I will do anything to belong iv

I will do anything to belong iv

Ned decided it was best I went home at some stage so my parents wouldn’t send the FBI to look for me – not that they would notice I was gone – but it made sense to keep things as low key as possible. Heather’s parents were worse than mine so it would be ages before they realised she was missing.

When I arrived home I was shocked to find my Dad actually home.
I ignored him as I went up stairs but I got the feeling he was waiting for me. Hmph had he finally realized I existed.

“Kelly come here I think we need to talk” he called up to me. I reluctantly went back down stairs.

“What about” I asked.

“About what you do while your Mother and I are not here. I am worried you might be thinking about seeing boys and maybe we need to sort out something like a boarding school.”

I was stunned – oh no this would ruin everything. How could I get out to be with Ned and I had customers who paid heaps for my little girl body and what about the movies. I craved the orgasm watching life ebb away gave me.

“I am not interested in boys Dad – no need to worry – I don’t need boarding school”

“Well it will only be a matter of time – we need to get it organized. Your Mother and I are going overseas for a couple of years so there will be no-one here but Pete and he can’t look after you” – little did they know – Pete looked after me rather well.

“Over eas???? You really don’t care about me do you – why did you have me – I hate you!!!!!!!!” I ran crying to my room – despite everything I still wanted my parents to love me but they constantly rejected me – I hated them. I had to somehow stop their plan and get back at them. A plan was forming in my head – if only I could make it work – it would solve all my problems and they would realize their mistake in not loving their daughter.

I went back to Dad and told him I was sorry. I then asked if I could sit on his knee as I needed a hug. He looked at me strangely but agreed so I put myself on his knee and started to cry on his shoulder. He put his arms around me and patted me trying to comfort me. I let myself melt into his arms and without him knowing undid the buttons of my blouse exposing my naked flat chest. I had on a skirt and no knickers and I had sat so my pussy was on his leg so he would feel any wetness directly. I wanted to tease my father and make him want his little girl – if only for a fuck toy.

Dad continued patting me as I rocked and I felt a gush of cunt juice leave my body. He stiffened and then continued patting me. I let my mound grind on his leg and again he stopped. “What’s wrong Daddy?” I asked innocently and pulled my head back to look into his eyes revealing my naked chest.

I leaned back on his shoulder and continued to rock and grind. I could feel my Dad’s breath quicken. Good – he was having a reaction. His leg was getting wetter and he must have felt my small body shudder as I orgasmed at the thought of wanting to be my father’s fuck toy.

“I love you Daddy – I would do anything for you you know that don’t you Daddy – anything to make you happy”

He gulped and I could feel a hardness against my leg which told me Daddy was having impure thoughts.

“Is there anything you want your little girl to do for you Daddy – can I make you happy Daddy – please let me make you happy”

The last was said looking doe eyed into his eyes with my chest revealed and my cunt gushing onto his leg.

“What are you doing Kelly – you are only a kid – what the hell are you doing?” He was so turned on but he was fighting it. I continued to grind into him and now I was kissing the side of his neck lightly in a way I knew from experience turned men on.

“You said you don’t like boys yet Kelly – oh god what is happening – this has to stop – oh god – you feel so good”

“Daddy I don’t like boys – I only like men – I like men to touch me and look at my body Daddy – will you touch me and look at my body???? Please Daddy – let me make you happy – I want to make you happy – don’t you like me????”

I pushed myself off his knee and allowed my clothes to drop. I was standing before him – a naked child – pleading with him to prove he liked me.

I straddled him and began to grind my nakedness into his body. I put his hands on my non existent breasts and he let them stay there. He was getting really hard but he was still fighting this unexpected seduction.

“Oh Daddy – rub my titties – oh that feels good. Daddy let me take off your clothes so I can see you. I began to remove his shirt and although he looked pained he didn’t stop me.

“Oh Daddy I want you to like me so much – please say you will let me make you happy and then you will like me.”

“Kelly what are you asking – this is wrong – oh god I want you – but this is soooo wrong”

I rubbed my naked chest against his and placed his hands on my small backside. He began kneading my flesh and I knew I had him.

”Oh Daddy – I just want you to like me. I want to make your pee pee spit like the girls do in the movies you watch when Mum is not here.”

He gasped then got serious.”Kelly I am a man I could hurt you inside”
“Don’t worry Daddy I have been playing with the rubber pee pee Mum has in the cupboard – I know what to do. –I want you to do it to me Daddy – make me a woman Daddy.”

I was playing my part well. I lost me virginity to the dildo when I was nine and Pete popped my cherry when I was eleven and I have fucked hundreds of men since then but let this bastard Father of mine think he is the first. It will make things even better.

I stood up and began to undo his trousers and then he lifted his behind to allow me to pull them down – what a pervert – hasn’t spoken to me for years and within ten minutes of me asking he is ready to fuck his child. I hated him.

I didn’t want to play anymore so upon releasing his cock which was very long and thin so it would hardly even be noticed I straddled him and slammed my body onto his weapon. He was shocked but I didn’t care as I slid all the way down and then fucked him angrily. The pervert let himself enjoy it and started hammering away then he held me still.

“I don’t want to get you pregnant Kelly – that would be so wrong” like this is right???

“No problem “ I said and I slid off his cock and without any effort impaled my ass with his skinny cock.

“Oh my god – I have never fucked anyone there before – oh Kelly this is so wrong but oh god I want to fuck you hard”

He fucked my ass harder and harder holding onto my hips and forcing me down onto his pole. It hurt because it was dry but the pain made it enjoyable. I hated him more and more and the hate and pain sent me into an amazing orgasm as I felt his seed being released into my anal cavity.

“Oh Daddy – did I make your pee pee happy?” I chirped to the man now slumped in remorse as his cock shrunk and fell out of his child’s backside.

“Oh yes Kelly – Daddy’s pee pee has never been so happy – but this is not right”

“Don’t you love me Daddy – aren’t I special? I want to make your pee pee happy all the time – please let me Daddy or I will think you don’t love me – please Daddy”

“Ok Kelly but I am still not comfortable with it and it has to be our secret – Mommy must never know – do you understand?”

“Of course Daddy – as long as you let me play with your pee pee whenever I want – Mommy will never know” and with that comment I had blackmailed him and he knew it. I had him trapped in an incestuous relationship and he knew boarding school was now out of the question – I had too much on him.

“I slipped to my knees and began to suck his cock – cleaning my shit from the sides and before too long he was hard again so I got down on all fours and offered him my little girl ass which he took without hesitation – ramming his cock harder and harder into his child. The filthy pervert loved it and once again he filled me with his cum while I orgasmed from the power I now had over him.

“ I have to go out now Kelly but remember this is our secret right?”

“Right Daddy – Mommy must never know her husband likes to fuck his 14 year old child in the bottom. Daddy do you think if you visit me in my room some nights it will help me remember not to tell mommy?”

“I am sure it will sugar – Daddy’s pee pee wants to make lots of trips to your room and he will sugar – he will but I have to work now so go to Heather’s and I will see you soon.”

I left the house and went back to Ned. I told him what had happened and we both knew Daddy would be seeing more of his daughter very soon. I had this thought in my head as I spent the afternoon with the clients Ned had for me.

Men pay a lot of money to live out their filthy fantasies with a child and particularly one with a flat chest like me. One man, around 45 dressed me as a much younger child and took me to a park where he had me ride his cock while he had a dump in the public toilet and then had me lick his ass clean while his mates watched with envy. ( He didn’t tell them I was hired – he let them think he had picked me up) Another bathed me and slid bath toys into me and then came all over my face from the excitement and then there was the group of really old men I was to see once a week. Dressed as a small child I was to lick all their “lolly pops” and then drink all their “juice” and then they watched as I did the same to whatever animal they brought with them. This week it was a Doberman but Ned told me it could be anything from a horse or even a bull as they liked to take their “granddaughter” to the farm for some fun.

I was so wired after all this I went home and, finding Daddy in his Den, spun his chair around and undid his trousers then fucked him wildly. He came inside me and then, realizing what he had done organized for his doctor mate to bring over a morning after contraceptive. I told Daddy I hadn’t started menstruation yet but he insisted. He also took the opportunity to fuck my cunt again as he realized he had time before the doctor arrived. He filled me again with his seed and I smiled knowing even if he did impregnate me he would never know – I had plans for him that he may not enjoy but I certainly would.

The Doctor arrived. He was about 40 and African American. He was very tall and really well built – he could have been a footballer. He and Daddy went to the den. I heard some laughter and then silence. I then decided to go in and see why they were so quiet. I walked in to find Daddy bent over the desk his pants around his ankles and the Doctor fucking his ass with his huge black cock.

“Wow Daddy – this is different.” I said as they both tried to get their pants up.

“Don’t stop on my account – I love to watch” I went to the desk chair and sat down, lifting my skirt revealing my cunt.

“Daddy you don’t mind if I play with myself while you make the Doctor’s pee pee spit do you ? You wouldn’t want me to tell Mommy would you?”

“Whatever you want Kelly – but please don’t tell Mommy.” I began to masturbate and removed all my clothing. I had my Daddy’s cum dripping from me and I inserted my hand in my cunt took a handful of Daddy cum and ate it greedily.

“ Oh shit man – your daughter is hot – hey Kelly I am gunna fuck your Daddy’s bottom and fill him with my black cum then I am gunna fuck you so you get yourself all wet there and Doc will fill your little cunny with his black meat – Doc loves little white girls.”

My father resumed his position and with both men watching me I masturbated while the black man fucked my father so hard I was sure the desk would break. He grunted as he came and then he removed his shit and cum covered cock from my Daddy’s bottom and pulled my father to his knees forcing him to suck his black cock until it was clean and hard.

The Doctor then picked me up and impaled my small white body with his huge black cock. My dad had hold of his skinny dick and was tugging it madly.
“Hey white dick – fuck her little ass – let’s fill the little slut.”
Daddy didn’t need a second invitation. He slid his cock up my well used ass and together they fucked me until we all came and collapsed in a sticky mess.

Shit Kelly – what the hell am I to do with you?” Daddy wailed.

“Hey man – you got a hot little fuck toy like this living in your house – I know what I would do – fuck her every chance I got. She is a child and she just took two men with ease – man what a kid – I think I will make house calls from now on if that is ok with you.”

“I don’t think you could keep up with me“ I laughed, “But have fun trying.”

I stood up and let their combined cum spill from my body. I went over to the cupboard and found Mommy’s dildos and vibrators. I suction cupped the biggest one to the desk and mounted it sliding it into my ass and then slid another one in beside it. My Dad’s face was in shock but the Doctor was tugging his tool so hard I thought it would break off. I rode the two for a while which was easy after having two huge fists up there only a few days ago not to mention all the other men and the dogs and the bottles – I was one sick puppy.

I slide two more dildos into my cunt and then turned them all on. While they were vibrating I invited the doctor to join my rubber friends in my back passage and he didn’t hesitate. The pain was amazing but I needed more.

Fuck my face Daddy – hold my head and ram your cock in and out like a jackhammer

“Kelly it will hurt….”
“Just do it you stupid fuck!!!!” My yelling helped and Daddy was soon fucking my face with the same force Doctor was fucking my dildo filled ass. I was in heaven. I came over and over and when I woke up I was on my back covered in cum and my exhausted cocks were sitting on the lounge kissing each other gently obviously having enjoyed their little fuck toy.

So Daddy loved the doctor – I was green with envy – he would pay for not loving me more – my plan would soon be put into action – and may as well include my useless mother as well.

Ned would make a fortune with what I had planned and I would be rid of my useless parents.

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