Daddy Loves Me, This I Know

Daddy Loves Me, This I Know

Chapter 1

Marcie heard her father yelling up the stairs to awaken her. They had planned a weekend trip to visit Marcie's grandmother on her farm near Newton. Although the drive from Des Moines would be a short one, for Marcie it would be far removed from her city culture.

"Hurry up, hon. Grandmother is expecting us for lunch and you know how she hates for people to be late to her meals."

Marcie scrambled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. After peeing, she grabbed her toothbrush and looked in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. She marveled at the numerous piercings in her ears, eyebrow, nose and tongue. Her parents were horrified when she had spiked her hair and dyed it purple. She could just imagine the shock on her grandmother's face when they walked in.

Marcie had always been a Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes and, in an act of rebellion, attempted to change her image. Still a virgin at 18, she was a straight A student, and had been active in extracurricular activities in high school. Following this Labor Day weekend trip to her grandmother's farm, she would enter the local community college. She also would start a new job at the Colorado Steakhouse. She would have to remove the piercings and turn her hair back to a normal color when she began her job at the restaurant, but for now she reveled in the shock value they provided.

She enjoyed the times alone with her father. Her mother and she were not close ever since she had brought a man home, thinking that the house was empty.

Marcie reflected upon that life-altering event. She had returned home to get an assignment for school when she heard the loud squeaking noises and her mother screaming, "Oh, yes, yes!!! Fuck me harder. Oh, God, yes!! I'm coming!! Harder!!! Harder!"

She had looked into her parent's bedroom and saw the man who mowed their land fucking her hard. Although repulsed, she couldn't help but notice how his black skin contrasted beautifully against her creamy white body. When she gasped, her mother looked at her in wide-eyed horror.

"Oh, my God!!! Ralph, stop!! STOP!! GET OFF!!!"

But the black guy was approaching climax. As her mother attempted to buck him off, he firmly grasped her ass, pinned her down, and drove his cock deep into her while his hard ass muscles twitched as he dumped his black sperm deep into her cavernous pussy.

He finally withdrew and stood up. He looked into Marcie's eyes with a smirking grin on his face. It seemed like an hour, but in the seconds it took to survey the scene her eyes took in the size of his cock, still dripping cum and covered with her mother's white juices. Her mother's pussy was agape and cum trailed down her asshole. She quickly jumped up and pleaded with Marcie not to say anything to her father. Marcie turned away in tears and ran back to school.

That evening, her mother fixed her father's favorite meal of pot roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes. She seldom catered to her father, so he was pleased.

"Oh, John. I forgot the spoons for the gravy and vegetables. Would you mind going into the kitchen for them while I carve the roast?" her mother said.

When he left the room she hissed, "Don't say a word!"

"Don't worry, Mom. I wouldn't hurt Daddy for the world. Your secret's safe: just don't do it in his bed again. That's gross!"

"Here are the spoons, dear," her father said as he reentered the room.

Attempting to be surreptitious, he gave Marcie's mother a kiss on the cheek and rubbed her ass grinning like a horny teenager. He was in such a hurry to get her in the bedroom he practically inhaled his food.

"Bev, that was the best meal you've cooked in ages," he said. "Marcie, would you mind doing the dishes while your mother and I have a discussion?"

"Sure, Dad. Can I go to Jane's when I'm done? We're going to study for an algebra test tomorrow."

"Of course, hon."

It wasn't long before Marcie heard the bed springs squeaking again as her father frenetically fucked his used wife.

"I've gotta get out of here," Marcie said to herself as she fled the house.

Ever since that day, she attempted to fill the vacuum she perceived in her father's life. They became more than father and daughter: they were companions, confidants and, most of all, close friends.

Marcie especially liked riding with him in the old 1952 Chevrolet pickup her father had inherited when her grandfather died. It had been well cared for and looked brand new.

"Oh, Daddy. Can we take the pickup to Grandma's? It'd be so much fun."

Her father grinned and hugged her.

"Anything you want, pumpkin," he replied.

They decided to take the back roads to the farm versus traveling on I-80. It was a beautiful fall day. The weather was just warm enough to allow the windows to be down, letting in the smells of harvest. There was a subtle crispness in the air that made Marcie feel so alive.

They passed a large horse farm bordered by intersecting white fences. The main house and the barns were well cared for. The livestock and horses gave the scene a Currier and Ives look. A beautiful Appaloosa hung his head over the fence inspecting them with doleful eyes.

"Oh, Daddy, can we stop and see the horses?"

"Sure, honey. Let me find a spot to pull off."

As they walked toward the horse, Marcie became aware of the Appaloosa's cock dangling down. "Oh, my god," she thought, "that is so huge."

She petted the horse's muzzle and gave him a hug. The horse nibbled at her fingers.

"He's used to getting a treat. That's why he's nibbling your hand."

"I'm so sorry, big fella. Next time, ok?"

They headed back to the car and her father told her to get in the truck. He had to pee, he told her. She was slightly embarrassed at first then thought, "How silly of me. It's natural and noone else is around."

Her father stood at the rear of the truck and unzipped his fly. When Marcie heard the piss start to hit the ground, she tried not to look but her curiosity overcame her. She glanced in her door's rear view mirror. She could see her father holding his rather large, flaccid, penis with his hand while a seemingly endless flow of piss streamed toward the ground. Marcie felt a strange stirring in her loins. She had never before experienced such a sensation. She felt her panties becoming wet.

Her father shook the final drops from the end of his cock and zipped up. When he entered the truck, neither spoke about the event. Her father glanced at his watch and said they'd better get a move on if they were going to arrive a little early.

The sun beamed down on her body during the rest of the trip. It served as an unexpected aphrodisiac causing her to squirm in her seat, drenching her already wet panties. At moments, she could smell the aroma of her sex when the wind stirred just so. This heightened her blissful misery. It felt so odd. Marcie had never touched herself down there; in fact, she had never even thought about her body or entertained thoughts of sex. She attempted with some success to put all such thoughts out of her mind and concentrated on the lovely pastoral scenes passing by.

The weekend passed quickly. Her grandmother was so gentle, loving and sweet that Marcie felt ashamed of her rebellious actions. She had driven into town and the local beautician was able to take the purple out of her hair. She also removed the most offensive piercing hardware. Her father and grandmother's faces lighted up when they saw her. They were amazed and pleased. Her grandmother gave her a big hug.

"There's my little girl," she said.

"Oh, Granny. I love you so much!!! I'm glad you're happy."

They finally said their goodbyes and thanked her for a lovely weekend. Her Grandmother surprised them as they were leaving with a care package consisting of cookies and frozen meat from the farm's livestock, which they put in a borrowed cooler.

An unexpected turn in the weather had brought Indian summer warmth. Marcie previously had left behind a short skirt and blouse which she decided to put on for the ride home. During the ride, the heat, coupled with a heavy lunch, made Marcie sleepy. As a child, she had always laid her head in her father's lap as she slept between her parents. She always felt so loved and protected in those moments. She tried to sleep sitting up, but it was uncomfortable.

"Daddy, can I lay across the seat to take a nap?"

"Why, certainly, honey. You look tired." Rhetorically, he asked, "The big lunch Grandma fixed didn't help, did it?"

He moved the seat back to provide room free of the steering wheel. She quickly fell asleep with her head in his lap. He petted her head, stroking her hair, which had been cut short to remove much of the damage from previously dying her hair. Such a beautiful girl; actually, she is a woman, he thought to himself, as he looked at her young, voluptuous, body.

The noon sun was shining on Marcie's body as she slept. Her body again began to respond to the stimulation. Her pussy began to lubricate. As she went deeper into sleep, she began to dream. She saw visions of her mother's lover's big black cock, dripping with her cum, the Appaloosa's huge cock and her father's cock while pissing behind the truck. She began to squirm and gently grind her hips.

Her father watched as her hand reached beneath her skirt and began to rub her now flowing pussy. She moved her panties aside and rapidly moved her fingers across her clit. Her back arched. She inserted first one finger, then two more fingers into her wet pussy. Her father heard slurping sounds as her fingers rapidly moved in and out. His cock began to inflate.

He reached down and massaged his daughter's breasts. His cock ached for release. The smell of her juices reached him causing him to lose all caution. He had to get his cock out; the pressure against his shorts was just too much. He moved her head slightly away as he pulled it out.

Marcie was now dreaming about the black man's smirk and his big cock as he left her mother's side. In her dream, he confidently approached her with his hardening cock held in his hand. He grabbed her around the waist, bending her back as he drove his pink tongue into her mouth. His cock rubbed against her as he began to rip at her clothing.

Her mother was screaming at them to quit. Enraged at her mother for her father's betrayal, she thought this was fair payback. She gave in to the black man's kisses and passionately returned them, grinding her mouth against his fat lips. She saw herself squatting down to take his cock into her mouth.

Her father watched as she bucked against her hand. Precum was flowing profusely from his burgeoning cock. Marcie thrashed her head from side to side. Her face ultimately came into contact with his bare cock. Feeling it, she shifted her position to enable her to stroke it and kiss along the shaft, exploring the silkiness of it. Her eyes opened. She took a long look at her father's aroused cock, and then moaned.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy. Daddy. I want you so bad."

She began to kiss his cock. She licked his opening, tasting precum for the first time. She followed its stream down his cock to his sac, which she licked tasting the muskiness of his sweat. She put one ball in her mouth and nibbled, then nibbled the other.

Her father moaned as she progressed back up his cock to engulf it with her mouth. She explored it with apparent fascination and lust. She alternated the pressure of her sucking, periodically munching on it as on a tasty fruit.

"Oh, baby. That feels so good. Where'd you learn to do that?"

"You're my first, Daddy. Kiss me. Kiss me hard."

Their lips locked in a kiss that brought their passion to the brink of climax. They clutched at each other's body, fusing themselves together in a fervent embrace.

"Ohhhh, God. Ohhh. Daddy, make love to me. I want you to be my first lover. Fuck me."

"We shouldn't, baby."

Her father's momentary glance at reality quickly passed as he devoured his daughter's mouth. He sucked at her mouth to capture her saliva and remnants of his precum.

"We have to get off the road, hon."

He quickly found an entrance to a field of corn. He plowed into the stalks creating a barrier to the road. He got out, undressed and opened the passenger's door. He began kissing his daughter's ankles, down her legs to her spread thighs. He kissed and sucked the crotch of her panties, tasting her voluminous cum. He pushed the crotch aside and flicked her clit with his tongue.

"Oh, God. That feels so good, Daddy. Don't stop," she said as her hips began to buck against his face.

He put his face in the middle of her pussy, lapping at her opening to capture her flowing juices. He maneuvered his face side to side, up and down, his nose stimulating her clit as he smelled and tasted her earthy sex.

"Let me feel your big cock. Now Daddy. Fuck me. Oh, fuck me. I need your cock so bad."

"Let's get your clothes off. I want to see your marvelous body."

He pulled off her panties as she squirmed out of her blouse and bra. Next, he removed her skirt. He looked at his daughter's nakedness. She had taken no pains to alter nature. Her untouched pussy was a dark mat of hair. A thin line of pubic hair ran toward her belly button. The long pussy hair reached the arch of her legs. Her pussy lips were folded flush with her mound. He moved the hair aside and gently kissed the virgin pussy, massaging it with his lips. He broke the opening with his tongue and caressed the pink inner lining. She moaned and rotated her hips in ecstasy.

"Please, Daddy. I want you so bad. NOW!! I want your beautiful hard cock in my pussy," she said as she squirmed in agony.

"Let's move to the back and lay on the truck bed. The steering wheel will be in our way."

He watched as she got out of the truck. When she stood, she was a vision of loveliness. A perky face, full lips, blue eyes, dark eyebrows all reminded him of Vogue models he had seen. Her body was womanly, with larger than average, full breasts. A narrow waistline and perfect hips, complemented by long legs completed the package. He grasped her and they clutched at one another. Her hand encircled his hard cock as she began to stroke it.

"Oh, baby, let's get in back," he said.

In the midst of the cornfield with the warm sun beating down on their bodies, they made love again and again. By the time they had finished, her pussy was sopping wet, her hair was matted with sweat and she was totally broken in. His cock was so sore that they couldn't make love again for three days. Thereafter, they made love almost every time her mother was away on her own sexual agenda, which was quite frequently.

It was bound to happen. They ultimately had to be found out. It occurred on one of the coldest days of the year, memorable for the record snowstorm that had hit the area. They had assumed that she would be late from work—certainly not come home early. But, come home early she did, and she caught them fucking in her bed.

In the most profound manner of retribution, Marcie viewed with joy the horror on her mother's face. Marcie recalled her black lover's smirk and mimicked it as her mother collapsed in tears.

Chapter 2

Her father watched as she waited on the curb. She was strikingly beautiful. Wavy brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders. Large looped earrings added a sophisticated touch. The chiffon floral skirt she wore accentuated her narrow waist, her long legs and well-proportioned hips. It clung to the curves of her body. A long-sleeved black mock-turtleneck sweater couldn't conceal her generous breasts. Leather slings delicately held her modest feet in high-heeled shoes, which accentuated her calves and alluringly jutted her gorgeous ass up and out. Underneath the trappings, he knew, she would be wearing a black lacy bra and thong panties with thigh-high stockings held by a garter belt.

Her arm was linked with that of a middle aged man who wore an out-of-date sports coat, which was a size too small for him. "What a contrast," he thought.

He parked his car and went to his office. He pressed the intercom button and beckoned his secretary.

"Yes, Mr. Patterson?"

"I saw Marcie outside with a gentleman. Who is he?"

"Oh, that's Mr. Clausen. You remember. He's the gentleman who won't sell his property we need for the development west of town past I-35. Marcie is taking him to lunch to try to persuade him to sell to us."

"Good. If anyone can persuade him, Marcie can."

He inwardly smiled and thought how proud he was of his daughter. When his wife found the two of them fucking in her bed, she understandably became embittered and hostile. There was a bitter divorce.

John Patterson, Sr., his deceased father, had left his farm to his wife. His successful real estate company was left to him, his only child, and to any children of his, in equal shares. That provision protected much of John's assets in the divorce. Essentially, as his only child, Marcie was one-third owner of a company that had branched out into land development: housing projects and strip malls for the most part. In the divorce settlement, John and Marcie gave full ownership of the original real estate company to Bev, his wife, in exchange for the full ownership of the real estate development branch. Use of the company names had not changed.

Marcie had taken to the business like a duck takes to water. She capably worked with contractors to represent the company's interests and ensure quality workmanship. Although she had withdrawn from college to support her father during the disturbing divorce, she was a brilliant woman, as evidenced by a 5.0 grade average in high school.

Over lunch, she faced Mr. Clausen with determination. She analyzed him. She knew from dealings with other men of his type that he particularly didn't like high-pressure tactics. He was a stubborn man and usually did the opposite of what people wanted. So, she talked about everything BUT the desire for him to sell his land. She was animated. Her face glowed. She was captivating. He was smitten.

Mr. Clausen was a lonely widower. He couldn't help but entertain fantasies of having this woman as a lover or, dare he hope, his wife? She was every man's dream. Experience should have made him wary but his defenses were down, although Marcie would never do anything shady or unethical. She was totally fair in her business dealings.

Marcie excused herself.

"I have to go to the little girl's room. I'll be back in a min," she said.

While he waited, he fantasized about the piss flowing from her beautiful pussy. He began to get hard. He ridiculously wished he could transform himself into the small piece of paper that would wipe the piss from her pussy.

After they left the restaurant, Marcie told him she had to leave him now to return to the office. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. He felt her reach into her purse and slip something into his sport coat pocket.

"This is a little present for you. Don't look until you get in your car. If you decide to do the right thing for us, I'll be in my office, alone, at 3 this afternoon. If you sign our papers, you can have where they came from—and more."

She leaned in again and kissed him lingeringly on the cheek.

"Goodbye, for now," she said.

The smell of her fragrance lingered tantalizingly in the air. When she had come close to him, his heart had raced. His mouth had gone dry and his palms became wet. He was totally infatuated by this beautiful, enticing woman. But, he was confused. What had she slipped into his pocket? However, she said to wait to look, so he rushed to his parked car and hurriedly pulled out the silky object.

He was so glad he waited because, after pulling out the thong panties she had worn, he needed to be alone with them. He glanced around to see if anyone were watching. Then he reverently put them to his face. Tears came to his eyes. He wanted her so badly. He put the crotch to his nose. God, what a heavenly scent; they were so musky. As if she had read his mind and determined his most base perversion, she obviously hadn't wiped after peeing as he'd fantasized. Her minutes-old-urine commingled with the morning's flow of juices, which showed as a white streak against the black color. He put the crotch in his mouth and sucked. He had to have more of where that came from.

"Why do I care about the property? I'm so damn stubborn and cantankerous," he thought to himself. "I have more land than I'll ever need and the land sale will only make me richer. Besides, I have noone to leave it to."

As his fantasies drifted, he thought of the possibilities with Marcie. "She said she'd be alone. What were the implications of that?" He resolved to find out.

At 3 p.m., the intercom phone rang on Marcie's desk.

"Miss Patterson. Mr. Clausen is here to see you. He says you're expecting him?"

"Please send Mr. Clausen right in, Melanie."

The secretary ushered him into the office. Marcie came from behind her desk to greet him.

"Why, hello, Mr. Clausen. So nice of you to stop by my office," she said as she leaned in to give him a warm hug.

He felt her full breasts poking into his chest; her flat stomach and her pelvis were firm against his paunch. The thought of her pussy being just a fabric away engorged his cock. It had been so long since he'd had a woman.

He tilted his head slightly back. An inch from her mouth, he muttered "I believe we can come to terms–on certain conditions."

She gave him her most enticing look. "Anything, Mr. Clausen. Anything," as she parted her mouth and placed her full lips on his.

An hour later, the secretary saw Mr. Clausen leave with a magnificent look of satisfaction on his face. Her intercom phone rang.

"Melanie, when Mr. Clausen phones in the future, will you please say I'm unavailable?"

"Yes, Miss Patterson," the secretary said as she smiled. "One more successful afternoon for my boss," she thought with admiration.

All the other secretaries were jealous of her because everyone knew that Marcie was the best boss in the firm. Tough, but fair, she willingly shared recognition for her success. Christmas bonuses for her dedicated employees were very generous. In the summer, she often hosted barbecue dinners and swimming parties at her family's estate.

She would willingly do anything for her boss. In fact, Melanie had a bit of a crush on her. For the first time in her life, she was attracted to a woman. She would give anything to be able to kiss her luscious, full lips and shower her body with licks and kisses, culminating in sucking her sweet pussy.

Marcie's father interrupted her thoughts.

"Is Marcie available, Melanie?"

"Yes, Mr. Patterson. I'll buzz you in."

"Thank you, Melanie. How'd things go today with Mr. Clausen?"

Melanie smiled, and said, "Why don't I just let Marcie tell you, Mr. Patterson."

He opened her office door and asked, "Well?"

She held up the signed contract papers and smiled.

"Signed, witnessed, and notarized," she said.

"That's great, baby. We really needed that land. How'd you do it?"

"With persuasion."

"Lemme give ya a hug."

While he was holding his daughter his toe slightly slid across a slick spot on the carpet.

"What's this?"

She smiled and said; "I told you I did it with persuasion—a LOT of persuasion. That's his cum. When I sensed he was near climax, I told him to be sure to pull it or he'd lose half his fortune if I became pregnant."

Her father laughed and said, "What'd he say?"

"Well, nothing at first. Remember, he was occupied, but afterwards he said he liked my spunk."

"God, baby. You've got me so hard. You know the thought of you with another man really turns me on."

"I couldn't do that to you, Daddy. I love you. This was business, not pleasure."

"I love you, too, hon. Well, if you ever have the chance, I want you to take it. I'd love to have you come home to me all soiled from being with another man. Would you think about doing that?"

"Sure, Daddy. Just for you," she said unconvincingly.

Marcie decided she'd take the next day, Saturday, off to celebrate her achievement. She slept in late, ate a late breakfast and made plans for the day.

While showering, she decided to use the swimming pool and read a novel. It'd been so long since she'd had some time to herself. She put on a new Wicked Weasel swimsuit she'd recently received as a gift from her father.

She swam a few laps and dried herself off. It was a beautiful sunny day. Soon fall would be here, she thought, as she fondly recalled her first sexual experience. That was two years ago and she and her father had been lovers ever since.

The book was a slow starter and she soon drifted off to sleep. As always, the warmth of the sun served as an aphrodisiac. She hazily visualized naked men surrounding her. She couldn't see their faces, only the region from their torso to their knees. Who they were didn't matter. The only feature that was totally clear was their cocks: about a dozen of them, hard and large, all ready for action.

"Excuse me, Miss Patterson."

Marcie opened her eyes. She couldn't recognize the face because the sun was blinding her.

"Who is it? What do you want?"

"It's Ralph, ma'am."

He shifted out of the sun and Marcie recognized their landscape worker. Ever since Marcie had caught him fucking her mother, she had been unable to get the thought of his huge cock out of her mind. Moreover, she had fantasized about fucking him as some sort of weird repayment scheme. She hated her mother for what she'd done to her father.

Ralph gazed at Marcie's near naked body. His cock began its familiar throbbing. He wondered if she would be as good a piece of ass as her mother had been. He appreciated her keeping quiet about their affair. He needed the job.

Marcie saw the beginnings of his erection and spread her legs to reveal the wet crotch of her skimpy bottoms—some black pubic hair spilled out the sides. His cock was now totally hard. He didn't try to hide it.

"Ma'am, Mr. Patterson said to stop by to pick up our check for this month. Did I come at the wrong time?"

"Oh, no, Ralph. Your timing is just perfect. And please don't call me ma'am. It makes me feel so old. Follow me."

He watched her naked ass move side to side as she led him into the house.

"In here. The check's are in Daddy's den."

She opened the desk drawer to get the checks and bent over to write the check. Her breasts were nearly totally exposed. Her large brown aureole spread beyond the fabric. As she looked up to hand him the check, she looked directly at the outline of his cock, then challengingly into his eyes. She stood erect.

Ralph sensed the ball was in his court. "Fuck the job if I'm wrong," he thought.

"Are you a cum-loving, cock hungry bitch like your mother?"

She walked around the desk to slap his face but he caught her wrist on the swing and held her in his grasp. He stared at her a moment then pulled her to him mashing his mouth against hers. At first, she squirmed and fought his kisses, but suddenly she felt the extreme throbbing in her pussy

She recalled her first dream of him that ended as she bent to suck his cock. She made the decision to live the dream.

She reached for his belt and unbuckled it staring into his eyes.

"You've wanted my big black cock ever since you saw me pull it out of your mother's cum-filled pussy, haven't you?"

"Oh, yes. I've dreamed of the day when you'd put that big cock in my tight pussy."

She remembered that her father had gone golfing and would be home in a couple of hours. She wondered if he really meant it when he said he'd like her to make love to another man. She figured she'd find out soon enough.

She moved to the couch but he stopped her.

"I want to make love to you in the same bed as I did your mother."

"That's my father's bed. I can't do that to him."

Ralph stepped forward holding his now free cock in his hand. He held Marcie firmly in his grasp, bent her back and kissed her, driving his pink tongue into her mouth as he ripped off her swimsuit.

She surrendered to him. She knew she had lived this moment before, like d? vu. She bent to take his cock in her mouth, but he stopped her. He held her head in his hands and kissed her gently on the lips.

"First, baby, you need to get inducted just like your mother."

"Inducted? What do you mean?"

She wanted his cock, not talk of induction. She tried again to put her mouth on his cock, but he pulled her up.

"Let's go into the bathroom," he said as he half dragged her to the bathroom off her father's bedroom.

"You certainly know your way around our house. What're you going to do?"

He coaxed her into the shower and said that it'd only take a minute.

"I'm going to induct you into the sisterhood. Squat in the corner."

She decided not to fight it. "Get it over with," she thought.

"I'm gonna give you a golden shower. I want you to drink some of my piss, and then open your pussy so I can piss inside. That'll be the end of the ceremony. Your mother liked it so much, she had me conduct it every time, but once is all I require. It's just my little ritual for all the white woman I fuck for the first time. It puts my stamp on the relationship."

He aimed his cock at her and the forceful stream hit her face. She turned her head away but he commanded her to open her mouth and taste it. She opened quickly and got a mouthful before she had time to close her mouth again. She smacked her lips and tasted the piss. She opened again and took in another mouthful and swallowed. Then, she opened her pussy using both hands and bravely told him to fill her up.

When he finished, she stood up and surprised him by grabbing both of his ears and pulling his face close to hers.

"Kiss me. Kiss me hard."

She drove her piss-covered tongue into his mouth. Not used to being bossed, she was retaliating.

"Now, you squat! If you ever hope to enjoy my body, you'll do as I say."

When he had positioned himself like she wanted, she commanded him to look at her.

"Look into my eyes."

She spread her labia folds and began to piss on his face.

"Open your mouth," she demanded.

He let the piss roll around his mouth and down his chin. His cock was as hard as it had ever been. He reached up and pulled on her ass so that her pussy was on his mouth. He licked the final dribbles of piss off her pussy and began to explore the pinkness of her inner lining.

"Let's move to the other room, Ralph. I want you so bad."

He stood and removed his piss-drenched work clothes and stood naked before her. His physique was Godlike, Marcie thought. He was thin, yet muscular. He had broad shoulders with very narrow hips. His thinness emphasized the size of his monstrous cock, which was much blacker than his almond-colored skin. Marcie knew that it was a myth about all black men being big, but Ralph was typical of the stereotype. She couldn't wait for the chance to give pleasure to its owner.

They quickly showered, kissing, fondling and lathering one another before moving to the bedroom.

"I wonder if it's true what they say," she wondered, "'Once you go black, you don't go back?'"

Since she had only made love to her father, she figured it didn't matter much.

"O.K., baby. Now you can suck my dick. Let's go to your parent's bed."

"Finally, I can relax and enjoy myself," Marcie thought. "Come here, big Daddy. Come to Mama," she teased, suddenly realizing that he'd had her "Mama" in this very bed. Her pussy became drenched as she recalled seeing his cock covered with her mother's cum and her pussy wide open with Ralph's cum dripping down her ass.

Ralph lay on his back beside her. Marcie sat up and bent to kiss his fat lips.

"God, they're so soft and delicious," she thought. She trailed kisses down one side of his chest to his scrotum and teased her way down the other side. His cock stood erect with precum flowing profusely over the fat head. She grabbed his shaft and tilted it toward her as she licked the slit. She loved the feel of precum and the flavor of a man's sperm. Sometimes after sex, she'd stick her fingers in her pussy to scoop it out and suck it off her fingers.

She kissed and licked down the shaft. She loved sucking a man's balls. She also loved the taste of a man: she first tasted the musky tang of her father's sweaty sac, but Ralph's was freshly scrubbed. She briefly regretted showering before having sex.

"That's good, baby, but I wanna fuck ya now."

He pushed her back and slipped his narrow hips between her spread thighs. He loved the sight of her pussy. Dark pubic hair framed her mound, which was swollen from arousal. Her labia folds were evenly aligned. "That'll change by the time I'm ultimately finished with her," he figured.

He placed the tip of his cock into her wet opening. Although her cum had totally moistened her, he immediately met resistance.

"God, she's tight," he observed. "Her mother is like a cavern by comparison."

Undaunted, he persisted, gaining entrance millimeter by millimeter. Halfway in, he paused a moment and retreated, then back in again until he slowly made it all the way. By now, Marcie was quivering. Her body began to perspire heavily, and her hips began a slow up and down motion to acclimate her pussy to his size.

"Fuck me slow. Go slow."

He kissed her and pulled his cock out and licked through the sweat down the middle of her body to her pubic region where he licked the creases of her thighs. He gave lie to another myth that black men don't eat pussy. He gently sucked her swollen clit in his mouth and nibbled, alternating the flicking of his tongue rapidly across its surface with gentle suction. He moved to the puffy lips and sucked them one by one into his mouth; then he stuck his tongue into the center where cum was dripping profusely out the big hole his cock had made. It felt like his mouth was practically flooding with her juices.

He kissed his way back up and placed his cum-filled mouth over hers and stuck his tongue in to transfer it. She wildly sucked his tongue and licked the outside of his lips to capture her own cum.

"Oh, fuck me now. I want your big cock back in my tight pussy."

He easily was able to penetrate her this time and she began to plead with him to fuck her faster, and harder. Her hips began to buck and she climaxed early. She shuddered as the magnitude of the orgasm spread throughout her body. She continued to match his rapid strokes until finally he slammed his cock hard into her, as deep as it would go. She felt his cock swell and throb as he spurted his cum into her clenching pussy. She suddenly was overtaken by the largest orgasm she'd ever experienced. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her nipples protruded, and a gush of liquid streamed out of her pussy. She rotated her ass and jerked it up and down to maximize contact with Ralph's hard cock.

"God, what a fuck. Kiss me, kiss me. Oh, God, Oh, God!!" she said as she continued to slowly gyrate around his rapidly deflating cock.

They kissed and clutched one another as their bodies wound down. She went down to lick the juices from his cock and off his sac. She loved the feel of a cock ejaculating in her mouth, but that orgasm was worth the sacrifice, she laughingly told herself.

"Next time, I want you to cum in my mouth. I can't wait to feel your cock throb as you cum down my throat. I'd let you do it today, but Daddy is coming home soon. In fact, you have to scoot. Take your shower at home, ok? I'm sorry."

"Not to worry, baby. I'll be back. You can count on that. How can I reach you?"

"You can't reach me, but I'll call you when I have free time. Now, scoot!!!"

He hurriedly gathered his things and put them on. He gave her one final passionate kiss and left the property.

Now Marcie was faced with what she'd do about her father. She sat on the edge of the messed bed and reflected on her options. She'd never been dishonest with him before. What should she say about this?

"Hi, hon," her father said at that moment as he came in the room. His eyes took in the state of the messed up bed, her nakedness, and her scrambled hair. A strong scent of sex was in the air.

"What's going on? What have you done—or who have you done, I should say."

She looked into his eyes, questioning, considering.

"I, uh, err, I, uh, . . ." she stammered as she made her decision to tell him the truth.

Chapter 3

Melanie was concerned about her boss. She wasn’t her cheerful self when she came in that morning. Throughout the morning, she occasionally heard what sounded like sniffles coming from her office. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She had to see if Marcie needed her. She entered her office and closed the door.

“Marcie, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. I’ll be o.k. Thanks.”

“Are you sure? You look really sad.”

“Oh, Melanie. I appreciate your interest but I can’t talk about it.”

Melanie walked to the visitor’s chair in front of the desk and sat down. She leaned forward in the chair and gazed intently into Marcie’s eyes. Marcie broke down when she saw the look of compassion in her eyes. Tears began to flow.

Melanie stood and walked around the desk and put her arms around Marcie.

“Come here and let me hold you.”

Marcie stood and put her arms around her secretary, feeling comforted by her affectionate concern. Melanie pulled her boss close to her and put her head in her shoulder.

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think. Can you talk to me about it?”

“No, I can’t. It’s just that I really let Daddy down and he’s disappointed in me.”

“Oh, sweetie. I know how much your father loves you. He’ll get over it, whatever it is.”

Melanie moved her head back slightly to look at her face. She reached up and tenderly caressed her cheek.

“Your father thinks you are wonderful! You know that.”

It was so soothing to be held by Melanie, she thought. She took note of her secretary’s physical characteristics. Taller than she by an inch, Melanie was thin, but well proportioned and pretty. She always dressed fashionably and her hairstyle was always contemporarily styled. Marcie knew she was 35, which made her 15 years older than she.

Melanie became conscious that she was in her boss’s arms; she’d often fantasized about holding her like this, but not in these circumstances. Yet, the sexual energy Marcie unintentionally gave off was overpowering. She began to get aroused and subtly rubbed her pelvis against Marcie’s. She began to breathe heavily. Marcie noticed the slight inward movement of Melanie’s pelvis and noticed the other changes in her secretary’s demeanor.

“I love you,” Melanie spontaneously uttered.

Her voice was husky as she spoke those words. Marcie felt her warm breath touch her face. She looked closely at her mouth as it opened and descended onto her full lips.

Shocked out of her depression, Marcie tensed at first; but then responded in kind. She had never kissed a woman before, and found the experience to be enjoyable–very enjoyable, indeed.

She pulled away and said, “What are we doing?”

“I don’t know,” Melanie answered as she hungrily kissed her gorgeous mouth. “I’ve fantasized about you for so long. I want you,” she said as she reached up the back of Marcie’s blouse and unfastened her bra.

She pulled her blouse up and exposed Marcie’s large breasts, and began to lick her large brown aureoles. Marcie’s nipples began to harden and her panties were getting wet.

“Oh, God!! That feels so good. Don’t stop. Oh, God. Come here, let me kiss you.”

Melanie locked her lips onto Marcie’s sweet mouth as she moaned in response. Marcie clutched her hair and pulled her tight into her face as Melanie worked on opening her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

“Let’s move to the couch,” Melanie said. She continued her lingering passionate kiss as they worked their way to the couch.

Marcie shrugged off her blouse, bra and skirt; then she lay back on the couch and held out her arms to enfold Melanie. They cuddled for a few moments, and then Melanie began to explore with her mouth and hands the near naked body of her boss.

“What a perfect body,” she thought. Her eyes feasted on her lovely features: her long flowing brunette hear was fanned beneath her head, her languorous eyes, lovely face, long neck and torso were perfectly complemented by the loveliest set of breasts Melanie had ever seen. Her waistline, which was narrow, splendidly set off full hips. Her white thongs and thigh high stockings contrasted beautifully with her naturally dark skin.

Melanie was not typically an oral person; but now, her tongue couldn’t lick enough; her lips couldn’t kiss enough to satisfy her craving. She lingered awhile at Marcie’s breasts, and then licked beneath them, tasting her sweat, then moved on to her armpits. She noticed Marcie had forgotten to shave. Her stubble was coarse; a slight odor indicated she hadn’t used deodorant this morning. Oddly, this served to further excite her.

She salivated at the thought of tasting the essence of this woman. She slowly worked her way down to her crotch. As Marcie spread her long, shapely legs, she put her nose close to the panty’s silky crotch, smelling the strong musky aroma. It drove her wild. She pulled the panty crotch aside, spread Marcie’s labia folds, and put her whole mouth in the hole, madly licking, occasionally diving inside with her nose in order to cover her face with her juices. God, she loved the smell and the pungent flavor.

She rose to give Marcie more deep, passionate kisses, while her fingers pleasured her pussy as only a woman knows how to do. She felt Marcie shudder from an intense orgasm. Melanie inserted her fingers into her slippery opening and rapidly pushed them in and out. The juices were gushing onto her hand; loud slurping sounds accompanied her hand movements as her fingers worked her pussy.

Marcie pushed her mouth into hers, biting her, kissing her as she loudly yelled “Oh, fuck. Fuck. Oh, God. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh, my God.”

Her hips bucked and pushed against Melanie’s hand until, finally, she collapsed

She looked affectionately into Melanie’s eyes. She gave her a loving kiss on the mouth. She could smell the heady aroma of her own pussy. Then she remembered that she hadn’t showered this morning. She felt guilty for letting Melanie have her unwashed body; but, it wouldn’t have mattered to Melanie, anyway, had she known. This was as much an act of love for her, as it was an act of passion.

“That was awesome,” Marcie said. “Thank you. Now it’s your turn.”

She began to sit up when the phone rang.

“I’d better get that,” Melanie said.

She lustfully scanned Marcie’s naked body with her eyes as she picked up the phone. She put her fingers into her mouth and sucked at Marcie’s juices before answering.

“Miss Patterson’s office, Melanie speaking. Oh, hello, Mr. Patterson. Yes, she is. She’s just stepped out to go to the little girl’s room for a few minutes. Shall I have her call you just as soon as she returns? Yes, sir. I will.”

“You’re so smooth,” Marcie laughingly told her.

“Anything to save your sweet ass,” she said as she gave her a big wink.

Marcie got a concerned look on her face. “What are we going to do about us?” She swept her hand at the clothes on the floor and toward the sofa.

“Let’s not think about that now. It was a spontaneous act of friendship borne out of concern for your welfare. I’m sorry I let it get out of hand.”

“Hardly,” Marcie laughed, “your hand didn’t get out of it at all.”

“ Melanie, I’ve never been so satisfied. You definitely have gotten me out of my depression. Thank you. It means so much that you care.”

“Now, I’d better go wash up before I call Daddy,” she said as she gathered her belongings.

After taking a PTA bath (pussy, tits, and armpits) in the executive bathroom directly off of her office, she dressed and stood at the long windows looking westward. Their offices overlooked the intersection of I-80 and I-35. Marcie momentarily wished she could follow I-80 all the way to California rather than face her father this morning.

He hadn’t been happy when she told him about Ralph. He wanted her to enjoy other men, just not that kind of man. He was worried that if the story got out it would have an effect on their business and Marcie’s credibility with clients.

Marcie was stung by the criticism, but knew deep down that her father was right. It hurt her, though, that her primary reason for doing so, she told herself, was because her father wanted her to come to him used by another man. It didn’t serve her self-argument to admit that she was hopelessly attracted to Ralph under the circumstances at the time.

Of course, her father was turned on by her actions and he had never licked her pussy so feverishly; nor fucked her so rapidly and hard as he did after her confession.

“It was wonderful,” he had said, “but just choose a suitable man in the future.”

She sighed deeply and decided to face the music. She picked up the phone and dialed her father’s extension.

“Daddy, it’s Marcie. You wanted to speak to me?”

“Oh, hi, Pumpkin. Yes. I want you to come to the office. I need to discuss something with you—uh, something about business. Can you come right away?”

“I’ll be right up.”

When she entered the office, she noticed her father had a visitor sitting at his desk. Her father rose and came around to give her a warm, affectionate, hug. He whispered in her ear, “I apologize, hon.”

He pulled away while holding her waist and turned to face the guest.

“Marcie, I’d like to introduce you to Brent Mueller. Brent has just gotten out of the Navy and is looking for a job flying commercial aircraft. He was a pilot in the Navy and has agreed to fly our company plane for us while he seeks other employment. He’s also agreed to do other duties you may have for him.”
Marcie liked what she saw. He was only a couple of inches taller than she, but he was simply gorgeous. He had blond hair, penetrating blue eyes, squared face and jaw, a trim body with broad shoulders and muscular arms. Some women might consider him too pretty, but Marcie sensed he had a genuine kindness and tenderness that went beyond surface appearances.

Marcie stuck out her hand and gave him a business handshake. An electrical buzz went through her body as she felt his touch.

“How do you do, Brent? I’m pleased to meet you,” she said. “But Daddy, I don’t know if I’ll be needing his services. Is there something I don’t know?”

“Brent, I told you she was a sharp cookie,” he said playfully. “Yes, Marcie, there is something. Our manager in Joliet just quit to take a job with another firm there. We need someone to take over before we lose position. There are a lot of projects already underway that need to be overseen and, as you know, Will County is the fastest growing county in the state. We have to be there to take advantage of it.”

“But, what about my job? Who is going to do it in my absence?

“I wonder what you think about Melanie filling your position? She knows a lot about the job, and has a nice interpersonal style. By the way, is she all right? Her voice sounded a little strange on the phone.”

“Oh, yes, she’s fine. I think it’s allergies. Daddy, that’s a great idea. Have you discussed it with her yet?”

“Oh, no. I’d never do that without talking with you about it. So you think it’ll work out o.k.?”

“It’s a great choice, Daddy. She’ll be so pleased. Shall I tell her, or do you want Human Resources to do it?”

“You go ahead and tell her, hon, but let them handle the details. I thought we could more than triple her salary for a six-month probationary period, then quadruple it afterwards with bonuses.”

“That’s good. I’ll mention that to her and if it’s not suitable, she can negotiate with HR. She’ll love it, though.”

“Oh, one more thing, Marcie. We need you out there right away. Brent will fly you over Friday afternoon. He’ll fly into Miegs Field and the two of you can stay in Chicago for a couple days. You won’t mind escorting her to dinner, will you, Brent?”

“Oh, no, sir. It’ll be my pleasure.”

Brent looked at Marcie and smiled warmly. She liked him already, she decided.

“Well, it’s off to the gold mines for you, Marcie; and Brent, I’ll need you back here Monday afternoon. That’s it for now. Brent, I’ll talk to you later, I need a word with Marcie, so if you’ll excuse us.”

“Right, sir. I’ll be in the company cafeteria.”

When he left, her father looked at her.

“There’s one more item of business. Who should we have interview for Melanie’s current secretarial position? It may be a problem for her since she’d have to choose from among friends. Should we hire a temp and see how she works out?”

“Daddy, let’s not micromanage Melanie. She’s gonna do just fine on her own. Let her work with HR on this issue. She’s capable of quickly putting anyone in their place should she decide to choose from in-house.”

Her father laughed. “Sorry, hon. I’m sure you’re right. I’ll let her make her own decisions. She’ll do just fine.”

“Marcie, on a personal note, I was out of line yesterday. Your life is your business and I shouldn’t be so critical. It’s just that I love you so much, damn it.”

“Oh, Daddy. I know that. I just feel bad that I made such an error in judgment and disappointed you.”

“Enough said about that. It’s forgotten. Come here and let me give you a hug.”

Of course, the hug turned into much more. They both knew this would be the last time, perhaps, for a long time. They tried hard to quench the desire they knew they would have in the other’s absence, but both knew when it was over that their passion could never be satiated for long.

As Brent moved the plane from the hanger to the runway, Melanie suddenly felt a sense of freedom. She knew it was only temporary, but she resolved to not think about work for the whole weekend.

It was a beautiful day to be flying. As the plane ascended, Marcie looked down at the patchwork quilt of the central Iowa farmland. Green crops, interspersed with yellow patches of oat crops and pastureland, spread as far as her eye could see.

The engine noise made conversation difficult, but she found its drone soothing. Marcie was soon fast asleep. She was surprised when Brent touched her arm; she had slept the whole flight. He pointed at the skyscrapers in the horizon that majestically rose from the fertile flatland.

“I’m going to fly out over the lake and do a sweep of the shoreline from Wheaton down to Chicago. The views are so beautiful.”

Marcie had never been to Chicago before. She was mesmerized by the splendor of the beautiful scenes off to her right as they approached Miegs Field from Wheaton. To her left, the sun gleamed on the expansive water of Lake Michigan. Brent pointed out the John Hancock Building and the Marina Towers that sat along the Chicago River, which divided the downtown area. The Sears Tower was the only skyscraper she could readily identify.

“Your father wanted me to take you to the Blues Club. We’ll be staying the next two nights in the Blues Club Hotel, which is right in the Marina Towers. We’ll be able to walk to much of what we want to see; and we can take the Grey Line Tour if you’d like to orient yourself to your new stomping grounds. It’ll be just a short 45-minute drive from Joliet—if you ever have time off,” he said with a cute look on his face.

As the cab dropped them off at their hotel, she was enraptured by the buzz of the city. She thought Des Moines was large, but this cosmopolitan oasis on the prairie dwarfed it. With a growing sense of excitement, she anxiously awaited her chance to tour the city.

They walked the half block to the Chicago River where they had a good view of the buildings lining it. To the east, the river ran from Lake Michigan, an engineering feat accomplished in the last century, to the west where the river turned southward eventually cutting through the industrial area.

“Oh, Brent, isn’t it lovely? The buildings are so tall. And it’s so clean. Look!! They have boat rides on the river, out onto the lake. Can we go now?”

Brent laughed, and agreed. He returned to the hotel and tipped the bellhop telling him that their bags should be taken to their adjoining rooms.

When they purchased their boat-tour tickets, they learned there would be a 50-minute wait for the next tour to begin, so they went up to street level and entered the bar at Smith & Wollensky’s Steak House. The setting was very romantic. The bar overlooked the river. They sat at a table overlooking the water below, and ordered a Goose Island ale, an excellent locally brewed brew.

It had been three months since Brent had made love to a woman. Talking with this gorgeous young woman had his hormones racing. He knew, however, that to make a play for the boss’s daughter would be suicide. He needed his recommendation. Mr. Patterson carried a lot of weight and he didn’t want to alienate him.

As they walked down State Street, back toward the boat loading area, Marcie held his hand. She was so excited to be in the city that she felt giddy and carefree. Brent noticed that she would often slightly bump against him with her hip, as she suggestively glided slowly away, and then lightly back again. He was getting seriously aroused. Soon, she had her arms interlocked with his as they strolled along arm in arm, hip to hip.

“I wonder what people are thinking about us,” he wondered. “I’m so proud to be seen with her. Oh, to truly be her boyfriend would be the ultimate experience.”

The two beers Marcie had consumed made her affectionate; and the warm sunshine, as always, was stimulating her sexually. She began to feel her pussy begin to become more sensitive as blood began to engorge her vulva. She spontaneously put her arm around his waist. The feel of his firm body as she rubbed against it while they walked was exciting.

Marcie could sense that he was being somewhat reserved and hesitant. “Oh well,” she thought, “I can change that later.”

She began her little seduction ritual, which increased in intensity as the tour guide narrated the history of the architecture along the river and they viewed the city from the lake. By the time the tour was pulling into the dock, they had their first tentative kiss. Their passion was running high.

“Let’s walk down a few blocks and catch the Grey Line Trolley tour,” Brent said. “Would you like that?”

“Ummmmm. Do you know what I’d really like? I’d like to take you back to our hotel, shower, open a bottle of champagne, then plant kisses all over your gorgeous body.”

She reached down and felt his crotch. “Hmmmm. I see you’d like that too,” she said as she stroked his stiff cock through his Dockers.

They rushed back to the hotel, retrieved their room keys and anxiously awaited the elevator. While they were riding to their floor, they clung to each other as they kissed and nibbled on each other’s lips and sucked each other’s tongue. They were oblivious to other passengers on the elevator. They walked to Marcie’s room clinging tightly to one another, giggling when Brent put the security key in upside down.

As soon as they were in the room, their clothes came flying off as their hands explored the other’s body.

“Hurry, let’s get in the shower,” Marcie said, recalling her earlier unwashed experience with Melanie. She didn’t want that to occur again.

Her pussy was dripping juices down her leg and the aroma was exciting her further. She couldn’t wait to have Brent. As she pulled away to start the shower, she looked in the mirror and was amazed to see the size of his penis. It was every bit as large as Ralph’s had been.

“Oh, God. That thing is so huge. How are you ever going to get that thing in me?”

She amazed herself sometimes. “What a devious slut I am, as if I were some virginal little thing. God I love cock!” she silently exclaimed. Her pussy increased its flow of pussy juices down her legs.

Brent couldn’t believe his good fortune. He had never had such a beautiful woman in his life; and, she had a body that would shame Penthouse girls. Precum began to excessively drip out the eye of his cock as his cock noticeably moved up and down from the blood engorging it. It had never been this hard, he was sure.

Brent grasped and fingered her hairy pussy as they entered the shower. He then pulled her close to him and kissed her neck. He snuck his hand behind her back to his nose in order to smell the musky aroma of her pussy. She was so wet his fingers practically dripped with her juices. He unashamedly put his hand in his mouth and sucked his wet fingers. Seeing this, Marcie had to have a kiss; she searched the folds of his mouth for remnants of her own juices. Her desire was so intense, that she was about ready to explode. They quickly washed and toweled each other dry before rushing toward the bed.

Marcie lay across the bed with her butt on the edge for easy accessibility to her pussy. She raised her long legs and spread them exposing her black haired, luscious pussy. Brent could see white fluid forming in her opening, threatening to drip down toward her beautiful anus. He quickly shoved his face in her pussy and lapped at the juices, swallowing it as more continued to flow.

His oral skills were exceptional. Marcie was writhing as he tormented her with his skillful tongue caresses and oral manipulation of her clitoris. She came with a stupendous vibration that stiffened her body. She jerked and jerked as Brent held on to drive the climax to its highest peak.

When she came down slightly, Brent was ready to serve her the main course. His humongous cock easily entered her excessively lubricated channel. His skilled strokes had Marcie profusely sweating, squirming in ecstatic agony, climaxing again and again as his giant cock continued to trounce her pussy. Her hips were driving into him, and then back again as his cock stayed tenaciously inside. A spectator would assume they were trying to punish one another because their flying asses made it appear that they were virtually hammering one another.

Brent felt the stirrings of climax deep in his gonads. His prostate gland ached as it began its secretion of fluid that would carry his sperm to his urethra, and ultimately explode into her expanding vaginal canal. He tried to slow down to prolong it, but Marcie began a rapid series of hip movements as her pussy tightened around his cock. She was having the ultimate climax, the kind that renders one close to unconsciousness. Her face became vacant, the look of her eyes distant; she was in a faraway place where few ever go. Her jaws clenched. Her hips rose from the bed in one giant thrust. Sweat poured off her.

She screamed at the top of her lungs: “Ohhhhhhhhh. Oh…my…..God!!!!”

She continued to loudly yell at Brent: “Harder. Harder. Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Mmm. Oh, God! Oh, my God!!!”

Her body made one final downward stroke and then gave another hard thrust. She held her pelvis tight against Brent’s body as he spewed three month’s worth of cum deep into her gaping vagina. His body gave several jerks as the final sensations concluded. He collapsed, panting, into her arms.

They lay clinging to one another until Marcie finally stirred. She grasped his face between her hands and gave him a deep kiss.

“That was great, baby. I think I’m going to have a hard time giving you up.”

“Who says you have to give me up? Don’t you know I’m already crazy about you?”

“Oh, sweetie. If only it were that simple. But, we have each other for the weekend; let’s not waste a minute of it. Come on, let’s shower and go for a horse-carriage ride. Then we can find a nice Italian restaurant, and have a lovely dinner with some wine. Then I’m gonna put out the Do Not Disturb sign and we aren’t leaving this room for the rest of the weekend.”

“Hmmm. I’m a willing prisoner. What are you going to do to me all that time?”

She bent down and put his cock in her mouth and began her expert sucking action.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” she said as she felt the stirrings of an erection. “But, first, we’d better take care of this big fella before we go.”

On Monday morning, they ate breakfast at the hotel while the bellhops brought down their luggage. Marcie hated to say good-bye but Brent would be back Friday afternoon to take her home for the weekend. There were a few things she needed to do in the office. She knew it would be a conflict with Daddy. He’d be expecting her to stay with him. He’d be horny what with her being gone for a week, but if things continued to work out with Brent she’d have to explain things to him.

“Oh, well. I’ll have other things to think about when I get to the Joliet office,” she said to herself.

Marcie worked hard the whole week, staying late at the office doing paperwork after a long day in the field. Things were beginning to shape up, but there was no way she was going to be able to return home for the weekend. She’d just have to call Melanie and have her finalize the things she’d wanted to do.

Periodically throughout the week she and Brent would talk on the phone like little lovebirds and send hot e-mails to each other. Their love for each other grew daily. He agreed to fly over for the weekend even though they both knew there would be precious little time to see one another. Any moment together would be precious, they both felt.

One day a few weeks later, she received a shocking telephone call from her father.

“Hi, hon. It’s your father. I need you to come home the weekend after next. I have a surprise for ya.”

Marcie’s stomach flipped somersaults. She knew this day would come, and she had tried so hard to avoid it. She knew she had to explain that it was over between them because she and Brent were in love.

“Daddy, I, uh . . . .”

“Don’t say anything, Pumpkin. Guess what!!! Melanie and I are getting married. She wants you to be the bridesmaid, and I’ve asked Brent to be my best man. I think that boy’s hopelessly in love with you, darlin. I think it’d be a good idea for you to settle down with him. He’s a keeper.”

“Oh, Daddy. You’re the best father in the whole world. I love you so much. Of course, I’ll be Melanie’s bridesmaid—but tell her she has to ask me.” She laughed as she said, “You aren’t micromanaging the wedding like you do everything else, are you?”

He chuckled, and said, “You know me. But you were right about Melanie. She can stick up for herself and give as good as she gets. Ok, hon, I’ll be talking to you some more later. Remember what I said about Brent. That boy’s a keeper.”

“All right. Bye, Daddy. Have Brent call me as soon as he can.”


Brent flew back to Joliet that weekend with a gorgeous engagement ring. Marcie accepted his proposal, of course. In discussing the wedding date, they thought about having a co-wedding with their father and Melanie, but they thought that might take away from their special day. So, they decided to get married by a local judge as soon as the licenses were obtained.

As her father and new “mother” were leaving for their honeymoon, Marcie took them both aside and told them of their marriage.

“Oh, honey, we’re so happy for you,” Melanie said. “Lemme give you a big hug.”

“That’s right, Pumpkin. We are very happy for you,” her father said.

He then turned to Brent and said, “You know, Brent. I don’t want Melanie to work anymore, so why don’t you let her train you in her position? I’d like you to become a member of our firm as well as a member of our family.”

“And, Marcie, we can talk about replacing you in Joliet when we return from our honeymoon. We want you to start working on giving us our first grandchild.”

Their return flight to Joliet was a happy one. They were so filled with promise for the future and they were so very much in love.

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