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Chapter 17

The first couple of months that Mom and I were together we were like newlyweds, constantly chasing one another and fucking morning, noon and night. We just couldn’t get enough of one another. I can’t tell you how many times we were late for work because we started teasing one another at breakfast until we couldn’t stand it and ended up fucking on the table or running back to our room for a hot fuck.

After a while it settled down and we got more into a routine where we would go off to work, come home and eat dinner and watch some t.v. and then go to bed for a long, hot fuck.

Mom would always stoke my fire by bringing home a new nightgown now and then or greeting me at the door naked. But after a while we were like a regular married couple and we were very happy.

One Saturday an old friend of mine, Pete Castro, called and asked if he could drop by. He was having a problem with his car and wanted me to take a look. Pete and I grew up together and he was a frequent visitor in our home. Mom really liked him and would always comment to me about what a heartbreaker Pete was going to be when he grew up.

Well, Pete grew up all right, to about 6’3” with the body of an athlete, all muscle. He was handsome as the devil too and drove all the girls wild. He got married two months ago to the finest looking babe you could imagine and Mom and I attended the wedding. All Mom could do the whole time was gush about how gorgeous Pete looked and how lucky his bride was.

Pete arrived about mid-morning and we got to work in the driveway. Since Pete knew nothing about cars, all the work fell on me. Pete’s job was to keep me amused and the cold beer coming. It was a hot day and we were down to just shorts and sneakers. He was telling me stories about his honeymoon and the wild shit he and his wife did.

Mom had gone out shopping and had come back about an hour after Pete arrived. She greeted him warmly with a big hug and then excused herself and went inside. Soon it was time for another beer, so I sent Pete in to get us a couple. He had no sooner left, when a line snapped, spraying oil everywhere. I didn’t have a rag handy so I went into the garage to look for one. When that failed I figured there must be some in the kitchen. I was just about to climb the short steps to the kitchen when I heard voices. Don’t ask me why, but I ducked around the corner, then peered around the doorway. I could see Pete with his head buried in the fridge, no doubt looking for something to eat.

“Hey big boy, want to play?” Mom asked!

From what I could figure she thought Pete was me, since all she could see from the open refrigerator door was his but and legs.

“Huh?” Pete replied, standing upright and looking at Mom.

“Oh….Pete! I….I..thought you were someone else!” she explained.

To make matters worse she had changed into a new nightie that left little to the imagination. It was a black, low cut number with see through lace around her tits down to her navel and blue silk everywhere else that clung to her every curve. It was held up by two spaghetti straps and came down to just above her bush, while exposing all of her

back. The lace was straining in its attempt to hold her tits in place and giving Pete quite the skin show.

Mom, who was quite embarrassed, was doing her best to cover up with her hands.

I thought about barging in and rescuing her, but then I thought it might be more fun watching her try to get out of this on her own.

“Yea? Like who?” Pete asked in response to Mom’s explanation of thinking he was someone else. He was really giving her the hairy eyeball, looking her up and down.

“Uh….I..uhm…I’ve been seeing someone and he’s supposed to drop by. I thought you were him.” she lied.

“Luck guy” Pete said, grinning at her. I could tell he was impressed by the lust in his eyes.

“Uh…well….I better get back to my room.” Mom said, slowly backing up.

“Yea, sure Mrs. C.” he answered, not able to take his eyes off of her.

I watched him as he stared at Mom as she made her way back to the guestroom, her short nightie bouncing up and down and revealing the matching silk panties. I figured the show was over until I heard Pete whistle under his breath and then quickly look around, as if he were checking to see if I was anywhere near by. When he was satisfied that I was still outside at the car he turned on his heals and started quietly walking towards the guestroom. I decided to keep an eye on him at this point and, keeping a safe distance, started following him.

He made his way to the entrance to the room where Mom was about to get changed. She probably never expected him to follow her, so she didn’t close the door. Suddenly I could see the corner of her eye catch his figure in the doorway.

PETE!!!! What Are You Doing Here?!!” Mom screeched, trying to cover up.

“I..uh…just thought we could talk for a bit.” he replied, slowly walking into the room.

“PETE CASTRO YOU JUST TURN YOURSELF AROUND AND MARCH OUT OF THIS ROOM!!” Mom ordered as she held her hands up in front of herself, trying to hide from his prying eyes.

“C’mon Mrs. C. Were old friends. There’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Pete answered, continuing to walk towards her.

“YOU HEARD ME!!” Mom replied.

“Calm down. I just want to talk.” he said.

“We can talk after you leave and I change.” Mom said in a quieter tone.

“Man, do you know how sexy you look?” Pete asked, ignoring her request.

“Pete….” Mom started.

“No really. I mean all that time I spent at your house I never realized it. I thought you were kind of good looking, but I had no idea how hot you were.” he stated.

“That’s not the way you should be speaking to me!” she scolded.

“Hey, were all adults now. Its not like I’m still some little kid.” he said as he continued to walk towards her until he was standing right next to her.

“That’s not the point and you know it!” she said as she held her arms over her bosom.

“God, your hot! You’re really getting to me. “ Pete whispered as he stroked his fingers up and down her bare arms.

“Stop this right now!” she directed, pulling her arms back and away from his touch.

I couldn’t move as I watched this. I felt a combination of jealousy and anger mixed in with excitement. I have to admit I have a lot of voyeurism in me.

“God, your so exciting looking in this, I don’t think I could resist you” he groaned, wrapping his hands around her waist and then running them up and down her exposed back.

“Let me go Pete!” Mom ordered, trying to break out of his embrace.

“Ok, ok Mrs. C” he replied, dropping his hands. “You know I would never force myself on anyone. I’m sorry, I saw you like this and I got carried away.”

“All right, but please go.” she said.

“I will. But you have to answer a question for me first.” he said.

“What?” she asked, impatiently.

“Now honestly, have you ever thought about being with me?” he asked.

“Pete…..” Mom started to reply.

“No, no really. I need to know.” he said.

“Well….uh…people fantasize all the time….” she replied sheepishly.

“I thought so!” Pete grinned.

“I didn’t say it was recently…..” Mom started.

“You didn’t have to” he said, looking her up and down, “God do you know how sexy you are?”

“Pete……..” she admonished, clearly flattered by the attention.

“You’re making my blood boil!” he said, once again moving his hands up to her waist.

“Pete… promised.” Mom said, trying to get his hands off of her waist and, as a result, giving him a real close look at her nearly exposed chest.

“Hmmm!” Pete moaned, looking down at her lace-covered tits.

“Ohhh!” Mom shuddered, following his eyes down her to chest and realizing what he was staring at.

Pete’s eyes traveled up from her tits to her face and stopped. Mom’s eyes lingered down at her chest in embarrassment before slowly rising to meet his gaze. She froze as he stared at her, like a deer in the headlights. Before she could move Pete quickly leaned in towards her and pressed his lips firmly on hers.

“UHHhhhhhhhppphhh!!!!” Mom protested, her hands coming up to his chest to try and push him away.

Pete didn’t budge as he continued to kiss her, his hands holding her waist tightly. Finally he pulled back, breaking off the kiss and staring into her eyes.

“Please….let me go” Mom asked, her hands on his trying to break his grip.

Pete didn’t react and just kept staring into her eyes. Mom was now looking into his as if she were trying to read his mind. Suddenly, he started leaning in again, very slowly. Mom’s eyes darted from his to his lips and back again, over and over.

“Pete…don’t..” she begged, trying to move her head back as his face got close and closer, until their lips touched lightly and then sealed together.

Mmmmmm!” Pete moaned as he kissed her once again.

“Uhhmmmggmmm!!!” Mom groaned as she stood there and half-heartedly tried to get away.

Pete once again leaned back, breaking the seal between their lips and looked into her eyes. She stared back at him with a somewhat bewildered look. He bent forward once again, bringing his lips close to hers.

“Pete….we shouldn’t….” Mom whispered as his lips descended on hers.

Again she moved her head back as his came forward, but she couldn’t avoid him. He zeroed in on her lips and just as they were about to touch, Mom parted hers and allowed him to kiss her again.

They stood there, Pete moving his lips gently against hers and Mom moaning softly.

The kiss gained momentum as Pete pressed his lips harder into Mom’s and she offered no protest.

“Uhhmmmmm!” Mom moaned, her eyes slowly closing and her body going limp as she permitted Pete to kiss her.

Pete finally moved back, breaking the kiss for a moment before slowly moving back in and brushing his lips against hers before backing off. He looked in her eyes and slowly descended towards her once more. Through partly closed eyes, Mom watched as Pete’s lips came closer and closer to hers again. Just as he got a nose apart from her, Mom leaned in, meeting him half way in a steamy kiss!

“Mmmmmm!” Mom moaned as Pete fixed his lips firmly onto hers, her hands resting on his arms as she returned his kiss.

They gradually pulled back, pealing their lips apart to catch their breath as they gazed into one another’s eyes. Mom hands snaked their way up Pete’s well-developed arms and shoulders until they came to rest at the back of his neck, as his caressed her naked back. They stood there staring at one another, breathing raggedly.

“Ohhhh, Pete…..we..can’t..” Mom whispered.

“Yea…your right” he replied, running his hands across her naked back.

They both leaned in at the same time, Mom’s arms wrapping around his neck as their parted lips slowly came together and sealed in another hot kiss.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Mom moaned as her mouth opened and meshed with Pete’s, their heads bobbing in unison as their mouths slid back and forth.

They pressed their bodies together, their open mouths fused together in a deep, soulful kiss. Mom’s arms tightened around Pete’s neck as his huge arms snugly squeezed her waist, drawing her smaller frame to his. The kiss seemed to go on forever, as if neither wanted to be the first to stop. The room was filled with the sounds of soft, moaning passion and the quiet smacking sound of open, wet kisses.

After a bit, Mom tore her mouth off of his and in a raspy, breathless tone of voice said:

“Ohhhhhh……Pete…we..gottttaaa…sssttoopp thissss!!”

But her actions belied her words as her hands continued to vigorously explore his arms and back. Pete dipped his mouth down onto her neck, sucking it lustfully.

“UUHhhhhhhhhh……nnnnoooo!!!!!!!” Mom moaned, but again reacted in just the opposite way as she tilted her head and exposed more of her neck to Pete’s sucking mouth.

“OOOHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” She groaned again and lifted her left leg, wrapping it around his outer thigh and mashing her groin up against his.

Pete slid his hands down her back and under the short hem of her nightie and grabbed a handful of ass cheek, grinding his crotch into hers. They stood there, Pete sucking on Mom’s neck and Mom running her nails across his back as they dry humped against one another.

“OOOHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yoouuurrr….ddriiivvviinng….meeeee…ccrraaaazzzyyy!!” Mom groaned, passionately driving her groin up at his.

Pete’s hands left Mom’s ass and traveled up her back and onto her shoulders where he grabbed a strap in each hand and started pulling them down.

“Ohhh, Pete…Noo….we…can’t!!!!” Mom moaned and yet at the same time dropped her arms to her side to allow the straps to fall over her shoulders and off her arms.

The gown followed the same path as the lace clung to her tits for a moment until Pete’s urgent tugging forced them over and off her full, heaving breasts and the gown fell to her feet. Pete rushed to capture a tit in each hand and kneaded them, tweaking the nipples between his fingers.

“OOHhhhhhh!!!!!! Ssstttoopp!!!!” Mom moaned as she thrust her breasts into his hands and rubbed them wantonly against his massaging fingers. She reached up, grabbing the back of Pete’s head and pulled it down towards her, meshing her open mouth against his.

Pete released her tits and wrapped his arms around her naked waist, pulling her in tight against him as he returned her kiss! Mom snaked her arms around his neck, as she kissed him deeply, her erect nipples scrapping against his chiseled chest.

Pete’s hands were running over her back and down across her panty-covered ass. His hands slid down under the waistband of her silk panties, capturing the cheeks of her bare buttocks and kneading them. His hands grabbed the waistband on each side of her hips and began pulling them down.

“NOooo!! We…should……!!” Mom groaned, breaking off their kiss and catching her breath.

But, at the same time her hands were down at Pete’s waist, unsnapping his shorts and working them down and off. They both succeeded at the same moment as each of their last stitch of clothing hit the floor. Same old Pete, I thought, no underwear, as his large cock came into full view, stiff as a board and bobbing angrily. He attacked Mom’s neck with his mouth again, while he rubbed his swollen dick against her abdomen. Mom, in the heat of passion, glanced down at Pete’s equipment and wide eyed at what she saw.

“OOHhhhhh…Pete!!!” she exclaimed, staring at his large dick.

Pete pulled away from her neck and followed her gaze down to his shaft and then looked back up at her, a proud grin on his face. Pulling her back to him, he kissed her firmly, sending his tongue deep inside her mouth. He kissed her so passionately it seemed to make Mom light headed. They continued to kiss for the longest time, arms wrapped around one another, crotches slowly grinding into each other, before Pete turned them towards the bed. Mom went along with his direction until the edge of the bed dug into the back of her legs. Then, as their kiss continued, tongues dueling, he slowly forced her back, down toward the bed. As she leaned back farther and farther as if she might break, Pete finally lifted her up and onto the bed. Then their lips slowly parted as he gently, but forcefully pushed her down onto the mattress. She now lay on her back looking up at him as he kneeled between her splayed legs.

Watching him, her eyes were filled with desire and more than a little apprehension as he reached down and lifted her legs up and out. Mom openly stared down at Pete’s throbbing sex organ grotesquely sticking out from his groin. As she gawked at his great one-eyed monster, a look of perverse excitement came over her face. Groaning with desire, Pete quickly slipped his arms under Mom’s beautiful legs, hooking them underneath her curvaceous, firm gams. Grunting, he lifted them up, spreading her frothing, drooling pit open even wider as his pulsating staff approached it. Leaning into her, he pushed his considerable prick up to the slobbering opening of her waiting wetness and then ran the engorged head up and down the soft, soaking outer lips of her cunt.

“UUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Mom groaned, her head thrown back, as her whole body turned red, obviously from the anticipation of the fuck she was about to receive!

Looking down at the purple-headed shaft sliding up and down the entrance to her waiting womanhood, Mom reached down and took hold of its rigid, bloated hardness. Slowly, apprehensively, she forced it down onto the slippery wet gash of her cunt. Then, as it touched her, she rapidly rubbed the distended cock head up and down her salivating slit. As she did, she spread his viscous, slimy pre-cum around her cuntal opening and quickly coated his hard roundness with her own pre-fuck wetness. Finally, centering the great, round cock head in the burning core of her seething pussy, she gave it a little tug, encouraging him to push it into her!

At this point I was overwhelmed with emotion, torn between the anger of betrayal and jealousy and the excitement of watching these two people, whom I have known all my life, about to fuck their brains out.

Pete slowly moved forward, feeling the hot, clinging flesh of her pussy slowly wrap itself around the head of his bulging cock. Deeper and deeper into the burning, illicit depths went the distended, round head of his cock until it was buried inside of her. Pete grabbed her ass in his two hands as he wallowed in the sensation of his swollen cock head engulfed in the fiery canal of her slit, trying desperately to calm himself down. Unable to fight it any longer, he slowly sent the entire length of his throbbing shaft into the scorching, clinging depths of my Mom’s cunt a bit at a time until he had the full length buried deep inside her.

“OOHH MYGODPETE!!!!!!!!” Mom gasped as she felt his cock sink into her, puncturing her womanhood with his largeness and suddenly filling her emptiness almost beyond its limit. Then suddenly his hard belly rested down on hers, confirming that she had taken all of him inside her.

“”OOHHHH GOD, PETE!!!!!! NEVER….FELT…SOOOO….FUULLL!!!” Mom moaned, squeezing down on his cock with her powerful cunt muscles.

“DAMN VICKIE, YOU ARE ONE HOT BITCH!!!!” Pete exclaimed as he gently thrust against her, grinding himself into her hot, soft warmness.

None of this did my ego any good as I heard my Mom cry out at the ecstatic feeling Pete’s dick was giving her, while my best friend was now fucking the cunt I had come to feel was mine alone. Pete paused for only a moment to savor the tight, clinging wetness of Mom’s dripping sheath before he began to fuck her. Within moments he was sawing his immense dick in and out of her with deep, rhythmic thrusts. Suddenly something seemed to snap inside him and he began hammering his large cock into her hot, wet socket like a madman! He seemed no longer able to control himself as he began to grunt and snort like a crazed animal as he pounded his dick into her lathered slit! The bed creaked and groaned as it threatened to collapse at any moment as they fucked like wild animals! The wickedness and depravity of their illicit coupling seemed to be overwhelming both of them! The ferocity and violence of his attack on her quickly drove her to the edge of a cataclysmic orgasm!

“OOOHHHHHHHH GAAAWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!!” she cried out as she felt her body consumed by the fires of an unholy orgasm!

As Pete lost his fight for control, he continued to slam his cock into her violently. Then abruptly, he saw my Mom begin to shake and flounce about on the bed uncontrollably! Unable or unwilling to stop fucking her, he watched as she flailed about so wildly I thought she might hurt herself. He continued to hammer his cock into her as she writhed about underneath him. He bit his lower lip as he seemed to struggle to hold back his own urge to cum. Closing his eyes, he pounded his swollen cock into the convulsing, clutching core of my Mother’s cunt. Wheezing and gasping for breath, he was fucking her with such force I was worried he might hurt her even if she didn’t hurt herself. But still he didn’t stop as he drove his dick in and out of her mercilessly! The bed underneath my Mom’s writhing body was creaking and groaning even louder under the punishment of his assault! But even still he pounded into her with abandonment! Suddenly Mom went stiff as a board, her whole body lifting off the bed as another orgasm ripped through her sending sparks of electric current coursing through her, every muscle in her body taut as a rope!

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPEEEEEETTTTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!!” she screamed, her pussy convulsing wildly around his large staff as her legs strained to keep her clenching gash tight up against the root of his cock.

“AWWWWWWWWFFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!” Pete bellowed, as he thrust himself into her with all his might, his own orgasm triggered by her clutching twat! His prick began spewing its hot load deep inside Mom’s seething pit as he held his cock thrust up inside her as it fired again and again and again! With every volley it sent another tidal wave of his boiling cream spurting out into the deep core of her hot, clinging cunt! He held himself inside the fiery, spasming depths of her pussy as tremor after tremor seemed to shake her body, her hands gripping Pete’s arms for dear life!

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHGGAAAAAAWWWWWWWWDDDD!!!! Mom cried, her head flung back, her frame stretched to breaking as an overpowering orgasm wracked her

body sending her reeling into the depths of unconsciousness!

Pete continued to pump his life essence into her, shuddering and moaning, muttering unintelligible animal-like sounds! I could tell by his facial contortions that he was still being consumed by the nerve-wracking passions of his own orgasm as he continued to grind his cock into her pussy! I could see the tense muscles in his back and legs begin to quiver with fatigue as the intensity of his ejaculations began to decline with every spasm that ran through his cock. Finally his dick gave out one last, feeble shudder, unloading its last drop of cum deep inside the drenched core of Mom’s pussy.

“Oh, Fuck!” he groaned as his legs gave way and he fell to his knees between Mom’s widespread legs, wrenching his cock out of her flooded cunt as he fell.

He looked down at Mom’s prone body, passed out cold from the pure pleasure of their act and smiled. He quickly got up and grabbed his shorts, put them on, slipped into his docksides and made his way out of the room. He was shocked to find me standing there just looking at him with a bewildered expression.

“Hey, man, look, I’m sorry, but your Mom is one hot piece of ass. I couldn’t resist” he explained.

What could I say? “You just fucked my woman”? As far as Pete was concerned Mom is divorced and unattached and therefore fair game. I couldn’t tell him the truth.

“What about your wife?” I asked.

“Hey, that’s my business Tom. We’ve been friends a long time and we never tell each other how to lead our lives. Let’s just say I’m a little board at home and leave it at that.” he said and then walked away.

He went into the kitchen to grab a beer as I stood there trying to think of something to say, but what? This is what you get when you’re fucking your own Mother and can’t tell a soul. What was really beginning to bother me was how much Mom enjoyed it and how little fight she put up. I followed Pete into the kitchen and then back out to the car, all the while trying to look like the whole thing didn’t bother me. Pete went on about how hot Mom is and what a great fuck it was and how if he had known he would have been after her a long time ago.

“You know, Tom. all this action has worn me out. I think I’ll head home.” he said.

“We’ll finish up another time. Later dude”

“Ya…well…..” I started, not knowing what to say.

Chapter 18

Mom didn’t come out of the guestroom for nearly an hour and when she did she said she wasn’t feeling well. She went to bed and never came out. The next day was Sunday and she was scheduled to work at the hospital and left very early. Around noon she called to tell me she volunteered to work an additional double shift and wouldn’t get home until late. I stayed up as late as I could, but finally gave in and went to bed. She arrived some time later and quietly got changed and slid into bed.

I had to work the following day, but Mom was off and she either was sound asleep or pretending to be. I left feeling as if my whole life had come apart after being so happy and I didn’t see how we were going to fix it.

I went to work, but couldn’t concentrate. I knew Mom and I had to talk this out, so I made some excuse about not feeling well around mid-morning and left. I figured Mom should be up by now. As I was approaching the entrance to the complex I happened to see Pete’s car just turning in. I couldn’t believe it! He was back for more, no doubt.

I quickly made a turn and wound my way through the complex so that I would arrive in the back of my unit. I parked and quickly cut through my neighbors yard and went in through the garage.

I got inside the kitchen as the doorbell rang and heard Mom making her way out from the bedroom to answer it. She was wearing a wrap-around dress that clung to her nicely and tied at her waist. As she opened the door I could see by the look on her face the surprise to find Pete standing there.

“What…..what do you want..Pete?” Mom asked as she opened the door.

“I want to talk to you.” he answered

“Well…it’s…uh…not a…good time…I have to…uh….get ready for work soon…” Mom answered.

“It won’t take long. I just want to clear things up between us.” he said.

“Oh…oh….uh…o.k.” she replied as she opened the door, letting him in.

At this point I thought that Pete may have regretted what happened and might be worried about his marriage, should it get out. I could sense that Mom was thinking the same thing. He stepped in and looked around, probably to make sure I wasn’t around. Then he looked at Mom and I could see his eyebrow arch as he scanned her entire frame, taking in the way the dress showcased every inch of her figure.

“Well….uh…what…what is it?” Mom asked, looking somewhat annoyed at the once over he was giving her

“I…uh..thought I would come over and clear the air…” he said, trailing off.

“Oh…uh huh…” Mom said softly.

“But…but after seeing you…I think I’ve changed my mind.” he said.

“What…what do you mean?” Mom asked, nervously watching him as he continued to sweep his eyes over her entire length.

I…I…just mean that I guess I wasn’t as out of line yesterday as I thought.” he replied, as he stepped towards her.

“Pete..I..uh..think you had better go!” Mom insisted as she took a step back.

“I have to see something first” he said as he continued to move towards her.

“Uh..what..what..are you talking about?” she asked nervously, as she tried to step back again, but bumped into a small table, giving her nowhere to go.

“Just this.” he said and reached for her waist, gently pulling her towards him.

Mom seemed to resist, but her body glided towards his as he leaned down and placed his lips gently on hers.

“Mmmmmmmmpffhh!!” Mom moaned as he kissed her firmly, her hands up against his chest.

The kiss lingered for a while as Mom didn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight, her hands simply resting on Pete’s chest. He finally pulled back, peeling their lips apart,

and looking into Mom’s eyes. She had a glazed look about her, the kiss obviously getting to her.

“Unless you tell me otherwise, I’m going to kiss you again.” Pete said looking for an objection from Mom.

She didn’t say anything, she just stood there glancing up to his face and then down to his mouth and then back up again. Pete moved in again, parting his lips and as they got within an inch Mom parted her lips as they sealed again in a steamy kiss!

This one lasted longer and was much firmer as their heads swayed slightly in unison, Mom’s eyes shut and her hands gripping his arms.

Finally the kiss was broken as they pulled back a few inches, their noses nearly touching.

“I’m glad I came over.” Pete said. “I can see you can’t resist this either.”

“Oh…I..I..don’t know why…but I can’t help myself” Mom breathed, running her hands up and down his arms. “Kiss me Pete!!”

With that he pulled her towards him and their lips collided in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss! Mom clutched at him, her arms encircling his neck as her entire frame was pressed against his. Their lips grinded together as their hands, constantly in motion, swept over one another.

Pete quickly reached for the belt at Mom’s waist, untying it, and pulling her dress apart. She helped him by lowering her arms allowing him the ability to pull it over her shoulders and down her frame. He immediately reached up for her bra and easily unsnapped it, pulling it off as well, releasing her soft, round tits.

Never missing a beat with their kiss, Mom quickly unbuttoned his shirt, practically ripping it as she desperately worked to get it off him. Meanwhile, Pete had shoved both hands inside the back of her panties, grasping a hand full of ass cheek. I could see him work one hand down and between her legs and cup her bush, sliding two fingers across her gash.

“MMMMMMmmmm!!!!!!!!” Mom moaned into his mouth as his fingers sank into her quickly flooding slit.

He removed his hands and began tugging at the lace panties around her hips, working them down until they fell to the floor. At this point Mom began moving, slowly walking backwards down the hall, pulling Pete with her. As they maneuvered their way into the guest room, Mom broke their kiss and anxiously turned towards the bed. She hopped on, lying on her back and spreading her legs, looking up at Pete with wanton desire. She motioned for him to join her as she caressed her breasts and pulled at her nipples.

Pete stepped out of his shoes and dropped his shorts, his cock sticking straight out, hard and ready once again. He made his way onto the bed and between her scattered legs, taking one in each hand and aligning her gapping hole with his bloated manhood. Her bared femininity was positioned directly in line with his cock. He pushed the head of his dick down, finding the opening of Mom’s weeping gash, and pushed forward, his bulbous head knifing its way into the entrance to her dripping slit.

“OOOHhhhhhhhh!!!” Mom moaned, feeling his large, stiff penis slowly penetrate her hot, willing womanhood once again.

Gently, Pete pushed his distended, rigid cock into her inch by inch. As he did you could see her gluttonous pussy devour his aching prick until at last his belly came to rest once more on hers.

He grabbed a cheek of her ass in each hand and lifted it off the bed, burying his shaft farther towards the hilt of her unprotected vagina. She cooperated by spreading her long, tapered legs apart for him as he gently lifted her buttocks farther up in the air. He responded by continuing to force his throbbing manhood even deeper into her pussy. As his cock slid into her, she was already wet and ready for him and raised her knees up and over his hips, pushing back up at him.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” Mom groaned as she felt him pushing his cock into her.

Thrusting herself up against him, she was being filled to the limit by his swollen staff as it slid deeper and deeper into her cunt until his hairy belly softly thud up against hers.

Pressing herself up against him, she seemed to revel in the feel of his thick, heavy love sword penetrating deep into her steaming cunt for a few moments. Then she quickly backed herself off him, letting his dick slither back out of her wet slit. She stopped only when the bulbous head of his cock rested in the opening of her itching slit. Pausing for a second, she suddenly launched herself back up onto him, swallowing his entire length back into her womanhood in one rapid gulp.

“OHH FUCK!!!” Pete grunted as he felt my Mother’s burning gash envelope his thrusting maleness in one lightning lunge.

As she rocked away from him a second time, he leaned down over her, reaching under her and taking her soft, round ass in his hands again. This time as she thrust herself back up onto his cock, he hunched himself into her and their bodies crashed together like two battering rams.

“OOOAAAAAAHHH!!! FFFUUUCCKKK!!!! Mom gasped as she felt his cock knife back into her pussy. “YOU’RE SOOO FUCKING BIG!!!!”

“Do you want me to stop?” Pete asked, afraid he was hurting her.

“NNO….OOHHH…NO..DON’T…STOP!!!” Mom blubbered, pushing herself back up against him and wiggling her butt. “FUCK ME!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME, PETE!!!!!

Responding to my Mother’s pleading, he immediately began to saw his hardness in and out of her soft, slippery womanhood with a vengeance. As he pounded his cock into her, she arched her back so he would get the clue to fondle her soft, round breasts as he fucked her. Leaning down over her, he teased and pulled on her nice, quivering tits as he thrust in and out of her.

As he hammered his stiff dick into her throbbing cunt, she quickly increased her pace back up at him, a telltale sign of an oncoming orgasm with her. Her whole consciousness seemed to be focused in the flesh that was now wrapped around my best friend’s engorged cock. It looked like every nerve ending in her tight, hot channel had been overcharged and was now pulsating with pleasure. Pete’s penis was no doubt battering places inside her pussy that had never felt the hardness of a man’s cock before. She looked to be on the tottering edge of another cataclysmic orgasm. In and out, in and out, his cock looked like it stimulated the entire length of her drenched love gash. It looked like his cock was growing larger and larger with every stabbing penetration. Then, beginning with a small tremor, a tidal wave of pleasure seemed to gush out of her pussy and wash over her entire body.

“OOOOOHHHHH MMMYYYY GGAAAWWWWDDD!!!!!!!!!!!” she cried as her body was consumed by the unholy flames of another illicit orgasm. She looked like she was being lifted right off the bed as the intense pleasure was boiling up and out of her pussy like lava from a volcano.

Just as before, Pete felt my Mom begin to quake and shake below him as he continued

to slide his cock in and out of her. I could see the muscles of her cunt clenching and clutching at his manhood as it rocked in and out of her. As their bodies smacked together, her wetness coated his thighs and you could hear the wet, lewd sound of their bodies slapping together.



PEEEETTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” Mom blubbered like a crazy woman as she tossed her head back and forth. “OOHHHHH…..SSHIITTTT…..PETE….NEVER…FELT…..OHH…


Pete never stopped as Mom writhed and groaned beneath him. With steady, rhythmic strokes, he sawed his huge cock in and out of her salivating slit as she climaxed beneath him. At last the throes of her orgasm faded away.


….wond……unnnhh…wond…unnnhh…er…uunnhh….ful!!!” she stammered out between the jarring thuds of his attack as he fucked her.

“Unhuhh” he mumbled, releasing her tits and taking hold of her hips, roughly pulling her pussy into him every time he slammed his cock back into the hot socket of her pussy.

Basking in the warm, fuzzy afterglow of fulfillment, she spread her lovely legs apart wider and wider to accommodate him, taking him into her deeper and deeper. Her excitement was evidenced by the amount of lubricating juice that was flowing out of her cunt. There was so much of it, it was almost embarrassing, as it coated and was even spread out onto the cheeks of her ass by Pete’s pounding attack of his balls against her derriere.

ahhhh…good!!” Pete blurted out between thrusts.


beast…..ohhhhh….I…..uunnhhh….love….oohhhh…it!!!!!” Mom echoed him.

Time seemed to be suspended as the incessant sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room. Still looking dazed and reeling from her orgasm, Mom’s body once more began to tremble, issuing a warning of another oncoming orgasm. She had already had two by my count and now another one was building inside of her battered and abused pussy.


UHHHHH…..THERE!!!!!!” she gasped as she felt the flames grow higher and higher.

Pete was gripping her hips tighter and tighter, pulling her into him harder and harder with each hammering impalement.

Almost imperceptibly, the rhythm of his attack on her cunt had grown faster and faster. Like a steam locomotive laboring up a long, steep hill, his hips worked back and forth laboriously, driving his stiff dick in and out of her hot box over and over again. He was beginning to sound like a locomotive as he huffed and puffed from the effort of maintaining such a driving rhythm.

On and on they fucked, Pete thrusting himself into my Mother again and again. He seemed to love the feel of his granite hard manhood sliding in and out of her effortlessly, greased by the gusher of her fuck juices exuding from the lining of her cunt. Grunting and straining, they climbed the long, steep grade toward the peek of perverse gratification. Moaning her approval of his efforts, Mom thrust herself back up at him at every time he sent his dick slicing up into her cunt. She was taking the entire length of his bloated cock with every hammering penetration and loving it! Suddenly, she began to tense up, being drawn closer and closer to the fiery conflagration of another climax!

“ALMOST……..Uuhhhhhh…..THERE!!! WANT…..Ughhhhh…TO….Uhhnnnn…..

Uhhhhhhnnn!!!!!” she groaned, trying to hold off her impending orgasm to coincide with his.

She seemed to try as hard as she could to control it, but she was unable to stop herself from reveling in the feeling of Pete’s cock plunging in and out of her throbbing cunt! Her whole body turned crimson red as she was consumed by the flames of another blasphemous orgasm. She began to shake as if her pussy had burst into a million points of flame and Pete’s engorged staff was creating a burning pulsation of pure pleasure inside her!


UHHNNNN…..OOHHHHHHHH….HONEY…..UNNHHHHH….UUNNNHHHHH!!!” she blubbered, as she dug her toes into his ass and her body shook and trembled.

Mom’s tight, hot cunt clamped down around his plunging cock, making penetration of her desperately clenching cunt more and more difficult! But, even as tightly clenched as her pussy was, the abundance of fuck juice flowing from her lubricated the smooth, slippery walls of her cunt enough that he could still drive his cock into her.

Mom slowly regained her senses as she emerged from the stupefying influence of her mind-numbing climax. As she did, the muscles around her cunt began to relax and Pete responded by fucking her faster and faster. His endurance was almost demonic, I thought, as he continued to hammer his cock into her mercilessly. He had been fucking her for a good half hour by now, yet he showed no indication of stopping other than fucking her harder and faster. What great generators of cum his huge, swinging balls must be, I thought, as I heard them slapping up against her ass every time he penetrated her.

Then, astonishingly, I saw Mom’s body twitch ever so slightly and knew that telltale sign of another orgasm was beginning inside her pummeled pussy. Had Pete broken something inside of her making her unable to stop having orgasms, I wondered. And, how would I ever be able to satisfy her again after she had experienced such a thorough fucking? Mom’s twitching increased as the need for another orgasm grew deep inside her as Pete continued to brutally fuck her.



…..UNHHHHHH……FUUUCCKKMMEEEE!!!!!!!” she begged as he violently fucked her.

Then the tiny tremble exploded across her entire body and she stiffened once again and gripped Pete desperately. Her cunt erupted into another full-blown orgasm as she began to shake and shudder uncontrollably!


SWEETJESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as the pleasure of her orgasm possessed her body once again!

She bucked wildly beneath Pete as she drove her twat tightly up against the root of his shaft as her continued to drive his dick into her with wild abandonment! Then, after several moments when the intensity of her orgasm should be abating, I could see the level of pleasure begin to build again as Pete continued to fuck her! It was growing so strong in her I was sure she would have a heart attack from not being able to handle the strain on her senses! Then, just as it seemed that the intensity of the pleasure would be too much for her to withstand, Pete suddenly hunched into her ferociously, driving his dick into her deeper and harder.


sounding as if he were in pain.

“MMMMMMEEEEEETTTTTTTOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mom cried out, once again her whole body convulsing wildly as her orgasm overwhelmed her!

They were both frozen in place as Pete held his malignancy thrust up inside of her wildly clutching cunt, ridding a huge wave of pure, unadulterated lust! Pete’s prick ballooned out so large it looked as if it might split Mom apart as it began firing load after load of his hot cum deep inside her sucking canal. The mammoth spout of scorching cream was so great that it filled to the point of overflowing immediately! It looked like there must have been a gallon of his rich, hot cum gushing out into her milking pussy! It immediately squirted out around his swollen shaft and spilled down her inner thighs!

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHH, YYYYEEESSSSSSSS PETEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT YOUR CUM DEEP INSIDE ME!!!!!!!!!!” Mom howled, as she continued to thrust her clasping cunt up at his throbbing manhood, obviously delirious with desire!

Again and again his fleshy cannon fired, filling her pussy beyond its capacity and again and again her ravenous gash clutched and grabbed at his shaft, sucking more and more cream from his jerking pole. Within moments her pussy was so saturated with his cum that it was coated all over their lower torsos. Still, his great engine of love continued to jump and spurt inside of her drenched, milking pussy! It was unbelievable! No man could produce so much cum! It looked like Mom had a fire hose shoved up her twat and someone had turned it on full force! Still it jerked and bucked deep inside her, slamming round after round of love cream into her wildly sucking cunt!

Just when I thought they were done, Pete erupted inside her seven or eight more times and Mom’s twitching cunt responded each time with a clenching reaction of its own!

Then, at last they were through.

“FUCK!!” Pete gasped as he fell back away from her, rudely ripping his cock out of my Mother’s flooded cunt.

“OWWW!!!” she yelped as the thick cock departed her pussy abruptly with a loud, lewd slurping sound.

“OhsorryVic!” he mumbled as he flopped on the bed, exhausted.

“That’s o.k., hon” she whispered, turning to face him. “Are you all right?”

Shit, I don’t know.” he sighed, tiredly.

“God Peter, you must have shot a gallon of sperm into me!” she said, astonished as she crept over to him. “I can’t believe how much stuff you had in you!”

“You got me so hot for you, it nearly drove me crazy!” he smiled weekly as he felt Mom lift his softening shaft.

“That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. You are an unbelievable, sexy stud!” she moaned.

This confession just about devastated me, draining any conviction I had about being giving Mom the best sex she ever experienced.

“And you are the hottest fuck I’ve ever had. Even now I can feel myself getting turned on just by looking at you!” he told her, as they stared at one another in mutual admiration.

“You really are something!” he said and then pulled her to him, kissing her on the lips hard and long! Mom quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss with equal desire. Soon they were locked in a long, lustful, open-mouthed kiss, slowly grinding their lips together. The kiss went on and on as they were in no hurry to end it. I saw Pete’s cock start to twitch, as if it was struggling to awaken from its self induced slumber.

“MMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!” Mom moaned as their kiss suddenly became more urgent, their tongues coming into play. Like a burst of flame, their kiss exploded into a fiery, wanton, demanding french kiss with them ravishing each other’s mouths!

“MMMMMmmmmm!!!! MMMMmmmmmm!!!!!” Mom moaned into Pete’s mouth as her hands flew wildly over his frame as their kiss became all consuming, their bodies humping up against one another! Mom broke their kiss and reached down to Pete’s crotch.

“Oooohhh, your getting sooo hard again!!!” she groaned in amazement.

“I can’t stop it!” Pete said. “Your so hot, you driving me insane!”

They locked lips again, driving their open mouths together in another desperate kiss, arms wrapped tightly around each other. Mom reached back down to his crotch, roughly stroking his cock as it slowly struggled to regain its hardness. She pushed her hand down further between his hairy legs as Pete responded by spreading them apart. She lifted his big, egg shaped balls and rolled them around in her hand, eliciting a deep moan from him.

“UUNNNHHH!!!” he moaned into her mouth as he grew more and more aroused.

Their passion continued to mount as their kiss grew more and more frantic, their bodies rubbing together in a frenzied dance of unbridled lust! I couldn’t believe Pete’s recuperating powers or how horny he made Mom, but here they were, moments from their last fuck, ready to go again! Mom raised and spread her legs, positioning her salivating twat to rest under Pete’s now steel like cock! She humped up at him, his prick sliding up and down her fur-covered slit, drenched with a combination of their sex juices. Her dripping gash was once again lubricating his stiffened cock as it knifed between the outer lips of her weeping cunt. Reaching down, she pulled his twitching cock down, positioning the bulbous head at the entrance to her hot, wet pussy. Holding it in place, she lifted her hips, slowly easing herself toward his rock hard manhood until the thick, meaty lips of her cunt slipped over his angry, distended dick head.

“Ohhhhhh shit Vic, it’s soo hot!!” Pete whimpered, breaking their kiss, as he felt her cunt slowly consume his cock as it slid over him.

“Damn, your so fucking big!!!” Mom grunted as she continued to thrust herself over his distended dick. “I can’t believe how good this feels!!!!”

She pushed further and further, taking more and more of his dick inside her throbbing cunt. Grunting with effort, she forced herself onto him as he slid deeper and deeper into the hot mushiness of her womanhood. At last the meaty lips of her cunt settled around the hairy base of his cock as she wrapped her legs around his hips, his entire cock buried up inside her. She held him there for several seconds, obviously savoring the feeling of fullness he gave to her. Finally, she began to raise and lower her hips, slowly fucking him as he reached down and toyed with her full, quivering tits. Their senses must have been really stimulated because in moments they went from a nice slow rhythm to a frantic, driving fuck, their bodies slapping together! They thrust and humped at each other in a frenzied tempo.

“OHHH GOD VICKIE!!! MAN I’M SORRY!!! I CAN’T HOLD BACK THIS TIME!!!!! Pete gasped as his cock began to buck, erupting inside of her once again!


as another pleasure evoking orgasm tore through her body, causing her to writhe and twitch beneath him!

Although their orgasms were not of the same intensity as the others, both of them immediately collapsed without even bothering to uncouple. They lied there, Pete still buried deep inside her as their mouths met in another deep, long kiss.

I bolted for the garage, desperate to catch my breath, a ton of emotions reeling through me. Soon after Pete emerged, looking totally drained. With that, he got in his car and left.

Chapter 19

Things between Mom and I were very strained the rest of the day and I got the strong feeling Mom knew I had seen her and Pete. We hardly spoke and she retired early, the first time since we started living this way that we didn’t make love. It didn’t matter though, because I certainly wasn’t in the mood and my ego had taken quite a beating after watching Pete bring her to six orgasms.

The rest of the week was about the same, with things being very strained between us. By the end of the week Mom must have been feeling guilty because as we climbed into bed she initiated some foreplay that led to a quick fuck. It was very unsatisfying and I knew Mom didn’t have a very strong orgasm, although I did manage to bring her off.

She reminded me that we were going to a cookout this Saturday at Pete’s folks house with Pete and his wife and friends. It had been planed a while ago and was actually an annual event. I wanted to go about as much as I wanted a root canal, but I couldn’t think of any reason not to.

The day of the cookout arrived and Mom took a long time getting ready. When she did emerge she took my breath away. She was wearing a tight summer dress, low cut with spaghetti straps. It was white with small flowers on it and it came about mid thigh on her.

The tops of her tits were exposed, jiggling as she walked. She looked really hot! I, on the other hand, was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top, not thinking that this was such a formal party. I knew that the reason she got so dolled up was that she would be seeing Pete again and deep down she was probably trying to compete with his wife.

When we arrived at the party it was in full swing and Pete’s folks were happy to see us. Pete’s Dad, Pete senior, is a big guy with huge arms and legs and with salt and pepper hair. He looks a lot like an older version of his son. He is a boisterous kind of guy and still speaks with a bit of a Cuban accent. Pete’s Mom is the physical opposite of his Dad, standing just barely 5 feet tall and thin, although she has managed to maintain a pretty good figure through the years with huge tits on a small frame and a nice ass. Her real name is Amalia but because of her outgoing, party type of personality everyone calls her Pepper. She is a real hoot! They have 8 kids all together with most of them living in the area.

The party was fun, with a lot of family and good friends in attendance and great food. I caught Mom and Pete lock eyes a few times, but for most of the party they seemed at opposite ends of the yard. At some point in the early evening however, I noticed both Mom and Pete were nowhere to be found. I began to roam around looking for them, or, hopefully, just one of them. I made my way into the house and started peeking into rooms, but to no avail. I was about to go back outside when I thought I heard voices coming from down cellar. Pete’s folks had finished it off as a rumpus room back when we were kids. I quietly opened the door, careful to shut it behind me, and made my way silently down the stairs. As I reached the area on the stairs where the wall opens up, I heard Mom’s voice.

“Peter don’t!” Mom cried. “Peter….” The words were muffled and became more like unintelligible squeals.

I leaned down to look into the room. Mom and Pete were over on the couch across the room. Pete was sitting on the edge and had pulled Mom onto his lap so she was straddling him. He was crushing her body against his and kissing her violently on the mouth. She squirmed in his arms, squealing and mumbling into his open mouth, choking on his tongue. Pete rubbed against her, humping his cock up at her groin, sliding his arms against her tits. He reached up and untied the straps to her dress, pulling it down and exposing Mom’s round, swollen tits. My first impulse was to break this up, but how could I without letting Pete know that Mom and I were lovers? I lingered for a few moments, having a hard time tearing my eyes away. Pete lifted the hem of her dress up and over her hips, exposing her silk panties. He then lifted one of her legs up and away from her side, parting her upper thighs and revealing his exposed cock to my view! He reached down and pulled the crotch of Mom’s panties aside, exposing her bush and maneuvered his dick into position. He fucked his cock up her pussy as easily as if her were zipping up his pants. I froze right where I stood, unable to move a muscle.

Pete tore his lips away from Mom’s, leaving her gasping for air.

“Ohhh, Pete, don”t!!! Ohhh god!!!!” Mom gasped.

Pete got his hands under her ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips, clinging to him with her arms around his neck. Pete bounced her up and down on his cock as if she weighed as much as a plastic doll, his big hands juggling her ass cheeks.

Mom’s eyes rolled drunkenly and she kept gasping as she slipped up and down on his stiff rod.

“Pete…we…we…can’t do it here!! Ohhh…Peter, God we…can’t do this here!!!! Ohhhh Peter!!!!! Mom moaned.

“Don’t worry!” Pete said. “I told you no one is going see us. No one ever comes down here anymore. Everyone is busy partying upstairs.”

That’s what you think, I thought as I watched him fuck her.

“The whole basement is ours” Pete said. “Christ, your hot in there!!” Your pussy feels like a fucking furnace!”

Mom tossed her head deliriously.

“Ohhhhh Peter!! Your cock feels so good!!!” she cried.

“Don’t it though?” Pete was grinning, humping upward as he bounced Mom up and down, driving his fuck stick inside her.

Mom was half moaning, half whimpering. She wriggled against his muscular front, rubbing her tits hard against his chest.

“OOHhhhhhhh Gawwwwd Deeper!!!!!!! Harder!!! Fuck Me!!!!!!!!! Fuck Me!!!!” Mom groaned.

Pete growled, crushing her in a fierce embrace. His hips worked like a machine, his ass cheeks contracting, his prick grinding inside Mom’s swampy twat! Her toes clutched and wiggled, crossing and uncrossing, flexing and spreading! Pete chewed on the side of her neck and she let her head fall back, exposing more of it to his mouth.

“OOOOOOhhhhhh Peter!!!!!!!! OOOHHHhhhhhh!!!!! Oohhhhhh Gawwwddd that’s good!!!!!!!!!!!” she moaned.

Pete cringed, fucking into my deliriously squirming Mother. He gripped her around the waist now, his big hands nearly encircling it. He jerked her body up and down as if she were a jack off toy he was working up and down his fuck tool! His juice slick cock disappeared inside her again and again. Trickles of pussy cream ran from her cunt, dribbling like a thin sap over Pete’s swollen balls!

“Squirm, you hot bitch!!!” Yea, wiggle!!!!” he cried as he craned his head downward, licking and biting at her neck and tits, as if he wanted to devour her! He wrapped his lips around one of her stiff nipples and sucked hard. Mom snapped her head from side to side, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“I”mmmmm….I’mmmmmm cummmmmmiinnnggg!!!!! she screamed. “Oooooohhhhh, I’mmmm cuuummmmiiiinnnggggg Peeeeeeetttttteeeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Pete rammed his cock into her spasming pussy hole until she squealed. Her body kept jerking and vibrating as the spasms ripped through her cock stuffed cunt.


As her orgasm subsided, she fell back, her legs unraveling from around Pete’s hips.

He grabbed her hips, pulling her roughly down on his dick, impaling her on his swollen shaft.

“Not so hard!!” Mom complained. “Give me a few minutes, huh?!! It’s real sensitive down there!!!”

“I’ll bet it is!” Pete said as he rammed again.

Mom snapped her head back gasping.

“Ohhhhhh, Jesus Christ!!!!” she cried.

Pete smiled, fucking his cock in and out. His belly smacked her ass rhythmically.

Mom’s eyes nearly popped out. She gasped and panted as if she were having a baby.

Pete hunched over her, his back rounded as he bent over until her head was parallel to the floor. He hugged her ass to his lower belly, grinding his cock inside her cunt as she squirmed.

Mom was helpless under him. She gasped and whimpered, wiggling her ass as Pete reamed out her sensitive cunt. After a few minutes, she stopped complaining, wrapping her legs back around his waist and started moaning.

“Oohhhh Peter, give it to me!!!!!” Screw me!!!!!! Make me cum again!!!!! she cried.

Pete fucked her slowly as she begged him for more, begged him to fuck faster!

“You getting close?” he asked.

“Yeaaahhhh!!!” she breathed, grinding her ass back against his belly.

He gnawed on her shoulder and bit at her neck. His ass rotated, ass cheeks contracting. His dick fucked in and out of Mom’s drooling pit as she wiggled her ass in sensuous circles, grinding her twat around and around his cock.

“Yeahhhh!!!” he growled. “That’s it!!!! Fuck my cock!!! Ohhhhh yeahhh!!!!

“Feels soooo goooodddd!!!!!!! Mom cried out. “Ohhhhhhhh Pete, it never felt so good!!”

He leaned back, pulling her up with him. He reached up, getting his hands on her swinging tits and twisting the nipples.

Mom arched her back, her eyes rolling, her head nodding from side to side. Her ass wiggled in tight little circles as her pussy devoured his cock again and again.

Pete fucked hard, ramming his cock up her cunt, smacking his belly against hers with a quick, intense rhythm. They grunted in unison, moaning and mumbling. Pete’s cock made squishing sounds inside her steaming twat.

“I…I…..I..think…I’m…getting….close!!!” Mom gasped, looking more delirious by the moment.

“Ohhhhh me too!!!” Pete moaned, fucking her faster and faster.

They reached a fucking frenzy within seconds. They looked like they meant to destroy each other as he slammed his cock up her pussy like a pile driver. Pussy juice ran out of her cunt and down her legs. Pete fucked his cock to the hilt, his eyes showing only their whites. He jerked fiercely as his body trembled.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! he groaned, as I thought I could hear his cum spurting and splashing inside Mom’s cunt!

Mom jerked like she was shot, shaking and wriggling like an eel!


GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!! she screamed.

“SHHHIITT!!!!!!!!!” Pete groaned. “OOOHH YOU HOT BITCH!!!!!!!!!

He pounded her belly with his, driving his cock in with sharp fuck thrusts.

“TAKE IT!!!!!!!!! TAKE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! he shouted.

Mom writhed as if in pain. The expression of ecstasy on her face, however, showed she was anything but in pain. She churned her ass in tight circles, grinding her twat down onto Pete’s dick, vacuuming the cum from his flexing, exploding cock! Pete hunched over her, fucking her pussy, whimpering with pleasure as the last of his cum was sucked out.

Chapter 20

I had seen enough and made my way up the stairs. I was feeling a mix of emotions run through me. I was both angry and jealous, yet at the same time horny as hell at what I just witnessed. I roamed around the party for a bit as the sun started going down and the crowd thinned out. As usual at these affairs, a card game broke out with Pete’s Dad and guests. I chose not to play and watched silently for a bit. At some point Pete and Mom reappeared, separately as to not raise suspicion. As I watched the game I lost track of both of them and decided to go find myself a cold drink. I wandered into the house and made my way into the kitchen. I had spent many hors here growing up and was very comfortable foraging in the refrigerator for a cold beer.

“Hey you, watcha looking for?” Pepper called out, scaring me half to death. She had started cleaning up out side and had an arm full of dirty dishes and glasses.

“Let me help you Mrs. C” I said as I rushed over to her to take some of the dishes off her hands and deposit them in the sink.

“Thanks, hon. What’s with the “Mrs. C” crap?” You’re a little old to be so formal Tom.” she teased.

It had always been a bit of a joke between Pete and I that we called each other’s moms “Mrs. C.”.

“Yea, I guess so. It seems odd calling you Pepper though.” I said.

“Oh, so you think of me as being too matronly to call by my first name?” she continued to tease.

“No, no not at all.” I insisted.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Pete’s Mom was the subject of many of my jerk-off sessions. She always seemed to be so sexy and alive that I would often rush home and pull my pud thinking about her. Not much had changed since then. She still had a great figure, with large tits on a very thin, short frame and a pretty nice ass. Her legs were perfectly formed with trim ankles, beautifully shaped calves and taught, full thighs. All of which, in typical fashion, she was showcasing today in a very hot outfit consisting of a striped, one-piece halter and shorts ensemble. It had a tied belt and the shorts were three quarters up her thigh. Due to the halter-top, she didn’t wear a bra and both nipples strained against the front. While she looked her age, about the same as my Mom, she was still a very good-looking woman. She had short brown hair, big brown eyes, a button nose, rounded, deep cheeks, very thick lips, a small chin and all held up by a graceful, long neck.

“ Oh, sure!” she joked. “I’ve known you too long, Tom. I know how you think.”

“No, really! I….I think you’re a very attractive woman, not….not old at all…” I stammered.

She blushed at this remark and quickly changed the subject, talking about good times in the past. I have always had a good relationship with her. We talked about all kinds of things and were really good friends, even though she is old enough to be my mother.

Gradually the subject turned back to age and she began teasing me again about her hers.

“No, in all honesty Mrs.….uh…Pepper, you really look great.” I told her.

“Awwhh” she sighed and hugged me, rising up on her toes to quickly kiss me on the cheek and give me a hug.

As she did I could feel those magnificent tits press into my chest and my cock lurched in my pants as I returned her hug. I held onto her a little longer as I told her again how great I though she looked. Again she seemed to be extremely gratified by my sincere compliment. I guess she felt somewhat neglected by Pete’s Dad and really appreciated being reminded that she was still attractive.

We talked for a while longer and the conversation came around to Rita and me. Pepper was very sympathetic towards my plight, obviously not knowing that I was glad to see her go, as I was fucking the shit out of Mom. Pepper hugged me again, telling me what a good soul I always was and to hang in there.

“You’ve always been such a good kid.” she said warmly. “I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way you turned out if you were one of my own.”

“I can’t imagine any one of my friends moms being as easy to talk to as you….and so gorgeous too!” I said.

We both laughed and hugged again, kind of reveling in this feel good moment. Pepper pulled back, leaving her arms around my waist.

“With charm like that, you won’t be lonely, hon.” she laughed.

“And if I am, I know a real foxy babe I can come and talk to” I replied, winking at her.

“Awwhh” she sighed, smiling brightly and then rising up on her toes to kiss me quickly again, right on the lips.

I never dreamed I would actually ever kiss her on the lips, but here I was doing it and, damn, it was nice. I liked it so much that I wanted to do it again, so before her feet were flat on the floor I leaned forward and kissed her back. The feeling of those thick lips on mine was really hot, even though it only lasted a second. Pepper smiled up at me as she leaned back against the sink.

“You know it’s not often that I get such compliments and kisses from such an attractive man” she giggled, raising her eyebrows in a teasing manner.

“Well, let me tell you, if I had a wife like you, I’d be showering her with compliments” I replied.

“Why thank you kind sir!” Pepper said, blushing and then reaching up to plant another fleeting kiss on my lips.

“And when I was with her, do you know what I would spend a lot of time doing?” I asked.

“What’s that?” Pepper asked, looking rather suspicious, but amused.

“This!” I answered, wrapping my arms around her tiny waist and hugging her very tightly, lifting her back up on her toes and planting a firm kiss on her soft lips. I held the kiss for a few seconds and was pleasantly surprised to find Pepper respond by kissing me back before we broke apart.

“Well,” she sighed softly, “that you can do when ever you like!”

I could tell by her tone and expression that this was all just harmless fun to her, but I was getting really turned on! The feel of my hands on her exposed back was sending little shocks of pleasure through my groin.

“You have no idea what you’re letting yourself in for, miss!” I said, looking deeply into her eyes as we stood there, my arms wrapped tightly as her hands rested on my forearms. “I’d be doing it every chance I get!”

“Awwhh!” she moaned softly as we stood there.

I leaned down and kissed her again, holding it a bit longer as I felt her press her lips back against mine. Then Pepper pushed me back, making a smacking sound as she broke our kiss, fighting to catch her breath. She sort of giggled in a way very unlike her, blushing brightly. The top of her outfit stood out provocatively, her huge tits straining against the fabric. The shorts were clinging high on her thighs, seductively outlining the swell of her hips and ass.

“Of course, if you were my wife that isn’t the only thing I would do with you every chance I get.” I said as seductively as I could, still holding her in my arms.

“Oh? And what else could you possibly be referring to sir?” she playfully asked.

I paused for a moment, making sure I replied in a tactful manner.

“I decline to answer that question on the grounds that you might slap my face!” I said.

Pepper laughed loudly at my answer, blushing and hiding her face against my chest.

“Oh, you fresh thing!” she said and laughed some more. “You men are all alike. Big on promises, short on delivery.”

“It would be one promise I’d have no problem keeping.” I said, looking at her seriously.

She was still smiling as I said this, but as I continued to look into her eyes, the smile faded and a far off look crossed over her face, deep in thought. I leaned down to kiss her again and just as our lips made light contact, she parted hers slightly and our lips sealed together softly. I pressed my lips more firmly against hers and was thrilled as I felt her return the pressure. We stood there kissing for quite a few seconds and then Pepper pulled back her head and looked at me, pulling my arms off of her.

“We…uh…shouldn’t..get…uh..too carried…away.” she stammered, smiling weakly.

She turned and started cleaning up the dishes in the sink as I stood there watching her. I was as horny as could be and watching her as jiggle and the sides of her ample tits peek out from her top as she moved about the sink was driving me into a fit of passion. I reached out and grabbed her arm, gently turning her to face me.

“Pepper, you’re such a beautiful woman and so desirable. I’ve had….many…..many…

thoughts about you in the past. For years in fact.” I confessed.

“Have you honey?” Pepper asked in wonder, looking surprised.

“Oh, yea. You were the subject of many of my fantasies” I replied

“I….I..had no idea” she said, almost apologizing, her eyes wide in surprise.

“Why would you? It wasn’t like I was going to tell you.” I said.

“Yea, I suppose not.” she said, looking at me sympathetically. “And I guess my teasing you just now was rather unkind”

“It’s o.k.. You didn’t know.” I told her.

My hand drifted up to her side, lightly stroking her bare skin. She put her hand on my arm and lightly mimicked my stroke.

“You really fantasized about me?” she asked inquisitively.

“Yea, quite a bit” I answered as I tugged gently at her side and she unconsciously started to drift closer towards me. “Do you find that hard to believe?”

“A little” she replied, as she gravitated to me, seemingly too caught up in our conversation to notice until her tits bumped lightly into my lower chest.

“You shouldn’t. I’ll bet I wasn’t the only who thought about you.” I said softly, gently sliding my other hand around her side.

“Really? I….I…never thought…” she stammered, searching my eyes with hers.

“I don’t know why. All you have to do is look in the mirror” I said, quietly lowering my head, closing the gap between our lips as she watched them get closer and closer.

“It…it just never occurred to…..mmmmph….” she mumbled as my lips met hers in another soft, firm kiss.

I slowly swiveled my head, rubbing my lips against hers as she just stood there at first. Then slowly she began to follow my lead, moving her head in the same direction as mine.

“Mmmmmmm” she moaned as I pressed my lips a bit harder against hers and she returned the gesture, sealing our lips together and setting off sparks between us.

The kiss went on for several moments, both of us carried off in a dream-like state, immerse in the current flowing from our joined lips. Slowly we pulled back, our lips clinging together before parting, still holding on to one another.

“Oh, Pepper” I breathed fervently “You feel so good, so warm, so sexy.”

I guess I said the right thing because she lifted up on her toes, snaking her arms up my shoulders and tightly around my neck, flattening her huge mounds against my chest.

“Oh Tom, kiss me again!” she whispered, pulling my head down and fastening her open lips on mine.

This embrace took no time to heat up as we were quickly kissing with wild abandonment, grinding our mouths together, tongues dueling, in a fierce, smoldering kiss! My arms wrapped tightly around her tiny waist and our groins clashed together as we kissed franticly, the room echoing with our moans of desire. My hands swept up and down her sensuous, bare back, fanning the flames of passion that threatened to swallow us whole.

My heart was racing as I realized that I was about to live out an adolescent fantasy and get to fuck Pete’s mother! Our kiss continued in a frenzied manner, as if we were unable to get enough of the delicious sensations caused by the friction of our locked lips!

Suddenly, there was a noise from the back door and we quickly parted as one of Pepper’s daughters carried more dishes into the kitchen. We looked at each other, acknowledging how close we came to getting caught! I said hello to her daughter and quickly made my way outside, stopping to adjust my throbbing dick in my pants. My mind was a whirl with the memory of what had just taken place between Pepper and I. I wandered over to the card game, trying to fake an interest, but my head was elsewhere. I got up and began to roam around the yard, grabbing a cold beer out of the large cooler and made my way over to the pool. I was surprised to see it deserted, considering how nice an evening it was.

The pool sat about 40 yards away from the house, off to the side. It was completely surrounded by a 5ft fence, a necessity by law. The fence had quite a few large shrubs surrounding it, affording you lots of privacy from peering neighbors.

Around the perimeter of the fence every few feet were bamboo stalks topped with those candles you use to ward off bugs. It washed the whole area in a soft, pale light. The only sound coming from the rather loud hum of the pool filter. I sat in a thickly padded lounge chair sipping my beer, frustrated at how close I had come to nailing Pepper. I must have drifted off to sleep for a while when suddenly I was awakened by the sound of the pool gate opening. As I looked up I was shocked to see Pepper enter, closing the gate behind her. She had a long house coat on, tied at the waist, and a couple of folded towels in her arms. She looked at me and was about to say something when the voice of Pete’s dad bellowed out in the night.

“Hey Pepper, what are you do’n?” he asked in that thick Cuban accent.

“I’m going for a dip. You need anything?” she asked.

“Nah” he replied and then said something in a hushed tone that caused some laughter from the group at the table.

Pepper turned her attention back to me and took several steps toward me.

“Want to join me?” she asked, huskily as her hands went to the sash of her housecoat.

She pulled it loose, letting it drop to the sides and then opened the housecoat and shucked it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. I could barely catch my breath as I stared at the sight before me. She had changed into a one-piece bathing suit that took my breath away. It was a deep rust color with a low cut, heart shaped front that struggled to hold her huge tits in place while the top overflowed and the sides bulged out. Her sides were completely bare until the material swooped over her hipbones and across her ass to form the bottom of the suit. The straps of the top crisscrossed behind her neck and attached to the bottom at her hips, leaving the rest of her back exposed, right down to the top of her ass. The suit was made of some kind of lightweight material, because not only could you see her nipples clearly straining against the suit, but you could also make out a shadow of the rest of her tits.

“I…I…uh…didn’t… bring a…su….suit” I mumbled, unable to take my eyes off her.

“That’s all right, I brought one for you” she replied, unraveling one out of the rolled up towels and producing a pair of trunks.

“Uhh…o.k.” I said, grabbing the suit. “I’ll change and be right back.

“Oh don’t bother. You can change right here. I’ll just turn around until your done and I promise I won’t peek.” she said, smiling brightly.

“Uh…sure” I said, watching her as she turned her back to me.

I quickly shucked my shoes and pulled my shirt over my head. As I unbuttoned my shorts my gaze fell on Pepper’s back and down to her ass. My dick lurched as I stared at the way the suit cupped her ass, forming a bit of cleavage at the top and letting a bit of cheek show at the bottom. My dick began to grow hard, making it difficult to slide the suit on over my hard-on. I finally managed, adjusting it once more in the suit before I let her know I was done.

“Good! Let’s swim” she said.

She descended the steps of the pool and gracefully entered the water, careful not to let her hair get wet. I followed her lead and entered the pool in the same manner. We swam around for a bit, not really paying much attention to one another. Finally, she swam over to the side of the pool and placed her back against it, holding on from behind.

“Tom, I need to talk with you” she said.

I swam over to her side and came to rest right next to her, holding on to the lip of the pool with one hand.

“I wanted to talk about what happened earlier and explain something to you” she started.

“All right” I replied.

“My marriage is a good one, with a very stable, honest man who I love very much.

Through the years the passion has waned to the point where we probably make love only once a month or so. This is not by my choice, but because it’s all Pete seems interested in. I have always been a woman with a very high sex drive and it has been very frustrating for me. Tonight, it seems, you lit a flame in a smoldering fire and I reacted. I’m telling you all this so you will understand that I would never leave my husband. Not for anyone. I could not imagine my life without him. Do you understand?” she asked.

“Absolutely” I replied, figuring any chance I had in fucking her was gone.

“Good, I’m glad” she answered and then reached one hand over to the lip of the pool next to mine so she was now facing me, one hand on either side of my head.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips firmly, but briefly.

“I’ve had enough of the pool. I’m getting out” she said and proceeded to swim towards the stairs.

She slowly climbed out, the wet suit clinging to every curve of her body and the water glistening off her exposed flesh. She started toweling off, so I figured I might as well go home. I climbed out and made my way over to my clothes, stopping near Pepper to grab a towel. After quickly wiping the water off, I reached down to grab my clothes.

“What are you doing Tom?” Pepper asked me, throwing her towel onto a nearby chair.

“Huh?” I muttered, not quite understanding the question.

As I looked up at her, she reached up with both hands, grabbing a strap in each and proceeded to pull them down over her shoulders. I watched in awe as she tugged at the top, peeling the suit off of her large, full tits until they were naked before me! It was a moment I won’t forget, as the tits I had dreamed about were now exposed to my stare. They looked as I had always imagined, big, round globes with just a bit of sag with large aureoles and plug tipped nipples! I stood steadfast as Pepper continued to strip the suit off of her body, peeling it off of her hips and ass, down her legs until it fell to the ground with a soft, wet “plop”!

She looked at me and started coming towards me. I watched her ample breasts jiggle with every step she took, causing my dick to go into alert and reach full extension almost spontaneously. My eyes roamed up and down her naked form, drinking in her huge tits, gorgeous legs, wide hips and neatly trimmed bush. She stopped right in front of me, her tits almost touching my lower chest. I was so excited, I froze right at the spot.

“Well Tom, are you going to take your suit off or do I have to do it for you?” she asked, while at the same moment her hands were reaching for the drawstring.

She untied it and then grabbed the suit at each side, shoving it down over my hips. As the suit cleared my swollen cock it sprang to attention, scrapping Pepper’s thigh on the way up.

“Ohhhhh!” I moaned, feeling the head of my dick lightly caress her thigh.

“Oh Tom, I hope you know how to use this” Pepper moaned softly, reaching down to my engorged dick and lightly stroking the underside with her fingernails.

All the air left my lungs as the feeling of her caress overloaded my senses, leaving me gasping for air.

“Ohh, Pepper!” I moaned, quickly wrapping my arms around her waist and crushing her cool, naked flesh against my own.

She rapidly reached up, wrapping her arms around my neck, flattening her abundant breasts against my chest. Our mouths met in a searing, lustful kiss, the touch of her chilled tissue against mine fueling my raging hormones. We ravished each other’s mouths, our tongues dueling wildly, as I reached up and grabbed a handful of soft tit, squeezing them greedily. They were firm and ponderous, yet the skin retreated under my fingers like a girl half her age. I broke off our kiss and leaned down, taking her right tit in my mouth, my tongue orbiting her aureole and the nipple immediately stiffening, rising like a pencil eraser. I flicked my tongue over the tip of it and Pepper panted.

“Ohhhhhh my God!” she moaned

I felt her hands on my head and then her fingers sifted lovingly through my hair at the temples, her motions slow and massaging. Her nails scratched the back of my neck and then her grip tightened after a moment and she guided me to her other breast. I continued to lap and suck at her tit and ran my hands down her sides and around to her ass. I fondled her ass with both hands and one of hers descended to my crotch. It groped and caressed the shaft, stopping to squeeze it like a grapefruit at the market. Finally her fingers reached the head and massaged it. The sensation of her hand on my cock made it surge and strain and turn to solid granite. I could feel it dripping juice in a steady trickle and Pepper smeared my pre-cum around the head.

“Oh my God!!” she groaned. “It’s so hard!!”

She pulled my face from her breast and we looked at each other. Her breath was coming in loud rushes and her tits, wet with my saliva, were heaving up and down with each gasp. Her nose crinkled and her lips curved down into a sneer so lustful I felt my cock lurch.

“Ohhhhh, Tom!” she whispered, “I want you!! I want to feel you inside me!!!”

Hearing these words from my best friend’s mother sent such a ripple of lust up my spine that for a second I worried I would lose my erection, but it passed. Pepper, with her hand still wrapped around my aching boner, started walking backwards until the back of her knees hit the edge of a large, padded lounge chair.

She backed up on it, her engorged cantaloupes swaying lewdly, and got into position on her back. She spread her legs wide and massaged her clit, looking at me with smoldering lust in her eyes.

“MMMmmmm!!! Honey, come up here!” she rasped between deep breaths.

I joined her on the lounge chair, my dong sticking out in front of me like the jib of a sailboat. I got between her legs and braced myself over her at arms length. The weight of me over her on the springy lounger made her big tits wobble from side to side. I craned down and kissed one of them, sucking on her hard nipple for a second.

Then I moved my head up and sealed my open mouth over hers in a wanton, impassioned kiss, thrusting my tongue as far as it would go into her mouth. Pepper immediately responded, clutching her arms around my neck, returning my kiss and attacking my tongue with her own.

My hips were high in the air and my stiff cock hovered over her bush. I reached down and took my cock in one hand, guiding it towards her pussy. Pepper broke our kiss and raised her head to look at our crotches.

“Oohhhhh, yea sweetie!! My pussy’s wet and ready for you!!” she moaned.

She raised her face up, fastening her mouth onto mine, kissing me passionately. Then, just to make sure I had gotten the message, she pulled her mouth off of mine, looked at me and moaned.

“I want you now Tom!!!” she groaned.

I held my cock to her pussy and slid the swollen head in. She was tighter than I expected. Her hands gripped my arms tightly.

“No turning back now!” I groaned.

“OOHhhhhh, honey!!! Slide it all the way in!! I want to feel every inch!!!” she hoarsely whispered.

She flexed her hips a little for angling and I finally slid my throbbing cock into her steaming cunt. It gripped me like a hot, wet vise, but I pushed in fast anyway. It just kept going in. Moaning softly, Pepper threw her head back and arched her hips, shoving her juicy slit up over my pulsating shaft.

“Uuunnghhh!!!!! Oohh, God, this is going to be so good!!!” she groaned in my ear.

“Ohhh, Pepper, I’m going to give you the best fuck you ever had!” I said arrogantly.

“Ohhh, Tom…..OOHH!!!” she cried, shoving her hips up at me as her pussy swallowed my entire cock.

My balls slapped against her butt just as my dick found the limit to her canal. I looked down at her. She was seething through her clenched teeth.

“Ohhhh, Pepper!!” I said, “You’ve got all of me inside!”

“OOHhhhhh, Christ Tom!!! It feels so good!!!” she groaned, “Start fucking me, honey!!!

I can’t wait any more!!!”

She bounced her hips to get me going and I began to slide my dick in and out of her pussy with steady, moderate strokes. Pepper grunted and bucked her hips to meet my thrusts, her hands squeezing my chest muscles.

“How’s that?” I moaned.

“Oohhh, Sweetheart, it feels great, but pump faster!! I’m so fucking horny!!!” she gasped

I did as the lady asked. My cock pistoned in and out of her, making a sound like beaded water being brushed off a car hood. I flexed my hips high on each upstroke and pulled it out right up to the tip. Her huge jugs had already been wobbling sensually, but when I speeded up they went ballistic! They lifted off her chest and began swinging in opposite directions, inscribing two circles that met at the center with a loud slap of skin. Her nipples, still as hard as pencil erasers, were erasing an imaginary figure eight in the air. I wanted to suck them, but the sight of them careening as I hammered her pussy was too spectacular to interfere with.

“OOHhhhhh Tom!!!!! Your fucking me so good!!!!!” Pepper wailed softly, her words rippling as if she were drumming on her voice box. “Ohhhhhh kiss me!!!!!!”

I leaned down and our mouths mashed against each other in a firm, torrid embrace, our heads bobbing wildly!

“MMMmmmmmm!!!!!!!!” she moaned into my mouth as she wrapped her legs around the small of my back, locking her feet together.

Her hands gripped my ass, pulling at it so hard with each thrust I thought I might go right through her. She was the hottest piece of ass I had ever had, the passion in her just overflowing, as we started to fuck in a mind-blowing frenzy. I tore my lips from hers and pushed myself back up on straight arms, not missing a beat, looking down to watch as her incredibly sexy body squirmed and lunged up at mine.

“Ohhhh….Ohhhhh….Gawd….Ohhhh…..Tom…..Ohhhh…” she chanted to the rhythm of out thrusts, “I…I…want….more…of…that…!!!”

She reached up behind to the back of my neck and pulled me back down on top of her, capturing my mouth once again with hers as her tongue sought out mine. It was a long kiss this time, urgent, grinding and filled with lust! We finally came up for air, our torsos still slapping ferociously against each other, my dick slicing in and out of her drooling pit.

“Oohhhhhh Tom, sweetheart!!!!” she groaned, “Your making me feel sooo gooood!!!”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, Pepper!” I rasped.

I grabbed her ass, slowing my strokes so I could last a little longer. Even so, I was going to shoot my load way too soon.

“Ohhh TOM, If I had any idea it would feel this good I would have raped you years ago!!!” she cried, “Give it to me!!!!”

I sped up my strokes as my balls slapped loudly against her ass, the two of us oblivious of our surroundings and the people near by.

“OOHHhhhh, Yeaaa!!!” she snarled, “Pound me!!!!!! Slam my pussy with your big, hard cock!!!!”

I thumped her even harder.

“OOHHhh, yeesssssss Tom!!!!!! Fuck me!!!!!! Oohhhhh Gawd yeeesss!!!!! OOHhhhhh,, Christ, Tom, I’m gonna CUM!!!!!!!!!!!” she wailed.

It was music to my ears since my own orgasm was imminent. I had turned the corner and was feeling the charge building on the underside of my dick. This woman was way too much for me! Hoarsely crying out my name, Pepper reached up with both hands and pulled me down to her as her hips began to spasm. They drove up against me wildly, lifting us both off the lounge chair for three or four strokes at a time!


CUMMINNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” she cried.

She shrieked a wordless sound into my ear, her nails digging into my shoulders, as she thrust her hips up at me and froze in place! Her pussy started spasming all over my cock, milking it like crazy! This triggered my own orgasm as my balls tightened and the whole head of my cock tingled.

“OOHHHH FUCK, HERE IT COMES!!!” I grunted and the first salvo of my white, hot cream fired deeply into Pepper’s convulsing twat.

“OOOHHHH YESSSSSSS, TOM!!!!!!!! CUM IN ME!!!!!!!! CUM IN MEEEEE!!!! I WANT EVERY DROP INSIDE MY PUSSY!!!!” she grunted in my ear, gripping my ass in her hands and pulling me tight up against her.

“OOHHHH!!!!” I groaned again and my dick spewed another thick cord of cream out of my dick, washing down the steaming walls of her fiery cavern!

My cock shot off again and again as Pepper’s pussy continued its maddening contractions around it, draining it of every drop. Finally my dick spit out the last of my load and her cunt gave me one more long spasm and we both collapsed on the lounger, totally spent, gasping for breath!

“Oh, God Tom, that was unbelievable!” Pepper wheezed, “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life!”

“Oh, Pepper, that was so good!” I groaned.

It was definitely the most furious fuck I had ever had. Fucking Mom was the biggest turn on, but this was the most passionate. Pepper certainly came by her name honestly.

I rolled over onto my side, pulling my drooping cock out of her sopping slit. I pulled her towards me, cuddling together, her head resting on my chest. It was at this moment that the sounds of the card game started permeating our senses again. Pepper lifted her head and looked at me and we both had a look of amusement cross our faces, belying the chance we just took. She laid her head back down on my chest and we rested for a while, our naked bodies pressed together.

Lying there, my eyes scanned up and down Pepper’s body, taking in all the curves and charms. Her ample breasts were flattened against my chest, the nipples rock hard against my skin. I gazed down to her wasp-like waist, noticing just a bit of loose skin and a hint of sag on her belly. I took in her ass, which, while in no way near as firm as a young woman’s, still had a nice shape to it.

She had her right leg lying against my abdomen, bent at the knee and I was reminded

how awesome her legs were, the type you see on dancers. Just surveying her frame was sending small flickers of desire through my dick as it tried to awaken from its slumber.

I started to stroke her back in small circles and shortly she began to do the same with her hand across my chest. Her skin felt like cool silk under my touch and the light stroke of fingers made my heart race.

We lied there, lightly caressing one another, languishing in the feel of our bare forms resting against each other. Several moments later Pepper lifted her head and bent it back to look at me. We stared into one another’s eyes for a few seconds, speaking a voiceless language. I slowly leaned my head down towards hers, parting my lips, watching as she separated hers in anticipation and then sealed my lips on hers in a deep, soulful kiss!

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Pepper murmured into my mouth, her arms slowly crawling up my shoulders and around my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, pulling her against me as I twisted my body towards hers. We stayed in that position, unhurriedly making out for quite some time.

Eventually this kissing game began to intensify and we started to rub our naked bodies together, like rubbing two sticks to make a fire. I grabbed her ass, tugging at her cheeks and rubbing my rapidly inflating cock against her swollen pussy lips.

“Ohhh Tom, honey! I want you again!” she whispered, turning on top of me

“Pepper, your so sexy! You really turn me on!” I groaned

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned in response, pulling my head up and kissing me ardently.

She spread her legs wide open, cradling my cock in her soaking bush. We continued to kiss as I rubbed my shaft up and down her weeping gash. I finally pushed my back down, pulling my cock back and then, lining the head up with the entrance to her steaming slit, gently pushed upward. I felt a searing flame of fire lick my cock as the head touched the soft, hot opening between her thick, meaty vaginal lips. I slowly drove my hard, aching dick deep into her fiery, sucking cunt.

Pepper tore her mouth off of mine and arched her back, shoving her steamy canal down onto my shaft until it bottomed out at her cervix.

“Ohhh, Tom, that feel sooo good!” she said and put her mouth back on mine.

I played with her tits and ass as she slowly began to rise and fall, lifting that sexy ass up and then sliding back down off my rigid cock. We deeply kissed as we fucked slowly, taking the time to truly enjoy sensation of our illicit joining. The tempo was almost painful as I could feel her pussy lips push in as she drove her gash down over my cock and then pull up as she slid my length along the ridge of her clit .

My throbbing cock was on fire and was coated with thick juice from her weeping cunt. Pepper broke off our kiss and looked deep into my eyes with her big, beautiful brown ones, shinning with passion and tenderness.

“Ohhhh, honey, I love it so much!!” I can’t believe how great this feels!!” she whispered, running her hands through my hair.

“You are so hot and desirable!! You set me on fire!!” I responded.

With a pure look of lust, Pepper pulled my head up, sealing her open mouth back on mine and began to buck up and down on me much harder and faster. Her ass was jumping fiercely as she shoved herself onto me as I met her hard, slamming up at her on the upstroke. The lounge chair was rocking from our exertions as I held her ass in both hands and pulled her in hard each time she came down. God, could this woman fuck! Up and down, in and out, up and down, in and out- bounce, bounce, bounce! What a ride Pepper was giving me! Then she began that high pitched, moaning whine again and I knew she was going to cum.


Her ass and pussy went completely wild now, moving with incredible speed. If we hadn’t been so well lubricated the friction would have worn us raw in seconds. Her cunt started to contract furiously around my dick, sucking my seed up from my balls. I let myself go and my cum began boiling out of me!

“UGGHHHHHHH!!!” I groaned, my hot cream spurting deep into Pepper’s clenching cunt.

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she wailed, holding on to me for dear life as her body wracked with the tremors of orgasmic bliss.

Over and over my dick pumped my thick, hot cum into her cramping slit as her pussy was soon overflowing with gooey cream. Even as my throbbing shaft pumped her full of its molten seed, her cunt spasmed and clutched at it, milking out all of its creamy load.

Grunting and gasping for air, I ground my cock as deep as I could in the hot, softness of Pepper’s slash. Her cunt kept pulling at my dick, making it spit more and more of my baby-making juice into her. Finally, after what seemed like hours of spurting, my cock gave one last lurch and stopped erupting inside her flooded cunt.

I couldn’t believe how much I had cum, considering we had just fucked a half hour before. Neither of us moved for the longest time, as she lay on top of me, my dick still imprisoned inside her cunt. Then, slowly, I felt it begin to shrink and retreat down her drenched canal. As she rolled off of me I felt my softening cock slowly slither out of her, making a loud, slurping sound as it did.

“Ohhhh, Tom, that was beyond words, honey! I want to spend days with you deep inside me!” she gushed.

“I could spend weeks crawling all over your sexy body!” I moaned.

We embraced and kissed long, deep and tenderly, wallowing in true affection for one another. We finally broke apart and Pepper got up to peer around the fence at the card game still going on. Once she was assured that no one seemed to be interested in what was going on, she quickly started picking up the discarded bathing suit and housecoat.

“We better get going before Pete begins to wonder what I’m doing up here so long” she explained.

I gathered my things and then turned to face her. She looked so beautiful in the soft light from the candles surrounding the pool. I went over to her and took the things from her hands and dropped them onto the chair along with mine.

“I just wanted to let you know how incredibly lovely and ravenously sexy you are!” I proclaimed

“Oh sweetheart! You’ve just given me one of the most fabulous sexual experiences of my life!” she responded.

We came together, embracing tightly and then kissed, hard and passionately. The feeling of her naked body pressed up against mine sent faint charges through my system. We finally parted and Pepper quickly pulled on her housecoat, opened the gate and left. I dressed and hopped the fence on the opposite side as to not raise suspicions of what she and I were doing together.

Next……things get complicated and a bit crowded as other family members start arriving….

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