He took me_(0)

He took me_(0)

At 16 I was a curvacious girl. My 39DD tits strained against my bra and my tight ass was round and filled my panties. I was blonde with blue eyes, and loved being the center of attention at school. All the boys loved me and i loved to tease them. I would accidentally rub my round ass in the crotch of a boy as I teasingly sat on his lap. I would watch their eyes glaze over and laugh and move across the room.

It was a Saturday and I lay on my bed in my lacy bra and panties admiting my flat stomach and tight abs. The phone rang in the kitchen and I heard my father answer it. He talked for a minute and then heard him walking down the hall toward my room. He opened my door without asking and glared at me. I smirked, imagining He would get hot looking at me.

"That was Brad," my dad stated. "He told me what you do to those boys at school."
"Oh, he's just jealous I don't do it to him." I replied.
"Well, I will not have a cock tease as a daughter." my dad angrally replied.
"OK, Ok." I said wrapping the sheets around me.
"There is only one way to cure a cock tease," my father yelled.

He began undoing his belt. I thought he was going to spank me with it and I began to be afraid. Then he began undoing his pants. I could see his cock straining against his underwear and I shrank to the back of my bed. He walked across the room and grabbed my wrists. "Please Daddy… NO." I begged. He used his belt to strap my wrists to the headboard. He took off his boxers and his cock sprang up, released. "You think you are so great," he said. "I will show you how to respect a man." He jerked down my underwear and unhooked my bra. My tits spill out onto my naked chest. I tremble, seeing how angry my dad is and try fighting against the belt. He kneels over me and without any foreplay begins to insert his mamouth cock into my pussy. "Please dad, I am a virgin. You are my dad" I cry. "OOOOOOOOOOH god", he moans. "It has been so long since I have had a virgin." He trusts his cock into my dry pussy and begins fucking me. The pain is enormous as he rips open my cherry. I begin to cry and beg. All that does is make him pump harder. He slams his cock into my virgin pussy over and over again. "I take it from your mother every night," he says "I can go for a long time, although it has been a long time since I have had a body as lithe as yours." My pussy is sore and swollen from his pumping. He takes my tis in his hands and begins pintching my nipples. They become erect, and to my horror my pussy beging getting wet. It only encourages his pumping. He bends his mouth to my nipple and begins to bite it. By now my pussy is so wet it makes a sucking noise every time he pumps into me. Daddy pulls his big cock out of my pussy and looks at me. He grabs my hips and flips me over. The pain in my wrists is intense as they are twisted in the belt. Daddy spreads my but cheeks and with one thrust slams his cock into my ass. I cry in pain as my insides feel like they would burst. My face is pushed into the pillow, I can hardly breath. He slams his cock unmercilessly into my ass. I am sure I am going to be suffocated. Daddy is is gunting and moaning about how tight my ass is. He rips his cock out and flips me back over. The air is amazing, and I gasp for breath. He shoves his cock back into my pussy and begins pounding again. His eyes glaze over and I feel a warmth spreading into my cunt. Daddy smiles and pulls back to watch his cum spill out of my ravaged pussy. leaving me tied to the bed daddy wakes naked out of the room. I hear him walk down to the kitchen, a cabinet opens and i hear water. I begin to pull into my mind. The horror of what just happened to me begins to take hold and the tears begin running down my cheeks. I hear daddy coming back up the stairs and down the hall. As he walks into the room i can see he is hard again. In his hand he has a bag. he sets the bag down on the floor and comes to sit on the bed. "Now that you are all primed," he says, "I am going to show you what I can really do. What I have been doing to your mother for 18 years. I promised her I would never do it to you, but who knew you would be such a cock tease." Out of the bag he pulls clips and puts them on my nipples. The burning pain shoots down my body. He reaches into the bag again and pulls out a rod. It is about 15 inches long and 6 inches around tapers on one end. By the way he was carying it I knew it was heavy. Daddy walks over to the bed and begins to shove that huge piece of metal into my pussy. "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO" I scream and begin kicking my legs. With one thrust he shove it into me. I feel warmth run down my leg and know it is blood. I black out at that point, and wake up to someone slapping me in the face. "Wake up," daddy says roughly. He pulls the thing out of my cunt and inserts his fist. He begins fisting me roughly. Then insertshis waiting cock and cums hard into my ravaged pussy. "There," he says, "That should teach you. On Monday you will go to school and never tease another boy again. I would rather have a slut for a daughter than a cock tease." he released me and shoved me towards the bathroom. "Shower up," he said "You can tell your mom if you want. it will probably make her happy to have someone to share her experiences with."

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