Family Cruise

Family Cruise

Family Cruise

Our parents wanted to take a cruise in the Caribbean for their twentieth anniversary. They planned it out perfectly…then things started to change. It was just little things but it sure upset mom. She was a planning perfectionist. She had planned her entire life right down to her two children and everything was on schedule.

I was born first but only after they were married for two years and had established their relationship. Then mom got pregnant and I came along right on schedule in their third year of marriage. My sister Gail arrived in their fifth year.

Back to the cruise…prices changed, dates changed, and our accommodations changed…not once but several times. Mom was at her wit's end when dad finally stepped in. He placed a phone call, talked to someone, and got what he wanted. Mom was impressed.

When the time came we arrived at the airport and were picked up by a shuttle bus and taken to the ship. It was huge! Movies just don’t do these things justice.

The first thing that pissed mom off was that us kids were in a room on another floor. She specifically wanted joining rooms so that she could keep an eye on us at all times. The ship was totally booked and had a list of standbys too so there was nowhere else to put us. Mom and dad did get a nice room with a great view and a queen-size bed. Gail and I got a room inside the ship with no view at all and twin beds.

The next thing that pissed mom off was when the steward handed her a revised list of the places the ship was stopping. The one place she really had her heart set on was not on the list. Well dad would certainly get a earful about that.

Gail and I got settled into our room quickly. While she was in the tiny bathroom changing into her bikini I changed into my suit in the room. When Gail came out we both did double takes. I had never seen Gail in anything that skimpy before. I guess she had never seen me in anything this skimpy either. Mom had picked them out for us. Mine was a small tight yellow stretchy bathing suit that fit me like a glove. My cock and balls were pretty visible in them and Gail pointed and laughed at me. I know that I turned red. Then I looked at Gail. She had on just about the same color yellow suit. It was much smaller than anything I had ever seen her in before. The little stretchy material was like a tube top and pushed her tits almost flat but her nipples sure showed. The bottoms were tight up against her pussy and I could see hairs sticking out all over. Then I looked in the mirror behind her and saw her bare ass. I made her turn around and show me. It was a thong and the string up her ass crack did little to cove her. I kind of liked the view and I especially liked her ass. When she turned back around she giggle as she stared at my erection. I looked down and turned red again.

Gail asked me if I had my razor with me. I said yes and she asked to borrow it. When I asked her why she opened her legs and pulled on some of the hairs sticking out of her bikini.

Gail went back into the bathroom. When she finally came back out she handed me my razor and apologized for plugging it up with her hairs. Then Gail sat on the lower bed, opened her legs wide, and asked me if I could see any hairs that she missed. Actually she had done a very good job but I didn’t tell her that. I told her to lay back and pretended to do a little touchup work around the edges. I pulled her small triangle in a little and stroked at her with the razor. She didn’t complain at all so I did it a couple of more times pulling the material a little more each time until I saw her entire pussy slit. Finally I had to stop or I would have cum.

Gail thanked me for helping her then giggled at my cock. It really showed now and there was a wet spot from where it had oozed some precum. I said, “Damn it” and pulled the waistband down slightly and tried to dry the wet spot. Gail giggled again and then I realized that I had just shown her the head of my cock.

Gail said, “Wow! You sure are well hung!”

I smiled and said, “Thank you! Hey! How would you know anyway?”

Gail smiled and said, “I have see Susan’s brother before and I saw dad once or twice.”

She thought for a moment and said, “If I show you mine will you show me yours?”

I quickly said, “Yes!”

So I watched as Gail flipped her top down off from her tits. That top really had smashed them flat. They stood up nicely as I admired them. Right then we heard a knock on the cabin door and mom calling to us. I looked at Gail and she flipped the top back up over her tits. Then I opened the door.

Mom came in. She had on the same suit that Gail was wearing only a little bit bigger. Not much bigger either. As she came in dad followed her. Mom asked Gail to turn around and she did showing dad her bare ass. Gail then told mom to turn around. We got to see her ass perfectly too. The two girls stood together and dad and I were standing together.

Mom blushed and said, “I’ve never worn so little out in public before! It’s kind of exciting!”

Dad said, “It sure excites me!”

Gail said, “We can see!” Then dad blushed.

The girls got to check out our crotches and we got to check out their good parts. Soon both dad and I were hard and the girl’s nipples were hard too. I started to get a wet spot again and I noticed that mom was getting a wet spot low on her crotch too. Wow! Mom got excited.

Mom asked, “Gail did you remember to shave?”

Gail said, “It’s all taken care of!”

Soon dad suggested that we get out to the pool so we followed him. He took mom’s hand and Gail took my hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off from mom’s bare ass. I was mesmerized. She had that same little twitch that she has in her tight jeans.

We were quite the sight to see coming all dressed in the same bright yellow suits. I noticed that all of the men turned to look at mom’s bare ass as they passed her. Gail obviously noticed it too.

Gail giggled and whispered, “Do they look at me the same way?”

I looked back at the men we passed, then whispered; “They look at you even more!”

Gail giggled again and squeezed my hand. When we got to the pool Gail and I jumped right in.

When Gail came up I got real close to her and said, “Your top fell down!”

Gail adjusted her top with me trying to block the view.

Then Gail smiled at me and said, “Mom! Come on in! The waters fine!” Then Gail squeezed my hand.

Mom stood at the edge of the pool, tested the water with her toes, and then dove in. She swam underwater right up to us and came up. Her top had come down too exposing her tits to our view. We both got closer to her to help block the view.

Gail said, “Mom your top came down too!”

Mom blushed and pulled it back up. Then she said, “It won’t be a problem once we are underway. The brochure said that we can be topless after we pass the three mile limit!”

Gail said, “Really!”

Mom smiled and asked, “Do you want too?”

Gail said, “Mom this is a once in a lifetime thing! I think we should go wild and do everything we wouldn’t do at home!”

Mom said, “I agree! No one here knows us so we can do anything that we want to do! Right?”

Gail said, “Right!”

Soon we were underway, the horn tooted, and we heard an announcement to the fact. About ten minutes later we heard another announcement that we had passed the three-mile limit. Mom and Gail removed their tops and tossed them toward dad. He just smiled. He couldn’t believe that mom would do such a thing and neither could Gail or I. For the next hour we played in the water and the girls sunbathed topless. Lots of guys strolled by just to look at them. Mom and Gail waved and smiled at them. A few of the other women took off their tops too but no one was as pretty as mom and Gail. Eventually mom said that we had all had enough sun for one day and we headed back to our rooms to change. Mom and Gail just carried their tops and agreed that they wouldn’t need them anymore for the rest of the trip. Dad and I liked that agreement. All either girl was wearing was a tiny patch over their pussy so that we couldn’t see their slit.

At the stairway Gail and I headed down to our room while mom and dad headed toward their room. Once we were inside our room I locked the door.

Gail turned around to me and said, “Well where were we! Oh yea! You’ll show me yours!” Then Gail slipped off her tiny bottoms and said, “I know that you took a good look after I shaved so it’s my turn! Peel!”

I just smiled and pulled my bathing suit off. My cock got hard and popped out nicely. Gail was impressed.

Gail said, “You got a close look at me!” Then Gail pushed me back onto the lower bunk and knelt on the floor in front of me. I just smiled as Gail admired my cock knowing that I would get the same opportunity soon. When she was done she said, “Mom told us to take a shower and get dressed! Want to join me?”

Of course I did so I went into the tiny bathroom with her and we both just barely fit in the shower. Gail washed me and I got to wash her. This was going to be a great vacation after all. She even told me to wash up inside her pussy as far as I could get my fingers. Wow! That was great. I had always wanted to do that to any girl and doing it with my sister seemed even more exciting.

Gail said, “We should be able to do this when we get home too!”

I said, “I don’t know! Mom probably will go right back to normal when we get home!”

Gail said, “I hope not! Maybe we can change her mind! After all we have two weeks!”

We got dressed in T-shirts, shorts, and a pair of shoes. Gail and I didn’t put on any underwear either. When we knocked on mom’s door dad opened it. Mom was just wearing her panties but dad was dressed. Gail and I sat on their bed and watched as mom finished her hair and makeup. This was cool seeing mom in just her panties. Gail noticed me getting a hard-on and patted my crotch when no one was looking. When mom was complete she pulled on a dress and dad zipped it up the back. It was a very nice gown and showed a lot of cleavage. However with what she showed out on the deck this seemed very conservative.

We went to the dinning room for dinner. The food was very good. Gail and I got cheeseburgers and fries while mom got a nice salad and dad got his thick juicy steak. Mom had wine and dad had a beer. Gail and I got Pepsi.

After dinner mom and dad wanted to stick around, drink, talk, and dance. Gail and I got to go explore the ship.

As soon as we were out of sight of mom and dad Gail took her T-shirt off and tucked it into her back pocket. She was getting aroused showing off her tits as we wandered around. Whenever girls gave her dirty looks Gail flipped them her finger and pulled her shoulders back thrusting her tits out even further. The guys sure liked it and every boy made sure to say hello and ask Gail her name and where she was from.

As we strolled the deck one girl in particular seemed very interested in Gail. The girls talked a little while and the next thing I knew Gail was helping the girl off with her shirt. We both were admiring Emily’s breasts. The girls jumped into the pool while I watched them. They swam to the far side to talk.

Gail swam back to me and whispered, “How would you like to fuck two virgins?”

I whispered, “I’m a virgin too!”

Gail smiled and whispered, “Really! Cool! Don’t tell Emily that and make sure you poke it in me first! Understand?”

I whispered, “Yes!”

Gail whispered, “Emily is a lesbian and wants me real bad! I told her that she could have me if you could fuck her! She wasn’t too keen on it but like I said she wants me real bad! You get to win twice!”

Then Gail swam back over to Emily and got her. Apparently she told Emily that everything was all set. The two girls walked back to our room with me following. Gail carried her top and showed off her tits but Emily put her top back on.

When we got in our room I locked the door behind us and dead bolted it. Emily noticed and smiled.

Gail said, “Okay! Here’s the deal! You can have me, body and soul, for the rest of the cruise but my brother gets to fuck you every day and I get to eat his cum out of your pussy afterwards! Deal?”

Emily said, “Okay! But I’m a virgin!”

Gail said, “Me too! Honest!” She turned to me and asked, “Do you want to take two cherries?”

I smiled and said, “You bet!”

Emily said, “I want your virgin pussy for an hour first!”

Gail said, “Okay!” Then she looked at me and asked, “Would you mind watching two lesbians getting it on for an hour?”

I just smiled.

Gail took off her shorts and shoes and stood there naked. Emily removed her top again for us. Gail and I watched as Emily removed her shoes, shorts, and panties. Emily had a naturally hairy bush while Gail’s was shaved clean. For a sixteen-year-old Emily sure had a lot of hair down there however she shaves her legs and armpits. Interesting!

Gail said, “Nice carpet!”

Emily said, “Why thank you!”

Gail asked, “Do you want top or bottom?”

Emily touched Gail’s bare pussy and said, “I want this” as she pushed Gail back onto the bed.

Gail sat down, spread her knees wide, and leaned back on her elbows as Emily got her face right into her crotch. It only took a few licks for Gail to start moaning. I became fascinated with watching Emily work on my sister’s pussy. Gail’s nipples got hard, the areolas around them puckered, and her breasts began to quiver. Her eyes rolled up under her eyelids, her head tilted back, and her mouth gaped open. I could tell when an orgasm was coming because of her moan. It started out real deep and built up to a soft high-pitched scream at the end. I heard my sister make that sound over and over until she passed out from all of the excitement.

Emily turned around. She looked at the clock and then at me. Emily said, “Your sister is good! Very good! No one ever lasted forty-seven minutes before! This is going to be a great vacation! So you want to fuck me now? I really am a virgin but she is truly worth it! She told me that she was but I didn’t believe her!”

I said, “Of course I want to fuck you but Gail made me promise to fuck her first and then to cum in you so that she could eat you out afterwards. Gail wants me to take her virginity first and she doesn’t want you to have to taste my cum!”

Emily said, “Oh! That’s so sweet of her! I really was dreading the taste of cum more than letting you fuck me anyway! My hymen has been gone for years! My sister fucked me with my own Barbie Doll when I was ten years old. After that I had to eat her pussy every night. She even made me eat out all of her girlfriends too. She got a job and is starting college soon so she didn’t come with us.”

I said, “So Gail is like your first conquest?”

Emily said, “No silly! I’ve made it with about half of the girls in my school! Most of them just want to try it once to see if they really like boys. It’s kind of a comparison. Some do it on a dare, others do it because their boyfriends want them too, but mostly they just want to try something different!”

I said, “I wonder how many girls Gail has eaten?”

Gail said, “Well why don’t you ask me?”

Emily said, “So you finally woke up!” Then Emily kissed Gail and I watched them French kiss for a full minute before turning back to me.

Gail asked, “Did you get your hour?”

Emily said, “No I didn’t but don’t worry about that. I was very satisfied with you! Are you ready to loose your virginity with me?”

Gail said, “You bet!”

Both girls got on the floor and Gail let me between her legs. The girls had their fun so this was entirely for my benefit. Later I would have to thank Gail for coming up with this idea. As I slipped my cock into her pussy I looked at the clock. This very hour and minute would be imbedded in mind forever as the exact time that we lost our virginities. Other than my hand I had nothing to compare it to but I knew that it felt wonderful and that I never wanted to take it out again. I didn’t even move it around. I just felt the most wonderful place in the World to keep it. Suddenly Gail thrust up at me and snapped me out of my trance. Then I started to slip it out a little and slip it back in. After a minute I had a pretty good rhythm going.

Gail said, “Do Emily now!”

I really hatted to pull my cock out of my sister’s soft moist pussy but I knew she expected me to fuck Emily and cum in her. I wanted so much to stay in Gail and cum in her for my first time but I knew that I would have more opportunities to do just that. So I forced myself to pull it all the way out and to slip it into Emily’s waiting pussy. Fortunately it felt just as good. I wondered if all pussies felt this good. I made a mental note to try and find out when I got home. I started with the same rhythm that I had in Gail. Emily responded like Gail had. It surprised me. After all she was a devout lesbian. I was enjoying this. I had two pussies both wanting my cock in them. I did the best that I could. I fucked Emily for a minute then I fucked Gail for a minute and traded back and forth like that a few times. I felt that old familiar feeling stirring deep inside my balls and I knew that I was going to cum soon. I hated to do it but I pulled my cock out of Gail’s wonderful pussy and slipped it back into Emily’s pussy for the grand eruption. As I thrust into Emily she thrust back. The harder I thrusted into her the harder she thrusted back at me. We were fucking each other with wild animal lust. It was everything I had ever imagined and more. My mind was exploding, my cock was exploding, and Emily was exploding too. That’s right! This die-hard lesbian was having an orgasm with a boy’s cock ramming into her. I know that I cum more than I had ever cum before in my life and when I was finished Emily was still going. I did not stop my fucking motion! I kept fucking into Emily for all I was worth. She had the longest orgasm that I could ever have imagined. I swear that it lasted a good two or three minutes. When she finally closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep I pulled out my already limp cock and rolled toward my sister.

Gail said, “I know just how she feels! Totally satisfied for the very first time in her life! That’s how I felt after she was done with me! I could have died and gone to heaven knowing that I had the best sex of my entire life!”

Gail kissed me and said, “You do know that you gave her a string of multiple orgasms! Don’t you?”

I said, “I did what?”

Gail said, “Multiple orgasms silly! That’s when a girl can have two or three or even twenty orgasms in a row, back to back, on top of one another! It’s like a never-ending roller coaster ride! You never want it to stop! Then you pass out from all of the pleasure. I did the very same thing a little while ago!”

I kissed Gail and said, “I love you!”

Gail kissed me back and said, “I know!”

I kissed her again and said, “No! I really love you!”

Gail kissed me back and said, “Yes! I know! I love you too!”

I kissed Gail’s breast and said, “I really wanted to cum in you!”

Gail said, “I really wanted you to too! How about I let you cum in me later! First I want to taste your fresh cum in Emily’s pussy!”

Then Gail shook Emily until she woke up. Emily couldn’t move a muscle she was so drained so Gail got between her legs and feasted on her pussy. Emily thoroughly enjoyed it and even had a few orgasms.

Then Emily said, “I’m in love with your brother’s cock!” Then she drifted off to sleep again.

Gail switched from eating Emily’s pussy to sucking my cock. In no time at all I was hard again. This time it was all for Gail. I wanted it to last longer this time so I started out slower. It was just as good, maybe even better this time. It wasn’t just sex like it had been the first time it was what lovemaking was supposed to be like, I think. It was mutual, it was romantic, and it was between two people that truly loved one another, even if those two people were brother and sister.

Gail and I established a rhythm, got into the feeling, and let our bodies take over. My mind was overcome with love for my sister and it wasn’t the same love I had for her before this trip either. When I felt the pressure building up in my balls Gail sensed it too and she held on even tighter. She didn’t seem to have those multiple orgasms like Emily had but Gail was enjoying the biggest one that she ever had, so was I. We kissed and I rolled to the side.

Emily said, “That sure looked nice. I woke up somewhere in the middle I think!”

Gail was still breathing heavy but asked, “How do you feel?”

Emily said, “Like a million dollars! I absolutely love your sweet pussy but then again I think I love your brother’s cock even more! How soon do you think you can fuck me again?”

I said, “I don’t know! Maybe an hour! Maybe less!”

Emily asked, “Can I spend the night then?”

I looked at Gail. Gail looked at Emily and said, “Okay! Should you let your parents know where you are?”

Emily smiled and said, “I should but they probably aren’t there anyway! I saw them with another couple! My parents are swingers! They wife-swap and everything!”

Gail said, “Wow! That sounds exciting!”

Emily said, “Once I saw them! Mom was sitting on this guy’s cock and eating his wife’s snatch while my dad was butt fucking her!”

Gail said, “No way!”

Emily said, “Oh yeah! I saw it all! It was her boss and his wife! I have known them for years! He tried to feel me up once but I told him that I was a lesbian and then I told him to fuck off!”

Gail said, “Wow!”

Emily smiled and said, “Then he tried to hook me up with his wife but he wanted to watch so I told him to fuck off again!”

So anyway Emily spent the night with us. The three of us slept in the lower bunk like sardines. I had my cock tucked in between Gail’s legs right next to her pussy all night long. We woke up early enough for me to fuck both girls and take a shower before going to breakfast. Gail and Emily wore bikini tops to breakfast but were not going to keep them on for long. I was sure looking forward to that. At breakfast we sat at a table in one corner.

Emily looked up and said, “Look there are my parents with that couple from last night! I told you they spent the night together and wife-swapped!”

Gail and I looked up. Gail smiled and said, “That’s our parents!” I started laughing. My mother a wife-swapper, wow!

Emily’s mother came over and started to introduce her to our parents when Emily call them by name and asked them how they enjoyed sex with her parents. Dad choked and mom just about peed her pants. Mom turned about three shades of red but never said a word.

Emily said, “Well I think we children were doing the same as you adults last night!”

Emily’s mother said, “But you’re a lesbian!”

Emily replied, “Yes I was! Now I’m bisexual and I’m leaning pretty heavily toward a good stiff cock more and more!"

Gail looked at mom and asked, “So what did you do last night?”

Mom replied, “Not much! We drank and talked! You know the usual stuff!”

Gail said, “Oh! I just thought that you sat on his cock and ate his wife’s pussy while dad fucked you in the ass! That’s all!”

Dad choked again. Mom turned so red that I thought she was going to die.

Emily’s mother said, “Well so what if she did! We’re consenting adults! Aren’t we?”

Gail said, “So are we according to International Laws!”

I finally had to say something; “So if you guys are going to shack up for the entire trip can we have one of the bigger cabins?”

Emily’s father said, “We’ll discuss it and get back to you!”

Dad leaned closer to Gail and asked, “How did you know?”

Gail said, “Just a lucky guess!” Then she smiled like she does when she’s up to something.

Dad grinned at me and asked, “Were you really doing what we were doing last night?”

I answered, “Yes we were! Emily and Gail were both virgins yesterday! So was I!”

Dad smiled broadly and patted me on the back like he was congratulating me on becoming a man or something.

Emily leaned in a little closer to dad and I and said, “We should talk about a little incest! How would you like to fuck your daughter?”

Dad choked again and went with the other adults to get himself some breakfast from the buffet.

We went back to our room so the girls could remove their tops. They really liked going topless and showing off their tits. Then we went out on the deck to get some sun, swim a little, and talk a lot. We didn’t see any of our parents until it was time for dinner. They had left us a note on our door as to where we were to meet them.

As we ate, Emily’s father said, “Well you three have certainly grown up! Apparently we were all doing the same thing last night and apparently we adults wish to continue doing it! So therefore if you want we will give you our room!” He put his arm around his wife’s shoulders and cupped her tit to impress me.

Dad said, “Yes! They will move in with us for the rest of the cruise and we can use your room for storage of some extra stuff and whatever we purchase along the way!”

Emily’s father said to me, “So you are converting my little girl from a cunt licker to a cock sucker! Good for you! Slip it to her as often as you can! It’s a shame to waste a fine piece of ass like that!”

I immediately made up my mind that I didn’t like him. Dinner was quiet as far as us children were concerned but Emily’s father had too much to drink and got real sexual, especially toward Emily and Gail! He wanted to fuck them both and he didn’t care who knew it!

As soon as we could we got out of the dinning room and went to our own room. We locked the door and started to talk again. Gail didn’t want Emily’s father to fuck her and neither did Emily. All three of us were in agreement that he was an asshole! The three of us made love all at the same time and it worked out pretty well, at least we all got off. This time Emily asked me to cum in my sister so she could eat her out afterwards. I was happy to fulfill her request.

Later there was a knock on our door. It was mom! I opened the door and let her in even though we were all naked.

I asked, “What’s up!”

Mom said, “Emily your father is a real jerk!”

Emily laughed and said, “He can be a big asshole too and he is usually full of shit!”

Gail said, “Mom! That bastard wants to fuck me!”

Mom said, “I know! He told us all! Several times! He fucked my ass after dinner! Or more likely raped me! I was just finishing peeing when he came into the bathroom with me, closed the door, and dry fucked my asshole while he held his hand over my mouth. When he was done he threatened me! He said that there was no one to complain too out here on the high seas. It appears that no country actually has jurisdiction.”

Emily said, “He rapes my mother’s ass all the time too! I hear her cry sometimes and she can’t sit or walk gracefully for a couple of hours afterwards! I told you he was a big asshole!”

Mom said, “Yeah but I don’t know what to do!”

Gail asked, “Did you tell dad?”

Mom replied, “Yes! But your father told me to ignore him! Your father just wants to fuck Jane! That’s all!”

Emily said, “We need to talk to my mother! I’ll call her!”

It took about a half an hour but she finally knocked on our door too and I let her in. The two girls listened as the two mothers talked and occasionally the girls put their two cents in.

It seems that mom was not the first woman that Emily’s father had raped and its always in the ass. Forced anal sex was his thing. He had even done it to Emily’s sister a few times too. That’s why she left early for college and didn’t come on this trip. Jane was terrified of him and never went against his wishes.

The next thing I knew mom was telling Jane that they would stay with us, Jane should file for a divorce, and we should all five of us stick together for the remainder of the voyage.

Gail asked, “What if we want to have sex?”

Mom laughed and said, “Look! I know you three have been doing it! You know that we adults have been doing it! The only thing left is for us to watch one another doing it!”

With that Gail and Emily rolled into a very graceful sixty-nine. Mom watched intently. Emily’s mother started playing with mom and they both undressed. I got to see mom’s bald pussy and Emily’s mother’s hairy pussy. All I could think of was like mother like daughter.

Emily’s mother said, “My husband won’t allow me to shave it or trim it! Sometimes it is very embarrassing!”

I asked, “Would you like me to shave it for you? After all you don’t want any thing to do with him anymore, do you?”

Mom looked at me and said, “I’d like you to shave her pussy! I’m not crazy about waking up with hair in my teeth!”

Emily smiled and said, “Shave me too!”

Gail said, “Yes please do! Like mom, I didn’t care for Emily’s pussy hair in my teeth this morning either!”

Mom smiled mischievously at me and said, “Why don’t you shave us all while you’re at it!”

So I started with Emily. I enjoyed holding onto her pussy lips while I shaved all of her hair off. I tickled her clit and put my fingers inside her pussy too. When I was done and had washed her off I kissed her pussy and ran my tongue right up her slit to tickle her clit. Her mother was anxious for me to do her next so I did. I pulled on Jane’s pussy lips, shaved off all of her hair, and managed to tickle her clit and finger her pussy too. She liked it! I kissed her pussy and licked up her slit several times. I played with her clit with my tongue until she cum. Mom wanted to be last so I shaved Gail next, played with her, and licked her pussy and clit too.

Mom was next! I got to look very closely at mom’s pussy. It was different than the other girls. Her inner lips poked out somewhat and her clit was bigger. I liked it! I really liked it! I shaved mom very well and tugged at her outer lips, tugged at her inner lips, and fingered her hole. I rubbed her clit good with my thumb as I shoved a couple of fingers in her hole. Then I kissed her pussy. Mom moaned! I ran my tongue up her slit several times and tried to get my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. Finally I latched onto her clit with my lips and held onto her ass with my hands. I gave mom two orgasms orally then I slipped my cock into her as my reward. Mom never said a word but she smiled very nicely at me and started bucking up against my cock. I was way too excited to last very long after shaving the four girls. While I was filling her with cum mom said that I was a better lover than my father was. I smiled as I rolled off of her.

Mom said, “Thank you! I needed that! I really needed a pleasant experience to take away the memory of that bastard raping me! And your father didn’t even come to my rescue when I told him about it! He just wants to fuck Jane!”

Jane said, “Now they won’t have any of us to fuck! Serves them right! They’re both assholes!”

Mom and Jane got into a sixty-nine while Gail, Emily, and I watched. They were not as good at it as Gail and Emily but it still got me excited. I fucked both girls at the same time and cum in Gail because Emily wanted me too!

That night mom and Jane slept on the bottom bunk, Gail and Emily slept on the top bunk, and I slept on the floor.

In the morning Jane begged me to fuck her. She was the only one that I hadn’t fucked yet and she wanted it real bad. So I made love to her like she hadn’t had in a long time. Her husband loved to rape her and he also told the wife-swapping husbands to treat her rough too! She loved it and had two orgasms that were very special to her.

At breakfast both husbands came over to us but security sent them away. Mom and Jane had gone to the Captain and filed a complaint. The Captain even told Jane that if she were serious about a divorce that she could get one cheap on one of the islands that we would be stopping at.

For the next couple of days I got to see them all topless out on the deck, nude in our tiny room, and make love to each one of them throughout the day. In between they seemed to take care of each other. I watched mom eat all three girls. I got most excited when mom and Gail got into a sexy sixty-nine and were going at it. I think it was the incest thing. Mom was certainly learning to get in touch with her lesbian side but the others were still better at it.

Then the following day we docked at the island that the Captain had told us about. Jane had thought about it a lot and had decided to go through with her divorce. We went to the local Magistrates Office and Jane filled out the paperwork, paid the filling fee, and was handed her divorce decree right there. It also stated that she was to get fifty percent of his assets, ten percent of his income for the next two years, and that Emily would get seventeen percent of his income until she turned twenty-one. The Magistrate made copies of his order and was going to have one served to her husband on the ship, one given to the Captain, one sent to her family lawyer, and the last one sent to the County Clerk where she lives to be filed there. It was official!

Emily said, “It’s too bad that we aren’t a real family! Then we can stay to forever!”

Gail asked the Magistrate, “What it the legal age to get married?”

The Magistrate said, “Sixteen for boys and fourteen for girls!”

Gail looked at Emily and I holding hands and said, “You two could get married if you want too!”

Emily and I looked at one another and at the very same moment said, “Do you want too? Yes!” Then we laughed.

I turned to the Magistrate and asked, “What do we have to do?”

I smiled as he said, “Fill this out, sign it, and I’ll marry you right now!”

Emily asked her mother, “Is it okay mom?”

Jane answered, “Yes dear!”

I asked mom, “Is it okay mom?”

She answered, “Yes dear!”

We filled out the paperwork, mom paid the filing fee, and then he married us. He even handed us a Marriage Certificate.

We went to lunch to celebrate our wedding and then went back to the ship. The Captain and Jane’s husband had already been served and the Captain was also informed of our marriage. The Captain informed us that he had a short talk with Jane’s husband and that he and dad were taking our little room and that we could have the two larger rooms. He thought that Emily and I would like a big room to ourselves. Little did he know that we both wanted Gail to join us. Mom and Jane could have the other room. He said that everything was being moved as we speak.

That night at dinner we all got to sit at the Captain’s table and he made an announcement about our marriage. It was fantastic!

A couple of days later dad apologized to mom and she accepted his apology under certain conditions. Once he agreed mom and Jane let dad move back in with them. He got to fuck Jane but only if he fucked mom too, plus he had to keep his paws off Gail and Emily. I on the other hand could fuck mom and Jane anytime that I wanted too or anytime that my wife would let me. Needless to say Jane and Emily were going home with us.

The second week of our cruise was even better than the first week if that was possible.

The End
Family Cruise

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