Mommys Help ch1

Mommys Help ch1

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What a great turn out for a Friday night. I been on my third date with Clair, A very cute girl I met while working in my dads restaurant as a waiter. She is the all American girl, Fair skin, Blonde hair and a solid little body. This turned out to be a pleasant change, from my usual type, High maintenance Italian girls with Gucci bags and tons of jewelry on!

This seems like a good time to introduce myself, my name is Philip, but everyone calls me Phil. I am a 23 year old student, but I work as a waiter on weekends for some extra cash. Its not a bad gig, my dad is part owner so basically I get treated well. The only one that gets on my case is of course my dad.

So back to what I was saying, it was my third date with Clair. I am sitting in my car and she is bent over her passenger seat tickling my balls and totally ignoring my throbbing cock. The sexual tension has been building since the first date. So I guess this was her way to make me suffer even more. I know her little plan is to drive me crazy until I beg her to jerk me off for some release, And by doing so hand over all the sexual control to her!

Although I had a different idea, as she lay there bent over in her denim skirt and tube top. My balls were in her palm, and without her knowing I reached under her body and ran my fingers over her crotch. With no time at all, I find her clit. Well how can I possibly miss it, it was bulging from her tight panties. Like an on & off switch, as soon as I touched it all her games and plans disappeared. She grabbed hold of my cock and started pumping up and down so hard it was actually hurting a little. But hey, who could complain at a time like this.

So there we were, my shaved balls and 7" cock are throbbing and ready to explode, and I have a horny girl desperately milking at my cock. I can see in her eyes that she was expecting a huge cumshot. She was almost smirking with anticipation. So here it came, I yell out "I am Comminggggg!"

She opened her mouth with her tongue totally stuck out, but all she gets is me pushing her away and curling up in pain. It felt like someone tied my balls into a knot from the inside out. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. After the pain and my Hard-on subsided and about one hundred apologies later, I ended up taking Clair home and deciding to call it a night. I knew that I had to see the doctor first thing in the morning.

As I pulled up in my driveway, I noticed a small light on through my living room bay window. It was too early for my dad to be home, so this meant it must have been my mother Maria. At forty five years old she was pretty down to earth, and given by the time it was I was guessing she was awake for a late night snack. As I made my way inside I saw that I was right, her head was buried in the refrigerator. This turned out to be pretty aggravating though, considering I had a whole cum-load that didn't get a chance to hit Clair's face.

Now my mother is bent doggy style in a pair of my old navy boxers, that were definitely too tight to hold in her plump butt. My mother never really turned me on in a sexual way, but I can appreciate a sexy woman when I see one. Off my head I would say she is about 5'5 tall with normal size breasts, although she does have a large Butt for her frame. It sticks out a great deal from her back and is fairly wide. What always amazed me is that whenever I used to see her in a bikini, I never used to see any evidence of cellulite. It always just stuck out like a perfect round apple. This same Butt was the Butt of some jokes while I was growing up from my horny friends.

As I set my keys down, my mom instantly asked me if I was sick. I guess what they say is true, mothers do know everything.

I and my mother never discussed sex or anything of the matter. I stated very generally that I needed to see a doctor the next day and that it was a guy thing.

As this whole conversation went on, I started to undress from my jeans and dress shirt leaving me only in my own boxers and undershirt. While at the same time making some small jokes about how my mother has been stretching out my boxers and forcing me to buy new ones. "Mom, you don't realize my boxers can't keep that thing contained? " I went on to say, "can't you see the seams are about to rip?"

"Real funny kiddo, you're the first complaint about it I ever received." Mom said under her breath.

I started to make my way down the stairs carrying a bowl of cereal to my part of the house. My mother looked at me very seriously and asked me, "Baby, I know it's a guy thing but can you ease my mind and tell me it's not anything to serious?"

I looked back at her and very seriously said, "Mom I think everything will be fine, I just want to ask the doctor some questions. I really don't think it's a big deal, we should be out of that office in no time tomorrow."

She put a weird look on her face, "Ok Well I am calling Dr Manetti as soon as I wake up tomorrow. Whatever is bothering you honey we really need to make sure it's nothing serious. I am sure you will be fine, Try to get some rest and I will wake you up as soon as I get an idea of what time I can get an appointment tomorrow." She said in the most loving voice she ever used.

We both said goodnight and we went our separate ways. As I finally sat on my futon to start chomping on some cereal, the light of the TV made something very evident to me. The boxers I had on, rested perfectly along my Swollen balls and Semi hard Cock!

I stood up quickly to see if they still outlined my package and they did. I thought, "Could this be all in my head? Did I just feel like my balls were bigger because I didn't get to cum?

I hoped this was not why my mom put a Weird face on while we were talking. As I sat back down, I drifted to sleep thinking there was a good possibility I just made my mom very uncomfortable.

As soon as I shut my eyes I heard mom shrieking. "Wake up, the doctor can only take you at eight and he is going to take you before any of the other patients arrive. Phil Baby, Please don't make us late! My mom went on preaching.

As I started to loose my grogginess I shrieked back at her. "Ok, ok mom!"

I got halfway up, and started telling my mom to start making me some toast or something while I shower. In the shower, I noticed my balls seemed to be normal size again. This gave me some confidence on the car ride to the doctors. I figured, how serious can this problem be if my balls looked normal again.

We arrived at the front desk and went through the usual routine of filling out ten forms and went to wait in the waiting room. This time was kind of weird because I had arrived so early that no one was there.

About ten minutes after I filled out the last form, the nurse called my name and escorted me to the visiting room.

I heard my mother shuffling through some reading material in the waiting room while I was walking away from her. I guess even moms get bored too. After the nurse took my blood pressure and the standard stuff, she assured me the doctor would be in soon and then said, "See yah on your way out. The Co payment will be fifteen dollars; I'll go tell your mom."

The nurse seemed very nice, little did she know her and I would both be very uncomfortable and very soon.

She was about forty years old, and had a very cute smile. I don't think she would fall under the category of sexy, but she definitely was not ugly in anyway. She had baby blue scrubs on; they kind of looked like pajamas. I could tell her chests were at least a C cup, although her butt seemed a little small for her body type.

As I pondered this the doctor walked in, he looked sleepier than me. I guess he had a late night too. As I told him my whole story, I was surprised he didn't make any comments or even a hint of a joke. He looked very serious as he made me drop my pants and he started poking around my balls.

I don't think I need to tell you that my penis was about one inch at this point. Cold male doctors' hands aren't really my thing. I noticed he spent extra time squeezing my left ball and asking if it hurt. It did, but I played it down a little. I was kind of scared of the outcome if I said, "Yes doc it's killing me!"

The doctor sat me back down and explained what he needed to do here and now. As he talked, I started blushing worse and worse with each passing sentence. As he was telling me that I need to ejaculate into a cup, and the nurse and my mother must be in the room at the same time. This was due to too many false law suits of harassment against doctors.

As he got my mother and the nurse, I was so confused.

"How would I jerk off into a cup in front of these people, especially my mom?" Then I continued with my questions. "How come I couldn't just do this alone in the bathroom next door?"

All these questions were answered when everyone entered into my room. My mother sat in a corner, on a little swivel chair and No one looked more confused than her. Then the doctor started explaining how he thinks there is a blockage in my balls. He went on to say how he needs a sample of my sperm, to check for any kind of stones or calcium deposits. The doctor then instructed me to stand up and place my hands up on the table. This position made it look like I was getting arrested.

At this point, the doctor explained that the nurse would stick her finger up my rectum. This would stimulate the prostate gland to release my sperm into the cup. By doing it this way Instead of manually rubbing my penis myself, It would be less aggravating to my penis just incase there is some soft of stone.

By the end of his sentence the nurse placed a glob of lube directly on my asshole and it was so cold! My mother watched very intently with her arms crossed tightly. This was weird because she never really seen her seated this way before. I was able to tell she was very interested in my well being an she was checking all our facial expressions for signs of any bad news. Meanwhile, my penis was about three feet from my mothers face and worse of all my dick was in a tiny state.

Then, "Uhhhh Ughhhhhhhh" I yelled a little too loud while the nurse buried her finger really deep inside my tight asshole.

Immediately my penis hit at least five inches long which was almost fully erect. It was obvious to see the embarrassment in my mother's eyes, I felt so bad for putting her through this. As the nurse finally found the spot she was looking for my cock hit the seven inch mark.

My mother had to back her face up a little. She almost hit the back of her head on the wall behind her. Then it happened, I Clutched at the table and I didn't even bother to warn the nurse! My sperm starting leaking from my cock onto the floor, as the doctor screams out frantically "Someone please Get the Cup!"

Everyone was looking around crazily for about twenty seconds. As I picked my head up to see if I could located the cup. I see my mother reach over to her left and immediately grab the cup and place is directly under my leaking rod. She did this without looking at anyone. As I looked down on her cleavage, I heard a low sound come from her mouth, it was almost a noise of surprise.

"Oh boy," she said.

As the last big glob of white cum hit the bottom of the medical cup, the nurse rudely removed her finger from my burning asshole and reached for the cup that was still in my mothers' hand.

A dead silence hit the room, when everyone noticed a small dribble of my thick white sperm right on the knuckle of my mothers thumb.

Almost professionally she got up, grabbed a wet wipe from the container on the desk and wiped it off as if it was a normal moment. As the nurse seemed to run off with my cum to the lab room, the doctor explained that he would need a sample of my sperm. He would need this sample once a day for one week or until one of the samples showed any clue or signs of why I had this problem. He also explained that the anal method should be used and that I would be able to perform it myself, but if it didn't feel comfortable I could try masturbating. I just had to be careful if it started to hurt.

On That note, we paid the co-payment and we were off! The car ride home was total silence. Not me or my mother said one word or even made a peep. As we turned the corner to our house, a sudden panic hit me and I just blurted out, "Ma, Please Don't tell dad!"

She looked at me like she always did, "I promise I won't Hun, but you need to promise me you will do what the doctor says so we can find a solution to this problem and we don't leave things to get worse."

I yelled out, "Deal!" We both laughed a little as we headed into the house. I didn't realize, but I headed down to my basement faster than usually. I was abruptly stopped by my mother.

She looked at me, "Forgot something silly?" There she stood with the box the doctor gave her containing seven Cups and a very small bottle of lube. I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran back down stairs.

Lunch and dinner went on as usual. To be honest, I think my mom and I both kind of forgot about this morning and the weird event that took place. As I watched TV in the living room, mom made her way upstairs to bed.

On her way up, "Hun, don't forget to get the sample tonight for the doctor and please be careful don't hurt yourself in the process!"

With that said, she laughed her way up the stairs. I realized my dad wouldn't be home for hours because it was only about ten o'clock. I decided to try and get my sample as I watched TV. I found a station that showed a little extra skin here and there, you can always count on Cinamax for that. I took my pants off and pulled my cock through the hole in my boxers. I lubed my fingers up and started Stroking my cock.

The tension started to build, but so did the pain! I stopped in my tracks, before it hurt too much to get the sample. "Damn, I really don't want to finger myself" I said out loud.

Maybe too loud, "Only my boy gets into these problems, he better get that sample anyway possible though!" My mom said under her breath, after hearing my comment from her bathroom upstairs.

As she pulled down her panties to put her pajamas on her thumb (yes the same thumb I came on), brushed against her clit. Her spine jerked, she quickly left the bathroom to lie down, wondering why her clit was so sensitive today.

Back downstairs, I lay on my back with my legs in the air. I slowly slid one finger in, but it was totally different than when the nurse did it. I had no idea where the spot was inside my ass. What I was doing didn't make my balls or cock feel anything. If anything, it made me less close to orgasm. "Damn, forget it then" I said. As I flipped myself back to the standing position, in doing so tipping over a small lamp I had on next to me.

"Baby, you ok?" I heard my mom yelling from the stairs.

As she ran down the stairs she found me with just a t-shirt on, lubed up fingers, semi hard cock and swollen balls all exposed to her. As we just stared at each other I finally admitted, "Ma I really need help with this."

She looked at me so sadly, "Anything honey, anything. Let's do this very professional just like the nurse did. Put your hands on the sofa, spread your legs and try to relax." Yea easier said than done, my mom was just about to finger me! I was so embarrassed and totally turned of.

My mom then asked me, "Is it cold honey?" As she placed her wet finger directly in front of my asshole and applied a little pressure.

I responded, "Just do it ma!"

She circled my hole for what seemed like twenty seconds. She then said, "I wont be like that nurse an hurt you babe."

Then with ease her finger slid into my asshole. At that moment, I realized she must have done this before. She immediately found the right spot, but unlike the nurse who just pressed on it rudely my mom rubbed circles around it.

"Does it hurt babe, Just let me know when your ready to go ok?"

I started clutching the sofa and I think she realized. She pressed her finger on the spot real hard! When she did this, the rest of her fingers bumped into my balls.

That was it for me, "Ma, Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

"Its ok babe just let it come out." She then yelled, "Babe Wait, Where is the cup?"

I could not say a word, "Ohhhhhhhh, Shit aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, maaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Once mother heard that, she realized I couldn't hold it in any longer.

She removed her finger from my asshole and from under my balls with her left hand grabbed the bottom of my cock. She now held it in front of her right hand and now was collecting all of my Cum in her palm area.

Shot after shot hit her palm, "Maaaaa, Oh Shit maaaaa there's more cum don't move your hand."

That's when I guess I crossed the line, "What! Watch your language. It's bad enough I have to do this, I don't need you talking dirty to me on top of it!"

But never did she move her hand; instead she rubbed it up my cock to gather even the last dribbles of cum that I still had clinging to me. Then she really shocked me, she pulled my foreskin back with her index and middle finger and swiped my head quickly to remove any sperm left.

She finally released me, went to the kitchen and carefully I watched her pour all the cum from her palm into the cup.

"Tighten the lid yourself, I need to get this gross stuff off me" she ordered.

She walked behind me and headed upstairs to her bathroom. She had her arms crossed in the same weird way she did at the doctors' office.

That's when I first noticed mother's tight ass jiggle in my boxers, and then a weird feeling hit my balls. It was the exact same feeling that Clair always gave me.

As I tightened the lid I subconsciously asked myself, "Why didn't she just use the sink right here?" She actually placed the cup with my cum directly beside it.

More questions started running through my head, "Why did she have her arms crossed?" I remember Clair did that the first time I sucked on her tits. She did it to hide her rock hard nipples from her daddy while she walked into her house.

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