and it was laying between her legs. She saw me looking at her pussy and tried to cross her legs defensively. "No fucking way you get away from this, you're going to spread your legs whore."

She turned to her side but it was her mistake, her legs were drawn up and I could clearly see her ass and slit from behind. I got on her bed and pressed down on her knees and pinned her there, then I got the dildo and put it back in her pussy. She tried to straighten her legs but couldn't move under my weight and strength. I started fucking her with the dildo, "I'm going to show you what happens to slutty pussies." She reached down and tried to grab my arm but I swatted her hard across the ass and told her, "The more you fight it the more you have to take slut."

That didn't make her fight any less. I straddled her legs so I could sit on them and hold them more securely then grabbed her wrist and pinned it behind her back, she was laying on the other arm and couldn't reach me with it. Once I knew she was secure I went back to fucking her with the dildo. Her pussy was already wet so it slid into her pretty easily, "Slut pussies have to cum and I'm not going to stop until you do cum so you better get used to it and like it bitch." I don't think it made her like it any better but she did quit fighting as much, or maybe she was just tired. I held her tight to be certain.

This position sucked, I could fuck her with the dildo but I couldn't play with her clit at all. "You're going to lay on your back while I do this." She started struggling again, I changed my mind and moved some to make her think she could get away. Once she got twisted around the way I wanted her I trapped her legs between mine and I had her in a position where she was pretty much ass up and bent over. It was an awkward position but she was trapped again and couldn't do anything about it. I wanted both of my hands free though. I saw her robe on the floor and was able to snag the fabric belt from it and used it to bind her wrists behind her back.

She protested, "Let me go you fuck!"

Her legs were trapped between mine, her hands were bound and now I had her bent over and me with both hands free. I spread her ass cheeks apart and looked at her, "I can see your pussy, do you know that? I can see your slutty pussy." I slid my hand down further and made sure she felt me spread her pussy lips apart. "This is a slutty pussy, I can tell you've been playing with it and fingering it too. Have you been fucking with it? Tell me!"

She wouldn't answer. "Have you been fucking with this slutty pussy?" I had to repeat myself.

"No, no I haven't"

"Fucking liar."

I looked at the dildo, it had a shape like a dick, one end with a head and a rounded line down the center like a thick vein. I knew what to do with it. I could see the pink inside her pussy, I put the dildo in just far enough for the head to be in her and popped it back out. When I put it back in and she tried to raise her back to get away but she had nowhere to go. I kept putting it barely in her and then pulling it back out, after a couple of minutes she started arching her back again but this time is because she wanted it deeper in her. "That's a good pussy now, but if you want it deeper you have to spread your legs." She actually tried moving one of her legs, I let it slide out of my grip but held the other one in place between my thighs. I started pushing the dildo into her more but only by an inch or so. With her leg free she was able to maneuver more and she tried to position herself to get it deeper into her. "No," I advised her, "if you want it all the way in you have to lay on your back." This time she didn't move. I waited a second then grabbed her hair and began to angle her onto her back. I got her behind her knees with my free arm and moved myself around so I could get her legs up on the bed.

She looked at me with a mixture of hate and disgust, I didn't like it so I grabbed her pillow and threw it over her face. Her legs were barely apart and I told her to spread them. They moved slightly. I got both her thighs just above the knees and pushed them out, she let her legs bend but didn't stretch them fully out. It didn't matter, her pussy was exposed now and I was going to use it. I positioned myself between her legs so she couldn't close them again.

I put the dildo in her about half way deep and started fucking her with it again, after five or six strokes she was starting to raise her hips with the rhythm of it. "Good, your pussy wants to cum doesn't it?" She didn't say anything. "That's because you're a cum slut, now you're going to make your pussy cum for me." I started working the dildo deeper into her and began playing with her clit at the same time. I heard her start breathing heavier. Another minute and I was putting the dildo all the way into her. It only took a moment longer before she came.

I took the dildo out of her and looked at her fuck hole, it was kind of sexy really, her bush was trimmed neatly and her pussy lips just naturally petaled out in a way that showed it was ready to fuck. I was comparing her to what her mothers pussy looked like. I liked this one better, neater, not so much fat on her thighs so it looked more open and accessible, probably tighter from not having any kids yet too. Of course my cock was hard from all the sexual activity and it had been a little while since I got laid last so I was going to use this little bitch to make myself cum.

Veronica was being fairly quiet until she realized I was taking my boxers off then she started bucking on the bed trying to get out of her vulnerable position. Once I was ready I pried her legs apart while she objected, "Dad! No! You can't fuck me. No, don't fuck me!"

"I'll do whatever I want with you you little slut. I already told you that if you fought it you'd have to take more and now you're getting it." I let that sink in before I told her the rest, "Besides, I'm not going to fuck you." She stopped squirming long enough for me to get over her and push my cock completely into her. She let out a "No!" that almost sounded like a 'yipe' in response to me being in her. I like pussy, and this one felt good. Real good. I drew back and drilled into her a couple of more times despite her legs flailing and her trying to turn away from me.

Now I was ready, cock hard and feeling good and it was slick from her pussy. I pulled the pillow off her face, she had it mostly worked off to the side anyhow from jerking around on the bed. I looked her square in the eye and told her, "I'm inside your pussy, slut." It pissed her off even more but I wasn't the slightest bit concerned about that. I pulled back so my cock came out of her then I grabbed the hair at the back of her head and yanked her into a sitting position as I moved up to being on my knees. "I told you I wasn't going to fuck you. You're going to suck my cock." I saw her clench her teeth and purse her lips as if she had a choice in the matter. I pushed the head of my wet cock up to her lips and met all the resistance I expected. Another open hand slap across her face was her warning. "You'll suck it or I'll knock you senseless and fuck you anyhow." I yanked her hair in a way I knew would hurt and her teeth parted just enough to force myself into her. I didn't like the feel of her teeth on my cock so I made sure to push it in far enough to make her gag and held it there. "I can keep it there until you pass out or you can do this right." I pulled it back far enough for her to breathe again and felt her lower jaw go slack some.

"Good. Now suck my cock bitch. You let me make your pussy cum, now you're going to let me cum too." She didn't do much more than keep her mouth open far enough to fit my cock in it. "I said you were going to suck my cock. Now do it!" I raised my hand back like I was going to slap her again then I felt her draw me in, "Yeah, that's it. Do it like that." I pulled myself back some and let her suck me back in, I liked it like that. Her mouth was warm and I could feel her slick tongue beneath the head of my cock and partly down the shaft. It wasn't going to take too long before I was going to bust a nut in her mouth. I felt my cock starting to cum but I intentionally held it back to make myself cum harder, I made sure the first and heaviest shot went into her mouth then I pulled back and let the rest of it squirt onto her face. Damn, there’s a lot of it. Then I was thinking I hadn't even jacked off in a couple of days – she got the full load. I grabbed myself behind the balls and squeezed up the last drop up to the head of my cock then I leaned over and smeared it across her tit and nipple.

I pushed her over so she'd fall back onto the bed and started walking out. At the door I turned back and told her, "You fought instead of just giving it. I'm still going to fuck you later."

"Asshole. What if I tell mom?"

"And what if I show her the picture you sent me?" She got real quiet. "Yeah, I thought so. So here's the deal. I'm still going to fuck you and you're going to let me. If you make it difficult I'll fuck you again after that and I'll keep fucking you until pussy knows its place. And if you don't like it you can move back in with your mother." About halfway down the hall I heard her ask, "Are you going to untie me?" I kept going and closed my bedroom door behind me.


The next couple of days were fairly predictable, she gave me hostile looks whenever possible and I made sure she knew I was looking at her crotch. Three days of that kind of tension and I was ready to get my dick wet in her. When I got home she was in her room on her computer, still dressed in her "Goth" get up. She was heavily into the black on black thing, nails, eyeliner, lipstick, she even dyed her hair black. I didn't care, it was all part of her rebellious act and shit. Not that it was all an act, she did cause enough trouble for my ex and me having gotten arrested a few times, or getting detention at school, plus she came home drunk more than once when she was 15. When she accidentally sent me the pic of her pussy I thought it was a great opportunity to get even for all the trouble she had caused.

"Time's up." She automatically knew what I meant and gave me a loathsome look. I ignored her and sat on her bed. "Come over here, now." She stayed in her chair at the computer. "Veronica get over here now or I'll make you do it and you won't like it." I warned her before about resisting. She got up and came over to stand in front of me, arms crossed over her chest and eyes glaring defiantly. I was glad she was wearing a skirt, I raised the front of it and could see the thong she was wearing and the outline of her camel toe in the little piece of fabric that covered her pussy.

"Do we have to do this now?" She sounded evasive. I just looked at her and she knew the answer. I grabber her elastic waistband on either side and yanked her thong down to her knees. I had to raise her skirt again to see her pussy naked before me.

"Why, can you think of a better time?" I asked her. I put my hand up to her pussy and started playing with it a little. She tried pressing her thighs together to stop me but my fingers were already where I wanted them.

"Yeah, how about never?" Now she sounded snotty.

"How about you take your fucking clothes off, get on this bed and spread your legs?" It wasn't really a question. I pushed my fingertip into her pussy, she was barely damp, I rubbed her clit some more. "Well?"

She didn't budge. Ok, if she wants it that way… I yanked my hand away from her pussy and grabbed her wrist, her thong was still around her knees and she couldn't step forward in a way that would let her catch herself and with a quick jerk I was able to pull her down and over me like she was going to get spanked. I bent her wrist behind her and got her other wrist next to it and captured her hands. I had no doubt I was going to fuck her but I wanted her pussy wet first. Before she could catch on to what I was doing I got two fingers in her mouth to get them wet, about the time she was turning her face away I was pulling them out anyhow. I slid my fingers up and down her slit, making sure I got her clit wet. Then I teased her like that, slowly circling her clit and working down to where I was close enough to slip my fingers into her hole but not quite doing it.

She was rocking her shoulders, trying to get loose, "Hey! You want a cock in your throat again? I'll tie your ass to the bed and skull fuck you for the next two days if you don't settle down." She let out a frustrated grunt that sounded far from a nod of approval. I kept at her clit with a steady rhythm, she wasn't moving with me but I could feel she was starting to get wet.

"See? Your pussy likes it." She drew her head back and slammed it on the mattress, nice effort but no real effect. I played with her pussy longer and made sure she was going to be wet enough to fuck, by that time she was starting to move her hips a little in response to me rubbing her. "Good pussy, now let's get your ass on the bed."

She let me turn her and position her to where she was sitting up, I was going to push her back on the bed when I decided to tell her, "Take that top off and the bra too if you're wearing one."

She got pissed again, "Why? You don’t need to see my tits to fuck me, just put it in and get it over with."

I slapped her, no warning, just a quick slap across the face again. I grabbed the sides of her top and started jerking it up, it fit pretty snugly and it took some work. Once I got it up over her tits I could see there was no bra, I grabbed one of her nipples, gave it a tight squeeze and a twist. She tried pulling back and away from it but I had a good grip on her and since she was fighting it I decided to grab the other one as well and gave it the same treatment. When I let go of her both her nipples were standing out.

I left her top bunched up under her arms and stood up. She was starting to pull it back down when I let my pants fall and my cock sprung out not too far from her face. Her eyes were fixed on it. "Suck it and get it wet to go in you slut." She let go of her top and turned her face away. I figured as much. I grabbed the hair at the back of her head and jerked it back so she was looking straight up then turned myself so my cock was hovering right over her face. She closed her mouth as well as she could but I still moved myself so it would slide back and forth over her lips. "You will suck me and I'm going to fuck your pussy," I told her with emphasis on the 'fuck'. She tried pushing me back but wasn't strong enough to do it and given I had a handful of her hair I wasn't going far anyhow. I jerked her head back and forth to shake her up, she opened her mouth to say, "Ow," and I pushed the head of my cock past her lips. It was an awkward angle and didn't go it far but it was in her mouth and it was a start. I grabbed the side of her head and used both hands to turn her towards me, she didn't make it easy but I got her into a position where I could push deeper into her. She didn't suck me but at least the little bitch didn't try to bite me. I worked it in and out of her a couple of times just to show her who was in charge.

Without notice I released her and pushed her shoulders so she'd fall back onto the bad, she knew what was coming and immediately pushed her legs together. There was no way she was going to make this easy and I decided right away to make it even harder for her then. There was some pantyhose crumpled on the floor and I got an idea. I wrestled with her to get her turned over and laying face down then got on her and sat on her ass. That's when I leaned over and got the pantyhose. I knew she was curious about what I was doing but there was no way she expected what I was about to do. I worked the pantyhose around until I found the middle. I slid it under her face and started forcing the crotch into her mouth.

"What are you doing? What..?" I got the pantyhose between her jaws like a gag and pulled the legs back behind her head. She could still talk and was protesting, "Stupid asshole. Mother fucker."

"Yeah, I did fuck your mother. Now I'm going to fuck you too, slut." I tied the legs behind her head so it wouldn't fall out of her mouth then grabbed a wrist and twisted her arm up behind her and tied that too with one of the free ends of the legs that was hanging loose. I gave her other arm the same treatment. I didn't leave any slack so now she was forced to keep her head back with her arms drawn up behind her. This made her much more manageable. I grabbed her arms and picked her up and forced her out of bed to be standing up. It took some effort but I got my feet between hers and forced her legs apart then bent her over the bed. From there it was easy to put the head of my cock up to her pussy lips and push.

She was a little wet but not as much as I would have liked, I got some spit on my fingers then pulled my cock out of her and rubbed my wet fingers over her slit and a little into her hole. Now my cock was going in easier. I took my time pushing into her I wanted her to know for certain I was going to fuck her no matter what. She tried leaning forward to get away. Ok, if she wants to make trouble…

I spread her ass cheeks apart and saw her asshole open up. Well, there's my next target. I pulled out of her pussy and let my cock rest on her asshole. I think she got the idea right away because I saw it tighten up. Didn't matter, I just spread her ass more. My cock was a little slick from spit and pussy juice, it was enough that I could force into her. I didn't go easy this time, I slammed it into her as deep as I could go. You know, I like pussy, but this is the first time I fucked a girl in the ass and it felt pretty good. Her ass was tighter and warmer than a pussy and it felt pretty good too, somehow I don't think she was enjoying it as much as I was. I held her by the hips and pulled back on her hard, I could feel my balls slapping against her pussy as I banged into her. Oh yeah, this is going to work. I wasn't sure if she was fighting me or trying to keep her balance but I could feel her ass tighten up every time her stomach muscles contracted. She was fucked, tied up with her head back, my cock in her ass, I even reached around in front of her and fingered her clit just to insult her and let her know I was going to do what ever I wanted with her. My cock was getting ready to cum. I thought about pulling it out and spraying it over her ass and pussy but instead I drove it deep and unloaded everything inside her. Fuck yeah, that felt good.

I pulled out of her kind of quick, just it case it might cause her some pain; my cock felt a little cold now that it was out in the open air. I released the ties around one of her wrists and shoved her onto the bed. On the way out I reminded her, "You're still going to get pussy fucked."

"That's what you think asshole."

"I'm sorry," I countered her remark, "did you just say you're ready to suck my cock again right now?" That brought the conversation to an end.


I thought about what I had been doing with Veronica for the last few days and felt justified in harassing her this way. She'd always been a pain in the ass one way or another and no matter what we did she always chose to take the hard road. For once I felt like I had some level of control over her and I liked it. I wasn't completely sure how she was taking this, she was semi-hostile most of the time anyhow regardless of the thought that I was going to make her fuck me. The idea of getting some pussy made my cock want to stiffen up and the fact that she was my daughter made me want to fuck her more. Having seen and felt her pussy brought an image to mind of her being wet and me cumming inside her pussy. I was looking forward to it.

Friday night she was getting ready to go out with her friends. Dressed pretty much the same dark clothes she always wore, I wondered for a second if she ever really changed them or not. I stopped her before she got to the door. "Raise that skirt up."

"Dad! I can't do this right now, I'm going to be late."

"Don't worry about it, we're not doing this now. Now get that skirt up."

She lifted her skirt up to her waist. "Higher, all the way. Do it." She brought it fully up, it only reached her shoulders anyhow being a short skirt. I grabbed her ass with my left hand and rubbed her pussy over her thong with my right. "This is my pussy and when I tell you to give it to me you're going to do it understand?" She turned her head away from me and looked down at the floor.

"You better say yes or I'm going to take the time to fuck you right now."

"Yes." She sounded sullen.

"Good." I kept playing with her pussy some then I pushed her thong aside and fingered her a little. "Spread your legs more." I was surprised she opened them up for me. "Look at me." I told her. She did, she seemed slightly defeated, I kept my finger in her a moment longer then told her to go.

Veronica got home a little after midnight, it was only a coincidence that I was in the living room and saw her come in. One slight misstep and her using a wall for support told me she was probably drunk. I figured this would be the time when she could be an easy fuck but decided I wanted her to give it to me without the benefit of feeling loosened up. I let her go to her room. Later, when I was headed to bed myself I looked into her room and saw her laying face down on her bed, still dressed and passed out cold. I could see her ass and crotch and felt a twinge in my cock like it wanted to get ready for business. I imagined what it would be like to pull her thong aside and check out her pussy now, it'd be too easy to do it. I could probably fuck her and she wouldn't even know it, that idea made my cock definitely start to stiffen up. I debated my options, fuck her now the easy way or make her fuck me face to face later. I decided to wait, her pussy wouldn't be wet enough to feel the way I would have wanted it to anyhow.

I went into my own room and tossed my clothes into the corner as I undressed, figured I'd get clean clothes out of the dresser to be ready in the morning when I spotted some lube in the sock and underwear drawer. Hmmm, that would make her pussy feel wet enough. I went back to her room with the bottle in hand. I already knew Veronica was a hard sleeper and the fact that she was drunk pretty much assured me she was out for the night. I just didn't want to be in a position of her saying she had done her duty and let me fuck her and me not having some sort of argument in return. I'd played around with drunk chicks before and knew it could take a lot to wake them up, if at all, sometimes. I decided to go for it.

Gotta love those skirts, just slide it up some and you're halfway there. I debated just pulling her thong aside but thought some of the lube would leave traces there so I started working them off her. I got to move either side down an inch or two but then had to deal with the resistance of her laying on them. I watched her face as I applied a gentle but steady tug on them and felt them starting to slide off underneath her, She never budged or blinked. Feeling confident I pulled them the rest of the way down and got them off her. I picked up one leg and moved it out as far as I dared then did the same to the other. I spread her pussy open and played with it a little bit, still no response from her.

I moved myself up on the bad and got into position, I smeared the lube over the head of my cock and about halfway up the shaft then moved down to where I could slide it up and down along her pussy lips. She still never budged so I began moving it into her pussy. I guided myself into her at first then propped myself up so I wouldn't be laying on her and risking her waking up. Once I got the position down I fucked her. It felt good, different but good. I never fucked a passed out chick before, I played with them and stuff but if they didn't respond I never fucked them. Now I was kind of wishing I had, something about a pussy that was just there and totally available made it feel even better. Veronicas pussy felt good on me and the lube was making things slick enough that I could move the way I wanted. I felt my balls rise and getting ready to release the pressure that was building but I held it back so I could at least one time push myself fully into her and feel my whole cock buried in her. Damn that felt good but it also triggered my orgasm and I could feel that I was going to shoot. I pulled my cock out quickly so I could let it all out onto her ass, I didn't want anything in her she'd find in the morning. I jacked off a little to make sure it all came out. When I got done I got some kleenex to wipe up the mess of my goo and the lube that was around her pussy lips then took the time to put her legs back together and put her thong back on; that last part wasn't as easy as I expected. Good enough, I flushed the kleenex so there'd be no way she'd find it later and then I went to bed.

I got up the next day to find her in her robe on the couch, she was drinking a glass of orange juice. She looked a little worse for the wear. "What's the matter," I asked her, "hung over?" No response. "Guess that's the price you pay if you want to play. Guess that's true for a lot of things isn't it?"

She threw something across the room towards me, "You left that in my room." I looked down and saw the bottle of lube. "You fucked me last night didn't you?" The way she sounded the question told me she wasn't certain, I had to think fast.

"I thought about it," I told her, I figured if it sounded like I was confessing the lie would be more believable, "I played with your pussy but you were too out of it. It wouldn't count if I just took it – you have to give it to me." I waited to see what her reaction would be.

"You should have just fucked me and got it over with."

"Like I said, you have to give it to me, no fighting it." I looked at her as I told her that, she was looking at me but at least it was without her patented glare. Maybe her resistance was wearing down. We'll see.


Over the next few days I didn't press her about fucking though there were times when I'd stop her in the hall and feel her tits for a couple moments or I'd rub her pussy over her thong. She let me do it. The idea of her being compliant was making my cock hard. I thought about when I did fuck her, no struggle just getting off in her pussy. The whole "punishment" thing was losing it's appeal, I started it all as a payback for years of her causing problems but now for the past week she'd been a little softer, less bitchy. I was kind of looking forward to fucking her in a nice way. I didn't need to do it, but I wanted to. I already had a ticket to do the do the deed and she's expecting it. I decided I did need to act on it though if I was to follow through; felt if I waited too long the time would pass.

I wondered if Veronica was going to get drunk again this weekend, fucking her when she was passed out was a turn on, I'd certainly consider doing it again. She did go out and I made sure I was up when she got home. No such luck this time, I could tell she had a buzz but she wasn't 'drunk' drunk. That fantasy just went out the window… She saw me on the couch and came over and stood in front of me, I looked at her questioningly. She didn't say anything, she just raised her skirt. Maybe she'd come to expect it, I'd been grabbing her pussy or tits nearly everyday. I'd just reached up to fondle her pussy when she dropped her skirt and announced she had to pee and disappeared down the hall.

When she came back she stood in front of me again but she had a look in her eye that spelled trouble, made me wonder what she was up to. I found out right away.

"I'm not wearing any panties," she told me and raised her skirt again to show me, "and my pussy is wet."

She stopped me with that one. "But, you can't have it."

By the time I figured out what she had just said she'd bolted down the hall. I heard her bedroom door close hard and fast. Ok, if that's the way she wants to play it. I burst into her room and found her standing there waiting.

"You said I had to give it to you. Well, I'm not so you might was well leave now asshole."

No fucking way she just said that! I didn't even have to think, two quick steps and I pushed her back hard so she fell to the bed, her legs flew up and I saw her pussy and felt my cock swell in response. She was about to get fucked, giving it to me or not.

She started to back scramble on the bed but I grabbed an ankle and pulled back against her efforts, doing so I raised her leg and accidentally got a better view of her pussy. Those perfect pussy lips… the were partly spread open and I briefly saw she really was wet. She tried kicking me with her other leg by swinging it in on me, it was a weak impact at best and a bad move on her part, I grabbed her other leg. I owned her now, she couldn't get away and I was between her legs. I pulled her towards me so her ass was at the edge of the bed.

"You stupid fuck. I told you No!"

I took her protest as motivation. I dropped down to my knees and moved myself close to her, holding one leg tight I used my free hand to raise her skirt and expose her pussy better. She tried banging her loose leg against me and I just laughed at her. She kept at it while I undid my belt and zipper. Didn't take much effort to get my cock out, it was ready for it. I had to shove her free leg out so she'd quit banging it on me, having her spread like that made her pussy pop open like a hungry mouth.

"I said you can't fuck me!"

That fell on deaf ears. I pointed my cock towards her and drove it in deep. Damn, she really was wet and fucking her felt good. In my position I could see my cock going in and out of her, it glistened from her pussy juices.

"You know the rules bitch, you have to give it to me and you have to cum. You may not be giving it to me but you're still going to have to cum or I'll fuck you sore."

She didn't say anything but I knew she heard me. I put my cock in her as deep as it would go and held it hard against her cervix, pulling down on her hips and pushing myself forward had me deeper in her than I ever had been. She was starting to arch her back from the pressure of me in her, I backed off and started fucking her again and she began moving with me as I penetrated her.

"Do it slut, make your pussy cum." She moaned a little and started breathing faster. I didn't need to restrain her anymore, I could tell she was getting into it and she was working up to cum. I played with her clit and saw her respond with more energy. When she started her orgasm I kept myself deep in her and let her press down on me. When she started to relax I quit holding back and let my own orgasm loose, as soon as I started to spurt I pulled out and let it go over her hips and on the inside of her skirt.

When I got up I saw her looking at my still hard cock, I stood there and let her look as much as she wanted. Good night consisted of, "You still are going to let me fuck you." I went to bed but didn't go to sleep right away. I was thinking about what just happened. She had teased me and wanted me to fuck her and she came hard from our fucking. So why was she fighting it then? I'd have to ponder that one.

The next morning I got up, I sleep in the nude and didn't bother putting anything on, I went into her room, she was awake but still in bed. I didn't say anything to her I just went to her bed and began pulling the covers off her, she grabbed the top edge to stop me but I quit pulling at it and told her in a soft voice, "No fighting, I know your secret."

She looked at me with some uncertainty, it was a clue that she did have a secret and she wondered if I really did know.

"Your secret is you really do want me to fuck you and since I told you you had to give it to me or I'd fuck you again you've been fighting me so I would fuck you again." Looking into her eyes told me I was right. "Then here's the deal… Right here, right now you're going to give yourself to me, in any way I want. After we do that then any time you want I will give it to you anyway you want it." I saw her break a slight smile at that.

She let go of the blanket and let me pull it off her. She was completely naked, her nipples were already hard. She spread her legs so I could easily see her pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed and gently massaged her pussy with one hand and caressed the breast closest to me with the other. She closed her eyes and let herself become absorbed in the sensations. I let my fingertips explore between her clit and her moistened pussy, then I felt her get wetter as I began to probe inside her. I released her breast and used both hands to spread her pussy lips apart, I saw her clit standing proud and excited and brushed a fingertip over it.

"You've been wanting this haven't you?" Her hips moved towards my touch as I asked her.


"Do you like the way I touch you?"


"Has your pussy ever been licked before?" She said no, but in the way she expressed it I could tell she was anxious to try it. I leaned over and felt the warmth of her body near to my face, I exhaled slowly and shared the warmth of my breath over the tops of her thighs and mound. I knew she felt it and could tell she was excited with anticipation. I paused just a second to look at her, at her clit, her slit. I was ready, I wanted to suck and lick her. I wanted her to cum in my mouth.

I slid my tongue over her clit, instantly she rose to meet my mouth and I heard a sharp intake of air. I kissed and licked her clit a few more times then moved to position myself between her legs. She was more than ready. She drew her legs up and spread them as well as she could, her pussy was soaked. I kissed her clit again and felt it's warmth against my lips then I pushed my tongue into her pussy and gave her a long slow lick all the way up to her clit. I felt her react to me and could tell she liked it all, feeling me touch inside her and the flick of the tip of my tongue off her clit. I kept at it without pause, I could sense her orgasm building in her and I did everything I could to make sure she was going to cum hard.

Cum hard she did, she had no inhibitions about pushing her pussy into my mouth. She reached down and held either side of my head and pulled me tight to her. There was no way she was going to let this stop as the waves of her orgasm racked her body. I continued to lick her softly and suck her clit as I let her finish her spasms. Finally she relaxed and I heard her still breathing heavy. I slid a finger into her and held it there. She let out little moans of satisfaction.

"I want to do that to you dad." Funny, I was thinking the same thing. We moved around on the bed and changed places. I laid back and let her get between my legs. She took my cock and angled it back towards her. I was patient, I could tell she was examining me, exploring lightly with her touch. My erection was providing some resistance, it kept wanting to angle back up; after a few moments she took me into her mouth. I immediately felt the urge to push deeper into her wet warmth, she sensed it and sucked me into her, she slid her tongue around under my cock and would let it slip up over and around the head. She was still exploring, only with her mouth this time, she began to see how deep she could take me. She moved up for a better position and I looked down to see my cock disappearing through her lips. She was determined and leaned forward so I was completely into her. She gagged a little and backed off then forced herself to take me all the way in again. Fuck she felt good. She changed her method so that she was mouth fucking me, moving her head up and down so my cock was feeling her along it's full length. I let her have me until I felt my balls starting to build pressure.

"Don't make me cum yet honey," I cautioned her, "I'm saving it." She understood and drew back and let my cock flop back against my stomach. I reached down to her and pulled up to lay on me. I could feel her breasts against my chest and her mound was pressing on the base of my cock. I snuggled with her, caressed her back lightly and told her how good she had felt to me, then I told her I was ready and for her to turn over.

We moved around each other to get her on her back with me laying over her. She had a soft dreamy look to her, I told her she was beautiful, then I teased her and told her the rules still apply, she was going to have to cum.

"I don’t think that's going to be a problem dad." She gave me a grin.

I reached down to guide myself into her, it wasn't difficult, my cock was wet from her sucking me and her pussy was literally drenched, Her pussy lips parted easily and I gently slid fully into her. She came right away. I held my self in her and let finish then I whispered in her ear, "My little girl came so soon? I don't think that's good enough, I'm going to have to make you cum again."

She moaned, she fucking moaned in a way that was long, deep and low. She was totally into this. I drew myself back and began fucking her. After a few strokes we were moving together, working ourselves against each other and shifting here and there to play on the intensity of our sensations. I teased her a little, I drew myself back and then would only penetrate her with the head of my cock before drawing back again. It was driving her nuts, she tried scooting herself down to get me back into her, that only made me pull back more to make sure it wouldn't happen.

"What's that?" I asked her, "Do you want me back in your pussy?"

"Oh god yes!"

"Are you sure? Are you sure you want me in your pussy?"


"Then tell me."

"I want you in my pussy. I need you in my pussy." She was emphatic, "Please daddy, fuck me now."

I didn't. I kept up the teasing. She couldn't take it, "You better fuck me now you son of a bitch!"

For some reason that was the hottest thing I'd ever heard. I slammed my cock into her and fucked her with a fury. She responded like I had shot hot iron into her and let out a series of grunts and growls as she fought to pull me into her and keep me in her. I drove into her, I felt my balls building pressure again.

"Is your pussy ready to cum? Do you want your pussy to cum again?"

Her response was incoherent but I could tell it was a positive reply.

"Not yet, don't let your pussy cum yet." I knew that would make her want it just that much more. "Hold it until I'm ready honey, hold it until I cum in you." She moved herself to get me into her as deep as I could be. I couldn't hold it back any more, "I'm going to cum in you baby. I'm going to cum in you NOW."

My body did the natural thing, my back arched and pushed the head of my spurting cock against her cervix. She bucked beneath me, her body trying to get every bit of me, filling her pussy with my cum. I could feel her contractions at the base of my cock. Our muscles were taught as we fucked ourselves into one sexual being. We came together, and nothing existed except the feeling of me deep inside her.

The world came back into my awareness and I felt myself laying on her, the both of us panting. My cock was swimming in the combined volume of fluids from the juices of her pussy and the load of my sperm. I started to pull out of her but she held me back and told me she needed me to stay in her. I had no argument.

All this time," she was telling me, "all this time I've been waiting for you to do this." I lifted my head to look at her, as she paused a second I kissed her lightly then slid my tongue into her mouth just long enough to feel her meet me then I withdrew. "I've needed you to control me dad, it's why I was so much of a problem." Her eyes changed from serious to mischievous, "Did I cum good enough this time?"

"You were the best honey. Yes, I like the way you came on me. And I'll keep my promise, I'm going to fuck you again the way you want it."

"I need it dad. I need you to fuck me." She told me the way she wanted it, "I need you to spank me. I need you to punish me and make me do slutty things."

"Why you little slut!" I mused with her.

"I want to be slutty dad. I want to be your slut." She confessed, "and I want you to fuck me when you need to too, even if I'm asleep again."


"Dad, I knew you fucked me that night, a girl can tell."


She interrupted me, "I wanted to give it to you too. I wanted you to fuck me like this. But I'm glad you got to cum then." She smiled at me. "Oh, did you know?"

"Did I know what?" Her question seemed to shift direction, I was at a loss.

"I didn't send that picture to you by accident."


Veronica had gone out. When she got home she came over to me on the couch, "Daddy?"

I looked up at her, "What is it honey?"

"I'm not wearing any panties."

"WHAT? What did you just say you little slut? Pick that skirt up and show me your pussy, you're about to get spanked!"

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