Grandpas punishmet part 2

Grandpas punishmet part 2

I came home from shopping, Grandpa and Jake were in the kitchen. Why hello my young one. I said hello and headed to my bedroom, as that was the first time I had seen both of them since they punished me for looking at porn on the computer. Jake had this grin on his face and his eyes headed for my breasts. As I walked back to my room, my mind was wondering on that night, I felt my pussy start to tingle and get a little wet.

Grandpa came back to my room..My young one Jake and I are going to go out of town this evening and will be back tomorrow. Do you think you can behave by yourself tonight? Yes Grandpa I will be fine. OK said Grandpa, but NO ONE is allowed over here this evening do you understand that? Yes sir Grandpa.

After they left and I was sure they were gone, I got something to eat, and took a shower. It was about 8pm they had been gone for about 3 hrs. now. I snuck into my Grandpas room, went to his dresser drawer and found a couple Porn movies. I took them in my room. I took the towel off me and slipped into my red nighty and red high heels, as I knew I would end up masterbating tonight. I just wished I had a vibrator as the only penis that had been in my pussy was two old men, and I wanted to see how it felt with a vibrator.

I got dressed, laid on my bed on my stomache.. slipped the movie in the vcr, and pressed the play button. As I watched the movie, I was convienced grandpa must have enjoyeed old men fucking youner woman as that was what this movie was about.

I was watching a part on the movie where the old man was a Dr. and the young girl (about 18) was on the examining table, with her feet in the sterups as the Dr. was sitting on his stool between her legs looking at her pussy rubbing her clit as the Dr. asked her if that felt good, as she said yes, he told her how he loved to look at pussy while he plays with it..needless to say this was making my pussy very wet. I had been watching the movie for about an hour when Grandpa and Jake must have snuck in the house without me knowing it. They really were not going out of town, they just went to get a few beers to sneak back home to see if they could catch me once again. And they did.

I noticed a pair of shoes at the end of my bed, and they sure looked like Grandpas shoes..SHIT I thought. Im in trouble now. about the time I am thinking that, grandpa swooped down and placed hand cuffs on my wrists. DAMN YOU MY YOUNG ONE!! You will NEVER learn will you. Remember what I told you was going to happen next time I caught you looking at porn? Grandpa looked up at Jake and said, well Jake, looks like our old penis's are going to get a good workout on this young girl here.That right away made Jakes cock hard as a rock. Jake was about 67 the same age as Grandpa.

So my young one, what are you doing dressed like a slut waiting to be fucked? All in the red little nighty, red high heels, whats up with that? When I didnt answer, Grandpa knelt down and pull the back of my hair making my raise my head up and said..I SAID my young one what are you doing dressed like a slut waiting to be fucked? I knew I was going to masterbate after watching this movie! Speaking of movie, you have been a bad girl and snuck in my room to get the tape didnt you! Yes Grandpa, Im sorry! Yes, my young one you are going to be sorry.

He sat on the bed next to me as I was handcuffed and still laying on my stomache. He ran his hand down my back and over my ass. He moved the nighty up exposing my young ass. Saying ahhhhhh what a nice young soft virgin ass! As he continued to rub my ass, he said just the thought of penetrating that young soft virgin ass of yours with my old penis make me so hard.
Jake, dont he shy, come on over and enjoy this nice young ass with me. Jake walked over and sat on the other side of the bed. As I felt each one of the gently taking as ass cheek rubbing it ever so gently. Grandpa said…So my young one, I just bet your pussy is wet from watching that move huh now? Yes, Grandpa I said softly. Well, I soppose we should dip our finger in and see just how wet it is. Spread your legs apart my young one, let me see that wet pussy of yours.I spread my legs apart exposing my pussy better for Grandpa and Jake. Yes thats a good girl, show us what you got again. ummmmmm..Ya, thats it girl, Grandpa slipped is finger in my pussy going in deep he wiggled his finger in there and pushed his finger in as deep as he could get it, a moan came out of my mouth, as it did feel great. Yes, thats it my little girl you like my finger in that super wet pussy of yours dont you? You want Grandpa to fuck that young pussy again dont you? He pulled his finger back out totally soaked, looked Jake I think she is wet enough for the both of us. Go on Jake give it a try. Jake then took his big finger and slipped it in my pussy wiggling going is as deep as he could just like Grandpa did. ewwww I moaned. Ya you like Jakes finger in the pussy of yours dont you? I didnt say anything, Grandpa took his hand and slapped my ass..I SAID you like Jakes finger deep in the young pussy of yours dont you? YES Grandpa I do! Thats better young one. From now on you better answer me. Yes Grandpa I said.
Grandpa then rolled me over on my back, my hands cuffed above my head. Him and Jake looking me over like I was a piece of fresh meat, which I guess I was. Um Jake look at those nice titties screaming to get out of the cute little nighty. Bet she cant wait to have those nipples teased soaking that pussy even more.
Grandapa gently took my legs and pulled me to the end of the bed still laying on my back Grandpa said, go on young one, bend your knees, spread those legs apart so Jake can see that wet pussy. I did as he instructed, thats it be a nasty gril for Jake. You like being a nasty girl for us old men dont you? Of couse I had to say Yes Grandpa. Well we will see what we can do to bring more of them around. I have a few old freinds that would love some fresh young pussy like yours!
Sit up on the bed girl (as grandpa helped me get up as I was still in hand cuffs) Jake's cock was now close to my face, but he was still dressed. I think Jake needs a good mouth fucking from a young girl like yourself. Go on Jake, help yourself. Jake unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. (I swear old men have some big penis's) he started to stroke his cock and then guided it to my mouth, as Jake said go on girl be good and nasty for me and start by licking the precum off the tip of my penis. I stuck my tounge out licking the precum off the tip of his penis, thats is girl lick this old mans penis, dont stop now get it good and ready for a nice mouth fukin. He got as close as he could to me, as I started licking up and down his cock trying to get it as wet as i could as i know a dry penis is not so fun. Ummm thats it Jake said with his eyes closed..Your turning into such a nice young slut..he then guided his cock pushing it into his mouth as I knew I better open my mouth and let him put it int there if not grandpa would have spanked my ass..He slowly started to mouth fuck me with his penis..ewwwwwww ya girl thats it, your being such a good nasty girl mouth fucking this old mans penis, he started mouth fucking me faster, is was hard to keep up with my hands cuffed. He placed one hand on each side of my face and mouth fucked me as fast as he could with his penis..umm thats it bitch fuck it good, fuck it hard..your so nasty..a gagged a few times as he backed off to go back in just as deep the next time..after a few min. of this he moved over as grandpa was in front of me rubbing his cock in his pants..ummmmm now its grandpas he unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor..Now its time to give grandpa a good mouth fucking..go on my young slut there is some pre cum for you to start with..i dont have to tell you what to do do i??? He sounded aggravated..I stuck my tounge out licking his precum, continuing to get his penis ready for a mouth fucking. Thats it my young slut make this old mans penis feel real good..ummmmmm your such a good little slut and your my slut to do with what i please..I have alot of old men thats going to enjoy this..He took his hands placed them on each side of my face and started mouth fucking me as if he were fucking my pussy..thats it bitch take it all fuck this old man with your mouth..take it deep and hard..ya got ya gaggin didnt i..he fucked my mouth good and hard with his penis for a few min..when he pulled it out..
He told me to lay down. I did as he said. Now bend your knees again and show us that wet bad girl pussy of yours..I know its wet..I laid on the bed bent my knees..go on bitch spread your legs for us..we want to see how wet your pussy is..I spread my legs go on spread them farther..thats it slut..ummmmmm look at that wet pussy Jake..Checking a pussy for wetness is alot like checking oil on in the car as he slipped his finger in me deep as he could go he then pulled it back out. You slip the finger in and pull it out again to see how much juice is on the finger and my girl you are sooooo fucking wet..You must enjoy old men fucking and bossing you around..we are going to have to do more of this arnt we my sweet..I had to say yes grandpa i didnt want him to spank me..Yes Grandpa, thats what I thought. When I and all my friends are done with you, you wont like younger guys.
Grandpa moved and said..So youngin, have you ever had your pussy licked and sucked Grandpa you are the only one that has ever touched me..ahhhhhhh well we are going to let Jake be the first one to ever lick your pussy hows that? Ok Grandpa..Go on Jake have your pussy and eat it too! Jake kneeled down looking at my wet pussy..I was so embarssed..when he ran his finger over my clit just enough to tease me a small moan came out of my mouth..I didnt mean for it too. I didnt want them to know how good all this felt but there was no way to hide it..ummm I moaned. ahhhhh that old man making you feel good girl? Yes Grandpa. Just wait til that time Jake took his finger slipped it in my pussy nice and deep and started licking and sucking my clit..ohhhhhhhh ewwwwwwww yaaaaaaaa I accidently said..Grandpa sitting next to me watching my face reactions said..Ya that old man knows how to eat a pussy dont he..oh yes grandpa..Does it feel good..Yes Grandpa..your going to be my slut for old men arnt you ..yes grandpa..You want to serve all my friends dont you my young slut..yes grandpa..(still humiliated and embarssed i knew better then to say no) But it still felt so good..Jake sucking and fingering fucking my pussy..He knew just the right things to do. I cant remember ever feeling that good before, even masterbating didnt feel this good..Grandpa was waching my face reactions..oh ya young slut you want to cum dont you..ewww ya Grandpa it feels so good..are you about to cum? Yes Grandpa!! Ok Jake lets not let her cum yet we still have alot of playing to do here. As soon as he said that Jake stopped I felt even more frustrated not getting to cum..You want Grandpa to eat some pussy too dont you? Yes Grandpa, that felt so good. Grandpa got between my legs, slipped his finger deep in my pussy slowly pulling it out again looking at my pussy while doing so..He took a few licks of my clit then kept teasing me with his gonna cum for Grandpa arnt you my slut..oh yes, Grandpa I am going to cum soon..ya? You like me fingering that wet young pussy of yours? Yes Grandpa..Old men know how to make you feel good dont they? Yes grandpa! He finger fucked me a few more times ..thats it cum for Grandpa..Im going to cum Grandpa..You want to cum all over Grandpas finger dont you? Yes Grandpa! Just then he pulled his finger out and said TO DAMN BAD!! Now I was totally humilated and frustrated as when I was just about to cum he stopped and said we have bigger and better things to move onto..I wasnt sure what he meant but soon found out..

He said I am going to help you get off your bed, I want you to lay on your stomache over your bed and expose that sweet young virgin ass of yours to me…

As soon as I was on my stomache, exposing my ass to him, he lifted my nighty..Yes my dear as he gently rubbed my ass..tonight this virgin ass is all mine..I am going to break your virgin ass in when I am done you will have my big penis deep in your ass accepting all my cum in it.

I was terrified..NO! Please Grandpa anything but that! He slapped my ass kinda hard and said enough! Young one.If you really didnt want my penis in your virgin ass you would have never snuck in my room and taken that tape! PLEASE Grandpa NO! Its to big! Its going to hurt! Yes my young slut the first few times I penetrate your ass with my penis its going to hurt, but that was a choice of yours when I caught you watching those movies huh now? Now I have decided you are going to serve all my old friends..each one will have fucked your mouth, pussy, and ass before I am done with you over time..So shut up and deal with it..

He grabbed a chair set it behind my ass..he placed a mirror in front of me so he could see my face reactions..He went to his room and came back. He sat on the chair and said now my young slut spread those legs for me. I didnt move, as I felt another smack on my ass..I SAID SPREAD THOSE LEGS BITCH..i moved them as far apart as I could..Yes thats better..He sat down on the chair, slipped a finger deep in my pussy, pulled it out and ran it up my ass..ummmmmm I cant wait to get my old penis in the young virgin ass of yours..

I hear a bag rattle..I was terrified, frustrated and humilated all at the same time..My arms were now cuffed behind my back, Turn your face sideways and face the mirror..I did what he said I didnt want another spanking..Now he was free to do what he wanted at his leasure, see my face and ass as well..ummmm I love to watch your face and my fingers as they slip into a tight tight virgin ass..I knew his fingers would even hurt a bit, as he had big hands..

All of a sudden I felt something wet running down the crack of my virgin ass..then more..I then felt his finger rubbing oil all over my virgin hole. He rubbed it around getting it good and ready. Ok my virgin girl..I am going to slip my fucking finger in your virgin ass..are you ready?

Jake come here and spread her ass cheeks apart so we can watch as my finger slips in there..Jake came over and spread my ass cheeks wide apart..Now if you know whats best when I say take a deep breath you will take will relax you and it will hurt less..if you dont it will hurt more, its up to you..are you ready..nooooooooo! Well Grandpa is..NOW!

Take a deep breath, breath in slowly and deeply if you dont want this to hurt as bad as it could..I took a deep breath, and felt the tip of Grandpas finger slip in my ass..he slipped it in up to his knuckle and stopped..ummmmmmmm ohhhhhhh please no more i said! Wow! Jake doesnt that look nice..he asshole is so tight around my finger..I cant ever remember having such a tight virgin ass in my life! Doesnt that look great! Grandpa looked up and in the mirror this time and said ok virgin breath if you he watch my face he slipped his finger in this time all the way..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddd pleeeeeeeeeese stop! Um thats it girl show me your discomfort.I know it dont hurt..its just discomfort you are feeling with my finger..ewwwwwww yessssssss sweet he said..he took his finger turned it where the palm of his hand was facing the cieling..oh ya..lets pull it out some now..he pulled his finger out to his knuckle again. How does that feel my virgin ass bitch..I love the look of discomfort on your he slipped it back in again all the way..i once again moaned ohhhhhhhhhhh ..Grandpa please! dont worry your fine..He started wiggling his finger deep in my ass..ummmmm how does that feel virgin girl..It did feel I had to tell feels better like that my virgin? Its ok I said..He pulled his finger out and said..ok now its Jakes turn. Jake sat down and repeated the same thing to me..but this time it was starting to feel a little better as I was starting to get use to it..Jake slipped his finger in up to knuckle and stopped..wiggled it around and slipped it in all the way..Grandpa could tell the moan i just made was a feel good moan instead of a uncomfortable moan..Jake making your virgin ass feel good huh? Yes Grandpa..You like that now dont you? Yes Grandpa..ummmmmm good then its time to go to bigger and better things..NOOOOOOO grandpa Please..smack on the ass again..WE ARE NOT GOING TO GO THROUGH THIS EVERY DAMN TIME..Its your fault not mine..You knew the punishment before you watched the movie! DEAL WITH IT..
I felt some more oil running down my ass again..I heard the bag rattle again and Grandpa said ok Jake, spread the virgins ass again..

This time he had a vibrator..much bigger then his finger..about three inches around..Had to beat Grandpas 6 in. in girth though..I am oiling up the vibrator as soon as I am done I will again tell you to take a deep breath..with my virgin ass spread open, my face towards the mirror..Ok, deep breath my virgin..Grandpa took the vibrator and tried to slip the tip of it in my virgin ass. As it slipped in about and inch I screamed as it hurt..I tried moving my ass but it was not going anywhere..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Please! Grandpa said breath in girl and he slipped in it another inch. He then stopped admiring the vibrator two inches in my virgin ass tight as tight could be gripping it..Look at that jake her ass is squeezing the shit out of the vibrator..You know that had to hurt a bit..but never said a virgin ass was painless..ummmmmm my penis is so hard for this virgin ass of yours! Your lucky I am breaking you in slowly. He just sat there for a little bit admiring the virgin ass so tight around the vibrator letting me get use to it..Alright girl, take another breath were going in deeper..I tried to take one as Grandpa starting going in deeper, it hurt so bad..i was begging him to stop..pleeeeeease grandpa no more..he just kept pushing it in my virgin ass..ummmm thats it, take it like a good little girl..I was moaning in pain this time and he knew it..Its more the half way in my virgin girl..Ill give you a break for a min. here, then were going all the way in..noooo please noooo..SHUT UP GIRL..or i will take this vibrator out and put my penis in there and start fucking away..
I really upset him this he didnt give me much time to get use to it as he started going in deeper not telling me to breath this time..yaaaaaa thats it girl take it all, take it deep, he had it all the way in and started pulling it half way out again..He watch in the mirror as he saw a little pain and humilation on my face..he just slowly moved it in and out..he could tell the pain had gone from pain to discomfort now, you starting to like that now arnt you? Feeling a little better my virgin ass? Yes, a little better..Just feels like you are going to shit everywhere? Yes grandpa! Well enjoy that feeling, thats the feeling you should arnt going to shit..just enjoy it..I then just relaxed somehow and started to enjoy the vibrator being in my virgin ass..Look at that Jake he said tight as her ass is on the vibrator youd think she was going to sqeeze it right in half!
All of a sudden it started feeling really good as Grandpa was slowling fucking me with the vibrator, he heard me moan, he could tell this was a feel good moan, and turned on the vibrator ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I moaned..yessssssss! I didnt mean to let that slip out but it happend. Ummmm you are liking that arnt you? Yes Grandpa it is starting to feel real feels even better with the vibrator..ewwwwwwww yaaaaaaaa..Go on Jake slip a finger in her pussy for me..he started to finger fuck was feeling awesome! But they decided the feel good feeling should be replaced by the real thing..
Ok, girl as he slowly pulled out the vibrator,,,its time for the real thing! Are you as ready as I am..NOoooo please are to big..Yes I do have a big penis..and its going to hurt for awhile.but eventually my penis will feel as good in that virgin ass as this vibrator..

I am lubbing up my penis right now, then I felt even more lube being dripped down my ass..I heard him get up and postion him self to his liking..I knew better the to beg he might just go in fast. I was terrified this was going to be humilating, painful all at the same time..

He then said ok virgin girl, take a deep breath if you wish..As he pushed the head of his penis into my virgin ass I screamed with pain..ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh please that hurts..yes it does grandpa said. As he stopped a few seconds..But its making me feel great! I am so glad I caught you tonight. I have been waiting for this since the last time I caught you! He then said going in deeper..once again i screamed nooooooooo noooooooo god that hurts..he stopped to let me get use to it again..his penis was about half way in my virgin hurt so bad..Man Jake! Shes so tight if feels great! He then kinda chuckled and said dont worry Jake the next time you can fuck her ass. It will still be good and tight..When shes not tight anymore we will let the rest of the gang have there way with her ass. But we get the good stuff first.
He then pushed in farther making me scream one more time..This time it was all the way in..all 7 in. and 6 in. girth in my virgin ass..he said I will wait until I cant wait anymore my dear then I am going to slowly start fucking your virgin ass until i dump a hot load of cum deep in that young ass of yours..He slowly pull it out half way, dripped some more oil and said sorry darlin i cant wait any more, but I will go slow at first..he slowly started to fuck my virgin ass..he could hear moans of pain shooting through me.pushing his penis in me slowly and then back out..watching between my face reactions and watching his penis going in and out of my tight virgin ass..eventually the pain turned to an uncomfortble feeling again..Grandpa noticed I was not in as much pain anymore and much quieter..he stopped for a second and asked is it feeling a little better now? Yes Grandpa just uncomfortable now..thats ok just relax and start to enjoy he started fucking me once again with the pace picking up..i just relaxed and it started feeling better and better..he could even hear a moan come out of my mouth that he knew it was feeling good..You like that my virgin it starting to feel better now? Yes Grandpa..ummmmmm I love fucking this virgin ass of yours..if feels so good..I havent had a virgin ass like this in all my 68 yrs of life..oh he started fucking faster and harder now, yes my virgin bitch I am going to dump a load of cum deep in this virgin ass of will see cum for days after..ummm yesssssssss..I am going to cum ohhhhhh yaaaaaaaaa..ahhhhhhhhhh ewwwwwwwww weeeeeeeeee..that was great! He rested a min. I was just so glad it was over with..he pulled his penis out of my ass..smacked my ass..and said..ok Jake take her anyway you want her except for her ass.You can have that next time.
Jake said I want to fuck her like you fucked her the last time..So, they took my cuffs off. Grandpa got above my head, and Jake got between my legs..Jake said..Spread those legs and show me your ever so wet pussy. I spread my legs and he said spread them farther and I spread them as far as I could, he said thats it girl..Show jake what you got..Jake was fat, ugly and old (65) it would make you sick to look at him..but he knew the right things to touch and say, he could manage to make me so wet.
He slid his finger in my pussy and pulled it back out..Yep you are good wet and aready as he sucked the pussy juice off his finger..he then tapped my clit with his finger, that felt great! He just knew the right things to do. He then got close to me with his penis and said, ok girl get ready I know this is only the second time your pussy has had a penis in it..he started to penetrate me with his pussy, it was kinda painful like the first time as i moaned a little in pain. Ohhhh I like that Jake said you are still as tight as a first time virgin..DAMN that feels good..he pushed it in until it was half way in..and then said ok go for it John (thats my grandpas name) As Grandpa then took both my nipples between his finger and thumb and ever so gently started to tease felt soooooooo wonderful! I didnt think I could get any wetter but I did..It felt sooooooo good I started moving my hips trying to get Jakes penis in me deeper..Thats it Jake said fuck this penis of mine..fuck this old man real good you young was feeling so good..the longer I was being nipple teased the better it felt and the more i fucked jakes penis..Go on my little slut fuck Jake good..thats wanna cum all over that penis of his dont you? Yes Grandpa! Go on I want you to cum all over his penis..You are going to cum all over alot of old mens penis's soon..thats is..spead those legs apart again fuck him good..tell me when you are going to cum…oh Grandpa I am going to cum ..thats it cum all over Jakes penis..Tell Jake you are going to cum all over his penis..I am going to cum all over your penis jake..You wanna cum on an old mans penis? Yes tell me ..I want to cum all over this old mans penis..please..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I started to quiver cumming hard..It felt so great. As then Jake started fucking me hard and fast, very forceful..Yes thats it..I am going to make this old penis cum deep in your pussy..ohhh yaaaaaaaaaaa..ewwwwwwwwwww as Jake came deep in my pussy..

After he took his penis out of my pussy..Grandpa collected all his things, put them back in the bag and said..
Now, I have fucked you twice once in the ass, once in the pussy, Jake has fucked you twice. I can see that you must enjoy old men fucking you or you would have never been caught the second time. So, from now on you are going to be my young slut bitch. This means I am going to fuck you when I want, how I want and where I want. You will do what I say, when I say and how i say. You will wear what I tell you to wear or not to wear, example: like from now on at dinner you are going to be topless so I can enjoy those young breasts and nipples of yours..
I will have my old freinds over when I want to fuck your pussy and ass and mouth. I will take you where i want to let old men enjoy that young pussy, mouth and ass. You BEST not be caught seeing anyone as all! If I thow a movie at you to tell you to go watch will do so. From now on you are allowed to look at porn on your computer as well.

Is this all understood and clear..Yes Grandpa. I was not sure if i was happy about it or not. From now on you are my slut bitch and no one else's and help you if i catch you with another male as i can make life hell for you. From now on its YES SIR GRANDPA! Yes sir Grandpa

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