End of the world – Chapter 7

End of the world – Chapter 7

For those looking for just sex in a story this one will not be for you. There is quite a bit of story and not so much sex. Notice the scroll-bar. It is small, indicating a long story.

Spring was just about over. Today was the first really warm day and everyone was taking advantage of it. It was a lazy afternoon and the kids were all out playing somewhere. Last summer we had created a ball diamond in one of the small meadows near the house and quite a few of the children were over there. Swimming was a favorite pastime, and on a warm day like today, and at least half of the children could be found there.

Eight of us were sitting on the porch, drinking lemonade. The group included my mom and all my sisters, I thought of Sharon, Janelle and Mikey as sisters, it seemed like they had always been with us at this point. We were trying to decide what to do about our growing numbers. We had stretched our land past its reasonable limits. This was a conversation we had put off many times before. Tough choices were going to come out of it and none of us were really ready to face them yet.

Mom had long supported the idea of our moving some families to other farms and ranches around us. “I don’t see why we cannot just use the farms that are already around us”.

I did not think it would work for us, “Mom, I understand. You don’t want the family to spread out, but we have to. We are right below the snow line. This is marginal farmland. It is hard to grow food here or for feed for our livestock”.

Megan supported mom, “We have been fine so far. Look how much we have grown and we feed everyone”.

I nodded. “You are right. We have grown. But we are going to have huge growth in the next couple of years. We have thirty girls of childbearing age now, not counting you”. Several of the women opened their mouths to protest but I raised my hand to stop them. “I know you all have really slowed down, or stopped, but accidents happen”. Several of the women smiled and pointed a finger at me. “Yes, I know. I’m the cause of the accidents, but I do get some help”. Then I continued, “That thirty is going to grow by several every year. So unless you are going to institute an abstinence program we are going to be up to our armpits in babies soon”.

Mom had been slowly rocking, looking at the floor, now she spoke up, “That is one genie that is not going back in the bottle”. That got everyone laughing.

I had more to my argument but before I could continue one of the children, seven year-old Cindy, came up and tugged on my arm. “Daddy, do you know where Karen is”?
Karen was ten, or was she eleven? It is hard to keep up. “She said she would help me fix my doll”. Cindy held up a doll in one hand and its head and an arm in the other.

Susan, her mother asked, “She might be swimming or playing baseball, have you looked there”?

“Yes mommy. She’s not there”.

“Well, what about the clubhouse”? I asked. We had built a small one-room playhouse for the kids in a meadow about a quarter mile away. There was a bed in there for them to take the occasional nap though I suspected the older kids used it for other purposes. It was far enough from the house that the kids could play away from the adults but close enough for us to check on them. There was a small spring in the middle of the meadow that had the coldest, sweetest water year around.

Cindy nodded her head and ran off to check.

I did not want to lose any headway I had made so I jumped right back in, “Regarding moving to other farms, we are already using some of those farms now. So simply moving there does not add anything for us other than spreading us out; though that does help us with sanitation. But even if we spread a bit farther we are still working with marginal land”. I pointed west, “But just thirty or forty miles west of us is great farmland. I have read about it in our books. It is some of the finest farmland in the world. It is just what we need. We will be able to grow things almost year around”. I looked at each of them in turn, “If we move some of the family there we will not have any of the issues with land that we have here. Then as we grow we will already be on land that will support us”.

As I looked around at my sisters, several of them were nodding their heads in agreement. Even mom seemed to be coming around. She said, “I guess I just do not want any of my babies to move away from me”.

Just as she was about to say something else Cindy came running up to me again, “There is something wrong with Karen”.

Susan, who was sitting next to me pulled Cindy up on her lap and asked, “What is it”?

“I don’t know. She’s crying and bleeding”.

I stood up, “Cindy, do you know what happened to her”?

“No, she would not talk to me”.

I turned to Megan, “Megan, would you get a first-aid kit and follow me over”? I started jogging over. Several of my sisters also followed behind me. I hoped it would not be too serious. Our small cemetery had grown over the years.

When I reached the meadow the clubhouse was about thirty feet in front of me. I did not see anyone around the outside but I could hear some faint crying. She must be inside. What could she have cut herself on? I walked through the door and saw Karen laying on her side, naked, her knees pulled up to her chest, on a bed in the far corner. From here I could see some blood on her face. It looked like it had dripped down from her chin onto her chest.

I went over to her, “Karen honey, are you okay”? I reached out to touch her but she shrank away from me. Then her eyes focused on me and she reached up and put her arms around me neck and cried a bit harder. As I held her I heard Susan and Megan come in. When I turned to look, Sharon also came in and they all walked over and stood behind me.

Karen’s crying gradually died away so I tried again, “What happened? How did you cut yourself”? I could see blood but could not see where it was coming from.

Megan had moved beside us and was looking at Karen. “Dan, she did not cut herself. Look”. Megan turned Karen’s face towards me and I could see she had a badly cut lip.
I could also see the imprint of an open hand on the side of her face. Like someone had slapped her hard. Megan then moved Karen’s legs apart “Look at all the bruising around her vagina. Someone tried to rape her. She is only eleven”.


“Yes, it does not look like he was successful”.

That is impossible I thought. We have not seen anyone else here in years. Who could have done this? “Karen, who did this to you”?

Karen shook her head and then moved away from me to Megan and let her hold her.

I reached out to her, “Honey, please talk to Daddy. Who did this? What happened”?

“I can’t Daddy. He’ll hurt me again. He said not to say anything or he would get me and do it again”.

“Honey, you need to tell me who did this. Was it a stranger”? That seemed hardly likely though. It was starting to break through to me that it was not a stranger. We had not seen anyone since Sharon and her girls had arrived years ago. When Karen shook her head I asked, “Then it had to be one of your brothers, which one did this”? Even as I asked I was getting a suspicion of whom it had to be, the only brother that could possibly do this. But how could he do this to his sister?

Karen shook her head carefully, it must be really hurting her, and buried her face between Megan’s breasts. The warm weather had caused most of us to discard our clothing. Even though we had ample clothing now, a result of our frequent trips to the nearby town, we had gone nude for so many years that it seemed more natural to us than to go clothed.

Megan lifted Karen’s chin gently, “Karen, you need to tell us. We’ll protect you. We won’t let anyone hurt you”.

But she was still not convinced, “He said if I told he would get me when I’m sleeping”.

I reached out and touched her head, “Karen, you can sleep with mommy or with me. We will not let anything happen to you. Please tell us what happened? Did he find you here”?

Karen’s head turned slightly towards me, she seemed calmer now. “I was going swimming but he said he had something he wanted to show me here”.

Sharon moved up next to us with a wet rag in her hand. I had not even noticed that she had left the room. Megan mouthed a ‘thank you’ and took it and began gently cleaning up Karen’s face and chest. While she was doing this she asked, “Then what happened”?

“When we got here he told me to go and sit on the bed. After I sat down I asked him what he wanted to show me. I thought maybe he was going to give me a kitten. I saw him playing with one earlier this morning. He said to close my eyes and keep them closed. After I closed them I felt something bumping my face and then pushing against my lips. When I opened my eyes Frank was trying to push his penis into my mouth. It was really hard and pointing at me. He had been wearing shorts and he had taken them off”.

At the mention of Frank’s name Megan and I looked up at each other. Frank was the only possibility I could think of in the family and I found it hard to believe that even he could do this. Frank was Sharon’s oldest child. From his early years he was difficult. He could not share anything with his brothers or sisters. He would fight for anything he wanted that was not immediately given to him when he wanted it. And when he fought, he would not hold anything back. He seemed to have no concept of family. If he hurt someone he did not appear to care as long as he got what he wanted. And now at sixteen, he could hurt someone pretty easily.

“He kept telling me to open my mouth but I kept it closed. Every time he told me to open my mouth I shook me head no. Then he slapped me really hard so I opened my mouth and he put it in. I didn’t want to Daddy”.

I could see she was beginning to cry again. “That’s okay honey. You did not do anything wrong. How did you get the cut on your mouth”?

“I didn’t know what to do. He told me to suck it and lick it but it was too big. I tried but I don’t think I did it right, he got really mad at me. He told me to keep it in my mouth and he started rubbing his hand on it. Then it squirted in my mouth. I choked and I accidentally bit him. I didn’t mean to. I tried to tell him I was sorry but he got mad again. That’s when he slapped me on the mouth and I bit myself. Then he pushed me down and got on top of me, and hurt me”.

Once she finally got it all out she turned back to Megan and buried her head again. But it seemed the crying was done for now. Megan had cleaned up her face pretty good though the hand print still showed on the side of her face. The rest of the women moved up closer and gave her reassurance that she was going to be fine. Sharon did not move. She stayed back, watching me.

I stood up and quickly walked out of the playhouse, followed by Sharon, and started back to the main house. In my first reaction to the rage I felt I, wanted to go to the house, get a gun and just put an end to him. As I got closer to the house I had calmed down on the scale from a ten to a nine and now I was just going to go and beat the living crap out of him. I could hear Sharon calling for me to wait for her, trying to catch up to me. When I hesitated in front of the house, deciding whether to look for him first at the baseball game or the swimming hole, Sharon finally caught up to me.

Out of breath from chasing me, she asked, “Please Danny, don’t hurt him”? She must have guessed what I originally had intended because she moved around between me and the house. She had her arms on mine to try and stop me if I continued to the house. “He’s our son”.

“Yes, He’s our, my, son. But Karen is also my daughter. Think of what he did to her? You know something is wrong with Frank. He hurts other kids and does not care. He has no conscience. We cannot allow him to be with us”. Just saying the words finally helped me decide what to do. I would not hurt him, but he could not stay with us. He had stepped over too big a line.

“Okay, Sharon. I won’t hurt him. A beating will not do any good. It will only make me feel better. God knows, I want to feel better. But he is not going to change. If anything it will just give him a reason to hurt someone else. But he cannot stay here any more”.

“What do you mean? Where can he go”?

“I’m not sure yet. I have to think on it. For now I don’t want you to talk to him. I am going to go and find him and have a talk. I want you to stay away from him until tomorrow morning. I want you to sleep with me tonight”.

I could see the anger building in her face, “You tell me to stay away from my son, that you are going to send him away from our home, and at the same time you want to fuck me tonight”?

Oh god, she completely misunderstood. “That is not what I meant. I do not want you talking with Frank tonight. You can talk to him in the morning. I thought if we were together tonight we would have a chance to talk what to do, you and I”.

I said, “I’m going to go and find Frank now. I need to talk to him”. She took a step towards me and I held out my hand to stop her, “I said I would not hurt him”. That seemed to satisfy her.

I left her standing there, watching me, as I went towards the baseball field. When I got close to the field I stood back and scanned the area, looking for Frank. I spotted Jason and Paul, my two oldest sons sitting under a tree watching the game but no Frank. I moved on to them and squatted down beside them. They had grown into to fine young men, both of them twenty years old now. All my sons were fine young men. Well, almost all of them. But Jason and Paul were my oldest, there was a special place in my heart for them.

I waited a minute, trying not to be obvious. “Have either of you seen Frank”?

Without looking from the game, Jason answered, “I think I might have seen him going towards the swimming hole”.

“Thanks”. I was about to get up when I noticed that it was not the game that had Jason’s attention. He was staring at the twins. Mikey’s sixteen year-old twin daughters. If I did not have other things pressing I would stay and stare also. They were gorgeous. They both had long silky black hair like their mother. Where their mother was not five feet tall, she insisted she was, the rest of us doubted it, her daughters had inherited my DNA and were a good six inches taller than their mother. Where their mother had small, but really nice, breasts, the twins were nicely filled out. Not huge, just very nice, the kind where you wanted to wrap your hands around them. They also had a very exotic mixed race look. Somewhere between their Japanese mother and whatever mongrel European heritage I had. It was also the same with Sharon’s children though not quite as dramatic because Sharon was already very light skinned to begin with.

Somewhere along the line it seems the younger girls had started a tradition. I think Mary and Janice started it. As each of my daughters reached fourteen they slept with me first. Sometimes they just stayed for the one night. Sometimes they stayed up to a couple of weeks. It did not always result in a pregnancy, but frequently it did. I did not encourage it, but I certainly did nothing to discourage it. But it has been two years and Pam and Patricia, the twins, had never come to my bedroom. As far as I know they had not visited any of my son’s bedrooms either. Though I could tell they would be welcome by the erections I would sometimes see when the boys were looking at the twins.

When I finally pulled my eyes away from the twins I saw Jason looking at me. He said, “They are quite an eye full aren’t they”? I gave him a nod and stood up. Before I could leave he asked, “If you are looking for Frank, would you like Paul and I to come along”?

“No, that’s okay. I just need to talk to him”. As I left I could feel him watching me. Why would he think he and Paul should come also? What has been going on with Frank and the others? Have there been other things happening that we have not heard about?

As I approached the swimming hole I spotted Frank off to one side of the path on a little rise overlooking the area. He was sitting on a table in a little picnic area we had made.
Without really trying to, I was able to get within just a couple of feet before he was aware I was there. He was looking off to the side away from me and I turned to see what he was looking at. My anger rose again when I saw that there were six of my younger daughters, ages nine to twelve lying naked on a couple of blankets, sunbathing. About twenty feet to the left were around fifteen girls, aged fourteen to eighteen, all naked, very sexy, splashing around in the water. I could not see very many boys with them. Apparently most of them were over playing baseball. As I looked over the group I could see one young couple in the water. The two were facing each other and hugging. Then I noticed that the girl was slightly bouncing up and down. Well there was one young man having more fun than his brothers playing baseball.

Frank’s gaze never wavered from the young girls sunbathing. We did not have many rules here. Nothing like what I read it used to be like before, but one strict rule we did have was that we did not engage in sex before the age of fourteen.

Frank was wearing just his shorts. As I walked up next to him he turned to look at me, “Hi Dad. What brings you out this way”? Then he turned back to look at the girls. He had his hand in his shorts and it was obvious he was stroking himself. When I came up he did not bother to pull his hand out.

“Frank, I hear you had an accident today”.

“Nope, not me. I’m fine”.

“Well that is not what I heard. In fact, I heard you were doing so bad that I think you should go to the bunkhouse now to recuperate”.

“No. I’m fine Dad. No need. I’ll just stay here”.

“Frank that was not a request. I want you to go to the bunkhouse. I want you to stay there. Someone will bring you some dinner when it is time. In the morning we will talk”.

During all this Frank had never taken his eyes off the young girls nor taken his hand out of his shorts. Out of the corner of my eye I could still see his shorts bulging out as his hand moved in and out.

Now Frank turned to look at me, “Does this have something to do with that little girl in the playhouse”? His expression never changed. There was no fear of me in his face.
When I nodded he added, “She’ll get over it” and turned back to the girls sunning themselves.

I wanted to put my fist through his face. I could feel my hands clenching. My continued silence must have said something to him because he looked back at me again. I knew my anger was showing in my face. He looked down at my fists. “Do you think you can take me Dad”? That surprised me. At fifteen he was the same size I was, had the youth on me but not my experience.

Before I could reply I heard the sound of feet on leaves to one side behind me. Frank looked over my shoulder, “Well hello dear brothers, Jason, Paul. Come to help Daddy”? It was said with a smile on his face, but not in his voice.

I wondered, where does this fifteen year old asshole get the attitude? Before, he might have had an advantage because I would not have wanted to hurt him to badly. And in holding back he would have an advantage on me. That advantage was gone now.

Jason did not reply to Frank’s barb, “Hey Dad, we were looking for you”. They continued up until they were standing on each side of me, facing Frank. “We were bored with the game and thought maybe you could use a hand with something”. While he talked to me he never took his eyes off Frank.

Still looking at Frank myself, I said, “Frank. I want you to go to the bunkhouse and stay there. I’ll come and talk with you tomorrow morning”.

Frank just stared at me for a minute without saying anything. Then he turned and took one last long look at the girls. When he turned back to me he said, “So many girls, so much time”. The little smile on his face once again made me regret telling Sharon I would not hurt him.

He took a step towards us and stopped. The three of us parted and he walked between us and started back on the trail that would take him to the bunkhouse. We continued at a distance behind him. I did not want to push the issue and rub in it by walking right behind him. While we were walking back I said thank you to the boys. Yes, I did think I could take him but it might be an ugly fight.

After watching Frank enter the bunkhouse the three of us continued on up to the house and sat on the porch. None of us said anything for a few minutes. Finally Paul spoke, “Grandma came and told us what happened. We just came over for support”. I nodded but did not say anything. “What are you going to do?” he asked.

I had grown to rely on these two sons, they were good leaders, everyone in the family looked up to them and respected them, I thought they should know what I was planning to do. “Frank cannot stay here any longer. He is a danger to us. Something even worse will happen if he stays”. Jason and Paul both nodded their heads in agreement. I continued, “I think the best place for him to go to would be a house on the other side of the valley”. When they did not say anything I asked, “Any other ideas”?

Jason turned to me, “I think you are being too kind. I think we should take care of him right now”.

I shook my head, “I promised his mother I would not hurt him”.

Jason smiled, “Well you did not promise for Paul and me”.

I did not really need to reply so I remained silent and continued slowly rocking, watching the occasional child run around playing in the yard. Paul went in and came out with some lemonade for us. We just sat there making small talk for the next couple of hours until the sun began making its way down. The swimmers, suntanners and ball players gradually began drifting back to the house. The people who had dinner chores went in and began preparing dinner. Jason and Paul volunteered to take some dinner to Frank.

After dinner was over and cleared up, most of us drifted back out to the porch. The porch was large and was a favorite gathering place for the children and adults alike. The children would usually sit on the floor near their parents and either continue playing or engage in idle family chatter. Jason and Paul, and indeed a number of the older boys, now had several children of their own. They were all sitting in rocking chairs around me with little sons and daughters climbing in and out of their laps. Sitting there listening to all the kids laughing, watching them play, took me back twenty-odd years when these older children had been crawling in and out of my lap. I was pretty proud that the oldest of my children were now enjoying the same experiences. Then I remembered Frank and sadness hit me. He would never experience this.

I was brought out of my time trip by two arms suddenly draped around my neck. I looked back and saw Mikey had joined me. I knew Mikey pretty well and reached up quickly to take her hands in mine. My idea was right but my timing was off as I missed one of her hands as it drifted down my stomach, headed for regions below. Just the thought of it though made me begin to stir. I turned my head towards hers, “Mikey, not the right time” and quickly grabbed her wandering hand and brought it up to my chest.

I could hear her giggle, “Never bothered you before”. I rarely wore clothing unless it was cold. But with all the little children climbing on everyone I thought that might not be the right tool for a climbing four-year-old to grab onto. And if I let her continue there was certainly going to be a tool to grab onto.

Just as I was about to say something to Mikey, Pam and Patricia appeared before me, one by each knee. “Hi Mommy, Daddy”. A couple of the girls had put on t-shirts after the ballgame but they had not. I now found two delicious, gorgeous, completely naked teenage girls standing inches away from me. As they talked to their mother I tried to look straight ahead but it was impossible. Their standing while I was seated put their pelvises right at my eye level. The curves of their hips made you ache to reach out and put your hands on them. They had the slender thighs of their mother, though they were many inches taller than her. The gap between their thighs allowed me to see right up to the lips of their pussy, and the sparse pubic hair above it. I have to stop this. I am getting an erection just thinking about them and I need to stop before they notice. They have not made any overtures to me so I have to stop this. Then I made the mistake of looking up. When I did I was looking up to the undersides of their breasts. They were bigger than their mothers, and they had the long nipples of their mother.

Then Pam’s voice got my attention. “Look Patty, I think Mom is bothering Daddy”. When I looked up at her I saw her looking in my lap. I quickly let go of Mikey’s hand and grabbed my glass of lemonade. With the glass in my hand, a pretty poor shield I might add, I pushed my now, a bit more than half erect, cock against my stomach. Mikey looked over my shoulder and whispered, more than loud enough for her daughters to hear, “Why don’t we go inside and see what we can do for that”?

“I can’t honey. I have to spend the evening with Sharon. We have to talk about Frank”. I hoped she could hear the real regret in my voice. She patted my shoulder and said good luck and goodnight to me. Then she and the twins moved down the porch to visit others.

It had gotten fairly dark, so after waiting a few minutes for the old soldier to stop saluting every naked girl that passed by, I got up, said my goodnights and went inside to go to bed. When I got to my bedroom I saw that Sharon was in the bathroom, brushing her hair, preparing for bed. As I pushed the door completely open she looked up, saw me, and quickly jumped up and hugged me. My neck felt wet and I knew she was crying. I did not say anything, just held her and let her cry. After a few minutes she loosened her grip on me, took me by the hand and pulled me over to the bed.

“Sharon, I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to do”.

She moved the sheet and blanket aside and we got into bed. “I know. I’m sorry I reacted that way earlier. It is just that he is my oldest son, our oldest son. I went so many years thinking I would never have children and then Frank was born. He is special to me. But I know something is wrong with him. What are you going to do? You said you would not hurt him”?

I was on my back looking up at the ceiling. When we came to bed we had forgotten to turn out the bathroom light so the room had a very faint glow to it. Sharon moved up on her side against me. I said “I talked about this with Jason and Paul. They did not have any better ideas. What I am thinking is that, tomorrow morning, I am going to take Frank out early, before the rest of the family is up, and take him to the other side of the valley. There are plenty of farms over there that he can go to. There will be plenty of food and water for him”.

She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “Thank you. I have thought about this also. I understand Frank needs to leave. I am just sick that Karen was hurt. But thank you for not hurting him”. Then she kissed me again. I turned to her and met her next kiss with one of my own on her lips. It was intended just as one of those little ‘good night’ pecks, but when her lips touched mine we held it. With our lips still touching, I kissed her lower lip, sucking it just a bit into my mouth, then her upper lip. She began kissing me back with more heat. I turned over on my side to face her and began kissing her neck and shoulder. Our arms were wrapped around one another pulling us tight against each other.

As I worked down from her shoulder towards her breasts she moved her mouth to my ear and ran a tongue around inside it. I rolled onto my back, pulling her with me so she was lying on top of me. She gave my ear a last lick and then whispered “Make love to me”.

I asked, “Are you sure”? My cock had the same idea several minutes ago. She had to know. He was trapped between our bodies, poking into her stomach.

“Oh Yes, I’m sure”. She moved her lips around my face, kissing my lips, nose, eye lids. Then she moved her body up on her knees, leaning forward, freeing my cock and also moving her breasts up on either side of my face. I turned my head and sucked one nipple and as much of her breast as I could into my mouth. There was plenty left. I spent the next couple of minutes caressing her breasts with my hands and moving my mouth back and forth from one nipple to the other. I pushed her breasts together so that I could then suck both nipples into my mouth at the same time.

For the last minute or so I had been lifting my hips, trying to find her pussy with my cock but she was too far up my body and I could not reach it. Finally she straightened her arms, pulling her breasts away from my face. I could just barely make out her face; she was looking down at me, smiling. “Okay, now I’m ready. I want you to do it nice and slow and easy”. She reached between her legs with one hand, found my aching cock and held it still while she slowly moved back. Yes she is ready. The head slid right into her, the proverbial hot knife into butter. She moved back, drawing me into her until her pussy was pushed against her hand. With her fist wrapped around me she began moving me in a tight circle in her. As I watched her face, her eyes closed and her mouth opened. I would love to think it was the effect of my massive, rock hard cock in her, but since I knew I was not massive, though I was definitely rock hard at the moment, I figured it must be her hand rubbing against her clitoris.

After several minutes of this I just laid back on the bed and let her do with me what she wanted. I was just getting to the point of wondering if I really needed to be here when she pulled her hand out from between us. She put her hands on my chest and then slowly lowered herself on me until I could go no deeper in her. She began slowly rocking back and forth on me. “Dan, you cannot cum in me. I’m fertile right now and I do not want to get pregnant tonight. I don’t want a baby to remind me every time I see them of the day that my son was taken away”.

She took my silence as a yes and began rocking a bit faster, pushing harder against me. I reached up and cupped her breasts with my thumbs covering each nipple. As I began running my thumbs lightly around her nipples she began pushing even harder against me. I thought I heard a sound and looked over at the door. It was hard to tell in this light but it looked like it was open several inches, but I could not see anyone. I could not remember if I had closed it or not when I came in. With Sharon rocking back and forth on me it was hard to think of anything clearly. The only thing I was really concentrating on was to not cum in her. No accidents tonight. But it was all I could do not to let loose in her. She was starting to squeeze me in her. I could feel the muscles in her pussy grabbing me as she got closer to cumming. Her face was tightening up and her body was hunching over me as her movements changed to hard sharp thrusts against me. She let out a long groan and then in a low, throaty voice, said, “Danny, I’m cumming”. Now I could feel her pussy grabbing me, spasming. I was ready to explode in her when I remembered, don’t cum. She gradually lowered herself down on me. I had to be careful not to stroke in her. I felt that any fucking at all would result in my letting loose. I felt so hard, and ready. I wanted to lower my hands to her butt and pull her tight against me as I thrust up hard into her. I moved my hands up to her back and hugged her to me instead.

She moved her lips to my ear again and whispered “Thank you. That was really nice”.

I let out a little laugh, “I don’t think I did much, I just laid there. You did all the work”.

She gave my earlobe a little nip and said, “Well you did provide a very nice cock to work with. And it appears it is still around”. As much as I was trying to not do anything in her my body was not entirely cooperating. I could feel myself pushing very slightly back and forth in her. She began to rise up off me, and as I fell out of her I let out a groan. “Poor Danny. Maybe I can thank you in a more meaningful way”. She moved off of me to one side and lifted my cock back up in the air. I was expecting her to jerk me off so I laid my head back on the bed and waited for her to begin. She shifted her weight forward over me and then I found out just how good my thank you was going to be. I felt her mouth close over the head of my cock. She took her hand away and now my cock felt just the sensations her mouth and tongue was giving me. She began moving her head very slowly up and down, taking me deep into her mouth and then pulling back. As her mouth got back up to the head she would stop and move her tongue around me, slowly, quickly, running it under the rim of the head; driving me wild. I was so close before that it took me just a few minutes to cum. I wanted it to last much longer but I could no longer hold it back. She had just moved her mouth back to the head and was again running her tongue around me when I raised my hips up and began shooting stream after stream of sperm into her mouth. She held it all in her mouth until I was finally finished and then pulled her mouth back off of me. I heard her swallow and then she moved back to my cock and licked it clean. When she was finished she laid my cock down on my stomach and came back up, lying beside me and hugged me.

I put my arm out so she could lay her head on it. She moved closer and put her head on my shoulder, me hugging her against me. We lay there for several minutes before I remembered. “When I came to bed do you remember if I closed the door”?

In a sleepy voice she replied, “Yes, you did”.

“Well it is not closed now”. I took a quick look to be sure. It was closed. “Well I’m wrong. It’s closed now, but a few minutes ago I’m sure it was open”.

“You know sometimes the girls peak in. Lots of the younger girls know they are going to have sex with you when they are old enough and they get curious. They sneak a peak to see what it is like”.

“No way”, I knew sometimes one of the girls would come in to ask something and sometimes I would be having sex with someone but I always assumed it was an accident.

“Yes way”. Then she added, “You go around naked most of the time. They see your cock and wonder what it looks like hard. Sometimes the younger boys get erections around the girls. They know they are going to be with you and wonder what it looks like, feels like”. She leaned closer and kissed me on the cheek. “They could ask me, I could tell them. Now go to sleep. You are getting up early”.

It seemed like I had barely closed my eyes when Sharon was nudging me awake. It was still dark outside. “You should get ready before people start waking. It will be harder on Frank if you take him away with people watching”. She moved around the bed and tossed a shirt and pants my way. “It’s pretty cool this morning. You should wear these”.

I got up, went into the bathroom to relieve myself, and then returned and put on the clothes she had set out.

“I’ve put out a few packs for Frank to take with him; food, clothes, some personal things of his”. She moved around to me and hugged me. “Take care out there. Frank will not be pleased about this. I don’t want anything to happen to him, but even more, I don’t want anything to happen to you. Come back to me safely, to us”. She kissed me lightly. “I’ve sent Jason and Paul out to saddle a couple of horses and to bring Frank up to the porch to wait for you”. With a slap on my butt she added, “Now get a move on”.

When I reached the porch Jason and Paul were sitting there talking to each other. Past them I could see Frank standing by three horses; two saddled, the third a packhorse. As I walked out Jason asked if I wanted him to come with me. I assured him I would be okay and continued on down to Frank.

Frank watched as I approached, “I guess we are going on a trip Dad. Is either of us returning”?

“You are leaving the family. I told your mother you would not be harmed”. I nodded my head to the west, “I am taking you to the other side of the valley. There are a number of ranches where you can make a home there. There is plenty of game there, water, and I’m sure you can grow what else you will need to live”.

Frank gave me a tight smile and mounted one of the saddled horses, “Well give mother my thanks for me”. He took the lead from the saddle horse and tied it to his pommel, turned, and started towards the trail leading away from the house. I mounted my horse and followed a few yards behind.

We continued through out the morning without talking. It was an unpleasant task. I tried to keep up a good pace when we were able to travel off the road on softer ground. I wanted to end this as soon as I could but I knew it would take several days. I figured I would leave him once we crossed the valley and reached the first reasonable ranch or farm. He could then move on until he found something he was happy with.

We had worked our way down the mountain and had finally reached rolling hills when Frank drew up his horse and stopped in front of me. I had drifted back about forty yards so it took me a minute to reach him. He was pulling something out of one of his packs as I reached him. I pulled up hard when I saw it was a revolver. He smiled at me, his hand lying on his thigh, not pointing it at me, but then he did not have to. It never occurred to me to be armed. He was my son.

“Well Dad. Are you still sure you can take me”?

“What do you want Frank”?

“I have been asking myself that since last night”. He looked down, moved the cylinder around, listening to the clicks. “I took it pretty hard; you’re kicking me out for trying to fuck a sister that I would get to fuck pretty soon anyway. But what really burns me was finding you fucking my mother, and then watching her suck your cock just hours before you kick me out”. He stared at me, no longer smiling. “Yes, that really burns me”.

So the door did open. He came in to get a gun. I watched as he pulled the hammer back, the click sounding so loud. “Dad, I don’t think your company is required any longer”. So this was it, no old age for me. He slowly lifted the revolver until it was pointing at my chest. He held it there for what seemed like an hour, though it was probably less than a minute, with neither of us speaking. The hole at the end of the barrel looked so big. A crazy thought went through my mind; I wonder if I'll see the bullet when it comes out.

I knew it would do no good talking to him so I kept quiet. Then he pointed to the road behind us. “I don’t need your watchful attendance. Go home, your home. I can find my way”. I stared back at him, wondering what I could say to make this any better. Is there anyway I can make him understand it is for his good also. "Dad, I meant now".

I pulled the reins to the side and my horse started to circle around. “Don’t make the mistake of looking for me again Dad. This is a one-time-only pass. If I ever see you again it will end differently”.

I continued turning and began moving away from him, back down the trail. I looked back a couple of times and he patiently sat there watching me. I turned a corner and lost view of him. When I reached an overlook I glanced back, he was no longer there, he had moved on.

It took until late afternoon before I reached home. Sharon was sitting on the porch and ran out to me. I could tell from the worry on her face that she thought the worst when I arrived home days earlier than I had planned. I told her what happened and then went to let the others know.

Life quickly returned to normal at home. We progressed into summer and the temperature rose. A level of tension was gone that I had not really noticed before. Even Karen showed happiness that I had worried that I would ever see again. But I was still bothered. Something was nagging at me. It took a several weeks before I was able to put a name to it. I wanted to know where Frank was. I was not comfortable just having him gone. I wanted to know where he was. It would help me knowing what distance separated us.

I was sitting with Jason one late afternoon and I shared my concern with him. “Why don’t we go out to the cliff and see if we can find out”. There was a cliff about fifteen miles from us that allowed you to look out clear across the valley. It was where my father, and then I, used to go out to watch for signs of life. “We can go out and camp out for a week. We’ll take the telescope and watch for his light at night”.

“Are you sure” I asked? “It would be pretty boring just sitting out there for a week”.

He smiled as he said, “Oh, I don’t know. It could be a lot of fun. I'll see if I can think of something we can do while we are out there”.

“Well, when do you want to go”?

“There is no point in waiting. Let’s go tomorrow”. He got up. “I’ll start getting some things ready for us to take. Let’s go right after lunch. That will let us miss the heat of the day”.

After dinner I let my sisters know what Jason and I had planned. Paul came around and asked if we wanted him to go also but Jason said we had everything in hand and that he should stay home to take care of things while we were gone.

That night mom came and spent the night with me. I asked how she was doing with Jason and Paul. She smiled, “I'm having a good time with them. They come and visit me every now and then. I did tell them that this was a private party. I don't want them telling their other brothers. I don't want to end up being a training exercise for them, like some people I know". With that she gave me a little jab in the ribs.

"Hey, I'm an old man. Give me some respect. I think I'm holding my own with these youngsters".

She laughed, "I don't know. I’m pretty sure that twenty goes into forty more times than thirty goes into fifteen”. A few minutes later I attempted to prove that she was wrong but I think she had me. We talked for a while afterwards and then both fell asleep.

The next day passed fairly quickly. After lunch I went out on the porch and found Jason leading two saddled horses and a pack horse up to the house. The surprise was who was sitting in the saddles, the twins, Pam and Patricia. Jason had a big grin on his face as he told me Pam and Patricia asked if they could come also. That seemed a bit unlikely but the girls insisted they wanted to go with us. Even after I explained we could be gone for as long as a week they assured me they wanted to go. They thought a camping trip would be fun, give them a chance to get away from everyone for a while.

Mom and Mikey, the girl’s mother, came out to see us off. As I got up in the saddle behind Pam, mom walked up to me. “Now remember that arithmetic” she said with a smile.

Mikey went over to each of her daughters, who bent down in turn to give her a kiss goodbye. “Now you girls be good and come back safe”.

We all said our goodbyes and began riding away; Pam and I took the lead with Jason and Patricia following with the packhorse. I was having a problem. Where could I put my hands? Pam was riding in front of me and there was not much room in a saddle for two people. I had to admit, the absence of clothes on the two of us did allow for a bit more room in the saddle. But where do I put my hands? She held the reins so I finally decided to just rest my hands on her hips. Both girls had long silky black hair. It hung down to the small of their backs. It felt very sensual against my chest and stomach.

We had gone a couple of miles and I chanced to look back to see where Jason and Patricia were. Jason was having no problem figuring out where to put his hands. I could see there were wrapped around Patricia and he was holding her breasts. She did not seem to mind in the least. A few minutes later Pam and I reached a bend in the trail. As we turned I looked to my left and saw that Patricia had turned in the saddle to face Jason. She had her legs wrapped around his waist and her head resting on his chest. I could see his hands supporting her butt and it looked like he was lifting her up and down. I hoped his legs were gripping the horse tightly. That looked like a mighty uncomfortable way to fall off a horse.

Seeing them was having an effect upon me. Pam was leaning back against me a bit more now and I was trying to avoid her sitting against my erection. She turned to me and said “Daddy, you can put your arms around me. That will hold me steady in the saddle”.

I moved my hands from her hips. She leaned back so our bodies were pressed together and I put my hands around her stomach. One hand was a bit low on her stomach. I could feel a few strands of pubic hair against the side of my little finger. The other hand was just below her breasts. I could feel her ribs under my fingers. We continued like this for a few miles. Every now and then I moved my hands slightly, like I was just adjusting my hands, but it was more like a caress to me. I was so hard now. She had to feel it pushing against her back, how could she not notice. I hoped she just did not know what it was, and at the same time hoped she did.

We went on like this for a few more minutes. Her head was below mine so I could see over her shoulder. I watched as her breasts bounced with the steps of the horse. Her nipples appeared hard. When we reached a part of the trail that stretched out flat before us Pam took the reins in one hand, and with the other hand, took my hand on her ribs and pushed it up to her right breast. She pushed my hand tight against her breast with hers on top of mine. I was right. Her nipple was hard. I started to lift my other hand to her other breast. “No Daddy” she said. She reached down to my hand and pushed it back down so that it was lower than before. My hand now covered her pubic mound with my fingers right against where the saddle met her body. She lifted up slightly off the saddle and I slid my fingers under her and she sat on them. She must have been thinking of this for a while because she was damp. I was able to move one finger up and it slid right into her. As the horse continued walking it made her rock around on my hand. I did not have to do anything. She just kept sliding around on my hand. I moved my other hand back and forth caressing each breast, moving it around her chest and stomach. Her breath started coming faster and became ragged. The constant rocking did not take long before she was moaning. “Daddy, that feels so good”. She pushed hard back against me and then my finger inside of her felt her muscles begin to pulse around me as she climaxed.

After a minute or so she lifted herself up a few inches and I pulled my finger out of her and wrapped my arms around her. “Thank you Daddy. That was really nice”.

“My pleasure honey”. I turned around to see if Jason was in sight. Had they seen what we were doing? But just then they came into sight on the straight stretch. They were once again riding normally, Patricia facing forward.

We continued on for a few more hours, resting the horses a couple of times when we crossed small streams, until we finally reached the cliff and outcrop which was our destination. It was getting late in the day, just beginning to get dark. We had brought sandwiches with us and ate a cold dinner. Afterwards Jason set his sleeping bag up off to one side of our camp. I laid mine out across the camp from him, about 20 yards away.

The girls had not said anything other than small talk since we had arrived. No mention of what either of us had done on the ride out. Because of that I was unsure what their plans were. It was getting cooler as the sun dropped. I knew everyone would be under covers soon. I put some supplies away, tied the horses in a grassy area and returned to find Pam laying her sleeping bag on top of mine. When she saw me approach she said, “I thought this would make it softer for us to sleep on”. I just nodded.

I looked over to see where Jason and Patricia were. They were already in their bed. Even in the dusk I could see Jason on top of Patricia, his legs between hers, his hips thrusting against hers. I turned away and found Pam looking at them also. Then she looked up at me. I lay down beside her, facing her. She looked at me for the longest time and then leaned towards me, kissed me, put her arms around my neck, and then pulled me towards her. I could feel her leg pushing against mine, trying to get underneath me. I lifted my leg up and she spread her legs out letting me lie between them. I was low enough on her that my now erect cock was not pushed against her.

I lifted my upper body off her, kissed her lightly on the lips and then began working my way down her neck. As I reached her breasts I gave each nipple a turn in my mouth, running my tongue around it, then flicking it back and forth. I left her breasts and began kissing my way down her stomach. As I reached her belly button she arched her back, lifting her body up to my lips. Then she took my head in her hands and began pulling me back up to her. I tried to stay where I was, “Honey, I’m not done kissing you”.

With some urgency in her voice she said, “Not this time Daddy. I want you to fuck me. I have been waiting so long. Please don’t make me wait any longer”.

It would have been very unkind of me not to comply. I let her pull my face up towards hers but as I passed her breasts I lowered head and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth again. “Please Daddy, hurry”. I was on my hands and knees and I could feel her hips lift off the ground pushing up against me, trying to find my cock. She just missed it. I settled back on my knees, with my butt on my heels. I reached down and took one of her ankles in each hand and lifted them up in the air to form a “V”. I motioned for her to hold them there and then let go. She kept them up in the air as I looked down at her naked body, her young breasts sticking up in the air, her nipples higher still. I took one hand and let a few fingers trail down from her chest, over her stomach, through her pubic hair until it was resting on her mound and my thumb covered her clitoris. I moved my thumb lightly in a tight circle, making several passes before sliding down to the lips of her pussy. She was so wet my thumb slid right into her. Her pussy was grasping at my finger, like it was trying to pull me in deeper. She said, “No Daddy, not your finger again” as she reached down and grabbed my cock, trying to pull it towards her, “I want your cock inside me this time”.

I leaned forward, catching my weight on my hands, lowering myself so that I was pushing her firmly down on the ground. Her hand was still holding me between us, moving me, trying to pull me inside her. When she finally got it right my head popped right inside of her. She let out a low moan and pulled her hand out. I leaned forward and slid in farther. She felt so tight, but she was so wet that there was no resistance as I continued to push myself deeper in her. I felt her bend her knees and then spread her thighs even farther apart. I pulled back, almost completely out of her, in preparation for a deep stroke back in and she clutched at my back. “No Daddy, don’t stop. It feels really good”.

I showed her I was not stopping by driving back into her, right to the hilt. I then pulled back again, stopped, and drove back into her faster, repeating it over and over again, faster yet, her breathing getting ragged. Each time I rammed back into her she involuntarily let out a little grunt “Unh…..unh……unh”. Her hands traveled down from my back until she was grabbing my butt, pulling me with each stroke into her. I looked at her under me, her eyes closed, her mouth open, her head bouncing up several inches as each stroke slammed back into her. She looked so beautiful. I kissed her lightly on the lips. Without opening her eyes she brought her hands up from my butt and ran them through the hair on my head, then pulling my lips back to hers, giving me a passionate kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and we began this little game of tag with each other. At the same time my thrusting became more frantic in her. It felt like my entire groin was on fire. Then her pussy grabbed me tightly, I knew she was not having an orgasm, I wanted to wait for her but it was too late. Her tongue dancing around mine, and that squeeze pushed me over the edge, “Oh honey, I’m cumming”. I pushed deep in her and held it as the streams shot out of me, my hips giving a little jab at her with each new release. Finally I was drained; I started to sag on her but remembered the hard ground under us and stopped in time, putting my weight on my knees and arms.

She continued running her hands slowly through my hair and then wrapped her arms around my back. Every now and then she would tighten her thighs against me. It had the effect of tightening her pussy around my slowly diminishing cock. It felt so good but finally I had softened enough that a final squeeze squeezed me right out of her. “Oh, please put him back”. Her voice had that little girl pleading sound to it.

With regret in mine I answered, “I would love to put him back but I think he has retired for a while, maybe after his nap”.

She gave a little giggle, “Promise”? I nodded my head. “Good, I’ll hold you to that”.

I lifted myself off her and moved to her side, I pushed a bit on her shoulder and she turned her back to me and then settled back against me with my arms wrapped around her. Then I remembered my ungentlemanly behavior, “I don’t think you had your orgasm. I feel very selfish. I’m sorry”.

She hugged me again, “Daddy, don’t be sorry, it’s your birthday. And besides, that felt really good whether I had an orgasm or not”.

I had completely forgotten it was my birthday. I’m thirty-six today. I guess no cake for me. Then I remembered what she said. “How did you know it was my birthday”?

“Jason told us. He was wondering what to give you. Patricia and I talked about it and we had an idea of what you might like”. She paused for a few seconds and added, “Happy Birthday”.

“Thank you. Jason’s idea huh”? I looked over to where Jason and Patricia were and saw them also lying on their sides looking our way. They both saw me look and gave us a wave with big smiles on their faces. Just how long had they been watching I wondered?

It was getting a bit chilly so I pulled the top blanket over us. We lay there without speaking, just enjoying each other’s warmth and touch. She drifted off and I turned over slightly so I could look at the stars. There were so many. I really enjoyed just laying out looking at them. I had read a book when I was just a kid. It told stories about the constellations. I could pick out almost all of them in view because of that book.

After about an hour I slipped out of bed. Everyone was sound asleep. I put some clothes on; it was pretty chilly at this hour, collected the telescope and a pair of binoculars and walked over to the outcrop that provided a view of the valley. You could see completely across it and up and down the valley for a good fifty miles or more. I had brought a cushion to sit on. My butt was too old to be sitting on rock for hours. I found a stop where I could sit on the cushion and lean back slightly against a rock.

Once I had the telescope set up I scanned the far side of the valley with binoculars first. Maybe I’ll get lucky and spot a light. After ten minutes of quick scanning I had not seen anything, now for the hard work. I picked a horizontal line across the valley and started working from south to north. Once I had finished I that line I set it lower and then repeated the motion from north to south. I was making my forth or fifth pass when a sound came from behind me. Someone had stepped on a twig. It was a good think I was not at the edge of the cliff. Since I was looking for Frank, it was Frank that I thought of when I heard the sound. I had quite a start. But it was Pam. She had come over wrapped in a blanket. Without saying a word she moved around in front of me and sat between my legs on the cushion. She wrapped the blanket around her and leaned back against me.

I was curious about something. Without taking my eye from the telescope I asked, “You seem to really like sex. Why did you wait so long? Why didn’t you come around to me or to one of your brothers? I know Jason has been interested in the two of you for quite a while”.

“The boys always saw us as twins. We would hear them talking about us. It was like a game to them. Who would get to fuck the two of us first? We did not want to play their game. We aren’t toys. Their games made us wait a while. Both of us wanted to come to your bedroom. We knew you were not like that. And I guess Jason and Paul aren’t either but there was such a long line of girls jumping around you that I guess we did not want to be part of it yet. So we waited a bit longer. Then a month became several and finally it became two years”. She was quiet for a while. “I’m here now”. I reached down and squeezed her shoulder and then left my hand there. After several minutes of quiet she drifted off and fell asleep against me.

I continued scanning for another hour or so with no results. I decided that was enough for one night, carefully got up trying not to disturb Pam too much, picked her up and carried her back to the camp. When we got there I laid her down on our sleeping bags and got in beside her. She never moved and I was asleep right after putting my head down.

When I woke the sun was just rising behind us. I could see Jason and Patricia in their bags, still asleep. Pam seemed to be asleep also. We were both on our sides with her back up against me. My left arm was once again under her head and my right wrapped around her body. I lifted my hand up and cupped one of her breasts, thinking of the night before. The memories quickly got me hard. Pam turned her head and said, “You are finally awake. I’ve been waiting an hour for you. I almost started without you”.

I kissed her neck and said, “That would not do”. My cock was poking her right at the top of her thighs. She lifted her right leg and I slid through. She hooked her knee over my leg and then reached down, covered my cock with her hand ,and began rubbing the shaft back and forth against her pussy. Once again I could just lay there and enjoy it. I began moving my hands, caressing her stomach up to her breasts, kissing her neck and shoulder. Then I took my right hand and ran it down the outside of her thigh all the way to her foot, massaging it once I got there; rubbing her instep, the bottom of her foot, her toes.

“Oh yes. That might even be better than an orgasm. I’ll let you know in a few minutes”.

When I was finished with her foot I started back up her leg but this time on the inside of her thigh. When I reached the top she moved her hand over mine and pulled it up to her pussy, pushing my cock out of the way. With my hand under hers she began moving my hand around on her clitoris. Once I started she moved her hand away and grabbed the head of my cock in her fist and began sliding her hand up and down on me.

I began pushing harder on her in response to what she was doing to me. “No Daddy, softer and slower, like this”. She let go of my cock and pushed my hand around her clitoris, very softly, just gently brushing her, and much slower than I had been. “Oh yes. That’s perfect. Now I just need one more thing”. She moved her hips forward and tilted her pelvis back towards me. She was trying to push my cock back but my hand was in her way. “Here let me”. I reached out with a couple of fingers, looped them around me and pulled my cock so the head was positioned against her pussy. She pushed back against me at the same time I pushed towards her. The result was that my entire cock was buried up to the hilt in her. It was still a bit chilly outside but it felt like a furnace inside of her.

Now that I was inside of her I continued the slow stroking of her clitoris and timed my strokes to the same pace. We laid there slowly rocking against each other, enjoying the sensations washing over us; me pushing forward and her pushing back to meet me. After several minutes of this she reached down and cupped my balls. She moved her fingers around, like a magician rolling coins from one finger to the next, my balls taking the place of the coins. After several minutes she turned her head a bit and said, “A little faster”. I responded my moving my fingers a little faster on her clitoris. It was just a minute before she asked, “Daddy, fuck me faster too”. I doubled my speed, sliding in and out of her faster now. “Oh yes. That’s perfect”. She began to breathe harder. I could tell she was getting close. “Squeeze my breasts”! I moved both hands to a breast and gently squeezed them. “Harder”! I needed little encouragement. I squeezed them harder, rubbing my fingers over her nipples. “Oh Daddy, I’m cumming”. She reached down to my balls and pushed them up against her pussy, trying to get me deeper in her. As her orgasm took over her body I could feel her pussy rippling around my cock, like she was trying to milk it. That sent an electric current through me. Her ear was near my mouth as I whispered to her, “I’m cumming too”. My hips began bucking against her butt as I came in her. This little sexy girl had me cumming more than I had in several years.

When I was finally drained of all my vital bodily fluids we lay there catching our breath.
I had my eyes closed, my head lying against hers. “Daddy, look”. I opened my eyes. She nodded towards Jason and Patricia. When I looked over I saw they were facing us, lying in the same position we were. The only odd part was watching Patricia with Jason behind her, her eyes closed, mouth open, head bobbing up and down. I wondered if they had seen us earlier and got the idea. Pam turned and whispered, “I wonder if that is what we looked like”.

After several minutes we could hear a bit of squealing, a few grunts and then the movement stopped. We waited a while and then began stirring under our blanket in an effort to get up. I knew this was a bit new to Pam so while she was standing there, folding our blankets I whispered in her ear, “You might want to wear shorts today”.

I could see the question on her face because it was going to be quite warm today. Then she looked down between her legs. I glanced down also and saw the inside of her thighs were both wet. She chuckled, “Oh, I see. Now there is something you would never think about when wondering what sex is going to be like. I’ll let Patricia know also. It is the first time for both of us”.

We spent a good portion of the morning just talking. I went over my plans for having the family separate and move to a better area with Jason. He had some good ideas and changed my mind of some things. The girls listened in and even at their young age also contributed several ideas. During the heat of the day we moved to a shady area and napped through it. Once it cooled off we walked around exploring our ridge. We even found a waterfall that I did not know existed. I knew a creek was nearby but it never occurred to me that it would end at the cliff, just around a bend, in a waterfall.

The girls decided they would make dinner for us. While they were working Jason and I walked back to the edge of the cliff. I wanted a good look during the day. “Well Dad. How was your birthday”? He had a big grin on his face. “I did not mean to use part of your present. I hope you don’t mind”.

I looked back at him and it was hard not to smile also. “It was a pretty good one, much better than last year’s. And I see you did not have to wrap my present”. He laughed again and nodded. “I thought you had a special feeling for these girls. I am a bit surprised you brought them”.

“Dad, I do like them. But I was talking to them back at home and they like you also. They were just a bit intimidated to approach you”. He looked like he wanted to add something but was hesitating. “Dad, they both like you”.

I nodded and we went back to join the girls for dinner. It was not until late that night that I finally understood what he meant when he said “they both like you”. Once it was dark I went back on the cliff edge and began working the telescope around the far side of the valley. I had been there for a couple of hours when Pam joined me again. She had brought a couple of blankets this time. She laid them out on a flat spot and then waited there. I continued looking at the valley and then decided to take a break and went over and sat beside her. One thing led to another and I shortly found myself flat on my back with her seated on me and my cock buried firmly in her pussy. She took her time on me and it was a good half hour before she came, with me following just a couple of minutes later. We were lying there, letting the sweat evaporate when she said, “Daddy, you are just as good as Pam said you were”.

“Patricia? What are you doing here”?

“Daddy, I thought you knew what I was doing”?

“I know, I mean, I know what…never mind. I thought you liked Jason. What are you doing on me”?

“I do like Jason. I like you too. Pam likes you and Jason. At home you fuck different girls. Our brothers fuck different sisters. What’s the problem”?

“You are right. There is no problem. I just was not thinking”. Seeing Patricia with Jason had me thinking they were pairing up with us. I had noticed that about myself the last few years. I would be with one of my daughters or sisters and then see them with someone else later and a bit of jealousy would run through me. I knew it was silly but it took a bit of ignoring. I had been wondering lately if what I wanted was to just settle down with someone. Well let’s not go off the deep end, maybe with just a few someone.

And so we continued over the next eight days. Each night I spent several hours at the cliff looking over the far side of the valley, sometimes alone, sometimes with one or the other of the girls and sometimes with Jason. The days were boring. There was little to do and there is only so much exploring you can do. Every couple of days the girls would switch with us. It must have been a game with them, switching and then seeing how long it took for either of us to guess they had switched. Their voices, faces and bodies were identical so it was a real test for Jason and I.

A week and a half and I was out on the cliff again, scanning the valley. I was discouraged. I wanted to know where Frank was holed up but it looked like he was not using a light where ever that was. I could have slapped myself in the head when it finally occurred to me that he just as easily could be living on the west side of a hill and I would never see his light from this direction. Pam was sitting there with me tonight, patiently leaning against me, waiting for me to finish so we could go to bed. I nudged her and she got up and picked up the blankets. I got up and began taking the telescope apart so I could put it in its case. We would not need it again. We would be starting home in the morning.

“Daddy, what would his light look like”? She was standing there looking out into the dark.

“Well, if we could see it, it should be just a pinprick out there. You might be able to see something with the binoculars but would need the telescope to be sure”. I turned towards her, “Do you want the binoculars to look at something”?

“No. That’s okay. Would it look something like that”?

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