Daddy Knows

Daddy Knows

Daddy knows just how to drive his little girl wild. He knows I have a very sensitive little clit, and that I love to have it teased with a very gentle wet tongue, barely making contact with it as I hold my pussy lips open for him. Daddy runs his finger round the entrance to my little wet pussy, dipping it in a little then rubbing my juices on my clit for him to taste as he teases me with his expert tongue. He tells me I’m his princess as he takes me to the edge of orgasm, sliding first 1 then 2 fingers deep inside me as his tongue works my hard little clit. I can hear my own wetness, smell my own sex and I know my juices are running down my daddy's hand and I’m so very close to cumming. But daddy doesn’t want his princess to cum yet and abruptly pulls his fingers from my aching hot little cunt and puts them to my lips telling me to taste myself like a good girl. I lick the tips of his fingers and I can taste my sex, I moan and slide daddy’s fingers into my mouth, greedily sucking my juices from them.

Telling me what a sexy little princess I am, daddy moves up between my legs, leaning over me, taking my small hands in his, he lifts my arms over my head, pinning me to the bed. Looking into each others eyes, I feel a tightness in my tummy that only daddy could ever give me. I feel vulnerable but excited, being held down and I moan as I feel his big hard daddycock touch my pussy oh so briefly, before he pulls it away. “What’s the matter princess?” daddy says, but he knows, and he lightly taps his rigid cock on my little snatch making me moan again. I look up into daddy’s eyes and I see his lust for me, and I know he sees mine for him, and I whisper, “Oh daddy”.
“What is it baby? Tell daddy what you want,” he says and smiles his knowing smile.

Before I can speak, daddy moves so that he has both my hands clasped in his large one and he reaches down between us taking hold of his erection, he rubs the wet, sticky head across my littlegirl pussy lips and down to my hot little cunt. I let out an involuntary moan and start to thrust up to daddy to try to make contact with his cock, but daddy holds me down with his strong thighs. “Now, now naughty girl, you didn’t tell daddy what you want, did you?” he says as he chuckles and rubs his cock against my wet slit, then up to tap it on my swollen pussy.

My frustration is building and being the stubborn little brat I can sometimes be, I look up at him and sarcastically say, “Please daddy”.
I don’t know why I do it, I know I can never beat daddy and I instantly regret it when he laughs and says, “That’s my girl” and I feel him nudging my pussy lips apart and slowly he pushes just the head of his throbbing daddycock inside me. I close my eyes and start to moan and move my hips to take my daddy inside, but I realise that daddy won’t let me. He’s using his body to hold me down so that no matter how I wriggle and squirm I can’t take anymore of his huge throbbing erection inside me! I open my eyes as daddy pulls his cock completely out of my desperate pussy and tells me he doesn’t think I’ve been a very good girl, that I don’t want it bad enough, so I really don't deserve daddy's big hard cock. I start to plead with daddy, telling him what a good girl I've been for him and that I want him to push his rock hard cock inside me so much. “Please daddy, please..I am a good girl, I promise” and I manage to make contact with his huge organ as I wriggle underneath him, but I know it’s only because he lets me. “That’s better princess, tell daddy what you need. Daddy needs to hear you say it baby”

Looking up into his eyes I know that this man always has been and always will be everything to me. He knows me better than I know myself, what’s best for me and what I need, and I do need this, need daddy to control me this way.
“Oh god daddy, I need your big hard daddycock deep inside my tight little cunt! Please daddy, please give your little girl what she needs.” I feel the head as daddy introduces his big cock to me again, nudging at my pussy lips, “Please daddy, all of it, I need every inch stretching my little cunt, please daddy I’ll be a good girl, I promise”
Daddy takes his eyes from mine and looks down between our bodies, “Look baby, look at daddy’s big cock, half of it inside my little girl’s cunt. Look how your smooth, greedy little snatch is sucking at it, trying to take it all. Are you daddy’s cock hungry little baby, princess? Tell daddy who owns this little cunt I’ve got my dick inside.”
I can’t believe how wide my littlegirl pussy can stretch for daddy’s cock, or how amazing it feels, but I need more and daddy knows it.

I thrust my hips up to take more of my daddy inside me and he lets me take an inch as I cry out, desperate for him to fill me completely, I begin to beg and plead my daddy to give me what only he can. I beg him to fuck me and I tell him that my tight little cunt belongs to him, only him. I tell him that I’m his princess, his little slut princess and that his little cunt is hungry for his big fat daddycock.
“Oh fuck yes, my little baby slut, daddy’s gonna fuck his little cunt so hard!” he almost shouts as he slams his daddycock inside me as hard and deep as he can. So hard that it takes my breath away and he bottoms out inside me on the first thrust. He holds himself deeper inside me than he’s ever been before as my little cunt stretches to accommodate him, then he slowly pulls back and slams into me again… and again, working up a rhythm as he fucks me, and moans and whispers naughty things to me, telling me he’s gonna fill me with his daddycum. I wrap my legs around him, thrusting my hips up to his, my little cunt feels so full of daddycock and I love it. The tingle begins deep in my tummy, right at the spot where daddy is deep inside me, and with each thrust it spreads. I can feel it building. I place my hands on daddy’s shoulders, my nails are digging into him and I’m moaning and begging daddy to fuck me harder, begging him to pound my little cunt, and he does! Over and over..” Oh daddy, I’m gonna cum” I squeal, “Can I daddy, please? Oh god please daddy, I can’t stop it…PLEE….EASE DA…AADDY?”

“Yes baby, cum for daddy” I just about hear him and let go. My back arches and my orgasm rips through me, my body stiffens causing my hot pussy to clamp around his cock, almost sucking his cum up his shaft as I jerk him into me. Daddy fucks me harder and faster spurred on by the orgasm still wracking my body and he groans and shouts, “Oh fucking hell I’m cumming, oh yes princess daddy’s gonna fill you with hot spunk. That’s it baby, cum for daddy too, give daddy that babyjuice on his cock. Daddy’s gonna fill his precious little cunt with his daddycum..aaarrrrggg fuck yes!” and daddy jerked and thrust until every drop from his balls was deep inside my cunt.

As my orgasm subsided daddy leaned down and kissed the tears rolling down my face and smiled as he wrapped his arms round me tightly. I hadn’t even realised I was crying!
That was the first of only 3 times in my life that I have experienced such an intense orgasm that I cried.
I can’t explain why or what makes them different to “normal” orgasms, only that the 3 I had were with my daddy. So maybe that just says it all!?

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