Holly Loves Her Daddy Part 2

Holly Loves Her Daddy Part 2

For those of you just now reading, I'm Holly, and this is my story!

Daddy continued to please me with his mouth on my pussy, I loved to have my clit sucked on. I had my first orgasm, and I was shocked to learn that it made me feel so good. Daddy lapped all the juices up from my cunt. He said I tasted soo good. I had completely forgotten about my sister and brother. i was enjoying my time so much with my daddy. This went on every day until the day before my birthday.

Tomorrow was the big day, I was going to become 10 years old. An my Daddy has been promising a great birthday. I've been looking forward to it about a year now, ever since daddy told me that he had a special surprise for me. He never told me exactly what my present was going to be, but I felt like he had something special for me. Maybe he was going to take me on a fabulous vacation like DisneyLand, or buy me fancy dresses, or maybe some nice jewerly. I kept on thinking about all the different things I wanted. Daddy has always given me so much, I just couldn't possibly imagine what more there was.
The cook and the maid had the night off and it was going to be just me and daddy in the house alone. I kept giving Daddy different hints on the different ideas that I would like for my birthday. I know he heard me, but he would just smile.
After Mommy left to Colorado with my brother and sister, I had started to notice a change in Daddy. He was very loving towards me, but yet he was also demanding. He expected me to always be on time, my homework had to be done and I had to have a shower, and I was to go to the special room and wait for him. I loved him so much that I didn't want to disappoint him, so I tried really hard. I was only late one time, he told me the next time I would be punished. I had little tears in my eyes when Daddy said that, because he's never punished me.
That night, I had finished my home work and went took a shower and went to the Den, this was the first time that when I went into the special room that Daddy wasnt' there to meet me. So I layed down on the bed, I told myself he was out preparing for my big birthday tomorrow. Wonder if he's getting my presents, maybe he's getting balloons, and he's giving me a surprise party. That would be really good. As time passed I decided to put in a dvd in the dvd player and watch some tv while waiting for him to arrive.
I really had no clue to what he DVD was about, because there were no titles or illustrations on the front of the cover. The dvd player ejected I put in the dvd and turn it on play. An I seen a man about as old as my daddy, kiss a little girl about the same age as me. Then I realized that there are little girls my age that do fun things with their daddy's too. I was really interested in the movie. An I watched the daddy on there , kiss that little girls titties too. She moaned so she liked it, just as much as I did. Then he got her on the bed, and licked her pussy, and then you could tell he was really hard. An he put his cock in her pussy. My daddy never did anything like that to me before. I'm glad my daddy doesn't either. That little girl was screaming and saying it hurt, please take it out daddy. But her daddy wouldn't do it. The little girl had big big tears rolling down her face. I felt sorry for her. But her daddy was holding her down and just pumping in her harder and harder. It scared me, so I got up and turned it off. Just in time too, for my Daddy came in the room.
Daddy came over to the bed where I was, and he said, Good girl Holly, you stayed here until I got here. That's a big girl, I knew you were Daddy's special little girl. He asked me what I had been doing, and I said I was watching a DVD and there is a movie about another girl and her daddy loving one another, but her Daddy, was putting his big cock in her pussy and he wouldn't stop, and she was crying, telling him it hurt and he just kept doing bad things too her. If he loved her Daddy why didnt' he stop.
Daddy said, Holly, that's how you make love to a woman. It's called Fucking, we talked about that word remember. Holly, said yes Daddy, but you haven't loved me that way before. An it looks scary too, she was crying Daddy. Her daddy must not love her as much as you love me, because if he did, he would of stopped. He said, Holly, her daddy was giving her love, that's what Mommy's and Daddy's do. An that's how special little girls like you are born. A daddy fucks mommy, and my cum goes up into a Mommy and plants seeds in her belly. An then a baby will be growing inside her. That's how you were made.
Holly sat there thinking for a moment. Does it hurt Mommy's like that, and Daddy said, No baby girl, It only hurts the first time, because there's a sheath in there that has to be broken in order to get a big cock up in the pussy. It only hurts for a little while and then the pain goes away. Well will that little girl have a baby. Daddy said, not until after she starts having periods, which mean's bleeding. He told me not to worry about that, because I was still young. I'm not sure why he told me that, was it because he was planning on fucking me like that man in the video did his little girl. I didn't ask any questions about the periods and bleeding, because that sounded worse than the little girl crying.
Then daddy said enough talking, it's time to snuggle with my favorite little girl. So he started to take off his clothes, and I was already laying on my bed, I took my nightie off, and I didn't have any panties on. He layed down on the bed next to me and started to rub my belly, nice and soft, slow and smooth. Then he reached up and pinched my titties, he never did that before. I told Daddy that he needed to be nice, he sort of pinched them again, and then he took his mouth and sucked on them, soft at first and then he started to nibble on them and bite them a little. I told Daddy not that way silly, I like it the other way, Nice and soft. An he said in time I would get use to it this way too. But I wasn't so sure about that. I wanted it like he always did before. Nice and soft, and loving.
Then Daddy asked me if I was going to be ready for his surprise and I said YES Daddy I'm so excited, can you give me a hint. He said No baby girl I think you have had enough hints about your birthday. I asked him what he mean't because he hasn't told me anything about my special surprise. An he said I guess when you go to bed tonight you will have to think really hard on what it's going to be.
Then Daddy told me to hush, and he was going to love on me . So he went back to sucking on my titties, and sucking on them, it felt really good, then he took his tongue and made little swirls around my nipples with his tongue. His tongue felt so good, and then he went and took his tongue an went down my belly and down to my pussy, and he started to suck on my little clit. He sucked it hard, and said I tasted so good. He couldn't wait to taste my juices, he licked my folds like he was preparing me for a wonderful feast. He licked and licked my pussy, and reached up and grabbed my titties, he was twisting them, and it hurt a little, but all I could feel was his tongue sliding in and out of my pussy hole. It felt so good, he kept doing that, and I could feel me getting all tingling inside. An my legs started shaking, I was going to have a big surprise for him too real soon. An he kept lapping my pussy and sucking on my clit, and finally I let go and a big gush game out from between my legs, and I was moaning and squirming on the bed. Daddy just lapped up all the cum that came from, me I could tell he was really excited, because he was moaning too, and I could feel his cock rubbing on my leg. It had pre cum oozing out of it. I could tell that my Daddy needed me to give him a blow job so I could love on him and drink his cum. I knew he loved when I did that.
After he was done, he told me Holly that was so good baby, I need you to help me too, he layed down on the bed, after he kissed me, I could taste myself on his lips. He layed down, and I took his cock, and told him that I would make him feel good, just like he made me feel good. I took my tongue and swirled it around the head of his cock, he moaned. An then I took my tongue and went down his shaft of his cock making it nice and wet, so it would at least slide in and out of my mouth better. Then I grabbed the base of his cock, and put his cock in my mouth, my mouth is small because I'm little, but Daddy says I do an good job anyway. My teeth gently scrape over his shaft, and I get in in and I start pumping in and out of my mouth. An he is saying Holly, I love you so much, you are my special baby girl. Fuck my cock with your mouth you little slut. Fuck it, fuck it in and out of your mouth. I'm going as fast as I can, and then Daddy moans really loud and Says Fuck Bitch, you whore… I'm Cumming, he came lots in my mouth. I was trying to drink it as fast as it was squirting out, but I couldn't catch it all. Finally after he stopped cumng, I licked the rest off of his shaft and got him really clean. Then I went up to him and layed on top of him and asked him if he liked it. An he said yes baby I did. Did you? I said yes Daddy I always like loving you!
He told me that I did good, but it was now time for me to go up to my room, and go to sleep because tomorrow was going to be a big day! An I needed to get my rest.
So I gave me Daddy a kiss and left the special room, I went upstairs and climbed into bed and went to sleep. Dreaming about tomorrow's big day!
During the day the tutor came by and I spent about 4 hours with him. An I had alot to do before my surprise that night. I hadn't seen Daddy since last night. I had to get all my homework done, but the tutor gave me more than what I normally get. An I didnt' know how I was suppose to get it all done. I worked really hard. I was suppose to be in the Speical Room by 7:00 and it was already 5:30. It was my birthday today, I thought the tutor would be nice because of my special day. But I guess he doesn't care. The cook and the maid were gone for the weekend. It was Friday night, so they had the whole weekend planned for themselves. I did my homework, and I got done around 6:30 I put all my books away, and knew that I still had to take a shower. I thought I might be a little late but Daddy wouldnt' punish me on my birthday. So I took my time in the shower, I washed my hair , lathered soap all over me. I put lotion on my body, and dryed my hair and put some perfume on. I walked into my room, and on my bed, was a box with a bow on it. I opened it up and it was a really pretty dress. I tried it on, it wasn't something that Mom would buy for me, It had no sleeves, and it zipped up the back and it had a built in bra, and then there were some high heeled shoes. I tried them on I was very wobbling in them. But I did my best. I walked down stairs and went into the den. An I got in there, Daddy was in there and he looked at me, and he said, Holly, I'm disappointed I planned this whole evening and your LATE! WHY ARE YOU LATE? An I said Daddy, I'm sorry but, The tutor gave me alot of homework, and I had to get it done. Please Please don't be mad at me. I want this evening to be soo nice. He said Well I will have to punish you later! An I will punish you Holly! I said Yes Daddy it won't happen again.
He said, I want you to close your eyes, and I want you to step into the Special Room, when I tell you too, You can open your eyes! Yes Daddy! I was so excited, I was bubbly, and I told Daddy, thank you so much for the new dress and shoes, and he told me that I looked very sexy in them. So he told me to close my eyes and inside we walked in. I was standing there with my eyes closed, and he said, are you ready baby girl. I said yes I am.
He said open your eyes Holly. I opened them and I couldn't believe what he had done to the room. He had made the bed to where it was a four poster bed, with a brand new satin sheets and satin cover and he had mirrors on the ceiling, and on top of the bed there were boxes and boxes of presents, waiting for me to open them. In the corner there was this this swing thing, hanging from the ceiling. He bought a video camera and it was on the tripod. An the game box and all the games were gone. All the dolls that he once gave me were gone. Everything that was once there was gone. The room was for a adult, it had strange things in it. I tried to look happy, I thought maybe all the good stuff was in the boxes on the bed. There were even video camera in the corner of each of the room hung up at the ceiling.
On the dresser, I seen things like handcuffs, and lotions, and oils, and these long things that were plastic and the shape of a cock. There were clamps, and all kinds of things that I new I didn't want. But I could see the gleam in Daddy's eyes, he was so excited and he wanted me to be excited too. So I told him Thankyou, and he said, well now it's time for you to open your presents.
So I sat down on the bed, and opened the first present. It was panties, ladies panties, all pretty and frilly. He told me that now that I was a big girl I would need big girl things. An I was to wear nice things for him. The panties were very pretty, one had no middle there wasn't anything there. Then the next present and frilly bra's in them, lots of frilly bra's. In the next box there were high heel shoes, and he told me that I need to start practicing wearing them. He bought me really pretty dresses. Lots of them, he told me that he would start taking me out, and doing things with me. Make all those boys stare at me. When they seen his pretty girl on his arm. But he wouldn't let them have me, because I was his. They could only look at me. That made me feel good knowing that Daddy would protect me like that.
After I opened all my presents, Daddy asked me to try on one of the bra's and panties and then put on the sexy pair of shoes he bought me. I asked him, where the cake was and the ice cream and he said Holly your not a little girl any more, your a big girl and your getting big girl presents from now on. I was disappointed, and he told me to act like a big girl and get my stuff on. I didnt' think Daddy was to nice. But I did as I was told.
After putting the bra and panties on and the high heeled shoes, I came out from behind the draped off area, and Daddy was standing there with No clothes on. I guess he was wanting another blow job, even on my birthday. I thought my birthday would be different. He looked at me and said, Holly you are beautiful, I love that on you. You are so fucking sexy. Thankyou Daddy, do you really like them. He said hell yes, you are going to become the best fuck slut ever. I was hurt. That's not what I wanted to hear.
He said, come over here and walk towards me. So I did, he said, now turn around, and bend over, I bent over and he said, Wow baby, you have a nice ass. This was not my daddy. This was not what I wanted. I wanted to leave. But I knew that Daddy would get really mad.
He said, baby your real surprise is just around the corner, I didnt' know what he mean't I got a gleam of hope that there was something really good going to happen. He said, baby. Go sit on the bed. He went and got some whiskey and poured two glasses, he said Holly, now that your grown up we can have a toast. He said here's a shot of whiskey for you and for me, he said drink it fast because it will burn, if you don't. He said on the count of three, we gulp it down. One, two, three.. and down it went, it was horrible, tasted nasty, I hated it. But Daddy said it would help me relaxed. He said, that was fun, lets do it again. So he poured another one, and then another. By that time I was feeling somewhat dizzy. He told me to lay back on the bed, and I layed down, and he said I'm going to put this blind fold on your eyes, so you can't see my next surprise. I was excited. So he put it on, he told me No peeking. I could hear him gathering things, then all of a sudden I felt rope being tied to my arms and I could hear Daddy tying them to the head of the bed around the posts. I asked him, Daddy why are you doing that, and he said it's for your surprise. Then he took my legs and spread them apart an tied my legs to the bottom of the bed.
Then he walked around the room and he turned on the video camera, and climbed on the bed.He started kissing me, and telling me he loved me, and that for the last 4 years he has been waiting for this day to happen. Making sure I would be ready for his surprise. I didn't understand, an the whiskey made me feel whoosey. He told me that I was going to be his special cunt, and that he had great plans for me. That he had planned for mommy to leave, and take the other two kids. He wanted me and only me. He told me that, mommy and daddy had adopted me, because Mommy was told she couldnt' have kids, and they adopted me, and then mommy got pregnant. But he only really loved me, because I was so speical to him. I didn't know if I was dreaming, or if his words were real.
Then he started to kiss my body, and play with my tits. He called me his fuck slut an that from now on, things would change, and I would always be there to fuck him. NO matter what! Whenever he wanted to fuck I was to be there and spread my legs, and if I didn't want it, or disagreed with him, he would make sure I paid for it.. He was trying to make me cum. I was so horny, and I was confused. He said are you ready for your big surprise. I didnt know if I was any more. I wanted to go! He said you remember the movie Holly, where the Daddy was fucking is little girl,,. An right at that very moment his cock entered my pussy. I screamed, DADDY NOO! Don't do that! He said Baby, your going to love this. He put it his cock into my pussy, and he said OH BABY it's so tight, Fuck you are tight! Oh this is so much better than I thought it would be. He pushed a little deeper. An I said NO Daddy, please don't do it! I will give you a blow job Daddy. Daddy said he wanted this more. He put more and more of his cock in, and he said Oh baby girl, I feel it, I feel it, I'm going to break that sweet Cherry of your's. He pulled out, and I thought it was over, and then he pushed it in again, and out, and then all of a sudden I screamed. It hurt so bad, and he was telling me he loved me, and that he was going to fuck me all the time. I was crying and trying to break free from my confines. But I couldnt'! He started fucking me and pumping in and out of me. I hate him, I wanted him to stop. I told him I hate you, Stop it ! STOP IT ! He took his hand and slapped me across my face, he said YOU will like this bitch, You are here to service me, and since Mommy isn't here any more, You will fuck me, and I will always be here to fuck you! I was crying more and more. He kept fucking me, plunging in and out of my sweet pussy. He pounded and pounded on me. An then I could feel that his breathing was different. He was breathing harder, and I just wanted it too be over. He shouted Oh Holly I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming. His seed spurted deep within my belly. He was shouting, Oh My God that was the BEST fuck I've ever had. He got up and moved back on the bed, and he said baby your not a virgin any more your now a Woman. An i'm going to teach you many things. An you will love it too. I'm going to make you my own personal WHORE Daughter!
I was crying, tears were running down my cheeks, I couldn't see my daddy, and I was glad that I couldn't because the Daddy that was with me here now I didn't like. I hated him, I wanted my old Daddy back. He got up and put his cock in my mouth and made me suck on his cock again, to get it hard. Didn't take long and he was hard again, He fucked me 4 more times that night, each time cumming inside me. I was so tired, and I couldn't cry any more. He told me that I would sleep down here tonight with him, he took off the ropes and blind folds, and looked at me with his blue eyes. An told me, Baby I love you, kiss your daddy. So I kissed him. An he said, we will go to sleep, and you will stay here. An I will take you some time again tonight. Your here to please me any time I need you. I have alot to teach you. An before you know it, you will love having sex with me. Just wait and see!

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