End of the World – Chapter 3

End of the World – Chapter 3

It had been a tough hunt. It was just too early in the year for this. The snow line was still low. It took me a hard day, even following an old logging trail, to get around the mountain to where I wanted to be. Once I got there it was dusk, so I set up my tent, got something to eat and settled into my sleeping bag. I was so beat I immediately fell asleep.

In the morning I had some dried meat and some water. I cleaned up the camp a bit, left the tent and bag there and set out to where I had a deer blind. It was a good spot overlooking a meadow with lots of grass and a small spring off to one side. I had a spot between a couple of trees where I could stay unseen back in the shadows but still had a good field of vision. I have fashioned a kind of high bench where I could rest my weight on my butt and lean back against a tree as I waited.

It was a long day. When I was little and went out with my dad we would just see a single deer or two in a few days. Now, with almost no hunting these past years, I would see small herds grazing. But in the first day everything I saw was too lean from the winter. I decided to stay an extra day hoping to get something that would make the long walk worthwhile.

That night I made a small fire and warmed up my dinner. Sitting with my back to a tree I relived my last night back at home. Susan had taken my cock into her mouth months ago, and that had felt good, but nothing like what mom had done. And I thought she would get mad when I came in her mouth. I tried to warn her but she did not move. She knew what I was going to do and just let me and then swallowed my sperm. I’m heading back tomorrow whether I get something good or not. I checked my strings to be sure they were okay, and then got in the bag and went to sleep with visions of a head bobbing up and down at my waist.

The next day followed the same pattern as the last. Everything I saw was just too thin. Late in the afternoon, just before I was ready to give up, a buck walked out from between two trees and stopped. He looked my way but I wasn’t worried. I knew I was well hidden. He looked around a bit and then moved out into the meadow and began grazing. He had been eating well. He looked to be somewhere between 150 and 175 lbs. That meant if I’m lucky, I’ll have to pack around 125 lbs home on my back.

Moving very slowly, I carefully pulled two arrows from my quiver. If I missed with the first I would probably not have a chance for a second but it’s best to be prepared. I leaned forward off my seat and notched the arrow. I drew the string back, aimed carefully and let it fly. The deer must have heard some sound I made. He looked up in my direction. I watched him gather himself, ready to bolt, when my arrow hit him right behind the front shoulder. He leapt into the air, landed on his feet several feet away, staggered a few feet and then fell on the ground and did not move. As I walked towards him I felt some regret. He was a beautiful animal. I thought the Indians I had read about had a good idea. They thanked the animal for giving his life that they might eat. As I stood there I gave my thanks and then began to field dress him.

When I was finished I made a pack to carry the meat and went back to my camp. It was still light. I packed up the camp and started on my way home. I had been out an extra day and wanted to get home. I knew mom would be worried. She had made a point of asking me to be careful this time. Whatever distance I can get through today is that much less to cover tomorrow.

The next day I needed several rest breaks along the way. It was late afternoon before I was in sight of home. When I was close enough to make out details it looked like mom was on the porch in her rocking chair. She must have been waiting for me. When she caught sight of me she stood and waved. After I waved back she sat down to wait for me. When I was still around 200 yards out I saw movement on the west wing roof. It looked like Susan and Shelly were up on the roof replacing some of the damaged pieces I had been working on.

Mom must have yelled to them as they first looked at her and then in my direction. When they saw me they both yelled and waved to me. As I waved back I saw Terri and Megan’s heads pop up through the large hole in the roof and wave to me. They must be helping fix up the bedrooms also. That was nice. It had been pretty much just my project all this time.

Before going to the house I stopped at our ice house where we stored the game. I hung it up and then walked on to the house. When I got there everyone was on the porch waiting for me. Before I could get into the house everyone came up and hugged me, even Megan. Mom leaned over the top of the group and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Hey girls, what’s going on? I’ve only been gone a couple of days”.

I was looking at Megan right in front of me so she replied, “You were supposed to be back yesterday. We…They were getting worried. We are just glad you are back safe”.

It was nice being the center of attention. I might have to stay out an extra day more often. I finally was able to break away when I pointed out that I was dirty, smelly and needed a shower.

When I got to my room I quickly stripped and got in the shower. I was washing my hair when I heard the shower door open. I turned towards the door but my eyes were closed to keep the soap out. I was surprised mom would come in the shower with me so early in the day and with all of the kids still up. Just the thought of her in her with me was causing me to rise to the occasion. I continued washing my hair and waited for her to do something. One of her hands grabbed me and squeezed me. Her other hand began rubbing up and down my shaft and I realized she had the soap in her hand and was washing me. I had finished my hair and now was just standing there with my eyes closed enjoying the sensations. I had been away from mom for just four days but it felt like four weeks. I was ready to get out of the shower, throw her on the bed and jump on top of her.

After making sure my cock was sparkling, she took the soap and began working up my stomach and chest. I was so hard that when she moved closer to reach up my chest I was poking her in the stomach. She swayed back and forth pushing my cock around with her stomach. I finally could not take any more and reached for the soap. I lathered my hands and then reached out to where her breasts should be. I began rubbing my hands in circles around her breasts, over her breasts. My hands were slick from the soap and just glided around her body. It only took a few seconds to realize something was wrong. Mom had nice breasts but she had five kids. Her breasts did not stick out like these. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see Susan. She looked up at me with a big smile, “Welcome home Danny”.

She looked great. If anything she had developed more since I had last seen her naked. Her breasts were larger now. “This is nice but you need to get out of here before mom catches you and we both get grounded”. But even while I said this my hands were still soaping her breasts. They had to be clean enough to eat off by now. And she still had me in hand which had a direct bearing on my thinking processes, or lack of.

“Don’t worry about mom. She is busy with dinner. I thought I would come up and give you my own welcome. I have a few minutes before anyone notices I’m gone, and no way is Megan going to be first”.

I did not quite hear her, “What”?

She pushed my cock down and moved forward so it slipped between her thighs. “I said I have a few minutes, let’s use them wisely”. Because she was so much shorter than me my cock was angled down. She rose up on her tip-toes trying to get my cock angled up but was not having any success. I bent my knees, trying to lower myself to her but the height difference was just too great. I finally put my hands around her waist and lifted her up in the air. She gave a squeal and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I leaned forward until her back was against the shower wall. She gave a much louder squeal followed by, “The walls cold”.

“Shhh, it won’t be for long”. I carefully lowered her, an inch at a time until I felt my cock begin to push the lips of her pussy apart. I thrust up with my hips as I lowered her some more and slid halfway into her. “Oh Danny, that feels so good”. She felt so tight around me. It was like her pussy was half the size of mom’s. I lifted her up a bit, getting ready to let her down on me even harder when she cried out, “No Danny, don’t stop. Put it back in”.

I pushed my weight against her body and then plunged back into her. I loosened my grip around her waist and her body sagged down so that I was fully imbedded in her. I held it for a moment and then began stroking in and out of her picking up speed. Each stroke in brought a little grunt from her. She moved her mouth over to my ear, “As good as this feels, we need to stop pretty soon. Mom will wonder where we are”. I nodded my head but I did not stop stroking into her. Susan whispered in my ear, “Maybe this will help”. She then turned her head a bit towards me and took my entire ear in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the outside of my ear and then the inside. It was like a switch had been turned on. I thrust as deep as I could into her. She gasped and then began plunging the tip of her tongue in and out of my ear. That was the final straw. I grabbed her butt and pulled her tight against me trying to get deeper into her and began filling her pussy with my sperm. I was sure she had not cum but I just could not take it any longer.

It was another minute before I could move. I leaned back pulling her away from the wall. She gradually lowered her legs then we both began laughing. Her feet were swinging around trying to reach the floor and I was still buried deep in her. As I lowered her some more I finally popped out of her. She looked down at my still semi-erect, though quickly deflating, cock. She reached out and hit me with a finger and I bounced up and down. With some mock indignation I said, “Hey, show some respect”.

She just laughed and grabbed the soap again and began cleaning me a second time. “I’m not sure I should do this. He did not stay clean the last time”. When she was finished she handed me the soap, opened the door and stepped out of the shower. She waved to me saying, “I’ll see you at dinner”.

When I stepped out of the shower there were clothes laid out on the bed for me. As I put them on I kept eying the bed. I was so tired, it looked awfully inviting. I was tempted to lie down and shut my eyes for five minutes when I got a whiff of dinner. Roast, my favorite. I made my way downstairs and went into the kitchen. Everyone was already there. No one was eating, they had been waiting for me. They must have heard me coming as my plate was already filled. I sat down and took a bite. “Delicious mom”.

“Thanks son but I didn’t cook it”. She pointed all the girls. “You need to thank them. They fixed everything, dessert too”. Mom looked at me a bit longer then added, “You might want to take shorter showers though. I think you used all the hot water we have until tomorrow”. Then she looked from me to Susan. I looked over at Susan and noticed her hair was wet. Uh oh, busted. But mom did not say anything.

I looked around at them, “I’m sorry mom. Thanks everyone. The food looks great. I guess I need to stay out more often”.

After some small talk we all dug in and began eating. Every now and then I would look up and catch one or more of the girls looking at me. They would smile and then look down and resume eating. I even caught Megan looking at me funny. Is it just that I’m too tired or is there something going on here? Finally I had to ask, “What’s going on with you all? Why do you keep looking at me like that”?

They looked around at each other. Finally Shelly looked at me and stroked her chin with her fingers. “Are you growing a beard? We were just wondering if you were growing a beard”.

“Am I what”? I reached up to my chin and realized my stubble had grown quite a bit. “No I’m not. I’ve just been out in the woods for several days. I could not shave out there”.

They all just chorused, “Oh” and everyone looked down and continued eating. After a few minutes we were all pretty much finished. Susan got up, went over to the kitchen counter and returned with a large chocolate cake. “This is my contribution”.

All I could think was ‘wow’. We had not had cake in a long time. “That looks good enough to eat”. It was quickly passed around and disappeared in no time at all.

Everything tasted so good but I was beat. I needed to go to bed. I gave my apologies for leaving so early. They all said good night and I went upstairs while they remained sitting around the table. As I climbed up the stairs I could hear some giggling from the kitchen. I wonder what’s up with them. And Megan most of all. She has been really nice to me tonight and she has tormented me for years. What’s with that?

As I was getting into bed the door opened and mom walked in. “Honey, I need to talk to you before you go to sleep”.

I turned over to face her, “Can’t it wait until morning? I’m really tired”.

Without speaking she quickly undressed and got into bed. She moved over to my side and put an arm over me. “Mom, I’m really tired. I’ll be able to do a much better job if we wait until morning”. After the long walk, and mostly after Susan, I did not have much left.

“No Honey. That’s not what I want right now. I need to talk to about something and I need to get it out now”.

“Okay, but give me a shake if I fall asleep”.

“Have you thought about the possibility that we might be the only people left”?

Oh no, we are going to get philosophical. I’m too tired for that. I tried to stifle a yawn but was unsuccessful. “Sure mom. I’ve thought of that. I’m the one that has been out looking for signs of people. I’ve been watching the town, the freeway and local roads. No one. No sign of fires, even in winter. No answer on the radio when we broadcast and we don’t hear anything from anyone else and we have a huge range. Yes, I think about it”.

Mom’s face brightened up. “I’ve really given this a lot of thought while you were gone. I think we need to do something about this. We have been really lucky so far. We have all been healthy and safe from accidents but we cannot count on that forever. Attrition will take its toll on us at some point. Sickness and accidents are bound to happen. We have very limited medicine and no doctors”.

“I try not to think about that. What are you getting at mom”?

“How long can we last? When we are gone that will be it”. She looked down for a moment and then back up at me. “We need to help this situation, change were we are headed”.

“What do you mean? I don’t know anything about medicine. We could try and go down to the town and see what is there. I don’t know if it would still be good after all this time, and the big question is, is the virus still there”?

“Honey that is not what I meant. There is going to be seven of us. We need more people”.

“How are we going to get more people? I’ve been watching and I’ve seen no one”. What did she say? “What do you mean seven of us? There are only six of us”.

“Well that is one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about. I’m pregnant”.

My jaw dropped. “You’re what? How did that happen”?

Mom smiled and tilted her head a bit and just looked at me.

“Oh yeh. I forgot”. How could I be so stupid. “That is so cool”. Then I remembered. “What are the girls going to say”?

“Let’s not worry about that right now. We still have something else to talk about”. She seemed really nervous. Before I could say anything she continued, “We need more people or we are going to die out. My getting pregnant gave me the answer”.

Now maybe if I had not been walking all day I would have caught on quicker. So I just went ahead and stepped in, “That increases us by one but I don’t see how that helps much”.

“You are right Danny. Adding one every year or so does not help us much”. I could see mom was giving me time to figure this out but I was just not up to the task. The news of mom being pregnant had given me a shot of adrenaline but it was long past now. My brain was in a very low gear.

Seeing I was not connecting the dots mom continued, “Danny, there are five of us. We can grow our numbers pretty quickly with FIVE of us”.

The light finally turned on. “You want me to get everyone pregnant! They won’t go for that. Especially Megan. She treats me like worm food. And Terri is too little”.

Mom reached out and rubbed the hair on my cheek and chin. “I guess you are ready for my final surprise. I already talked about this with the girls”. She waited for me to say something.

“No way. I can see…I mean, no way Megan would go for this. And like I said Terri is too little”.

“Megan questioned it at first but she is willing. And yes, Terri is still young, but remember, she is only two years younger than you. When it comes to her turn she will be old enough”.

“What do you mean, her turn”?

“Here is the plan. As soon as we finish the repairs on one of the bedrooms in the west wing you will move to that bedroom”. She held up her hand as I began to protest. I did not want to move from her bedroom. I was fully enjoying my time here. “Then, beginning with Megan,” she held up her hand as I started to protest, “Beginning with Megan, one of your sisters will move into your bedroom and sleep with you for three months. That should be enough time to get pregnant. Then that sister will move back to her own bedroom and another sister will move in. Megan, Shelly and Susan will take nine months. By then Terri should be old enough”.

Mom saw the frown on my face and added, “By then she will be about the same age you were when you started having sex”.

I did not have an answer for that. I reached out and rubbed my hand around on her stomach. “Wow”.

Mom put her hand over mine. “How long do you think it will take to finish one of the bedrooms”?

I answered quickly, “I think I can do it in two days”.

Mom gave me a long look, “I thought you said you still had a few weeks of work to do”.

“Nope, two days”.

Mom snuggled up to me, “Well I guess you are a bit more focused now”.

We laid there holding each other. After a while I noticed mom’s breathing had slowed down. She had drifted off. As tired as I was before, I could not go to sleep now. All I could think of was; the roof needed to be finished, before that I still had a bit of work left on the rafters, the damage to the floor can be sanded and finished later, and….at that point I finally fell asleep.

I was up before the sun and slipped out of bed without waking mom. I threw some clothes on, grabbed a bite and quickly got over to the west wing. When I walked into the first bedroom I saw that the girls had been working while I was gone. The floors had been sanded and just needed a coat of finish. The two walls that needed new paneling had been repaired. I had been there for around an hour when Susan and Terri showed up. “You guys did a lot of work while I was gone”.

They both grabbed hammers and climbed up the ladder to help me, “We wanted to help. Megan and Shelly helped too”.

“That is so hard to believe of Megan”. I was still having trouble with that idea.

Terri looked like she was going to explode, “Has mom talked to you”?

“Yeh, I’ve talked to mom”.

Terri, moved up in front of me. Susan stopped what she was doing and watched us. “So what do you think”?

“About what”?

Terri, looked like she wanted to pound me, “About your getting her pregnant stupid”. And then a big smile broke out on her face, “And getting us pregnant too”.

How do you answer that? I was fumbling for words and all I was able to get out was “unnhh”.

Terri laughed, “You don’t sound too bright. I’m not sure I want anyone stupid to get me pregnant”. Susan started laughing also, “Yeh, we don’t want stupid babies”.

Before I could come up with a snappy return Megan and Shelly walked in below us. “Well where do we start”?

I welcomed the distraction, “I think we should concentrate on the roof”. If we get that finished it will be dry and warm in here and I can move in. The rest were little things and could be taken care of later.

I was wrong about the two days. It actually took three. Three long days, from before daylight to long after dark. One the evening of the third day I took my things from Mom’s bedroom and moved it to my new bedroom. It was rather stark. No pictures or other personal touches. I wasn’t sure what would happen now. No one had talked about mom’s plan other than Terri’s comment about getting her pregnant and that was three days ago. Megan was supposed to be first but I was still apprehensive about her. Years of being teased by your big sister do not fade easily.

After an hour of waiting I finally decided this was all a joke on me and I fell for it. Everyone was in on it and they got me. When I go down to breakfast tomorrow they will all have a good laugh on me. I was trying to think of some way to turn this around on them when the door opened. It was dark so I could not see who it was. I was afraid this might be part of the joke so I kept quiet. Whoever it was moved over by the closet and dropped something light on the floor. I could hear some rustling and then feet moved towards the bed. It must be mom. We have not been together in a week. She could not let me get too embarrassed with this joke and has come over to sleep with me. The bed moved as she got in and moved under the covers. I was just about to say something when Megan’s voice totally surprised me.

“Well, are we going to do it or what”?

It sounded like her old mood. The erection I started to have, thinking mom was here, was now rapidly leaving the station. “I don’t know Megan. Maybe this is not such a good idea”. I knew somehow I was going to end up with her laughing and making fun of me.

“Danny, you are supposed to fuck me. What is mom going to say? What will my sisters say? If we don’t, I won’t get pregnant, and then everyone will laugh at me”.

She is afraid they will laugh at her? “Well I guess we can try”.

I could feel Megan move closer to me, “You have done this before. What do we do now? Do you want me to do anything”?

I reached over to her and put my hand on her stomach. She gave a little start but did not move away or push my hand away. I moved my hand around her stomach not quite touching her breasts and down to just below her belly button. I just wanted her to get used to my touch. I turned on my side, stretched my right arm out and put it under her head. I then pulled her around so she was on her side with her back to me and her head on my arm. I continued rubbing gently, almost a caress, around on her stomach. With my other hand I cupped one of her breasts. I heard her take a deep breath. I moved my hand from one breast to the other, gently squeezing them, cupping them, running my fingers around her nipples, rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, followed by firmly squeezing her breasts. When I squeezed them hard she arched her back into me and I could hear her groan. The erection I had lost before was back. When she moved back against me it was pushed against her back. She must have felt it. She reached around with her left hand between us and wrapped her fingers around me. That made me push my hips against her. As she moved her fingers around me, squeezing me, I moved my left hand lower and began moving it through her pubic hair and down between her legs. At first she squeezed her thighs together trapping my fingers.

“Danny, I don’t know”.

I did not say anything. I pulled my hand from between her thighs and moved my body back just a bit so I could pull her so she was at more of an angle towards me. I took her left leg and pulled it so it bent at the knee over my leg. Her thighs were now spread apart with plenty of room for my hand. I ran it around her pubic hair again and then dipped below so my fingers covered her pussy. She gasped, “Oh, Danny, you shouldn’t”. But she made no effort to stop me or move away. They were just words she thought she should say. I rubbed her pussy lightly for a while, it was damp now, and then moved my hand up so that both hands covered her breasts. Each time I squeezed her breasts she would squeeze my cock. She pushed her head back into my neck and I could hear low moans coming from her. “I did not know it would feel like this. I’ve touched myself but it feels so much better when someone else does it”.

I moved back a little more and pulled her over on her back. I could not see her face in the dark so I could not tell what she was thinking. “Are we going to do it now”?

I nodded, forgetting for a moment she could not see me. “Yes we are”.

“What do you want me to do? Do we do it like the bull does with the cows”?

I smiled at that and kissed one of her nipples and then the other. She reached up with her hands and held my head there so I sucked one nipple into my mouth. She let go of my head and laid her arms back on the bed. I moved over to the other nipple, when I sucked it into my mouth she arched her back pushing her breast up at me. It was like having a pillow pushed in my face. I finally answered her, “Well I could be like the bull but I think you might like this better”. I lifted myself up and moved over above her so my knees were between her spread legs. “Take my cock with your hand and rub it against your pussy”.

She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my cock and as quickly let go. “The end is all wet”.

“That is so it will slide into you easily. See”. I lowered my hips so the head of my cock was poised right at the entrance and pushed forward. The head slide right into her with no resistance. I stopped there and started to pull back so she could have some foreplay. I wanted to take it very slow with her and not scare her. Just as I was about to pop out she reached with her hands to grab my butt. “No, don’t pull out. That feels so good”.

I pushed forward so I was about half way into her. Her hands slowly slid up past the small of my back until she reached my shoulders. She tried to pull me down on her. I let myself lower until my chest was just touching her erect nipples. With my weight still on my hands I moved my chest from side to side just barely brushing against her nipples. I let my chest drop down and rubbed it across her breasts harder. She arched her back, held it there and let out a long groan. “That feels so good”. Her stomach was pushed against mine. Her body felt so hot. When she straightened I let my body drop down with hers. I was lying on top of her now. I turned my head, kissing first her shoulder and then worked my way up to her ear. When I stuck my tongue in her ear she pushed her pelvis up against me. “Can you go in any deeper?” she asked in a hoarse whisper. I answered by plunging the rest of my cock into her until I was pushed firmly against her. I pulled back and plunged in again.

Her legs had been laying flat on the bed but now she lifted her knees until they were along side me and her feet were up in the air. That allowed me to sink even deeper in her. I paused on a deep stroke. I was just enjoying the feeling of being buried in her. She had moved both of her hands back to my butt and was pulling on me trying to get me to begin thrusting into her again. “Come on. Don’t stop”. I smiled at that. Megan was the one I was most worried about; the one who had tormented me as a kid. She moved her mouth close to my ear “Is this how you fucked mom”? I nodded my head against her. “Is this how you got her pregnant”? I nodded my head again. “Well it’s my turn now”.

I almost lost it in her then. She wants to fuck me. She wants me to get her pregnant. Maybe it’s her turn for a treat. She has been so much nicer than what I expected. Maybe I can do something nice for her. I slowed down the pounding I had been giving her.

“No don’t stop. That feels good”. She was still grabbing me, pulling me, trying to get me to thrust into her harder.

“Don’t worry, I’m not. But this will feel even better”. Instead of just thrusting in and out of her I began grinding my pelvis against hers, rubbing that special spot. It was only moments before Megan began groaning and pushing up against me. After about a minute of this she thrust up hard against me several times and then her thighs tightened against my hips. A loud cry escaped her and I could feel her pussy pulse around my cock. That was it for me as I exploded in her. All the cum I had been saving up for the last three days shot out into her pussy. We both continued small thrusts against each other as the feeling gradually died away. She relaxed her thighs and her knees fell back to the bed.

I wrapped my arms around under her and then rolled over, bringing her with me until I was on my back and she was lying on top of me. She laid her head on my shoulder and I put one hand on her head and let the other roam around on her back. We just lay there catching our breath. When we had rolled over I was still partially in her but now I had softened and slipped out of her. She giggled, “He did not say please before leaving”. She sighed, “I did not know it was going to feel so good. Mom said I would like it but how do you know”. I did not say anything, just kept lightly rubbing her back. “I’m sorry I’ve been so mean to you. I don’t know why I did it”.

“Forget about it. We are okay now aren’t we”?

She nodded her head. “Do you think I’m pregnant now”?

“I don’t know. I think it took several times for mom”.

She lifted herself up a bit on her arms. The moon had risen so we had just enough light in the room so we could see each other now. She looked down at me with a wry smile on her face. “Maybe if we did it again it would help”.

I looked from her face down to her breasts where they were lying against my chest. “That sounds like an excellent idea but I think I need some recovery time”. I pushed my hips up so my limp cock flopped a bit between her thighs. “Well I don’t, but I think he does”.

She got a bigger smile on her face. “I think I might be able to help. Susan had a talk with me earlier tonight and she gave me some instructions for fixing this situation if it should arise, or not rise”.

She rose up on her hands and knees and turned around to face my feet. As it turned out Susan had given her the correct instructions and Megan followed them perfectly.

Two weeks later Megan missed her period. Mom said don’t make too much out of this yet. Megan had been late before and had even missed a period before. Mom said we should just continue on as normal. Now the positive side of missing a period is that you can continue on as normal. And our normal continued every night and every morning.

Over the next month any doubt that she was pregnant was laid to rest. Megan had a brief bout with morning sickness and was positive she was going to die, and her breasts began to get super sensitive. Sensitive to the point that anytime my hands got close to them they got a good slap. Though upon further reflection, that might have been her general reaction to getting pregnant.

It was the middle of summer and the three months went by fast. We finished the repairs on the house so now we had a couple more bedrooms to spread around in. That is until babies began to arrive. Mom was getting pretty fat, though I had to be careful not to say that around her. Apparently women react negatively to insightful comments like that. Megan was also beginning to show. We also spent quite a bit of time at the swimming hole. It was cool there in the shade and mom liked to float in the water. It took all the weight off her feet.

After swimming for a while on one particularly hot day, mom called us all together in the shade. “It is too late this year, but next spring we need to start a major building project on the house. I don’t know if anyone has thought through what we are doing but we are going to be adding three or four children to our family every year. We will run out of room in the house very quickly. It will take us quite a while to add space. We need to start the planning and begin preparing some wood now”.

She was right. None of us had given a thought to the space the new kids would need. Susan and I started talking about what kind of structure would work. We decided that the easiest route would be just to extend the house in a log cabin fashion. We did not have the tools to try and make the lumber used to build the house we have. We then started talking about which trees to fell and when. I could hear mom, Terri, Shelly and Megan talking about where the additions should be made and what the additions to be used for. When we got back together as a group I found that they had decided that we should make the house look something like a capital letter E. The first phase was to extend the house to make it a bit longer and then over the next few years, add three wings coming off it. After that we could then cap off the end of the wings with a long wing like our current house.

After kicking around ideas for a while we began drifting back to the house. I left first but I had not gone far when Shelly caught up to me. I looked over at her. She had grown in the last year. She was now almost as tall I am. She must be around 5’ 11”. Her body had kept up with her also. She had large breasts with small nipples. Her skin was really tanned. She was out in the sun all the time and like the rest of us almost never wore clothes in the heat of the summer.

She walked silently by my side for a while before finally saying, “It’s my turn now”.

Ever the quick one I quickly responded, “Uh”?

“It’s been three months. It’s my turn”.

“Wow, three months have gone by already”?

Shelly’s face dropped. “You don’t want to have turn with me? You want to stay with Megan”?

“No. That’s not what I meant. I want my turn with you. I just meant that the summer has gone by so fast. We have been so busy with the house and everything that it just flew by”.

I looked over at her and her face brightened back up. As we continued to the house Shelly reached over and put her hand in mine. Once we got to the house she left me for her room saying she would see me later. When I got to my room I could see that all of Megan’s things were gone. It left me with a strange feeling. We had been sleeping together for three months. She was pregnant with my baby. Before we had been brother and sister with all the things siblings share and the conflicts. Now we were different. Really more like lovers, or, as it came to me, more like husband and wife.

I was also feeling some guilt. While I was sad that Megan would not be sleeping with me tonight I was getting excited over the thought of Shelly. I was actually getting the beginnings of an erection. And of course that is the moment Shelly chose to come in with an armful of her things. Before I could turn around she was standing in front of me, looking down. She had a big smile on her face, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to hug him or salute him”. She put her things down on a chair, walked over and pushed the door shut and then turned to me. When she had turned I sat down on the bed thinking that possibly I could hide this thing. No such luck. Sticking out like a flagpole. It’s not that I was embarrassed to have an erection; it was just that normally you do not indicate your interest in a girl by sticking said erection out at her.

Shelly came over to the bed and sat next to me. I looked at her and her eyes were fixed on my lap. “I’ve never seen it this close. Can I touch it”? Without waiting for me to say anything she reached out with a finger and pushed it to one side. When she moved her finger away I just swayed back and forth until I came back to attention, pointing straight up. She giggled and then reached out again and wrapped her fingers around me. “It is much harder than I expected”. I just kept my mouth shut and let her explore. She gripped my firmly and began sliding her hand up and down. “Megan says you like this”.

Megan was right. “What else did she say”?

Playing coy she answered, “Oh, a little of this and a little of that”.

I decided two could play at this game. I reached around her with my right hand and put my hand on her hipbone. I slowly moved it up her side and then cupped the underside of her breast in my hand and gave her a little squeeze. I moved one finger over the breast and brushed it back and forth over her nipple. It also rose to attention though it did not reach the height of mine. “Did she happen to mention this”?

Shelly had stopped moving her hand on my cock when I grabbed her breast. She let go of me and turned to face me. She put a hand on my chest and pushed me back on the bed. As she started to climb over my legs I said, “Wait, it’s going to be dinner soon”?

She was now kneeling on the bed, with her pussy positioned directly above me. She took me in her hand again and pointed me at her pussy. “I’m not very hungry”. She squatted down just a bit and I felt myself enter her just an inch or so. I was dying to thrust my hips up. I wanted to be deep inside her. I closed my eyes for a moment, “I’m not so hungry either”.

She let go of me and put both hands on my chest. She began pushing back at me and then pulling back up. Repeating it over and over, just letting me go in an inch and then pulling back. I strained to push up at her, to meet one of her pushes at me. She dug her nails into my chest. “No, let me”. I went with the flow. This is her first time. Let her do what she wants. I reached up with both hands and cupped her breasts. I alternated light rubbing with firmly squeezing and then brushing her nipples with my fingers.

After several minutes of this I noticed she was pushing me deeper in her. Finally with a hard thrust she completely impaled herself on me. She then changed her movement. She began rocking her pelvis forwards and backwards on me. I realized she is rubbing her clitoris on me. Megan must have told her about this. She could not have come up with this on her own, the very first time she has sex.

She just sat on me, with her eyes closed and continued rocking back and forth. A funny thought hit me. She barely knows I’m here. Well that is not entirely true. I do have something sticking up inside her, but I think that is the only part she is aware of right now. When I recognized the signs that she was close to an orgasm I tried to help her along, rubbing her stomach up to her breasts, rubbing her nipples. When it hit her she arched her back and let out a loud cry. As I reached for her hips and pulled her tight against me the thought ran through my head, “Well everybody knows our three months have started”.

When she finally collapsed on me she was breathing so hard she could not speak. I wrapped my arms around her and waited for her to catch her breath. When her breathing returned to normal I moved my hands down to her butt and pulled her tight against me. With her tight against me I thrust up hard into her. She sucked her breath in, “Oh yes, do it again”.

I was happy to oblige. I repeated the hard thrust into her. I relaxed a bit, pulling back partway out of her and then thrust back hard and deep into her again. I began moving faster, picking up speed until it was a continuous motion, just constant plunging into her. The tingle began building in my balls. I was just seconds away. Shelly quickly wrapped her arms around my neck, hugging me tightly. I pushed down on her butt hard, trying to get as deep into her as I could, and finally exploded in her. Stream after stream erupted from me, filling her. I kept thrusting up against her with each eruption until finally I was drained. We lay there for another half hour, her on top of me, wrapped in each others arms until finally she gave a little cough. The squeeze of her muscles with her cough popped me right out. We both laughed and I added, “Well I know when I’m not wanted”.

She took my head in her hands and kissed my on the cheek and then turned my head and kissed me on the mouth several times. “Oh no, you are very wanted. That was fantastic. I did not know it would feel like that. If it was not dinner time now I would show you just how wanted”.

As a response I caressed her back, from her shoulders down to her butt, back and forth with both hands. After a few minutes we got up and straightened out the bed. Shelly, nude as usual, started to walk out the door to help in the kitchen.

“Shelly, do you really want to go out like that”?

“Why not, it’s hot”.

“Megan might have left one thing out when she told you about ‘this and that’. Shelly, with the open door in her hand looked back at me with a frown. “You are kind of filled with sperm right now. A lot of it is going to leak out when you go out there”.

Shelly looked down, and sure enough, she saw something wet slowly running down the inside of her thigh. “What am I going to do”?

“Well you need to wear some shorts or something”.

Her face turned bright red. “But they will know what we were doing”.

“Well it is either that or a big wet spot on the chair. I’ll let you pick”.

She scowled at me, “This is not fair. You get to just wipe off and go on like nothing happened”.

I just smiled back. She scooted out the door. When I saw her next she was in the kitchen wearing a t-shirt and shorts. It was obvious from the looks of everyone they knew what had happened earlier and had been teasing her over it.

When dinner was finished mom walked out of the kitchen with me while the rest of the girls began cleaning up. “You need to do a few hunting trips soon. According to the almanac this looks to be a rough winter. I want us to set for a long hard winter soon”.

I nodded. “How about I take one in three days? That will give me some time to finish a project”.

Mom smiled, “Yes, a project. I think I saw the results of your project earlier”.

Now it was my turn to blush. I stammered, “That wasn’t what I meant. Well, not all of it anyway”.

Mom continued, “I want you to take Terri with you. You have taught her to be a pretty good shot with that rifle. She needs to take the next step using it. Just shooting at targets is not real life. If it is ever necessary to use it I want to know she will not freeze”.

I looked up sharply, “Do you think….”?

“No, I don’t think there is any one out there. I truly think we are alone. It just pays to be prepared”.

Three days later Terri and I were up at dawn preparing to set out. Shelly had woken me an hour earlier to show me what I was going to be missing over the next few days. She had been very enthusiastic and now after my good night’s sleep I was tired again and she had promptly gone back to sleep.

Mom had risen also and fixed us a good breakfast. As we readied to go out the front door I gave mom a hug and a kiss. I rubbed her swollen tummy and gave it a kiss for good luck. As Terri was giving mom a hug I saw Megan walking towards me. She hugged me and kissed me goodbye. I gave her tummy a rub and a kiss also. She looked like she was going to cry so I gave her another hug. Through some tears she said, “Damn hormones. You come back safe or I’ll kick your butt all over the place”.

Terri and I put our packs on and started our walk. It was going to take most of the day to get there so we needed to get going. We would have looked pretty funny to anyone that could have seen us. We both wore shirts because of the packs and we wore shoes for the walking and that was all. We had been pretty lucky all this time. None of the clothes us kids had brought here fit us but mom and dad had brought plenty. Dad’s clothes fit me perfectly and the girls could wear moms.

We did not say a lot as we walked. I pointed out some places and told some stories about previous hunts. I took one detour and we walked down a ridge until we could see the nearby town. It was miles in the distance but you could see the entire length of the town and many farms around it. I had not watched it yet this summer and thought we could take the time now. Nothing. No sign of any life. Trees had broken up some of the streets. Everything was overgrown. When I saw something move I grabbed the binoculars out of the pack and zeroed in on it, a deer. Then behind it I saw a few more deer feeding. That further confirmed my observation. Deer would not be walking around where there were people.

Our detour had delayed us a bit so it was early evening before we reached where I wanted to camp. It looked like a summer storm was fast coming in so we quickly pitched our tent and fixed dinner. There were dark clouds coming over and I could feel the temperature dropping rapidly. I now wished we had worn more clothing, or at least had brought some with us. Because I knew we would be carrying a full load back I had deliberately packed light.

Just as we finished eating the first drops began to fall. Terri took our sleeping bags into the tent while I gathered our gear. It was not a big tent so we were going to be packed. Usually I was alone and the gear could stay outside. When I crawled in I was surprised to see how the sleeping bags set out. Each was fully open, one on the top of the other. I caught Terri’s eye with a questioning look on my face. She just gave me that “Well think it through stupid”, look. “We don’t have enough room in here with all our stuff to lay out two sleeping bags. We will fit in better this way. Besides I’m cold. It will be warmer sleeping next to you”.

Well, she was right about that. But I was uncomfortable. For the last six months or so I had been sleeping with three different women and having sex with them day and night. I had not really paid much attention to Terri in that time. She was my little sister but she was developing into a beautiful girl. She was still a bit on the small side compared to her sisters. She was only around 5’ 4” and could not have weighed over 100 lbs. But those 100 lbs had been put in all the best places. Her breasts were best described as “perky”. She was going to be fourteen in another month. That meant it was her turn after Susan.

Just thinking about this was starting to get me hard. I was still on my hands and knees on top of the sleeping bag. I looked over at Terri. She was sitting cross-legged on the edge of the bag. She started pulling her t-shirt over her head but was having some difficulty with it because the top of the tent was so low. I took the opportunity provided by her t-shirt difficulties to take a good look at my littlest sister. I was wrong, her breasts weren’t just perky, they were perfect. I looked farther down and saw that I could see the lips of her pussy. I’m so hard. I have to stop this. As I lifted my eyes back to her breasts I realized that she had her t-shirt off now and was looking at me. She caught me. I could feel the heat building in my face. I mumbled something about it being time to go to sleep, pulled the top bag up so I could get in, and quickly turned over away from her.

She did not say anything. In a minute or so I felt the bag move as she got in. She moved up behind me and put an arm around me. Her hand ended up on my stomach. I was afraid she might move it an inch or so and bump into my erection. I took her hand in one of mine and moved it up a bit and held it.

We laid there for a minute before she finally spoke, “Danny? Am I ugly”?

“No Terri, what ever gave you that idea? You are really pretty”.

“You looked at me and then just turned away with a funny look on your face. I thought maybe I was ugly”.

“No, like I said, you are really pretty”.

She was quite for a while. “It is still early and I am not sleepy. Can we talk for a while”?
I nodded my head but stayed where I was. I still had a massive hard-on and did not want to turn over. “Could you turn around so I can talk to you”?

Oh, great. Maybe she won’t notice. I turned over on my back. I glanced down and saw the bag sticking up.

“What is sex like? I have talked to Megan and Shelly but they say I’m too young and to go away. But I’m almost fourteen and in a few months we will be sleeping together and I don’t know much. I don’t want to be bad at it”.

I was speechless. She was talking about sleeping with me as if it was playing tag. No embarrassment, no nervousness. I’m the nervous one.

She pulled the bag down and scooted up a bit. Her left breast was now lying right on my arm. “My breasts are too small. I wish I had bigger ones like Shelly and Megan. You probably will not even want to have sex with me because I’m too little”.

Dead if I do and dead if I don’t. “You are not too small. You are a perfect size. Bigger is not better. It is just bigger. Your breasts are perfect for you”.

She had a disbelieving look on her face, “You are just saying that. You have to because I’m your sister. You would not even want to touch mine because they are so small”.

Before I could even think about the consequences I reached out to her, “See that is not true”. I cupped her breast in my hand. Her skin felt so smooth. I could feel her nipple get hard in the middle of my palm. I moved my hand caressing her breast.

She rose up a bit so the other appeared. “What about the other one? Isn’t it too small”?
I reached to it and gave it the same attention. I knew I had to stop but just couldn’t. If I got any harder I was going to break through the bag.

Earlier when I turned over on my back my right arm was along my side. When Terri moved closer to me I had left it there. When she rose for me to touch her breasts she had moved her body so that her mound was pushed against the back of my hand. As she pushed it slightly against me I could not help myself and pushed back gently against her.
I don’t know if she even realized she was grinding it against my hand ever so slowly.

She pulled the bag covering me down to my waist and traced a finger around my nipples. When I did not say anything she said, “That does not do the same thing for you that it does to me”?

“No. I guess guy’s nipples are not as sensitive as girls”.

Her fingers moved down to my belly button. She looked lower and saw the bag sticking up. “Am I doing that to you”? Without waiting for me to say anything she grabbed the bag and pulled it off me. The sudden movement of the bag made my cock wave around.
She laughed and grabbed it to make it stop. “I have not seen it this big in a long time”.

I felt like that time I had a cold and a high temperature and I could not think right. My head was all foggy. She had a hold of my cock and I just wanted to turn over and fuck her. But what would mom say? This is not what she planned. Here I was with a beautiful girl who wanted to know more about sex and had a vise grip on my cock. I did the only thing I could think of, I closed my eyes and let out a long groan.

Then I wondered, “What do you mean, ‘this big in a long time’”?

“I saw you and mommy one time. That time before you went on a hunting trip and she talked to us while you were gone. I went to your bedroom to ask mom a question. I guess you did not hear me knock. When I opened the door mommy had her mouth on your penis and was sucking it. Does that feel good”? Without even waiting for me to answer she continued, “What am I saying, of course it feels good. I saw the look on your face. It seems like a funny thing to do but I know you liked it”.

Then with no warning at all she leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. I almost levitated off the bed. She must have watched mom pretty closely. She began to move her head up and down sucking on my cock with slurping sounds. I was finally able to get out, “Like a lollipop”.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth, “Huh”?

“Remember the tootsie rolls we used to have”?

“Oh yeh”. She closed her mouth back over my cock and I could feel her tongue begin to swirl around the head. I turned my hand around and found I could now reach between her legs. I started moving my hand up and down the inside of her thigh. I moved down near her knee and then slowly back up until the top of my thumb was pushed against her pussy. I rubbed in small circles and then went down the other thigh. I kept repeating this until her pussy was very wet. I positioned my hand so that part of it was pushed against her clitoris and then slid one finger in her pussy. I began rubbing my hand against her clitoris while moving the finger around in small circles in her pussy. It was so small and tight I briefly wondered if I would even fit. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid her head down on my stomach. “That feels so good. It’s much better when someone else does it”.

She started to put my cock back in her mouth but I put my hand out to stop her. “Any more and I’ll be squirting all over the place”.

She immediately jumped up and lay on top of me. “That would be a waste. The only place you are going to squirt is in me”.

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea”. But I made no effort at all to move her away. She was holding herself up on her arms above me and her breasts were right in front of my face. Her sisters must have told her a bit more because she lowered herself just enough that one of her nipples brushed against my lips, back and forth. Then she moved farther to the side so that the other nipple took its place. I parted my lips and her nipple slipped between them. I ran my tongue around and over it and then sucked more of her breast into my mouth. “Oh Danny, that feels so good”.

She rocked back on me and her pelvic bone slid right over the top of my cock. I reached up to caress her breasts. When my hands touched her she leaned into my hands letting me hold her up. She lifted up off me a bit, reached down for my cock, positioned it where she wanted it and then began moving back until the swollen head was pushed against her pussy. We were both so wet that the head slid right in but that is where it stopped. It was so tight in her. It felt tight when I put a finger in her and this was no finger. “Danny, what do I do? I want you in me so bad but it is so big. I don’t know if it will fit. You fucked everyone else, why doesn’t it fit in me”? She sounded just a bit scared but very determined.

I was no longer thinking about anything but how to bury myself deeper in her. “Just go very slow and let your body get used to it. You will gradually stretch and I will fit”.

I pulled back just an inch and then pushed back in. After doing this several times I felt like I was sliding in just a bit further. Terri was hugging me so tight and really breathing hard. “Yes Danny. That feels much better. Don’t stop”. Now every time I pushed into her she was pushing back. After a few strokes she began pushing harder. I stopped my thrusting and she continued. Looking down I could see her sliding up and down on my shaft. After a few minutes of this I was only halfway into her. She began moaning while dropping harder on me, driving me deeper into her. Finally I could no longer see my cock. When I was completely buried in her she stopped moving. “What do I do now? Do I keep moving up and down”?

“Do what feels good. You can keep moving up and down or you could do this”. I pushed her up higher so she was sitting on me and I could move my hands. I reached down to her hips and rocked them back and forth. “Or you might like this”. Holding her hips, I then moved her in a circling motion on me, letting her grind her pelvis against mine. I reached up to cup her breasts again with the intention of rubbing her nipples, but she leaned forward again, resting her weight on my hands. She closed her eyes, let her arms dangle down and began experimenting with the three methods I had shown her. She first began bouncing up and down again really fast. She was so tight on me it was like I was jerking off. I was ready to cum now. After a while she stopped and began grinding her pelvis in a circle against mine. Her breath became a bit ragged. When she finally began thrusting back and forth against me really hard I knew she was getting close. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was hanging open and she had this dreamy look on her face. Finally she reached the breaking point, “Danny, it’s too tight”. I had no idea what she meant by that but I began to make my own sharp, hard thrusts into her. I had been holding back as long as I could. When her pussy began clenching me I finally let go, shooting long streams of cum into her. As the intensity of the orgasm slowly passed for both of us we continued very slowly pushing at each other. I was deep in her and wanted to stay that way for a while. Just the sensation of sliding back and forth in her felt so good. She had collapsed on me earlier and as I pushed very slowly up into her she would respond by pushing back to meet me. Every few strokes she would let out an “mmmmm”.

When we finally stopped moving and had caught our breath, we just laid there. I could hear a heavy rain falling outside. I wondered when that had started. The last sound I remember was just a few drops falling on the tent. The wind was also really picking up. It was a good thing we had staked the tent down really well. I had been unconsciously rubbing my hands on Terri’s back and I finally noticed her making kind of a purring sound. “You like that”?

“Yes, don’t stop”. She turned her head and kissed me on the neck and then laid her head back on my chest. “That was so much better than I expected. Thank you”.

I was curious. “What did you expect”?

“I don’t know. The girls said I would like it but how do you know. I’ve seen our animals do it but the male just jumps on the female and then it is over. It never looks like either of them really enjoys it”. She stopped for a minute and then added, “Will I be pregnant now”?

“Well first, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Second, I don’t know. Sometimes I guess it takes just once, sometimes more. From what mom said I think it also has a lot to do with when your period is”.

Terri turned her head again and nuzzled my neck. “If it takes more than once, maybe we should do it again”.

I would have loved to but I was beat, literally, “Your brother is getting old. I need my rest. We have a lot of work tomorrow. You should be going to sleep also”.

“Okay, but I bet you will be rested in the morning”.

“We’ll see”. But I was sure I would be.

Terri, slid off me, turned on her side, pulled my arm out so she could us it as a pillow and moved back against me. “Put your arm around me. I’m getting cold”. I did as I was told and we both quickly fell asleep.

When we woke the next morning Terri won her bet, I was completely rested. Though as it turned out, I was pretty exhausted by the time we had breakfast. The hunt went really well. Terri spotted and shot two very nice sized deer within just hours of our starting. Mom should have no worries about her shooting skill or her willingness.

The next morning as we lay naked against each other, I was thinking about our reception at home. Mom was going to be upset and Shelly would probably be hurt. It was supposed to be her time and her I am out in the woods fucking Terri instead of her.

Terri did not seem concerned at all. “Don’t worry about mom. I know what to say to her. When you see Shelly, tell her that you love her, pick her up and carry her off to the bedroom and show her”.

When we got home that night everything turned out exactly as Terri had predicted. As soon as I saw Shelly, I picked her up, told her I loved her and missed her and took her to our bedroom to prove it.

Later that night I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. I found Terri and mom there talking in candle light. "Why the candles"?

Mom looked up, "I was just telling Terri. While the two of you were gone we had a storm".

"We had a good taste of it out there. Some really good wind and a lot of rain. It got really cold".

"We did not see a lot of rain but the wind blew a branch into our solar panels. Several of them are damaged. We have enough power for the refrigerator but too much of anything else drains the batteries too fast. Movies are going to be a luxury now".

"Can we repair them"?

"We have the manuals but I don't think we have the skills or the technical knowledge to do much".

Everyone was quiet for a while and I dug into a sandwich.

Terri broke the silence, “Mom, I’m pregnant”.

I choked on my food.

Mom’s face clouded over. She looked at me and I was thankful the guns were all locked away. But I was also puzzled, why is she so upset when we would be sleeping together in just a few months anyway?

“What makes you think you are pregnant? When did….Where….Why…” She was having a problem finishing her sentence. She stopped for a moment, collected her thoughts and then calmly asked, “I'm sorry. To me you are still my baby. When did this happen”?

Terri, equally calm, replied, “On our hunting trip”.

“You have only been gone a couple of days. What makes you think you are pregnant? Having sex one time does not always get you pregnant”?

“I just know I’m pregnant". And with a big smile she added, "And it wasn't just once. It is just a feeling I have. I know I'm pregnant. And before you say anything, I know it was not my turn yet. But I have been thinking about that. I don’t think we should have these long, three month turns. If we do that a couple of us will be pregnant every year during the summer. That is right when we are needed most for work. Plus it means we are pregnant during the heat of the summer. Of course I’ve never been pregnant before, but looking at you, that does not seem like a great idea”.

Mom just looked back at Terri. I could see she was impressed with what Terri had said and was thinking about it. I was pretty much forgotten. “I see you have given this some pretty good thought”. After a pause she added, “And after listening to you I think you are right”.

I thought this would be a good time to forget about eating and just go back to bed. As I moved to get up mom turned to me. “I have not forgotten about you. You know you were not supposed to sleep with Terri until her birthday. I hope you have not hurt Shelly’s feelings with this”.

Terri then surprised me, “Mom. It’s not his fault. It’s mine. I seduced him. He really did not have a chance”.


Mom looked back at her, “You have always been pretty good at getting what you want. I bet it was not too hard either”.

Terri smiled, “No, he was pretty easy”.

Hey, I’m right here. I can hear you. I knew there was no way I was going to win any points so I made the best of the situation. I said my goodnights and went back to bed with Shelly.

As it turned out Terri was right. She was pregnant. A few months later mom had a baby girl. It was a big occasion. We had all seen births in the barn but there is a big difference when it is your mom. A few months later Megan had her baby, another baby girl. Another few months and Terri, followed by Shelly just a couple of weeks later, both had baby girls. When Susan completed the picture with her baby girl it seemed like our entire plan was doomed to failure. No one spoke much about it but I know mom worried about it. She said that my sperm determines the sex and that some men do not produce sperm that makes boys. It looks like I’m one.

The second year we changed our sleeping pattern. The girls would decide when they wanted to give birth and time sex with me accordingly. Sometimes it would be a different person each night. Other times one of my sisters, or my mother, would stay with me several days. But our luck with the births did not change. Everyone had girls the second year also.

It was not until the third year that we three boys and two girls. Finally, this might work. There was hope down the line. In the sixth year mom finally said “no more baby factory”. She continued having sex with me on a somewhat infrequent basis, but she had decided she was too old to keep having children and that was it for her.

After five years we had really grown as a family. There were now twenty three kids running around creating havoc; sixteen girls and seven boys. The house had changed a lot in that time also. It had to. We needed the space for all the kids. I could see that in the next couple of years we were going to have to spread out. We needed more space for living and for growing food.

I was thinking about this one morning before breakfast. I had gone outside and was standing by a fence watching one of our bulls mate with a cow. After he was done he moved on to a second and then a third before the mood must have left him. He was standing there eating some grass when another female came up and presented herself. He ignored her and continued eating. After a minute the female turned around and butted him with her head. With less than his earlier enthusiasm he finally acquiesced, mounted her, and when he was finished, resumed eating. I smiled at the sight, “I feel your pain”.

Daddy, breakfast is ready”.

I had not heard Mary come up. She was Megan’s oldest. She took my hand and we walked back to the house.

I had just finished eating and had pushed my chair back from the table. I was just sitting there watching everyone, listening to the conversations, enjoying the company when Janice ran up and jumped in my lap. “Can I go out and talk to the people”?

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