Great Mom Pt. 4

Great Mom Pt. 4

It was Monday after my sons had spent the weekend with their father, the Monday after I had given them very good blowjob's. I was out most the day running errands for work. I knew my boys would be at home, anxiously waiting for me to come home. I had to admit, I couldn't wait either, and I had been looking forward to sucking their cocks again.

My daughter, Tiffany, was over at one of her friends house's for the day/evening. I pulled up into my driveway, I decided to go in through the front door; I was feeling giddy, in anticipation of seeing my sons again. Well, actually seeing their nice hard cocks again, in my mouth and spurting their tasty cum. I opened my door and called out to Ryan and Hunter, "Hunter, Ryan, are you boys home?" "Yes mom." Ryan responded from my home office room. My home office room was in the front of the house, right next to the staircase to upstairs. It used to be the living room, but I had a door installed in the doorway. The door to my office was mostly closed, my boys knew better than to be in there but since my boss was not coming over I didn't mind too much.

I opened the door to my office; Ryan was sitting in my office chair, naked with a raging hard-on! I stood in the door for a moment, I was surprised but very turned on. I was wearing my business suit, a tight skirt, blouse, bra, jacket, stockings and high heels. Ryan spoke up before I did. "Wow mom! You are looking fucking hot! I could cum right now." I took a few steps into my office before I noticed that Hunter was no where to be seen. "Where is your brother? I thought he would have been waiting for me as well." Ryan stood up, he got a really wicked, lustful smile on his face, then he began to stroke his cock. Suddenly Hunter jumped out from behind the door; he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back, not hard enough to hurt me.

"What…what are you boys doing? Why are you holding my arms behind me? Let me go Hunter." I squirmed around a bit but my son didn't let me go. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back and ass. Ryan moved over to me, his cock in one hand. "You are really hot mom." Ryan said, his eyes were over flowing with lust, I watched as his eyes danced up and down my body. Hunter spoke into my ear; "Yeah you are really gorgeous. You have a great body, we love seeing you naked." Hunter began to kiss my neck with very lustful kisses and he was so good at it too. Ryan moved up to me and kissed me full on my lips. I could feel Hunter's hand on my ass, and then Ryan's began to caress my other ass cheek. When Ryan's lips left mine I let out a pleasurable moan and smiled at Ryan. "Ok boys, you can let me go now. If you wanted to kiss me all you had to do was ask."

Ryan ran his tongue across his lips. "We are going to do a lot more than kiss you mom. You have been teasing us, driving us wild for weeks…we are sick of it. We are going to give you what you deserve." I panicked a little, then Hunter said into my ear, 'Don't worry mom, we are going to have some fun." Hunter took his free hand and unbuttoned my suit jacket. Ryan opened it up starring at my heaving, 34C tits. "Your tits are so big mom. They felt so good to grab when you were sucking our cocks, like a good slutty mother." Then Ryan grabbed both of my tits in his hands and began to fondle, squeeze and caress them. "Fuck mom! I can feel your huge nipples through your shirt and bra!" "Let me play with one of mom's fucking awesome tit's." Hunter spoke up and said. So now both of my sons were groping, fondling, squeezing my tits, then they started to play with my very erect nipples. I let out a small pleasurable, lustful moan as I bit my lower lip. "Boys…I…Mmmm… I told you, you could not touch me unless…unless I said…so."

Hunter said into my ear, "Get fucking real mom! You fucking want it! You have been asking for it!" I didn't say anything in response, I had to admit, and I was enjoying my son's feeling me up like this, it was turning me on and I found it kinky as well. "Man Hunter, I can't really enjoy mom's fucking gorgeous tit's like this. Do you think we need to undo her shirt and bra?" He smiled wickedly at me. "Fuck yeah Ryan. Let's see mom's tits!" Slowly Ryan unbuttoned my shirt, I squirmed around a bit but my other son was not going to let go of me. It was really turning me on the way Ryan was unbuttoning my shirt. When he had unbuttoned it all the way, he pulled it out of my skirt, now it just hung on me. "Hey Hunter, mom is wearing a bra that unhooks in the front." "Easy access Ryan. Only a horny, slutty mom would wear that around her son's. Let me unhook it."

Hunter reached around with his free hand and undid my bra. Ryan pulled the cups off of my tits, exposing my erect, long, hard nipples to my son's. Ryan and Hunter both grabbed my tits and began to fondle them. They flicked my nipples around, pulled on them, they squeezed them, massaged them. My hands were close to Hunters cock, behind my back, I reached out and felt the head of my son’s cock. Shit! His cock was drooling pre-cum like I had never experienced before. I kept moaning, biting my lower lip to try and hold in the louder moan’s that I wanted to let free. Suddenly Ryan let go of my tit.

"Fuck this Hunter, let go of moms' tit. I have a better idea." as soon as hunter let go, my son Ryan held both my tit's in hands, then he buried his face right on them. He squeezed them together and sucked both of my nipples into his watering mouth before I could say anything. Ryan sucked and licked my nipples. He ran his tongue across my nipples, flicking his tongue lick a snake, and then he ran his tongue around my dark, large areola. I couldn't hold in the moan. "Ooh yeah. Ryan…. please…don’t…. I’m…I'm…your…oh fuck that feels goooood…. your mother." Ryan ignored me and kept right on attacking my tits with his mouth, lips and tongue. Hunter began to urge on his brother. "Yeah, suck her tits! Suck mom tits! Fucking suck on her nipples! Mom fucking wants it!"

I tried to look away from watching my son sucking on my tits, I thought if I did not see it, it wouldn't be so pleasurable. My son Hunter took his free hand and turned my head back, forcing me to watch his brother, my son, sucking on my tits. "Watch him mom! Watch your son sucking your tits. You so fucking wanted this! This is what you get for teasing us, you slutty mom. Just wait, I'm gonna suck on your tits next!" Ryan kept looking up into my eyes as he sucked on my nipples; he would flick his tongue quickly across my nipples, sending wave after wave of pleasure up and down my body. He could see the lust and enjoyment in my eyes. My pussy was soaking wet with juicy sweet pussy honey.

I was squirming around like crazy, part of me wanted to get away, and part of me wanted to drop to my knees and suck my son's off, a thank you for the pleasure they were giving me. "Please…oh…god…that feels…feels…good. You…have to stop…I'm…I'm…your mom." Ryan suddenly stopped and looked me in my eyes; the lust was pouring out of his eyes. "What do you think Hunter? Should I stop sucking and licking mom's tits? Should we move on?" "Fuck yeah Ryan, move on!"

I thought this meant either Hunter was going to now suck on my tits or that they were finally going to let me suck their, pre-cum drooling cocks. I soon found out, I was so wrong! Ryan got down on his knees in front of me; Hunter unzipped my skirt, as well as grabbed my tight little ass. Ryan pulled my skirt right off! Now my boys saw I wasn't wearing any panties, I only had on my stockings, held up with waistband garter. The lace straps went up my thighs to the lace waistband, no crotch of course.

"Fuck Hunter! Mom isn't wearing any panties. Shit, I can see her inner thighs are wet from her pussy!" Before I could react, Hunter put his other arm around me; he lifted me up off the ground. My other son, Ryan quickly grabbed my legs and spread them wide. Hunter put me back down; there was no way I could close my legs. Ryan buried his face in my crotch. He began to lick my wet pussy like a little boy licking an ice cream cone. Then he began to suck on my clit. There was no way I could hold in that moan, an actually scream of pleasure, "Ooh Ryan!!!" Hunter whispered into my ear, "You have been licking and sucking our cocks, turn around is fair play. Now we are going to lick and suck your sweet, wet pussy and clit."

I never had a man lick and suck my pussy as wildly as my son was doing. His tongue was all over my pussy lips and my clit. He would go from taking long licks, to quick flicks of his tongue. Then Ryan rammed his tongue in-between my wet pussy lips; I could feel him lapping up my sweet pussy juice. "Ryan, how does moms' pussy taste." Ryan removed his face from my pussy for a moment to answer his brother, his lips and chin were glistening with my pussy honey. "Oh fuck Hunter, mom taste fucking great! Her pussy is so fucking wet and it tastes really good." I moaned a bit, my lust was over powering me but yet I still had to protest a bit, I knew my sons liked that. "Ryan…please don't lick my pussy anymore…I'm your mom…what if someone saw us?" I bit my lower lip as looked down at my son, his face in-between my thighs. I really hoped he would keep licking my pussy. Hunter reached around with his free hand and began to play with my tits again. I moaned out loud again for them to stop. "Shut up mom. You are a little slutty mom. You are fucking enjoying this." Hunter was right, I was.

My son Ryan placed his hands between my legs, using just his thumbs he placed them on either side of my pussy lips, then he parted my sweet pussy lips and drove his tongue deep into my hot, wet pussy. I screamed out in pure pleasure. "Oh god Ryan!!! Lick me pleeease!" My son went at my pussy like there was no tomorrow. He licked and sucked on my nice hard little clit, his tongue pleasured the inside of hot pussy. With Hunter fondling my tits and playing with my nipples and my other son eating me out with wild, enthusiastic, delight, I didn't last long. When I started to have my orgasm, I squeezed my thighs around my sons’ face. I ground my pussy into his face and tongue as much as I could. "Ryan, mom is going to cum! Oh fuck I want to go down on mom next!" Hunter said aloud. I moaned and hissed with pleasure, then my climax hit, I let out a loud moan of delight as I covered my sons tongue, chin and lips with my pussy juice. Ryan kept lapping up my pussy juice as he sucked hard on my clit, the more he did that the more I came! I never had a man give me that much pleasure eating my pussy. I am sure the fact it was my lust filled son made it that much more intense. As I was coming, my other son started to passionately kiss my neck. I never knew my sons could give me such lustful, forbidden pleasure.

Hunter held me up as my knees buckled a bit from my intense orgasm. Ryan got up from my pussy, he began to play with my nipples, he leaned forward and gave me a kiss on my lips, and I could taste my sweetness all over my son's face. It really turned me on. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, our tongues danced around together, I savored every bit of my sweet pussy taste that I coated my son's tongue with. Hunter spoke up excitedly, "My turn to eat mom out." I thought they would just change places, Ryan would hold my hands behind me and Hunter would drop to his knees and give my pussy a good tongue-lashing; I was wrong. Ryan grabbed my legs; Hunter wrapped his arms around me. My sons picked me up and carried me over to my office desk and laid me down on it! Ryan moved over, sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk and held my hands over my head. Hunter moved around, sat down in my office chair and rolled up in-between my legs. My ass was just at the edge of my desk, so my son could get really good access to his mother's waiting pussy. "Alright mom! Now it's my turn to lick your pussy but first I wanna suck on your awesome tits!"

Hunter stood up and leaned over me, he lowered his head, and his hands pulled open my shirt and suit jacket so that they were draped open, exposing my large tits. Hunter began to suck on my nice, hard, long erect nipples. I looked down and his drooling cock was being pressed right on my clit. I had a flash of concern that my sons cock would find it's way into my pussy; I hadn't been fucked in so long, I didn't know if I would say no or not. Hunter groped my tits wildly, licking and sucking on them. I kept rolling my head around in pleasure; I would look up at Ryan to see him smiling at me lustful. "Suck mom's tits! Suck'm Hunter. Make mom squirm and moan with pleasure." Ryan said lustfully to his brother. Then Hunter began to lick his way down my body, moving to my pussy. "Hunter, Ryan…I don't know if we should be doing this…I'm your mom…we going so far…what if someone saw us?" My sons didn't say anything, I guess they didn't believe me because I said it as I had my eyes close, moaning with pleasure. Ryan said, "If someone saw us, they would want to join in, you are so fucking hot!" I felt my body flush after my son said that, it was really erotic and flattering.

Hunter pulled my pussy lips apart and dug in deep with tongue. He went at my pussy even more passionately, wildly and lustfully than what my other son did! It felt so incredible good! My deep, deep desire wanted my son Hunter to eat my pussy for hours. I never expected my son to be good. He had me squirming and writhing all over my desk. I started to arch my back and grind my pussy into my sons’ face. Ryan reached over and started to play with tits as they bounced around from my horny pleasure filled writhing. I moaned, groaned, I looked down at my son, "Ooooh Hunter, don't stop…please don’t stop! That's it, keep licking your moms pussy. I want you to taste my sweetness. Yeah that's it, dig your tongue in deeper. Fuck me with your tongue!" The more I encouraged Hunter, the wilder my son became. He sucked and licked my tongue to the point I nearly blacked out with intense pleasure and I hadn't even had my orgasm yet! I wanted to grab my sons head, run my fingers through his hair but I couldn't with Ryan holding my hands and oh my god it was driving my wild!

I began to lick my lips as looked down at my son, Ryan stood up, he held my hands and arms straight up, and then with his free hand he grabbed his cock. My son's cock was bright, bright red, his prick head was covered with pre-cum! Ryan took his cock and ran it over my lips. Wow, his pre-cum tasted so good, I opened my mouth and he slid his nice hard shaft into my mouth. I licked and sucked his cock as best as I could; Ryan began to fuck my face. I just laid there with my head turned to the side so Ryan could keep sliding his cock into my mouth, I continued to squirm around as Hunter kept licking my pussy. Ryan put his free hand behind my head and began to fuck my mouth wildly. "Oh yeah mom, that's it. Keep sucking my fucking cock. Aw fuck you are such a great cocksucker mom. Oh yeah, oh fuck mom, lick it, lick my cock. I bet you wanted to suck us all weekend didn't you?" I just moaned back uh huh. I couldn't speak with my sons’ cock pounding my mouth. His pre-cum was all over my tongue, as my other son had his tongue deep in my hot, wet pussy.

I closed my eyes and just picture this scene and what it would look like if someone walked in the front door and saw us. They would have seen me, laying on my office desk, no skirt, and no panties. Then they would have seen my youngest son sitting in my chair with my leg's spread and him licking my bald pussy. Then they would see me, my shirt undone, my suit jacket undone, my bra undone, all of which were open, exposing my nice big tits. Any one would have seen my other son Ryan fucking my mouth, his nice hard, red cock thrusting in and out of my mouth. They would have seen him holding my hands above my head with one hand and his other hand on the back of my head, holding it there so he could keep sliding his cock in and out of my cock hungry mouth. Ryan suddenly let go of my head, he grabbed both of my hands with his left hand, he reached out for my bouncing tits and began to fondle them. "Oh fuck mom, you nice little slut. I have been waiting all weekend to do this!" With that he let go of my tits, he pulled his cock out of my mouth then he grabbed his raging hard-on, wet with pre-cum and my saliva. He stroked his cock only two or three times when his cock erupted with cum. "Here mom! Take it!" He jacked himself off, spurting his hot, sticky, thick white cum all over my face. His first spurt splattered across my cheek, then my nose, then another spurt surged across my lips; I quickly opened my mouth as my son sent his remaining load of cum into it. "Oh yeah mom, suck it! Eat my cum! You are looking fucking great with cum on your face! Oh yeah mom…yeah swallow your sons cum!" After he was done, he took his hard cock and began to wipe up his cum off of my face. As he did it, he would take the gobs of his tasty cum and fed it to my waiting my mouth. I happily licked and sucked his cum off of my sons’ cock. I glanced down at my other son, I noticed that Hunter had one hand of his own stroking his cock wildly as he kept licking my pussy.

I couldn't take it any more, between Ryan cumming in my mouth, knowing my other son was jacking himself off while eating me out, I had an incredibly intense orgasm. I screamed and moaned out with delightful pleasure. I wrapped my legs tight around Hunter's head as I ground my sweet pussy into his face. I wildly squirmed around; arching my back several times, my tits delightfully bounced around. Ryan kept yelling out encouragement. "Yeah mom, cum all over my brother's face! Do it, give him your sweetness. Keep eating out mom Hunter! Lick her fucking wet, hot pussy. That it! Look at mom squirm; listen to her moan, screaming in pleasure! Our mom is such a slut!" After my spasms subsided, I let my sons’ head go from my vice like grip.

Hunter quickly got up off of my chair; he was beating his cock wildly. He got up on my desk, pulled open my suit jacket, shirt and bra. Then with a loud groan, he came all over my tits! I shot several thick, hot loads of his spunk all over my nipples and areola. "Ooh fuck mom…fuck…yeah look at me cumming! I love cumming on your tits!" Ryan raised my head up so I could watch my son better, pleasuring himself and cumming all over me. Hunter moved forward, I opened my mouth and he sent his last large spurt of cum onto my tongue. He slid his cock into my mouth and I, like a good slutty mom, sucked my son's cock dry. Hunter got down from my desk, he grabbed one of my tits, and Ryan grabbed the other one. The held them up to my mouth. "Go on mom, I wanna watch you lick my cum off of your big tits!" I happily did what my son wanted.

Ryan turned to his brother and said it was his turn. Hunter grabbed both of my hands with his. Ryan moved around to my pussy again. I watched as my son sat down in my chair and he began to rub my inner thighs. I couldn't believe it! How many more times were my son's going to lick my pussy? Ryan stood up, "Hey mom look! My cock is still nice and hard!" I glanced down and saw my son's cock was still very hard, so was Hunters. Hunter spoke up, "Should we tell mom?" Ryan responded, "Yeah, let's tell her." "Tell me what? What are you boy's hiding?" Ryan grabbed his cock, "Well mom, when we spent the weekend with dad, Hunter found some of those pills that make your cock hard. Dad had some, so we brought some home with us. We each took one before you came home. We wanna fuck your brains out mom!"

Before I could say anything Ryan slid his nice hard cock into my wet, tight pussy! I let out such a loud, surprised, pleasurable moan as my son did as well. "Oh fuck…oh my god mom…your pussy is so fucking tight, wet and hot. Oh shit these feels so fucking good around my cock! Oh shit Hunter, you are gonna love sliding your cock into mom's pussy!" "Ryan no. This might be going too far…I'm your mom. You shouldn't fuck me!" But Ryan was too lost in the pleasure of having his cock inside a very tight pussy, his mom's pussy. He slid his cock in and out of my pussy, very slowly at first, I could tell he was really enjoying fucking me, enjoying the feeling of my pussy around his hard cock. He just kept moaning oh yeah, oh fuck, this feels so fucking good. I protested a bit more, one moment I would tell my son he shouldn't fuck me, the next moment a moaned with my own pleasure, which only encouraged my son to continue to fuck me.

Ryan held my legs and began to fuck me wildly. He got the right angle with his cock and his hard shaft was stimulating my G-spot! OH my, I couldn't believe how wrong this was but how great of a fuck my son was giving me! The forbidden lust took over my feelings. Hunter let his lust speak out. "Yeah Ryan, fuck mom! Fuck her good! Fuck her harder…harder! Make her scream! Look at her tits! Look at them bounce around! Oh shit I wanna fuck you mom! We are going to fuck you all day and night! That's it fuck mom, fuck her! Make her cum!" Every now and then I still protested a little, it appeared to turn my son's on even more…as it did me. "Rrryan…oh fuck…what if…what if…my boss…cc-came in… and… and saw us? Ooh yeah…oh god you are going to make me cum!" Ryan said back, "Mom…your boss would…oh fuck you are so tight…would want to fuck you too! Everybody wants to fuck you! You are so hot mom! So fucking hot!!"

Ryan kept pounding my pussy just like a wild, lust crazed teenage boy and I was loving every thrust of his cock into my tight pussy. I was going to cum, I could feel my orgasm building deep in my pussy. I writhed around wildly; Hunter held my hands tightly as I tried to squirm free. "Oh god…oh Ryan don't! You are going to make me cum… oh fuck I am gonna cum. I'm…I'm your mom…please boys…oh yeah pleeease." Hunter said out loud, "Shut up mom! You know you wanted us to fuck you! You have been teasing us for weeks. Ryan how do we keep mom quiet?" Ryan was lost in the pleasure of my tight pussy, I looked down at him with lust glazed over eyes, and I saw Ryan watching his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I knew his cock was covered with my sweet wetness. I let my orgasm build and build. I tried to hold it, but that only made it more intense when it hit. I writhed around wildly, screaming and moaning, begging my son to keep fucking me harder. My pussy tightened around his prick, as wave after wave of orgasms hit, my pussy muscles began to milk my sons prick. "Oh shit mom! Your fucking pussy is squeezing…milking my cock!" I could feel my son's cock swelling in my pussy. Then suddenly I heard him say, "I'll show you how to keep my mom quiet. Give her lips and tongue something to do!" He leapt up on my desk, straddled my body, just above my tits; then my son grabbed my long blonde hair, his wet cock was in his hand. He slid his cock right into my mouth and let his load go. Wow, his cum tasted so good, I could taste my sweet pussy juice on his prick, and it made such a tasty mix with my son's cum.

As I sucked and swallowed my son's cum as fast as I could, a small part of my brain thought, why didn't he cum in my pussy? Both of my sons knew I couldn’t get pregnant anymore, so they could cum in my pussy all they wanted. When my son was done pumping his thick load of cum into my mouth, he withdrew his red, hard prick. "I love fucking cumming in your mouth mom. I love to watch you swallow my cum." Ryan smiled and climbed down off my desk. Hunter was getting excited, ready to fuck his mom. He let go of my hands before his brother came over to grab them and hold me still while my sons took turns fucking me. I took this chance to get up off my desk. It took my sons off guard. I started to back out of my office, my suit jacket; shirt and bra still on but still wide open. I wanted to get out of my office, I guess because I was worried that my boss may stop by and see our little taboo threesome going on; I wasn't afraid of my son's; I just pretended to be.

Ryan got mad at his brother, he called him stupid for letting me go. Then my son's started to move toward me; I stopped for a moment, watching my naked son's walking towards me with rigid cocks in hand. "Ok, Ryan…Hunter. We should stop…I am your mother after all, I don't know if this right. We may be going to far." My sons just smiled at me, their dark fantasy’s had taken over and I had to admit, it was really turning me on. I slowly backed out of my office; the staircase to go upstairs was off to my right. I turned and tried to dart up the stairs but my son's were too quick, also, I didn't really want to get way either. Ryan grabbed me from behind and pulled me close to him, his hard cock was pressed against my lower back. He turned me around to face my other son Hunter. Hunter reached into my shirt and started to play with my nipples.

"Hey mom. Where do you think you are going?" Ryan asked. "Um, I was going upstairs…to my room. Come on boys let me go upstairs, please. I will suck your cocks as much as you want. I just don't feel ok being downstairs." Hunter said he didn't want his cock sucked, he wanted to fuck me like Ryan just did. "Hey Hunter, what do you think, upstairs or downstairs?" Ryan asked his brother. "Downstairs! Yeah I wanna fuck mom downstairs." My sons led me down the hall towards the back of the house, I assumed they were going to fuck me on the sectional in the family room, which was ok with me. I was wrong!

Hunter opened the door to the basement and they quickly led me down the stairs. Ryan shut the door behind us. My house has a small finished basement. There are a couple of rooms, the main one has a pool table in it then there are two smaller rooms, a utility room and another room. My sons led me right into the small room, Hunter turned on the overhead light, Ryan let go of me, shut and locked the door. All that was in this room was a king-sized futon, one my sons used to sleep on when they were little. I quickly moved to the opposite corner of the room, like I was really going anywhere. My sons were standing by the door, slowly stroking their cock. I was surprised with what Hunter said to me, he is usually so quiet and a bit shy. "Now mom we are going to fuck your little brains out! You can scream and moan as loud as you want, nobody will here us fucking you down here."

I started to get nervous again but then it hit me, when my son's found that picture of me it was with the fantasy's my ex and I had written down. My one sexual fantasy my ex would never do was this. I wanted to be fucked by him and another guy. Not made love to, just fucked. I wanted to be ravaged sexual, made to be a little slut; suddenly I realized this is what my son's were going to do to me; they were going to make my fantasy come true. I said out the code word I had in the fantasy, incase I wanted it stop. My son's stopped moving towards me when I said, they asked if I meant it, now I was sure and I couldn't wait for my son's to ravage me sexually. I smiled and said no, just checking.

Ryan said, "Mom, get down on your knee's." I quietly went down on my knees, I watched my son's come closer to me, their nice hard cocks bobbing all around. My sons stood in front of me, Hunter told me to start sucking their cocks; so I did what my son's told me to. I went back and forth from Ryan's cock to Hunters, sucking and licking their pricks as lustfully as I could. They ran their hands through my blonde hair, grabbing my head, thrusting their cocks into my mouth. I listened to my sons moaning, lustfully giving me words of encouragement. I was sucking Hutners' cock when he suddenly pulled it out of my mouth. I looked up at him with a wondering look. "Fuck this mom! Stand up!" I stood up like my son told me to. "Ok, now turn around and face the wall. Do it mom." I turned around facing the wall, I turned my head to look at Hunter, and I saw him with his wet cock in his hand. "Bend over mom. I said bend over and look at the wall!" I hesitated a bit, Ryan gently pushed me over, and I braced my hands against the wall like I was going to be frisked. I felt Hunter run his hand on my pussy, then I felt the tip of his prick at my pussy lips. I turned my head, looking over my shoulder back at my son. "Hunter, please I'm your mom, I don't think I should let my sons fuck me." Hunter got a wicked, lustful smile on his face. "Oh no mom. You are going to get the fucking you deserve."

Then within a moment, my son's nice hard cock slid deep into my tight, wet pussy. We both let out moans of pleasure. "Oh fuck mom, your pussy is so fucking tight and wet. Oh shit I'm gonna love fucking you. I'm gonna fuck you all the time now!" Slowly hunter slid his cock all the way in and then pulled it out, I could hear by his moans and groan he was in seventh heaven fucking me. "Oh Hunter…mmm, your my …son. Please don't fuck me…oh sooo good." "Quiet mom, turn you head and just look at the wall. You are our little slut mom. We know you want this. We know you have wanted your sons to fuck you, so we are going to fuck you." Ryan stood next to me, watching his brother fuck me nice and slow. He reached under my body, his hand moved my jacket and shirt aside and he started to fondle my bouncing, big tits. I looked over at him, my eyes glazing over as my orgasm was slowing building within me; his nice hard prick was only inches from my face. I wanted to suck him off badly, I wanted to taste my son's cum. "Mom, don't look at my cock, just look down. Yeah that’s it Hunter. Fuck mom! Fuck her good! She fucking wants it so much, listen to her moaning. Yeah mom, we are going to fuck you again and again and again."

Hunter began to increase his pace, ramming his steel shaft into my hot pussy faster and harder. He grabbed my tight ass as he fucked me harder. Ryan got down on his knees and crawled under me, under my body as I was braced with my hands against the wall. He buried his face in-between my tits, wildly licking and sucking on my nipples. I loved the sight and feel. I had one son fucking my pussy like lust crazed teenager, I look down and I have my other son playing with my tits, fondling them, licking them and sucking them. I loved the sight of his head being in my open shirt and suit jacket. I bit my lower lip, as this fuck session was becoming more and more pleasurable. Ryan looked up at me and said in low voice. "Mom, is this really ok? Do you want us to stop?" I answered him with all the lust, with all my incestuous, forbidden desire. "I love it! You boys better fuck me real good. I want you to fuck me long, hard, fuck me like the slut mom I am. Use me like a sex toy

Ryan smiled at me after I said that, he gave each of my nipples a nice, hard suck. Then my son stood up, "Yeah Hunter, that's it. Fuck mom! Fuck her hard! Make mom scream and moan like a horny slut." I raised my head up again, looking over my shoulder at my younger son fucking me like a wild man. My eyes were completely glazed over with pleasure. Ryan kept telling his brother to keep fucking me harder and faster. Hunter had his hands on my ass as he rammed his hard prick into my tight pussy again and again. "Ooh, boys please don't fuck me sooo good. I…I'm your mom…this is…not…oh fuck Hunter…don't stop." I couldn't keep pretending to protest any more. Hunter reached up and grabbed my shoulder pads on my suit jacket and put all his lust into fucking me good. That is one of the good things of being only 5' 1", when guys fuck me from behind, they can always reach my shoulders to steady themselves as they slam their cocks into me.

I could feel my son's pace increasing, his breathing was getting heavier and heavier, suddenly I could feel is cock swelling and becoming extremely rigid; I knew he was about to cum. "Oh yeah mom, I'm gonna cum, oh shit I'm gonna cum in your pussy!" Ryan cheered out, "Yeah Hunter, do it! Cum in mom's pussy, fuck'n fill her pussy with your cum!" My son moaned, then with loud groan his cock erupted and at that moment, I came as well. My son pumped his thick, huge load of cum into my wet, tight, hot pussy. With each thrust of his prick, he sent a spurt of cum deep into me. "Fuck yeah mom, oh fuck, take it mom, fuck'n take it all. Oh yeah your pussy feels so fucking good! Oh yeah…oh yeah I'm still cumming." I never had a guy cum as much as my son did. I screamed out as loud as I could with pure, lustful joy. When my son's pace nearly stopped, he pulled his wet prick from my pussy, I whipped around, dropped to my knees and sucked the remaining drops of cum out of my son's prick. I could taste my sweet pussy juice all over Hunter's cock. I sucked and licked my sons cock with all my lust. He looked down at me, smiling, "yeah suck it mom. Clean my cock off."

I worked my tongue and lips all over my son's cock, licking up every bit of cum and savoring the taste of my own pussy juice on Hunters cock. My son stood there looking down at me, moaning encouragement to me to me keep sucking his prick dry. When I was done I let his cock slide slowly out of my mouth, that is when my other son, Ryan grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up off of my knees. "Get on the futon mom. It's my turn to fuck you." I pretended to protest just a bit more, I struggled a bit as led me over to the futon, "Ryan, you already fucked me upstairs. Come on boys, I'm your mom and this is wrong, it is incest." "Mom, you know you want us to fuck you. You have said you are our little slut mom. Besides, we can't get you pregnant, so all we are doing is having a great fuck! Now be a good slut mom and lay down and spread your legs."

I did what my son asked; I couldn't wait for him to fuck me again. I lay down on my back and spread my legs wide for my son. Ryan wasted no time; he dropped to his knees with his hard prick in his hand. My son guided his hard, throbbing cock to my wet pussy lips. He gently pressed his cock head in-between my pussy lips, slowly pushing his cock deep into my hot love hole. He grabbed both of my legs as he guided his cock deep inside of me. "Oh yeah mom! Fuck your pussy is hot and tight. If I was dad, I would have been fucking you every night!" "Your father's cock is not as big as yours are. I liked getting fucked with good sized cocks." Ryan began to pump his hard prick in and out of my wet pussy. We both began to moan with carnal lust. My tits bounced around erotically under my shirt and suit jacket, my hard, erect nipples kept brushing the fabric, only turning me on even more. Hunter knelt down by my head, slowly stroking his cock, lustfully enjoying the sight of his brother fucking his mom.

"Yes Ryan, fuck mom. Fuck her good. Give it to mom hard, slam your cock into mom's tight pussy." As my son fucked me, he reached for my tits, fondling them, playing with my nipples as pounded my wet pussy with his hard, rigid prick. "Ooooh, Ryan! That's it, fuck me! Fuck me hard, harder, faster, faster Ryan! Oh yeah son! Play with my tits! Look at how hard you are making my nipples! That’s it, fuck your mom, fuck me, fuck your mom real good." I tilted my head to see what my other son was doing; Hunter was kneeling beside me, jacking himself off as he watched his brother and mother fucking. "Are you jacking off Hunter? You jacking off to me? You like watching your brother fuck your hot, slutty mom?" "Oh fuck yeah mom! I'm so fucking horny! I gonna cum in your sweet mouth! I wanna see you swallow my cum!" Ryan leaned down and began to attack my tits and nipples with his wet mouth. His tongue flicked my nipples around as he sucked really hard on my tits. "Oh fuck baby! Oh Ryan that feels so good. Oh…oh…you boys are so good. Fuck me! Fuck me, make me cum!"

My sons thrusting pace began to quicken, harder and harder he slammed his rigid cock, deep into my hot, wet, tight pussy. Not only could I feel my sons balls slapping against me, I could hear them as well. Both of my sons began moaning and groaning, louder and louder. I glanced at them; I saw their dark lust glazing over their eyes. Ryan groaned out, "Oh fuck mom…I'm gonna cum. Oh shit your pussy feels so fucking good around my cock. Fuck mom…you are so tight…so wet…fuck! I can feel your pussy milking my cock! I'm gonna cum mom…oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" "Do it baby! Cum in me, cum in my pussy. Oh yes…I wanna feel your cock spurting out your tasty cum! Fill my pussy Ryan…oh do it son. Make your mom cum… please…make me cum… Cum inside me…oh please baby…cum inside my pussy!" Hunter could tell like I could that Ryan was going to cum, he stood up straight, holding my hips tight as he pounded his cock into my sweet pussy. "Do it Ryan! Fuck mom! Cum in her pussy. It's fucking great!"

I was on the brink of my own orgasm, I looked over at hunter, his cock was drooling out pre-cum, and his shaft was bright red, rigid. As I watched my son jacking himself off, quicker and quicker he stroked his cock, I knew he was close to cumming as well. Then Ryan let out a very loud, lustful moan and I felt his cock release a surge of cum deep into my pussy. That was all it took for me, I let out an equally loud, lustful moan as I began to have my intense orgasm. I squirmed and twitched all over the futon as I experienced wave after wave of pleasurable orgasm's, my son kept pumping his load of cum into me at the same time. I arched my back, letting my tits bounce wildly around.

The sight and sounds of myself and Ryan cumming together was just what Hunter needed. Though a lustful, pleasurable haze I heard my other son moan, "Mom I'm gonna cum! Open your mouth…here it cums…I'm cumming!" I opened my mouth, Hunter barely got his cock to my lips when his cock erupted, spewing cum all over my lips and down into my mouth. I looked up, seeing my son stroking his cock, milking his entire rich load of cum into my hungry, waiting mouth. My sons cum tasted so good; I was so fucking horny I swallowed as quickly as his prick spewed cum into my mouth.

Hunter removed his cock from my mouth once he was done spewing his thick, sticky, salty-sweet cum into it. Him and his brother looked at each other, smiled and then the both attacked my tits. Each of my sons grabbed one of my large tits. They squeezed, groped and fondle them with such lust. Their mouths went over my dark, large areola and they began to suck hard on my tits. I could feel their tongues lapping at my erect, hard, long nipples, flicking them around. They moved their lips to just encompass my nipples and they began to suck hard. Suddenly I felt their fingers down on my pussy. One of my sons, Ryan started to rub my clit while Hunter inserted a couple of his fingers into my cum soaked, tight, wet, hot pussy. He inserted them in just till he hit my G-spot. Hunter finger fucked me as his brother massaged my little erect clit as they both lavished my tits with lustful licks and sucks. I have no idea how much time passed; I was too lost in the heat and dark pleasure my sons were giving to me. Hunter and Ryan gave me several intense orgasms’s before they decided I had enough. My tits had never been lavished with so much lust as what my sons did to them and I loved it.

Ryan and Hunter stood after they were done driving me wild they looked at each other and smiled. “What do you think Hunter, are we done with mom yet?” Hunter looked down at me laying there, his cock and Ryan’s were drooling out more pre-cum. “Nah, I want mom to suck my cock one more time.” “Yeah, I think you are right Hunter. Mom needs a nice hard cock in her mouth and a nice hard cock in that fantastic pussy of hers’. Stand up mom.” I stood up, wondering what my sons had in mind now. Ryan laid down on the futon, his nice hard prick was standing straight up in the air, and I knew exactly what he wanted so with out a word I moved over to my son. I straddled his body and slowly lowered myself down, looking at the lustful smile grow on my sons’ face. I grabbed his wet, stick prick in my hand and guided it into my tight, hot pussy. My son watched his cock disappearing into my pussy. He let out aloud moan, as did I. “You are such a hot slut mom. You knew exactly what I wanted with out me saying anything.” “That’s the way you two like it.” “That’s right mom, now fucking ride my cock!”

I began to rock my hips back and forth with my sons’ cock deep in my pussy. Then I began to move up and down on his nice hard prick. My son Ryan ran his hands all over my body. First he grabbed my ass then he ran his hands up my back, around to my stomach then up to my bouncing large tits. I watched and enjoyed my son squeezing and fondling my tits. I moaned with a deep lust of pleasure. “Oh yeah mom. Mmm, that’s it, ride my fucking cock! Fuck me mom! Oh shit, fuck me good mom!” I leaned forward and placed my hands on my sons’ chest to brace myself as I rode his nice cock like a little slutty mom rodeo rider. Only that did not last long as my other son wanted his cock sucked. Hunter came over and stood over his brother directly in front of me. He held his hard cock in his hand and he said to me in a very lustful tone, “Sit up mom and suck my cock!” I sat up and opened my mouth, stuck out my wet tongue, at that moment Hunter slid his cock right into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on my sons’ cock as best as I good as I continued to fuck my other son. I lavished his prick with all my built up lust. If someone stood out side the door all they would have heard was loud moaning, groaning and slurping, sucking sounds.

I ran my tongue all over Hunter’s cock, I licked it like a tasty ice cream cone. I would run my lips up and down his entire shaft, then suck on just the head of his prick, wildly licking the under side right behind his piss slit, gathering up all of his pre-cum. “Oh yeah mom, suck it! Suck it good!” “Shit mom’s pussy is so fucking wet and sticky.” Ryan said. Hunter responded “ It must be her pussy juice and all of our cum.!” Ryan moved his hands down to my hips; he grabbed hold of them and began to help lift me up and down on his own cock. “Yeah mom, take my cock. Fuck I’m gonna cum in your pussy again. Yeah, I’m gonna cum in it!” I kept ridding my sons cock, faster and faster, harder and harder. Hunter’s cock kept slipping out of my mouth so Hunter grabbed my head and began to wildly fuck my mouth with his prick. Saliva and pre-cum were dripping off of my sons’ cock and out the sides of my mouth. “Suck it mom, suck it good! Ooh fuck I’m gonna too!”

It only took all of us a couple minutes of this wild fuck festival before we all came. Ryan and I came first, pretty much at the same time. I felt my sons cock begin to spurt his load of cum up into my waiting pussy. That is about when I experienced my orgasm as well. My pussy tightened around my son’s cock and pulsed, milking Ryan’s cum load out of his wonderful prick. I could feel his cock shooting his load, spurt after spurt after spurt of my sons’ cum. Ryan moaned loudly, “Oh fuck mom! Oh yeah…yeah take it…fuck yeah…that feels sooooo good!” At first I tried to let out my moan of pleasure but Hunter wouldn’t let me take his cock out of my mouth. He kept fucking my mouth, grunting loudly. His balls were slapping against my chin and I could tell by his pace that he was ready to cum as well. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and as he did I let out my pent up moan of lustful pleasure. “Oh god! Oh yes, oh yes ooh yesss, Ooooooooh…boys…keep fucking me Ryan…keep pumping your cum into meeeeee!” I closed my eyes, enjoying every moment of my orgasm with my son. I opened my eyes a bit and saw Hunter standing there holding his cock tight in his hand, I wonder somewhere in the back of my mind what he was waiting for. I didn’t have to wait too much longer.

As soon I was done with my orgasm, Hunter rushed forward and pulled me off of his brother with his free hand. “Lay down mom!” I was still glazed over from Ryan’s wonderful fucking but I did what he said. Hunter got down on me, straddling my body. He placed his cock between my tits, “Push your tits around my cock mom! Do it now! I wanna fuck your tits and cum all over them!” I pushed my tits together and watched my son fuck them like an extremely horny teenage boy. “Ooo yeah baby. Fuck my tits. Fuck your mom tits. I want your cum all over them. Do it Hunter, cum all over them!” Hunter put his hands on my areola and nipples; he flicked my nipples around for a few moments before he came. My son did not last long fucking my tits and when he let his cum load go, it was like a sticky, hot, wet cum explosion. “Mom! Here it comes…I’m gonna cum…I’m cummming!” His cock exploded why between my tits, cum spurted all over them, cum ran down from between them, down on my neck. His cock head burst out from between them, sending another geyser of cum out of his piss slit right into my open waiting mouth. With a couple more thrusts of his prick he drained his balls and cock of all his tasty cum. Hunter stood up; his cock was covered with his cum, as were my tits. My tits and his cock looked like they had a nice coating of sticky, sweet icing; only it was hot, sticky, very sweet to me, cum. I braced my hands behind myself as I raised up and took my sons cum covered cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked it clean of all his cum, then Ryan stood next to him, his cock covered with cum and my pussy juice. Of course I cleaned his cock up too, savoring every bit of his cum and my sweetness on it. Hunter and Ryan smiled wickedly and lustfully as they watched me licking and sucking their cocks clean. Hunter looked at me, “Now lick your tits clean mom. We wanna watch you clean your tits off.” I watched my sons eyes gleam with pleasure as they stood there watching me slowly and sensuously lick my tits clean of all of Hunters nice cum. I hummed and moaned softly as I did it, letting them know how much I was enjoying their flavor.

“Are you boys done fucking me know?” “Yeah mom, I think we all need a rest.” Ryan responded. “But we are going to fuck your brains out every chance we get…If that is ok with you mom?” Hunter added. I smiled at them as I stood up, “You better, as long as nobody is around. That was the best fuck I ever had and I want more.”

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