Mother & Son Tasting Each other – Chapter 1

Mother & Son Tasting Each other – Chapter 1

Playing one of his numerous videogames, William Richards was doing his very best to win the race with his newly upgraded Lamborghini – his opponents on a safe distant behind him as they couldn't quite keep up with all the new power he'd managed to buy to his car, having spent countless of hours winning other, not as important races. With only one more lap to go, it was impossible for him to loose, and all the efforts he'd put into the game for the last week would finally pay off!

He was so concentrated on his driving; he didn't even hear when it knocked on his door.

His mother looked inside, not surprised to see him up this early, sitting in his bed, and as far as she could see, playing the same racing game that she and his dad had bought for him on his eleventh birthday a while ago. He looked so into his game, she didn't want to disturb him, and decided to give him a minute or two to finish.

Instead she took a moment to look around in his room. The floor was actually visible now after she'd told him three times yesterday that he was to pick up every piece of clothing, and all the other things that had been lying around for quite some time. Later that day, she was going to move out all of his furniture's; his bed, desk, chair, the ugly piece of furniture the TV was standing on, the big shelf and the dresser where he was (at least supposed) to keep his clothes, as she were planning on putting up some new wallpapers. The yellow wallpapers that were there now, had never looked very good, and all the posters of different, luxurious cars hanging there, wasn't able to do much about it.

As Rita was thinking of how much better the room would look after she'd put some work into it, replacing all the yellow with those blue wallpapers she’d chosen yesterday, maybe paint some new decorations here and there, William soon noticed someone standing by the door. Quickly hitting the pause button on the controller, he turned his head towards her.

"I just wanted to make sure you were up", she smiled and stepped further into the room. "The school bus will get here within an hour, you know."

"Mom," he vaguely protested, "I got all the time in the world!"

"Don't be to sure about that", she now grinned, closing the door. "We didn't have a chance to… spend some time together yesterday because of your father not being out with his friends… And only God knows why he didn‘t."

"Yeah, so?" he answered with a grin, putting the controller aside while leaning backwards, supporting himself by placing his hands behind him, leaning his head a bit to the right as he looked at her. He knew perfectly well what she meant by that, but pretended not to. "You want to do something now?"

Her son looked so cute, so adorable, making all the tingling she'd felt between her legs even before she woke up this morning, even stronger. She really did regret she hadn't started doing this with him sooner, especially since it made not only her, but both of them feel so freaking good! But at least she was determined to make up for all the times they'd been alone in the past, but not having done any of those things.

"I sure would," she said, simply letting her light blue morning robe slide open, then down her shoulders, letting it silently fall to the floor. All she was wearing now was her white panties, and she really did enjoy being almost naked in front of her son. The wetness that'd been forming between her legs, making a wet spot in her panties, being a clear proof of that.

"What about dad?"

"He's already at work, stupid", she grinned, not giving to much thought to the fact she was going to be unfaithful to her husband. "Now, were you planning on keeping your pajamas on through all this? Or are you going to take it off? Because I'm not going to take my panties off until you do…"

William didn't feel the need to even answer that, as he simply stood up and pulled the pajama top over his head. He quickly removed his pajama trousers as well, not wearing anything but his birthday suit after taking them off. His small penis had already started to grow at the hairless area between his skinny legs. His mother licked her lips as she admired his juvenile and undeveloped body, breathing heavier with lust as she did. She was already touching herself between her legs.

"That's better…" she said and stepped up to him. Naturally, William was much shorter than her 5'9, so when she wanted to kiss him she was forced to bend over, only then could their lips meet, and she made sure to give him a long, hard kiss, keeping her left hand on the back of his neck, the other one on her knee to give her support. They'd practiced kissing quite a lot, and he was a fast learner. He was now able to use his tongue to wrestle with his mom's, and he enjoyed it almost as much as she did. He'd seen grownups do this before, mostly on film, but he never could have imagined it was so much fun, and that it felt so nice.

After a while, Rita was starting to get it on with her young son perhaps a bit too violently, for a moment forgetting he was only a little boy – not having all that experience like her previous, adult lovers, before him.

"Mom…" he said, feeling that his mom was too eager.

"What's the matter?" she asked, though she knew what was wrong, and she promised herself to try and go on more slowly. She loved her son, and she wanted him to enjoy it too. She didn't want to scare him.

"Nothing, it's just…" he looked at her with an evil, boyish grin, "you promised you would take your panties off…"

"That I did…" Rita smiled as she stood up. "Why don't you help me with them?"

His small hands quickly on either side of her hips, grabbing the waistline of her panties, he then slowly pulled down her underwear to her knees, where they continued on down by them self onto the floor. She gracefully stepped out of them, but William didn't notice. His blue eyes, all of his attention, were focused towards her cunt. It didn't look like it used to. Usually it had lots of black, curly hair all around it, but now that was all gone. His mother was completely shaved, not hiding anything of her female parts.

"I figured since you always were complaining about getting hair in your mouth", Rita giggled as she patted his blonde head, "I might as well remove it, and I kind of like it this way. You like it too, don't you?"

"I do, mom. It looks amazing…" he said, staring at it as if it was the first time he ever seen his mother's cunt up close. She was extremely wet, and he couldn't wait till she would let him lick it all up. He'd learn to love the taste and smell of her cunt so much, and he was slowly but surely becoming more and more addicted to it.

"How come you aren't burying your tongue inside of it already then?"

"You want me to lick you, mom?"

"Of course I want you to…" she grinned, "It would be a shame if you didn't, with all the trouble I had shaving all the hair off! I was expecting to cut myself anytime… I was so nervous. And besides, it would also be a shame if you didn't considering all the training I've put you through these last couple of months, don't you think?"

"I can shave it for you again, mom, once the hair starts growing back out again. I promise I will be extra careful!"

"Yeah, well, we'll see about that", she said, "but more importantly, why are you still talking?"

She put both of her hands on his tiny shoulders and forced him down to his knees, already getting goose bumps on her body as she did, thinking about finally having her son's tongue licking away in her excited cunt. She stepped forward a bit, seeing to it so that her cunt was directly above his face as he looked up. Spreading her legs, she lowered herself onto his face, slowly ending up smothering him with her pussy. He would have no problems pleasurering her now.

At the same time the very tip of his tongue was finding its way in between her cunt lips, she slowly started to rub her cunt against him, playing with her clitoris as she did. Her son started making slurping noises as he almost drank from her, clearly enjoying the rich taste of her flowing and hot juices.

"You're such a good boy, William", she panted, and rubbing her clitoris even harder as she'd started to fondle her erect nipples with her left hand. If she hadn't been so eager to have her cunt licked, she would have let him start out by sucking on her nipples. Now she had to play with them by herself for a while. She always needed to give them some attention.

Her son was doing a great job showing her neither region some attention as well, pushing his face harder against his mother's cunt, getting his small but very quick tongue even further inside of her, his mouth having swallowed most of her wetness by now, but still getting as much as he could ever want.

Soon, she put her hand on the back of her son's head and pushed him even harder against her cunt as her knees started to shake, her orgasm being a big one. She shut her eyes and stopped breathing for a moment, not knowing or feeling anything else but the extreme pleasures her body was going through. She was gushing more of her juices into his face as she came, not caring if he could breathe or not, she just wanted him there, to keep licking her as she was rubbing herself against his face.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God…" she panted.

William was more than OK where he was, in fact, he loved every second of it! Although he did have some trouble breathing, but he knew his mom would let go sooner or later.

She finally did let go of him, not being able to move much as she was enjoying the afterglows, but soon stumbling backwards towards his bed where she sat down.

"Mom, are you OK?" he asked, cunt juices allover his face, some of it even in his hair, making it look like he'd splashed himself with water.

"Oh, yes… I'm fine…" Rita grinned as her eyes were still closed. When she opened them she noticed her son using one of his hands to rub his cock, the mess she'd made on his face, some of it having dripped onto the floor, quickly making her feel excited again. "Come here". Her son stood up and walked towards her. "You want me to take care of this for you baby?" She grabbed his small cock, slowly starting to jerk him off. It still was very hard, and very close to it's full length, but she could still feel it growing in her hand as she applied more pressure to it, and that excited her even more.

Holding his cock firmly in her hand, leaning forwards, she moved the foreskin back, exposing its light pink head and started to tease him by pushing the tip of her tongue inside of the small hole, then licking the underside of the head for a few seconds, before she finally took his whole cock inside her mouth. She didn't have any problems with taking it all in, his cock not being much bigger than one of her fingers.

Keeping her right hand on his butt, she made all kinds of circling motions with her tongue on his penis, as he would call it, at least while in front of her, and she enjoyed it tremendously. Meanwhile, she had two of her fingers going in and out of her wet cunt.

"I think… it's happening, mom…" he panted. She stopped sucking him and started to masturbate him again, and soon after that, cum started to shoot out from the top of his cock.

The first and biggest shot of clear, warm liquid landed on her right breast. Immediately she moved her other hand a bit, and the next landed safely there in the palm of her big, adult hand. Smaller squirts followed quickly after that, but now she didn't have much trouble collecting all of the semen that possible could come from his tiny balls. When it was almost over, only small driblets of cum leaking out of his cock, she made sure to milk it all out.

"This is quite a big load I got from you, sweetie, much more than you usually give me."

Still not hesitating, all it took was one big lick with her tongue; she managed to scoop it all up and then kept it in her mouth. She savored it for a few seconds. She'd always liked the taste of cum. Without gagging she swallowed it all down in one gulp, shivering as it found its way down her throat.

"You liked it, mom?"

"Mmm, I sure did, sweetie", she answered, both thanking and assuring him by rubbing his right shoulder. "I wish you were able to feed me some of that salty cum more than just twice a day. Promise me you don't waste any of your precious cum, masturbating while you're in school… Save it all up for mommy, OK?" He nodded. "That's a good boy… Now, I think it's time for someone to hit the shower?"

"It's not", he grinned, "I have a race to finish! Remember?" he said, nodding towards the TV screen, and then sat down on the bed.

"Alright then", she sighed, a fair amount of her boy’s cum inside her belly, she was in a very good mood – especially since she’d also gotten her pussy thoroughly eaten out. She reached towards her panties, and then stood up, giving her son a motherly kiss on the forehead. "I'll have breakfast ready for you when you come on downstairs, OK?"

He didn't answer, and she walked towards the door, opening it, and then picked up her morning robe. She left his room, leaving him alone to finish his gaming.

End of chapter 1.

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