Family lessons XIV

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There was still one weekend night before the big party, and Phip and Julia decided to go out dancing. Julia called Cindy and they decided to make it a foursome and meet at the club. Even though alcohol was served at the club they picked, they would all have to buy chips for alcohol-free drinks. Sometimes they managed to slip some alcohol in and doctor them up, but it wasn’t necessary. They knew they’d have a good time dancing and talking and getting worked up for the big party.

Phip and Julia arrived first and were able to get a small round table on a level up from the dance floor where they could see the swaying sweaty bodies, but still get a breather if they needed one. Julia was wearing skin tight black pants and a stretchy, glittery gold top with no bra on underneath. Her nipples poked invitingly against the thin, clinging fabric that accented her flat stomach and pointy tits that stood up proudly. Phip sipped his cola and watched the dancers, comparing the women to his sister.

The DJ put on a slow song and he pulled her up on her feet and onto the crowded dance floor. He pulled her close to him, feeling her soft hair brush his cheek, and smelling the intoxicating aroma of her perfume. Her tits rubbed seductively against his chest as his arm caressed the small of her back. Both her arms were around her brother’s neck, pressing tightly against him, gyrating her hips slowly into his groin.

“You’re so sexy, Sis,” he whispered in her ear, “I feel like fucking you right here.”

She moaned against him and kissed the hollow of his neck. “Mmm. Sounds good, but I bet you’ll say the same thing to Cindy when she gets here.”

“Oh yeah,” Phip agreed, “she’s hot, too, but I love fucking you more than anyone.”

“Cindy is awfully cute, though,” Julia teased, tiptoeing to reach Phip’s earlobe and nibble at it, her hot breath blowing into his ear, sending a chill through him. “Don’t you think her little tits are just yummy, and that blonde pussy. Ooooh, it gets me hot just thinking about it.”

“So you want to fuck our cousin, too, or . . . have you already?” Phip asked, feeling his erection rising to stab against his sister’s grinding hips.

“Already have. And I want some more. Maybe we can share her,” she breathed into his ear as the song ended and they made their way back to their table, hand in hand.

As they sat down, Julia spied Brad and Cindy moving around, looking for them. She stood up and waved her hand to catch their eyes and motion them towards the table. Cindy was wearing a tiny black mini-skirt with black hose underneath and a white silky top that clung to her curves. It ended just at her waist and she had the top three buttons undone, exposing a bit of lacy white bra. The four crowded around the circular table, sipping drinks. Phip was holding Julia’s hand and Brad had his arm around Cindy.

“So, whatcha gonna wear to the party?” Cindy asked, looking into Julia’s hazel eyes, her own blue ones sparkling with a mischievous grin, her frosted lips sucking at the plastic straw of her drink.

“I haven’t exactly decided,” she said, “but Mom has some little see-through number in mind for me. How about you? Didn’t you tell me you had a mother-daughter outfit?”

“Um hmm. They’re really cute. Mom and I look almost like twins in them. She’s still so sexy it’s hard to believe. I can’t wait to show them off together.”

“Well, our Mom and Dad have something special cooked up, but they won’t tell us what it is. I have the feeling it’s really outrageous, though. Mom orders Dad around like he belongs to her, so nothing much would surprise me.”

“Oh, then you absolutely have to wear something sexy too. Mine is lacy little thing that hardly hides anything, and Mom and I don’t plan on being the only ones showing our tits at the party. As a matter of fact, yours look awfully good right now,” she said, fastening her gaze directly on Julia’s pointy nipples standing firm against the shimmering gold top. For answer, Julia leaned her head back and shook her short hair from side to side, pulling her shoulders back and exposing her breasts even more to Cindy’s lustful stare.

The DJ put on a compelling reggae tune with an insistent rhythm and Brad pulled Cindy up, her skirt riding up her thigh as she slid out of her chair. Phip and Julia followed behind them. As the music took over their bodies, and the crowd thickened around them, the four found themselves dancing practically in each other’s arms. Brad watched Cindy’s skirt inching up her thighs, her black encased thighs flashing in the neon lights, and her white top catching the stobes of the overheads as her top alternately clung and revealed her bra-encased tits, their motion setting a fire inside him.

Julia turned around and slid her ass against her brother’s front, rubbing smoothly against him, feeling his hands holding her hips, pulling her to him, rubbing up her flat stomach, her bra-less tits jiggling as she bounced to the sexy music. She felt his hard-on through his tight-fitting pants, and wondered what it would feel like sliding up her ass.

She turned back around and reached a hand between his legs, running it the length of his hard cock, bringing beads of sweat to his forehead. She raised her arms over her head in abandon, feeling her body surrender to the throbbing reggae beat. Sex seemed to ooze through her entire body. She felt it deep inside her, lusting to find expression. She put her soul into making her body into an open container to be filled by the sexiness of the music, as her brother ground against her, urging her own with his own wanton motions.

Cindy was bending over, shaking her ass at Brad, the roundness of it stretched hard against the tiny mini-skirt, which now was revealing the bottoms of her ass cheeks, peeking out in the black tights. Brad bent over her, scooping her entirely off her feet, her ass held solidly against his crotch as he waved her around, and she shook her blonde hair from side to side, her arms at her side, her hands over his to help balance her weight. As the song crashed to an ending, he slid Cindy to the floor, passing her between his legs, then pulling her up by the hands, finally letting them go as he reached his hands to her ass, forcing her against him as she gently caressed his back. They ended the song with a brief kiss, Brad’s tongue just brushing between Cindy’s lips.

Julia leaped into the air to land with her legs around Phip’s waist, almost knocking him to the floor, her hot snatch nestled snugly against his throbbing hard-on. She held on to his shoulders and leaned back a little, shaking her shoulders from side to side, making her tits come alive with the motion. Phip let her down, his hands sweeping around to cup her ass cheeks and give them a healthy squeeze. She put one arm around his back, brushing her breast against his arm and breathing into his ear. “One more dance like that and I might cum right here on the dance floor, ” she said, walking back to the table with Brad and Cindy close behind.

They sat and caught their breath for a few minutes, filling their eyes with the sights of other sweaty, sexy bodies moving to the beat of the music. Cindy and Julia got up to go to the bathroom together. “Ever wonder why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs?” Brad asked his cousin. “I mean, you’d probably think it a little strange if I said I was going to the john and asked if you wanted to join me, right?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Phip said, chuckling at the thought. “Girls like to catch up on girl-stuff maybe, or maybe they’re a little afraid of being caught alone. I don’t know. Beats me.”

As the guys sat sipping drinks, cooling off, they noticed the girls had returned, but had evidently stopped off on the dance floor. There they were dancing together in wild abandon, Julia with one leg between Cindy’s, riding high up into the black skirt, forcing it up toward her waist. They were going back and forth, raising their hands over their heads to expose the luscious roundness of their tits. As Cindy leaned back, she reached forward and grasped Julia’s hips to steady herself, pulling the brunette against her, driving her thigh up against the pussy just inside the snug black tights.

Recovering from the near spill, Cindy stuck her tongue out between her lips, wagging it at her cousin invitingly. Julia responded by spinning Cindy around and moving up close behind her, jamming the blonde’s squirming ass into the crotch of her slinky pants, feeling the heat as their bodies rubbed against each other. Julia squeezed Cindy’s waist, holding them tight against each other, then ran her hands quickly up under Cindy’s tits, giving them a brief feel through the thin silky top, feeling the nipples come to life even under the light fabric of the bra.

Sitting at the table watching, Phip and Brad were both getting hot with desire. “God, they’re hot for each other,” Phip said. “It makes me horny looking at them. I’d love to see them fucking.” His voice sank lower in his throat as his own lust and horniness rose to the surface.

“Yeah,” Brad added, “they’re two hot babes all right. I’ve got a boner just from watching them.”

“Um hunh, me too,” Phip said, reaching his hand under the table to rub his stiffening prick. He looked across at Brad, whose eyes were glued to the cousins, showing their torrid passions on the dance floor. He unbuttoned the top of his pants and unzipped his fly so he could reach inside and rub his growing hard-on. As he felt his dick just under the cotton of his briefs, it pulsated up and down, almost to the beat of the music playing loudly in his ears. He slipped it out of his pants and began stroking it slowly, immensely turned on by the show the two girls were giving him.

Brad turned to take a sip of his drink and saw the sweat beading on Phip’s forehead, and the rhythmic movements of his arm. “Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” he asked.

“I just couldn’t stand it,” Phip said. “Those two are so hot. I just had to do something to relieve the pressure.”

” Mine’s aching, too,” Brad said. “I’d really love to watch them fuck each other, and then, well, maybe we could swap sisters. What d’ya say?”

Phip nodded in agreement and began jacking his dick harder with the thought of the two girls fucking each other, then him and Brad. He noticed that Brad’s arm was now moving up and down in a similar motion to his own, and knew that they were both so turned on by the two horny girls grinding away on the dance floor that they were jacking off under the table, huffing with the sensations as they pounded away on their hard cocks.

The music ended and Cindy and Julia made their way back to the table, giving each other a brief kiss before sitting down. The cousins had slowed their rhythmic stroking as the girls came back, but the memory of the hot dance lingered in their minds, just as their hard dicks stayed in their pumping hands. The girls shared a knowing look, and Julia said, “So, you guys liked our little show, huh?”

“Yeah,” Brad and Phip said almost together, then Brad added, “You two are the hottest babes in this joint. Me and Phip couldn’t stand it so we sorta took matters in our own hands.”

“Well well. Let’s just see if we can’t lend a helping hand,” Julia said, winking at Cindy. The two girls reached their hands under the table, Julia feeling for Phip’s hard cock and Cindy putting her hand on top of Brad’s as it pumped up and down. Both girls replaced their brothers’ hands on their throbbing cocks, jacking them off as they grinned at each other.

“How about in time to the music?” Cindy said, suiting the action to the words, and watching Julia’s arm moving to the same beat. “Your cock feels really hard and hot, Brad,” she said. “We got you hot, and now we’re gonna get your cum,” she said, and the guys saw them exchanging looks.

“Okay, time for a switch,” Julia said as she let go of Phip’s cock. The two girls got up and changed positions. Then Julia reached to grab Brad’s cock at the same time as Cindy surrounded Phip’s swelling member. The guys both shuddered at the change, feeling new energy shoot through their pricks.

“Feel good, lover?” Cindy asked as she leaned over to give Phip a searching kiss, her tongue darting quickly between his parted lips, and pressing one breast into his arm as his fingers groped toward her hot box. She pushed his hand gently away. “Tonight it’s just you guys. Can you cum for me, right here?” she breathed in a throaty whisper as she squeezed his cock under the table.

Phip glanced at Brad and saw him squirming with delight on the seat, knowing Julia was working on his cock. He heard Julia’s voice cooing to Brad, entreating him to cum, too. She looked at Cindy, then deep into Phip’s eyes. “Come on, cum together, you two. Cum for us, right now.” her voice had risen to a hoarse grunt as the music picked up in volume and Phip felt his balls starting to tingle with excitement.

“Yeah. Jack me off. I’m ready to cum,” he growled between gritted teeth.

Julia looked steadily at Brad, then pressed her tits against his arm, leaning close and rubbing those soft globes into him, her lips snaking to his ear. She kissed the lobe, then sank her tongue deep inside his canal until he almost yelled. “Me, too,” he groaned. “Oh, I’m cumming right now.”

With that Phip also exploded, feeling his hot cum shoot out of his swollen cock, the juice splashing over Cindy’s hand and onto the floor. He knew Brad was experiencing the same thing. The girls rode them out until every drop of their cum was milked from their bulging cocks.

The girls exchanged another smile, then withdrew their hands, and Julia showed off the gooey cream coating her hand and slowly, lazily licked it all into her mouth, her lips shining redly as she displayed a wicked smile. Cindy waited for Julia to finish, then pulled her own coated hand out and stuck the fingers into her mouth, sucking on them like they were individual little dicks and she wanted to suck every one of them dry.

“Well, Phip’s cum sure tastes good,” Cindy said.

“Yeah, Brad’s too,” Julia chimed in.

With that the girls turned their heads toward their cousins, and Cindy stuck her tongue in Phip’s mouth at the same time that Julia was sucking Brad’s tongue into her mouth. They broke off the kiss with a wet, smacking sound. “Taste good, boys?” Julia asked. The guys grinned in pleasure, nodding their heads in unison, then Cindy leaned across the small table to plant a kiss on Julia’s lips, sharing the last bit of cum with her cousin.

“Yep, tastes mighty good,” she said, and they leaned back to enjoy the music seeping over them as the warm glow of the after cum flushed the guys, and a feeling of satisfaction at getting them off in this public place warmed the girls.

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