Family lessons XVII

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When they arrived at the party, Jamey escorted Cindy in with his arm around her waist, while Sara walked with her arm hooked in Brad’s. Cindy was wearing a one piece pullover knit that ended halfway up her thighs and clung to her tightly. Jamey looked at his beautiful daughter, feeling her hips as they brushed against his, and pulled her a little closer to him. She responded by laying her head against his shoulder, her blonde hair settling softly and the wonderful woman fragrance of her wafting up to his nostrils. He loved the feel of her against him and was already immensely turned on just walking up toward Mark and Josie’s house.

Behind them, Sara watched as her husband and daughter caressed, feeling a tingle at the sight. She wrapped her arm tighter around Brad’s, bringing it against her breast as they walked, feeling it rub sensuously with the motion of their movements. She leaned closer and kissed Brad lightly in the hollow of his neck, feeling the shiver her lips shot through him, and shivering herself with anticipation.

As she broke the kiss Brad looked at his sexy mother and saw that the cream colored wrap around dress she was wearing, fastened only at the waist by a knotted piece of matching fabric, had blown open a little, showing some kind of filmy lace underneath. The sight whetted his appetite for seeing more of her, and watching his Dad and sister fondling each other added to the thrill he felt.

When they entered the house, Julia was standing near the snacks, sipping a drink. She was wearing a see through top with dark patches spread teasingly over it, revealing and concealing at the same time. Her breasts were partially concealed by the pattern of black hands, the fingers extended. She had on high mesh stockings that ended in a black thong that ran up between her butt cheeks and tapered to a tiny triangle in front. A small, white jewel glistened brightly in the black ‘V.’

Cindy immediately went over and gave her cousin a warm kiss. “Don’t you look sexy?” she oozed. “Much more delicious than these chips,” she said, feeling her breasts stiffen slightly as they pressed against Julia’s.

“Well, how about you? That’s a nice dress, but I thought you and Aunt Sara had something matching,” she asked, a bit disappointed.

“Oh, we do,” Cindy said, “under these things. What we have is much too good to show on the street. It’s just for family.” She winked and gave Julia a peck on the lips, darting off to her mother’s side.

The two women went off together, and Brad went over to get a drink, eyeing Julia appreciatively, remembering the hand job she had given him at the club and hoping for more tonight. As she bent to change the CD, he smiled at the sight of her ass cheeks pushing roundly through her mesh tights, his mouth watering as he watched the thin black strip disappearing between those succulent mounds. He shared a knowing look with Phip, who grinned back lasciviously.

Sara and Cindy emerged from the bedroom where they had stripped off their dresses, revealing the matching negligees they had purchased just for this occasion. They skipped in holding hands and laughing. The thin little teddies were frilly on top, with tiny spaghetti straps, high cut on the sides, with a hint of dark lace edging the front crotch and trailing up the butt, showing smooth backs that shimmered as they moved. They twirled around so everyone could see them completely.

The two looked incredibly similar as they began dancing together to the music. The identical outfits showing that they both had small firm breasts and luscious rounded bottoms. Their blonde hair bounced together as they held each other, then shook apart as they moved to the beat. Sara held Cindy’s hand, and twirled her around, her hair splaying sexily, then returning to frame her beautiful face, so much like her mother’s. They began to bump against each other’s butts, then turned and Sara put her hands on her daughter’s waist and eased them closer together, till her crotch was pressed against Cindy’s ass, the two of them moving up and down like a well oiled machine, a sex machine.

They ended the dance and Sara went to stand next to Phip as Cindy joined Brad and Julia at the snack table. “You look great,” Phip said. “You’re a great dancer. Very sexy.”

“Oh, do you think so?” she teased, seeing that he was already turned on. “Well, you know what they say about dancing?”

“Uh. No, what?” Phip asked.

“That it’s the closest thing to fucking you can see. That you can tell how a person will fuck by how she dances.” She watched for his reaction, knowing that Josie had prepared him. Still, she felt incredibly wicked making this blatant come on to her young nephew, feeling the blood rise in her cheeks.

Phip’s eyes lit up and she noticed a drop of sweat on his forehead. “Then,” he started slowly, looking first at her breasts heaving from her exertion, and then into her eyes, “you must be a great fuck, too.”

“Oh, I hope so,” she squealed with delight, feeling her emotions flowing to the surface. “And I hope you’ll find out for yourself tonight.” She squirmed against him, kissing him lightly on the cheek, then brushing her lips against his as her breasts plowed across his arm.

Phip was racing with desire. He couldn’t wait to fuck his aunt and feel her hot tongue racing up his body, but his attention was drawn to the staircase as his mother and father came marching down to join the party. Everyone turned to watch as they slowly came down the stairs.

Josie was in front, wearing shiny, high heeled black boots that ended just below her knees, long black gloves that came to her elbows, a high cut latex bikini thong, a silver chain around her waist, and tiny triangular patches of black latex covering her titty nipples, but exposing the swell of her breasts. She swaggered down the stairs, holding a thin whip in one hand, and a silver chain that matched the one around her waist in her other hand.

Attached to the other end of the chain was a leather collar around Mark’s neck. His hands were cuffed in front of him, and he had on a leather belt studded with silver and supporting a pouch that held his cock and balls. He was blindfolded and followed hesitantly, feeling for each step as Josie pulled on his collar.

A collective gasp went up from everyone. Sara felt a gush in her cunt at the sight of Mark so thoroughly humiliated. She knew Josie had been training him, and her own experience with him had showed he was a willing slave, but this, well, this promised to be something really special. She looked at Phip to see his reaction to his father trussed in his mother’s command, wondering how much Josie’s training had extended to her son. She saw Phip standing riveted to the scene, and hoped she and Josie could get a chance to explore all the possibilities of two wonderful male slaves attending to all their demands.

She was standing slightly behind him and moved closer, pressing her breasts against his back. She stole a hand around his waist, rubbing his hard stomach, then inching it down toward his cock. She felt the beginnings of his erection under her probing finger and whispered softly in his ear. “Like what you see, honey? Is it getting you hot. It feels like it is.”

Phip felt cold sweat breaking out all over him and merely nodded, not knowing what to say at the sensations flooding over him. Sara kissed his ear, then flicked the tip of her tongue into its depths, feeling him stiffen in her hand and pressing tighter into his back. She was pretty sure she’d be able to get her way with Phip just as she had with Mark, feeling a surge of elation at the prospect of her sexual power.

Josie was parading Mark around, making him crawl on the floor, leading him like a dog. Sara was about to cum in her pants at the sight, except she wasn’t wearing any, and continuing to feel up Phip. Brad and Cindy were holding hands, watching the spectacle. Josie flicked the whip lightly on Mark’s ass, her eyes brightening as the welt reddened and he winced and groaned softly.

“Now,” Josie said, “I want you to smell all the pussies in here and find the birthday girl.” She led him around on his hands and knees, first to Sara. She spread her legs and let Mark sniff into her crotch, not allowing him to touch it. Then he was led away to Julia, who kept her mesh-covered thighs close together, but ran her fingers through her father’s hair, being careful not to dislodge the blindfold. She let him smell her through the tiny triangle of cloth, moving slightly from side to side to waft some of her pussy perfume at his nostrils.

Next, Mark was in front of Cindy’s pussy. She knew it was their joint birthday party and though she’d never seen this kind of display of submission in a man before, she wanted to fuck him, wanted to get the first birthday fuck for both of them, so she spread her thighs and put a finger in each of his ears, pulling him into her snatch. She rubbed the silky fabric of her negligee into his face, feeling his nose grinding into her soft pubic hairs, knowing her pussy was putting off a powerful smell.

“Okay, that’s enough. This little slut certainly wants it, but which one is Cindy? Bark for her. Show me which pussy you want to fuck, birthday boy. This one?”

To everyone’s surprise, Mark sat back on his heels and began barking like a dog, then howling in a high wail as he threw his head back like a wolf howling at the moon.

“Well, aren’t you lucky?” Josie growled. “You got it right the first time. Okay, since you’re such a dog, we want to see you do it doggie style.” With that she turned and led Mark toward the couch, taking Cindy by the hand. “You, too, baby. We all want to watch the birthday couple fucking like dogs.” Cindy followed along, her head light with the prospect of fucking her uncle in front of the whole family

As they got to the couch, Josie put Cindy’s knees on the cushions, arranging her so her arms were resting on one of the sofa’s arms. Cindy leaned forward, sticking her butt high in the air, luxuriating in the feel of it being exposed for everyone in the family to see. She saw her mother’s crotch nearby, wearing the identical skimpy negligee, and it was like seeing herself in front of her eyes. Cindy hoped she’d get a chance to eat her mother’s pussy next, after her uncle fucked her. She was thrilling to being the center of attention, her pussy already dripping with desire.

Next, Josie pulled Mark up behind Cindy, leading him by the chain in his collar until his head was on top of Cindy’s ass. She wriggled a little as she felt his chin dipping into the valley between her cheeks, then she felt the weight lift and looked back to see that he was still blindfolded, and Josie had jerked him into an upright posture. She then let the chain fall and walked up to Cindy’s face, lifting her chin lightly with two fingers, Josie kissed Cindy softly, her tongue just brushing Cindy’s lips.

Cindy opened her mouth to take her aunt’s tongue, but Josie stood back up, bringing her hands to her niece’s shoulders and slipping the straps from her shoulder. “Let’s get you out of this, dear,” she said smoothly, stripping the thin cloth down Cindy’s body as Cindy raised her legs and stepped out of the delicate teddy. Josie immediately repositioned Cindy on the couch, not giving her a chance to show off her body to the gathered family, though she knew they could all see her completely, and most had done more than just see her.

Mark was led back to Cindy’s waiting butt. “Okay, find that sweet young pussy,” Josie commanded. “Sniff it out and stick your tongue up her snatch.” Mark immediately began snuffling on Cindy’s round ass, working his way down until his nose poked into her pussy, barely parting the wet lips. He quickly replaced that with his probing tongue, reaching deep inside her, lapping hungrily at her juicy cunt. Cindy let out a gasp as her uncle started working on her pussy, and reached a hand under her to rub her own clit. She felt Mark’s tongue stray up to her asshole, and felt a new thrill as his tongue briefly stabbed in that tight hole, then moved back to gobble more of her gushing love channel.

“Okay, that’s enough. I think you’ve got her good and wet. Here, let me check,” Josie said. Mark removed his tongue and Cindy felt cool gentle fingers probing inside her pussy. A wave of excitement swept over her as she felt her aunt’s fingers push against her pussy lips and explore inside, drawing a sigh of pleasure to Cindy’s lips. She pushed herself against Josie’s hand. “Oh, she’s a hot little bitch,” Josie said from deep in her throat. “Can’t wait to get fucked like a dog. All right, let’s see what this birthday couple can do.”

And Cindy felt the exploring push of her uncle’s hard cock ramming against her ass, looking for the opening. She knew he couldn’t see her, and the thought of him following Josie’s instructions, doing whatever she said, however, whenever, tugged at something deep inside her. She wondered what it would be like to have her own sex slave. Just then Mark’s cock found her pussy and jammed inside. As he found the hole, he moved to position himself a little better, then suddenly rammed hard against her, burying his whole cock inside her pussy, sending a hot chill up her back. As she started to adjust to the sudden pressure, he rammed her again, even harder. Then again.

He was humping her as hard as he could, animal grunts escaping from his throat as he pounded his niece relentlessly. She felt the tremendous force of him slamming into her butt cheeks and could hear the wet slap of his thighs against her. The quickness of his assault jarred her, but she soon settled into the rapid rhythm, thrusting back against him as he kept up the intense pace. She didn’t think he could keep this up long as his breath began to come in tortured gasps.

“That’s it. Fuck her hard. Pump that pussy,” Josie yelled, and Cindy heard a loud smacking sound, knowing that Josie was bringing the whip down on Mark’s butt as he fucked furiously into her pussy. The cracks of the whip came faster, and Mark kept up his insane thrusting. Cindy had no time to adjust, and just let him fuck her wildly, feeling him start to swell inside her. “Cum on her. Cum on her ass,” Josie commanded. “Let us all see you shoot on her.”

Mark jerked a few more times, then pulled himself out of Cindy’s steaming pussy, and she felt the hot drops start to spurt onto her ass and back as he groaned with delight. Her own orgasm hadn’t had time to build, but she looked at the rest of the family gathered, shouting encouragement and knew she’d get plenty of opportunities before the night was over. As the last of his cum fell onto Cindy’s back, she heard applause as everyone cheered the birthday couple. She half expected them to all break into “Happy Birthday,” but she was more interested in tasting pussy than birthday cake, maybe with a hot topping of cum for frosting.

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