End of the world – Chapter 5

End of the world – Chapter 5

Mom reached out to open the door so we could go in and talk to Sharon and her girls. I reached out and stopped her. “Shouldn’t we talk to our family first? See if they are agreeable”?

Mom looked back and shook her head, “Over the last few weeks the girls and I have discussed the possibility of their staying and they were all agreeable. That even included John. I think without him the girls would insist they stay”. A smile tugged at mom’s mouth, “In fact Terri had offered several times to help John with an accident. She has been quite inventive with some possible scenarios. You look pretty tired. You might want to avoid her for a day so you can rest. She is bound to want to show you her appreciation”.

When we entered the kitchen, Sharon was sitting there with several of the young children cutting apple slices for them. I was hit with a sudden swarm of hugs and a chorus of “Daddy’s home”. After quite a bit of horsy-back rides, their mothers shoed them off to get ready for bed.

Sharon also got up saying, “I should go see how John is. He does not like it when I’m up here and he is alone back at the bunkhouse”.

Mom stopped her before she could get up, “We did not want to say anything while the kids were still here”. She turned to look at me and waited for me to continue.

I walked over and stood next to where Sharon was sitting. “I’m sorry but John had an accident out there. He did not make it back”.

Sharon was looking up at me but I could not read her face. She looked down at her hands and the silence stretched out. Finally she looked back up at me, “Is he hurt? Is he still out there?

Well, John is still out there, but he is past hurt. He won’t be coming back”.

She looked puzzled, “I don’t understand”.

I really did not want to relate the entire story, “He had an accident out there. He did not make it. I thought it best to leave him there”.

She just looked at me for a while and then slowly nodded her head. “Karma”.

I was not sure I heard her right, “Karma”?

“It means something like ‘What goes around comes around’, or ‘you reap what you sow’. My husband once went out hunting with John. He did not make it back either”.

She was getting the wrong idea, “Wait, I did not…”.

She held her hand up to my lips to stop me. “That is not what I meant. I meant just that you were luckier or more capable. John was not a very honorable man”.

Then she saw the side of my face. “And what happened to your face”? She stood up and touched my cheek I had forgotten about the scrapes. “It’s nothing; I just scraped it on some bark”.

She gave me a hug, whispered ‘thank you’ in my ear, and then said, “I should go and tell the girls. They would want to know”.

Before she could leave, mom gestured for her to sit back down, “There is something else we should talk about”. Mom waited for her to sit and then mom continued, “We would like for you and the girls to stay here with us if you have no other plans, become part of our family”.

A big smile grew on Sharon’s face. “We would love to. I know the girls would want to also”. Then the smile died. “There is a problem though. I have talked to your daughters. I know what part of what you are doing here; the children and all. I won’t fit in”.

I could not imagine how she couldn’t fit in. “What are you talking about”?

“John has been, uh, well, fucking me for years now. I have no children. I’m sterile. I can’t contribute to the family”.

Mom laughed, “That does not matter. We are not inviting your uterus to join us. We would like you to be part of our family”.

Sharon leaned over and hugged mom. “Of course I would like to join you. I should go and tell the girls now”.

Just before she went out the door she stopped, “Before I forget, John told me not to tell you this before. I was an electrical engineer. You are having a problem with your solar panels. I took a look at them. I think I can fix them”.

Once she had gone I was ready to go take a shower and fall in bed. It had been a long day and I was beat. But mom was not finished. “Irregardless of her having children, I think the two of you should sleep together for the next month”. I started to protest but she held up her hand. “Effectively, you are the husband to all the adult women in our family. I want Sharon to feel that she is an integral part of the family. If her position is not the same as the rest of us I think she will not feel as much a part of the family”.

“What if that is not what she wants? John has been pretty rough on her. She might not like the idea of being passed on to another man”.

Then she smiled at me, “I have seen her give you looks when you were not watching. I will ask her, but I don’t think that will be a problem. And I have seen you look at her when you think she is not looking. I don’t think this will be any great hardship on you”.

I gave her a kind of sheepish shrug. Before I could say anything she sent me off to bed.
“And don’t forget to shower first, you smell something horrible”.

The next morning I did not wake until the sun was well up. Usually I am awake at dawn but I did not sleep well last night, bad dreams. I was hoping I had not missed breakfast and was just tossing the sheet off me when the door flew open with a bang and Janelle and Mikey flew across the room and jumped on me. Janelle had come at me sideways and was now lying across my chest, pinning me to the bed. Later, when I thought about it, and I did frequently, I suspected that Mikey had planned her attack a bit better. She came at me from the foot of the bed and ended up sitting right on top of my cock. Fortunately it was limp and a lying off to the side under her. “We both want to thank you. We are so glad he is gone”.

Before I could say anything Janelle lifted up and planted a kiss right on my lips. That would have been fine but as she moved up to kiss me, both of her nipples trailed across my chest. That by it self might have been okay but when I looked over Janelle I saw Mikey sitting there on me. I found I was focused on her chest. While her breasts were a bit on the small side, her nipples were really large, bigger than any of my sisters. I had to stop looking at their breasts. I could feel the effect it was having on me. I was no longer completely limp and I was definitely straightening out. I knew my cock was slowly moving against Mikey. I looked up at her and she gave me this impish smile.

Janelle propped her head up on her hands and began talking to me. It was hard to concentrate on what she was saying because Mikey was moving around. By now, with two naked girls, four naked boobies, and I could feel one naked pussy being lined up with my cock, I was as hard as I could get. I was moving around a bit myself trying to keep the head of my cock away from the entrance to her pussy.

Janelle took my head in both of her hands, “Danny, you did not answer me”.

“What? What did you say”?

“I was saying that we get to stay, we don’t have to leave anymore. Our mom talked to us last night and your mom talked to us this morning. We get to stay and be part of your family. Isn’t that neat”?

I got a glimpse of Mikey over Janelle’s head. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. She was rubbing herself against me and was really close to….too late. I slipped into her. Her eyes opened wide and she had that smile again on her face as she looked at me. I was trying to shift my pelvis down so I could get out of her but she was ahead of me. She tilted back and I slid deeper into her.

“Danny, you are not paying attention again”.

“What”? She had no idea what her sister was doing to me. I was certainly paying attention, it just was not to Janelle.

“I was asking you what you did to John. Mom said he had an accident and died. I don’t believe it. I think you killed him. Don’t you think so Mikey”?

Mikey just responded with an “mmmmm”. I wanted to say the same.

As Janelle started to turn around to see what was going on with Mikey, we heard Sharon calling them from somewhere in the house. Mikey rose up off of me. Now I was sticking up in the air. By the time Janelle had slid off the bed Mikey had moved off the foot of the bed. Janelle forgot about Mikey when she saw my cock sticking up in the air. “I think you are glad to see us. Maybe we should come back later”.

Mikey handed me the sheet and I pulled it over me. It did not help much since part of it was sticking up in the air. “Why don’t you two go and see what your mom wants”?

After they were gone I lay there thinking about Janelle and Mikey. Before, I had avoiding them because of John. But there was no reason to now. Oh yes. But what would Sharon say, not to mention my sisters?

I was just about to get up when Mikey and Janelle came back into the room. Mikey had a bit of a pout on her face, “I don’t think it is fair. We saw you first”. They walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Mikey saw that my erection was still there and began to run a finger round, playing with it.

What are they talking about, “You don’t think what is fair”?

Janelle seemed to do more talking while Mikey was easily distracted, “Mom gets to come and sleep with you”. But then she brightened, “But we are next”.

I was having a problem concentrating again, “We”?

“That’s right. We are next. Something you don’t know. We have the same birthday. We have always been together. We do everything together. We are a package. When you get one of us, you get both of us”. She saw what Mikey was doing and moved over and grabbed my sheet covered cock. With a quick glance back at me she lowered her head and engulfed me. After a few seconds she moved her mouth away. “I want to be sure you don’t forget us”. They both got up and bounced out the door.

Since Sharon’s arrival, we had decided that it should be safe for us to go down to the town and forage for things we could use, tool, clothes, etc. It was still warm out but winter was fast approaching and we could especially use any clothing we could find. There were so many of us now that the spare clothing we had when we first arrived had either pretty much worn out or just was not enough. It was decided that Sharon, since she had been through the area, me and Sharon’s girls would make the trip. My kids were much too young and my sisters were either pregnant or still breastfeeding and could not leave.

The night before we left, the girls fixed a special dinner for everyone. For those of us leaving, it was all our favorites. We even had ice cream, a special treat. Afterwards I spent several hours in the living room playing with my kids. There were so many now that it was hard to give all of them the attention they deserved. After the last one had been shoed off to bed, I made the rounds of their bedrooms so I could be sure I said goodnight to everyone.

When I finally arrived at my bedroom door I was beat. It was going to be a long trip tomorrow. I wished I had gone to bed a few hours earlier. As I stepped into my bedroom I thought I could see the outline of someone in my bed from the little bit of light coming in from the hall. Whomever it was lying on their side and looked to be asleep. When I closed the door it was completely dark and I could not see them at all. I bet it is Terri finally coming to say thank you.

I guess I did take too long to get to bed. I was tired enough that I was not really in the mood but maybe a little touchy-feely might change my mind. Please god, don’t let it be Mikey, I do not have enough energy left tonight to fend her off.

I got in bed she was on her side facing away from me. I moved over behind her. When I tried to slide my arm under her head, she lifted it for me and then laid her head back on my arm. Her breathing never changed. She is still asleep. I was curious who it was. I moved my body up against her back. It was just cool enough tonight that it felt nice snuggled up with someone. I put my hand on her hip and that did not give me a clue. I slid my hand farther around under her arm and onto her stomach. The only thing that told me was she’s not pregnant. But it was a nice flat stomach. I was a bit more interested now and moved my hand up her stomach and between her breasts until it was on the front of her shoulder. Her breathing changed. She is awake. She leaned back against me. Well, maybe I could stay up a bit longer.

I slowly moved my hand down until it passed over her one of her breasts. When I reached the bottom I cupped it in my hand. Who ever this is has large breasts. I ran through everyone in my mind, mentally holding their breasts in my hands, no, these are bigger. Who could…Oh no. It’s Sharon. I jerked my hand up off her breast but my arm was under one of hers. The movement woke her. She held her arm against me so I could not pull mine out without jerking it hard. “I’m sorry Sharon. I did not know it was you. I thought it was one of my, one of the others”.

Sharon reached down for my hand and pulled it back up to her breast and then put her hand over mine, holding it there. “Dan, relax. Your mother, yes I know she is your mother and the others are your sisters, suggested that I should move into your bedroom tonight. She thought it might help our relationship and working together. I’m sorry I fell asleep. I did not expect you to stay up so late. Do you want me to turn over? I’m awake now and you can, you know, if you want to”.

I remembered how John had treated her. I did not want her to think of me the same way. And, ‘you can if you want to’ was not the right beginning for us if there was going to be one. I brought my left arm around and gave her a hug. “No, we are both tired and we have a long day tomorrow. Lets go to sleep if you don’t mind”. She did not say anything, just nodded her head. After several minutes I felt her body relax as she went back to sleep. My last thought before falling asleep was, ‘those are nice breasts’.

Mom came in at 5 AM, turned on a light, and woke us. She found me on my back. In the night Sharon had turned over and was now lying against me with her head on my shoulder and one leg bent up over mine. My left arm was still wrapped around her. The light woke Sharon and she quickly got out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

Since the night I had returned without John, Sharon had begun dressing like the rest of us, which meant, no dressing at all. When she got up I could see her face blush. She was embarrassed to be found in bed, naked with me, by mom.

When we got to the kitchen we found Mikey and Janelle already there and waiting. Sharon and I had breakfast while Mikey and Janelle went out and hitched up a team to an old wagon. The girls had packed it with one of our large tents, some clothes for everyone in case it got cool and some food last night. We normally used it to haul hay around for livestock but it would be perfect for this trip.

We said our few goodbyes and were out on the road just as it was getting light. The trip was smooth but slow. At our three to four miles an hour it was going to take us most of the day to get there. One thing we did not have to worry about was traffic.

The sun had reached straight up and was getting pretty hot so we stopped in the shade under a few trees along side the road. We laid out a few blankets and ate some of the food mom had packed for us. We were on a bit of a rise and could see for several miles in three directions. We were used to not seeing people but it seemed so eerie. We could see many ranch houses spread around in the distance, quite a lot of horses and cattle, but no people.

We decided to wait here in the shade and nap through the hottest part of the day before continuing. I was in the middle of the blanket, so when I laid down, Mikey and Janelle lay on the left side of me and Sharon lay on the other. Sharon turned on her side towards me, raised her head until I put my arm out, and then used it as a pillow. Mikey and Janelle lay facing each other talking low while Sharon and I both fell asleep.

I woke about an hour later. It had cooled down a bit. I was still lying on my back and Sharon had not moved. Sharon’s hand, which had been on my chest when I fell asleep, had drifted south and was now resting right at the edge of my pubic hair. I could feel her fingers twitch every now-and-again in her sleep. Unfortunately that was causing my own twitching. I was rapidly coming to attention. It was just seconds before I felt the head bump into something. It had to be her fingers. Her fingers twitched again and then stretched out a bit and settled on the head of my cock.

I glanced over at the girls. Thank god, they were both still asleep. Mikey was lying on her back also. I looked down her body from her nipples to the small triangle of her pubic hair. There was just a little bit. Just looking at her was making me harder. What is wrong with me? I have one naked woman hanging on one side of my and I’m staring at her naked girls on the other.

Then Sharon’s hand moved a bit farther down and wrapped around my shaft. If I was not completely erect before, I sure was now. It felt so good. I let out a sigh that was a bit louder than I intended. I looked quickly over at the girls again and found Mikey looking at me. She was looking at Sharon’s hand and she had a big smile on her face. Oh, great, now what? She turned back over and a few seconds later I saw Janelle’s head poke up over Mikey. She looked at my face and then quickly looked down my body. A big smile formed on her face also before she dropped back down out of sight. Mikey turned her back to me. It was just a few seconds before I could hear giggling coming from them.

I reached down and tried to gently move Sharon’s hand without waking her. No such luck, as soon as I pulled a finger away her head moved on my shoulder. “What? Is it time”? And then she realized where her hand was and jerked away from me and got up.
From the look on her face I could see she was going to start blurting out apologies but that would only serve to focus the girls attention on what had happened so I quickly pointed at them and she held her tongue.

I got up and quickly walked over to the far side of the wagon and began rummaging around in a box. I needed to buy some time so that this flagpole would go down. I looked up and saw Sharon standing there watching me. She looked so nice. I remember there were black kids of all shades when I was in school but it had been so long since we had been around anyone. She seemed very exotic with the natural light brown skin instead of the tanned skin of my sisters. Where the areoles around my sister’s nipples were pink, hers were brown. I shook my head. You need to stop this or you are never going to go down.

We quickly packed everything away and got back on the road. I had Mikey and Janelle sit up front so I could ride in the back. That way I could avoid most of their knowing glances and smiles at me plus give them experience with the team.

We were now passing houses along the road. Everything was so overgrown. Roofs were falling down. Occasionally we would encounter cars stopped right in the middle of the road, their tires flat. Usually we could work our way around them. A couple of times we had to tie a rope to the car and the wagon and use our horses to pull it to the side. We would have made quite a sight if there had been anyone to see us, four nudists, wearing nothing but hats, riding in a horse-pulled wagon.

We passed one house that had a tattered flag atop a flagpole out by a circular driveway. Mikey looked back over her shoulder and asked, “If we find a flag in town, could we take it home to put up our flagpole”?

What do we want a flag for? I looked over at the flag. It did not look very impressive all ripped like that, but why not. “Sure, I don’t know why not”. I did not know what good it could do. We don’t even have a flagp..oh, yeh. I looked up to see Mikey smiling back over her shoulder at me. She leaned over to Janelle and they both started giggling again.

When we reached the edge of town the sun was already headed down. We passed a sign that said we were in Redding, population 61,101. That really brought it home to me, all dead. Towns like this all across the USA, empty, and other countries too.

It was pretty depressing. I could tell from the others faces that they felt pretty much the same. We did little talking. Mikey and Janelle were not joking any longer. But then they had seen all this before. We just kept passing houses and then businesses with no one around. Small trees were growing up in the cracks in the sidewalk making even bigger cracks.

It had taken all day to get here and it was starting to get dark. “Why don’t we find a spot where we can camp for the night and then we can look around the town tomorrow and see what we can find”? After another half hour we came to a small creek that ran through the middle of the town. We found a grassy area alongside of it and unhitched the horses and let them graze. Sharon and I set about putting the big tent up; there would be room for all of us in it, while the girls began getting some dinner ready. Across the creek we could see some really nice houses. I wondered what happened to those people. They had to have had a lot of money to afford those houses in this nice area and it did not make a difference. They ended up the same as those on the edge of town in the one-room shacks.

We made a small fire for the chill and had some dinner. We were all just a bit spooked with the tall buildings around us and the silence so once dinner was finished we quickly got in the tent and got ready for bed. Once again I was in the middle. We had piled our sleeping bags together so the bed would be softer but it had the effect of our huddling together to be under the blanket. Sharon was once again lying on her side with her back to me. I could feel Mikey and Sharon snuggled up against my back. It did keep us quite warm.

The girls went to sleep pretty quickly. Mikey had turned over and was now sleeping on her back. I was having trouble falling asleep. All the empty buildings weighed on my mind; the huge loss. I had not noticed it at first but my hand was once again on one of Sharon’s breasts. I had been idly moving my hand around, giving her breast soft squeezes, running my fingers around her nipple, pushing it one way and then another. I realized what I was doing when Sharon pushed her butt back against me. That was when I noticed I was hard. She felt it too. She lifted her right leg and hooked her knee over my leg. She turned her head and whispered, “Are the girls asleep”?

I looked around and they were both sound asleep. I whispered back, “Yes”.

Sharon lifted her body up just enough so that my cock was no longer pinned between us. As it straightened out it slid between her legs with the shaft lying against her pussy. I could feel the heat of her body on it. She stretched forward and I felt her hand grab me. She began running her fingers around the head of my cock. After about a minute I could feel her rubbing me against her pussy. My left arm was still under her head but I brought my hand up and was able to reach her other breast. I was now caressing them both. Every now and again I would take my hands rub down her chest to her stomach and then back up. She moved her hips forward a bit and then tilted them back at me. She then pushed hard on the head of my cock against her and with a sudden stab I sank halfway into her.

A long, low moan escaped her. I could tell she was trying to suppress it so as to not wake the girls. I was ready for my own moan. It was so hot inside of her. She had fantastic muscle control. I could feel her pussy just pulsate around my cock, squeezing, letting go and then squeezing me again. Trying not to be too active I began slow thrusts in and out of her. She began pushing back at me with each of my thrusts. I could feel her fingertips brushing against my cock where I entered her. It took me a moment to realize she was rubbing her clitoris. Her breath became ragged and she pushed back against me with sharp, hard thrusts. I pushed back trying to get as deep in her as I could. She suddenly stopped rubbing herself and cupped my balls in her hand and pulled up trying to get me deeper in her. She bent forward and let out a long, low cry. When her pussy clamped down on me I could not take it anymore and cum began shooting out of me into her. With each stream I thrust as hard as I could into her, pushing her forward on our makeshift bed.

When we both had finished we lay there trying to catch our breath without making too much noise. She had let go of my balls but was now tracing a finger from my balls up the bit of shaft that was not inside of her and then back down. Each time she reached my balls she would give them the gentlest squeeze. Each time she did I would have a little involuntary thrust back into her. She finally pulled her leg off me. I started to pull back out of her but she quickly pushed back against me, “No, please stay there for a while”.

“Okay”. I pushed back in as well as I could. I knew I could not stay long but was happy to comply. It was certainly no hardship.

She pulled my hand back up to her breasts and held it there. “Thank you. That was nice. It has been a very long time since I enjoyed sex”.

I kissed her neck, “The pleasure was all mine”.

She let out a little laugh, “Oh, don’t you believe it”.

I pulled her tight against me and then we both drifted off to sleep.

I was still asleep when Sharon woke. When she nudged me awake, light was just beginning to come into the tent. I started to get up but she stopped me with a hand, “We passed a music store yesterday. It is just a block back. Why don’t you get a bit more sleep while I go check it out? When I first went to college I was going to be a music teacher. I think the kids would like some instruments to play with”.

“Do you want to wait while I get ready”?

“No, there is nothing to worry about out there. And besides, the girls are still sleeping. Why don’t you get a little more and I’ll see you in an hour or so”.

With that said she left the tent and I drifted off again. It was that limbo sleep where you are not quite fully asleep but not awake either. My mind was just floating around. When my cock began tingling, my find filled in with a dream about Sharon. In my dream I looked down and I could see her head going up and down on me as her tongue swirled around me. Then the image changed and it was mom, she lifted her head and smiled at me and then lowered her mouth back over me. In my dream I kept watching her, her head bobbing up and down, pulling me out of her mouth and then flicking her tongue back and forth across the head of my cock, lowering her mouth and sucking on just the head of it.

When she raised her head again it was not mom but Mikey. That made me jump and she bit me. And that made me open my eyes. Janelle was crouched on one side of my hips holding my cock in her hand. Mikey was crouched on the other side looking at me, “I’m sorry. I did not mean to bite you. You moved. Here, let me kiss it and make it better”.
Before I could say anything she lowered her head and kissed the head of my cock very gently. “He seems to be better now. Maybe he forgave me. Lets see”. She lowered her head and took me into her mouth again. Oh, yes. Forgiveness was complete.

I had not said a word up to now. I just lowered my head back down and felt the sensations run over me. While Mikey was going up and down on me with her tongue, Janelle was running her hand around my shaft and down to my balls. It felt so good. But I had to stop them. I was going to cum any minute at this rate. What would Sharon say if she came back and caught us?

Janelle shifted and began kissing me across my chest, up to my neck and then on my mouth. After a minute of resistance I enthusiastically joined in, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouth, fencing with each others tongue. She pulled away from my mouth and moved higher so her breasts were in my face. Even though Sharon was not her real mother the two looked alike. They were both black but with very light skin. Janelle’s breasts were also on the large size and they both had that slender long-legged body type. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and my hand searched and found the other breast. I was so preoccupied with Janelle’s nipple in my mouth that I did not notice that Mikey had moved until she sat down on my cock and it slid about halfway inside her. It was like an electric current had been turned on in me. She was very tight, so tight that it seemed like I could not fit inside her. She sat there for what seemed like a minute, lifted up a few inches and lowered herself back down on me again. I was still just half in her. She very slowly repeated it over and over, lifting up and then lowering herself. It felt so good in her I had lost my concentration and was no longer playing with Janelle’s nipples. I was just enjoying the sensation of moving slowly inside Mikey.

Janelle certainly noticed though, “Danny, why did you stop”? She moved her breast around my face trying to get my attention. I just lay there with my eyes closed with a low groan escaping me each time Mikey lowered herself on me. She had managed to get another inch of my inside of her. Janelle felt the movement of my body and turned around as Mikey lowered herself on me again. “Oh wow. You are so little, is it going to fit”?

Mikey’s eyes opened and she smiled at Janelle, “It feels like someone’s arm is inside me. Yes it’s going to fit. It might take a while but I’m getting fucked right now. I’m not waiting any longer”. She continued moving up and down on me and was making progress. There were just a couple of inches left now. It felt like my cock was in an oven, it was so hot in her.

Janelle reached out to Mikey’s breasts. “Maybe this will help”. She began lightly rubbing Mikey’s breasts. She then leaned forward and sucked a nipple in her mouth and worked one hand down Mikey’s chest and across her stomach. When it reached Mikey’s crotch her hand bumped into my cock. She gave what she could reach a little squeeze and then moved back a bit and began rubbing Mikey’s clitoris. Mikey closed her eyes, raised up so that Janelle had better access and held there for a minute. She gave a little shudder, and then sat down hard on me, trapping Janelle’s hand between us as she completely impaled herself on me. Janelle pulled her fingers out and Mikey began rocking back and forth on me.

Janelle was still kissing and licking Mikey’s breasts but she was now on her hands and knees with her butt up near me. I reached over between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. She was so wet that I easily slipped a finger in her. Janelle moaned and lowered her head onto my stomach. Mikey did not even notice. She kept rocking back and forth on me.

I kept rubbing her pussy and teasing her clitoris by passing a finger around it every few passes. My other hand moved up to move back and forth from breast to breast. But once again my focus on Janelle was lost as Mikey began moving very insistently on me. It was driving me right to the edge. She began thrusting back hard, holding her body against me, then quickly moving forward and thrusting back hard again. I knew she was about to cum any moment. I had been fighting my own orgasm ever since she began thrusting hard on me. Finally she let out a loud cry, hunched over on Janelle, who was still lying on my stomach, and pushed back against me one last time. I reached up over Janelle to hug Mikey against us and pushed as deep into her as I could and let go. Mikey’s pussy was so tight around me it felt like she was sucking the streams of sperm right out of me. It gave new meaning to being drained.

We lay there for a few minutes recovering until Janelle finally began pulling herself out from between us. Mikey rose up to a sitting position. Janelle sat up in front of her. “What did it feel like? Did it hurt”?

Mikey had kind of a dreamy look on her face, “It felt really good. It did not hurt but it was real tight for the longest time. It felt like he was never going to fit. Then it was like I was real slippery inside and he moved in and out of me really easy”.

“I thought it hurt because you had a really bad look on your face at the end”.

“No, the feeling was just so intense then. I think it was the orgasm that mom told us about. It was like I was having cramps and my stomach and pussy were on fire at the same time. The feeling was so intense that I wanted to just squeeze him so hard”.

“Hey girls, I’m right here. I can hear you”.

They both looked at me. Janelle spoke up, “I have not forgotten. Move over Mikey, it’s my turn”. Mikey reluctantly lifted up a bit off of me, but she was moving very slowly. I finally fell out of her with a plop on my stomach.

As Janelle was lifting a leg over me I stopped her. “I don’t think he is in any condition for seconds, maybe another time”.

Janelle looked at me with that impish smile that Mikey usually had, “We told you we are a package. You get one, you get the other. That also goes with fucking”. After a pause she added, “Especially with fucking”.

But she did look down at the offending member. She lifted me up with her hand and let me fall back to my stomach. It did not look encouraging. She looked back at Mikey, “I think we need to do what mom had to do with John. I bet it will be twice as fast with two”. They both moved their heads around near my cock. Mikey lifted my cock up and sucked it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head. After a few seconds she pulled it out and pointed it towards Janelle. She repeated the process, sucking the head into her mouth, running her tongue around me for a while before passing me back to Mikey.

I don’t care how far a man is gone, or how tired he is, put two fifteen year-old mouths on a man’s cock and he will rise to the occasion. And it did. When Janelle moved around and got on top of me, Mikey held my cock up and Janelle backed up and I slid right into her. She was not the little Asian Doll like Mikey. Even at fifteen she was more like a full-grown woman. She rose up on her arms above me and let her breasts rub across my chest, her nipples growing hard again. Mikey was behind her and I could feel her rubbing her hand on my balls and then running a finger or two up my shaft as I would pull back and then thrust back into Janelle.

Having just cum once I knew I was in no danger of disappointing Janelle by cumming first. I just let her enjoy herself on me. She was moving around on me like she had seen Mikey do, finding what gave her the most pleasure. Mikey had moved around in front of Janelle and was now returning the favor by playing with Janelle’s breasts. After several minutes Mikey moved and lay down along side me and just watched us. I reached up and took Janelle’s breasts in my hands and pushed them together so that her nipples were right next to each other. I pulled her down to me and began licking and sucking on both of her nipples at the same time. She let out a little cry and began slamming down harder on me. After a few seconds I pushed her back up. She let her arms dangle with just me holding up her weight, rocking her hips back and forth on me.

Janelle was starting to pick up speed. Her mouth was open and she had begun breathing hard. As she started to thrust harder on me I squeezed her breasts, and with a finger began stimulating her nipples. Then suddenly she arched her back until she was sitting straight up on me. She was grinding her pelvis against me in little circles. “Oh, that, feels, so, good”. She said it slowly, like it was hard to get each word out. Then she collapsed onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her.

After about thirty seconds she must have noticed I was still hard and moving very slowly in and out of her. “Daddy, you don’t mind if I call you daddy do you? We are part of your family now”.

“No that is fine. You can call me that if you want to”.

“Daddy, did you cum in me”?

“No, not yet”.

“Don’t you want to? You will won’t you”?

I hugged her tightly to me, “Oh, yes. I want to”. I moved my hands down to her butt and pulled her tight against me as I began driving into her harder, gradually picking up speed. I could feel her head bounce up on my shoulder each time I bottomed out in her.

I could feel myself getting closer, the sperm boiling up in my balls. Holding her butt tight against me I began short, hard strokes into her, barely pulling back before slamming back into her. It was just moments before I let out a hard grunt and was once again cumming. I could feel the streams shooting out of me and did not know where they came from. How could I have had any left?

When I was finished Janelle turned her head to me and gave me a very pleased, “Thank you”. Mikey was on her side, tight against the two of us. I still had my arms around Janelle and could feel one of Mikey’s arms hugging her as well.

We were all exhausted. We just lay there trying to recover. We might have even fallen asleep but just then the tent flapped opened and light poured in. I could see Sharon’s silhouette in the doorway. Janelle was still lying on top of me with my cock buried to the hilt in her. Since the doorway was at our feet it was pretty obvious what we had been doing. Janelle turned her head and looked at her mom. “Hi mom, where have you been”?

I expected her to start yelling but she didn’t. With a completely normal voice she replied, “I’ve been looking in a few nearby stores. I’ll fix some breakfast while you guys finish”. With that she shut the flap and I could hear noises of her getting food out.

Janelle turned her head to me, “Well I guess I have to get off of you now”. She gave me a good squeeze with her pussy. I had softened enough that she squeezed me right out of her. She pouted, “Oh, don’t go. Put him back”.

“I’m sorry but I think he is too far gone for that. You girls have completely tuckered him out. He is drained”.

“Well I guess we can wait. Just remember; mom gets you tonight but we get you again tomorrow morning”.

Janelle gave me a kiss and got up off of me. Mikey, who had been lying against my side, also got up and gave me a kiss. “Just be sure and go to bed early tonight. You need your rest. And I think you have earned a big breakfast”. With a big smile on her face she then jumped up and the two of them went outside.

I waited a few minutes before rising. I was puzzled by Sharon’s response. It was not at all what I had expected from the girls mother when she walked in and found her daughters being fucked.

When I got outside I found Sharon around our fire making breakfast for us. The girls were over by the wagon looking at things that Sharon had brought back. I started to explain, apologize I guess, but Sharon stopped me. “Dan, we are part of your family right”?


“If we are to really feel like part of your family then we do everything that your family does”. She lifted her hand to point back at the tent, “And that includes that”.

The girls came back over, sat down and began eating with us. When we were finished Sharon went over to the wagon and came back with a bag that was new. She must have gotten it this morning. She pulled out some panties and shorts and tossed them to Mikey and Janelle. “You might want to wear these today. After this morning you are going to be leaking for a while”.

Mikey and Janelle both had questioning looks on their faces as they looked back up at Sharon. Sharon just pointed to the girls crotches. We all looked down. They were sitting cross-legged on the ground and I could see that their pussies were wet and so was the inside of their thighs for an inch or so around. Janelle looked up at me, “And after all that trouble to get it there”.

I thought to myself, it was no trouble at all.

Mikey gave me another of her impish smiles, “That’s okay. He can just put some more there”.

Sharon began picking up our utensils, “Okay girls. Let’s give the man a rest. He’s going to need it. Now give me a hand cleaning this up so we can be on our way”.

Once we had cleaned up our campsite we began looking for business that had what we were looking for. We found several large clothing stores and packed boxes of clothes for all ages. It was a bit bulky so we knew we would be back, probably next year for more. We found a huge store for home remodeling that had every tool we could need. Again we packed all we could find room for. We stopped at a grocery store and pulled out staples that we thought would still be good, spices, some cans, a case of wine, other things that we could test when we got home to see if they were still good. I even tossed in a solid chunk of sugar. If it is still good we can grind it down.

On our way out of town we passed a school. Sharon had me stop. “What do you want to do here”?

She pointed at the name, it was an elementary school. “We can take some books back for teaching the kids. That will be perfect for the winter time when we cannot do anything else. It is something your mother asked me to watch for”.

We were able to get enough books to cover all the ages of the kids. With some new packing we found room in the wagon for them.

It was just past midday before we were finally leaving town. We were all glad to be gone. It was still spooky to see all the buildings but no people. I was just beginning to realize that our trip home was going to take much longer than the trip out. We now had a loaded wagon and the trip home was uphill. While it took just one day to get here it looked like three days to get back.

But maybe that is not so bad. I looked at Sharon sitting next to me in her shorts. She saw me looking at her and smiled at me. The girls were seated on a bench right behind us and about a food higher than ours. Every so often Mikey would lean forward against my back and put her arms on my shoulders and then rest her head on one of her arms. This was just a new way of accomplishing something that she had been doing with me for the last couple of months; her nipples were now rubbing against my back. I should have put on some shorts also.

We had been on the road for about an hour when Sharon, who was sitting next to me, moved closer so that we were touching, side by side. She put her hand on the top of my thigh and let it rest there for a few minutes before slowly letting it slide down between my legs. She took my limp cock in her hand and gave it a little squeeze but then did not let go. Me being a guy, I did what guys do. I rose to the occasion. She showed her appreciation by slowly stroking me, running fingers up and down the length of my cock, giving me gentle and firm squeezes.

After a few minutes of this I leaned closer to her and whispered, “The girls are right behind us”.

She whispered back, “I know, do you want me to stop”.

When I did not say anything she continued slowly stroking me up and down. It was becoming difficult to just calmly sit there. I wanted to spread my legs, lay back and let her beat me off until I came. After several minutes of her soft stroking I finally could not contain it any longer and several streams shot out of me over the front of our wagon and down onto the road. I continued to dribble out a bit more and it slid down over Sharon’s fingers. She let go of me and raised her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

“Hey that’s cool”. I was so focused on what Sharon was doing I had not even noticed Mikey leaning forward on my shoulders. She had seen her mother jerking me off. I don’t even know how long she had been watching. “Can we have a turn”?

Sharon turned to her, “No. I think Daddy needs his rest. I was just thanking him for last night and this morning for us”.

Yes, two nights and two mornings. That might not be so bad after all.

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