I love Dogs #3

I love Dogs #3

I like Dogs #3

I woke up Monday morning with my pussy full of my Dad’s cum. I went into their bathroom since I had slept in their bed and took a long hot shower. I douched my pussy and my ass since it was full of Borders cum with the shower head off. When I went to the kitchen Mom was singing to herself. You’re in a good mood this morning I told her. Why shouldn’t I be my husband has come out of the sexual closet and I can now be my true self. I am going to stop off at the local porno shop and get you a butt plug since I watched you enjoy letting Border butt fuck you. I will call Maurine from the office and talk to her about what kind of dog we should get.

After Mom left for work I called Darcy to see if she wanted to get together. I left about 9:30 and went over to her house. Darcy let me in and I could see she was still in her little short night gown. It just barely covered her Ass and I could see she didn’t have any panties on. It made me a little hot just seeing her like that so I kissed her and she frenched me back. We went into her bedroom and began to play with each others tits after I took off my dress and panties. As we laid there I began to finger fuck her. It was then that I realized her pussy opening was much bigger than someone her age might be if they had never had sex. I asked her if she had ever let Pudge fuck her. She turned red and said, “No, he has tried to fuck me a lot of times but I have been afraid too. I looked down at her pussy and I had three fingers inside her. Well then has your Dad ever fucked you?

The look on her face said it all. Tears came into her eyes and she said, “Why would you ask me something like that? Because your pussy hole is to big not to have not been fucked by something or someone. Since you live alone with your Dad I just guessed. Tell me about it Darcy as she began to cry. She sobbed, “Dad and I have been sleeping in the same bed since I was three years old. Just after we moved here Dad went out with some of his new friends and got pretty drunk. I put him to bed but I couldn’t get his pajamas on so I just covered him up naked. When I got into bed about an hour later it was pretty cold and Dad felt so warm that I took my night gown off and snuggled up against him.

As I laid there next to him I felt his penis getting harder and harder. I opened my legs and it went right between my legs. I reached down and felt his warm hard penis. Loretta It made me all warm down there. I began to finger fuck myself. I wondered what it would be like to have his penis inside me so I pushed him on his back and got on top of him. He was snoring something awful. It took me almost twenty minutes to get it in. It only went in about three inches because I felt it up against my hymen. I gritted my teeth and pushed down as hard as I could. Loretta, the pain as it went all the way up inside me almost made me faint. My Dad woke up and started to push me off. I grabbed him around the neck and hugged him hard. I just sat there for minuet or two until the pain stopped. Then I began to move my pussy up and down his penis. Loretta it felt so good.”

He said, Ohhh honey this is so wrong, and then he rolled me over and lifted my legs and began to fuck me hard with long slow strokes. He fucked me for a long time and I came several times before I felt him shove his dick hard into my pussy and I felt his warm cum hitting the bottom of my pussy. Loretta it was so good I came twice after he stopped fucking me because his cock felt so good inside my cunt as we laid there breathless. He fucked me two more times before morning. He got me some birth control pill and has fucked me at least twice every night since. On the weak-ends he fucks me tow or three times a day and eats my puss too. I like to sucking his cock and make it hard so we can fuck.

I became so horny I pushed her back and got between her legs and began to eat her pussy. I licked and sucked her clit like a mad women. I heard Pudge come into the bed room so I swung me Ass over the bed and Pudge began to lick my wet pussy. The more he licked the harder I sucked her cunt. When He mounted me and shoved his cock into my hot pussy hole I moaned “That’s it Pudge fuck me good. And he sure did, he pounded my hot wet pussy like there was a dick on the end of a jackhammer. When his knot entered me I groaned again and came for the third time. He hammered me for about three minutes when that knot rubbing up and down my “G” spot caused me to cum a bucket full all over the carpet. I collapsed with my face buried in Darcy’s crotch as I felt Pudge’s jizz shooting into my pussy cavity.

When we both got our breaths Darcy said, “Did Pudge really fuck you? What was it like?” Wonderful I gasped. You need to give him a try. “Ok, when?” she said. Lets give him an hour and then he will be ready. We laid there for the full hour kissing and frenching each other. She ate my pussy and it was Ok but not as good as Mom. Of course Mom has had a lot more practice than Darcy. I went and got a dirty bath towel and laid it on the floor next to the bed. I had Darcy lay on the bed with her knees on the floor spread apart. It took Pudge about ten seconds before he was licking her pussy. Darcy started giggling and then moans as his tongue went up and in her slit. He licked her for almost five minutes before he mounted her. I guided his cock into her wet pussy and Pudge began to pound her cunt like a piston.

Darcy began to moan and babble, “Ohhhhhhh god ohhhhhh shit ohhhhhhh shit I’mmm coming. Yessssssssssssss ohhhh god Loretta I can’t stop cumming. Just then I saw his knot enter her pussy and Pudge began to give those short jerks as he shot stream after stream of his cum up into her fuck hole. Ohhhhh shit Loretta I can really feel him squirting inside me and it is making me cum even more Ohhhhhhh myyyyy god.” And she had one of those intense “G” spot climaxes. Just like I had and my Mom had. It took about fifteen minutes for Pudge’s knot to extract and when it did it made a loud popping noise and her cum and the dogs cum came pouring out of her onto the towel.

We had a late lunch and then for the rest of the afternoon we took turns letting Pudge fuck us. Just before I left I asked Darcy if she liked fucking her Dad? She told me yes, she enjoyed it but she has never climaxed as much with him as she has been having with Pudge. Then I asked her if it would upset her if I let her Dad fuck me. She hesitated for almost a minute and then said, “Wow, I think a threesome would be exiting and wonderful.””

When does your Dad usually like to fuck you? “Usually when we go to bed and first thing in the morning.” Not good I said. What if we let him catch us eating each others pussy or fucking Pudge? “I don’t think it would be a good Idea to let him know about Pudge just yet. Let’s take one step at a time,” she told me. What time does he usually get home from work I asked? “About 5:30 give or take fifteen minutes.” OK, tomorrow we will get all set up and we will pretend we lost tract of time and when he comes home we will let him catch us. Just thinking about it is making me horny and its 4:45. We won’t have time for another session with Pudge. “Your right, but my pussy is all wet thinking about it. I pushed her down and began sucking her pussy cleaning all her cum and Pudge’s doggy cum out of her pussy. I left at 5”20.

Mom came home about 6:15 and called me to her bedroom. When I arrived she told me to bend over and when I did she inserted a butt plug into my Ass. It was about two and a half inches in diameter and about three and a half inches long. It made me get kind of excited. Mom pulled out this butt plug that was at least three and a half inches wide and four inches deep and shoved it up her own Ass. I was still horny from thinking about tomorrow with Darcy’s Dad so I gave Mom a big French kiss and shoved three fingers into her pussy. I pushed her onto the bed and pulled her panties off and reinserted my whole hand up her snatch and began fisting her. I fisted her until Dad came home a little after seven. Mom was moaning and screaming as Dad walked in. “Ohhh my god, ohhhhh yes baby, Ohh shit AHHHHHHHH” and she came all over the bed.

Dad took his pants down and jumped between Moms legs shoving his cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. It took him about four minuets and he lifted Moms legs up high and drove his cock down deep and came. “What a home coming,” he exclaimed. After dinner Mom told us that it was all set for Saturday and we can leave Bruno home as Maureen will provide us with the necessary replacements. I was ecstatic. Dad woke me about 6:00 with his cock in my pussy. I was getting real use to having my Dads wonderful prick wake me each morning. It was such a leisure fuck and when he came inside me I always came too.

After Mom and Dad left for work I went over to Darcy’s about 10:00. We planned how we would set up her Dad. Then we ate each others pussies. I really enjoyed her pussy. She had these cute puffy little pussy lips and I enjoyed how her clit would get bigger as I sucked on it. It was not near as big as Moms but her pink little shaved pussy tasted real nice. We took turns letting Pudge fuck us and he was learning fast. He seemed to last longer each time he fucked me with his knot inside me, making me cum more. About 3:30 we took a shower together and then douched with a strawberry flavored douche.

We put Pudge outside in the back yard and Darcy sat by the front room window waiting for her Dad to come home, it was 5:15. I laid on her bed playing with my clit getting my pussy ready for Darcy’s mouth and tongue. Darcy was doing the same thing. I only had to wait about ten minuets before Darcy came running into the bedroom whispering “He’s here.” I was so excited over the prospect of what was about to happen. I came almost immediately when her tongue entered my vagina. We heard him come in the front door as he hollered, “I’m home Darcy.” I could hardly contain my self in anticipation. Darcy’s Dad was a good looking man not as big as my Dad but about 5”10” and very muscular. He was only thirty five Darcy had told me. We heard him wondering around in the kitchen and I sucked in my breath as he came down the hall toward Darcy’s bedroom.


It was not the reaction we expected. As soon as I got dressed he grabbed me by the arm and said lets go young lady. Darcy suddenly marched over in front of him and shouted, “Dad leave her alone, you’re not going to do anything. She knows about us.” “What” as he stopped dead in his tract. “What are you saying,” he whispered. “I told her you have been fucking me since we moved here.” “OH Darcy how could you. Don’t you realize I could go to Jail?” Don’t worry I said, I’m not going to tell anyone. I paused for effect and then provided you fuck me too. He just starred at us with his mouth half open. “What are you saying,” he asked. Darcy said, “what we are saying is that we want you to fuck us both, you know a threesome.”

He sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands, saying, “Darcy do you know what your asking? You are not only my daughter but your both minors. If anyone were to find out I could go to jail for a very long time.” “No one is going to find out,” Darcy told him. “You say that now but what if you too get in a fight and then what is going to stop her from telling on us?” I swear I would never ever tell anyone, I have my own secrets that I don’t want anyone to find out about, I told him.

Darcy winked at me and nodded toward his crotch and then she pushed him onto his back. She straddled him and then sat on his face. I unbuttoned his fly and pulled out thick dick and began to suck him. It took me almost five minutes to get him hard. I think it was because he was still stunned. He was not as big as Dad but a little thicker. I heard Darcy begin to moan so I knew he must be eating her pussy. When he came he filled my mouth with his creamy cum and I swallowed most of it. I then sat up and watched for the next ten or fifteen minutes Darcy getting eaten by her Dad.

I had left a note on the kitchen table telling Mom that I was having Dinner at Darcy’s. We let him rest for about a half hour and then we took his clothes off and Darcy began to suck his cock. When it got hard she told him to fuck me. I expected him to just shove his dick inside me but instead he got between my legs and started eating my pussy. He had a very nice tongue. He was better than Dad but not as good as Mom. He sucked my clit and ran his tongue up and down and then deep inside my wet hole. He made me cum twice before he scooted up and took one of my breasts into his mouth and began sucking. With the other hand he fondled my other nipple pinching and rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. I was so hot I came as he put about two inches of his fat cock into my cunt. He gave a big push and buried his cock all the way in. My pussy felt completely full and it felt wonderful. He had great control and fucked me for almost half and hour before drove his cock deep and came. I felt his warm cum shoot into the bottom of my womb. I came at the same time. After a short time he fucked Darcy and then he fucked me again before I left for home about nine.

For the rest of the week I got fucked by my Dad in the Morning and occasionally at night. Darcy and I would eat each other and get fucked by Pudge during the day. Her Dad would fuck me as soon as he got home from work so that I could get home in time for dinner. It was a toss up between my Dads longer cock and Darcy’s Dads fatter one. Sometimes before Dad got home from work late and before dinner I would usually eat Moms pussy and fist fuck her. Then just before bedtime Mom would eat my pussy as I fisted her. Also I noticed that Dad was now letting Border Fuck him in the Ass everytime he fucked Mom. It was a wonderful time. I was also anxiously awaiting Saturday to see what was in store for me.
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