Mom agrees to help pt.2

Mom agrees to help pt.2

The next day Jason woke up with a hardon. His sister Amy was still asleep in the bed across the room from him. He promised his Mom he wouldn't tell anyone about their sexual episode in the back of the family van. He was very close with his sister and usually told her everything. He glanced over to her and saw she was sleeping only in her panties and tank top. He has always fantasized about Amy but that was the only thing he never told her. He often masterbated while sniffing her used panties in the family bathroom. The sound of him turning over in his bed and rustling the sheets woke his sister up. Amy glanced at him which he noticed and let out a fart. "Oh my god you are so gross, can't you save that for later in the day, it's 9 in the morning". Amy said with disgust. She noticed he was smiling as he laid there looking up at the celing. Jason was thinking of the smell of his mother's juices which his penis was pretty much drenched in last night. Amy knew he was hiding something. "What are you smiling about you little twerp." She said with a chuckle in her tone. "Hmmm nothing." Responded Jason. "Oh common what's the smile about. I know you wanna tell me something." Jason:"Yeah but this is one thing I promised Mom I wouldn't talk about." Amy was a little puzzled after he said "mom". "What do you mean mom What happened, I promise I won't tell!!" Jason responded. "What do I get from you if I tell you." Amy smiled "I don't know, what did you have in mind" How about you show me your boobs" Amy was kind of disgusted but not totally. "You pervert, stop playing around and tell me what you and mom are hiding." Jason was serious now. "Do you want me to tell you or not" Amy:"Of course I want you to tell me". Jason:"Then flash your boobs at me, it's no big deal." Amy didn't say nothing for a few minutes. "Ok fine, but only for a short while." She pulled up her tank top exposing her young 18 yearold breasts to her 13 yearold brother. They were nice and firm, just the right size. Jason was drooling as he looked at his sister's naked breasts. "That's enough, now tell me the big secret." Jason now had to tell her because he promised. "OK fine but you're never gonna believe me." Amy was getting more excited by the minute. "Just blurt it out already!!!!" Jason:"Ok fine, remember yesterday when I was asking mom to get me that 'thing'" Amy:"Yeah, what was the 'thing'". Jason:"Well earlier before we went to the beach mom promised she would let me have sex with her, and on the way home we went to a store, bought a condom and mom let me fuck her in the back seat, that's why she was sitting on my lap." Amy:"You can't be serious." Jason "I sware on my life, I kept begging her and begging her to teach me about it, and that was the only way she could shut me up about it." Amy:"Oh my god, it totally makes sence…believe it or not I senced something wierd was going on." Jason:"Yeah I am no longer my virgin, and I lost my virginity to mom." Amy was really sickened by this at first but then was starting to kind of find it interesting. She couldn't believe that was the case but it was definitely interesting to her. She kept asking questions. "That's illegal for people to have sex with a minor, let alone their kids. How long did you guys do it for" Jason:"I don't know, pretty much the entire ride home. She pulled her panties and skirt down and just sat on my dick. Then she bounced on it for the duration of the 30 minute ride." Amy:"Oh my god, that slut. Did she enjoy it" Jason:"I don't know, she seemed like she was enjoying it, mom even let me feel her tits while I was fucking her." Amy couldn't believe what she was hearing, she was ashamed but it was definitely turning her on thinking about her mature mom getting impaled on her young son's cock." Amy:"Was she wet down there" Jason:"Yeah her juices were dripping all over my dick and stomach…it was a complete mess back there." Amy was naturally curious about her brother's penis size, considering he made their mature and experienced mom come. "Can you show me your dick Jas'" Jason pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out. It was rock hard and was moving to his heart beat. Amy laid her eyes on his 6 inch hardness. She wasn't too impressed but thought it was fairly decent size. "Wow that's pretty good for your age. I bet mom wants some more of that right there." She said with a sarcastic giggle. Jason responded. "Oh you think it's funny huh She came twice you know." Amy "OH really How could you tell That was your first time." Jason was getting frustrated with his sister. "I don't know, all I know is there was alot of water everywhere, on the seat on my balls and stomach, so you laugh all you want." Amy responded. "Wow that's pretty interesting. I wanna see mom's tits too." Jason:"Why would you want to see them, you've got a pair of your own." Amy responded "I don't know, I think it would be kind of neat to see them." They continued their conversation until about 10:30 when their father interrupted them. "Common kids mom's got the brekfast ready lets go eat." They both looked at each other with a smirk and followed their father down into the kitchen. Amy purposely didn't put on any shorts and went to the kitchen in only her panties and tank top. She noticed her father looking at her as she made her way down the stairs. "Ok you're not a little girl any more sweetey." her father told her. She jumped on top of him and threw her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he carried her into the kitchen. "Just let me finish brekfast and then I'll put some shorts on daddy." They walked into the kitchen. Brenda looked at her daughter kind of funny, and kind of smiled. Shortly after, Jason walked in with jeans on. He was trying to conceal his hardon, but his sister sitting next to him in a tank top and panties wasn't helping much. They finished brekfast quickly and John got up and said "I'm gonna go read the paper by the pool, can you make me some coffee sweetey." He turned to his wife and kissed her on the cheek. Brenda responded :"Oh sure honey, you kids want some coffee" Both of them nodded no. Jason got up and said "I'm gonna join dad by the pool." Brenda noticed Amy was looking at her a little bit differently. As soon as John walked out of the kitchen Brenda looked at her daughter. "Ok, what's the matter. Why are you looking at me like that" Amy kept smiling but didn't say anything. Brenda was still in her robe and only had panties on under it. She leaned against the counter and slurped her coffee with a smile while she looked at her daughter. Amy broke the silence. "Mom I know what you and Jason yesterday and I have nothing against it but I want some lessons too." Brenda didn't expect this at all. She put her coffee cup down and walked around the table to sit next to her daughter. "Did Jason tell you this" Amy:"Yeah mom, it's no big deal I promise I won't tell anyone, unless." Brenda:"Unless what" Amy kept going on:"I promise I won't tell but only if you let me see and touch your breasts. I mean common mom It's only fair after what Jason did to you!!" Brenda couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into. She wasn't even thinking and blurted out. "I'm gonna kill that little brat." Amy:"Don't blame him for everything, I myself noticed something was wrong, I would have eventually found out." Brenda leaned back into her chair and undid her robe. Before she continued she said. "You have to promise you won't tell daddy or this ends now." Amy:"I promise mom" She leaned over the table and kissed her mother on the cheek. Brenda pulled the robe partially away from her body which was enough for Amy to see her breasts. She then took her daughter's hand and put it on her boob, feeling it over. Amy's mouth fell open as she kept feeling up her mom. Brenda grabbed the back of Amy's head and pulled it closer to her. "It's ok honey I know you want to." Brenda added. Amy planted her lips on her mom's nipple and took it in her mouth suckling on it. Brenda thought it was a bit to loud so she warned her "Shhhhh, your father might come back to get his coffee any minute now." Brenda's tit was still in Amy's mouth so she just hummed "mmmhmmm" and continued sucking on her mother. Amy was getting bolder and placed her right hand on her mother's left knee, and began a slow approach to her pussy. Brenda grabbed amy's hand and pushed it away. "Just this for now okay honey" Amy knodded and took her lip off the nipple. She planted a short wet kiss on her mom's lips but Brenda did not kiss her back. "Ok that's enough honey." She said as she stood up and tied her robe together. "Now I'm going shopping I'll have to talk to you kids later after your father leaves." Amy was planning on going shopping pretty much the entire week. "Mom I need to go shopping too." Jason burst into the kitchen. "Who's going shoppin" Brenda's plans for a peaceful afternoon of shopping were not ruined. She invited her kids along. "Fine let's all go shopping." Jason added "Mom you know I need a new formal suit for the school dance on friday." She just nodded and told them to hurry up and meet her in the van.

The ride to the mall was pretty quiet until Brenda broke the silence. "Ok you two I have to talk to you about something. Now Jason I don't appreciate you going around and spilling beans about what we did." Jason tried to interrupt her but she cut him right off. "Now let me finish. You sister told me what you said to her and I'm not thrilled about it." Jason looked at his sister with an angry smirk. "Bitch!" He said under his breath. Amy stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm talking now." Brenda repeated herself. "Now, we have to keep this between the three of us. We can't let it leak anywhere else, this is incest and I could go to jail for letting Jason….well you know." Amy and Jason giggled quietly. "We won't tell anyone else, I promise." Added amy as she looked at Jason for confirmation. "I won't tell anyone mom, the only reason I told Amy is because I tell her everything, shes my sis and I love her." Brenda was proud of how close her two kids were. "Well it's not that bad I guess. Now who needs what I'm buying today to mark our secret pact." Jason said "I just need the formal suit mom, but thanks anyway." Amy needed all kinds of things. "I need everything mom, from shoes to undies." Brenda looked in the rear view mirror and smiled, "That's fine honey we'll get you what you need. And they drove on happily. Brenda was feeling more relaxed about her sexuality with her son.

As they walked trough the mall they stopped by almost every other store. Brenda bought Jason the new shoes he liked, and they stopped and got chinese even. As they continued trough the mall they came across the Victoria's Secret store. Amy looked at her mom. "Can we just try on a few things mom, I promise it wont take long." Brenda was in a little bit of a hurry to get home but said "No problem sweetey." As they walked in an attractive woman in her late 40's greeted them. "Hey guys what can I do you for" Brenda looked around at all the bras and panties and answered. "Well my daughter needs some undies she's been growing out of them lately. The sales lady responded "Oh no problem follow me please." She took them to the back right corner of the store and started showing them some of the sexier panties and bras. Brenda looked at the sales lady and added "This will do fine, by the way where is your guys' dressing room" She pointed to the back right corner and walked away. Amy already had her eye on a few pairs. "Mom look at these I wanna try these out." Brenda rolled her eyes took the panties in her hands "I can't believe how revealing these are today." Jason could already picture his sister in them. "Mom I wanna try them." Brenda grabbed two pairs of bras and said "Let's go to the dressing room." Jason's cock was gettin harder and harder trying to picture his mom in those bras. "Mom can I come too, I promise I'll behave." He said with a sincere look. "Ok fine but you just sit there and don't say a thing. They went to the last stall in the back of the dressing room and all three went inside. Amy started to unbotton her jeans and Brenda took off her shirt, revealing a black almost seetrough bra. Jason sat there half embaressed about his hardon which was getting worse by the minute. Brenda looked at him and kind of felt sorry for the little guy. "Oh my god look at him, his penis is hard already. I guess it's his age." Amy giggled "Yeah, you ok there buddy" She said in a sarcastic tone. Amy sounded sarcastic but was getting turned on by the entire scene. She glanced over at her mom who was now unclasping her bra slowly, to reveal her 40 some yearold but still perky breasts. Jason was getting more and more uncomfrotable as he started fidgeting. His rock hard cock wanted to burst out of his pants. Brenda was now topless as her bra fell to the ground. She put on the new bra and glanced at herself in the mirror. "Wow this looks pretty good huh" Amy was now in her panties and started to slide them off. She kicked them to the side next to her mom's bra and put on the black laced new panties. She pulled up her shirt and revealed her tight stomach in the mirror. Both women were now half naked standing in front of Jason who was sitting down on the side bench. Amy looked at her brother again and then looked at her mom. "Mom." Brenda recognized that tone and looked at her young daughter with concern. "What is it sweetey" Amy looked at her brother and then back at her mom. "Mom you know that I'm a virgin right" Brenda was a little bit surprised. "Well that's ok honey, you are to young to have sex anyway, it's dangerous there are all kinds of diseases out there these days, and not to mention getting pregnant." Amy looked at her mom again. "What if you let me do it with Jason, he has no diseases, hes only done it with you." Brenda was a little wierded out but didn't completely dismiss the idea. "I don't know about that he's your brother for crissake, it's wrong." Amy saw that her mom wasn't completely against it. "But why not mom, you did it with him, it isn't fair!!" She said with an almost angry tone. Mean while Jason just sat there speachless, he couldn't believe what was going on in front of his eyes. His sister who is 5 years older then him, was begging her mom to let her have sex with him. Brenda kept arguing with Amy. "Honey you're a virgin did you know how it hurts when you're a virgin" Amy "I don't care mom I just wanna do it." Brenda added "We don't have any condoms here." She said in a whisper. "That's ok mom you'll be here to make sure nothing wrong happens." Jason tried to get into the conversation. Brenda turned toward him and said angrily. "You sit there and be quiet." Jason put his head down. Brenda looked at her young daughter and now noticed she was braless, because her young nipples were poking trough her tank top. She sat to the right of Jason and patted the empty seat on her right. "Come sit down sweetey." Amy sat next to her mom, still only in her panties and tank top. "Ok, you guys can do it, but there are a couple of rules. First, Jason you just sit there and don't touch your sister until I say you can." Jason nodded. "Okay mom." Brenda continued on "Second, when you have to come, let us know so we can pull her off you in time. Third, you have to be very quiet, the dressing room is quiet right now but there are people comming in and out of here all the time." Brenda turned to her daughter. "Honey do you think you're wet enough for him to get in there without too much pain" Amy was a little puzzled. "I don't know mom." Brenda responded "Ok let me see." she took hold of her panties with her right hand and pulled the elastic open glancing down at her young bush, which was nicely trimmed. She slipped her left hand down her tight stomach and found her slit. She felt over it with her fingers and inserted her middle finger into her daughter's tight virgin pussy. She pushed it in and out for a while. Amy's breathing started to quicken as her head rested on her mom's shoulder. Jason's jaw dropped as he kept drooling over the hot scene in front of him. Brenda decided that her daughter's pussy wasn't quite moist enough. "Honey you aren't moist enough. It's gonna hurt alot." Jason tapped his mom on the shoulder. "Mom, I got an idea. How about I lick her vagina to get it wet enough." Brenda responded angrily "NO! You just sit there, I'll get her wet enough." Brenda got up and stood over her two kids who were sittin on the bench still. She still had her new bra on and her business skirt. She kneeled in front of her daughter's legs and pushed them apart. "Scoot down a little bit sweetey." Amy scooted down and got her pussy closer to her mom. Brenda grabbed her panties on the sides "Lift your ass off the seat for a minute." and slid her panties completely off. She got down closer and kissed her clit. "Spread them a little baby." She licked all over the length of her slit. Amy let out a loud sigh. "Shh quiet." said Brenda and continued to lick her slit. She put her arms under Amys legs and lifted them up over her shoulders and spread out her young pussy with her hands. Brenda planted her whole mouth on it and started sucking it. She went all the way down to her asshole and way back up to her slit as her licking and sucking intensified. She stuck her tongue deep into her daughter and sucked her juices for another minute or two. "Ok you're ready now." Amy was a little bit dizzy from her mom's tongue as she helped her up. Jason's cock was already out and rock hard. Some precome was on the tip of his head oozing down his length. Amy put her leg over her brother and was about to impale herself on his hardness when Brenda stopped her "One second before you do that we gotta get his penis wet too." She took her son's cock with her left hand and took the head in her mouth. Her tongue worked around his head and then she took his lengh all the way down deep to her throat and started bobbing her head up and down. A few minutes later she took her mouth off his cock and a loud pop echoed trough the dressing room. "Ok, go ahead slowly." Amy positioned herself over her brother's cock, her back to him. Brenda took hold of Jason's rod and smeared his precome all over his sister's slit. Then she put her hands on Amy's hips and slowly pushed her down. "Ohhhh mom it hurts." "It's ok baby that's normal, now don't stop go all the way down." Amy sat on her brother's cock and let out a silent scream. "Shhhh" Brenda put her fingers on amy's mouth and helped her up again. Jason tried to grab Amy's tits but Brenda slapped his hands away. Amy finally started the up and down motion on her own as thier fucking got wetter. Brenda put one hand on amy's tit and said "It's ok baby, just relax." Amy looked at her mom sexily as her brother continued fucking her. Brenda put a finger on Amy's clit, which put her over the edge. Amy exploded in an orgasm which was the best feeling she ever felt in her young life. She was a squirter like her mom. The fucking came to a slow stop as Amy's knees were getting weaker and weaker. Brenda noticed Amy's knees were quivering as she helped her off Jason's cock. Amy looked at her mom and said without hesitating. "Mom you wanna go next" Brenda was a little bit surprised. "I thought this was just about your virginity, I've already had sex with him regrettably." She said as she smirked at her son. "Common mom it'll be quick, I doubt he can last much longer then 30 seconds, right buddy" Amy said as she looked at her brother. "How much longer can you last Jas' " Brenda looked at him. "I don't know mom, shes probibly right about a minute more maybe. Brenda did a loud sigh, "Jesus, I can't believe I'm doing this, Okay!" She pulled her skirt up and slipped her panties off. Amy threw the panties on the floor. Brenda kept her bra and skirt on because she felt ashamed being naked in front of her kids. She threw one leg over Jason and straddled him impaling herself on his cock. "Ohhh" She was surprised at how much bigger it felt this time around. Jason was smiling as he looked at his mom. "Wipe that smile off your face." Brenda yelled him in a whisper. "This better be over quick." She started bouncing up and down on his cock relying on her feet for balance and support. Brenda positioned herself so the cock was rubbing her clit, and almost started a slow grind.

"You guys ok in here" The voice of the sales lady came from the etrance end of the dressing room. Brenda stopped her motion and just sat there on her son's cock. "We're just fine." Brenda answered. The sales lady spoke again. "If you guys need anything just let me know, I can help you decide on what looks right and what doesn't" Brenda was worried about the sales lady walking down further and told her daughter to get out of the stall and talk to her a minute. Amy put her panties back on and walked outside into the hallway. "Hi, how do you like these panties." The sales lady was surprised to see the young 18 yearold. "Oh they look great on you honey. Have you tried any bras" Their conversation continued as Brenda sat on her son, motionless. She looked down at him and saw he was almost done. She began a slow but quiet grind on his cock, "Shhh". Jason put his hands on her hips and helped the fucking motion. The voices of her daughter and the sales lady in the hall were drowning out the wet fucking which was picking up in pace. "Ok thanks." Amy said to the sales lady as she walked away and went back into the dressing room. "Amy he's never gonna cum from this position, I gotta get down on the floor." Brenda got up off her son's cock which sprang up and hit his stomach, and positioned herself on the floor, pulled her skirt all the way up and spread her legs. Jason rubbed his cock over her slit and asshole which Brenda was annoyed by, so she just reached over and pulled his cock towards her pussy inserting it all the way in. Jason started to fuck her fast now as their pelvises slapped against each other. Amy was getting more and more turned on and she bravely reached around her mother's ass finding her asshole. Brenda gently grabbed her hand and pulled it away. A few seconds later Amy got bold again and tried the same thing. She found her mother's asshole and inserted her middle finger inside, looking at her. She could tell she was feeling it so she went deeper. Soon Brenda's juices were flowing down to her asshole which made Amy's finger fucking smoother. She took another finger and inserted it in the asshole after which Brenda let out a loud sigh. "Shhh mom." Said Amy, and continued fucking her ass with two fingers. Jason's fucking got even quicker as he started to feel closer to his orgasm. Brenda noticed this and tried to say while panting, inbetween breaths "You… better pull out in… time". Jason just knodded and kept fucking. "Oh I'm gonna come." He whispered loudly and pulled his pecker out of his mom and started comming all over her. Wave after wave of his seed splashed on her stomach, thighs, skirt and the new bra she was trying on. Brenda put her hands over his cock to stop the cum splash, but it was too late. Her skirt and bra were already cum stained. Jason finally stopped comming when he noticed some come had landed right on his mom's pussy. Brenda got up and walked over to her purse where she had some napkins. She wiped her pussy over and over trying to get his come off, then she did the same with her skirt and bra, but it was useless. They were stained. "Oh god now I have to buy these." She added. Amy got up and put her jeans back on while her mom took the new bra off and put her old bra and shirt on. Jason just sat on the floor naked and exausted from fucking the two women. Brenda never came, but she was impressed at how he made his sister come and almost got her off again. Brenda grabbed Jason's hand and helped him up. "Common baby get dressed." They somehow put him back together and walked out of the dressing room. Brenda handed her cum stained new bra to the sales lady at the register and noticed the sales lady had a smile on her face. They grabbed all the rest of their bags and headed home. As they walked trough the mall Brenda felt very uncomfortable. She didn't cum and some of her juices were oozing down her thighs. Amy noticed something was wrong with her mom and she gave Jason a look. Jason made a gesture like he didn't know what was wrong with her. "Mom are you allright" Amy asked Brenda. "Yeah honey I'm just fine…why do you ask" Jason got into the conversation. "Mom you didn't cum did you" Brenda turned around and told him to keep his voice down. "For your information, no I didn't. But it's ok Jas' I know it's hard to handle two of us, but you did just fine honey." She hugged her son as they walked out into the parking lot. "Mom I can go again if you want me to." Amy saw nothing wrong with her driving home. "Yeah I'm ok with that mom, I'll drive us home and you guys go in the back and finish your business if you want." Brenda really needed to come because she couldn't think straight. "Ok we'll put the seats down on the floor and you drive us." They got in the van and threw all the bags in the trunk area. Then Jason flattened all the seats which were designed to go into the floor. Brenda laid on the floor as Jason got on top of her. He got his face close to his mom's and started to kiss her neck. Brenda took hold of his face and planted a wet kiss on his lips. She was so horny she couldn't handle herself. Jason slid out of his jeans and pulled Brenda's skirt all the way up. He pulled her panties to the side and entered her. Amy adjusted the rear view mirror so she could see the action. Brenda's jaw dropped as her son entered her again. She met her daughter's eyes in the rear view and felt half ashamed. Brenda was surprised how hard he got in such a short time. Jason started to fuck her as the van rocked with the motion. Brenda's pussy was already very sensitive from the earlier fuck and she was already about to come. No more then two minutes into it, she started to cum on her son's cock. "Oh god I'm comming." She said quietly. Her sqirt splashed all over Jason's stomach. The orgasm went trough her like an earthquake and her chin quivered. Suddenly the guilt just washed over her. She pulled herself up and pushed her son gently off her. "But I'm not done mom!!" She looked at her son "I'm sorry honey this is just so wrong. I'm sorry Amy this was wrong of me." She suddenly felt like a worthless mother. The episode in the dressing room could have gotten her young daughter pregnant, in fact both mother and daughter could be pregnant right now, for all she knew. Her love of the two kids and trying to be a good mom and competing for her kid's love with her husband, it all clouded her thinking and judgement. She just stood up told her son to get dressed, straightened out her skirt and sat on the passenger seat next to her daughter.

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