Home Alone Part 2

Home Alone Part 2

Kelly woke up and found her brother staring down at her, He had a warm welcoming smile on his face and that seemed to make her melt. She slowly got up and kissed him, it was soft and sensual but soon turned into a hungry more wanting kiss that last for ages.

She never knew she felt this way for her brother but was willing to do anything for him now. She got down on her knees and open up his fly and fished out his cock, it now looked simply beautiful to her, she wanted to lick it suck it and fuck it in the worst way possibly, she wanted to feel it slide in to her depths and take finally take her virginity in the worst way.. but she restrained herself and startted licking under the head and all around his purple crown. Then she kissed it and startted to slide it in to her mouth….

Her eyes flew open and she jumpped outta bed with a start which startled her brother who then woke with a start. She was so confused she hated her brother for doing what he did, but at the same time loved him for it. She was wet and her nipples though still saw from the pins were standing erect and content, she turned and told her brother she was going to take a shower. He jsut nodded and went back to sleep with ideas slowly creeping into his tired brain.

Kelly openned the shower door and turned on the water, once it was the right temprature she jumpped in, she loved how the water washed over her and made her feel revitalized. She was enjoying the feeling when she startted soapping herself up startting at her feet and working her way up. She got to the top of her theighs then just swiped her soapy hand over her cliterous, A jolt went through her body, up her spine and seemed to end in her nipples, She had never masturbated before, the idea of it seemed repungent to her. She slowly rubbed from the top of her pussy to the bottom loving the feelings her body was getting from it.

Meanwhile her brother was just startting to wake and he had the urge to take a piss when he heard a moan from the shower. He thought his sister might be in trouble so he rushed through the door and openned the shower to find his sister pleasuring herself and oblivious to him standing there.. Needless to say after watching that for 10 seconds he became painfully erect and stripped himself of his clothes. He jumpped in behind her and startted rubbing her saw, erect nipples.

At first she was startled by his touch but soon started moaning even harder when he felt the pleasure by rubbing her nipples. Soon she felt herself building to a massive climax and she was almost there, but her brother sensed this and topped her taking his hands away from her nipples and grabbing the hands stroking her pussy and rubbing her clit.

He pushed her up against the wall and kicked her legs apart and got onto his knees with his face looking up into her piece of virginal heaven between her legs he licked her pussy from top to bottomw, clit to asshole. "Please Eric, this feels wonderful, but don't lick my asshole. It's dirty and i don't like it."

Eric complied and startted rubbing her clit and sticking his tongue straight up into her pussy so his was nose was pushing against her asshole and his tongue pistonning like a mini cock into her love hole. This continued for a whole before her legs went weak and he eyes bolted open and her mind raced, her body exploded like nothing ever before. Before she hit the ground her brother stood up, pulled her hips back and startted moving his cock towards her pussy rubbing it up and down to get some extra juices on his cock.

Kelly felt what was happenning and was quick to stop him from taking her virgin hole. "Eric, No yu go to far… ERIC what are yu doing please no.."

But Eric was los in his own head, Slowly he pushed he pushed but her puss was unbelievably tight. He gave a little more pressure each time, slowly sliding a little more in each time. Until finally his head popped into her pussy it was unbelievably tight. Stretching her vagina wide open beyond what she thought possible. Then without warning he rammed home with the rest of his 8 inches burying his cock deep inside her and tearing straight through her maidenhead. "OOOOWWWWWEEEEEEE" She squaled and squawked trying desperately to adjust to the size of his penis in her newly deflowerred pussy. He held it there for a few minutes letting her get used to the foriegn object in her pussy.

After a while she startted moving her hips around and a small moan escaped and she quietly whisperred "Fuck my pussy Eric. Fuck it good" He complied and startted stroking in and out. She was soo tight he knew he wouldn't last long, it was just too arousing. Her pussy was doing this rippling straight down his cock. It felt fantastic and he felt an unbelievably building in his balls. They continued fucking for over 10 minutes until Eric felt it. His balls shrivelled up and he felt it coming from somewhere below his ass then travelling along his Cock until it erupted from his nob head. He slammed himself in and locked into his sisters pussy. His sister feeling the cum shooting out of his Cock pushed her to the limit to and her pussy clampped down on his cock milking him for all he was worth. This pushed Eric further and more cum startted pulsing out of his empty balls, till they were saw from all of it.

They collapsed on the floor and he whisperred to her "I love you sis, yu are the best thing that ever happend to me, i hope yu never leave me… "

She just smiled and closed her eyes and leaned into her brothers chest. Tired and grateful that he was there for her. Moments later her eyes flew open and she felt something pushing at her rear. She looked over at her brother and he was smiling. wanna go for cherry number 3 sis…?

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