Family lessons XII

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The next morning, Phip wasn’t sure how he felt. He had sucked his cousin’s cock, and his father had sucked his, but he really loved fucking his mother and his sister, too. He walked into Julia’s bedroom, wearing just his cutoffs She was still in bed, the covers pulled across her shoulder. When she rolled over to look at him sleepily, letting the blanket drop to her waist, Phip watched with delight as her breasts became clearly visible under her filmy top.

“What’s up?” she said, checking his crotch to see if he had an early morning hard- on. She was a bit disappointed when he didn’t, but felt she could change that with not too much effort.

“Can I talk to you?” he said.

“Sure, but give me a kiss first,” she said lazily.

Phip sat on the side of his sister’s bed and leaned over to kiss her. She reached up and put both her arms around his neck, pulling him deep within her mouth, darting her tongue inside him with wanton abandonment. “Are you going to fuck me this morning?” she asked dreamily.

“I want to talk about something first.”

“Something sexy?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I’m all a tremble,” she said. “Shoot. I mean, go ahead, I mean, well, you know.”

Phip started in on his story about fucking their mother and father, and how Dad was sort of the sex slave and had sucked his cock, and then about his adventure with Brad.

“Do you think I’m gay, sis?”

“Not any more than me,” she said, and then started to relate her own experiences with Mom and Dad and Cindy. “I think it just means your sexual energy has been awakened and you’re ready to explore it in any form it takes, including bisexuality. I think it’s normal.”

Phip liked the way his sister talked openly about anything sexual, and their parents were certainly uninhibited too. Maybe it was just his own personal hang-up. “By the way, where are Mom and Dad?” Phip asked.

“In their room, I think. Want to go peek in on them? Maybe they’re in a horny mood.”

“Have you watched them fucking before?” Phip asked, his erection starting in his pants as he remembered the hot session he’d been in with them.

“Watched and more.” she said, grinning wickedly and running her tongue over her lips. “I fucked them both. God, it was great sucking Dad’s cock while Mom finger-fucked me. And when Dad came in my mouth. Ummm. Talk about yummy.”

Phip’s hard-on had sprouted to full mast as he heard his sister’s dirty talk. She reveled in the sexual act, and Phip knew he could learn some lessons from her. He looked at her heaving chest and watched lustfully as her tits rose with each breath. He reached to touch them, feeling the smooth flesh yield under his strong fingers. Julia came out of the daze of her lust-filled remembrances and reached over to massage her brother’s cock.

“Oh, that got you hot, did it? Now you tell me. Have you fucked either of them?”

“Yeah, ” Phip said, “I fucked them both, too, and at the same time. I think they must like threesomes.”

“And maybe,” Julia added with a grin, “foursomes. Since we’ve all fucked each other, why don’t we go and look in and see if we can hop in bed with them. Come on.” She hopped out of bed, leading Phip by the hand, her hand moist with anticipation, his shaking with desire.

They walked quietly down the hall. Just outside the bedroom door, Julia turned and pressed her tits against her brother’s chest, inflaming him even more. She pulled his face down to kiss him deeply and draw him into her open lips, their tongues twining together, bringing the blood to Phip’s temples. “Just to make sure you’re primed,” she said, and gently pushed open the door, stepping in with Phip’s hand in hers.

Their parents were lying in bed cuddling. Mark’s hand was playing with one of Josie’s breasts and she was tweaking the nipple of the other one. “Well, hello kids,” Josie said, not stopping her tit twiddling. “Come on over and kiss us good morning.”

Julia led Phip over to the bed, then released his hand with a squeeze, patting him on the butt as he walked away from her toward his mother’s side of the bed. Julia leaned over, exposing her tits to her father’s appreciative stare, and kissed him on the lips, pushing her tongue lazily into his mouth, grasping his tongue as it oozed out to meet hers.

She twirled her Dad’s tongue around, licking earnestly at the inside of his mouth. She kept her eyes open and looked over as her brother kissed their mother’s full lips, seeing her open her mouth and almost feeling their tongues joining. She felt the lust rising in her pussy as she rolled into her father’s arms, his arms going around her back, moving down to squeeze her ass cheeks and pull her onto him.

Phip had moved his lips to his mother’s exposed breast, suckling at her bosom just like when he was a child. Contented slurpings came from deep in his throat. Josie let out a deep, rumbling sigh as her son gulped the warm tit flesh into his adult mouth. Her eyes swam dreamily to her daughter’s. “So, have you two already been fucking this morning? You have fucked each other, right?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Julia mumbled, her tongue still buried in her father’s mouth. She let their lips part, but entwined their tongues outside their mouths so her mother could clearly see the evidence of the passionate father-daughter kiss. Then she withdrew, turning to stare directly into her mother’s face. “Yeah, Phip’s a great fuck, but we haven’t fucked this morning. We were sorta hoping you two would be in the mood.”

“We were just thinking about a nice family breakfast, too. You know, one where everyone cums together and eats together.”

“Oh, Mom,” Julia said, “that sounds wonderful. I can hardly wait to get started. Can I eat Dad first?”

“No, not yet. We want to see you and your brother fucking. Why don’t you eat him for starters, while we watch?” she said, moving her hands to undo Phip’s jeans before she guided his hips onto the bed. “Ummm. He does look tasty, doesn’t he?” she added as Phip’s dick sprang out of his shorts.

Julia pulled her negligee over her head, stretching her arms lazily to offer everyone a view of her firm tits as they swayed upward with the motion, the nipples a dark contrast to the pale globes. She then crawled across the foot of the bed toward her brother’s springy hard-on. She spread her legs to straddle his face as he lay on his back.

He could see his sister’s snatch as it moved into view above his face, a few drops of moisture already glinting among the dark hairs curling seductively over him. Phip breathed in the strong woman scent of his sister and watched as she lowered her mouth toward his prick, her tits bobbing into view like soft twin peaks as her lips encircled the head of his aching cock. He let out a quiet moan of pleasure as she pulled it noisily into her mouth, feeling the blood rise in his head.

She started sucking him in a slow, unhurried way, taking her time, letting his prick grow to its full size in her coaxing mouth. He felt a wave of passion overtake him as her hips moved sensuously just above him. He put his hands around her ass, drawing her down toward him, and raising his head until he could reach her pussy. He shot out his tongue, grazing her slit, and bringing an added moan from her mouth as it continued gulping up and down on his swollen cock. He tasted the woman scent on her, and plunged his tongue within her, licking the cunt lips as they parted to his hungry licking. He sucked at the juices deep inside her hot pussy, and pushed his hips, forcing his cock deeper into his sister’s mouth.

She gasped a little as his cockhead pressed against her throat muscle. Phip found Julia’s clit and sucked it completely within his mouth, his tongue working it back and forth, driving his sister into a frenzy. Her mouth came off his dick in a ragged gasp as he sucked her clit vigorously. He managed to get his hand in front of him and stuck two fingers into her gaping cunt, fucking them in and out as far as they would go while he toyed with her erect clit.

Julia settled back onto her brother’s hard cock, driving her mouth almost to its base. He slid one lubricated finger up to her ass, circling the puckered anus, driving her further over the brink, then just as she was making a downstroke, he plunged his finger all the way inside her hot asshole, bucking his hips upward at the same time.

Julia almost died with shocked delight as her brother’s finger stabbed all the way into her asshole, his tongue sucked at her clit, and her throat opened to take all of his huge cock into her mouth, her lips resting against his tight balls. She held there while he fucked in and out of her throat in short thrusts until she had to come up for breath.

She looked toward her parents to see what they were doing while she and Phip were locked in a sixty-nine. She saw her mother working her fingers inside her own pussy, and her father slowly jacking himself off. “Are we doing good?” she asked, her voice low and throaty from the mouth fucking she’d been getting.

“Hotter than the Fourth of July,” her mother said. “Make him cum in your mouth. It’s the sweetest feeling when that man-cum fills you up. But save us a taste. Don’t swallow it all.”

Julia returned to Phip’s raging cock, pressing her fingers around the base, squeezing him hard, feeling the cock bulge in her hand. She felt an indescribable sense of power at her mother’s words and began impaling her mouth on her brother’s throbbing dick, feeding it in her mouth, her lips banging against her own hand as she jacked him into her. She felt a shaking start in Phip’s hips, saw him quiver and felt his mouth let loose from her pussy as it dripped onto his face. His balls tightened and she felt the beginnings of his orgasm deep inside him.

She slurped and sucked loudly, driving Phip fully into eruption. His hot cock burst in gobs of gooey cum in her mouth. She pulled it all in, swallowing deeply when she could no longer hold it all in her. Finally his throbbing subsided and she pulled away from his dick, her mouth dripping with her brother’s cum, her eyes swimming with the heady taste.

Josie was right there, and covered her daughter’s mouth with her own, sucking the cum from her mouth, running her tongue hungrily in to taste her son’s cum in her daughter’s mouth. Julia moaned with delight, feeling the soft woman lips on hers, and the probing tongue greedily sharing the hot jism that filled her mouth.

Josie paused to lick her lips, then in a commanding voice, said, “What are you waiting for? You know I like a clean dick.” And Mark knelt to obediently take his son’s cock into his mouth, cleaning the last drops from the head, and licking the shaft clean from end to end. Julia had never seen a man eating cock before, and it excited her to watch her father sucking her brother after she’d just gulped his cum down her own throat.

“Does he do anything you ask him to?” she asked her mother.

“Certainly. He’s a good boy, usually. Except sometimes I have to punish him. But just a little.” Mark looked up, but didn’t meet Josie’s eyes, his head still buried on Phip’s cock.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Josie said firmly to Mark, then more softly to Julia, “Would you like to taste my pussy now? Cock cum and cunt juice makes a perfect breakfast.”

“Sounds like an extra special tasty treat,” Julia agreed, remembering how Cindy’s cunt had tasted in her mouth. And her mother’s commanding presence, how she controlled the men, but purred softly in a woman’s arms made her want to eat her until she could taste the woman juices joining the cum deep in her belly.

She trembled slightly with anticipation and starting kissing her way down her mother’s body, sucking on the heaving tits, teething the nipples into rock-hard erection, swirling her tongue in the inviting navel. But her real target was her mother’s sweet pussy. She wanted her mother to cum in her mouth, just like her brother had, but different, sweeter, softer. She wanted to please her mother in the way only another woman could.

Julia licked the juicy slit in front of her face, inhaling its delicious aroma and savoring the contented sighs that escaped from her mother’s mouth as her cunt lips opened to her daughter’s kisses. Julia took the bud of her mother’s clit between her lips and ran her tongue softly over the tender tip, sending bolts of pleasure into Josie’s womb. Julia held tightly to her mother’s succulent hips, drawing the sweet woman flesh into her frantic mouth.

Josie ran her fingers through her daughter’s short dark hair and ground her hips against her wildly sucking mouth. Her eyes swam with lust as she felt the insistent probing at her delicate pussy. “Get over here and fuck her.” she shouted to Mark, and her husband quickly moved to enter his daughter’s wet snatch as it bobbed in front of him. He rode up behind her, kneading her beautiful ass as it humped up and down and she ate her mother’s pussy, groaning pleasurably between laps. He ran two fingers up her pussy, and heard Julia sigh and sink her butt back toward him, drawing his fingers deep inside her sucking cunt.

He moved up once more, filled with desire to fuck that lovely hole and fill her with his man cock. He hoped Josie would let him cum in his daughter’s pussy. The thought of it inflamed him and he eased the head of his reddened prick against her willing cunt. She gasped into her mother’s pussy as her father entered her from the rear.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me Daddy,” she yelled as she tore her mouth loose while he plunged deep inside her.

“Um, that’s right. Fuck her tight little pussy. And you,” she said to Phip, “get on over here. Let me suck your dick. I bet you can cum in my mouth, too, just like you did your sister’s. Give Mom a taste for breakfast.”

Phip had been massaging his limp dick, but his mother’s words and the sight of his sister eating their mother while her father fucked her brought a stir of life back into it. He crawled on his hands and knees toward his mother, his cock springing up and heading straight for her red hot lips.

He straightened up as he got nearer her, his dick wavering just over her mouth as she urged him on. He pressed the tip against her lips and felt her suck him in, the hot interior of her mouth heating him up and pulling his cock to full erection. Phip felt himself bulging into his mother’s mouth, and he started fucking in and out, feeling the strength return to his dick as the cum bubbled back into his balls.

The sight of his father fucking his sister while she ate his mother and she sucked his cock was too much for Phip. He took in the sights, felt the sensations and tried to hold on. He grasped his mother by the ears as she wrapped her arms around him, kneading his pumping ass, drawing him deeper into her churning mouth.

He knew he would cum soon, but his mother, sensing his impending orgasm as a shivering inside him, slid off his prick with a wet plop, and pulled her daughter by the hair up out of her pussy eating. Julia looked up, her eyes filmed over with passion, her lips and cheeks red with her cunt lapping efforts. Josie turned Phip around to face his sister. “Fuck her in the mouth now. Fuck your sister’s mouth.”

Phip immediately jabbed his cock back into his sister, as she dove onto the shaft she had recently gobbled. She loved the taste of his cum and hoped her mother had another load in store for her. As Phip and Julia joined, his ass bobbed close to Josie’s face. She stuck her tongue into his pink asshole, drawing a sob of unexpected pleasure from him. As she got it lubricated, she replaced her tongue with a probing finger, letting the digit slide into his ass on his backstrokes as he fucked in and out of Julia’s sucking mouth.

“Okay, Mark, move up one notch. Bang her in the bunghole.” Her husband quickly pulled out of Julia’s pussy and he began rubbing his engorged prick up her ass, lubricating the tiny hole, working it into a state of arousal so it would accept his huge cock. As he slid the tip into her opening, Julia let out a cry, sobbing around her brother’s cock.

She watched as her mother fucked Phip in the ass, felt his hard cock pounding at her throat, and felt her father’s cock slide up her warm asshole. As Mark pressed full force into her, plunging past her tight ass muscle, she quivered and the first wave of her orgasm started.

“I’m cumming,” she mumbled, unwilling to give up the cock stabbing her throat. Josie saw the telltale signs and ordered Mark to fuck her harder, jolting her mouth off the swollen cock she had been gulping. Just then Phip began his own spasms, and Josie pulled him around, feeling the hot drops splattering on her heaving tits. She quickly sealed her lips over his bucking prick, taking the rest of his hot load on her tongue, swallowing huge globs of her son’s jism with abandonment, drinking in his sex juices.

Mark was still pumping furiously at his daughter’s ass, and as she pulled away from Phip’s cock, he looked into Josie’s eyes, seeking approval. She nodded at him and he almost immediately began cumming in Julia’s ass, his sperm spilling out the edges of her tight, squirming hole. “Squirt some on her ass cheeks so I can see,” Josie said, and Mark obligingly splashed hot milky drops against her cheeks, watching the glistening liquid as it stood out against her trembling butt. It looked so damn delicious perched there on her young firm ass. He licked his lips in anticipation of tasting it.

Julia was still shaking with her orgasm when Josie pulled her head onto her tits. “Here, there’s some drops here. Don’t want to waste any. Lick them up for me, then feed them to me.” Julia ran her tongue over the gooey trails left by her brother on her mother’s tits, teasing the nipples and burying her face in the succulent swell of her mother’s breasts. She raised up, her face flushed, and kissed her mother, snaking her tongue in, feeding her the cum coating her tongue. She felt her mother’s answering tongue and tasted the cum there from Phip’s spurting cock.

“Ummm. Ymmm. You taste so fucking good with cum juice soaking your mouth,” Josie said. “Just touch me once more and I’ll cum right in your hot sweet little mouth.” Her voice was rasping out in gravelly tones as her orgasm started deep inside her. Julia fell to eating her pussy, stabbing her tongue in the open cunt and twirling the nubby clit in her fingers.

Josie instantly gushed into her daughter’s mouth, letting out a scream of passionate approval of the job Julia was doing eating her pussy. She held her daughter’s head tight against her pussy until her throbs subsided. “You’re such a good pussy eater,” she said lovingly, looking deep into her eyes, “and such a wonderful cocksucker.”

Julia collapsed into her mother’s arms, their breasts mashing into each other. “You’re the greatest, sexiest Mom in the world,” she sighed with contentment.

Mark was still hovering behind her. “Can I lick the cum off her ass now?” he asked, a slight shake in his voice.

“Yeah. Phip, go help your father,” Josie said, kissing Julia once more firmly on the lips while the two men bent to lick Julia’s ass clean. Their tongues met for a brief instant as they both chased the same cum spot, and they shared a look that said they would both be Josie’s willing sex slaves as long as she wanted, doing whatever she told them to do, including sucking each others’ cocks.

“Now, tell me what you’re going to wear to the big party this weekend,” Josie whispered in Julia’s ear. “Make it something ultra sexy.”

“Well Cindy told me she and Aunt Sara have some negligees they’re going to unveil, and um, what about you? What are you and Dad going to wear?”

“Oh, we have our little outfits, but we’re keeping them a surprise. Sort of part of the scheduled entertainment. It’s going to be a hot fucking party if tonight is anything like a preview. Now, as to your outfit. How about a nice see-through top, with no bra underneath, of course, and then, well, I know you can pick out something. Maybe you could model it for Phip, or Cindy.”

Julia looked up, a new flush of excitement on her face, as her mother said this. “I thought you were probably fucking her,” Josie said. “Maybe you’ll share a taste of that birthday girl with your mother.”

“I can’t imagine anything better.” Julia said.

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