Just for daddy

Just for daddy

It's a warm night and I'm home alone, lying on my bed wearing a black silk nightie and black panties. Thinking about you.. You'd been working away and after 3 weeks we were missing each other so bad. We'd spoken on the phone everyday but it wasn't the same as being together and we were both frustrated and horny as fuck! Remembering 2 nights ago on the phone, you started telling me how much you were missing having me beside you in bed, touching me whenever you wanted to, but mostly how badly you missed tasting my sweet little pussy. You knew that would turn me on and when you heard my involuntary moan, you knew it'd had the desired effect. You started to describe what you were going to do to me when you got home. As I listened I could feel the heat between my legs, my pussy had started to twitch and without thinking I had slipped my hand between my legs and was just gently running my fingers over my panty covered pussy. I guess my breathing gave me away and you asked me if I was touching myself. I whispered yes.

There was a subtle change in your voice then, anybody else wouldn't have noticed, but I know my daddy. You told me that I was breaking your most important rule,


I started to say I was sorry but you told me it was too late. Your voice slightly deeper, with a firmer tone, you told me to be a good girl and do exactly what you say. That alone was enough to make my already damp panties soaking wet. I love the sexual control you have over me and I did everything you told me to, exactly as you wanted. I listened to you tell me how hard your cock was and how it throbbed in your hand as you stroked it, and listened to your little slut obeying you. You had me finger my hot little cunt til I was just about to cum, and then sharply told me to pull my fingers away. I did as you said but let out a moan of frustration as the orgasm disappeared before it reached its peak. You made me lick and suck my fingers, to tell you how I tasted. You took me to the edge of climax over and over, never allowing me to cum. You knew I loved it as much as you loved having the power over me, and you always gave me the most intense orgasms, as long as I was a good girl…but I hadn't been, I'd broken your rule and you wanted to punish me.

Abruptly you told me to take my hands away from my slutty little cunt, pull up my panties and pull down my nightie. I was shocked and didn't believe you were serious, until you said ,"I will be home sometime in the next 48 hrs, sleep now, but from when you wake up you may play with your hot, smooth little pussy but you must NOT cum til I am with you. Goodnight babygirl", and the line went dead. I lay there for a while, frustrated and upset, you'd never left me like that before, you must be so angry with me and I hated to displease you.

Eventually I drifted off to asleep.

So back to tonight, I'm lying on my bed, music on low, with all the thoughts from 2 nights ago going through my head. I'm determined not to let you down again. I am fully aware that you'd know if I brought myself off and the consequences would be dire. My legs are far apart (no chance of reaching orgasm that way), panties pushed down just far enough to expose my pussy, reaching down with my left hand to open my smooth lips, the fingers of my right hand gently stroking my hard little clit, head back, eyes closed, moaning softly. My nipples are rock hard, my pussy is throbbing, and without realising it I've started to close my legs! I'm so close to cumming..I cry out "no!" pulling my hand away and throwing my legs apart just in time to stop myself from disobeying you. I moan, partly in relief, partly in frustration.

It's then I hear your voice "Hello baby". I open my eyes and you are standing over me, looking down between my legs, a huge bulge in the front of your jeans. You tell me you've been watching me and you're so very pleased with me. You kneel next to the bed, leaning down to kiss me, my arms go up round your neck, holding you tight as I open my mouth to you. You start to whisper how you've looked forward to coming home to your good girl, you know I love it when you call me that, I smile and you tell me again, "you are my good girl baby, I knew you wouldn't let me down. I knew my good girl would wait for me."

I can hardly breathe as I listen to you. I gasp as I feel your fingers make contact with my clit, before you pull them away again and tell me "I need to taste you baby", and you start to move down, kissing all the way to the top of my pussy, you slide my panties right off, holding them to your face, you let out a moan as you feel and smell my sex on them. You pull my left leg toward you, sliding your arm underneath. I watch you lower your head between my legs and then I feel your hot tongue dipping into my soaking pussy, my body reacts to your touch by pushing up to your mouth and I'm not even aware of the sounds I start to make. Your right arm pushes me back down and you use your fingers to part my pussy lips, you expose my clit to you, it's so hard and swollen. Your breathing is deeper now and you look at me and ask, "Does my babygirl wanna cum for me?" I'm nodding and pleading, "Yes, yes, oh please let me cum for you daddy".
You smile and flick your tongue over my clit, holding me down as I jerk upwards, then you ask again, "are you sure you wanna cum for me?" Before I can answer you say, "So tell me baby, who does this little wet pussy belong to?"

"It belongs to you daddy, it's all yours" I gasp as I wriggle around under your arm, but you're too strong and have no trouble holding me still as you say, "tell me again baby". I start to tell you again as you begin steadily flicking my clit with your tongue and your left arm moves further up between my legs and you slowly slide two fingers into my aching pussy.
"Oh my god!" I cry out. I know I can’t hold back much longer. I'm telling you that my pussy is all yours whenever you want it, and in my sweetest little girl voice I ask if I can cum.
"Not yet baby", you reply.
Desperately trying to hold back, I start to beg and plead with you to let me cum. It seems like forever that you thrust your fingers deep inside my hot aching cunt and lick my hard little clit.
Then you say it, "Ok babygirl cum for daddy".
I don't even hear the rest of what you say as I arch my back, thrusting onto your hand, as the most intense orgasm I ever experience hits me, my pussy clenches hard onto your fingers, my legs squeeze tight round your arm. I'm gripping your shoulder, the other hand gripping the sheet as I shake and shudder and my cum runs down your hand. You slowly pull your fingers from my sopping cunt and remove your tongue from my now, far too sensitive clit. Very rarely have I experienced an orgasm so intense that it makes me cry, but this is one of those and you climb onto the bed, taking me in your strong arms and kissing my face as you whisper, "come here baby, you are such a good girl". I look up at you and whisper, "I love you daddy".

We kiss deeply, and then you're pushing your jeans off and moving up on top of me, spreading my legs as you get between them. You lean up on your arms, looking down at me, then between our legs where your rock hard cock is throbbing, inches from my pussy. You move forward letting it jab at my wet hole. I gasp and you pull back and ask me again, "Whose hot wet slutty little cunt is this baby?" I tell you it's yours, it will always be yours and I beg you to fuck me. I know how you love it when I talk slutty to you, and I tell you that I am your slut, that I belong to only you, that my cunt is yours to fuck whenever you want it, my mouth is yours to fill with your hot spunk, but that I need you inside me so bad…please daddy, please fuck your dirty little slut, pound my cock hungry little cunt real hard, pleeeaaase daddy.

It's all you need and you slam your cock inside me to the hilt, making me scream out "Yes!" You're holding it deep inside me, looking into my eyes, as u let my little cunt adjust to having your huge cock stretching it. You tell me I'm your little slut and you're gonna fuck me full of hot spunk and that you want me to suck your spunky cock clean after as I suck the last few drops of cum from your balls. You're thrusting into me, pinning me down as you ride me hard, saying, "this is what you want isn't it my little slut? You want daddy's big fat cock in your tight little girl cunt so I can empty my balls inside you?"

Bucking beneath you, thrusting my hips up to take you deeper each time, my legs wrapped round you pulling you deeper. "Yes daddy, I'm a greedy little slut, I love your cock and I want every solid inch inside me". You fuck me harder and faster than you ever have. My sex is running all over your balls. I feel your rhythm change as your balls tighten and a low groan starts from deep inside you and load after load of hot thick spunk shoots into my cunt. You keep fucking hard and fast til you finish jerking inside me, then collapse on top of me as we lay still, getting our breath back. You roll onto your back, taking me with you so that you are still inside me, we lay wrapped round each other and soon drift off to sleep with the smell of great sex filling the room.

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