Family lessons XVIII – Final

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Mark went off to follow Josie’s next order, and Cindy rolled onto her back, stretching her arms over her head and waiting for the next sexual encounter. Her mother, who was the closest, walked up to her and leaned over to give her a kiss, passing her tongue into Cindy’s open lips and swirling gently, groping for her daughter’s own probing tip. Cindy lazily kissed her mother, feeling a hand going to her breast and luxuriating in the feel of a woman’s hand pinching her nipple into erection.

“That was good, darling. God, he fucked you like an animal. Josie really has him trained well.” Cindy noticed the tone of admiration in her mother’s voice and wondered if she also enjoyed being the dominant one in a sexual relationship. “But you need to get the chance to cum, too. Look who I brought to help out,” Sara added, pulling Phip up from behind her. Cindy looked into her cousin’s soulful eyes and she wondered if he’d take directions as well as his father did, after some training, of course.

“Hmm, hi Phip,” Cindy said, raising a hand in greeting, and Sara took the hand in her own, licking the palm. Then she placed it directly on Phip’s crotch. Cindy felt the outline of Phip’s hard-on under his tight jeans and stared at her mother’s barely concealed snatch before looking up into her eyes. “Oh, what a wonderful birthday this is going to be,” Cindy cooed. “Are you going to be part of my treat, too?”

“Yes, if that’s what you want, darling.”

“Oh, I do. I can’t wait to have some birthday pussy, instead of cake, with a cock to blow instead of a candle. And then I’ll make a wish.”

“And what will you wish for?”

“More of the same, and maybe…maybe something different too.”

“Oh, like?”

“Well, maybe something like Aunt Josie has.”

“Ah, I think it must run in the family,” Sara said, and bent to kiss her daughter again as Phip began running his fingers up Cindy’s long, smooth legs. Cindy was wondering if she would be able to command Phip the way she had seen her aunt ordering her uncle to do all sorts of lewd acts. Her pussy still throbbed from the hard pounding he had given her. Sara was also wondering how much training Josie had done on Phip. She broke away from the passionate kiss and moved to Phip’s side, running her hand over his firm ass.

“Did you like that little show? Did it get you hot” Sara asked.

“Umm hmm. I’ve got a boner that won’t quit.”

“Would you do anything Cindy asked to get to her sweet little pussy?”

“As long as I get to fuck her, I’ll do almost anything,” Phip answered.

“Could you take orders like your Dad? If Cindy was doing the bossing?”

Phip wasn’t sure how to answer. He’d never seen his Dad like that before, totally at the command of a woman, doing her bidding entirely. Something about giving up the usual masculine role of being in command appealed to him, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to go as far as his father had. The sound of Mark howling like a dog still rang in Phip’s consciousness.

Seeing Phip’s uncertainty, Sara went back and whispered in her daughter’s ear, her breath coming hot and sweet, tickling the tiny delicate hairs, and her words inflaming the desire burning just under the surface, aching to be released. “He’ll do whatever you say. Make him beg for it,” she whispered.

Cindy looked down the length of her body at Phip standing rubbing his cock through his pants, meeting her gaze with a timid lustfulness. Her pussy was still recovering, and her mother’s encouragement and hot breath gave her the courage to try it.

“Take off your clothes,” she said, “and eat my ass.” She felt a surge of power as Phip hurried to meet her request. “What?” she added, “I didn’t hear what you said.”

“I’d love to,” he said.

“Yes, ma’am,” she said with growing conviction in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am,” he repeated, and Cindy smiled with satisfaction and leaned back to enjoy the feel of her mother’s hands and lips caressing her breasts, whipping the nipples into hard arousal. She loved the feeling of sexual control and thought Phip would be a good student if he took after his father. She sighed with pleasure as she felt him raise her long legs and send his tongue creeping up her ass crack, and moaned as he snaked it inside her tight orifice, nestling deeper into her mother’s arms, starting to smell the strong woman smell. She wanted to eat her mother while her cousin ate her asshole.

Jamey had wandered away at the end of the performance. He thought Cindy and Sara were cute and sexy in their matching outfits, and Julia was quite a babe too, but the domination scene really wasn’t his thing, though he enjoyed watching Mark pound it to Cindy. His dick was hard from the sexual atmosphere in the room and he saw Brad and Julia standing sipping drinks, so he went to join them.

As he came up behind Julia, Brad had one hand on her waist. Jamey looked admiringly at Julia’s rounded bottom. The black thong was riding high up between her ass, and the mesh stockings made her legs looked incredibly inviting. The little see through top shimmered from the rear, showing her smooth back, her shoulders rippling slightly as she leaned closer to Brad. He knew the front view was even better.

He stepped up close, leaning over her shoulder. “Mind if I join you?” he said, sidling up close to her butt. Julia turned her head to look up into Jamey’s eyes, holding the gaze with red parted lips. She moved back just enough that her ass rubbed into his crotch while still maintaining the contact with Brad’s hand, which was now sandwiched between them.

“We’d love to have you, wouldn’t we, Brad?” Julia said, her voice just barely above a whisper. She stretched toward him, exposing the long curve of her neck to his willing stare. Jamey bent to kiss the lovely whiteness of her throat, nibbling softly at the succulent pale flesh. Julia rose to meet his kisses, and covered his mouth with hers, thrusting her tongue against his lips as he opened his mouth to receive her. She moved into his arms then, pressing her breasts against his hard chest, swishing their luscious softness back and forth across him and throwing her arms around his neck.

Brad moved up behind and put both hands on her waist, pressing himself into her back, rubbing his groin against her gyrating ass, kissing the back of her neck as she licked hungrily at his father’s passionate tonguing. He began to grind his hips into her, pushing her deeper into his father’s embrace. Finally, she broke away, squirming out from between the two heaving bodies. “Let’s find a better place,” she said, heading toward the couch where she could see Phip and Sara and Cindy intertwined in a sweaty, sexy tangle.

She shook her butt at them as she skipped toward the action, anticipating the double fucking she was going to get and maybe do a little switching around. Her mind was racing with the possibilities. She tried to concentrate on where she’d like to get fucked first, and by whom, but there were so many choices, and she knew she’d have time to sample all of them before the party was over, if it ever truly would be after tonight. She hoped not, because she wanted to continue fucking everyone in the family for a long time to come.

As Julia approached the couch she caught her breath at the close up sight of Cindy getting her asshole licked by Phip while Aunt Sara sucked on her nipples. She peeled off her own clothes as the smell of sex filled her nostrils and the lust trembled in her loins. Behind her Jamey and Brad also disrobed. Julia leaned over the arm of the couch so she could watch the threesome in front of her, then felt strong arms around her waist turning her around. Her lips met Brad’s as he spun her to meet his kiss, their tongues searching for each other, twining, sucking, grasping. He bent her over the soft arm, and Julia reached behind her for support. Jamey took her hands in his and gently laid her head on the sofa cushion. She was bent over backwards, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, as the sofa arms were low and soft. She relaxed into the position, spreading her legs for stability.

Brad pushed them apart further, reaching his hand between her legs to slide a hand up her slit, bringing moisture from within her pussy, and a jolt of electricity as his fingers drizzled over her clit. Jamey was stroking her cheeks and neck, and bent to kiss her, upside down, creating a new sensation and a new view as she opened her eyes to his chin. She felt his tongue probing past her parted lips and let him explore the inside of her mouth as she returned his kiss with little stabs of her own tongue, teasing against him.

Then Jamey was settling himself down near her head, one knee on the couch, the other on the floor. He held his dick in one hand and waved it in front of Julia’s face, rubbing it against her cheeks, and across her lips. She nipped at the head as he drew it across her mouth, then licked the underside as he brought it against her. Brad’s hands had moved to caress her open thighs, and she felt his lips moving up toward her pussy. She let out a little sigh as his tongue lapped at her cunt lips. As she opened her mouth, Jamey thrust the head of his cock into her mouth. She gobbled at it, choking back the gasp of pleasure from Brad’s cunt kissing, sucking the juicy cock head into her, poking her tongue into its slit.

Brad lapped harder at her pussy, moving to suck her clit into his mouth and ram a finger into her pussy, as Jamey ran his hands around her face, twining them in her short hair, brushing them against her sunken cheeks as she vacuumed his cock into her mouth. He stroked her throat and began thrusting against her, gently. As more of the cock shaft entered her mouth, Julia felt her throat muscles start to relax from the massage and the extended position. Soon Jamey’s cock was pressing at the entrance to her throat, and she opened to him.

At the same time, Brad removed his mouth and after a brief brush of cool air against her wet pussy, Julia felt the push of his hard cock against her pussy lips. Then, with a quick shove, he was inside her. Her eyes widened and she took in a sharp breath through her nose, just as Jamey rammed himself down her throat, cutting off her air. She stiffened a little as she felt his legs press against her face, his pubic hair grazing her chin and his balls slapping against her nose and forehead. Brad felt it and jammed his cock deep inside her. Both held themselves all the way inside Julia, one pressing all the way down her throat, the other completely buried in her pussy.

Julia was pinned tightly between the two men, totally fucked from both ends. Jamey caressed her cheeks lovingly and pulled back, letting her take in a little air through her nose, and Brad started a slow pounding in her pussy. She pulled away from Jamey’s cock as Brad’s exertions shook her body. She gulped in mouthfuls of air, and drooled saliva from the corners of her mouth, her breath coming in ragged jerks.

“Ohh. Yes. Fuck me,” she groaned. “Fuck my pussy. Fuck my mouth.”

Jamey pushed back into her, cutting off her cries of pleasure as she moaned from deep within her throat, and Brad increased his pace, fucking hard into her pussy as Jamey fucked down her throat.

Cindy now had Phip’s tongue up her ass, and her mother’s tongue alternating between her mouth and her tits. She thought she was ready for something more. “Okay,” she yelled at Phip, “come up here by me.” As he moved to comply, Sara watched her husband fucking Julia down her throat as her son fucked deep into her pussy. “Stick your finger in your mouth,” Cindy ordered. “Let me watch you suck it like a little dick. Get it good and wet.”

Phip worked his finger in and out of his mouth, coating it with saliva as Cindy coaxed him on. “That’s it, suck it like a cocksucker,” she ordered, feeling the power grow in her as Phip instantly responded to her demands. “Now, stick it in my ass,” she said, looking him straight in the eyes. He moved down to insert his finger where his tongue had been lubricating her hole, and heard her cry out softly as he entered her, her asshole opening to his insistent probing. He began fucking his finger into her with a slow, sensual rhythm and jacking on his stiff cock with his other hand.

Sara positioned herself over her daughter’s face and lowered her pussy to just above those red lips, slowly lowering herself down until Cindy’s mouth was buried in her mother’s sweet muff. Sara felt the insistent licking as her daughter began eating up the pussy juices. It was such an incredible feeling to have her daughter hungrily eating her, licking her pussy like she couldn’t get enough of it, and as she watched Phip fucking his finger into her asshole, following in Mark’s footsteps as a sex slave, a trembling started deep inside her.

She looked again at the threesome on the other end of the couch, at Julia’s warm lips closing around Jamey’s cock as it pushed all the way down her extended throat. She could almost feel it in her own throat, pumping madly, driving her to ecstasy. She was pushed further toward the brink by the sight of Brad’s hard cock fucking furiously into Julia’s tight little pussy.

Cindy slavered at her mother’s pussy, groping at her hips, running a finger up her ass crack, pausing at the asshole quivering under her touch. She plunged her finger in, bringing a cry to Sara’s lips, which only increased the fury of Cindy’s wild pussy eating. Sara was teetering on the brink of cumming in her daughter’s mouth. What a family party this was turning out to be she thought as her orgasm boiled just beneath the surface.

Cindy sensed her mother’s impending orgasm and looked lovingly up into her eyes, locking their eyes together as she nibbled on her clit, licked into her pussy, and pistoned her finger into her asshole. Sara stared at her daughter’s lustful love and let herself go, feeling her juices flooding over her daughter’s face, watching as she struggled to swallow the torrent of woman cum. It was the most delicious feeling of closeness she could imagine as she came and came, shuddering with each new wave.

As her mother came down from the crest of her passionate cumming, Cindy licked more slowly, savoring each drop of her mother’s wonderful love juice, thrilling to the fact that she could bring her such pleasure. As Sara eased off her daughter’s face, Cindy licked her lips in appreciation of the love bath she had just received, then turned her attention back to Phip. “Okay, that’s enough. I want you to cum in my mouth now. I want your cum mixed with Mom’s, a cum cocktail,” she said, glancing wickedly into her mother’s eyes.

Sara nodded her approval at her daughter’s commanding sexuality, and moved behind her husband who was busily fucking into Julia’s mouth, sweat beading on his muscular back. She ground her tits into that back and reached around to tease his nipples, squeezing them hard to bring them to erection. “What a throat fuck you’re giving her,” she said, kissing the lobe of his ear, her hot breath prickling the tiny hairs of his hearing canal. She groped for his mouth, managing to grasp his probing tongue as he kept up his steady, hard fucking motions.

“Yeah,” he gasped, his pulse rising with the added titillation, “I’m gonna cum right down her throat, all the way into her belly.”

“Ohhh. Makes me want some too,” she cooed, kneading his ass cheeks to help him begin spurting. She wanted a load of hot cum in her own mouth, but watching him cum down Julia’s throat was also exciting.

“I’ll save you a taste,” he promised, and kissed her again. Sara felt his ass move harder, and a jolt moved through her as the beginnings of Jamey’s orgasm became evident. He put both hands around Julia’s neck, rubbing his thumbs together so he could feel his dick inside as it pumped deep into her throat. “Here it comes baby. I’m gonna cum right into your belly.” And his jerkings became more spasmodic as the pure animal instincts took over and he squirted the first load into her. She gulped it down, feeling the hot sticky liquid flowing into her stomach. He watched her arch her neck and saw the ripples his cock was making as it expanded and shot its contents deep inside her.

Sara put her head close to Julia’s mouth and Jamey slowed a little, then grasped the base of his prick tightly as he withdrew from Julia’s mouth. Sara immediately engulfed the engorged shaft with a muffled moan, and Jamey let go as the last spurt burst into his wife’s mouth. She sucked voraciously, licking at his slit, milking the last out of his wonderful cock.

Julia was breathing hard, trying to get her breath back after the tremendous mouth fuck she’d just received. Her eyes were floating in a daze, and Sara covered her mouth with a passionate kiss, the two women sharing the cum in their mouths, each tasting the other’s lips and the same sweet taste of man cum inside.

Just then, Brad started shaking as he picked up the pace of his fucking into Julia’s pussy. She jerked her mouth away from Sara as she got caught up in the increased rhythms. Sara and Jamey exchanged a deep kiss, and Sara saw that Phip was straddling Cindy’s face, sitting on her breasts and fucking into her mouth. She thought he was also getting ready to cum and she wanted to taste both of them. Cindy spanked Phip’s butt, first on one side, then the other, and Sara knew she was urging Phip to start cumming. She moved to be beside her daughter as she got her mouth filled with cum on command.

She saw the urgency in Cindy’s eyes as her soft lips closed over Phip’s hard cock driving wetly in and out of her mouth. Phip threw his head back and rammed deeper into her mouth, his breath panting in his lungs. “Ummm. Here it cums,” he gasped as the first spurt erupted and his movements reflected the deep passions boiling out of him, down the length of his cock and into Cindy’s eagerly sucking mouth. She held on as he bucked wildly into her, emptying his balls of their load as she noisily cleaned him out.

Finally she let the still hard cock out of her mouth, drawing in huge breaths of air, her lips parted to let the cool air into her lungs. As her breathing calmed, Sara covered her daughter’s mouth with her own, sticking her tongue deep into the cavern, searching for any remaining drops of the wonderful cum. “Yum. I can taste his cum in you. It’s so delicious. You’re such a lovely cocksucker. And cunteater,” she added, remembering how well her daughter had eaten her and lapped up all her pussy juices.

“Umm hmmm,” Cindy purred, kissing her mother tenderly on the lips. “It tastes great mixed with your pussy. My first cum cocktail, but not my last, I hope.”

“Oh, I think we’ll have plenty more opportunities for that, and lots of other delicious possibilities, too,” Sara said. “You seem to have got the knack of getting just what you want out of Phip. How did that feel?”

“Great. I never knew how much fun it could be to be so…so in control. Do you and Dad ever…?”

“No, he’s not into that much, but sometimes Josie loans me Mark.”

“Loans him to you? Hmm. Well, maybe we could have a father-son, mother- daughter training session sometime. I’d love to learn more.”

“My, my. You’re turning into quite the eager family fucker, aren’t you?” she said, obviously pleased with her daughter’s suggestion.

Just then Brad yelled out and they could see he was getting ready to cum into Julia’s pussy. “Let’s go see if we can get some of that,” Sara suggested, pulling Cindy upright. Cindy bounced up, holding onto her mother’s hand. Sara whispered encouragement to Julia, then told Brad they all wanted to share his cum. Brad was already gripped in the throes of his passion, but managed to pull out of Julia’s pussy as the three women gathered around.

His cum came squirting out in huge arcs, splashing on their tits, chins, lips, shoulders, leaving huge white globs shining wetly as he jerked off as hard as he could, sending sprays of gooey cum onto his sister, his mother, and his cousin. As the last drops splattered on Sara’s lips, she bent to kiss Julia, letting her niece lick it off her lips, then Cindy lapped at her mother’s breast, cleaning the jism off there. The three kissed, licked and sucked all the cum off each other, sharing drops between their open mouths, extending tongues coated with cum for another to suck off.

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