forbidden fantasy-Chapter 1

forbidden fantasy-Chapter 1

Today was the day my brother jess and i would be starting high school.Being my twin we were almost inseperable,but managed to have other friends.Mom and dad loved the fact that we got along so well,and gave us all the freedom in the world. We were allowed to stay up late, go to parties and stay as long as we want, as long as we were together. We were now both 15 yrs old,jesse being the oldest by 2 minutes.
I peeped out the window and saw my dad as usual petting his mercedes benz.He was so obsess, with it that the only time anyone was allowed to drive it was when he was present. Pulling the curtains back into place i ran to my brother's room to wake him up."Jess?, wake up!", i said as i pounced unto his bed.What happened next would lead to all the lust i would feel for my brother."Go away christina,"he barely managed to say as he tried to kick me off the bed."But jess…today is our first day of high school," i said as i climbed on top of him.I suddenly became aware of something sticking me between my legs.Curious,i reached under me and grabbed it."Ow!,"he yelled,"let go christina!".What is it?",i asked innocently."Nothing!" he yelled."Just get off me." Stunned,i got off his lap and backed away.'What did i do wrong?", i asked,as i honestly had no clue."Nothing,just get out of my room okay?.Next time you want to come in,knock first"."But why?.i've never had to knock before.""Just do it!,now go so i can change and get ready." "Fine",i said feeling a littled bit confused and angry at the same time."Wait chris…don't hate me.I just woke up on the wrong side of bed today,"he said playfully,”forgive me?",he said giving me the cutest puppy eyes in the world."Fine,"i said smiling once more.Just get ready real quick,i don't wanna be late for the first day of school,"i said as i bounced out of his room.

I ran to my room and found the cutest pair of jeans to wear with my new white tee and wore it along with my high tops for the first day of school.Jesse was looking his usual sexy self.Yes, even though he was my brother I acknowledge that he was hot!!.He wore his black addidas,a pair of ed hardy jeans and a black and gold t-shirt.along with his chiseled features,blond brown hair and beautiful green-gold eyes,he was a looker.I on the other hand was considered pretty,but not a knock-out.I have been hit on because of my ass which I think is my best feature.I have blond hair, a curvy figure and blue eyes.

When we arrived at school…we were instantly the center of everyone’s attention.We quickly found our classes and hooked up with our old friends.Needless to say, our first few months passed off in a breeze.I however started to see my brother as more than my twin.I began to purposely walk in on him during his showers,brush my ass on his hands and so on.My brother became the star of my fantasies,and I would go to bed soaking wet on many occassions just thinking about him.And then things really started to heat up when I went into his room one night to ask him for help with my homework.The image I saw at that moment,confirmed to me that I would never see my brother as just my brother again.He was stroking his self rapidly and from the look on his face I knew he was about to cum.So enveloped he was in his ecstasy that he didn’t even acknowledge my presence.And then it happened;his hips arched up off the bed and he let out a very sexy moan as his cum squirted out of his cock and landed on the floor at my feet.He continued ejaculating until a saw him stop moving his hand and his face and breathing return to normal.I was speechless…I mean I just saw my brother cum for god’s sake!.Strangely I was extremely turned on and I could feel my juices soaking my underwear.When jess finally realized that he was not the only one in his room…I could tell he was upset.

“Christina?!.What the hell do you think you’re doing”,he said as he scrambled for the sheet to cover himself up.”I’m so sorry”,I said as I tried to explain.”You were watching me the whole time,and you said nothing”,he said as he approached me now in his underwear.”Jess…I—didn’t mean it.You just looked so good…i.i’m leaving now”,I said as I opened the door.’Wait.did you like that?”.”Yes.Alot.”I hesitated…”can I see it again?.Just a peek.””I don’t know chris…”’Please” I pleaded. I wanted to see it so bad."Okay.Just a peek."He slowly removed his underwear.When he was finished he held his hands to his sides.It was HUGE!!.I had never seen a man's dick before,especially my brother's.But i knew i was destined to own one of my own.I grabbed a hold of it and he groaned.”Tighter” he said in an husky voice. I quickly tightened my grip. ’God that feels so good,”he said as he pushed his hips higher, ”stroke it,” he commanded.I was more than willing to comply.i wanted to please him.I started to stroke him slowly until I gradually began to stroke faster.I could see the pure ecstasy in his eyes and knew pretty soon he was about to climax.”Keep stroking,”he said huskily,”faster.Oh god!!!!!!!!!!,” he moaned as I felt the muscles in his dick tighten.Suddenly my hand was covered in thick cream- coloured blobs.I quickly pulled my hand away.It felt sticky,and out of curiosity I tasted it.It tasted bad at first,but after a few more licks I found it to be intoxicating.”Chris,”Jess said,”Get out!!.” “Why?”I asked suddenly.I was mortified.After what we just shared?.”Now!!,”he yelled.I scrambled out with tears in my eyes.

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