Mommys Help ch.2

Mommys Help ch.2

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The text message alert on my phone was beeping relentlessly. In my groggy and half asleep state I couldn't figure out what one of my friends could possibly want on a Sunday morning. I flipped open my phone and realized it was a message from my mother. "Babe, since its Sunday the doctor is only in the office until 12. Its 9 now so please get dressed and be ready. I'll be home from the grocery store in twenty minutes." It read.

I sat up in my bed for a minute and then went to take a shower. As the water slowly ran over my back and down my ass, memories of yesterday came flooding back; the nurse, my mother, both of them bringing me to a shaking orgasm. The little drop of cum on my mom's knuckle. I must have lost track of time because the next thing I knew there was a knock on the bathroom door and my mom yelling, "Finish up in there, we've got to go!"

"Okay, Ma! Relax, I'm coming." I replied.

"I'll be in the car. Make sure you get the cup from the fridge before you come out." She said as I turned the water off and grabbed my towel.

I jumped into the passenger seat of the car, with my cup of cum in a little plastic baggie. As Mom drove to the doctor's office, I glanced over at her. She had on tight white sweat pants, sneakers, and a tank top and for some reason it seemed like her cleavage was extra deep but maybe it was all in my head. I have to admit, ever since Mom made me shoot such a huge load, I've been much more aware of her body.

We parked in front of the doctor's office and made our way inside. Mom was ahead of me and as much as I tried, I could not take my eyes off her ass cheeks swaying back and forth as she climbed the steps and opened the door to the office. As I sat in the waiting room I let Mom do all the talking and paper work for me at the front desk. The office was packed full of people and I realized that I was not so lucky with my place in line today. But, I figured that if the doctor closes at noon today, then that's the latest we'd be getting out of there.

I noticed the nurse pull my mom aside and start talking quietly in her ear. I watched my mom's face get redder and redder as the nurse talked and I thought that this couldn't be good. After what she already had to do to me yesterday, what could possibly make my mother blush?

"I'm sorry for not explaining it better Ma'am, but we needed two samples today: one from yesterday and one from today. It's no big deal, just let your son go into the bathroom right next door and make us another sample." The nurse whispered.

"But nurse, you don't understand! I had to do what you did to him at home last night in order to get his sample. He couldn't find that special spot inside by himself!" Mom squealed.

"Well ma'am, I'm extremely busy as you can see, so my suggestion is that you take your boy to our secondary bathroom downstairs in the basement to get the sample. I wouldn't want all these patients to see you and your grown boy go into the bathroom together and come out with a cup of his semen." The nurse replied and walked off to go about her business.

That's when my mother walked over to me with a cup in one hand and she grabbed my arm with the other and led me downstairs, explaining the situation to me on the way. "It's okay hun, same deal as last night. Your butt doesn't still hurt, right?" Mom asked.

"No Ma, the shower today soothed it, I'll be okay. Ma, I'm really sorry for putting you through all this, it must be awful." I said.

"Aww babe, this is what mommy's are for. Here's the bathroom." Mom said soothingly. Bathroom! It was more like a dirty closet with a toilet and no sink in sight. "Hey hun, I don't think we can both fit in here. Oh wait, I've got an idea." She said as she squeezed her way in past me, her breasts passing right under my chin, but I made a point not to look in case I got caught. Mom sat on the toilet and instructed me to close the door behind me and face her. "Okay Phil, this time we're going to do this facing each other so find something to hold onto and don't look down."

"Okay Ma, you got it." I responded as I grabbed a pipe above my head with both hands. With that she slid my shorts and boxers down at the same time.

I was surprised to see that my dick was about normal size, unlike all those other times when it was shrunk and I was embarrassed. My mom placed the cup between her feet on the floor and looked up at me.

"Umm, we have no lube babe." She said and while I was trying to think of an idea one of her hands grabbed my left ass cheek and pulled it to the side to expose my asshole. Then I heard a spitting sound and I realized she solved the lube problem. From under my balls she put the tip of her finger on my hole and rubbed about ten circles around it before she pushed in.

"Ahhhh Maaaa! That hurts!" I yelled.

"Sorry baby, my spit is all I got." She responded. "And I hate to break the news to you hun, but I barely have the tip inside." I cringed as she removed her finger. So there we were, my hard cock three inches from my mother's mouth, her hand on my ass, and us both trying to figure out a way for me to shoot a load. If she wasn't my mom, I would have an easy solution to this problem but I quickly removed the dirty thoughts from my head.

Mom broke the silence, "Umm hun, let's try it again okay? But please, no matter what, don't look down." I did as she said and was actually staring at the ceiling when I heard another spitting sound, but this time it was followed by another weird noise. There was a strange squishing sound for about twenty seconds before I felt Mom's fingertip on my asshole again. This time it slid in much better and it was so warm, almost hot.

Before I had time to figure out what the heck she just did I was already screaming. "Ma! Oh shit Ma!"

"Phil, take the cup in your hand, here." Mom said, but I couldn't hear a word of it. I was in total ecstasy as the first dribble of pre-cum came out.

"Babe, Phil! Ugh, you're useless!" She left her finger deep in my ass while she picked up the cup but she quickly realized she didn't have enough hands.

When I felt one hand still working my ass and the other holding my cock I thought, "Who's holding the cup?" Curiosity took over and I couldn't help looking down and to my surprise, the cup was jammed between my mom's tits!

Mom looked up at me, "Look away, damnit!" She screeched, but I couldn't.

I watched the first cum shot totally miss the cup and hit her on the neck.

"Phil, Damn!" She guided the second shot much better, and the third, and fourth, and fifth, all landing right in the cup. By the time all this happened the shot that hit her neck had dripped down near the cup.

She released my cock, looked directly in my eyes and said, "Seriously Phil! Get out and wait outside!"

As I left and turned to close the door I caught a glimpse of my pissed off mommy. She had my cum running all the way down to her tits.

When she came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she was dry as a bone. No cum on her tits, her hands, neck, nowhere. I was confused, considering there were no paper towels or anything of the sort in the bathroom.

After dropping off the samples and a quick chat with the doctor we were back in the car. Before I knew it we were a few blocks from home and Mom hadn't said a word to me. She had an incredibly mad look on her face the entire time. As I watched TV the rest of the day, I was trying to come up with some sort of apology. Then it hit me, how mad could she possibly be? From the bathroom all the way until we got home her nipples were so hard that they almost ripped through her shirt. Was she mad at me, or just mad at herself?

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