Dude Ranch For Girls

Dude Ranch For Girls

Dude Ranch For Girls

Mom got the Dude Ranch in the divorce. Dad didn’t want either my sister or me. After all he had a girlfriend not much older than my sister.

I’m sixteen and built kind of nice. Working around the ranch keeps me in very good shape. My friends lift weights in the gym and I just toss a few bales of hay and lift a few bags of grain.

My sister Stella is just as fit as any girl I know. At fifteen she is five feet six inches tall, a hundred and fifteen pounds, and wears a 34-B bra. Her jeans form fit her nice ass and all of her shirts taper from her breasts to her slim waist. She has perfect posture that makes her breasts stand out very nicely. She gets that from riding her horse in competition.

Every summer for twelve weeks we get city girls that come here to pretend they are cowgirls. Its up to Mom, Stella, and I to give them lessons, teach them to care for the horses, and do minor chores around the ranch.

Mom lets thirty girls come each week although some girls stay for two, three, and sometimes for four weeks. Of course it costs their parents plenty but most of them are rich. That means that their daughters are just rich bitches. However according to Mom they pay enough to cover the expenses on the ranch for the whole year. I guess we should thank them for that.

Mom and Stella take the new girls and I get the ones that have been here before or at least know what they are doing. Hopefully it breaks up to ten girls for each of us. Mom usually has it all worked out a few weeks in advance.

During the first week I would have ten returning girls from last year so I would know each of them and see how much they grew up since last year. I studied their files and looked at their pictures. I remember two of the girls very well from last summer. I had made love to both of them a couple of times out by the big pond. They liked getting fucked by a real cowboy while their Daddy paid for it. I had a very nice collection of nude girls over the last few years on my computer. I had some very nice ones of Mom and Stella too but they didn’t know it. Well Mom didn’t know it. Stella knows because she posed for some this spring. However she doesn’t know about the ones from last summer that I took of her skinny-dipping.

The girls arrived on Saturday. They come by planes, trains, and automobiles just like the movie. The thirty girls arrived between eight in the morning and noon. Mom checked them all in, assigned them their bunkhouses, and had lunch served. There were three bunkhouses so that all of my girls would be together in one, Stella’s girls in another, and Mom’s girls in the third bunkhouse.

After lunch I took my girls to the horse corral. They picked out the horse that they would have for their entire stay with us. I helped them all get saddled up and mounted. Then I headed them slowly toward the big pond. It didn’t take them very long to get used to something that big between their legs.

We own a hundred square miles of land. That’s ten miles by ten miles or sixty-four thousand acres of land. It sounds like a lot but land is pretty cheap in Wyoming. We actually own one of the smallest ranches in this area. Our biggest assets are the four ponds we have. The big pond is eight miles from our ranch house and is almost a mile across.

As we approached the area that I like to go to, the girls noticed some improvements since last year. Actually all I did was put up a wall to change behind. Let me describe this area to you. There is a corral that holds our horses. Some grass grows in the corral because it is right along the shore of the big pond and the ground has plenty of water. There is an old cast iron bathtub that I fill with buckets of pond water. That takes care of our horses. I put up a wall that starts about two feet above the ground and comes up about another three feet. It is made of old barn boards and basically covers the girls from their knees to their chins. On the other side are nails to hold their clothes when they remove them. A small shelf holds their jewelry. I provide bikinis for the girls to change into so they can go swimming. I bought three dozen string bikinis this year all the same, skimpy. As far as I am concerned one size does fit all; it’s just that on some girls I get to see more skin. Then there is the outhouse that is much further away from the pond to keep it from contaminating the water.

I took care of the horses while the girls changed then I ducked behind a tree and changed too. I made sure that my ass stuck out from behind the tree when I bent over like I always do. When the girls came out from behind the wall I was impressed. I asked them if I could take a class picture and of course they always say yes. I had them line up so that some of the horses were in one half of the picture and the big pond was in the other half behind the girls. I took several pictures of them all together then I asked if I could take individual pictures. Again every girl said yes so I got to zoom in on their breasts, pussies, and I even asked them to turn around for ass shots. Those thin strings did little to cover their butts. A few of the more outgoing girls bent right over to show me their cute little brown puckered assholes too. One in particular that I had fucked last year looked around first then moved her bikini bottom over to expose her shaved pussy for me alone to see. I got a very nice picture too. I knew that I would get all the pictures I wanted of her later when I fuck her. She had gotten a lot sexier since last year that’s for sure.

So anyway we all went in for a swim. I raced them out to the raft that I had constructed out of fifty-five gallon plastic drums. I was sure that it would hold a lot more than just the eleven of us. We sort of took turns jumping into the water and climbing back up on the raft. I was impressed when they lost their tops occasionally then just smiled at me and tucked their tits back in as I watched. This was going to be a week to remember. My tight little Speedo’s did little to hide my erection. They weren’t supposed to! So for an hour we enjoyed each other’s bodies and I gave my welcome to our ranch speech. I went over the rules and what was expected of them. Then we all dove in and swam ashore. The more outgoing girls removed their tops as they came ashore. I smiled broadly then asked if they would mind if I took a few more pictures. They smiled at me then looked at one another. The rest of the girls just kept going to the changing wall and disappeared on the other side. The four topless girls posed very seductively for me while I saw some of the other girls peeking over the changing wall to see what they were doing. These four girls were going to put out for me before the week was over and we all knew it. After I took a few pictures along with a top half shot of each girl they whispered to each other, removed their bottoms, and posed for nude pictures for me. I loved it. They were either shaved bald or had a very sparse patch of fur left on their love mounds. They gladly posed nude by themselves for me as the other girls came out fully dressed and ready to go. I guessed that it was time to change and get back on the trail.

We got back in time to put our horses away, care for them, and get washed up for dinner. It was our famous welcome dinner with a calf that had been roasting over an open pit all day. My four girls stayed pretty close to me and managed to whisper sexual things into my ears. I had given it some thought and suggested to the girls that they all meet me just after dark up in the hayloft. They all agreed even though they all wanted me to themselves.

Dinner went well and we had a sing along while two of our ranch hands played a guitar and a harmonica. We did some dancing too. When Mom rang the dinner bell to get our attention she reminded everyone that six o’clock in the morning comes real early on a ranch. As Stella and I headed up our rooms she was quiet. We share a bathroom that is between our bedrooms so I asked for the shower first. Stella let me have it.

Half way through my shower Stella came in and stood near the counter and asked, “So you really going to fuck those four girls tonight big brother?”

I popped my head out and asked, “How’d you know about that?”

Stella laughed and said, “Your other six girls are jealous! If they can’t have you they don’t want those four to have you either. I know all about the class pictures, the topless pictures, and those four girls posing nude for you too.”

I said, “Oh! Are you going to tell Mom?”

Stella smiled and said, “No! Not if you include me in on some of your action too!”

I looked at her and asked, “Include! How?”

Stella said, “I’m as pretty as some of those girls! Aren’t I?”

I looked her over from head to toe and replied, “Well yeah but you’re my sister!”

Stella said, “So I’m not good enough to fuck?”

At that I just had to smile. Then I said, “If that’s what you really want come in here and say that!”

I watched as Stella got undressed and came in with me. Now that’s the first time I ever saw my sister naked and I liked it. When I started washing her off she tensed up but then started to relax. As I washed her rather nice tits she tensed up again. When I got to her pussy she really tensed up but she had come this far so she let me have better access by opening her legs up wider for me. Stella cautiously washed my cock and balls. Then I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower leaving the curtain open so I could see her body. I held up a towel and she stepped into it and I dried her off.

I took Stella into her own room and gently pushed her onto the bed. I kissed her and not at all like she was my sister. She liked it. I kissed her nipples and Stella cooed. I fingered her pussy and tickled her clit. That sent her into an excited peaceful place.

I could not believe it when Stella said, “Take my virginity! Now!”

I choked and said, “You’re a virgin!”

Stella smiled and said, “Well yes! Mom keeps a close eye on me and we don’t let boys come to our dude ranch. I made out with a few of the girls last summer but now I want something better. And dear brother your it! Unless I let one of the ranch hands fuck me like mother does!”

I choked again and said, “Mom lets the ranch hands fuck her?”

Stella said, “Well just Joe, Pete, and Sam. Oh yeah and Billy once in a while.”

I said, “Holy fuck! I never knew that!”

Then Stella repeated, “Take my virginity! Now!”

With that I placed the head of my cock at my sister’s virgin hole and pushed gently. The head slipped in but I stopped because I didn’t want to hurt her. Stella grabbed my ass in both of her hands and forced her hip up impaling herself on my shaft. I looked at her in amazement and started fucking her for all I was worth. I hadn’t fucked anyone in several weeks and was really looking forward to fucking those four girls later so my sister was just in the right place at the right time. I gave her all she wanted and then some. I hosed down her love tunnel until it overflowed.

Afterwards I asked, “Didn’t it hurt?”

Stella said, “No silly, I broke my hymen years ago by riding horses I just never had a cock in there before. Well not a real cock anyway.”

I looked at her and asked, “You have a dildo?”

Stella said, “Of course I do. Mom gave it to me. She has a drawer full and said that I can borrow them whenever I need!”

I just said, “Wow!”

Stella kissed me and said, “Thanks I really needed that. You’re a lot better than my dildo! When can we do it again?”

I looked the clock and said, “I’ve got to get going. I’m not sure I can take care of all four girls now!”

Stella said, “I can help!”

I looked at her and she said, “Really! I can keep two of them occupied while you fuck the other two! I promise they won’t be disappointed. I really learned a lot last year!”

So I said, “Okay! You better get dressed! We’re going up into the hayloft!”

I went to my room and just pulled on a T-shirt and slipped on my jeans without any underwear. Then I pulled on my boots. Stella came in. It looked like she had just pulled on a T-shirt and her jeans too. I took her in my arms and kissed her. Then we slipped out to go to the barn.

As I climbed up the ladder to the hayloft I saw six of my girls there. They were shocked to see Stella behind me.

I looked at the girls and said, “I didn’t expect six of you! I can’t satisfy all of you!”

One of the girls said, “We didn’t really expect you to satisfy all of us but we were hoping to share you and each get a little of that cock of yours!”

I said, “Well okay! Suppose we split you up into two groups. You three come with me and you three go with Stella!”

I put one new girl with two that had made out with last year. The group of three that I picked first were smiling. I took them just a few feet to one side while Stella took her girls just a few feet to the other side. Stella and I both wanted to watch the other perform.

I took off my boots, T-shirt, and jeans and then stood before the girls naked with a huge erection. I watched Stella undress and expose her luscious little body for the girls to admire. Then the girls undressed while Stella and I watched. This was the first time that I had seen two of the girls nude. Well the tiny string bikini hardly left much to my imagination. I kissed each one of my girls, held their tits, and cupped their pussies. I got into a sixty-nine with one girl then changed girls before I could cum. I needed to save myself for a while at least. I figured that after Stella I might have two really good ones left. After the sixty-nine with all three girls I had them get on their hands and knees while I poked their sweet pussies from behind. After that I had them get on their backs and fucked them from the front. I went from one to the other poking away as I wanted. Then when I couldn’t hold back any longer I fired into the new girl for all I was worth and emptied everything that I had into her.

I said, “If you other girls want any help yourself.”

Suddenly Stella was right there getting the first taste. Then all five girls took a taste from the girl’s pussy. When they finished Stella and I traded girls so that I got to fool around with the other three girls. Pretty much I did the same thing with them. Mostly I tried to satisfy them before I started fucking all three at the same time. The best part was that they were willing to let me use them together and showed no sign of jealousy. Stella really seemed to enjoy herself too. After I was completely drained Stella and I kissed the girls good night and headed to our rooms. After I turned out my light Stella got into bed with me. She had on something silky and it felt incredible rubbing against my skin. When I palmed her breast I loved the feel of the silk against her skin.

In the morning I saw how beautiful her sexy silk nightshirt looked. We took a shower together and got dressed for the day. I watched Stella slip on a very tiny pair of string panties.

I asked, “Why do you even bother wearing them?”

Stella replied, “Because they are sexy as hell, I like the way they rub against my asshole, and you will be thinking about them crawling up my pussy lips all day long. It will excite the hell out you as much as it does me!”

I had to admit she was right about that.

At breakfast we sat with our girls but Stella looked at me and smiled a lot.

After breakfast my girls and I had our assigned chores to do and we did them very well and very efficiently too. After all, my girls had all been here before where as Stella’s girls were mostly first timers that needed to be told everything. Soon we were off for the obstacle course that was set up in the dry riverbed. My girls had a hard time but I knew they would get better in a day or two.

For lunch I had asked for a picnic lunch. One of the ranch hands was to deliver it to the big pond for us. When we arrived at the big pond Stella was already there with her group. She had been told about our picnic lunch idea and decided that her group would like it too. So the twenty-two of us enjoyed a light lunch and my girls went to change into their string bikinis. Stella just looked at me and I smiled and told her that there were more in a wooden crate at the end of the changing wall. Stella opened it and handed out suits to her girls then put one on herself. Several of her girls were a little self-conscious but put them on anyway because everyone else was. You have to love peer pressure. Those girls probably wouldn’t have been caught dead in a bikini that small if it hadn’t been for my girls strutting their stuff in them. It sure helped that Stella pretended that it was all she ever wore if she wore anything at all. She had never worn a string bikini before. However, Stella had let me fuck her, ate the two girls that I had fucked, and shower with me twice so a string bikini was not going to bother her in the least.

My girls told Stella’s girls about the class photo that I took of them yesterday. Stella smiled at me and then asked her girls if they were interested. About half were interested and quickly talked the shy half into letting me photograph them in the smallest thing that they had ever worn. As I took their pictures I watched their faces as I said, “Now turn around.” A few of them looked like I had just insulted them. Reluctantly they turned around so that I could take pictures of their bare asses. I just loved the string around their back, around their waist, and down their crack. I really liked the look. Then I had them keep their ass aimed at me but turn slightly so that I could see their faces too. Stella was just beaming. After that we all swam out to the raft where my girls were.

Stella dove in and came up with her tits exposed and giggled about. Her small triangles had separated allowing us to see her nipples and areola. In fact after that she made sure to expose them every time that she jumped in. The six girls from last night did the same thing. Eventually Stella and the other six girls just removed their tops and said that they were tired of adjusting them. My other four girls tossed their tops in the pile too. Stella smiled when half of her girls did too. The shy girls were almost embarrassed into removing their tops and tossing them into the pile.

Stella looked at me and said, “Okay we all tossed in half of our bathing suits! Now toss in half of your!”

I looked at her like she was crazy! Then the other girls, especially mine wanted me to remove my Speedo. When Stella’s girls joined in I stood up and peeled my suit down to my ankles and took them off adding them to the pile of bikini tops. Stella giggled and added her bottom to the pile too then held my hand and we dove into the water together naked. When we came up I climbed up the ladder as sixteen girls watched my cock jiggle as I did so. I suggested to Stella that we should go ashore, take some more pictures, and get back to riding. She agreed and told me to get the bikinis and try to catch her. Stella jumped in and started swimming. I wanted her to win so I picked up all of the tops and our bottoms and jumped in. All of the other girls got in before I did. They stood on shore and laughed at me. Stella reminded them of our new class pictures. My ten girls removed their bottoms and asked me to get in their class picture while Stella took our picture. Then Stella got her ten topless girls ready for their pictures. I was very pleased with them. Then the girls went to change behind the changing wall while I got dressed too.

Stella and her group wanted to ride with my group and me. We rode around the big pond and across most of our property. I figured that it was about a twenty-mile trip before we got home for dinner. Stella’s girls had sore asses when they got off. It was a little too much for the new girls. Mom smiled when Stella put cushions on ten chairs for her girls.

As we ate my other four girls said that they wanted in on the action tonight and asked Stella and I to just come to their bunkhouse after dark. I told them that we would happy too. Later when I mentioned it to Stella she said that two of her girls wanted to join us too. Okay! Stella knew that I needed to save myself so she didn’t press me to fuck her in our bedrooms. However she wanted to be included in the group sex in Cabin Three. So as soon as it was dark we headed out. Stella stopped by her cabin to get her two girls.

I wasn’t sure how to satisfy all thirteen girls. I knew that Stella would help out all she could. I promised Stella that I would fuck her in the morning if she could wait. She could, then I had twelve girls to satisfy. I knew that I was good for three climaxes so I decided groups of four would do it nicely. Stella asked the girls to divide up but suggested that her girls get to go first so that they could get their very needed sleep. My girls didn’t care so they let them. Stella helped me work the four girls into a frenzy so that I could poke all four at the same time I made sure that one of her girls was the lucky winner. I noticed that the other eight girls had split up into couples and were enjoying each other while I was busy. After everyone sampled my cum from her pussy Stella’s two girls went back to their cabin. Four of my girls came over to Stella and I for round two. Then we had round three and I was drained once again. Stella played with my limp dick and asked the girls if they thought it was cute. They giggled and said yes. Stella and I kissed each one goodnight and headed back to our bedrooms.

Mom was sitting on the front porch and saw us coming out of Cabin Three. She is no dummy!

Mom asked, “Were you two behaving?”

Stella answered, “No we weren’t”

Mom smiled and asked, “Are the girls all tucked in?”

Stella said, “They are now but it took us a couple of hours to wear them out!”

Mom smiled and said, “Me too! Sam and Billy will sure be tired in the morning. I really wore them out. By the way are you two doing it?”

Stella said, “Yes! I gave him my virginity last night! Oh Mom you should have been with us at the big pond today. All twenty girls were topless along with me. His girls got bottomless with me too. Then he got naked. We have a few pictures that you should see!”

Mom said, “Okay” and followed us up to my room.

As Mom looked at the pictures that I took she had her hand inside her blouse and was playing with one of her nipples. Stella had her hand up under Mom’s skirt. I could tell she was playing with Mom’s pussy.

Mom said, “You know! We should get a couple of these blown up and framed to put on your wall. Did you fuck all ten of your girls?”

I said, “Yes plus two of Stella’s girls too.”

Mom smiled and said, “A chip off the old block. Your father would be so proud of you! He wanted to fuck everything that had to squat to pee too!”

Stella said, “Mom why don’t you bring your girls out to the big pond for lunch tomorrow too?”

Mom said, “You just want to see me in one of those skimpy bikinis! Don’t you?”

Stella said, “Actually I want to see you out of it!”

Mom backed up and started undressing. Stella hit me and pointed at my camera. Mom looked at my camera, smiled, and waited until I got it before she continued. Mom has a fantastic body. I had no idea how fantastic until she got naked. Mom’s body looked very physically fit and toned to perfection. She had tan marks that looked like she had been wearing my bikinis. Mom noticed me staring at her breasts and her shaved pussy. She had a very nice skimpy tan.

Then Mom said, “Yes I found your bikinis at the big pond a couple of weeks ago and started sun bathing in them to get my tan.”

Even though I had cum three times already tonight I was rock hard. Stella giggled and suggested that I try to do them both together. Even Mom was all for it. So I undressed while Stella undressed. Mom laughed and suggested a family portrait to go along with the two class photos. I set it on timer and stood next to Mom. We took three more pictures then checked them out on my monitor. We all agreed that one of them was perfect.

Mom said, “I’ll send Billy down to Denver to get a larger printer and print paper to go with it. How about eleven by seventeen?”

I looked at our family picture and said, “Perfect! Can I get one of just you from the knees up?”

Mom said, “Only if you take some of Stella the same way!”

I said, “Okay!”

After I took their pictures it was quite late but Stella wouldn’t let me go to bed unless I fucked them both. It wasn’t my best work but I satisfied Stella and Mom had enough sex earlier so she wasn’t hard to please either. Mom tucked Stella in with me, kissed us both, and then went to her own bedroom.

In the morning Mom had to wake Stella and I up. She joined me in the shower and then let Stella take her place while she got dressed. By the time we dressed and got downstairs the rest of the girls were already seated for breakfast.

During breakfast Mom announced, “We will all be eating lunch at the big pond today. There are string bikinis there if you girls wish otherwise we will go skinny-dipping as a family and you are all welcome to join us.”

My ten girls said that they had already gone skinny-dipping. Then Stella’s girls said that they had gone topless the day before. Mom’s girls were concerned but the rest of the girls told them that seeing me naked was well worth it. Mom seconded that motion! As soon as breakfast was over Mom reminded Stella and I that we still had to give the girls their money’s worth on the horses too.

After our choirs I took my girls back to the dry riverbed. They did much better this time and then we rode across our land to the old mine then up around the big pond. We arrived after Mom did. Mom was already naked. Half of her girls were naked too and half were wearing their bikini bottoms. Mom told me that five of her girls were having their periods. When Stella arrived Mom asked her if she had some extra tampons in her saddlebags. Luckily she did. Mom put the two boxes out where the girls could get to them. Stella told them to tuck the string up inside if they wanted too and that they could dig for the strings later.

I said, “I find the string kind of sexy! If you need help finding the string later I’ll be glad to help you.”

Stella said, “Hell I’ll help you too!”

Mom said, “Well I guess we will all help you if you want us too.”

Two of Stella girls and one of mine grabbed a tampon too.

I couldn’t believe that out of thirty-two girls eight of them were having their period.

Since the other three girls thought nothing of removing their tampons, putting fresh ones in, and letting the string show Mom’s five girls did too. However they did it behind the changing wall where there was a little modesty.

All of us would not fit on my raft. Mom suggested that I make a better one for next year. Stella suggested that I put in a dock so that they could just walk out to the raft and then dive into the water. Until then we each took our girls out for awhile and took turns.

Mom grabbed my camera and took a nude group picture of her girls. When my group came in she wanted to get in the picture with her girls. Eventually I put the camera up on a high post and took a complete group picture of me with all thirty-two naked girls. I used the highest setting I could to get some very clear pictures.

That first week was the start of the best season that we ever had.

The End

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