Daddy got Caught!! (better)

Daddy got Caught!! (better)

I was 16 when i first started to wonder what my dad was like in bed. I'd lie in bed and wonder how big his cock was, and how it would feel inside me. I masturbated over this all the time and ALWAYS got the best orgasms out of it

My mum had gone away for the weekend to visit my Nana who was ill.. Leaving me and my Daddy on our own. One night I was in bed when I woke up with a burning feeling in my throat.. I realised I needed a drink so I made my way downstairs. Walking past the front room I heard moaning. I looked inside and it was the TV, I looked towards the sofa and my Daddy had his cock in his hands.. It was huge!!! I felt the tingling in between my legs. I was a virgin but I certainly knew how to get myself off. I stood so I could see him clearly but he couldn't see me and watched his hand move up and down his cock… The cock that made me.. And the tight little pussy I was now rubbing in pure ecstasy… My whole body quivvered as I tickled my little clit, I kept this motion up for a few minutes then moaned a little too loud. My dad stopped and looked up… Right into my eyes. I froze. I couldn't talk my way out of this one.

I looked at him innocently and he looked back.. kind of shocked… The phone rang and i quickly answered, Forgetting I wasn't wearing any panties under my t shirt, Exposing my tight shaved virgin pussy to my father… It ws my mother on the phone and we began a conversation about my Grandad… In any other case I would have moved so I was sitting down on the sofa but instead I moved my hips, taunting Daddy with the forbidden fruit in front of him… I heard him breathign heavily as he witnesssed the beads of pussy juice drip down my soft shaved lips… I moved my hand down to my opening and spread my lips, Showing him the inside of his young daughters sex… Letting him know what I wanted him to do… I gasped silently as I felt his tongue penetrate me… Feeling his stubbly beard against my young skin.. I looked round and saw his hand pumping away at his huge cock.. I wanted it so bad!! I wanted my daddys cock.. I turned around so I could watch his head in between my legs and run my fingers thru his greying hair as my mummy spoke to me on the phone… The conversation didn't last long as it was late and i put the phone down

"Oh daddy thats so good! Lick ure daughters cunt! Lick it!"

I heard him moan into my pussy and slurp up all my cum as i orgasmed all over his face… I looked into his eyes and told him I wanted to suck on his cock… He sat up and held it out to me.. It looked bigger close up and I immediatly took it all into my mouth.. Moving my head up and down it, Sucking as hard as I could… I looked up into his eyes… I gasped around it as I felt out dog, Harvey, Start licking at my pussy… I revelled in this situation for ages before I stopped sucking and looked into his eyes "fuck me Daddy.. I want it!"

He pushed me against the nearest wall and ripped off my t shirt… Exposing my D cup breasts.. Licking and sucking at my nipples

"Oh Daddy your so good! I'm gonna cum again soon!"

"Good baby.. Cum for ure daddy!"

He fucked me SO hard.. Harder than any teenage boy EVER could… My whole body shuddered as ogasm after orgasm hit my body… Before it all got too much for him and he came inside me… I collapsed on the floor. Staring at hsi limp cock, Now covered in my pussy juices… He ordered me to lick it all off before I went to bed… I obliged and licked off every last drop…

That night Harvey was allowed to sleep in my room.. Provided I filmed everything me and my dog did for my Daddys personal porn collection that would be beamed into the downstairs TV live from my bedroom…

The first thing he did to my young pussy was lick it for hours… I knew from personal experience that he LOVED licking my pussy… He did it near enough everyday when my parents weren't home and I loved it just as much as he did… I could hear my Dad moaning with excitement as he watched his daughter get a tongue lashing from a Great Dane… I got on all fours and let him slide his doggy cock into me.. He screwed me as hard as he could… I'd never done this but it felt AMAZING! I wanted more and more and more and I got it! He reacted with me as I came over and over and over… I heard my Dad come running up the stairs and throw the dog off me.. and began screwing me isntead

"Oh daddy I loved it when you do me! Can youn feel how wet I am Daddy?"

"Oh yeah baby and I love it! You really love ure Daddys cock don't you honey!"

"Oh yes Daddy.. especially yours!"

We fucked SO many times that weekend and it carried on when my mummy was at work… But thats a different story…

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