me and jess

me and jess

I leaned across the couch and looked into her eyes, and ran my hands along her smooth warm cheek, and she just looked at me with those big green eyes and said

" kiss me" …..

it all started about 2 weeks ago and flowered into something… more. something more that just a brother/sister relationship, something more like… a love that just felt right.

my sister, jess, was 18, very pretty slender frame, about 5'3 with long straight light brown hair & big green eyes that just pulled you in like a deep pool you just cant see the bottom of. pretty toned body on account of her triathlon training, running, swimming, biking. a real athlete. she wasn't really gifted in the boob department but they were a decent size, like a large B or a small C. beautiful tanned legs, she tanned religously, and im pretty sure the women at the tanning salon knew her by her first name. she was naturally pretty and rarely wore makeup. a real catch for some young guy, but being the 16 year old "over-protective" brother i am she never really had boyfriends.

as for me, my names jimmy, im 5'8, on the muscular/toned side. i lift regularly and wrestle on the varsity team at my school. i have short dark brown hair like my dad, and have hazel eyes. my skins on the lighter side compared to jess but i still have a considerable tan.

my summer vacations normally consisted of fishing trips, jess' meets for her state team and the occasional stay on the outer banks or at least myrtle beach. well, this summer was different. my parents were going on vacation alone, leaving me and my sister at home. witch was fine with us because we were practically best friends. we had a pool, a car, and a handful of friends we could have over.

i first noticed i loved my sister more than just a sister a few short hours after my parents left….

as soon as they were out the door she jumped on me screaming
"this is going to be so much fun!" she has the cutest smile. it doesnt matter how bad of a mood your in, when you see it, everything's okay.
"i know ! wanna go in the pool?"

" okay, but let me go get changed first…"

she came bounding down the hallway wearing a very bare, very sexy, yellow and blue bikini. like a real head turner. and i just couldnt take my eyes of of her…

" i guess you like what you see?"

oh shit, am i staring?…"oh…haha yeah its….nice"

"nice? that look was more of a dam sexy girl you fine!, kinda look haha"

and after she said it she did a cute little turn showing it off to me. and i thought…. damn, she does look pretty good. so we went out onto the deck that lands down by our in-ground pool, i picked her up and threw her over my shoulder, she was screaming the whole time for me to put her down but i was in the mood for a laugh and i figured this should work,
" tell me how the water feels!" and with that i threw her into the deep end.
she didnt come up for a while and i got a little timid, then out of nowhere she surfaced and shot water out of her mouth and hit me right in the pants!

" no! you tell me how it feels!" and with a sly and surprisingly sexy mischevious grin she went back under the surface…

"cold…" it was all i could mutter.

after a few hours of just swimming and playing and messing around and to be honest, …flirting, we got out and dried off.

"well that was fun"

"besides the part where you splashed all that cold water on me?!…. yeah i had fun"

she smiled, " you wanna watch a movie?"

"sounds good to me…"

we went inside and she went to get changed out of her swim suit. i put in nick and norahs infinate playlist, a movie thats a favorite of ours. she came walking out in a small pair of booty shorts and a wife beater, and surprisingly no bra! i could tell because her nipples were hard enough to cut glass, im guessing because of the fact we kept our house at 70 degrees.

"ooh i love this one…"

"thats why i put it in dumbass…"

i turned around to a face full of pillow, and i fought back and when the movie started the violence stopped. and we plopped down on the couch. she crawled up next to me practically laying on me as we sat and watched the movie so i put my arm around her like anyone would, and then out of nowhere she looked up at my with those beautiful green eyes, and asked me,

" do you think im pretty?"

i almost choked, "i think your beautiful."

" dont lie. your my brother, dont try and be nice…"

i didnt know what to say, so i decided to be honest, " jess. your really gorgeous, im your brother, why would i lie to you? actually i think your one of the most beautiful girls i know." i tried not to sound corny but it was hard. i couldnt just tell my sister that her 16 year old brother thinks shes sexy as hell and wishes he could be with her.

" you mean that?"

"of course"

" then why havent i found a guy who thinks the same as you?"

" because not all guys are like me, im one of a kind…" i laughed,

she looked up at me smiled and said, " i love you…"

i looked at her and i was about to say i love you back and she cut me off, " jimmy, i think im in love with you.
ive always looked at you alittle bit differently than most guys and now i know. your the one for me… please dont be mad at me…"

" its okay, i love you jess, i feel the same way about you." and thats when i knew, it wasnt just physical lust for my sister, but a genuine love i've always felt, but never really payed attention to. she turned to sit and face me. i took my hand and ran it across the warm light skin of her cheek. and i held my hand in place just beneathe her ear,

" kiss me…"

and i pulled my sister into a light and gentle kiss, our lips touching for only a few seconds, even though she was older than me, i was always the one with the relationships and hook-ups. i broke the kiss and she looked up at me and came alittle closer on the couch and then i knew she was okay with this, so i started getting alittle bit more agrresive. i leaned in for another kiss and hed it for alittle longer this time. i ran my fingertips up and down her back and down her side as i smiled,


" perfect" and she pushed me back onto the couch and crawled on top of me and we layed there kissing and just holding each other. i kissed her agin and this time i ran the tip of my toungue ightly against her lips
and she opened up, slighty and timidy and i laughed alittle bit, surprised a how naiive my sister really was.

"what?" she asked, looking at me curiously.

" nothing, your just fine " i smiled.

" just fine? would this help?" and with that she lifted her torso off of me and lifted her tank off showing me her cute perky tits,

" you like? i saw you staring earlier…"

they were amazing, not a tan line in sight, all i could do was stare, then i reached out, the fleshy globes felt amazing as i kneaded them in the palms of my hand. they were much larger when they were… free, i guess. i took her right nipple and rolled it inbetween my index finger and thumb and she sighed,

" just like that…" i switched nipples taking the left in my hand and teased it as i did with the other. " ooh please, lick them…" she sounded almost…. desperate, like she had been wanting this for a while. and with that i took her cute little nipple into my mouth, starting slow and working it in circles with me toungue. she responded, "agh! just like that" i got a little rougher, i started sucking and nibbling alittle harder and she started grinding her hips into me so i knew she was turned on.

she sat up and i took my shirt off. and she ran her hands up and down my chest to my abs and up to my shoulders. "wow you've gotten pretty big…"
"thanks, ive been working out…" and i knew she knew i had but…

"not that silly…" and she gave me that mischevious grin that i remembered from the pool, and i realised, i had a pretty big dick, 7 1/2 inches, and it was incredibly hard, & i was to busy with her tits to realise that it was pushing up into her ass.

" i think he wants to come out" …that dam grin again, shes drivin me crazy. she wiggled her way down to the band of my running shorts and pulled them down, along with my briefs to reveal the raging hard dick that was beggin to come out and play.

she took it in her hands and started stroking it up and down slowly at first, then she picked up pace & took the tip into her mouth and swirled around it with her toungue. it felt amazing, she took as much of it in as she could, she bobbed her head up and down on paying special care of the underside of the head, hitting all the most sensitive spots, she was really good, i didnt think shed done this before but i didnt care now, because she was sucking my dick, and she was damn good at it.

she let it fall out of her mouth and she gave me a dirty sexy smile,
" i want you to fuck me…"

and she stood up, her titties bouncing up and down when she did, she stripped off her shorts, revealing this incredibly sexy thong that was lacy on the front and a light purple. she bent over infront of me and pulled them down, showing me what had to be the prettiest pussy i had ever seen. i grabbed her hips and brougt her closer to me, and using my pointer and middle fingers i spred her lips, revealing a young and very wet pussy. i started licking her lips slowly and tracing the outside of her hole and up to her clit, when i hit her button her hips buckled and she shuddered. i pulled her tightly against my face and started sucking on her growing clit. circling it with my toungue.

i spun her around and kissed her hard, pushing my tounge into her mouth so she could taste her sex on me. we wrestled with our toungues before she pushed me back down onto the couch. she straddled me facing towards me. my dick just below the hot entrance to my sisters pussy, waiting… she looked down at me…
" ive been planning this for a long time, im so happy i finally get to fuck you " and she smiled as she slowly slid her hot pussy down onto me, she waited for a second, and started riding my cock up and down slowly, picking up speed and depth with every thrust.

her pussy was so wet, it was like velvet sliding up and down my shaft. i grabbed a handfull of ass and she started slaming her hips into me like a jackhammer, her breathing was sporadic and wild, she was tossing her hair back and moaning concentrating on just rocking her hips at incredible speed up and down.

her moans started getting higher and higher pitched until her pussy squeezed really tight and and she pulled off of me before she had an orgasm and got under me, and she screamed " FUCK ME NOW!" and i pistoned in and out of her like a machine driving my cock deep and hard into her hot pussy. she started screamin again and she came and i could feel her cum driping down my legs, and i kept fucking her maybe 3 or 4 more seconds until i exploded deep into her cunt. spasm after spasm my cock finally had enough.

we collapsed onto the couch with her head on my chest breathing heavy.

" want to get a shower?" i knew this was going to be the highlight of my summer…

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