Lisa Gets More Than She Bargained For

Lisa Gets More Than She Bargained For

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On to the story…

Lisa Gets More Than She Bargained For

I had been through a nasty divorce about 18 months earlier and was just getting back into the dating scene when I met Lisa. Lisa 42 years old, a mother of three and had a hot little body with two of the greatest tits I have ever seen.

It was a pretty normal dating relationship except one thing, Lisa never had an orgasm! I have fucked a lot of women in my day and never had one I couldn’t get off numerous times but Lisa just wasn’t going to cum. One night, I found her hot button and this is a story about that night.

Lisa liked to go dancing so this Friday night was to be no different from any other as we headed to our normal watering hole. About three hours into the evening I ran into one of my best friends, a crazy assed Jamaican named Doug. Now, Doug and I are both straight but we have partied together many a time and shared more than one woman. Needless to say we had a comfort level with each other that could be described as free and easy.

Doug loved to dance so it wasn’t long before he had Lisa out on the dance floor and before the 2nd song was over I knew where this was headed. Especially since Doug was pressing his semi-hard cock up against Lisa’s ass and you could see the surprise and curiosity on her face.

Now Lisa and I had talked about black guys and she said she never had an interest and just wouldn’t go there but I could tell that Doug was working his magic. Another 5 or so songs later and they came off the dance floor as I was chatting up one of Lisa’s friends. I looked over at Lisa and saw that familiar flush covering her upper chest and I knew right then she was ready to fuck. A quick glance at Doug and I got the familiar wink back and knew we were going to have a long night of fucking.

After a few drinks I took Lisa out on the dance floor and for a couple of slow songs. As I maneuvered her over into a corner I asked how she liked Doug and she commented about what a really good dancer he was. I just laughed at her and remarked about how hot he had her pussy. She opened her mouth to deny it but I stuck my hand down and grabbed her cunt through her tight jeans and all she could do was let out a long slow moan… I told her that we were going home so she could be properly introduced to Doug. She started to protest but I just rubbed her pussy some more kissed her deeply and it only took about two seconds for her will to completely dissolve.

Wanting to move before Lisa had a chance to back down I headed straight for the door and as I passed the table I nodded for Doug to follow. I took Lisa out to the car and, always being the gentleman, opened her door and made sure she was properly seated.

We were no sooner out of the parking lot and I had my hands all over Lisa. I couldn’t resist reaching into her bra and tweaking her awesome nipples. With each tweak, pull and twist her legs spread a little further apart. After about 100’ she had her own hand snaking down into her jeans as she was trying to reach her very aroused clit.

I decided to let her play for a few minutes but I was not going to let her cum. If she was going to cum it was going to be with my cock in her. After all, I hadn’t worked and waited for six months to let her fingers have all the glory.

Needless to say the drive back to Lisa’s place went by in a blur with only one interruption and that was the call from Doug to get directions. Lisa never stopped rubbing her clit while I was on the phone and seemed to actually moan a little louder when she heard me say “see you in a few!”

At this point I figured it was time to pull her hand out of her pants and she was just drunk enough and just close enough to cumming to really resist that effort. Finally, after a few tugs I was able to extract her hand from her pants to cries of “Please, I am so close… please, oh God, please let me cum!” I told Lisa I would let her cum only if she agreed to play by my rules and she said “anything, I’ll do anything!” So I outlined the rules to her.

When we got to her place Lisa was ready to go inside before I could even get the car in park. Once in the door she began stripping and I laughed as I followed a trail of clothes to the bedroom. Every other weekend Lisa’s kids were with her ex and this was one of those weekends so she enjoyed the freedom of her own place. As I entered the bedroom I dropped Lisa’s clothes onto the bed as she came from her closet wearing a very thin, very short red negligee with matching heels. Man she looked hot! As I looked her up and down her hand snaked down to her pussy and I scolded her told her that if she touched it again without my permission Doug and I would both leave and she wouldn’t get fucked at all! She stomped her left foot and let out a sound of frustration but she pulled her hand away.

Let me tell you, Lisa has the tightest pussy I have ever experienced. I was amazed that after three kids she could still be so tight and still have such a great body. She had two of the greatest C cup tits with nipples that were much bigger than pencil erasers and a walk… man she had the walk of a Goddess and left no doubt in anyone’s mind that she was a woman! Me, I’m 6’2 and well muscled at 200 lbs while Doug is about 5’10 and 185 and kept in excellent shape by playing on a national sports team.

So, anyway I headed back towards the kitchen and arrived just in time to see some new headlights pull into the driveway. I opened the front door as Doug got out of his car and walked towards me with that silly grin he got when he knew he was going to have some fun!

As he came into the house I led him towards the kitchen just as Lisa entered. Doug and I sat down at the kitchen table while Lisa walked over to pour us all a drink. As Doug watched Lisa walking away in her negligee and heels he just licked his lips in anticipation. I began explaining the rules to Doug. Lisa was to sit in the living room on the sofa where we could see her and she was to masturbate until she got close to orgasm and then, before cumming, she was to stop and come into the kitchen and turn and face the wall in front of us and assume the spread eagle search position. Doug and I would inspect her, touch her and play with her but she was not to speak until and unless spoken to. If either of us smacked her on her ass she was to return to the couch and work herself into another tizzy and then return to us before she came. Needless to say, Doug liked this idea and after serving drinks Lisa downed hers and walked into the living room and began playing with her pussy.

Doug and I continued chatting about different things and every once in awhile we’d look over to find Lisa furiously frigging her clit while either looking at Doug or sitting with her eyes closed. After about 10 minutes we heard the sound of heels as Lisa made her first trip to the wall. Doug and I both watched as Lisa assumed “the position” and I watched as Doug reached out to get his first feel of Lisa’s bare skin. You could tell he was surprised to find such a hot little body awaiting his touch.

While Doug explored I decided to sit back and watch for a moment. Doug played with Lisa’s tits, giving them a squeeze, he hefted them and let the drop and you could tell he was amazed at how firm they were. Slowly Doug worked his hands down Lisa’s body until he reached her soaking wet pussy. It was then that Lisa made her first sound and it was a long, loud moan. Doug searched around a little and slowly sunk his thumb into Lisa’s waiting cunt and she started to hump his hand. I reached over and tapped Doug on the shoulder and he looked at me and I just shook my head no and he pulled away before she could cum. He then reached up and smacked her on her ass. You could see the shock on her face as she just knew she was going to get fucked… never once thinking that we would send her back to the couch for some more play. But again, after a foot stomp and some frustrated noises off she went to the couch.

While she was walking off I stood up and started undressing and Doug decided to follow suit. I mean after all, we’re guys and we’re not going to let this go on forever! You could tell that Lisa was watching us and as my jeans hit the floor Lisa let out a moan as she saw my rock hard 6” cock. I looked over to find her licking her lips as she teased herself. Doug had his back to Lisa so she couldn’t get a good view of his dick but as he turned around I heard her gasp as Doug show her 9” of very fat, very black cock. Lisa began really rubbing her pussy and you could hear it squishing from 20’ away! Doug just looked at her and pulled on his cock a few times and that caused Lisa to spring off the couch and nearly run into the kitchen.

Again she assumed “the position” and this time Doug and I both began rubbing her body. We stroked it gently, smacked it hard, pushed her legs further apart and bent her over a little further. I’d like to say that Lisa was being a good sport but in reality she was so fucking horny that she would have done anything to get a cock in her pussy. After about 5 minutes of exploring every inch of her body we turned her around both took a nipple into our mouths and this brought out that familiar, deep moan that Lisa gives off when she is at her hottest. I reached down and began smacking Lisa’s pussy just hard enough to keep her clit stimulated and keep Lisa right on the edge without pushing her over it. Finally, Lisa could stand it no more and she looked at me and begged me to fuck her.

I looked at her and I knew she was at the breaking point so I took her by her hand and led her to the living room. Doug followed and sat down on the couch and I bent Lisa over so that her head was about a foot from Doug’s cock while one knee and foot was on the couch and the other knee was bent and the foot was on the floor. I couldn’t wait to get my cock in that hot pussy!

I’d like to say I wasted no time but that’s not true. I decided to run my cock up and down Lisa’s soaking slit a few times just to see what would happen. The second time passing over her clit and Lisa started cumming. I took that as my queue and I shoved my cock all the way in her waiting cunt. Lisa let out a scream that could have woke the neighbors and I started pounding her like there was no tomorrow… and cum she did and she kept on cumming. I think she must have cum for two whole minutes and I just kept on pounding her hard and with each thrust her face came closer and closer to Doug’s waiting cock. Had her eyes been open she would have seen this too. Finally as she started coming down from her orgasm she opened her eyes and saw that massive black cock staring her in the face and Lisa lost it. She lunged for his cock and took it half way down her throat in one gulp.

Watching her deep throat Doug’s cock was an absolute turn on and I started pounding her pussy even harder as I could feel that familiar tingle in my balls. Doug reached up and grabbed a hand full of Lisa’s hair and started talking nasty to her. Telling her that he was going to turn her into a black cock loving slut and that before the night was over she was going to know what a true whore she was. Lisa’s body reacted by convulsing into another orgasm and her pussy clamed down on me tighter than it ever had before and that sent me over the edge and I emptied my load deep in Lisa’s begging snatch. I barely had stopped cumming when Doug asked if it was his turn.

I pulled out and swapped places with Doug and he wasted no time ramming his black log deep into Lisa’s eager cunt. I knew it was the biggest cock she had ever had and as she started to scream out in pain and pleasure I grabbed a hand full of her hair and jammed her head down on my cock and she sucked it eagerly as Doug filled her pussy beyond anything she had felt before.

As he started getting into a rhythm and Lisa become accustomed to his size they both began to relax. As Lisa relaxed I let loose of her hair only to have Doug grab it and yank her head back. He started talking nasty to her again. He asked her how she like having a big black cock in her tight little white cunt and she tried shaking her head yes but couldn’t so Doug asked her again. Finally she figured out she was supposed to use her voice and she said “Oh God I love it! Fuck me harder with that big black monster!” Doug asked her if she was ready to admit to being a whore for black cock and Lisa let out a deep moan and started convulsing into another orgasm. Doug yanked his cock from her pussy and her eyes sprang open as she cried out “Nooooo…..” Doug said “I asked you a question whore!” Lisa started babbling “Oh God Yes, I’m a whore. I’m a black cock loving whore! You and Phil can sell my pussy anytime just please put your dick back in me and let me cum!” Doug told her what a good girl she was and he let loose of her hair and rammed his black cock back deep into Lisa’s needy pussy which caused Lisa to immediate scream out and start right back into her orgasm.

It was at this point that I detected some movement out of the corner of my eyes and I knew we were fixing to get caught so I grabbed Lisa’s head and jammed her mouth back down onto my hard cock… and just in time too as Lisa’s 19 year old daughter Kim stood in the door way with her mouthing hanging open. After the a moment of shock Kim yelled out “MOM! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” I wasn’t about to let Lisa up and Doug wasn’t going to let her off his cock but surprising to us she never tried to escape.

I looked at Kim and asked “What the fuck does it look like she’s doing” She’s getting her little pussy fucked raw! Kim just stood there with her mouth hanging open looking at me and then at her mother. Finally I said “Kim! Either get naked or get the fuck outta here because we’re gonna keep fucking your mother no matter how long you stand there!” Kim turned and ran to her room. I looked at Doug and he and me and we just winked. I began talking to Lisa and telling her what a good cock sucker she was and how hard she had my cock and I pressed her head all the way down so that her nose was buried in my pubic hair and I’ll be damned if Kim didn’t show up in the door again!

I looked at her and this time she pulled her t-shirt off and revealed two of the biggest tits I have ever seen in my life! Kim then dropped her bra and skirt to the floor and ripped off her thong. I watched as she walk around behind Doug and looked over his shoulder as he pulled his cock all the way out to where just the head was still in Lisa and rammed it back in. Kim had her own hand on her pussy and was rubbing her own clit like there was no tomorrow and I thought for sure she was going to want a nice hard cock but to my surprise she dropped down to her knees, flipped around so that her back was on the couch and scooted up under her mother and began sucking on her mothers clit.

This sudden new sensation got Lisa’s attention but I wasn’t about to let her up off my cock and Doug wasn’t letting her off of his! After about a minute I knew Lisa was going no where so I lifted her head up by the hair and told her to look at her daughter sucking her clit. As Lisa looked down she went into another earth shattering orgasm. I took this as my clue to get up and move towards Kim’s waiting pussy.

As I positioned myself between Kim’s legs Doug decided it was time to fill Lisa with cum and cum he did. He unleashed about a gallon into Lisa and the feel of Doug’s cock swelling and spasming in her pussy drove her up to the brink again. Looking at me and realizing I had Kim going, Doug pulled his shooting cock out of Lisa’s pussy and shot some cum all over Kim’s face. Lisa started protesting at the missing cock and Doug just slapped her ass and told her to turn around and clean up the mess she had made.

Lisa scrambled around and started sucking on Doug’s cock mere inches away from Kim’s face. Doug pulled his cock from Lisa’s mouth and pointed at Kim’s face and Lisa immediately began licking and sucking the cum off of Kim’s face. When it was all cleaned up Doug told her to turn around again. Thinking she was going to get more cock Lisa sprung around and Doug grabbed her ass and moved it right over Kim’s face and order Kim to clean out her mother’s pussy. Lisa just loved this idea and as Kim started licking and sucking on her mother’s cunt I started talking nasty to Kim and asked her if she loved licking her mother’s pussy. Kim responded with some moans. Doug leaned forward and started whispering in Lisa’s ear and then Lisa started telling Kim what a whore she was and what a good pussy licker she was. Next thing I know Lisa’s lets out another low moan and then says “Oh My God! I’m gonna cum all over my own daughters face. This sent Kim into an orgasm and I fucked her until the both stopped cumming.

I pulled my cock out of Kim’s pussy deciding it was time that Doug had some so I tagged Doug and he started pulling Kim up by her hair as I turned her mother around and made her face the wall with her knees on the edge of the couch and her feet hanging free. I leaned forward and told Lisa that I was now going to fuck her ass and she just pushed her butt right out towards me. I look over to find that Doug had positioned Kim in the same position. I knew Doug wasn’t a back door man so I watched the look on Kim’s face as she took her first black cock. I leaned into Lisa and told her to watch as well. As Doug entered Kim her head flew back and her mouth formed that big “O” and Lisa started pushing her ass back towards me.

I stuck my cock into Lisa’s pussy to get it all lubed up and then grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart as I slowly pushed my cock head into Lisa’s ass. I had fucked Lisa in the ass many a time so I knew I didn’t have to go very slowly. Once the head was in I was pretty free to take it all the way home and that’s what I did. Lisa was watching her daughter get fucked by Doug and I was plowing Lisa’s ass.

I leaned over told Lisa to see if her daughter was a black cock whore just like Lisa was and without hesitation Lisa started asking Kim questions. “Do you like his big black cock Kim?” and Kim just moaned. Doug grabbed Kim’s hair and yanked her head back and scolded Kim by telling her “Your mother asked you a question! Tell her, do you like this big black dick fucking you in front of your mother?” Kim started scream “I love it! I love it! I love you big black cock! I love fucking in front of Mom! I love watching you fuck mom! Now fuck me harder!” Lisa then asked Kim are you ready to be Phil and Doug’s whore? Are you ready to let them sell your body and make you fuck all kinds of other cocks including other big black dicks?” Kim said “Oh God yes Mom! I’ll do anything if you three will just keep fucking me like this!” With those words Lisa started cumming again and I started calling her a fucking whore and smacking her ass. I told Kim to watch her fucking whore mother cum all over my cock! As Kim turned to watch I pulled my cock out and shot ropes of cum all over Lisa’s back.

Watching me cum all over her mother put Kim over the edge and her screaming pushed Doug over. Deciding to treat Lisa to the same view that Kim had Doug pulled is huge black pecker out of Kim’s pussy and started shooting cum all over Kim’s back. Lisa seeing this lunged over and started trying to catch the ropes in her mouth and as Doug finished she began licking the cum off her daughters back.

Doug and I winked at each other knowing we’d be doing this again soon!

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