Little Brat

Little Brat

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Little Brat

My sister is just a little brat. In fact I rarely ever call Courtney anything else.

“Hey Brat your boyfriends are here,” I called out to her.

“Stop that or I’ll tell dad on you,” she shouted back.

Brat was actually quite pretty and in a few days she would become a teenager. I still remember that magic moment when I went from twelve to thirteen. As she strutted down the staircase all eyes were on her. Brat looked great. She was wearing the smallest bikini that I had ever seen her in. It was way too small for her but it looked familiar.

Tom said, “Boy my sister’s bikini sure looks good on you.”

That was it. Tom had a little sister too but she was only about seven or eight years old. No wonder that bikini was several sizes too small for Brat. Her small breasts really filled out the top pretty good though. The bottoms were way down under her belly button to the point that I could see a few faint hairs. I watched as she escorted the three younger boys out back to the swimming pool. I saw that the back of her swimsuit had shifted and that it was riding right up into her ass crack and that one whole cheek was totally exposed to my gaze.

I went to get my digital camera! That was too good to pass up. I stayed in the backyard and played Lifeguard while they frolicked around in the water. I snapped off a picture every now and then, whenever I saw something interesting. Brat’s tits fell out occasionally but I could tell that she was just teasing the boys with them. Her hands brushed up against their hard peckers quite often too, which embarrassed the boys. When she swam across the surface of the water her ass was usually exposed just as it would be in a thong bathing suit. She bitched at me, threatened me, and even splashed water at me but I never gave her a minute alone with those three boys. As the day wound down I noticed that she was letting them cop a fell every now and then. Each boy got a small handful of her tits and of her nice little pussy too. I was pretty sure that she was also letting them finger fuck her pussy.

Finally she got out of the pool to go to the bathroom. I know that she pees in the pool so she must have had to poop. I listened to the three boys talking about her letting them finger fuck her pussy. I just knew it. One of the boys had gotten two of his fingers up into her pussy and she had kissed him afterwards. They all wanted to fuck her with their cocks too but when they had mentioned that to her Brat had just laughed at them telling them that they were too young for that. When Brat came back out she had on a one-piece bathing suit that covered everything up but also exposed her even more. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had shit in the other suit and that was why she had put this one on. It fit tightly up into her pussy allowing us all to see the outline of it that much better. It flattened out her small tits a little but it sure enhanced her hard little nipples. Once again that suit slipped up into the crack of her ass just like a thong would. It didn’t slow the boys down any at all. She had opened up a can of worms and they were all over her. She couldn’t allow them access to her charms one minute, and then withdraw it whenever she wanted too. The boys had their hands down her top feeling her tits and up her leg openings feeling her pussy. I cheered them on as they did it openly. I even took pictures.

Their hands were everywhere all at the same time. Brat had six hands inside her suit and inside her body too. One time the boys shouted out to me that each of them had one of his fingers in her pussy all at the same time. It really pissed her off that they were telling me what they were doing to her. Finally Brat got away from them and stormed off to go hide in her bedroom. That was when the three preteen boys decide that they were going to fuck my sister on her thirteenth birthday. I told them that I would help them and they liked that. Tom and Dick were twelve years old like Courtney was but Harry was still only eleven years old. I on the other hand was sixteen years old.

Brat was going to have a big birthday party with some of her girlfriends and our relatives on Saturday but Thursday was actually her birthday.

That Thursday right after our parent’s cars left the driveway on their way to work, the three boys quietly knocked on our backdoor and I let them in. Brat was not an early riser so I sent the boys up to her bedroom. I followed them with my father’s video camera.

The boys went right in and left the door open as I had requested. I stayed in the hallway recording the action. Tom and Dick got on each side of her bed while Harry pulled her covers down. We were all surprised to find that Brat slept in the nude and that there was a long double-ended dildo sticking out of her pussy. It was bright pink and the fine dark hairs on her pussy around it were crusted with her juices from the night before. Tom and Dick grabbed her arms while Harry pulled the dildo out a little bit and then shoved it back in. Her eyes flew open and she started to scream when Tom covered her mouth. Harry kept fucking Brat with that dildo. He was sure enjoying himself.

After a while Tom told Harry to fuck her with his own cock. So I watched and filmed that eleven-year-old as he fucked my kid sister. They both lost their virginity at the same moment. Harry was so excited that he didn’t last very long at all. Tom told him to trade places with Dick so that Dick could fuck her next. Dick too was awfully excited and cum quickly. Then Dick took Tom’s place and Tom got on the bed between my sister’s legs. He slipped his cock into her and had Dick remove his hand from Courtney’s mouth. Tom kissed her and Brat liked it. He had Harry and Dick release her hands and Brat wrapped them around Tom. She was really enjoying the fucking that Tom was giving her. He confessed to his buddies that he had jerked off three times at home that morning before coming over to fuck my little sister. He was a smart kid because I too had jerked off once myself that morning anticipating that I would get a turn to fuck her too. Brat gave Tom plenty of encouragement.

When he cum in her she just looked over at me and asked, “Well aren’t you going to fuck me too?”

I handed the video camera to Tom and told him to just aim it at us. I had her on film asking me to fuck her so I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get into any trouble with our parents. I got between her outstretched legs and slipped my cock into her slimy hole. My cock was a little bigger than the first three cocks had been but I was not any bigger than that dildo of hers so I didn’t hurt her any at all. I lost my virginity and then I fucked Brat for all that I was worth. I pounded down into her pussy over and over again. Then for some reason I kissed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth. A thought came to me that I was fucking two of her holes at the same time so I slipped my hand under her butt and tried to get my finger in her ass. Brat jumped and asked me what I was doing, so I told her. Then she smiled and tried to cooperate with me. Finally with a little work I had parts of me in all three of her openings. Shortly after that I cum and so did she.

Next I suggested that Tom. Dick, and Harry fuck all three of her holes at the same time and not with their tongue and fingers either. Courtney told Harry to fuck her ass because he had the smallest cock. She told us all that she had gotten quite a few inches of her dildo in there already but that she felt better about taking Harry’s cock up her ass the first time. So Tom got on his back while Courtney sat on his cock and leaned forward enough so that Harry could get his cock in her asshole. Then she pulled Dick closer to her and started to suck on his cock. I got it all on film with close-ups and her remarks afterwards too. She loved it and she wanted to do it again. At least two more times until she had had each of the boys in each of her holes.

Courtney looked right at the camera and said, “All of these boys can fuck me anytime that they want too and anyone else that sees this film can fuck me too.” Then she asked me if I was ready to go again. I was and I did. That day the four of us fucked Brat all that we wanted too. The boys all did get a chance to fuck all three of her holes too. Brat said that she could really get used to that triple penetration.

When dad came home from work I handed him the videotape of Brat and suggested that he watch it in his computer room by himself. When mom called him to dinner dad had a big smile on his face and a big lump in his pants too.

After the dishes were done and put away dad told me to go shopping with my mother for a birthday present for my sister. He also thanked me for letting him watch the videotape. I watched him knock on Courtney’s bedroom door. When she opened the door up and saw the tape in dad’s hand she smiled at him and then gave me a wink before I went down the stairs.

When we came back from shopping dad was watching television in the living room so I went up to Brat’s bedroom. She told me all about dad fucking her twice and she thanked me for giving him the videotape as she had asked. She said that dad was pretty good at fucking her but that I was even better at it so I fucked her again.

On Friday the three pre-teens, dad, and I all fucked her a few times apiece. She sure enjoyed it and we didn’t have to jerk off anymore either. It was perfect.

During the party on Saturday I knew that both of dad’s brothers had spent some time up in Courtney’s bedroom fucking her. However, when mom sent me up to get Brat so that she could blow out her candles and I found grandpa in there fucking her I sure was surprised.

That night while I was fucking her, Brat told me that she had been fucked by five of us on her birthday Thursday, by the same five again on Friday, and by five more of her relatives today during her thirteenth birthday party.

Courtney had only been a teenager for three days now and ten different guys had fuck her already. Seven of them were her own relatives. I might have to change her name to Family Slut.

The End
Little Brat

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