Family lessons XVI

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Brad and Cindy were driving along the ocean highway, the blue sky blazing and the surf pounding casually against the breakers. Brad had on his cutoffs and a white T- shirt, and Cindy was wearing skin-tight white cotton shorts that creased into her crotch as she sat on the seat beside him. Her tits were outlined through the stretchy ribbed top that exposed her bare shoulders, the skinny straps showing that she had no bra on, and as she raised her hands behind her head to adjust her blonde pony tail, her nipples pressed upward invitingly.

“You are looking so hot these days,” Brad said. “Since we started fucking I’ve realized just how sexy my sister is.”

“You don’t look bad yourself,” she said, admiring his strong thighs and the masculine swell of his chest. She knew Brad was good looking and could get many women if he wanted. Of course she realized there were other guys out there as well, but she felt good about the attraction she felt for him. They made a good couple, and the sex was great. It made her horny just thinking about it. She raised one leg on the seat as she partially turned toward Brad, giving him a view of the white shorts stretched tight over her pussy, running a hand down her golden tanned thigh. “I could just eat you up right now,” she added as the thought raced through her mind.

Brad moved a hand to his crotch, feeling the erection starting under his jeans, and eyeing the barely concealed pussy under the micro-shorts Cindy was flashing at him on the seat next to him. She moved a hand to her own crotch to emphasize her point, extending her near leg to behind his head, rubbing her calf against the back of his neck while she massaged her own pussy.

Sweat started to break out on his forehead and a grin stole over his face as Brad thought about having his sister eat him as he sped down the highway. He headed toward the freeway and eased back on the gas, letting the car move smoothly through the sparse traffic. A plan started to form in the back of his mind and his dick got hard. Cindy noticed and moved her leg from behind his neck, keeping her hand locked between her legs and feeling the juices starting to stir. “Must sound good, huh?” she said, leaning closer, her wonderful female smell wafting into Brad’s nostrils.

He watched her breasts heaving with passion on the seat beside him, the bare nipples pressing tight against the sheen of her tight top, her hand inching up his thigh, teasing at the edge of his shorts. She put her hand on top of his as he massaged his bulging erection. “Let me help with that,” she said huskily, lacing her fingers inside his as he worked at his hard-on through his jeans. She was helping him jack off, but the motion was limited.

Cindy moved her hand to undo the zipper of Brad’s tight pants, reaching inside to feel the swell of his cock against her groping fingers. He expanded into her hand, feeling his cock meat grow with her touch. As they eased onto the highway, she slipped a finger inside his briefs, rubbing the head of his cock as it poked at his waistband. “Raise up,” she said, and slid his jeans down over his knees. She reached inside and wrapped her hand around his warm sweet cock, reveling in the throbbing she felt as she watched her fingers manipulating him inside his cotton underpants. She bent over and nipped at the head of his cock through the cotton, feeling it respond to her soft bite, feeling it like a live thing in her hand.

She slid his briefs down his thighs. “Jack it off,” she said. “Pump it up for me.”

Brad moved his own right hand back to his aching prick, steering with his left. Slowly he began to stroke it up and down, feeling the first drops of pre-cum emerging at the tip. He looked over at his sister, and saw she had her shorts unfastened and had a hand inside, working at her own cunt as she drooled at the sight of him jacking himself off. He knew he could cum at any time, but wanted to hold back, wanted to cum in her sweet mouth and watch her gobbling his cum all the way down her gasping throat. Then he’d take her for the special treat he had in mind.

“It’s ready for you now,” he said, “nice and hard and just waiting for your hot mouth to suck it all in.”

Cindy crawled toward Brad, working her head between the steering wheel and his lap, positioning herself so she could get his cock into her mouth without banging her head on the hard plastic wheel. She wanted to see stars from sucking the cum out of him, not from getting knocked in the head.

As her lips closed over the head of her brother’s prick, Cindy let out a sigh of satisfaction, and Brad bucked his hips, trying to get as much as possible buried in her mouth. He let out a groan and swerved slightly on the road, before regaining control of his driving, if not his dick. It felt good going into Cindy’s mouth, and he began to speed up as she sucked more of the shaft into her, licking the sides along the way. A truck passed by and blew its horn. Brad was sure the driver could see his sister sucking his cock on the front seat of the car as they barreled along the highway, but he didn’t care. It felt good to flaunt their sexuality in public. He couldn’t wait to cum in his sister’s mouth.

Cindy pulled on his cock, sucking it deeply into her mouth, letting it plop loudly out of her grasp, only to lick the underside, and tease the piss slit with her probing tongue. The harder she sucked, the faster Brad drove, until he was in danger of getting a speeding ticket. He wondered how they’d explain that one to the officer. Well, maybe Cindy could pay the cop off with a blow job by the side of the road, but chances of that actually happening were slim, Brad knew, and he tried to ease off the gas just as his hard-on was pounding harder in her mouth.

“You want it, don’t you Sis?” he groaned, feeling the cum start to bubble in his balls to her insistent sucking. “You want me to cum in your mouth, don’t you?” He wrapped one hand in her beautiful hair and pulled her gently off his raging hard-on. She looked up into his eyes, practically begging for it. Her eyes were locked on his in pleading, her lips parted and wet, her breath coming in ragged gasps. He massaged his fingers into her hair and watched her resume her violent sucking.

He heard the slurps and gulps of her hungry mouth, working hard at his bulging cock. “Take it,” he yelled, “take it all the way in.” and he thrust his hips upward at her grasping mouth, feeling his cock slide past her tight throat muscle, down the constricted passageway of her throat. He shoved it to her as she returned his strokes, both of them oblivious to anything but the lust roaring through their veins as they sped down the highway, locked in a passionate, orgasm-building embrace.

“Okay, here it cums,” Brad shouted, the highway sounds buzzing in his ears as he thrilled to the feel of his sister’s lips grazing against his belly, suctioning all of his hard cock deep into her mouth, as deep as it would go. She slipped her fingers under his balls as he began to cum deep in her throat, feeling her milk it out of him, swallowing it like a nourishing lunch. He fed it to her in slow spurts, and she hung on for every last drop, draining him completely into the hollow of her throat.

When she sat back into her own seat, Cindy had a drool of cum on her lips and a juicy bit was hanging down, dripping onto her chin. Cindy looked deeply into Brad’s eyes as the gooey cum dripped off her raw lips and she sucked the juice back into her mouth, wiping her chin with a finger and licking that clean as well, her eyes lingering on him. “Did you like that?” she asked. “I got every bit. Do you like watching me suck your cock and drinking your cum?”

Brad practically got another hard-on from hearing the hot talk of his sister. The sight of her licking the cum back into her mouth as her eyes probed his was just too sexy for him to take. He knew it would haunt his dreams for weeks to come. “You are one hot babe, Sis,” he said. “I love to watch you eat cock, and I can’t wait to see you eat some pussy, too. Which will it be at the party, Mom or Julia, or maybe even Josie?”

“Why not all three?” Cindy said, “and I want to fuck all the guys, too. Would you fuck me while I suck Phip off? And maybe I could get . . . ”

“Whoa,” Brad interrupted. “You’re getting me hot all over again. I’ve got an idea, though. A place for us to stop and get you some party practice.”

“More cock?” Cindy asked, her eyes lighting up as she licked her lips, to get the last taste of Brad’s cum into her mouth.

Brad eased the car into the parking lot behind an adult theater, straightened up his jeans, and walked around to let Cindy slide into his arms, giving her a deep kiss as she pressed her tits tight against his chest. “I think you’ll get a good preview in here,” he said and hustled her off toward the entrance.

As they walked in, the lights were dim, the feature had already started, and Cindy noticed there were about a dozen men scattered throughout the small theater. Some of them appeared to be pulling on their dicks, but she couldn’t see too clearly in the dim glow from the screen. Brad looked around, moving slowly through the aisle, finally selecting seats in the first row, near the middle. Cindy looked up at the distorted image on the screen and saw a blonde with huge tits getting fucked from the rear, her tits bouncing like crazy with every stroke that drilled into her pussy.

They sat and watched for a while, and as their eyes got accustomed to the dark, Cindy noticed that she was the only woman there. Brad was looking around, sizing up the guys that were sitting at various places. Cindy couldn’t keep her mind on the action on the screen as Brad fidgeted and she tried to figure out what he had in mind. The acting was really terrible on the screen, and the actors weren’t to her taste. The man seemed to be fucking the woman in the same position for an awfully long time. She was surprised he didn’t either cum or change to some other position.

Brad got up and walked toward the back, to use the restroom, Cindy assumed, but instead he stopped and chatted with a few of the scattered men. When he returned the scene had changed. Now the woman was being eaten by another woman, her thighs parted to let the brunette inside her snatch. Her mouth was open and the man had moved to behind her head, fucking her mouth as he stretched out her throat, driving his cock deep down her mouth as she got eaten expertly by the second woman. This was more interesting and Cindy could feel a throb of excitement start to move up through her.

Just then Brad came back and sat down beside her, his hand going around her shoulders. He bent to whisper in her ear. “Are you ready for that little surprise I mentioned?” His tongue stole into her ear as he breathed this, and Cindy felt herself shivering with anticipation. She imagined she was going to get fucked by as many cocks as she could hold, and the thought thrilled her.

As she watched the action heating up more to her liking on the screen, she felt Brad’s warm fingers toying with her nipples and massaging her breasts into arousal. Her breath started to quicken as he teased her nipples into erection, then with a quick motion, he snatched her top over her head, pulling it free as her arms shot up into the air and the cool air of the theater shivered across her now bare breasts. He then stood her up and unzipped her tight shorts, yanking them down along with her panties around her ankles. She lifted her feet to step out of the crumpled garments as Brad stood up and just as quickly shed his own clothes. He stroked his cock a few times, then sat back down on the seat, pulling Cindy against him, her tits rubbing into his face as she bent to meet his hungry lips. She twisted, nestling his face between her firm breasts, feeling his tongue licking between them, then gobbling first one nipple, then the other into his slurping mouth.

She felt a strange hand on her ass as she was pushing her tits into her brother’s mouth, but he held her tightly against her so she couldn’t turn and see. The hand began kneading her ass cheeks, first lightly, then rougher, then she felt another hand on her back, running up her spine, exploring all the tender areas there, moving up to her neck, rubbing it sensuously. Brad released his hold on her and she straightened up slightly, feeling his hand slide to between her legs, rubbing against her already dripping pussy lips. He worked against her clit, bringing moans of arousal from her parted lips.

As she moved to the torrid rhythms starting to rack her body, she felt lips on her right tit and a hand on her left one. The man sucking her right tit was furiously trying to get all of it in his mouth, fucking her tit deep into his mouth, biting at the base. The hand on her left tit twisted the nipple, pinching it tightly, bringing a cry of pain to her throat and moisture to her eyes, but her cry was cut off as a tongue was thrust into her throat and lips closed over hers, thrusting hard into her. She sobbed deep in her throat as the multiple sensations started to overwhelm her.

Then Brad shifted his position, standing up and turning her around. Cindy felt hot man flesh all around her, her vision a blurred mass of naked bodies and throbbing cocks. The whole place was starting to smell like sex, like hot cum. She wondered if one of the men was cumming right then, or how many men were actually touching her, watching her. Was she the center of attention of the whole theater? Her own private porn star? The thought of having all the men in the theater filled her mind. She wanted to fuck everyone there, to be fucked by every man in the room.

Brad gently guided her down onto the lap of a man sitting in one of the nearby seats. She could feel his prick pushing at her wet pussy lips, then took in a sharp breath as the cock head entered her. She eased down onto it, feeling it fill her with pleasure. Her body was shaking with emotion as lust flooded through her. Brad moved close to her, putting his fingers in her hair, pulling her mouth onto his hard cock. She sighed with pleasure at the familiar taste of her brother’s cock burying itself deep into her mouth, pushing at her throat muscle, as the other cock bulged to fill her tight pussy.

As she moved up and down on the cock in her pussy and sucked her brother’s cock all the way into her throat, she felt lips sucking on both her tits, and a tongue running up her back. The combined force of all those sensations was rocking through Cindy. She wondered how long she could stand it and how much cum she would get to gobble up.

Just as the thought entered her mind, she felt Brad start to pump harder, slamming his balls against her chin and holding her face tight against him. He fucked her mouth mercilessly, driving her nose into his stomach. She reached around him, grabbing his ass cheeks as she fought to take him all the way into her, fighting at the light headed feeling coming into her from lack of oxygen, feeling it become a part of the orgasm beginning deep in her pussy.

Brad’s cock swelled even larger and his cum pumped straight into Cindy’s stomach. She struggled to hold it all, not really tasting it, but feeling it gurgle down her as she opened all the way to his urgent thrusts, finally taking every drop. She gasped for air when he pulled out of her throat, feeling faint as the oxygen rushed into her brain and the cock in her pussy still pounded relentlessly into her. She started to gush, flooding the man’s cock with her juices, and her whole body started shaking uncontrollably. Just then she felt more hot cum spraying across her back as some stranger jacked off on her, then more joined it from another direction.

The man under her also spurted into her, filling her pussy with gobs of creamy cum as her own juices flowed down onto him. Brad was already pulling her up, and she felt the mixture of man cum and her own juices dripping down the inside of her thighs. He guided her down onto the floor and Cindy found that another man was waiting, his hard cock sticking up though his hand as he stroked it up and down. She straddled this man, facing him, still feeling the effects of the orgasm that had just shaken her, her lips still gasping from the hard mouth fucking she had received. As the man’s cock buried in her pussy, she felt her flames re-ignite. She worked herself down until she had all of his cock inside her, but as she started to move up and down on him, she felt hands from behind kneading her ass, holding her still, bending her over forward.

Then a second cock started moving up the crack of her ass, rubbing between the cheeks and teasing at her tight ass hole. He withdrew for a moment and rubbed his hand at her pussy, already filled with a hard cock. He gathered some pussy juice by pushing his fingers into her pussy alongside the cock buried in it, then inserted his wet finger slightly into her asshole. The lubricated finger slid inside to her asshole muscle, then wriggled slowly, waiting for it to open for him. Cindy felt on fire and leaned a little more forward, spreading her cheeks as she felt the muscle relax and the finger slide inside.

He pushed into her asshole steadily and Cindy began to ride the cock stuck inside her pussy, feeling the finger in her asshole rubbing against it through the thin membrane separating the two orifices. Then just as she was getting the rhythm adjusted, she felt another cock stabbing at her mouth as she moved up and down. She tried to take it into her mouth as well, reaching to cup the balls and keep it from dislodging from her other motions, but sometimes it popped free. She was having trouble keeping all three holes filled at the same time, and she felt other hands probing her tits.

She felt sweat pouring off her body, and the bodies of the men fucking and sucking on her, and the smell of cum was strong in the air now. The man who had been fucking her mouth pulled out and began jacking himself with a furious motion. Cindy knew he was about to cum, and she felt the dick in her pussy driving her closer to another orgasm. She watched the man jacking off, pounding hard at his dick, bringing himself to the brink. Just as the first drops started to spurt from its tip, he grabbed her hair and jammed his cock back in her mouth, shooting load after load of cum into her mouth. This time she got the full taste since it was in her mouth and not down her throat, and she thrilled to the taste of new cum filling her, licking the last drops from the tip as he slowed his thrusts.

She felt Brad’s familiar lips covering hers, and wondered how much of the stranger’s cum he could taste in her mouth. Then she was jerked away as the man under started cumming, bucking his hips wildly up off the floor, causing the finger to pop out of her asshole. The combination drove Cindy into another orgasm, and her juices soaked the man’s prick as it drove its hot load of jism into her pussy.

She was completely sated, and lay in a heap as Brad dressed, then helped her on with her own skimpy outfit. As they rode back, Cindy rolled down the window, feeling the breeze ruffle her hair, the smell of sex still heavy on her body, her mind completely relaxed. She reached over to stroke her brother’s thigh. “Nice surprise,” she said. “I loved getting fucked by all those men.”

“I thought you might,” Brad said slyly. “And I know we’re going to have a great time at the party, fucking everyone in the family.”

“Umm. Yeah,” Cindy smiled. “I can’t wait to fuck Phip and Julia and Mom and, just everyone all together.”

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