Daddy, Please!!

Daddy, Please!!

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My name is Cheyanne. I have the most wonderful dad, My mom left us when i was younger i am 17 now. I stand about 5 foot 9 and hafe
I have silky blonde hair and grey-blue eyes. I've always had a lust for my father, ever since i was 14. My dad stands about 6'7.
He always works out so he was a well built muscular body. He has short blonde hair and baby blue eyes. My friends always say hes
the hottest day they have ever seen.

Well it started about two weeks ago after i got home from school. dad was a stay home dad. i was a only child. so he stayed

It was about 1:30 when i pulled into the drive way and got outta my car with my bookbag. I opened the door and walked to the
kitchen and yelled "dad im home" i didn't hear a reply so i ran upstairs and dads door was just a little open and i seen him on the
computer looking at "father, daughter" porn, then he turns a little bit and i see him jacking off i knew dad hasn't had sex in awhile
because i really didn't like him dating but was it true my own father jerking off to Fathers fucking there daughters?

I started to get wett at the sight of my fathers big swolen dick. It looked to be about 9 to 10 inches.
Dad started to breath more heavyer and start to moan louder and i see him arch his back and his hips push up i just knew he was
going to cumm he let out a loud scream/moan as he came and i darted down the stairs when i seen him get up.

I walk up the stairs just as he was coming out of his room i was wearing a white mini skirt so you could clearly see i was wett
My dad said ohh chey your home i didn't hear you pull up and im like yeah i just came home. my dad gave me a big bear hug once
i reached the top of the stair.

"I see some ones happy" Dad said to me. I look down in shame and my dad said thats okay hunny, its normal for people to be happy.

My dad said he recemends i go take a shower and i say okay i was hafe way in the middel of my shower and i seen the door open and
it was my dad. Hes says oh hunny im sorry i didn't mean to. i say its okay then i ask him if he could wash my back and my butt.
before he left the room
He said sure sweetie so i hand him the soapy wash clothe and he starts to rub my back and butt.
i moan slightly and say that feels good. he rubs even more and i spread my legs a little so he can get a good look of my pussy.

He says okay hunny im done and i seen him get a booner and i say thank you daddy.
He left the bathroom right after that

After i got done with my shower i dryed off and put just my robe on.
and went downstairs and seen my dad on the couch in just boxers.

I said hey dad can we talk as i sat down next to him, He said sure sweetie as he was turning off the t.v. he asked "what about?"
i could always go to my dad about anything, So i said "Well all the girls at school talk about how they have seen a guys dick before, and i havn't and,
i seen you earlyer and i was wondering if i could see your dick again" My dad was shocked and said "sweety no thats just wrong and i didn't realize
you were watching me." I knew my dad was thinking was she wett because of me? I say daddy please i've always wanted to see it and beable to touch it.

I seen my father getting harder by the secound.

I said daddy look hes happy to see me and im happy to see you. i undo my robe and let it fall of of me.
He gasp for air as soon as he seen my natural peerky 34C breast. I took my fathers hand and put his hand on my right boob and his other on my left.
I felt him massaging my boobs and i let out a soft but long moan. i reached my hand for his dick and i seen the head of it at top of boxers.

I moved closer to him and i grabbed his dick and pulled down his boxers a little just enough to make his dick stand straight up i stroke his cock up and down
as pre cum came outta the top i leaned forword to lick the head of his cock till he stop me and he said no.
i said daddy please i want to lick and suck it real bad and he said okay.

I started to lick the shaft and head of his dick, He let out a loud moan as i stuck the head and about 4 inches into my mouth and started to suck and bob
my head up and down and each time i went down i went a little ferther i gaged a couple times till i had all of him in my mouth and my nose was in the little
bit of pubic hair he had (my dad shaved most of it) i bobed my head up and down and my dad started to moan louder and louder. He said baby girl im ganna cum
i started to suck harder than ever before. He grabbed some of my hair and held my head down as he started to cumm it tasted yummmy and salty and as soon as he came
he passed out and it was already 8:30 and i went to my bedroom and go into bed and i couldn't fall asleep i was just to horny.

I reached into my nightstand beside my bed and pulled out my vibrator and put it on my clit as i fingered my pussy i could feel myself about to cumm as soon
as my father opened the door and i just kept on going,, i let out a loud moan and bucked my hips up and came all over my fingers and i knew my dad was there
but i licked my fingers and grabbed a towel that was on my floor and cleaned up and then fell asleep.


Chapter Two Coming Soon If You Guys Like This One Enough.

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